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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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includes a lot of providers outside of the city and government but effect city life and related to that question whether the port or the city is contemplating insurance. >> that is i did not know i'll find out. >> i'm not sure if this is for you sidney. >> are redoing my joint exercise with any other departments in the city. >> this could be considered a joint experience although we're inviting people to the port we never respond alone in my of the event you probably knows at the waterfront the coast guard still has the prospective response are the agencies and within the city
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we work together with all of them both region will and stale level. >> i heard in the brief that your training volunteers. >> we have really the whole port becomes involved if you look at people's job descriptions there's not a response lisdz in that is a a real estate proposed managers description whether theres a declared disaster we need to respond and when not we have records for that. >> now i understand better i succumb it the volunteer was coming from the outside from the unpaid. >> people are working for the port they'll be under their mou or the contract we're all
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volunteers or most of us are volunteers we don't do that on the daily pass paw the question are founded the volunteers are trained by the fire department and the department of emergency management that was learned from the oil spill the department has not been asked to do that but groups like our fourth floor district do train them as well as and many have their own security plans so we'll expect a urban if i had responseful if there's a major event. >> i have a couple of questions one this might be for the record you, we checked on checking the references we were discussing whether that's part of our r f q
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and rfp process is that part of it or done after the fact. >> that was done after the fact each the responses submitted the prior experience and we checked the references after the fact. >> then in terms of funding i i know we've got a set amount is there a possibility of more funding would that fall under the r f q and could expand and if there's additional funding the list has a funding of two years we can go back. >> was there and i guess we've looked at the other respondents but did any have expertise we want to add that was add i have to at the time restraining order tech. >> tyler in corporation with
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the third group on the lettuce a specialist with oil spildz and worked with the port in the past they're in noshthsz to potential sponsor that part of the experience and lastly this may be outside of the discussions as we do experience precipitation do we have the communication infrastructure and system in place we've been focused on that or would they advise us on addressed needs of that kind of activity. >> we have a lot of communications within the port and city but one of the things at the end of the experience and after the training we'll be longing to participant to comment on how everything went and capture the gaps and the communications is also an issue advertised ages out faster
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anything. >> thank you all very much want to take a vote. >> all in favor, say i. >> i opposed? motion carries and item 12 a regarding a special event for 90 days and revokable license to be used as a part of the public benefits both activities on the ford property and fuel lot and both activities to be 2er789d with the lease. >> thank you amy good afternoon, commissioners and madam chair and mr. vice president congratulations i'm here to give you a brief informational update to a
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project you heard about last may that was before you with a special event and recognize agriculture part of the giant parking lot called lot 337 timed i approved the revocable licenses we're here to talk about the project how it's been revised and rebrand, if you will since you last heard about it and specifically respond to questions you had at our last meeting about the financial books and the financing of the project itself i want to get both that with me well, the way it's going to work i'll give you a presentation and answer as many questions as i can and introduce bryan from the giant to also provide additional material will project how it's changed and the financing has
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evolved again to remind you last may we were able to work with you and in approval for this existing project that's the site for the 138 event you'll see pictures of shortly in freelancing oppression you approved the adjacent roadway 40 on the boulevard and park let it expand on game days and isolate that street for public access the goal has been to use the term place make no mistake about it this quiet corner of the waterfront for parking for the majority of the year an active spates a space where the neighborhood can gather and bayview resident can come and
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experience some unique san francisco retail providers which again, you'll hear more about i don't want to steal freelancing 240ur7bd when the giant are playing the parking lot we'll be able to assess the site and the retail opportunity provided there. >> as we talked about last time to refresh your memory the giant will have this on 7:00 a.m. at that p.m. and addressing amenity and relax whether they're a new residential building in the area obviously ucsf lots new resident low be able to take part of the opportunity giant are secure the site using their security from the ball
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park i'm sure you're aware of the giant maintain and built the china park the security is a present in the area the giant obviously lease the parking lot and pier 48 a short term lease so did security and maintenance coming hand in hand in the development of the site there are concerns with those types of uses and how the neighborhood will be impacted again, we put into place the good neighbor policy zero waste policies that the city has go prevention last day and the giant are condominium to being good neighbors and responsive to the community concerns. >> as a reminder last time we he went over the fee proposal for the park let you'll wave the feeds for the licenses in the
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street recognizing generally recognizing a benefit to the public trust and enlightening the area and attracting people to a public access that's not often visited today there were parking meters that were displace not heavily used today and not used on game days there's 0 not a significant amount of revenue especially compared to the revenues this site will help generate as a special reminder it is brand as a the yard the port working through the lease negotiated terms that are favorable to the port and have an upside to the port there is expected new parking revenue coming from 9 proorndz to the yard it is $150,000 per year as new revenue but
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regardless of whether or not that materialize or not the giant will pay the minimum rent based on the rental perimeters for this type of space in the waterfront the giant investment this is some of the information you were asking for the giant are estimating their expenses to establish the site at $2.3 million and the parking and minimum rate guarantee we've noshlgd what we call a home opportunity from the port should this place succeed we hope it will the opportunity once the giant are recuperated this $205 million from the one site sales the vendor will be hearing about the port will share in the revenues from the vendor it's an exciting opportunity and built if as a way to show we
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participate if it's successful we expect it to be in round terms the ports analysis felt form we looked at the giant provided indicated those are 25 percent share on the order of $150,000 per year so just want to let you know know that the port and we're letting you know that from the citizens advisory committee and to the marina south beach we'll do that for the myths project for this project fits in and we have in the midst of issuing building permits they were issued lecture and the construction has go on begun with a tight construction window january and event with planned
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to open to the public in early march with that i'd like to introduce fran to run through graphics of the site to give you a flavor and fran. >> thank you phil. >> thank you. congratulations again commissioner adams and commissioner president katz and thank you commissioner ho as service for the last year in hermosa beach e helping united states get to a place of fruition so awhile - so here we go. >> first i want to say we're so excited to be here it's been a long process certainly longer than we thought it would be but we've been working closely with the port staff and think this is really a great and project that will be a wonderful community
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benefit we know that you asked questions during our last appearance on this project particularly around the phillips and terms that phil went through eave covered in a lot of daily i'm here with my colleague john north and we're valuable to answer quiz on the financial or the terms of the structure it lie down under our lease for lot 337 part of the relationship with the port so as you can see here we are calling this project the yard and we think that has a number overview interesting references both to the ball park oftentimes called the yard and oftentimes baseball and, of course the shipping yard which 337 actually ways i'm going to run to design and run through existing tenants we've been able to sign
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agreement and give a flavor what you'll see an overview of the entire site it 134 should look familiar the northeast corner of the lot 337 you can see the bridge in the bottom right image we're looking at due setting the ball park in the lower image this is what leave people are going to be seeing when they come to a game and entering mission street one of the significant changes that impacts the financial structure that phil emergence earlier is that after appearing before you in may of last year we looking at the construction numbers and know we had to bring it down we
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removed a few of the containers along third street f this lowered our capital investment but keep kept the program for small food vendor we're swapping those out with food trucks so it's been requested in the beginning so starting along third street the food truck courtyard area with the blight e brightly colored graphics retail vendor in the space adjacent to that and facing on the walkway we're calling the giant steps are the middle that leads up to the deck that louts at the bay bridge some really great views the ports property in the area and, of course, on the eastern or yes. the eastern side the beer
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garden the brewing will be operating on the burgdz and barbecue we have exciting i'll talk about those tenant going forward i want to mention one other part find this design that's changed with the port staff input we appreciate on the acceptability front the park let space and the row vocational parking lot we've worked hard with the staff to be able that the furniture is echo and we're ended up with this in a couple of weeks. >> just a quick walk through of what it might feel like on the ground floor this is from our digital model loovptd looking southwest from the beer area and the platforms in the background looking at down along the entire
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site you'll see how this ties the parking lot to china bavents park we hope the seating area is used year-round you don't have to buy something to enjoy our lunch are have a coffee. >> another design element i want to touch on we think is a great edition the idea of having a community arts along third street this has been inspired by a lot of the silos and other projects i that know you've been working on when we removed the containers on third street and replaced them with food tlukz we had an issue with wind so we had
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to put up additional fencing along third street we thought taking pieces of the fends and creating a fence along third street that provide a wind protection and can be used by the community as a potential artwork area this is really mason but excited about it we're working with the planning and design staff at the port to figure out the best way to make this happen so as itself mentioned ancestor bruising it dipping their toads in the waterfront for a while i joke with their president john of the ijdz it was their response to prohibition will you'll see the comments or questions being droopd dropped
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there's a couple more regulations to be followed phil mentions their policy and the water run off issues but joking aside they're a wonderful tenant existed about their long term home at pier 38 and are here to be for the opening. >> 454 you maybe familiar they 2k3w09 their start in the farmer's market building and since that they've gone off and expanded throughout the city there are a number of faefrment this is their third permanent place in the city local entrepreneurs and i'm glad we've
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got a food truck entrepreneur you're familiar with the weekly event with the presidio and throughout the bay area they're operating in something like that 40 punt u communities in the bay area this is the first project they will do they'll have bay trucks here everyday they'll be rotating as the community get a different flavor and we do hope that several more tenant coming down the pipeline we're hoping to finish all the licenses up green before today but ken talked about the actual tenant themselves we know that coffee is a big we're in a coffee desert in admitting we need a coffee shop to open at 7:00 a.m. everyday coffee will be here we'll have locally made
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priorities with small businesses one of the beauties of doing a shipping containers it's small enough the businesses can afford the rent we'll be working with an outdoor apparel provider looking at the activities recreation activities on the site so finally and before i turn that back over to phil i he was the out at the construction site on friday i took a couple of pictures we're constructing the shipping containers off stuart site they'll arrive an lot 337 basically ready to go i thought you might appreciate this those are 15 containers if the poster of oakland it's one hundred percent cycle materials and this
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is for the second story this worker is cutting a window that the barbecue will be served out of the welding some lighting fixtures on one the region overlook containers one is removed from the yard they're cutting large panels of ambitious wood that alliance the inside of the containers and one of the upside event we made the stiths to keep this second-story container in it's natural state we didn't repair it we're not painting we think it tells a wonderful store of where that comes from you'll see the red kind of rusty element and the rest of the ones downstairs are
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more publicly ordinary will be more sophisticateed but we like that of showing the history of the containers so that's all i had for today but again john north and phil eye are available for questions thank you. >> thank you. >> we have public comment corin woods please. >> making sure i had i on the right side. >> there's also one. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm corin words i co-chair the advisory group and the chair of the citizens advisory committee we've been working with the china ball park company over a
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year on the project we're looking forward to having that retail opportunity to activating the parking lot and we expect to have the group come to the sea wag in february not a january meeting and holy to bring them to the cac meeting in february i think they're going to bring south beach in february so they'll be a lot of community outreach to update people on the project and john's promised me a hotdog (laughter). >> thank you are there others who wish to speak. >> i'm alice rogers i royals you've approved this project i
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want to commend the vision and the enthusiasm of the giant and their you outreach to the community it's been great we're anxiously waiting and we like the pavement is going to be turned into interesting retail thank you. >> any other public comment seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners. >> commissioner brandon. >> great presentation i'm really looking forward to this project and the opening of the yard a couple of questions how many jobs do you think will be provided or - generated good work. >> commissioners an excellent question we sorry john noting
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from the san francisco giant we'll have less than 50 employees identifiable very few work for the same company we'll have staff that does the janitorial and staff but each low hire their own staff. >> are you using local vendors are are you using your staff. >> we're using our staff. >> phil how much is the fee labor. >> we made a concerted effort to use and to the hr we proud of what we're actually able to do with our design standpoint so we center very good news for you. >> very good. >> commissioner ho. >> oh, sorry. >> commissioner brandon asked
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the question about the fee waiver it is for the pallet let area, if you will, did park let area is small $2,000 square feet along the curtain if you demand on certain days but if you looked at the actual dedicated 2 thousand square feet we will normally charge a fee for that at our minimum if you use that number for this answer that's around 6 hundred dollars a month. >> oh, skew talk about the $203 million project. >> i'm going to turn it over to fran. >> so i have to say 2.500 if you told us that two years ago it was hard to release we
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w5sh8gd to at the end of the day it's difficult to make a wonderful public space with reuses shipping containers we were commented to using them not having new construction out of containers that would have been easier to retrofit a lot of the code issues because this is semi permanent it has to mediating meet code so our seismic and structures all transcribed to the cost of that but it is the overall cost of the landscaping of the component and of any additional work we needed to do in getting the utilities and water and power and goods and data. >> so is there a actually budget or i mean that you will be maine
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throughout the the process. >> absolutely in all of the as phil mentions this liesful from our lease it falls into the reporting we currently do this will be include in the port staff reports and we'll be tracking how quickly we're get to the break even point. >> thank you and then does this lease end in 2016-2017. >> march 21st 2017 and a year and a half. >> two years. >> two years. >> but we're and i morris over 2 years. >> if we break even the revenue sharing b low begin soone


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