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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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with the airbnb i have paying customers and i request that you continue the program of home-sharing that you approved of, so that everyone can benefit. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> next speaker, please. >> my name is frances collins. i sang for the veterans for peace and i'm involved in veterans issues. i also have been an activist in the housing rights. i am here as a representative of the san francisco black and brown organization alliance, and a concerned citizen of san francisco. our city is in a state of emergency with the recent violent deaths of 13 young men of color and 32-year-old mother of three, who was shot and
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killed while getting her mail from her mailbox. it is for these reasons that i strongly recommend the task force introduced by supervisor malia cohen, district 10, where the majority of the shootings. >> sir, you cannot comment on the task force at this time, i'm sorry. >> that this task force be filled with members of the community. >> sir, i'm sorry, you can't comment on the task force. i'm sorry. >> okay. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, madame president and board of supervisors. my name is pastor from the western edition -- i'm just here's a member of the san francisco black and brown organization alliance. we're aligning our communities. we have young men, young women that are dieing in the streets
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from bayview-hunters point to the western edition, tenderloin , we have got the western edition. it's touched everybody. lake view omi is completely wiped out of black people, period. everybody is ended up in the tenderloin and we're getting pushed out of tenderloin. we sit right next door to the marina district. right over the hill. so we just thank you for hearing us. as an organization, we're pulling together, it's not about individualizing but it's about all of us coming together, just like we have all of the supervisors together. we're all coming together as organizations and as people of color to stand for
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righteousness and injustice. but we need help. we need the city and county of san francisco to include the community. to finally include the community. the western edition was the first redevelopment act of wiping out the african-american community and we're still as a community not represented. so finally if we can band together against violence, we know all of this stuff came from economics and redevelopment wiped it out. so if we could just come together somehow and make this organization/alliance with our city and county, that is what we want to do. thank you. thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is sue vaughn, i'm the chair of the sf group of the sierra club, but i'm here speaking on my own. supervisors, a pandora's box of problem for muni and other
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public transit agency and statewide could be opened unless we all act fast. a republican assemblyman from southern california has introduced ab 61 to amend the state vehicle code 2250.5 which prohibits all, but common carriers, muni and other public transportation agencies, buss from operating in public bus stops. this bill quite simply is an attempt to circumvent environmental review. and the tech companies to mitigate their impacts. apple's 4th quarter profits were greater -- and other tech companies with similarly wealthy. and environmentally review would assess the impacts of these buss from everything ranging from safety pedestrian and bicycle safety and infrastructure impacts to
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evictions and hyperinflation of housing prices. these companies can afford to mitigate for their impacts. why is a republican assemblyman from southern california introducing legislation to privatize our bus stops. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please >> hello everyone, i'm paulette brown and i would like to use the overhead. i'm here kernighan my son and i'm not here to bash anyone. i'm an advocate and i'm out there all the time trying to bring just for my child and other children. we ran an organization [speaker not understood] and i just wanted to say about all the unsolved murders, including my son's case.
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my son's case is still is closed case -- it's not closed, but it's not solved and i'm concerned about that as a mother. it's been eight years since my son was murdered. you know, i am taking responsibility as a parent, you know? as i would say if my son hadn't been out there causing problems, there is no way i would have watched my son die. there is no way i would have watched my son go identity and shoot someone else. sometimes the parents got to take responsibility and tell on their children, if they are doing something wrong. in this snitch culture that is going on it needs to stop and we need to open our mouth, because our silence is killing our children and we need to do something about that. i carry my pictures with me and these are all unsolved murders of young men that have been going on for years and years, and all of these are unsolved,
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including my son's. i also have a picture -- i tell people that they don't want to stand over their son's casket, this is all i have to remember my son. this is all i have to remember my son. and the next thing that keeps me fighting is my son laying on the gurney, dead, 30 rounds of bullets left in my son. this is for me to remember the rest of my life and i'm willing to get out there and stand and help anybody. that is what we need to do. thank you. >> thank you, miss brown. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, president london breed and board of supervisors, i just want to say thank you supervisor breed and other board members who have been on the front line of this issue and including our chief
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greg suhr, who has been with us since the beginning of these homicides that have taken place. my name is madie scott and i'm the executive director for human nation and president for the brady campaign, san francisco chapter and chapter leader. i'm very angry, very angry to the response to the homicides that have plagued our whole city. it has affected everybody here in san francisco. as a mother who lost a son 17 years ago, it just brings back memoris for me and my family and for the community and for 13 young men of color, where the majority of these deaths happened in district 10 and in the filmore district. we should by outraged. we should be outraged and angry that this has occurred in our city of hearts. a city that represents hearts while all of our hearts are broken here in the city because of this recent
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rash of homicides and violence. we can do better. we elected you all to support us on a journey to have a safer and better san francisco. the mayor's response to this is an atrocity. he has not reached out to anyone or said anything about these homicides or even said anything in sympathy towards the families. we will take this to our attorney general harris if we have to and we're you encouraging everybody to write a letter to here. we're going to take it all the way to the capitol and if necessary to the president. so we hope that the board hears us and takes action on this item. >> thank you, miss scott, next speaker, please.
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>> tom gilbertey, spare the air is spare our lungs. we need our ventilation systems upgraded constantly. you never thought that a 65-degree in january and february could be as dangerous as it is. bathrooms. it's time, muni opens up, bart opens up the bathrooms on market street. time has come. muni needs toing to and bart needs to clean up the elevators and take a ride at civic center and street elevator at powell. next 26 years at south beach apartments within a five years there, a pattern kind of grew and people lived for two to
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three years and left. i have seen a lot of people leave. in all of that time i'm only corresponding with one person, overhead, please. rodney fong. he was the butcher at the bayside village market and i would say it's two, three years and he would laugh and said two years and i built the clientele and they were gone, two years. he was terribly frustrated. we're not building rental-rate [speaker not understood] it's just not a healthy two, three years these people have to go, because they are paying a huge amount of rent, and they can find cheaper digs somewhere else, farther away. we don't create a healthy community. thank you. >> thank you very much.
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next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm jackie stanford. i am an educator, and with expertise in race and community race in school and society. i just would like to support my friends and family in the community as we raise our voice about the trauma in our community and to remind us of the words of simon who said in mississippi, schoolchildren are sitting in jail and now people are dying in the streets, and she asks the question, why can't you see it? why can't you feel it? i don't know. i don't know. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the
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public who would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. i want to thank everyone for coming out. we are here. we hear you. and we will be with you throughout this situation. the community is in my heart and in my prayer and we'll continue to work with you to resolve these issues for our community. thank you for coming out. madame clerk, can you please read the doption without committee reference? >> items 29 through 36 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference, single roll call vote may enact these items if a member objects a matter may be removed and considered senatorly. >> supervisor mar? >> thank you, item 29. >> okay. >> roll call vote on the remaining items. >> on items 30-36, supervisor campos? >> campos aye. >> supervisor christiansen?
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>> aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> supervisor farrell? >> aye. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> supervisor tang? >> aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> aye. >> supervisor yee? >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> supervisor breed? >> aye. >> there are eleven ayes. >> okay. these items are adopted unanimously. madame clerk, can you please read item 29. >> item 29 is a resolution to urge the california state legislature to amend state law for youth fare-evasion. >> supervisor mar. >> colleagues i ask for a week for this item. the commission ended in strong support of this resolution. the youth commission chair michael lee stated the criminalization of youth for fare-evasion was among the
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youth commission's primary concern. props to supervisor david campos, and other groups for advancing that major expansion of our public muni system. this resolution supports decriminalization of youth fare -evasion. the law allowed for other infractions to be handled administratively and not criminally. so the decriminalization of youth fare-evasion, the option to replace fines for community service. but youth were exempted from this change, and this resolution urges the state government to decriminalize these infractions. following the amazing grassroots campaign to bring free muni to san francisco, the
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current law is completely out of step with our valued and this resolution urges us to be consistent. it doesn't mean that youth who break the rule and are ineligible, it would be handled administrative like a parking ticket and not in the justice system. i urge strong support for this policy. thank you. >> not seeing any other names on the roster, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted >> madame clerk, can you please read the in memoriam. >> yes, today's meeting would be adjourned in meming of the following individuals on behalf of supervisor campos for the late mr. meay, mr. alfonso and mr. maraiso and on behalf of supervisor wiener and supervisor campos for the late
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mr. ed edward cookie dough robert bell. >> this brings us to the end of our agenda. madame clerk, is there any further business before us? >> madame president, that concludes our business for today. >> seeing none, we're adjourned. thank you. [ gavel ].
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>> hi, i'm frank jorge golden go up a utility supervisor for the distribution system i offer seizing see the personnel that install water maidens and water carbon monoxides i've personal proud to work with city and distribution place whether a fire or main break those folks come on scene and get the job done 3450r7b9 what time they're here to take care of each other and make it so a safe and secure
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way i was encouraged to learn to deal with the services and breaks and i wanted to move into understanding how to do main connections one the great things that the sfpuc to move to different sections in if you're tdr in learning a different job you have the ability to move up i courage anyone to step out of their comfortable zone and work on a system as large as a our water system we started from one end and keep on going it's a fascinating job and i'm going to stay here because i'll never learn everything to learn about this systeming, everyone
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welcome to the february 3, 2015 of the entertainment commission oh, i don't see any added i'm the president of the commission i'm commissioner tan if you could please turn off our cells or put them on


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