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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PST

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>> >> > >> good afternoon. city clerk: supervisors avalos, breed, campos, present, supervisor christian son, present, cohen present, farrell present. supervisor kim, present. supervisor mar, present. tang present, wiener present, supervisor
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yee. present. madam president all members of present. >> thank you very much. please yoin -- join us in the pledge of allegiance. >>supervisor london breed: madam clerk, are there any communications? >> there are none today, madam president. >>supervisor london breed: please read the first order of discussion. >> the first item is formal policy discussions; the mayor shall answer the following eligible questions submitted from supervisors representing district 1 and 11. the mayor may address the board
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and initially for up to 5 minutes. discussion shall not exceed 5 minutes per supervisor. >>supervisor london breed: good afternoon, mr. mayor. >>mayor edwin m. lee: good afternoon, everyone. i think this board knows as everyone else that it's an important event for our culture and communities and time to celebrate with family and friends and proud to be a mayor that celebrates our diversity and communities of all diversities. i look forward to working with all of you in this rear of the ram. a time of steady hard work and ensure this is a safe place for everyone. by ensuring that our streets remain safer, i have been thinking about the gun
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violence that has dropped in our city but the recent violence in you are city is unacceptable. in responsibility to that, the response of our police department along with others are innovating their strategies and prevent those from becoming more deadly and fully aware that poverty can contribute to violence. that's why we'll ensure public housing and jobs and non-profits through community partners and you have called to residents themselves to report violence in our neighborhoods and the city will do more to save lives and keep our streets safe and i encourage people to dough more as well. all lives are precious and all lives matter and it's our
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responsibility to keep together and stop this violence. with that i'm looking forward to your questions. please go ahead. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, mr. mayor. at this time i would like to recognize supervisor rick mar. welcome, mr. mayor. as you know clean air is on our minds and environmental and community based organizations i'm really grateful of to learn of your commitments last week in support of renewable energy and advancing power sf. following this past saturday's massive march for climate in oakland is the largest in history and the delay in san francisco where we are now closer than ever to realizing the environmental and economic benefits to 2013 energy system can
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provide. san francisco can now thrive in it's national leadership to justice. you want a complete plan for cleaner energy no later than december 2015. however a final plan cannot be determined until other concrete steps have been taken to advance the program. a report ordering by our local agency formation commission which i sit down with supervisors avalos, campos and breed and others and also developed by enernex, an independent consultant, this report details action this city must take prior to finalizing it's plan to cleanpowersf. one for procuring energy contracts and administering cost and not to exceed rates and this will ensure that cleanpowersf are
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established and allow for better estimates pertaining to basic cost and ultimate cost for build-out plan. will you who, with the board of supervisors and public utilities commission to take preliminary steps by the summer for the plan to cleanpowersf to develop and successfully launch the program by the end of the year. >> thank you for your commitment to the environmental justice. i believe cleanpowersf can help us achieve our air climate goals. the concept i have is to have a final program no later than this year and that will be all necessary to achieve that goal to the taken. if the general manager can achieve that goal faster and meeting the objectives of the program then even better. i have directed the general manager to work with the board and with lafco, the local
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agency that you are on to develop a time line for cleanpowersf and present it to this commission this february 24th meeting. one immediate point of collaboration is to move this program forward by it's passing legislation that allows our sfpuc to procure supplies in a timely manner to be able to meet the aggressive timelines we have laid out. along with my call to the if sfpuc to develop a new clean power program, i announce that san francisco has exceed greenhouse gas emission. they were 23 percent below the 1990 levels exceeding our 20 percent goal and on track for meeting our goals for 2017 and 2025. there is no doubt
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that san francisco is a world leader in implementing innovative solutions to climate change and we have grown in innovative jobs while seeking to lower emissions. we have economic stability and economic vitality can go hand in hand . looking forward how do we maintain our progress. with the low harvest fruit we have more chances that lie ahead. getting the zero waste and 100 percent renewable energy example and require from all our neighborhoods and neighborhoods. as i laid out in my shared prosperity agenda our solutions to climate change must be accessible and benefit all city city san franciscan regardless of income and solar energy
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and electric vehicles must be for everyone and not just for the rich. san francisco needs to make it more affordable for everyone. that's why i'm glad we have this solar program and it has put solar energy systems on the roofs of homeowners that have saved money and creating jobs from our workforce program. between go solar sf and the power clean power programs we have make progress in our economic leadership. thank you. >>supervisor london breed: okay. our next question, i would like to introduce supervisor john avalos. >>supervisor john avalos: thank you. i
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would like to that can you for participating with sf and making that a reality. it seems we all agree that the current environment offers many new advantages to launch cleanpowersf this year. unfortunately for many residents the only thing they will remember is misinformation campaign from 2015. can we work together to promote cleanpowersf and will you put money in your budget to promote public awareness as part of the city's efforts on climate change and will you work with the public utilities commission to expand their project learning grants program to get youth summer jobs to get culturally targeted outreach on cleanpowersf ? >>mayor edwin m. lee:
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supervisor avalos thank you for joining me in truly meeting san francisco's climate goal and renewable energy alternative. as i mentioned earlier, we are -- aggressive in meeting our climate goals and we need to ensure the programs we are pursuing are providing real tangible benefits. supervisor iew was one of many that raised legitimate concerns about cleanpowersf. the labor council adopted this resolution in may of 2013 in which their rational for opposing the version of cleanpowersf was exactly the same as mine. as i have stated before the program was flawed in several ways notably because it relied on multinational fossil fuel companies with environmental rights
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abuses. i'm pleased to see that enernex report agreed that a contract with shell is unnecessary while with renewable options. the remaining 25 percent of credits recs are traded from one to another are different from true renewable energy. well, today we are here because we want to leave the old version behind and look forward to a new version of the cleanpowersf. let's work together to get all of our organized labor will help us create a program that we can be proud of. a program the supports local jobs and renewable energy and to all of our stakeholders. i asked sf to increase the program that we have offered and lower the price to consumers
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and with compatible renewable energy in the state of california. i ask the sf puc to work with our department of environment, my office of economic and workforce development, our own business community, technology leaders, the solar industry and industry leaders to ensure our program is successful and reliable green energy to city san franciscans. i believe we have a robust program and i have put in the budget programs for this purpose. it's already developed and approved a multimedia language and outreach engagement plan. expanding the public utilities commission's project grant as you suggested to do culturally targeted outreach
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is a good idea and we'll discuss that certainly directly with the general manager. as i announced my support for cleanpowersf, i look forward to working with president breed and you and supervisor mar and sf puc and develop a program that everybody will be proud of and will benefit our entire city. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, mr. mayor, before you take off, i want to acknowledge the montreal counselor maria andre who is here. i hope i'm saying her name right. can you please stand? welcome. [ applause ] . thank you for joining us. okay. thank you, mr. mayor. we appreciate you being here today. madam clerk. can you please read the consent agenda.
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items 2-7 comprise the agenda. these items are considered routine and if removed maybe considered separately. >>supervisor london breed: supervisor wiener? >>supervisor scott weiner: i would like to remove item 7. >>supervisor london breed: anyone else? okay. madam clerk, 2-6, please call the roll? . city clerk: supervisor christian son, cohen, farrell, kim, mar, tang, wiener, supervisor yee, avalos, aye, breed, aye. supervisor campos. aye. there are 11 ayes. >>supervisor london breed: these items
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are finally passed and adopted unanimously. madam clerk, can you please call item no. 7. city clerk: item 7 a resolution supporting the california assembly bill 96 atkins lara prohibiting the sale of ivory and rhinoceros horns in california. >>supervisor london breed: supervisor wiener? >>supervisor scott weiner: thank you very much madam president. i removed this item to speak about it separately because it's very important. colleagues today before us is a resolution in support of assembly bill 96. i want to thank supervisor -- tang for here co-sportsmanship sponsor ship. within the u.s. san francisco
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has unfortunately consistently ranked among the top marks for illegal ivory and this is affecting rhinoceros at alarming rates and we are seeing a mass extermination of these animals and they are moving towards extinction and will be extinct if we do not take action to drain the swamp so to speak and put a stop to the any of for killing these animals. 96 percent are killed in africa and central african elephants can be killed in this year. a thousand out of 29,000
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alone. rhinoceros poaching are occurring every year. poachers give an occasion to law enforcement where the indication where it's happening and it's headed towardsen dangered species status. bill 96 prohibits any purchase from selling possessing for sale or importing with intent to sell with certain specific exemptions for educational purposes. assimilation was passed in new york and new jersey. the california commission on asian and pacific islanders voted in support of ab 96 and two members of the assembly man david chew and phil tang
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have both joined as coauthors of ab 96. this will put the county of san francisco on this important bill. colleagues, i ask for your support. we heard in committee from the amazing advocates who have been working very hard to call attention to what is happening in africa and elsewhere. this city in san francisco has always been a refuge for many kinds of people and also where we are passionate about the mistreatment of animals and for san francisco to be the leading market of a sale of a product that only comes into existence by killing elephant or killing a rhinoceros is unacceptable. so it is very important for san francisco and all cities to be firmly on record. i ask for your support. >>supervisor london breed: thank you,
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supervisor wiener, supervisor tang? >>supervisor katy tang: thank you, i want to echo supervisor wiener's comments and that can him for taking the lead on this. i know it is a resolution but that strong message that san francisco is taking the stand and addressing that this trade should not be happening. so i really want to thank supervisor wiener. he and i are again speaking up for animals again and i hope this passes at the state level. i want to thank speaker atkins and senator lara for being bold in this policy. i was telling supervisor wiener for making mistakes and looking at photos for situation where this happens it's completely devastating and we hope that san francisco leads the way and conveys a strong message as well. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, supervisor kim ? >>supervisor jane kim: thank you. i would like to ask to have my name
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added as a cosponsor. i thanks those that educated us on this issue when we 1st got e-mails in our office back in february i wasn't aware of how serious this issue was and also as california is a geographically an area where a lot of ivory is traded. i learned a lot about this policy and our campaign manager got involved in this issue and i really appreciate the work that the residents have done to bring this initiative an aboard. i'm happy to support this and support it's passage at the state level. >>supervisor london breed: thank you, colleagues can we take this same house same call, this motion is adopted. city clerk: item 8. planning code comes date definitions reorganize
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article 2 and make other non-substantive changes to update, clarify and simplify code language. >>supervisor london breed: colleagues can we take this same house same call. this item is approved. next item. cl esh cl eric appropriation water enterprise fund balance for the clean up of contamination soil at lake merced. adopting findings in the california environmental equality act and other findings as well. >>supervisor london breed: same house same call. without objection this ordinance is passed on the first reading. madam clerk, next item. city clerk: item 10 contract agreement state department of public health care services substance use disorder services with the state
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department of health care services for a term of july 1, 2014, through june 30, 3017, and to authorize the county alcohol drug at ad strar to approve future amendments for less than 10 percent of the contracted amount which is approximately $33.25 million. >>supervisor london breed: same house same call. this item is adopted unanimously. next item. city clerk: item 11. real property lease amendment sf foc van ness avenue. >>supervisor london breed: same house same call. this item passes unanimously. next item. city clerk: item 126789
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accept and expend grant san francisco city hall preservation fund. >>supervisor london breed: same house same call. this item is adopted unanimously. next item. city clerk: item 136789 accept and expend grant hiv transmission cluster analysis to inform prevention for the period of july 2014 through june 2015. >>supervisor london breed: same house same call. this resolution is adopted unanimously. next item. city clerk: item 14. planning code office conversion controls in landmark buildings. to require the project seeking office space in landmark buildings within this district to obtain other conditional use
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authorization. >>supervisor london breed: supervisor cohen? >> >>supervisor malia cohen: this is unanimously passed by the board of supervisors last year around a proposal designated around to henry adams, an historic building. in that particular case the project sponsor was going to conduct a building of long-term permits terments. during the review of the proposal i asked the planning department to look at similar buildings in the area that might qualify for a similar conversion. the planning department determined there are approximately 14 other buildings in the pdr 1b and 1g zoning districts that could be eligible for a landmark designation and office conversion. prior to the control passed last year, these buildings were allowed
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to include office space if left unchanged this provision could cause a loss of nearly 1 million square feet of pdr space. interim controls we passed last year and before you today tlimentd -- limited the amount of office by establishing new floor controls. these floor controls will only allow a portion of the building to be used for office and will previous pdr space. this ordinance requires a conditional use permit for the conversion, submissions of an historic structures report to the historic preservations commission detailing the physical improvements needing to the building and their estimated cost. it also requires that the planning commission to consider the historic
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structure report, the economic need of the building and the compatibility of office space with pdr tennants, any potential impacts around the surrounding neighborhoods and relocating tennants when they are considering projects they want to convert. this was supported unanimously by the commission and both of these bodies recognize the need to balance our historic buildings but not at the expense of our important pdr space. i believe this space strikes the right balance for revenue uses and without displacing long-term tennants or cannibalizing buildings. i stress the value that pdr has in our
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community. and by not addressing these issues it will under cut all of our work in this community to support and grow and manufacture our very own in this city. i ask you to support this item. >>supervisor london breed: colleagues, can we take this item same house same call. this item passes unanimously on the first reading. madam clerk, can you go e to roll call for introductions. city clerk: supervisor cohen, today you are first to introduce new items. >> thank you. madam clerk, i have in memoriam today. first is to recognize mr. curly bishop senior. i would like to close the board meeting out in his memory. he passed on january 28th. curly lovingly known as ham
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bone was born 1931 to the late liddy lee owens and bishop junior. the oldest of three children born to this union. raised on his family's farm and learned agriculture, fishing, cooking and construction. curly moved to san francisco in the mid-1950 where he worked as the lead employee in the meat packing company and later his entrepreneurial spirit and vision would lead him to become one of the first black businessmen in the bayview punctuate hunters point. he created a legacy of service in the community of bayview hunters point. he was a pilar of this community and a man of little influential words, but a man with a biggest hearted of gold. he is
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survived by many grandchildren and great grandchildren many of who you are part of our bayview community today. this is important in memoriam today because mr. bishop was a big man and big personality and will be missed by many. i would like, madam clerk is it possible to be rereferred for further comment? >> yes, supervisor cohen. at the very end i will rerefer you. supervisor kim, thank you, supervisor mar? >> thank you, madam clerk. i have one item today and others that i will submit silently. colleagues, along with supervisor tang, wiener, i urge your support for the national parks for bonfire. in a


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