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tv   [untitled]    February 10, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PST

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surrounding the bus ramps, because again that is a new geographic area outside of the footprint of the transit center. we continue to make our website as user-friendly as possible and components in particular the faces of transbay, where we do interviews with various member of our team working on aspects of the transit center. this past year we added interviews with two new members of our construction team, as well as a montage of interviews with our interns from this past summer. you may remember from our update last year in 2013, we put a lot of effort into really expanding our social media efforts. did a lot more postings and continued that through 2014. and had some good results. on facebook we more than doubled our number of likes and we now have more than 2100
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likes on facebook. we doubled our number of instagram followers and increased our number of twitter followers by about 25%. here you see some examples of our social media postings and outreach and the role that the transit center plays in the role of the bay area sustainability and so forth. media coverage is another important aspect of our community outreach and for that reason we regularly do site tours with members of the media. we were able to secure good coverage of our structure steel event in november and ongoing coverage of the successful formation of the melaruse district and able to get coverage of the role it will play in the high-speed rail on all of the local networks, abc,
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nbc, cbs and fox. we're very proud of that. had some good features in print. our [skao*-uft/] director named deal maker of the year, a significant honor and a great way to draw positive attention to the project by the san francisco examiner. and an additional feature on abc 7 news, as well as a feature in 7x7 magazine. so we're going to now talk about some of our plans for 2015 and i will start with community outreach. of course we'll continue with all of the efforts i just described, focused on the work that will occur this year, largely in the areas of steel construction and bus ramp and continue to look for opportunities to participate in community events, and to highlight not just our construction progress, but the various unique design and engineering elements of the transit center. so with that, i'm going to turn it back over
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to mark. >> thank you, scott. for 2015, we expect to award the remaining trade packages by the middle of this year, with the exception of the ip network. for the ip network we plan to complete the procurement planing in may and begin the site readiness phase at that time. we also will continue development of the final design. we expect to complete the final design in the spring of 2016 and award the ip network in august of 2016. we also begin the development of tenant improvement construction documents for greyhound and am track facilitis in the new transit center. for the bus storage we expect to complete the final design in the fall and be ready to award the contracted at the end of the this year. the award of the bus storage is capital independent and we'll look at cash flow and see when it can be done?
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based on the current groups scheduled and expect to bring to the board 9 packages including the miscellaneous metals, metal panels, design services portion for the metal ceilings can ch is a design package, glass floors for rooftop park. rollup doors and [tkpr-eul/]s. the design services portion for glass curtain wall which is also a design-build. the civil sitework and roofing and water-proofing and ground-level landscaping. between may and june we currently expect to come -- recommend to the board for award eight packages with estimated value of $158 million. this includes the topping slabs, crash rail and bus duck
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package and construction services for the ceiling. exterior awning and glass curtain walls design-build. the overhead catenary system upgrade and rooftop parklanding and interior finishes and terrazo. the cmgc may combine or introduce more packages, but we intend to award all of them by june of this year. for the btx we expect to join caltrain with approval of the environmental impact statement this year and congratulations to caltrain for certifying the eir for the caltrain implication and we'll get ours pretty soon and we continue to explore more detailed delivery methods and continue our close
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coordination with the project stakeholders including california high-speed rail, caltrain, fatah and fra and the city. we intend to present in the february meeting the rfp for the transit center sponsorship naming rights and plan to issue those in february and receive proposals in april and recommend to the board for approval in may. the name will be used to fund the rooftop park and expect to close escrow on the sale of blocks 8, 9 and 5 this year, and release an rfp for the sale of block f, parcel f. we'll continue our risk assessment effort and update our risk management plan to include the latest exposures and update requirements for contingency levels.eds we plan to present to the board at the may meeting an update to the budget for phase 1, that will take into account any monies brought in from the naming
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rights and additional proceeds from the sale of block 5. also additional funding that may be needed to construct rooftop park and to replace contingencies as well. we also for 2015, for the program, we're also scheduled to complete the operations and maintenance study for the transit center. we anticipate to issue the rfp for the master retail in march and award in fall and expect to complete the archaeological resource reports for block 6, the transit center and bus ramp and continue our coordination with bart and participate in the upcoming capacity study for the embarcadero and montgomery stations to ensure that the embarcadero station accommodates our pedestrian
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connection from the transit center. with that, i will turn it over to dennis. >> i'm going to wrap up our presentation here with the last few slides with what can expect to see in construction in the upcoming year. we're going complete all of the train box lower walls. complete the lower concourse slabs. we're going to begin the train box upper wallserly our lift 4 as we could call them and super structure concrete. continue the structural steel installation will happen throughout the year and begin mechanical, electrical and plumbing and begin concrete pours over metal decking and essentially all of the steel we'll putting up will have concrete on all levels. and essentially the shimmick contract will be completed this year. so that essentially wraps up a lot of that. and then mep showing up.
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bus ramps we'll complete all the cidh pile and complete utilities and complete retaining walls and bridge abutments and excavation and install the false work and we're going to see a lot of false work in the very near future and we're going to see the cable-stayed bridge pile-on rise out of the ground now that the foundation itself is down and cured out and the pile cap is being poured. we'll come out of ground for the bus ramp, the cable-stay bridge pylon. i want to leave with where we'll be at 2016 at this time. most of the steel will be installed by the end of this year, with only leaving the eastern side, that would be beale street at the far eastern
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end still to remain. of all of that steel, there will be a lot of concrete poured on it and mep, all as we get what it looks like from a year from now. thank you for listening to all of us and if there are any questions, we're happy to entertain those. thank you. >> thank you, that was a very comprehensive new year report and thank you to all of the staff members for putting that together. any questions? director reiskin? >> just one. first of all, i agree, that was great, really a phenomenal walk through 2014 and look to 2015. that was a lot that was accomplished in 2014. that was a great yeah, particularly seeing the steel start to come out of the ground.
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one question, one thing that mark said, the bus storage design will be complete in the fall, and then projected to go out to bid at the end of the year. but he mentioned that there may be cash flow issues with that. so i guess my questioned associated with that are first of all, to what extent the bus storage is on the critical path? and what mechanisms if any, do we have? can we use any part of our loan? do we have access to commercial paper or other ways that we cannot be in a position where we're ready to go, but not able to do so just for the fact of not having cash flow available? >> the bus storage will be on the critical path if we don't award it by the 1st quarter of 2016. we need a good year to finish
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the bus storage. if we award it the 1st quarter of 2016, it will expect to be done 1st quarter, middle of 2017 and that gives us a good cushion. the reason i mentioned the cash flow and bus storage is in the budget and current estimate for the bus storage is a couple million dollars over our budget. once we get the bridge loan, sarah and i will be looking at the cash flow projections when the money is coming in and determine when we can award it. being a little bit pessimistic by saying that it's cash-flow dependent, but i think we have a work around. >> the cfo is supposed to be the pessimistic one, you are supposed to be the optimistic one. [laughter ]. >> as you recall, we applied several times now for tiger and had hoped that this would come through as a supreme court for the bus storage and since we
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haven't been successful to-date with, that we'll just need to identify funding. >> i'm sorry, is this a funding issue or a financing issue? i thought this was all within the 1.899? >> the plan for -- you will recall when we passed the july, 2013 budget we netted out the funds that would not be available in the timeframe for phase 1 and those were the funds planned to be used for bus storage. so we always did need to identify a funding source for bus storage. with the passage of the cfd, phase 1 is fully funded, $1.9 billion and it turns into more of a financing issue and when funds are available. >> okay. so is this -- have we engaged mtc in this? because this is money that we are expecting that is flowing down from state and won't be ready in time and we have a similar issue? >> we have talked to mtc.
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i don't think that anybody has any expectation that any sort of funding swap for r tip funds will be a possibility. but certainly we do talk with mtc fairly regularly will cash flow needs and financing and potential solutions. >> so if we don't get a tiger grant or something equivalent, what would be our current plan right now? >> then we would look at the tifia loan, well the residual of the tifia. >> the excess? >> assume ing we pay the bridge loan off in a year; the tifia. >> and we'll know that in time? >> yes, with formation complete and land scales moving on schedule, we'll be able to draw-down on the tifia loan at the end of 2015. we'll then this have the tifia
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payment and residual and i apologize that is my cell phone that i did not turn off or turn down. >> great choice of music. [laughter ] >> they were really scrambling. [laughter ] [laughter ] >> director lee and then director harper. >> actually saw scott pull something out of your purse. [laughter ] >> i don't know -- i just wanted to -- it's not really a question, but it's really quite impressive. i know i started here just towards the tail-end of the year, but just really wanted to say thank you to the board that is here and the staff for an amazing amount of quality work. then i also just wanted to comment that i am going brag a little bit. it was a really big deal for us to get board certification on our
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electrification project, which is a project absolutely necessary for us to connect to the ttc and the other city partners helping us implement that project and looking at the 2015 program, with that big milestone, we're just getting started. we have a lot of work to do, but we'll be able to focus a bit more attention at looking at dtx and really getting that moving over its hurdles and challenges. so i'm looking forward to working with everyone for the upcoming year. >> thank you. >> director harper? >> yes, until you get an overview like this, of a time period, it's really hard to imagine -- it's really, you get the idea, my gosh, you know? what has really happened is very impressive. i have just one little comment or someone can talk to me later.
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way back in mark's thing where he talks about the security cameras being upgraded for the terminal. i hadn't heard of any issues, but i presume it was the tech thing to do and if not, come and tell me what the security issue was. >> no security issue whatsoever. they reached their service life and we replaced them with high-definition cameras. that is all. the point was we're upkeeping the temporary terminal to exceed our customers' expectations. >> all right. then my other question is, i am more familiar with ceqa than eis/eir things, but with the phase 2 approval of eis/eir for refinements, is there any danger that that approval would have a lifetime on it that would expire before construction? because i know sometimes that happens at ceqa and you have to go back and
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upgrade your ceqa document, because too many years had taken place between when you had it approved and when you first put a shovel in the ground. >> i will have counsel respond to that. >> director harper, we wouldn't anticipate there would be a substantial or significant change in the environment or in the project or in the context of the project that would necessitate refreshing that. >> with all of the construction going on, there won't be any new buildings that we would have to think about? >> yes, lots of development, but no significant environment impacts as a result of that development. >> all right. >> thank you again for a very comprehensive report and representing district and the neighbors, i'm really pleased to see all the community outreach that happened and the
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media articles in terms of educating members of the public with the importance of the project and understanding the construction timeline and process so that our residents understand the importance of the construction and how that happens. it's really great to see the decline over the four years in terms of calls for complaints. i do really think having dedicated staff with a 24-hour holtline and meetings that happen on a regular basis certainly helped. when our office was dealing with the sludge of complaints in the rincon neighborhood, we didn't get a certain one regarding the terminal. regardless of that, staff still an attended our meetings and thank you for all your work on that and making the work of our office a lot less due to that.
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congratulates to caltrain as well. that is a heavy and big lift. let's move on to the citizens advisory committee. >> i'm sorry chairperson, we have the construction update next and then the construction update. >> my apologies, it was so comprehensive, i thought it covered everything. >> we'll tall about the last 30 days. you heard about 2014/2015 and we'll make this short, but sweet. you know what the overview looks like. i want to walk through revisions i made to the schedule -- project status slide just very quickly. last month we introduced some milestones that we're going to try and track for the remainder of the project. we have nine of them there listed on the left-hand side. it's the same schedule you have seen before there in the middle
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of the slide. just took way the years that have already gone by. a couple of completed milestones, the excavation and work and final foundation pour the second bar down. i don't want to go into too much detail on all of the milestones. what we are planning to do is to track critical milestones or activity milestones, which is what this next slideshows. and to begin we, we have selected the completion of the tjo6 below grade package that you heard dennis speak about for a movement. the key is before the end of the year, we're bell out of tjo6 work to bring us from the west to the east and we actually believe there is opportunities for improvement on that bringing it back closer to where the original end date was going to be. hopefully, i don't want to make any predictions, but it will be earlier than november of 2015.
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trying to track the percent complete there. basically they are 88% complete with the work based on the progress in the field and the billing. that 64% comes from the original length of time that they had planned to do the work and the time passed to-date. those just divided into each other is the simplest way to track it. similar with the structural steel erection, our second current milestone we want to track for a while here. as you are aware, we got a little bit of a late start on the structural steel and hoping to see the production. they are having pick up quickly here and already seeing evidence of that as the month dried out here in december and january. we're starting to see them pick up on their learning curve. it is difficult steel to erect because of the pipe coulombs, the angles, the cast notes. they got off to a little bit of a slow start when we have all
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of that rain in november, early december and that slowed down and looking for them to pick up as well. the tracking slide that you are used to seeing and the major uses of contingency were the bid packages that the board approved in december. this is our safety statistic slide. and we summed up the year. and you will see there that there is no hiding it, the web corps and construction team -- the construction team in general had a more difficult year this year in the safety department. i'm happy to answer questions about it. i don't want to dwell on it too much. the highlights there were 3 in just the month and 13 recordable incidents over the course of the year. they focused mainly on the one subcontractor, the reinforcing steel subcontractor, which is
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difficult work to say the least. it doesn't excuse the injuries. the injuries were not the same. there were some slips and trips and some strains, but not the same strain and not the same cause of the slip and trip. the key here is that web corps is fully engaged to reducing this trend. evidenced by their corporate safety representative being here today in the audience, and happy to have her come up and answer your questions that you may have. they have met with the primary subcontractor, shimmick as well and working on corrective action plans with them as we speak. and it is truly on everybody's radar. we're getting out of this reinforcing steel at this difficulty factor, these heavy bars, the lower concourse pours and moving away from that. as i said before, that particular subcontractor will be completed with their work before the end of the summer.
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it is the plan, november is the date i told you and now i just gave way the end of the summer thing, just in case it doesn't work out quite the way i wanted to. and happy to come back and address this and answer any questions. moving along, as i mentioned before, three recordable incidents in december. but up over $1.3 million in craft hours and 40,000-hour increase in the last month and i think we'll see that creep up more as more trades hit the projects. structural steel continues through grideline 13 taking trussle down between 13-14. in the eastern zone, the focus is still on the first and second lift walls all the way down to the beale street end of the project. the western zone they have completed the concourse wall. the third lift wall is completed in the western and central zones. and continues to move east in
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both the lower concourse slab and [th-eurs/] lift walls continue to move east into the eastern zone. bus ramp project as already mentioned nine of the 29 are complete and they poured one this last week. so that is moving along. there are the percentages of completion of the individual work activities. just moving right along very well. shimmick is doing a great job with the schedule on that. current work in the western zone, the focus on the upper left was getting the lower concourse cleaned out after the train box level all cleaned after placing the lower concourse work. on the right-hand side you may wonder what we're using styrofoam for? that is the beginning of the form work and that is much further along here in june. that is also within the
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shimmick 6.0 contract to complete the ramp up to the surface and the first portion of it, the form work is done with the styrofoam. moving along in the central it's all about steel and steel erection taking apart -- disassembling the trussful. the steel erection. with the arrow, to point to the progress from the day of the ceremony to the beginning of november to now it's three complete bays. steel above has been filled in and they have the deck on the park level. so three complete bays of steel now. in the eastern zone, it's level one and two walls. you can see the waterproofing in the upper left-hand photo, the waterproofing waiting for reinforcing steel. that is the wall that runs
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parallel to beale street at the end of the train box. lower concourse work has moved into the eastern zone as well. ongoing structural steel erections, there are just some photos from the thompson metal fabrication folks, but we're still working in three or four different -- four different fabrication facilities from southern california to oregon and washington. the cast nodes as dennis were delivered to skanska. the barrettes were tested and passed with flying colors. no anomalis in the barrette pilots piles.
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shimmick choose to use a different subcontractor and were live clean bill of health you will start to see the pylon itself start to get constructed. looking forward this month and the next couple of months, i think i pointed most of this out -- the big goal is just to keep moving the lower concourse decking to the east from about where it is at fremont street and more form work and moving that alone. of course to do that, the walls below have to be completed of the structural steel erection is continuing and they have to do the timing between disassembling the trestleand moving into more erection areas. the next big obstruck
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obstacle will be crossing the street. in march and april start the steel erection that will complete the west end from 10 line towards 1 line and back off the trestle to howard street and be gone. we'll see that start in march-april of this year. great participation in san francisco and the other local communities. 300,000 number that i mentioned earlier --


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