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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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our resident volunteers that came out and the folks that came to sell their guns and our local medical marijuana dispensaries including green door and [inaudible] who contributed all the funds so we could purchase these guns off the streets. the resolution before us today, i'm excited about. it is the first time we'll be using the soma stabilization fund to make a capital purchase. the fund for some of you that remember in 2007 was set up to mitigate the displacement of the affects of development in the south of market and for the first time the cac has recommended allocating funds for the capital projects. $400,000 will be used along with the help of private sector partners so united partners can enter into escrow so thaz can purchase this
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bidding. it's exciting because this vital program that's doing violence prevention in the south of market will not be subject to the widely swinging speculation in our market, but will be property owners and will stay firmly in their site and neighborhood and serve our young people. the last portion will continue to work with our young people as they apply to college. i'm excited to sponsor this resolution and way tonight thank my colleagues and budget and finance for their recommendation and colleagues, i ask for your support as well. >> thank you. item 30, same house same call. without -- actually, i think we need a roll call vote on this one. p >> on item 30, supervisor wiener. >> i. >> wiener, i. avalos. >> i. >> avalos i.
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breed. breed absent. supervisor campos. >> i. >> campos i. supervisor cohen. >> i. >> supervisor farrell. >> i. >> supervisor kim. >> i. >> supervisor mar. >> i. >> supervisor tang. >> i. >> supervisor breed. >> breed i. there are nine is. >> this resolution is adopted unanimously. now if we can go back to item 15. >> and one of the challenge es we have seen is trying to gauge the commitment of that agency and city to the implementation of community choice aggregation and clean
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power sf. so i'm wondering if the mayor's office can address that issue. >> we have here mr. roger kim from the mayor's office. welcome. >> thank you. good afternoon. senior advisor to the mayor. i think we're waiting from staff from the puc to come over, but we were pleased to see the study and draft version we've been able to take a look at and glad it pointed out the contract is not necessary and that was a big issue that the mayor was very concerned about. i know that the puc has some additional questions about the study with respect to jobs and how the numbers are calculated in the study and we're looking forward to seeing the final report. i know there was a joint meeting where that report will be discussing and i think it's more appropriate to wait and see the results of than meeting before we comment about the future of what the cca is.
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>> the focus here sb how the puc is spending some of the budget items we're talking about, but in the context of cca, one of the challenges we have is the time to do the joint meeting. i'm wondering if if it's possible for the mayor's office to help expedite finding a time that actually works. i'm happy to take that to the puc commission. it's in their purview to schedule their immediating but happy to talk with them. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> and with that, then do we need a roll call vote on item 15? no. why don't we take item 15, same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. if we can go over to item 31, please. >> item 31 is a resolution to declare the intent of the multihousing revenue bonds for 588 mission boulevard north in an amount not to exceed 62.5
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million. >> all right, same house same call? without objection this resolution is adopted. >> item 32 is an ordinance to eliminate the requirement that fwas stations provide separate toilet facilities for men and women. >> this is legislation i offered a scholarship opportunity for undergraduate that our office announced back in in april. they asked that they cared about and admit suggestions for new laws or suggestions to updated laws. the new website that our office and a national non profit helped create what was called san francisco, along with the mayor's office last year.
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the website allows users to comment directly on the specific different section b sections of our city's laws and students participating stems directly from a comment on the health code from cooper, a student at ss state who foelt that the current requirement that gas stations require separate toilet facilities for the people who own these gas stations. m i agreed and in turned agreed to propose cooper's suggestion into law. the ordinance itself, which was unanimously supported by small business commission strikes men and women and updates what i felt was an outdated section of the code to allow gas stations to provide one unisex bath ream. supervisor kim introduced an amendment saying dph will have the responsibility for the enforcement of the section and she cease been working on
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other amendments as well. the proposal scholar sipship was less about the if he can any cal ordinance we have in front of us but more about encouraging and underrepresented voice to participate in the legislative process. it was about showcasing our technology tools that can empower our residents listen and remain accountable to those they were elected to represent. i continue to be a firm believer that technology and the tools that are coming out can be a power mechanism to increase civic engagement and believe this is an example of that. >> thank you supervisor farm. supervisor kim. >> and i'd like to add my name to the legislation and i think it's great supervisor farrell has launch a project to get young people engaged. it was great to pass
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restricting how we permit tobacco licenses in our city as well, something that came from young youth leaders here in san francisco. i have want to add again my support. on a separate note, i think this is a step in the right direction. working in the board of edgeuation weave been working towards unisex bathrooms because when we have an increasing number of individuals that are questioning their gender and sexual identity i think that unisex bathrooms in general is the direction we should be moving forward as a city, but as a neighborhood issue, at the gas stations, we have their toilet that silties open oeven to their patrons at night so i was happy to seize this laegs slags move forward. i was not aware this was even in our staytive code or health code and so i'm looking forward to follow up with
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trailing legislation so we can enforce this part of our health code in our city. thank you to the individual who brought this forward and supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor kim. can we take this ordinance? same house same call. without objection this ordinance is passed. on first reading. >> item 33. is an urgency ordinance to [inaudible] in the proposed central south of market plan area. >> same house same call. without objection this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. we do not have any special 2:30 accommodations today. we are not at the hour for our 3 pm special order. >> we have a special 2:30 commendation? officer cohen. >> is officer mike here? >> oh, we do. may i?
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>> supervisor cohen. >> thank you. so today colleagues, i'm honoring officer michael rivera for his work. he have's busy out in the field, but doesn't come to the chamber very often. the wilderness program is administered by the san francisco police department's community relations unit and funded by grants and donations. this has been a ten year endeavor to break down areas and build better youth relations with police officers, teachers, parents and community at large. the wilderness program takes students who live in challenged communities right here on day hikes, river, rafting, kayaking as well as backpacking trips. if you ask people what this means to them, you'll get all different answers. i think it's important for
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us to recognize and highlight there are many good police officers out there in other forces across cities, but in our hometown here in san francisco. officer mike here has been with the wilderness program since the beginning of this program, which has been for ten years and embodies the definition of what true community policing means. it is a privilege to present him to you today and present this certificate of honor. take a few words if you'd like. >> i'd just like to thank everybody for the opportunity to be able to serve our children because they are our future and we need to teach them correctly while they're young. thank you. >> thank you very much. [applause]
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>> thank you supervisor cohen. and now i believe we have a request from supervisor wiener.. >> yes, if i could move to rescind the vote on item 18, i wanted to offer a small amendment to that and neglected to do so. >> there's been a motion to rescinds. without objection that vote has been rescinded and supervisor if you want to discuss your amendment. >> i support in item, but the item allows the puc to lease poll space to private
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entities for different kind of installations and as you'll recall, we have been really struggling with our street light system in san francisco and in fact we recently passed legislation a few weeks ago to set new standard for improving our street light system, trying to invest in in it, but the public utility commission is underinvesting in our street light system which is key to public safety and quality of life in san francisco. so supervisor breed and i have been working on an amendment which i'd like to read an additional resolve clause basically providing that it is the intent of the board of supervisors -- of course we can't bind ourselves in the budget process -- the proceeds from this item that the public utility commission earns would be dedicated to reinvesting
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in street lights so would read as follows, further resolved that the board of supervisors intend in the annual appropriation ordinance to appropriate funds generated by these leases for the street light program and be -- and then it continues from there. so that's the amendment that supervisor breed and i would like to offer. >> all right, there's been an amendment offered by supervisor wiener, seconded by supervisor breed. without objection amendment is adopted and same house same call from item 18. that item is adopted unanimously. now if we can go to items 49. >> item #49 was considered by the land use and economic development commit tee on december 19 and forwarded to
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the board committee report. okay pie a portion of the public right of way to install and maintain a public art project comprise edd op the market street and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act and making findings of consistency. >> before us is a resolution that will authorize the installation of what is called the light rail art project along market street from to van necessary. we know spine of our transportation system, and plays a dig significant role
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in the life of sf. this proposal, the light rail project, i think will help to move us in that direction in terms of improving the the look and feel and vibrant feel of market street. it is the first of its kind in the world in h that it will install lights along market street that will allow people to visualize the movement of trains and the lights will move up and down market street, reflect in the movements of the trains below ground, there will be different colors of lights
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for different subway lines and it will be a very interesting and exciting change to market street. this art installation, which is privately funded is brought to us by illuminate the arts, which is the same organization that has installed the bay lights on the bay bridge, which have been a very positive change for people viewing the bridge. so this is a really terrific project. it's visionary. i want to thank illuminate the arts for its work to really make our city and region an even more beautiful and artistic place than it already is so colleagues, i ask for you support for this installation, which will be temporary, which we hope will become permanent in the future. >> supervisor mar. >> i want to encourage you to
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go to and see what it will look like. it's pretty amazing. please add me as a cosponsor as well. >> thank you. so l coleagues, if we can take this resolution, same house same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. if we can proceed to roll call, with the understanding that at 3:00 pm we will be interrupt roll call for our special orders. with that, madam clerk. >> supervisor wiener is the first supervisor to introduce new business. >> okay. >> supervisor wiener will submit. supervisor avalos. >> submit. >> breed. >> colleagues, i have one item today. i am introducing a package of legislative changes to help preserve san francisco's live music venues. with amendment ps to the
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building administrative planning and police codes this legislation is the result of months of work of collaboration with the entertainment commission, five music venues, owners and residential developers. san francisco nightclubs, bars, and entertainers attract 16 million customers each year and generate over 800 million in spending according to a 2012 report from the controller's office, but more than the dollars, these venues are an integral part of our culture of what makes us san francisco. as we build more housing for everyone who wants to live here we have to protect the reasons why they want to live here in the first mrats. place. there are currently 351 permitted places of entertainment in the city. the live music hall, nightclubs and bars with djs. in recent years, residential
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development have increased dramatically in areas where traditionally they were more industrial or commercial. this has purt increasing pressure on long standing poes which place noise constraints. forced to close recently, including in dog patch, road devil lounge in knob hill and the sound factory in soma. now bottom of the hill and the independent in my district are facing the prospect of nearby residential development. that could jeopardize their ability to host live music or pay tens of thousands of dollars to soundproof their
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facilities. we've got to be able to coexist. music and culture are too important to let us keep losing these venues. yes, we need to build places for people to live in our city, but not if we force out the venues where they perform in the first place. my legislation deemed illegal nuisance if they are operating within their permit. it requires more accurate sound tests before developer builds near a poe to reduce conflicts later. it requires developers to begin working with nearby poes and the entertainment commission long before they even start construction. it ensures that all potential residents of the units near a poe are informed about the poe before they rent or buy the place that they're interested in in.
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and it improves communication between all relevant city departments while empowering the entertainment commission to take an active early roll in these projects. this is not a solution to all of the problems, but my legislation goes a long way in helping music and housing coexist in san francisco. i twant to thank everyone what has worked so hard to make this possible the entertainment commission, oewd; guy carson and terrance allen; tom temperno, the co-owner of virgil c room; and my cosponsor, supervisor wiener, but you are all welcome to jump on the band
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wagon at any time. our city attorney who was up late last night who was up making final revisions. . and speaking of revisions, i'm introducing this legislation sooner than i otherwise have because we don't have anymore board meetings this year. i want you all to know that i will continue to gladly accept your feedback and make any needed changes. with new year's eve coming in a couple weeks, we should remember that the venues where we gravitate are there because people care about them. san francisco has been my home my whole life and one of the things i'm most proud of is my hometown's ability to celebrate its night life,
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art, culture, music and the things we truly enjoy. ours is a small city, but it casts a huge shadow thanks in a great number of ways to the music, art and culture that can only be found here in the city by the bay. thank you. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor breed. president tang. >> thank you. now that we are just one minute away from 3:00 pm i think we will stop this here and proceed to our first 3:00 pm special order. >> item 34 through 37 for a public hearing of persons interested in h september 18, 2014 public works approval of a tentative map for a two unit new construction condominium project. [inaudible] madam president, we are in receipt of a
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request for continuance on this matter from the appellate and project sponsor. the alexander and david myers, dated december 12, 2014 requesting that continuance. >> i will go first to our district 9 supervisor, supervisor campos. >> thank you. in light of the requests by both parties and the fact that we need some additional information, includesing possible additional briefing to address some of the underlying issues in the appeal, i'd like to hereby move to continue this item to the board meeting of january 20, 2015. >> thank you. i wanted to confirm that it's january -- >> 13. sorry, i realize the 20th is -- >> all right, so there's been a motion by supervisor campos
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to continue this item to january 13, 2015. is there a sec second to that moegs? motion? supervisor breed has seconded. is there any member of the public who would like to comment? you have up to two minutes. . >> thank you. my name is rebecca and i'm from the lion's law firm. we represent appellant william bradley. i believe that the requested date was january 27, 2015 so we would request that the continuance be made until that day. the purpose of the continuance is to allow the parties in the underlying lawsuit to mediate the case as they believe it's like liz they can reach an informal resolution of the matter. if you have any questions i'm happy to answer them. >> thank you. any other members of the item who'd like to speak on this
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item. seeing none, supervisor campos. >> thank you. in light of those comments i'd like to amend my motion to continue it to the 27th of january. >> all right, we'll have to rescind that be motion previously made so is there a second to that? seconded by supervisor breed. and now a new motion to continue items 34 through 37 through january 27, 2015. and we will continue the hearing and have that remain open. seconded. second motion for continuing this item to january 27 by supervisor breed. without objection we are continuing all these items to january 27. and now madam clerk if you can call our second special 3:00 pm order items 38 through 41. >> this comprises a special order persons interested in the january 15 2013 planning department determination that the proposed project at 312
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green street is exempt from environmental review. items 39 through 41 are the motions confirming or reversioning the exemption, determination and preparation of findings and and we are in receipt of a request from project sponsor for the proper advertise 312 green steet requesting a continuance of this appeal. >> thank you. and i believe that i received communications as well to continue this item to january 13, 2015. seeing that we need a new district 3 representative so i'd like to see if there's any member of the public who'd like to comment for this item. seeing none, is there a motion to continue this item to january 13? motion by supervisor mar, seconded by supervisor campos. without objection we are
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continuing items 38 through 39 until january 13, 2015. items 38 through 41 until january 13, 2015. with that, madam clerk, if we could proceed to our third special 3:00 pm orpder, items 32 through 45. >> items 32 through 45 comprise a special order for a public hearing of persons interested in the november 20, 2014 public works approval of a map located at 3032 clement street for a now condo project. >> thank you. so colleagues, before us we have an appeal of this tentative map for 3032, 3038. we will proceed with this hearing by first allowing our appellants to speak for up to
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ten minutes and will receive public comment supporting, and then our department staff will have up to ten minutes divided amongst dcw or planning department, as you see fit, a total of ten minutes and our project sponsor will have ten minutes to prevent and public comment and then a rebuttal for up to five minutes. with that, i will turn it other to supervisor mar. >> i want to thank the residents near lincoln park for always have the intent to improve or neighborhoods especially in the outer richmond. this is a project that's very close to lincoln park. it's about a block away between 31st and 32 and across the street from fresh and easy and cvs.


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