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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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francisco on july 21, 1969 to edgar [inaudible] and raised by her grandparents. she grew up closely with her two siblings, trino and lucia. she worked in the tenderloin. she was an amazing mother, daughter, sister, friends and someone who cared deeply about her neighbors and residents. she passed at the age of 45 to unknown causes. the community housing partnership family in our district are grieving her loss and the gap in leadership. friends remember her as loving, outside going, caring, down to earth, and never without a smile on her face. she is survived by her who daughters. friends my visit her today at
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driscol mortuary. a mass funeral would be celebrated tomorrow, december 17 at 10:00 am at saint anthony's church at 3125 cesar chavez street. we want to pay condolences to family, friends, chp community. i know many of you have seen her in our halls and in meetings and speaking at public comment and if you see her photo you'll recognize her and her smile immediately. you can go on facebook. i know community housing partnership who here today have posted many photos of leanna to recognize the impact she has and continues to have on our neighborhood. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor mar. >> thank you madam clerk. as i mentioned to my first
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kwez to the mayor kicking off this meeting, i'll be working with the city attorney with input from supervisor avalos and president tang on beginning the process to research what with the budget analyst's office as well, the tax looking at ultra luxury housing with absenteeism owners in our city. we'll begin the process to talk with stake holder groups. also an issue of pay equity and parity i'm issuing today. supplemental appropriation up to the amount of $3.4 million during the 2014, '15 fiscal year to funds the cost of doing business allocation for non profit agencies at contract with the city and county of san francisco. many women and people of color staffed the community based organizations that are non profits in our city.
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there's a wealth gap that's leaving them behind. this is about parity and pay equity for these workers. we did this resolution a few months ago because in fiscal year 2008, 9, 11 and 12, non profits received founding from san francisco despite having to absorb the huge costs of healthcare rent. this flat funding amounted to the reduction for non profit really negatively impacting allocation for this purpose was contingent on revenue and savings above the projected estimates for 2013, 2014 to be found in sources such as the city's local tax, property tax and real estate transfer tax. according to our recently cap our comprehensive annual financial report for the city for fiscal year 2013, '14,
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the city's general funds is now in a much healthier financial position that continues to post significant improvements.
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>> i'm going to adjourn in a memoriam. our city and chinese american community has lost a warm kind and outstanding when laura lie passed away on december 10th after suffering from liver cancer for over 5 years. laura was born in china on january 7, 1933. she had only 4 years of formal schooling in hong kong before immigrating to the united states. she went to washington elementary school and because of her age she was quickly promoted to galileo high
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school and during this time she joined mun shing the democratic youth league not too different from the chinese association. at the time of that organization mun shing was subjected to surveillance and harassment by the federal government and fbi and elements of the chinese community itself. with the mun shing laura became active in drama and theatre and there she met her husband who she married after high school. laura lie worked for pg & e before retiring in 1995. throughout their married life, she was his main companions and assistant and partner. her
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astute management of their finances allowed them to accumulate an amazing library but also made it possible for her husband to retire early so he can become a full time people historian and she joined him in his research throughout the world. laura continued to support their favorite community based organization like the chinese cultural center, chinese historical society and the chinese association as well. her powerful spirit, devotion and grace were in comparable. i know she was gleaming when she knew her root to salvation and knowledge is applied to the community.
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laura's ashes will be scattered. we join the family and relatives. also i'm very saddened by the passing of the history of the asian movement and grass roots activist from the 70s and 80s that came together when he was on death row in san quentin. it took a 9-year struggle to successfully win his release and freedom. the defense committee was the first pan coalition for churches but also militant community groups. mr. chul sue leaves in 1981 after the grass roots campaign led by a social movement
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after being released from prison for being wrongly convicted of a gang murder. he brings asian americans like myself in an unprecedent pan asian coalition and the movement which i call it represents the pan asian movement in american history. chiu sui lee came to the u.s. in 64 with limited english ability and he was brought up by his aunt and uncle. chul sue lee was also part of a small korean community and attended many schools in san francisco. he was wrongfully
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convicted in 1973 of killing a chinese gang leader and he was very young at the time. i wanted to acknowledge activist yamenta. and i want to mention dr. ruth and kim from social equality and many others who worked on the campaign to free him. there will be a number of memorials coming forward to remember chul sue lee's live and i want to thank american asian studies for being their for him. lastly i respectfully request that we end our meeting in honor of a man, a homeless man named mr. tay lamb. he was a homeless person
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brutally killed on november 23rdrd. 67-year-old was beaten to death as he slept in an alley on montgomery street on that late night. he was discovered dead in his sleeping bag monday morning. he was fatally attacked by three men because he had over $1,000 in his pocket but known that robbery was not. he was 5-foot 5 inches tall and kept to himself and not a problem to others who frequented the area. all who knew him said he was a very respectful gentleman. however we do
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know why 67-year-old lamb was attacked. he was an easy target because he was sleeping outside in an isolated area. he was an easy target because he was disabled. he was an easy target because he's considered as a class of being worthless and unfortunately mr. lam is not alone. about 100 homeless people die every year in san francisco and homeless people are at risk for increased health problem due to exposure, high stress, sleep deprivation, unsanitary surroundings and lack of hygiene facilities and without stable housing. i'm appreciative of the work that supervisors farrell and oors doing. i know that the hatred out there is unnecessary. many homeless
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are dying. my office is working on the office of home coalition and other members of the homeless community to increase safety and awareness for people living on the street. while lam's heinous murder is an extreme example of the dangers facing homeless people, forced to sleep outside i believe the death of the hundreds of people was absolutely preventable. we'll continue to struggle alongside homeless people until everyone in san francisco is housed. today the suspects are at large and yet to be found. the investigation is on going. if you know anyone with information to the case, please call my office. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor mar. president tang? >>supervisor katy tang: thank you, today i have a package of
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legislation i'm introducing to some of the recent changes made at the state level. a couple weeks ago you may remember that introduce an interim goal to deal with some changes and codify our local public health code and some changes adopted at the state level. today i'm introducing a package of legislation and planning codes that would actually are the results of several conversations, many many conversations with the departments and community members about how we should address our massage regulations. it passed 31 and shifted the legislation to known as the california massage council. while it was great and it created some statewide consistency in
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regulation unfortunately there were loopholes created on the local level which has -- impacted cities like san francisco. if an establishment is 100 certified they can bypass any of our local planning codes. because of that we have introduced legislation to close that loophole and that allows us to institute new regulations that have been allowed understate law. the first piece of legislation today will require that all massage establishments regardless of the type of certified therapist to go through this process in the city. i mentioned previously if you had a massage establishment and all massage therapist were certified were able to buy pass that. in addition it
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will inhibit any establishment closed for violation for law for 1 year and the medical definition of medical service use. the second piece of legislation brings up to health code at the state level. it removes exemption and alliance the hours of instruction required for permit. conforms with the state, the attire rerequirements. such as requiring that a health outreach worker accompanying inspection is available. we felt it was important if there are outreach workers that can speak some of the prevalent languages for some of the employees at these establishments that they are there to serve the potential victims and also requiring massage practitioners to hold only one permit through
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the city and not to have this dual permitting system. we would also deny an establishment a permit to anyone with an ownership who is convicted or charged with human trafficking and lastly any prevention of any health code for grounds of a denial for permit. i will hope to continue to work with our committee on this and community members to ensuring that we have safe operations of massage establishments in our neighborhoods. so lastly on a related note, today i'm introducing a resolution with the company sponsor ship with supervisors farrell, with national human trafficking prevention month and january 11th national human trafficking awareness day. so while i'm very proud that san francisco has taken up a leadership role in
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trying to address human trafficking and many of which we expect to be going on in these massage establishments, there is a lot of work to be done. the u.s. department of health estimates that 22,000 people are trafficking into united states each year for modern day slavery. in fact san francisco and the bay area has been identified by the fbi as three of the highest trafficking areas in the entire nation. as, you know, these issues are happening right in our own backyard. although we are highlighting the month of january as public awareness for human trafficking, this is something in an i know that i will certainly along with others will continue to work on for the time to come. with that i will submit the rest. >> that concludes the roll call for general business. >> now we are ready for
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public comment. at which time the members of the public may address the council on subject matters due to policies with mayor on the board without reference to community calendar. please know that public comment is not allowed to items already discussed. please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to a specific councilmember or audience. if you would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector please state it as such and remove the document. >> public speaker: my name is amy fur white. i'm an nimbe. we have to say yes in our back yards to find solutions for all sf neighbors and neighborhoods. i have been wanting to come speak to you about the
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theatre in district five because the property owner has said no to revitalize this offer to produce a performance venue. but more in that some other time. i also want to applaud supervisor mar's efforts to identify revenue resources for affordable housing of the taxation of levee units and contribute to our housing and displacement crisis, but most of all i'm here to support supervisor avalos resolution in affecting democracy in san francisco. i put dr. king up there. i participated in the march on saturday and was struck by two things, first by the shear number of police officers and the money it must have cost to
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work in the march. i was moved because the march was truly generational and cultural and in love. i went to the third baptist church on sunday the 14th and came away with three proposed action items. no. 1, the cigarette boycott, which were related to tobacco products and no. 2, the community world leader and community in policing efforts and work with sf high schools in our danger in community colleges and to develop peace from within our neighborhoods. thank you. >> public speaker: good evening, madam president and members of the board of supervisors. frank martin dell campo. i rise this evening in the capacity as a member of the executive committee of the san
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francisco labor council. for the purpose of informing the board of action adequate and strong action appropriate he so taken by the executive committee of san francisco council on december 1st of this year of the meeting that i attended. during this meeting we accepted a challenging leadership by a very troubled time by taking the difficult the 43 students and their families. i voted in favor as did the overwhelming majority of participants. my reasons were the following: one, this issue affects all of our families. any family in mexico and latin america has family here. so we exist in many different nations. it's appropriately a matter that should be taken up by the board of supervisors.
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two, the issues facing all of our communities of financialization, the militarization and decriminalization of oppressed people is widespread. four, that we all know that these guns that were taken to mexico, many of these guns came from the united states and ended up shooting a dea agent. lastly, i asked this board to take the same similar strong and appropriate action to defend the 43 in this city who also suffered the hands of lawless police. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> public speaker: thank you madam
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president. good evening members of the board. my name is martin howard, the president of the san francisco police officers association. last week councilmember avalos introduced to this board disparaging remarks and language to the san francisco police department on the number of shootings that have occurred in this city. there was also language in this resolution comparing the incidents in ferguson, missouri and new york to incidents that occurred in our city. supervisor avalos was attempting to paint members of the sf p.d. with a broadbrush as being trigger-happy. nothing could be further from the truth. as a 25-year veteran of this fine department and speaking from this personal experience i can tell you the use of lethal force is the worse experience that
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any officer in san francisco or anywhere in this country has to go through. it is a nightmare and often haunts the officer for the rest of their lives. i can also tell you that there is no more diverse culturally enlightened, better trained and better educated urban law enforcement agency than the sfpd. the sf poa is a sponsor that provides dreams for toys for youth for public housing and this army member of the outreach wilderness program but why it the language in this resolution is divisive and confrontational. we should be understanding harmony along with structured debate --s on
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the issues in this country. >> thank you, next speaker, please? >> public speaker: good evening, my name is sarah osaba. i'm a new resident. i relocated here after being 11 years in vermont doing social and racial justice work. my daughter was born in oakland. we came here because she was invited to train in san francisco ballet across the street. i have been texting her because she's finished and waiting for me. i tried to bribe her to coming here. i'm 49 years old. i have worked over 30 years helping non-profit businesses and city halls do business in a more culturally and relevant manner in a way that doesn't disadvantage or create greater
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disparities. i cannot believe what i have seen in san francisco and how it's changed since i have been gone. we are, my daughter and i are the new faces of homeless in san francisco. i came with money saved up to pay first and last month but after 3 months of subletting and looking. the san francisco city painted a message here that you are not welcomed here. people of low and moderate incomes are not welcoming here and people tell me this place used to be a little bit ghetto but there are no more black people here. people felt okay to say that because they note the color of my skin. when low and moderate income people, a place to live. this is red lining. the whole city has
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been red lined. and black families and latino families are pushed into other areas. i don't want to live in san francisco. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> public speaker: good evening, president tang and supervisors. supervisors you are the sunshine of my life for i will always be around. you are the apple of my city eye. forever you will stay in my heart. i feel like this is the beginning and i wish you look in the coming years. tell me how much leadership how much so much leadership be inside of you.
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you are the sunshine of our lives. i saw a picture of you those are the happiest days of our lives. now i'm back on the city chain gang. good luck president katie tang. i saw a picture of you. those were the happiest days of our lives. now we are back on the chain gang. we are back on the city's chain gang. good luck president katie tang. now i know that supervisor is a stevie wonder fan, kim.


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