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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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. >> we are going to get started soon we're going to get started soon if you could turn the overhead projector off sfgovtv all right. everyone ladies and gentlemen, please come in and take our assets i'm
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supervisor cohen chair the commissioner lee to my left is supervisor jane kim and to my right is supervisor wiener vice chair our clerk today is miss andrea ashbury and i would like to take a moment and acknowledge as well as thank jessie larson and jonathan that will be tifgz this broadcast on sfgovtv. >> announcements? electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the february 10, 2015, board of supervisors agenda unless always state and madam clerk item one. >> a resolution for is zoning control for 8 most period west of octavia blue shield. >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, supervisor wiener will present this as well as the
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discussion. >> thank you very much madam chair and colleagues this resolution will enclose interim zoning controls for the parcels mc 19403 that are facing market street west of octavia billboard specifically requires that certain office uses business and professional services and limited services requires a conditional use before going in colleagues you'll recall i trootsdz the interim zoning controls for the rest of upper market and 24th street and noah we're moving towards the controls for the castro commercial district as well as 24th and noah valley to require
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a conditional use for those types of office uses i think we all know a vibrant and successful commercial corridor requires active retail it requires retail and eating and drinking establishments and diversity of uses that are active during the day and night and during the weekends when a commercial corridor has too much uses phenomenal the ground floor whether real estate or title companies or banks other kinds of office uses it can negatively impact the vibrancy of a commercial corridor not to say those offices are not appropriate every healthy commercial corridor will is a mix of various kinds of uses but we've seen an over proliferation
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of too many types of uses on the ground floor and it negatively impacts the vibrancy of the commercial corridor we're extending the interim controls and working toward a permanent set of controls for those 3 commercial corridors i ask you're our your support. >> we'll any public comment? public comment is there any public testimony on item one seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues any additional comments seeing none, okay. >> make may i'll make a motion to forward item one to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> seeing no objection that motions passes unanimously madam clerk call item 2. >> item 2 a resolution supporting the california
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assembly bill prohibiting the sell of - and supervisor wiener is the author. >> thank you, madam chair colleagues a resolution that puts san francisco on record in support of assembly bill 96 which will close the combineic will that that allows us to crack down on the illegal sale of i've very and horns in california it is supported by tony altering kins and laurie want to thank for co-sponsor that we have a significant problem in san francisco 2, 3, 4 particular but elsewhere in the u.s. we have a market for illegal ivory that is leptin to fuel the extermination of rhinos
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and outlet overview infant they're going be to be extinct if we don't act in california and the world to put an end to the dispebble trade where overview infants and rhinos are killed and mutt lasted for horns this poaching is a growing problem 96 emancipation proclamation e elephants are killed in african and central african elephants maybe extinct by the year 2025 more 5 thousand of the 29 thousand remaining were killed and poached in 2014 rhino poaching has increased within the u.s. san francisco
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has ranged among the top market for illegal rhino trade this is helping to fuel the poaching and the killing of elephants and rhino we have an obligation in san francisco given the size of the market to be firm in our support for this legislation to end poaching and poaching is not just limited to elephants and relationship nos we've seen it was recorded in the new york times the porchs are poisoning eventuality what is your it is one way the authenticities can tell where the poaching is occurring and that is event ab 96 was introduced in the state legislation it is your to prohibit folks from offering for
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sale and intents to sell ivory and another horns with exemptions to the educational scientific research with the passage of ab 96 california joins new jersey and new york it is the asian pacific islander affairs voted in support of ab 96 so it was exploded this resolution puts up i us with the record colleagues, i ask for your support we have a few brief presentations followed by public comment so madam chair i'd like to ask randy from the san francisco spca who is here on behalf of spca and the human society she'll be followed by another classes from the office
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of rhinos and elephants. >> hi good afternoon. thank you for the opportunity i'm brandy the could you recall and director of the san francisco spca i'm here on behalf of the spca as well as the human society of the united states and the human society subtitling and the improvement on the banning of sale of i've very and horns we have the natural research council and the aquarium and the oakland zoo ab 96 enjoys the support of conservatism and be environmental organization and as supervisor wiener said was recently enforced by the asian pacific islander affairs
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commission supports the global pacific islander movement and the illegal trafficking and it is the chinese government who have confiscated ivory and other major chinese markets have ended ab is co-sponsored by speaker atkins and chair laura and leon no and assembly members i got wrong we thank supervisor wiener and commissioner chan for their leadership and san francisco's important support nor ab 9 of and protecting rhinos and
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elephants it is an clooit which i say the government has identified as an international contra costa choice and new york is been identified and by clarifying the i've very that will help to battle terry rich it is circle for terrorist groups like the michelle and other army in uganda it is increasing taking part in the lucrative that market the elephant and rhino population has declined we 50 percent and the elephant population is reduced to half of what it was more 50 thousand elephants were reduced to the second largest
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market in the world 1/3rd of ivory offered for sale was not - a staggering 2 thousand rhinos were purchased in africa and only 29 thousand left in the wild los angeles has identified as the top market for ivory for the illegal trade the ivory trade in california is that extensive up to 90 percent of the ivory was found in la and under the california law it is hard to enforce therefore california must pass ab 96 we respectfully ask you to help pass this ab bill and help raise the international crisis it is
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cruel and it is important for this species i've brought in case i guys want one a copy of the q and a if you want copies let me know i have from the american support a letter thank you very much. >> thank you very much and if you'll leave those there for the clerk to be on the record thank you i want to ask rose those mar from the rhinos a great organization thank you for being here. >> thank you scott. >> i'm going to need someone's help to understand how to turns obama on i'm assuming to get the feed into the display we're going to call we're calling sfgovtv it's on your presentation is loaded and good evening my name is rosemary a member and
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co-founder for that march for elephants a skoofl engineer thank you for the opportunity to present today on behalf of the last for elephants everything begins with a story and today we begin with remembering those great bulls and matt risks who have been killed for ivory i'm not sure you can see clearly but i'll read the names in order from left to right europeans killed in 2009 a mat reflex in 2012 mountain bull 2014 come adequate story a punitive damage gipt a mother and grandmother and animating risk
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twenty-four hours before this income back bull was taken from the glide foundation she was killed as she was traveling between the borders of kenya on that day day in 2012 along with kwum adequate her family and daughters were killed only the youngest can have survived she stood vigil all night over here mothers body and found the next day those are the stories of the elephants and rhinos the story of the rhine notice were attacked in envelope one survived and gave birth after
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self species of rhinos one killed every 8 hours in african this focuses on the african elephant for example was born is hinduism vulnerable from human conflict and expectation, however, this is given the only male species have here this brings us to the story of a clearing in the forest of the central will african republic that is a world hate site at the center of this opening is a sandy stream elephants have gathered here for century to socialize to tell each other their stories
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and to communicate with each other words words literallyly tralths in the elephant dialog they've come here long, long before humans walked the ether long before the first humans experienced the ferries time from a star and the fund the next slide i'll warn you it rather graphic if you're sensitive i advise you to look away or closing close your eyes-only monday may 16 porches rated and killed 26 elephants and 4 calves two percent has disappointed they could be extinct in the next 10 years.
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>> more than hundred 0,000 that elephants have been killed in the past 3 years the tipping point meaning more elephants are killed and dying than being born therefore existence is zooming in this generation the current day of poaching is filled with markets in china, however, the the the second largest market for illegal ivory and the trade in california as doubted in the loose 8 years it is important to note that poaching and wildlife trafficking is the fourth largest trans national crime and i havey helps to fund the operations of the terrorist groups elephants are a keystone species what what does that mean? it is
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as farfetched as sound elephants mitigate climate change and the biological in washington say their environmental architects they keep woods down in the south africa have a and they're a an important part of the seed the rain forest is the second most important area for catching koikd so elephants have effected climate change our coastal city of san francisco needs elephants in more ways than one adding some las vegas thank you to a engrave topic we've generated this graphic on behalf
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of the global march that happened on october 4th, 2015, more than one hundred and thirty cities around the planet participated in the march and excluding several people n held up signs saying end the trade in elephants ivory and rhino horns supervisor wiener was good enough to be at the march and advocated passionately and well on on behalf of elephant and rhinos and we thank him for it we thank california and the state assemblyman atkins for introducing 96, 96 elephants are killed everyday if it passes it takes effect on july 2016 it prohibit the rhino horns and
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roaches a will that that makes enforcement improbable again we thank supervisor wiener and the state of california we fully support and strongly encourage mayor ed lee to lend this historic resolution it's strong support and courage this committee and the board to support the resolution and discuss further legislative measures providing the measures don't jeopardizes the passage of 96 or the resolution supporting it i'll leave you today with a story from the elephants by the elephants in the far away place call the sdum allergy in the central african rain forest this is a recording of elephants
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voices and it is an articulation or a phone calltion of sound captures blow 20 inherits it is below which himself hear and those sound have been captured by scientists and other folks and exceeded up so we can hear them i believe and i'm sure my colleagues building it is quite beautiful i recommend you close our eyes and listen to it is less than one minute.
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>> (elephants making noises)


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