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tv   [untitled]    February 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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eat grandchildren many of who you are part of our bayview community today. this is important in memoriam today because mr. bishop was a big man and big personality and will be missed by many. i would like, madam clerk is it possible to be rereferred for further comment? >> yes, supervisor cohen. at the very end i will rerefer you. supervisor kim, thank you, supervisor mar? >> thank you, madam clerk. i have one item today and others that i will submit silently. colleagues, along with supervisor tang, wiener, i urge your support for the national parks for bonfire. in a city with growing
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credibility crisis the bonfire has provided recreational activities including my own, student, surfers and bean,000 -- beach,000 enthusiast and others and this encourages the districts west side and they have a history and you can find out more about the western neighborhoods. but they relate that the history of bonfires go back over 100 years. historical records show san franciscansen enjoying this. surfers would warm up along the
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bonfires along the beach near the stairwell near the bench l.a. restaurant. over the years, banks through the national park service and local community groups like surfers without borders. when a number of fire pits were installed in 2007, they successfully kept the beach fires to a controlled area in my district. importantly this kept the fires away from environmentally sensitive areas and made clean up easier. i want to acknowledge the hard work from the national parks service. we are working with her to ensure that sustainability and accessibility of bonfires can continue. when a
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number of fire pits were installed, it kept them away from sensitive areas and it's an example with the national park service of guidelines that can improve everyone's experience at ocean beach but also ensure sustainability of the natural resource. now the national park services which manages ocean beach they conducted a pilot last summer. this resolution i'm introducing with a number of my colleagues urges the natural park to establish fair and natural guidelines that enable city san franciscans are eligible to. the city
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allocated $60,000 to conduct an effective outreach can -- campaign to ensure regulations. this for beach goers and residents for the community. i would like to thank supervisors avalos and yee for their support and heap -- hope to have unanimous support. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor mar, supervisor wiener? >>supervisor scott weiner: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues today i have a very sad in memoriam. aaron anderson dedicated member of the school pta passed away saturday on february 7th only 50 years old. he earned a degree from university of
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connecticut and spent time in the personnel administration. continuing in academia he completed his phd in post secondary education. his research center understanding on resistance to change. in the summer of 2003, he came to san francisco state university to serve as the director of strategic organizational colleagues of business. while it states he led staff development and digital initiation. aaron was also an active member of the pta at mckinley where both of his sons went to school and he went to become president of the pta. colleagues, for those of you who don't know, mckinley is one of the most amazing turn around stories in our unified school district. not so long ago, mckinley was on the closure list. last
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year, mckinley won the distinguished school award which is only awarded to 5 percent of schools in california. this turn around happened because of amazing schools in the community, great schools and teachers and staff and also because of the involvement of incredible and passionate parents like aaron who worked tirelessly to ensure this school succeeded and it's a great school and provides a great education and terrific and welcoming school community. aaron was a major contributor in the infant -- for providing all schools for education. he provided events and loved to play
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irish music. after nearly 25 years of higher education, aaron and his family relocated to a year to switzerland and he made a tremendous impact to not only many of the families but everrett where his son now attends. aaron is survived by his wife and sons clayton in 7th grade and jeremy in 5th grade at mckinley. we are joined by aaron's mother-in-law, courtney. our sincerist condolences. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor tang. >>supervisor katy tang: as we know san francisco is a city that has led the country in an employee paid parental policies and requirements. in 2002 voted an amendment for paid
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parental leave for city employees, paid sick leave vacation, compensatory time. our city's parental program approves 12 weeks leave for pregnancy leave. president obama recently announced a recent address paid leave up to 6 weeks. prior to his announcement, parental workers had no time for leave. although the family and leave time, the united states is the only country without a law guaranteeing paid maternity leave to mothers.
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the national amount is 5-6 months according to the research center report. german parents receive up to 4 -- 14 months and france, 6 months. in 2004 california passed the law in which they receive 6 weeks off. san francisco doubled that this 2002 but longer time can be better for the families in the long run we know they are offering 4-5 months for new mothers and 3 months off for new fathers. companies provided that 2 months off in new mothers quitting their job. so now with more than 10
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years of data to guide us, i am formally requesting that our controllers office adopt announcement how policies have faired, how much the program has been utilized an whether there it is possibility to extend time off for new parents w that we hope this will provide a pass forward for certain recommendations we make in the future. i would like to thank the controllers office for this. >> thank you. supervisor avalos? >>supervisor john avalos: thank you, madam clerk, three items for introduction. first off, is a resolution regarding the local hire ordinance and keeping our local hire percentage policy at 30 percent over the next couple of months we have seen over the past several years a huge in -- increase in development
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and construction in san francisco. we can see cranes allover the cities and many of those getting jobs and bringing workers from outside of san francisco which which is great and we also want to make sure we are maximizing the slots for local hire policy. right now it's based on public works projects that are publically funded. buildings like our new emergency safety building, some of our street work, public utilities commission work, paid for by public dollars and maximize workers from san francisco who receive jobs. up to 30 percent currently. last year we expanded the local higher policy to include private development on public land and so now we are seeing there are many more opportunities that our local
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residents invoice getting jobs in construction. we are looking at still collecting information where we have a percentage that might be difficult to achieve. we want to be able to pause at the current percent of local residents getting jobs for construction while we assess the information. we are still gathering that and we hope to have support at the controllers office and hope to be able to work together to look at numbers to see how well we are doing in our local hire effort. we know it's successful and as we start is to increase the percentage we are seeing that those percentages are too onerous to be successful. that will be the pause for the in -- next two 2 years to get accurate data and develop the percentages according to
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what the reality is. i appreciate the support of this effort as well as the economic workforce development who have been very very successful with our local higher policy and the building trades who have been working very hard to make sure that implementation is successful as well. i also have a hearing request about opening up the san francisco public utilities commission pens insula water shade for cyclist and trail work. urge -- currently there is public access for those who receive tours with -- and the water shed is open for
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hikers. we currently it is something we don't have with our public utilities commission in san mateo county. i have been in communication with members, residents of san mateo county who are cyclist and trail users and hikers who have been working for a number of years to open up our water trails and working closely to make that a reality as well. they have just received some funding from the bay trails. an entity that provides grants for trails and will be opening up trails to help people to get from one window -- end to the other. i hope to get an update
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and also see what more can be done for the public access. the lands around crystal spring a remarkable incredible sources of floor and it's something that more people can see and get there without having to have special permits to do so. the last measure i have is legislation that i'm introducing an ordinance that would add the board of supervisors and other citywide elected officials for the public calendar requirement for the sunshine ordinance. this would require elected officials to identify people who come to our meetings with exception of some that attend the meetings. this requires the city attorney and department heads to make calendar listing their official meetings. but for some reason, the board of supervisors and
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other elected officials were not included in the public calendar requirement. recently the your recommended the board take this action so we know who we are meeting with. last month the board voted against this because supervisor already willingly disclose our calendars but we are not required to and we can frequently ignore the public request for our calendars. disclosing the attendees at our meetings is critical for tracking lobbyist activities. if the public doesn't know who we are meeting with it, it doesn't know when we meet with elected officials. i understand this will create additional work for our staff but we can just to the -- adjust to the process and adding our names to the calendars. this week my
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office staff will be including my meetings. this will promote transparency. lob just the -- lobbyist and members of congress have always been at the bottom of the list. it's important to providing transparency and compatibility with who we are meeting with will promote trust from the public. the rest i will submit. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, madam clerk, colleagues, today i'm excited to joining mayor lee in entering a resolution of a $75 million grant to the hospital. last week, dr. priscilla chan, his wife announced what would been the largest gift from private individuals ever given to a public hospital in the united states. this $75 million grant to the san francisco's
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general foundation will fund the critical furniture fixtures and equipment needed to fully equip the newly trauma facility at the hospital. and this will in accrues the equipment and capital needs of the hospital. i remember when someone was hurt growing up that they would be rushed to the hospital and we knew they were in good hands of professionals who will do anything to save a life. they are were in the care of a world class hospital. i have always been grateful to san francisco general and staff for keeping city san franciscans safe. in 2008, almost 84 percent of city of san
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francisco voted a bond to rebuild san francisco general. it's a testament to how much they have helped and we did not have all the funds needed to build a world class hospital and supply it with world class fixtures and equipment. bond funds cannot be used for that. the city has committed $175 million through our own capital improvement fund but there was $65 million need and through work of mayor lee and san francisco giants has tried to work to fill. so this contribution from dr. chan and mr. zuckerberg, it's truly amazing and they have heard our cries for support and they have so gratefully provided this gift
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to the city. this gift will compliment the city's investment and specifically their gift will purchase psychological monitors to improve the tracking of patients vital signs and provide earlier detection of deteriorating condition and also purchase ir equipment to help dying and treating the lease invasive state of the art technique. it will equip 18 groups and decrease the time a person spends in the emergency department and reduce cancellations. purchase flex icu smart beds to reduce patient falls and ulcers and to be able to
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transport unstable patients. hopefully most of you didn't understand what i just the said. if you know what i just said you probably had these experiences in the emergency room yourselves. it will save a lot of lives and with their support of san francisco yen, general, they are helping us building a hospital to provide care to everyone in the community. we look forward to their support of san francisco general for years to come and a general hospital as a nationally and globally recognized leader in public health and i also want to add supervisor malia cohen is also a sponsor of this legislation. i see hands going up. i'm happy to add to
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supervisor farrell tangd wiener you are invited. this is an amazing gift and i look forward to not only passing this but moving forward to general hospital and making it what it needs to be for our great city. so the second item that i have quickly is an invitation to you all to the city. supervisor cohen and i are hosting an event on monday february 23rd, in celebration of black history month. black history month is a time that we reflect on our past. a time that we show appreciation to our culture and to a lot of the contributions of african americans to the united states as well as work to support our communities and work to bring people together for an incredible cultural experience of togetherness. so supervisor cohen and i will
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be hosting this event on february 23rd in city hall in the rotunda and the public is invited to attend. we will have african american restaurants in san francisco, african american desert makers in san francisco, african american performers just to highlight some of the things that are important to us in our communities to celebrate our history, to celebrate our culture and we hope that you will all join us on monday february 23rdrd. thank you madam clerk, the rest i submit. >> city clerk: thank you, madam president. supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you, madam clerk. actual lau e -- actually i see our former attorney, louis. good to see you. i have a number of items to introduce today and beginning with an accept and expend for the school college program. it's an
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accept and extend grant for empowerment to hire an additional staff person to the kindergarten to college program. it's through the mayor's office, department of youth and families and the san francisco unified school district. the city of san francisco, sfusd and community partners sponsored mass incentives to save money to send their kids to college. these accounts are automatically opened for every single child that enters kindergarten in the san francisco unified school district. san francisco was the first city in the country to do this. families do not need to sign up for the program. they are automatically once their kids are enrolled in our public schools, they are enrolled. accounts
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are held by the city of san francisco which is ultimately the custodian of these accounts. funds are held by city bank who is partner of this program. there are actually no fees that are related to the account. on a personal note i feel there is something about knowing once you start your education that there is an expectation that you are going to go to college. the fact that a kid enters a public school system knowing that they are not on the expected to go to college, but the city is making an investment in their college education is very powerful. more than 8,000 students in all of the 74 almost schools of the unified school district have accounts. more than 18000 students. this includes two charter schools, thomas edison, charter academy and greater arts charter school. more than 2100
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families have made deposits and ooefr the -- over the course of the program. these families have saved more than $987,000. so about a million dollars. what's significant about this is that 50 percent of the families that have actually saved money for this program, actual --ly qualify for free or reduced lunch. it's showing you that low income families that are actually setting money aside to send their kids to college. i'm very proud and grateful for the pressure in this is leadership in this and now this is being replicated in other parts of the country. the second item i have is in memoriam. i want to acknowledge bob garcia and the entire family of the department of
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public health which is joining us for michael baxter. he died last week at home surrounded by his loving family. since 1986 michael baxter has been an advocate for youth and families that are served by the department of public counties in san francisco. he worked tirelessly with young adults living with hiv disease, lgbt youth and public housing. he started with a special programs for youth. the primary care and health services at the youth guidance center. in 2004, michael baxter became center and director for health program for youth and at the time of his death, he served as the director of youth services for primary care as well as director or family planning for both primary care and maternal and
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child health. michael baxter touched people in his service and his life. he mentored advocates for many like him who were involved with many youth and families. as we memorialize him, our thoughts go to his husband, his son and family and colleagues. michael's memory is truly a blessing for all of us and his great work will continue to those we serve not only in public health but throughout the city. rest in peace, michael baxter. the next item i have is a very sad and
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on a very personal level is very tragic in memoriam and we have a number of members in the transgender community in the audience and i want to thank my colleagues for joining me as cosponsors in this memoriam. supervisor cohen, supervisor wiener, supervisor mar. this is an in memoriam in the memory. taja gabrielle dejesus. on february 1st, this year, we lost taja a valued resident of san francisco who was lost to hate and violence. she moved to san francisco to be part of the transgender community. she felt a sense of solidarity and support that she had not previously experienced
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growing up and that's why she came to san francisco. i think we read about her life and experience in the paper. she was active in her church, devout in her faith and was a tremendous resource to the community at large. taja volunteered at a food pantry and community center and regularly attended meetings for causes she supported and she was committed to raising awareness to issues affecting the transgender community especially issues that involved health and disparity in that community. taja was known for being a charismatic and out spoken person for life challenges. taja loved music and fashion. she


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