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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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as well as the information in regards to our volume and workload and trespassed we've been xefrn at this point, we're he assuming a continued high volume of planning cases and building permits requiring staff review into the upcoming years. >> moving on the revenue budget only changes we've made to the revenue budget increasing the charges for service by approximately, $1.1 million seducing due to the plan recognize of the surplus we're projecting in the current fiscal year to fund those priority projects in the years 2015-2016 those projects were originally planned to be authorized there the supplemental 2014-2015 and we've seeing none since incorporated those and the funding into the year 2015-2016 going forward also in fiscal year 2015-2016
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our customer price index of cip frustrated the fees the rate reduced slightly from 2.84 to 2.6 for 2015-2016 and 2.7 in 2016-2017 this change had a an insignificant impact on the revenue budget moving onto the expenditure budget all changes were made number one was the inclusion of 4 portions in 2016-2017 budget that were overwhelmingly assumed to be authorized and budgeted in the supplemental provision in the current year and second the extension of the terms of 3 existing staff positions through 2016-2017 which we already mentioned 3 an increased to the professional services contract budget for the railyards and subcontract 280 and the civic
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center framework plan both of the professional contract were assumed to be part of the supplemental appropriations we've added them and finally an increase to the product you prey project budget for the electronic document revenue that intrarths with our calculating system to dig intents our historical records. >> this slide lists the position requests the department is requesting the proposed budget is for 13.9 ftes in 2015-2016 that nationalized 17 in 2016-2017 this table shows the division the positions will be in and the brief depiction and the fte count n this is in appendix a of our work program
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here's our grant budget no changes to our granted budget next our capital budget this table lists the capital requests we've made to the committee on january 16th the only change were including two requires we got approval for in last year's budget 1 for street trees and the others pavement to parks program we've got a brief description in our memo and then finally here's the remaining calendar dates yesterday, i delivered the same presentation to the historic preservation and they voted to remedy the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget next thursday will come before you and ask for your
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approval of the budget to submit to the mayor on february 23rd that concludes my presentation. i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. thank you very much. >> okay opening it up for public comment comment. >> good afternoon, commissioners peter coning from the housing organizations just a couple of thoughts on the budget it's good to see this year, the budget of the city is flush enough the department s can increase its capacity i want to reinforce something that director ram said about short-term rentals and appropriating you know stacking up reinforcement it is a need to make sure you've got people
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power so this is good allocation the second thing i want to she was is the value and this is leading to the next section in the agenda data and information analysis a critical and quiet sometimes forgotten function for the city so there's a relatively small information analysis group that does all the number crushing and the report preparation and the housing and the inventory and requests. inform the mayor's office and the office of economic development the entire city goes to collect it's data and the analysis office does a report one of the first places they pick up the phone and call a that's a place to make sure that there's sufficient capacity and
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grow capacity to take on the interesting questions you've raised in every weeks commission matters with newspaper articles mr. richard comes up with and frankly curiosity it someone has to do the analysis and that's where the department small budget increase for that particular unit was in the proposal and lastly related for the capacity of planning south of market for the railyards and, etc. and special kinds of tools all interesting stuff but back to my previous point if you don't have good data analyze your in a vacuum i urge you to look at the data analysis thank you >> is there any additional
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public comment okay public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. kind of following on what peter cowen said and in appreciation of the data information that was provide as part of this key economics indicator and making an argument that staffing has to be robust because part of what you brought in our analysis we added 70 thousand new jobs in san francisco from 2010 to 2013 over 60 percent of those 40 new office jobs we've found only aided the add 3.6 million more office space that only allows for so many jobs i think what you're going to be seeing a huge increase in the number of projects that contain commercial we've approved many, many are under construction and many more in the pipeline many are large
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buildings not quite as much of a strain rather than doing a lot of smaller projects not as larger in addition to that for everyone who works here and even if they don't live here they're to spend most of their money and time of the day in san francisco creating other jobs accountants and lawyers and doctors and hair dressers and places for lunch that will generate for what it's worth our report reveals the fact we're going to get a larger part of the commercial as commissioner richards pointed out earlier on the other hand we can remedy some of the jobs being out of san francisco and reverse commuting by having more office
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created here i wanted to mention that part. >> commissioner moore. >> i actually want to thank the director by introducing today patricia because when we made suggestions last week it was only to empower you to have more leverage you're the one at the helm who i have to trust your judgment including using people for flex judgment so it people can help each other in highs and loss without going to the employment and unemployment the planning department knows very well what's that is like i was still surprised and mr. mar 10 that the general board is shrinking so what you're showing a charges and services and grants is kind of you motivating user to create the money and resources to run the department at least 8 hundred thoughts plus is a lot of money not to have
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there's a give and take and we need to look at carefully the breakdown of how you speak about your revenue budget excluding the expenses i'm very comfortable having to work with you thank you commissioner richards. >> i guess i'm also comfortable i think i had a couple of contestants on the side where pitting on investment for the future i know completely appropriate is the enforcement especially around short-term rentals i want to have a question for mr. sanchez i read about the actual rentals a complaint based take action based on complaints is if you're sitting at our desk and seeing you're on around and three-quarters of listing don't have a numbing none you don't
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wait for a complaint and the enforcement system. >> if we're aware of the violations we'll pursue it; however not enough information to pursue enforcement because they're may not be information that identifies it as app a property go to american people airbnb listing in i have tools and resources that allows us to identify particular properties 2, 3, 4 vision we can pursue. >> a followup question do we have the legal capacities to request this liz for airbnb are hosted. >> we can certainly work with the city attorney's office and airbnb from past discussions that has to come into the form. >> so i'm not a little bit worried about 6 months from now we have half the hosts to
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register that's huge with offshore host sites are based on the information we have readily available i guess to mr. cowen's point about the index g a it's good investments for future but good data draws good policy and decisions one question i have is the proposed legislation by supervisor kim is that on the affordability and the thing i think i read off last week is that taking into consideration any of the numbers legislation that's proposed around affordable it and murray it. >> that requires i think the burden on that to implement that legislation will fall in the data group it requires us to kind of keep the balance and running total of the balance
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between affordable and market rate. >> so what the request is it is an fte. >> i don't believe we're associated with that. >> generally, you should emigrate additional ftes with additional work (laughter). >> commissioner johnson. >> you thank you very much yeah. a couple of quick things and question for staff so one of the other comments that i made at least you're going our u during our informational hearing how do we measure the effectiveness of having entire agency personnel and our staffing plan that was at least one fte for a through z staff to work on projects in the departments in meeting with director ram it's become clear that is not
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necessarily a discussion for the work program but that was discussed in the last commission meeting and i'd love to continue to work with the staff as director ram on ways to see if those efforts are effective for us when we talk about let's going to the mta to match up our neighborhood plans to the trans effective program i want to know that fte is effective in that role and if not no resources or not have too many things to the a g e group or something outside of that role i want to understand how our inner agency staff is helping with the land use i brought it up last time i hadn't thought about a way to
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connect metrics for the rest of the program i don't necessarily there think there are objective ones. >> i'll be happy to work with i i appreciate our interest we find on the policy side of the work program their inner work is broadening so we can't dodo our work without additional staff we work more and more with additional agencies. >> it's hard to quantify but the time spent with other agencies if i may digress i forgot to mention within the work plan what won't show up on the work number is a shifting position from current planning to a a lower level position to the data group the data group is
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growth by one position the graphics are important and how we display the information and how we provide additional support. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> a couple of quick things you can sit but the next one i definitely concur is the comment with commissioner richards comments on the ie group thank you very much for highlighting we're adding a graphics person i think it comp coming up came up last time i agree as much as we can we mediate need to make sure that team is accurately resources but definitely make sure that it is the focus of our efforts and research there my one question about thinking will the a i g if you look at the
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budget the i e time is second degree minded pretty tithing i guess certain reports in certain project areas you think you have ftes assigned to the arena and have the ftes against the annual housing that inventory i don't think that staffing could be adequate but maybe good to think about are wecy logging their time in a way that didn't allow four work time i know that sometimes distribution analysis program is that enough should there be more availability and
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if something comes up maybe a question in the work prop m program or an overall resourcing whether or not it is reflected in the let me see here and the last question on the short-term rental enforcement definitely agree with director ram on your request and comment we sort of wait for the 6 month look back period to look at the changes not with the legislations in 6 months hopefully clarification but if there aren't communities within the legislation how is our work teams working how - where do we reorganize or get more people and resources my question is if we make it determination in 6 months wow. either it be a mess or less of a
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mess if we had more people in specific areas how do we do that is that a budget ask for july. >> it would have to be a supplemental request not only do we approve the revenue and expenditure budget but is a responsibility of the board to approve our budget in a number of places if we want to audio positions we are to go through a supplemental process. >> can you comment on whether or not it would be better just to say we need more now and have it in our budget request rather than scott wagner having it in our 6 month look back but we're setting ourselves up for a budget process. >> i know that staff is concerned because of the workload it's hard to know i
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will say the slug returns will front loaded effort enforcement efforts will geography the key enforcement questions is the property registered and are they limiting the number of days to 90 those are the two key enforcement the 90 day we won't know nor 6 months it be likely the number of rentals will go up and that's where it's hard to know steak how much time i know i will admit that staff came to me with more but balancing the budget is i will say one thing thanks to scott sanchez and his team we've ramped up the enforcement team
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five or six to 14 and a up to this point in time not too long agree we have the total number is 17 and a half at the end of this we've dedicated staff to preservation efforts in the backlog there are actually 5 positions that are still on needing to be filled we have capacity we can grow which will help you think deal with the issue of the short-term rentals. >> the other advantage of having that number of people we can shift people around as needed recognizing they have other duties but give us flexibility. >> i to be imperfect honesty wouldn't be surprised if we come back with the supplementals we just right now with we need to present you a balanced budget so the question is where it comes from. >> i expected that personas i
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think the reason i bring up the question we say information about the backlog from day one and have a process to set out land use committee of what we're trying to do i thought you as a commissioner to ask about are we adequately resource given we have the conversation about enough resources and to basically thumbs up with the process we know we're going to have to do i agree it is better to have more information than less about what the actual bottle necks are and the actual issues. >> thank you. >> commissioner richards. >> one follow-up question going back to my job on the board to delivering a certain period of time it was delivered after that date which brought up the issue
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it's not up to me whether a report is done on time if it's timely information are they done on time so getting it done and on time. >> are you asking us. >> yes. yeah. >> we are behind some on some and keeping up with the schedule but within a reasonable timeframe. >> i'd love to hear if you have i think in a static environment. >> we have the information and analysis group we've generally been on time with the monitoring report and prepared the octavia monitoring report two years after it's adaptation we may have been a couple of days late
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by the market octavia report is due this year and we're pretty much on time with the 5 year reports and the following year would be for the eastern neighborhoods we have been short staffed but we decided that we better get on a schedule that's set where we have ever 5 years we actually meet mandated reports. >> so i totally support that approach. >> it seems like there's no further questions. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we move on to item 12 for the 00150 gpa has thinking outside the box has been referenced and 2007.75
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example and m the 2014 housing element update this is a general housing plan. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and fellow commissioners i'm monica here to ask for the adaptation of housing element i'll provide a quick overview and my colleague will provide comments on the ceqa analysis we're friend of mine a second e rot sheet and presentation that includes the congressman's to the housing element from stakeholders as well production errors we've noted
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housing element is a part of the general plan and state law it is how it relates to housing development if provides the overall vision for the housing an effective housing element to infrastructure and community development and the future policy work will be evaluated, however, adaptation of housing element is not the changing city lay it was initiated on january 8, 2015, the department published the adaptation including the environmental review for the 2004 and 5 element on 2015 as requested by the planning commission additionally staff sent an e-mail to the general plan on january 9th housing element itself is broken into two preliminary parts part
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one the staffing that contains a description analysis of san francisco's population and householder and assessment of housing needs part two our identifiable and policies 80 that defines the goals related to housing and additionally the element excludes the implementation measures a number of measures that requires specific action for the housing element housing element covers a 2015 to 2022 planning period the state victims of crime community agencies have 9 allocation for the housing production in every county in the bay area it is based on the populations and 60 percent of the market is for the varying incomes the city recently implemented on the other hand completed rezoning that increased the capacity for
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the housing goals and there's much attention around the city's attention to achieve the affordability and it's a policy in the housing element 2014 housing element is built on the extensive element 9 issue based on strong and will provide strong initiative the adequate sites are 4 issues that address the wide housing elements b being a vision for san francisco the existing element was for the expensive stakeholder outreach that was completed 3 years ago that is an updated the updates are reflected in part one the data analysis section it was new jersey transit the public to date we've received public
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comments if two folks on the agenda that tanya will address and staff works with the organizations to incorporate updates and recommendations over the past several months and to amend the language in implementation number one includes the data by wages we included amended language to the measure in e rot too while the department feels there are issues around the data availability e rot talks about the 2014 housing element during production. >> staff i didn't want want prelims measures and addressed it to request the board
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supported information there are new policies for short-term rentals and we've addressed new implementation around the volume and the null prop k to achieve 1/3rd of affordable housing in the districts those changes reflect the housing legislation through the public process at the initiation hearing hearing we've provided a chart on housing including the reports to the confirmation housing implementation staff can provide the commission information and many of the information is on the website monitoring the area plan going forward we ask the department ask the commission recommend the adaptation of


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