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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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restaurant a boutique hotel or another office on embarcadero. i can't think for a use for the site better than the common wealth club for the city. i'm moved by kevin star, support of the planning commission and supervisor kim whose district this is, it's an impressive list of support. and i keep going back through all this testimony i was thinking what would harry bridges have us do. these guys that put it all on the line, some of whom gave everything would they really want to be evoked in an argument whether a facade is glass or brick. i think we can do better than that perhaps in discussion. no doubt they should be remembered and honored and i can't think of
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better groups in the common wealth club in position to pass that information on to future generations. >>supervisor london breed: supervisor wiener in >>supervisor scott weiner: i will be supporting the motion and i won't repeat the rational by supervisors kim and christian son. i would like to take a moment to welcome supervisor deerden and i look forward to a day that we can take high speed rail and bart to san jose. >> thank you, supervisors campos. >>supervisor david campos: thank you, madam president. i also wanted to welcome former supervisor and thank him for his service to the bay area and you know, it's not very
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many of us have a station named after us. so it's quite an honor to meet you in person. let me just make a couple of points. first of all let me say that i wasn't still totally clear about the explanation provided by planning. i think that the way that it was presented at least to me, just came across as convoluted. i actually though you the council for the project sponsor, you know, made a better point in terms of identifying the factual differences than planning did. i still have concerns about the path of going down these analysis and future projects that come before us where
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that kind of distinction that there would be more priority in the way the distinction is presented. that said for me, i think that a lot of different tasks have to be given to the supervisor in this case supervisor kim has i think articulated a very solid reason to move this item forward. more importantly, though, for me is the fact that even though the explanation in planning wasn't very clear, i am confident that the historic significance of this building is being protected and i know that not because of anything other than the fact that you had members of labor coming in here and talking about that and i know that if anyone would be concerned about that they would be concerned about that. so, i appreciate it and i
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want to thank the appellants for raising these issues. but i think that the fact that not just the specific union but the labor council came and spoke on that issue is important and it also seems like the common wealth club which i think all of us are big supporters of and fans of what they do. it seems you just found yourself a spokesperson with mr. edmond's here, but with that i will be supporting the motion. >> thank you. supervisor mar? >>supervisor eric mar: thank you. i want to thank you for working with the appellant and project sponsor. i don't know how long this effort has been. i want to thank president miguel. this project is different when i and a couple of my colleagues were
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addressing the issues of historic significance of the building, i think the common wealth club seems to have a good place for involving labor and i thank mark for being here as well and ilw reps also. while i personally feel the embarcadero side, the character of the fine features are really important, it seems unbalanced. this project does significantly retain the historic significance of the building especially the stuart side. i want the common wealth club to have a building as well for future and educational opportunities as supervisor mentioned. i will support the project. >>supervisor london breed: thank you. there is a motion to approve item no. 28 and
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table item no. 29 and 30. mr. clerk, i think it was already seconded by supervisor avalos. thank you for your eagerness, supervisor farrell. with that, >>clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisors breed, campos, aye, crist stan son, aye, cohen aye, farrell, aye, kim aye, mar aye, supervisor tang aye, wiener aye, supervisor yee, aye, supervisor avalos. eleven ayes. >>supervisor london breed: okay. the plans for negative mitigation is approved. [ applause ]
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. if you can take your business outside quietly thank you very much. mr. clerk call item 22. city clerk: item 22 has already been called. >>supervisor john avalos: we have before us the administrative code establishing the children's youth oversight and advisory committee working group. this would replace the citizens advisory committee. the charter amendment approved by the voters in november replaced the advisory committee with this body. this legislation is clarifying going deeper to what this declaration body is going to be and what role it's going to play. one of the biggest changes that this body will be involved in will be looking at budgetary matters over the department of children using their families and advising the body for when it comes to
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developing the needs and the allocation plans that will be part of the efforts to provide services for young people every 5 years being renewed with an rfp for the next 20 years. so this amendment as a whole you have a copy on your desk. this has a prethorough discussion and the rules committee and some clarifying language we have here for the make of the committee. i believe it's language that everyone would should be able to support the first changes throughout the ordinance any reference to parent or youth is now going to include guardian as well. so that was an oversight that i'm glad we caught because all of us know that there are many configurations of families and people who are taking care of
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kids in san francisco. so that will be changed throughout where we have parent view that will include guardians as well. we also have language on page 5 that you will see it highlighted line seven. it reads, in addition to the state of qualifications of eat seat current city and san francisco unified school district and current members or boards of directors of organizations where the decision maker for funding. this language is ensuring that there are members who work in the unified school district, either teachers or principals or even people who might work in the administrative oftsz -- offices could can be in
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the office committee who have worked for the allocation of the plan or needs assessment or decision making that would guide the department at the highest level. so we want to make sure there are school district employees who can also take part in the oversight body. there is also some language that i want to check with mr. gibner, deputy city attorney job gibner to make sure that i don't want to, i want to make sure that city employees are able to take part in the city as well. in the language it's not clear enough to ensure that someone who is a public health nurse can serve but we want to make sure that people who are the same level of unified school district employees who would make sense for people within the city government who have been part of the decision
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making process or highest working with dcys to work on the body. if you have language to provide to us would help ensure there are members of the city workser who can serve on the body. but just not the highest level workers. >> deputy city attorney john gibner, i don't have language saying that but i understand the goal of this amendment is to exclude city employees who are at the director level of departments or deputy director level and we can certainly draft that and prepare it for the clerk following this meeting if the board adopts the amendment. >> great. that will be an additional amendment to this section between on page 5 between line 7 and 12 that we would like to make sure gets included. thank you. those are my, it's an amendment as a whole and includes this language. i believe this is language that was requested by
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dcy who had concerns about these exclusions. i don't think the exclusion made a lot of sense except we want to make sure there is not a duplications of leadership involved in these departments and contradict and the oversight committee to ensure there is greater participation and the over site body. >>supervisor london breed: supervisors avalos made a motion. is there a second. supervisor yee. there is no other colleagues on the roster. can we take the amendment without objection? without objection the amendment passes. >> just for clarification madam, that was item 22. >> thank you. >> i just want to thank there are a lot of offices that worked on putting this together specifically supervisor norman yee's office and jen low and my office
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has played a larger role with a lot of community groups to make sure we had a body that was going to be strong and made sure we meet the concerns as you had as we bring this legislation forward. thank you. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, do we have a motion to move this item forward? moved by supervisor kim, seconded by supervisor yee. colleagues can we take this item same house same call. with that, we prove this as amended. can we move to our committee reports item no. 31. >> city clerk: an item inform ordinance amending the planning code and to define
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homeless shelter. >>supervisor scott weiner: thank you very much, i strongly support this item. particularly section that will allow for the for the one stop shop and between yesterday and today the city attorney did draft them. we distributed them and movement. technical amendments just changing numbers to match other ordinance that will be coming to you next week. i also wanted to suggest the planning department staff has reviewed this ordinance and compared it to the other ordinances that are in the pipeline right now and wanted to suggest an
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additional amendment. also technical to the definition of homeless shelter so that it reads homeless shelter, a residential use defined as living and accommodations. just a technical clean up to match with the code. >> so, if i may madam president i will move both of the amendments that we distributed in addition to the oral amendments stated by mr. gibner. >>supervisor london breed: supervisor wiener has moved the amendment. can i have a second. seconded by supervisor mar. can we take that without objection? >> that passes. >> >>supervisor jane kim: i was excited that this worked it's way through the planning commission department that we
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are specifically defining homeless shelter and establishing it's zoning. i also want to recognize former supervisor duffy for bringing this to the attention of the planning department in working to clean up this language so that we can have it before the board and also for his work on the navigation center on 1950 mission as well. i think it is a great interim use of the site as we are in preconstruction design phase for the affordable family housing that will be built on this former sf sfusd parcel. i'm really looking forward to us offering really different services that are appropriate to our residents who don't have homes here in san francisco. our shelter system is pretty restricted in terms of people that it can take that live on our streets and do not have places to go to. i'm really excited that we can have a center that is able to
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address persons that are not able to get into shelters because they are a couple, they are in a group work community. they have some physical disabilities. they have dogs that have particular needs to keep with them on-site. it's exciting that we have a different way to shelter folks. and base it on the data and demographics that we see on our streets versus trying to have everyone fit into a square hole which is our current shelter system. i'm excited to support this today and excited for the opening in march. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, supervisor kim, supervisor campos in >>supervisor david campos: thank you. i want to add that my office has been working with supervisor duftey and with the mayor's office and the reality is that we have to try something different and we have to think outside of the box when it comes to the
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issue of homelessness and i really appreciate the fact that we are doing precisely that with this. i look forward to continue to work with supervisor duftey and the mayor's office and i want to thank my committee which has been really engaged in the very elaborate process that we have developed to make sure that there is as much input as possible and it's been quite an honor for me to be a part of this process and to see that by and large the response from folks in this neighborhood has been very positive and it has not been at least by and large what you would expect which is you know not in my backyard, but instead how do we help, how
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do we become a part of the sloo ugs for improving the lives of these people. i'm very proud to see that. the work is not done. we have a lot of work to be done between now and march, but i'm very proud to be a part of this. i think that to the mayor, i think duftey has done a tremendous job of bringing everyone together and it's really hard to imagine that someone else has been able to pull this off. i just want to note that. thank you. >>supervisor london breed: thank you. colleagues, can we take this item as amended same house same call. with that this ordinance is passed on the first reading unanimously. mr. clerk, please go to roll call. city clerk: first member on roll call this evening, supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. clerk, thank you madam president. briefly, as i noted earlier i'm
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introducing a resolution today in support of full investigation into disappearance of 43 students from guerrero mexico. to say i don't usually introduce these types of resolutions but i know for many people in the mexican american community and latino community here in san francisco, what's happening with mexico is really significant and i think it's important for us as san francisco to add our voices to the many voices at the international level that have been raising concerns about what's happening and what is perhaps the greatest crisis that mexico has faced in decades. i want to thank supervisors mar and avalos for cosponsoring this resolution. for those of you who may not know of this situation on september 26, 2014, 43
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students of rural university were taken by force and actually still missing to this day. these students were mostly children from poor rural families who were training to become teachers to serve the rural and indigenous poor in that part of mexico. the mexico failed to promptly take action and did not search for the missing students for some time. this case exposes extremely serious issues with pollution with police officers and crime gangs and use of excessive force. this issue has to be addressed. this was a resolution passed by the city of pomona to support for the relatives and respectfully request and independent and international inquiry as to what happened and a full
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investigation for the disappearance. this is not an isolated incident in mexico. some hundred thousands of people have been murdered and 25,000 people have disappeared in mexico since 2006 and according to human rights watch dogs, mexico is facing the worst human rights crisis since 1968. i would like to thank those who continue to bring public attention to this crisis especially rod io and journalist and renown writer who we previously honored today who is among the most distinguished writers and poets in the world. homero. with that, the rest i submit. >> supervisor cohen in
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>>supervisor malia cohen: thank you everyone. i just want to briefly speak a few things into the record. first and foremost earthquake round request a follow up hearing. you may recall that there were families and children who were impacted by a shooting and hearst playground back in june 2014. as many of rib the neighborhood camp counselor was fatally shot in the playground basketball courts. as you can imagine the incident impacted people in the valley neighborhood including many youth that are in our unified school district. following the incident, city departments including but not limited to department of public health, district attorney's office, the victims unit and the san
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francisco unified school district to those who were impacted receive the appropriate support services they e need including counseling and mental health support and many had to start a new school year after it happened. it is been about 6 months since this incident and i would like to receive an update about this incident including the services they have received and how this is coordinating this effort. it is our responsibility to ensure our young people impacted by this incident are supported, not just the weeks but continually months if need be years. we should be tracking all of their progress and not leave anyone behind. i look forward to this hearing from the respective city departments about this
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particular issue. later on you will hear a hearing request that both supervisor wiener and i are coauthoring on. it is a simple request to evaluate our city's police staffing level especially as they relate to our increasing population. i will stop here and let supervisor wiener continue with the introduction. but i do want to call to your attention that during the course of this board meeting there has been another two homicide in the bayview community. it's with great urgency that we begin to have a very swift and thoughtful response to our policing problems. let's also be clear it's not just about homicide but also simple quality of life crime which are car break-ins, robbery, aggravated assault. here is a stack from november 3rd through january 23rd, 2015.
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91 pages of the bayview's account, bayview police station accounts of crime that have been committed and largely go unprosecuted. so in the weeks coming up, i plan to have a meeting with the district attorney's office to push on him and ask questions about his prosecution rate and will be moving with extreme deliberate force and swiftness on our city's approach to violence and violence prevention. as you know the budget legislative analyst tooted instituted a report and found that we spent millions of dollars on this but none of the city
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departments have received this money or any form of coordination. that is something that i'm taking on as a priority and i welcome my colleagues to join me on this. also want to call into record recognition of a wonderful woman who has been a long time bayview resident recently passed away. her name was ms. rosy lee howard born 1926 in edward mississippi and baptized into the saint james baptist church. at the early age of 16 ms. lee moved with her aunt and uncle johnny. she met her husband of 50 years, mr. vernon howard. to this union, three children were born. two beautiful daughters, vern a lee and
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interest -- interest cynthia an. in january she remained a member of the baptist church. she was known as an excellent cook and established her catering service which serves the bayview community and she retires the unified school district on friday january 9th, ms. lee passed away at age 88. she leaves a loving and beautiful family cherished memories with her children, grandchildren, her brother, johnny b harris and sister willie may carter and along with other friends and family that will mourn her loss. we
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also celebrate her life and time and her legacy and grateful for her contribution. mr. clerk, the rest i submit. city clerk: thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >>supervisor mark farrell: thank you. i would like to introduce that will be here by a homeless count. this is a requirement of hud to receive funding for homeless services and programs and helps the federal government better understand the scope of the issue here in san francisco. it captures information around our homeless population. i thought i would list a few of them out to include basic demographic information including age, gender, race, ethnicity, homelessness. problems that causes
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homelessness. employment and income and criminal justice system. data around chronicle and subhelp population and all the data points i mentioned above in my opinion are vital information marcus for us as policy makers and better for us in the san francisco. i think in my opinion this account is going to serve as a report card as how we are doing in san francisco and also a road map going forward. we are going to be able to see whether our numbers have decreased or increased over the past 2 years. obviously there is though one size fits all solution to this issue as we continue to examine this over the years. i will be going out myself in the homeless count on thursday evening and look forward to that experience and will be a part of that data collection effort. two of the things i know we are going to be talking about


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