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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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milies are paying ten times for. >> you were awesome. good afternoon. welcome happy holidays welcome to city hall today, we have a wonderful announcement but let me put it in some context for you and quite candidly it is personal for a couple reasons one i don't know if bernard tyson knows this i like the number 5 i was born
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in the 5th day the 52 year and something along those links is good i'm happy to welcome bernard tyson the chief executive officer for kaiser permanente to make this announcement second reason i want to kind of put this in context a few weeks ago the council released a report that confirms what i think we've been seeing for quite some time the health care industry in san francisco is the number one employment and economic quack industry in all our industrial settings over $23 billion impact in our local economy and certainly a great employer of thousands of people many are standing beside me and
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around me i want to welcome our director of public health department barbara and supervisor london breed as well as our director of our san francisco foundation for a black well here as well so the health care industry a big driver of the economy lots of jobs but ultimately it is also and, of course, i want to welcome in our supervisor cohen who i just saw come on up supervisor in addition to jobs i know there's a great reason why there's at least 5 major hospitals under construction today in san francisco we care about health not just the hospitals not just when people walk in for treatment health has already been as
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barbara taught us and bernard taught us and onsite others it's about what we do everyday to keep ourselves healthy you'll hear from people like supervisor london breed and supervisor malia cowen certainly fred black well is 80 about healthy community this is affordable unit as important as building hospitals and communities about our youth and families and the things we do to keep families intact this is all part of this health discussion we have it is b also about programs fred and i worked on and hope sf by giving people who are in the worse probably housing settings probably not taking care of themselves as well as they should and providing them with a basis of
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hope this is the context in which i wanted to present one of my highest priorities that's making sure that people have access to health to health insurance and quality health care but also to the very basic commitment to themselves and their families they should take care of themselves at the eater eater stages for me as a lifetime member of kaiser health i love the fact that everybody knows about the theme of writing i've had to teach myself how to thrive because in my youth youths that was all about i ant sick and many i am carvings will take care of me nowadays it's about before you every walk in its what wear trying to teach our workforce i
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was r have a 29 thousand workforce are they all in shape no way we're trying to thrive even better so this announcement today is significant for those reasons it is about our most challenged population in the city it's about a health institution that cares more than just when people walk 0 into the institutions and clinics how they can be better thriving on their own about our programs we run on an everyday basis question have the crisis interconnections we wouldn't have to be there if people took care of themselves while all of the programs we've been caring about whether hope sf or our numerous housing
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programs and whether you it's the kinds of things we're doing to assess health care are part of this announcement today, i'm pleased to announce a significant donation from kaiser to help us achieve ero our health care goals in the entire city today kaiser is donating $5.5 million to unfortunate in our families in san francisco (clapping.) that number is 5 is a good number a great number and i want to breakdown a little bit further as to how this particular donation because i understand in the future there will be other doomgz that kaiser is a part of they're a great company and organization but
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their into health care more than the hospitals and treatment hope sf is something i've been working on since way before my mayorship it is something that fred blackwell worked on well before his awe acceptance to the director of the san francisco foundation and now we're bringing more people now the boss of the program and carl is helping her find all the source that we could asthmatic together what we think is going to be necessary to be at least a $300 million goal program to build the distressed housing in the city it not about the brick and mortar but people first this is why this donation allows us to unfortunate this is a
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$25 million commitment to invest in people first with the labor with the business leaders and foundations with nonprofits with people on the ground focused on the people first of the $5.5 million $3 million will go to improve directly the mental health services at our 4 sf sites in the northeast sector those will have an immediate effect to reduce viewpoints and creating public safety in the neighborhood but clearly for the residents their social and mental health another part of that $5.5 million is a million dollars to the public health fathers-in-law to continue their support for a program called the
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healthy active eating this is something that our supervisors are very excited about because they've also been focused on healthy community and zones this particular program allows foundations to teach people how to eat and live healthier lives to the access we want everyone to enjoy and healthy experience we invest in our parks that's why this is what 24 program will do the one hundred thousand dollars for the hospital for heart attack and stroke and money to the clinics to support a community-based clinic $500000 will go to health to 60 that will continue to help had your insured and those who are
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facing homelessness and poverty to help this is an incredible part of our program for our homeless connectivity activity one hundred dollars for hunters view and another $250,000 will go to the university of california san francisco center for excellence in primary care for health care delivery kaiser is not just for themselves this is what i love about the hmos theirs willing to invest in other hospitals that are doing good work to enlightenment the work they're doing that's why i'm proud of that what kaiser is doing and i know it enlightenments the theme i've been trying to get that we are a very successful city
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economically and more and more you'll see companies like kaiser step like google when they want they're stepping up with homelessness and wifi parks and helping our youth and families get around the city with theirs you saw us here and other parts the city when i partnered up with benny halfway from the sales force foundation and helped the schools succeed for our families you'll find time and time again, we're going to be looking at for the last latest and grand theft greatest to step up and so with great pleasure that i welcome to this podium a wonderful ceo and chairman of kaiser permanente a gentleman i'm getting to know better and better but we begin with a discussion of what we
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believe in and that's a invest in our people let me welcome and thank bernard yard the ceo and chairman of kaiser permanente >> (clapping). >> good morning and thank you, mayor ed lee it's also a privilege to be in our presence and it's also something we have thing to have such a dynamic mayor kwhas a member kaiser permanente i might want to take you on the road to talk about kaiser permanente that's an honor to be here this morning to share what we have decided to do at kaiser permanente i have to tell you it's an honor to serve as the chair and ceo of such a
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wonderful organization who exists for the purpose of doing good taking care of almost 10 million americans now around the country we're a large mega health system about $55 billion in revenue almost two hundred thousand employees we have over 19 thousand positions we commit themselves everyday to kaiser permanente i'm often asked if you're not a nonprofit organization what's the point of making precipitating profit i have to explain to them like any other business one of the reasons we have to make a profit to demonstrate the viability of that business of health care, and, secondly, we have to pay our bills like any other business and thirdly, we have to acquire capital to build
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hospitals and technology we have retirement plans and pension plans and all the makings that you will find in my big company whether a for profit or nonprofit in this country in fact in the world the big difference is that what i don't do is have to pay dividends to shareholders because that's a nonprofit company we don't have investors and shareholders to be a part of kaiser permanente our investors and shareholders are the community the american public and the government because we have been exempted from paying tax so in some ways our direct other is in every
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community we exist around the tricountry as well as to local, state and federal governments it's an honor i can stand here and share with i how we're paying some of our shareholders the folks of 70 san francisco that we love dearly as part of kairpdz we're honored to take care of 2 hundred thousand san franciscans here it's a personal hour for me, i started 31 years ago at kaiser permanente in san francisco and every time i go to san francisco i let san francisco know they're absolutely the best place for me to be at when i go to oakland they're absolutely the best place for me to be at and washington, d.c. and so on san francisco is a special place
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for me personally and obviously important kaiser permanente mayor and i met several times over the last couple of years and particularly the last year what i admire about the mayor he shared first his exemption that kaiser permanente was privileged to take care of him many of the city and county employees he e i make sure he delivered a message i want you to make this accountable and assessable to everyone in the city and we have and continue to take that very seriously, and, secondly he shared his big picture of how to make everyone in the city a part of the american dream and unfortunately, because of the economic status around the bay area and the country there are
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those who may not have it at this time to have all the reality we see in the country he shared some ideas how can we work together and all step up and fourth how we make life better for everyone so the organizations that we picked and the organization that we will pick going forward matches both his dream and our motioning mission of being a part of an organization that are working everyday trying to make life better for others as we call it in kairpdz to do good and so it is an honor and privilege for us to make the donation today for 5 and a half million dollars to the organizations that the mayor has highlighted i assure you, we will be doing
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more we do more all the time at kaiser permanente one of the best kept secrets we give out over $2 billion a year in community benefit programs around the country that includes directly caring for people that don't have the right coverage as well as we view ourselves as part of the eco system of the city it is natural to donate to ottawa other organization we're working together to make health care better for everyone in the country i stand here honor to serve as the chairman and ceo of kaifrpz who cares about millions of people and care for a millions of people every single day thank you for having us here
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today and once again it's an honor to be part of this now i'd like to introduce fred blackwell the ceo of the san francisco foundation thank you very much (clapping.) >> you know i whispered to bernard i think he has a new spokesperson i expect to see mayor ed lee mayor and are are bernard said it well, i want to say congratulate and thank the mayor and the board of supervisors for both establishing the vision for hope sf and the commitment to rebuilding this public housing in the right way in the face of dwindling federal resources for public housing revitalization in the city and stepped up and said
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not only will they step up to the plate to make that happen but in the way that make sure that the kids the individuals the families that really were victims of years of disinvestment were the same people that benefit from the project i want to say thank you and congratulations and thank you for allowing us to be a partner in that work it is really about not only the revitalization of the public housing but doing it in a way that spends the same amount of time and energy in investment in the people like i said, as we spend on investing in the place it is a big vision and a vision like that didn't get implemented and certainly not implemented effectively without partnerships and so the notions of being in
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partnership with the city and partnership with institutions like kaiser is important and wanted to say thank you to kaiser permanente for the generosity the thoughtfulness and the commitment to hope sf two other things one the partnership that we have with the city is not one we are engaged in bye ourselves there are a number of committed institutions and philosophy and the bank of america and jp morgan chase we're very excited to welcome kaiser to that group of folks to that level which is
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one of the highest levels to implement the decision we're proud to be in partnership is kaiser the second thing is that this also would not be possible without the passion of the residents as the mayor said this is something i worked on well before coming to san francisco foundation and well before working in the city of oakland and the early phases of this were meeting with residents who were hive skeptical of whether or not this would happen to their commitment to stay at the table and giving us a fresh plate and working with us and hold our feet to the fire is something else i want to express my appreciation i want to bring up supervisor london breed before i do when we were working on this early on in the newsom moifrgs i was the director the
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redevelopment and we were planning this out and trying to figure out how this will happen and the supervisor london breed was really one of the most committed commissioners on the redevelopment he at this time and not a stranger in growing up and being around public housing she know the challenges and to supervisor london breed has been with us no, this struggle and it's a pleasure to be with her at this time (clapping.) thank you everybody i'm so happy to see you all here another amazing gift to the city and especially through our residents of public housing when i first become a member of the board of supervisors the mayor
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asked about my 3 priorities public u hub public housing public housing public housing and what's your other proprietors public housing i was 3w0ird in public housing and grew up there and lived there during any college years and i watched as i lost friends to gun violence and crack destroyed our community as people who i grew up with felt what you did were some of the things happening in our environmentalist i thought violence was normal i felt isolated and when i went to college i saw something different and i and doesn't understand why the same opportunity that were made available to me on the campus of uc davis were not available to
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members of my community i wanted to make sure i am actively engaged to bring those opportunities to the folks in public housing sad reality is that even today, there are still a lot of will isolation in public housing the city for the first time ever under the leadership of mayor ed lee has contributed money to not only rehab all the broken elevators in public housing by also over a one hundred and 70 units of public u public you housing development that are not currently occupied we've moved 42 families into those this is something the city has a never done given the support that the public deserves i'll so excited about today not only with the mayor was born and spent his
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life at carvings i was one or more at kaiser i am a really proud when a lot of folks in my county they were hired another kaiser kaiser wants to do more they see the changes of puck housing and step up to the plate to make sure that social services excuse me. social that are missing in public housing are directly there when the residents need them the most i was at plaza e the other day and hearing about the homelessness with we never talked to the police and had a relationship with the police here we have a community talking to the police about what we can
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do to improve the community policing and what we can do it work together to improve the quality of life of everyone who knows in public housing it was really amazing and made me that wanting to fight hard to do everything to bring the resources directly to the resident that need it the most this gift is tremendous and it is needed and a appreciated we're going to make sure that each and every dollars is used for the purpose intend to change the lives of the resident of public housing this is a start and looking forward to many more contributions in the future thank you. (clapping.) >> well, you'll not find more passionate or committed supervisors than supervisor
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breed and supervisor cohen i want to say thank you to their collaboration with me we're tent of 2014 but what we got is hope we've got our health and we're going to all fly together thank you very much
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>> we love our parks, but we love... >> and the community who is really the core of it all, came together and said what we need is a place for our teenager to play, not just play grounds for the kids and soccer fields but we need a skate park that will keep the kids home in the neighborhood so they can play where they live. >> the children in the neighborhood and it will be a major boone. and we have generations, the youth generations that will be able to use this park in different places. >> the best park in san francisco right here. >> creating place where people can be active and lead active,
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healthy life styles that are going to just stay with them for life. ♪ . >> good morning, everybody, welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee meeting for wednesday, december 10, 2014. my name is mark farrell, i will be chairing this committee, i am joined by supervisor john avalos and will be joined in a moment by supervisor eric mar i want to thank bil


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