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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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le as well. i'm also very adamant about trying to work with the mayor's proposal that we get access to all 4-year-olds in the city. i think as a city we can do better, however, i think it's a great first step and again as a renter in san francisco trying to send my kids to preschool i know the difficulty of being able to afford that and i look forward to trying to work with cpac to develop solutions to make sure we can get access to all of these in the city. thank you very much. >> great, thank you. colleagues, any comments or questions? supervisor tang >> i actually don't have any questions because i worked with mr. pemberton, he is my nominee so obviously i support him. he has not only grown up in the
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district gone to public schools but he's spent his whole career working with children, youth, families. now in his new role, in the sunset beacon, it's a huge nonprofit. i'm so excited that you wanted to serve and dedicate what little time you have to doing this so i really look forward to working with you in this capacity if you are approved today. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. it's good to see the sunset district represented today so well. okay, we will open up this item for public comment. any member of the public who would like to comment, please come forward. >> good afternoon, chair avalos, commissioner tang and president breed. every county in california hs a local planning council that advocates for a broad system of quality affordable and accessible services for
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children ages zero to 12. cpac sf acts as san francisco's local planning council. i am here to speak on behalf of matt as the district 4 delegate. mat would represent the voice of a provider who advocates for school aged children and youth. he has attended several cpac meets, including our general membership meeting yesterday and back in november really just a couple weeks after we met i invited him to a supplemental 4 hour meeting held by cpac where community members gave their feedback on implementation, assessment to implement 2012 city wide plan on public education and out of school time. his input along with others who attended that
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meeting will be shared with departments who help implement some of the city-wide planning that is currently taking place. matt has been involved with cpac and i am confident he would be an asset as an appointed member. i am very grateful to supervisor tang to connected me with matt, a life long resident of district 4, as the parent of twin kindergarteners attending public school and pending his approval of the appointment he would actually be the only male currently serving on cpac i am confident he will bring further diversity to the group and further round out school age diversity on cpac thank you for your consideration of his appointment to the san
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francisco child care advisery council. >> on this item do we need to make any amendments? so we can have a motion to move this forward with recommendation. >> through the chair i'd like to make a motion to forward out matt pemberton for seat 4 on the child care advisery council with a positive recommendation. >> i will second and we will take that without objection. next item. >> item 3, hearing to consider appointing one member for a term ending january 16, 2019 to the san francisco health authority. there are 7 seats and 7 applicants. >> okay, so i have a number of names, applicants who are here for the san francisco health authority, which is responsible for coordinating a lot of our health care delivery services.
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we have a very complex system here in san francisco and why don't we call up people as they are here. i believe susan kern is not going to be able to be here today, there's a function she is at with san francisco general hospital so let's go on to the second applicant for seat 5, john gressman. >> afternoon, supervisors, john gressman,ment of -- president of the san francisco rate authority. it's my pleasure to work with the health authority, i've been a board member for about 15 years of the 18 years we've been in existence. i represent the 11 nonprofit community health centers, the largest medicare health provider in the city of
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san francisco. we are also a federal homeless grantee. through our tenure together we have had unique collaborations and as a health plan board member i will continue that collaboration between the department of public health, the private sector and our nonprofit health firms. thank you. >> what do you see as the biggest challenge facing the health --. >> health care reform has introduced the greatest amount of challenge we have ever had. i was in a briefing this morning about the governor's plans to talk about extension of furthering medical for the undocumented. so making sure that people continue in the health plan, they understand what their rights are, what they can do, and then as i spoke with supervisor tang yesterday the other city-wide
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health exchange. frequently when we have patients in an emergency room they'll say what pills do you take, i take the yellow one and the green one and this is typically true of seniors. >> thank you. okay, we can go on to our next applicant, lawrence chung >> hi, thank you for this nomination. i'm deeply humbled and honored, my name is lawrence chung, i am a physician, a dermatologist practices in san francisco for the past 10 years, i am a solo practice dermatologist and i have lived in san francisco for 12 or 13 years since my training . in my capacity as
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president last year i worked closely with supervisor eric mar and scott weiner on the hotly contested sugar tax. i helped gal have anize the medical community and worked tirelessly on community outreach on this issue. i would also like to mention i have been a life long champion of the underserved in health care access. i have been working as a dermatologist for asian health services, which is a community health clinic located in downtown oakland which serves the under served asian community. in that capacity i started the dermatology service 10 years ago because there was no dermatologist working for that clinic, and the wait time to see me at that time was about 6 months to 9 months because i
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was the only dermatologist. certainly a wide cachement area. i am happy to say now patients can get a dermatology consult with me within 48 to 72 hours through kelly dermatology. >> what do you see as what you'd like to be able to accomplish on the health authority and what would you probably learn the most from that experience? >> i think that's a big topic. i think there is a lot of stuff to learn, but i think the crux of the issue here is that delivering the highest possible level of care with the limited budget. that is the name of the game. and i have worked with those kind of constraints, i find that a challenging kupb traipbt straipbt constraint i
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have worked with in the health community. >> next applicant is steven fugaro >> i am steve fugaro, i am an internalist, i am being reappointed having served one term so far on the san francisco health authority and it has been an extraordinary pleasure. i am representing the physicians of san francisco, i am being appointed by the san francisco medical society. i also am a former president of the san francisco medical society from 7 years ago but currently serve on the board of the medical society as well as their executive board. serving on the san francisco health plan, though, has bee an extraordinary experience in part because of the incredible competence of mr. john gurgina,
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the head, as well as the passion and commitment of the other board members. it's all of us are passionate about really trying to deliver the best medicine we can to an underserved population and to a previously medically uninsured population which thanks to the affordable care act is rapidly disappearing. that's been a really gratifying thing to see. but we do have challenges, some challenges we are confronting is how to grow, we have doubled our membership our member from 65,000 to 130,000 just since june in 20011. we have increasing requirements imposed upon us by the state regarding our reserves. our reserves are approximately $60,000 and that's a multiple of 8 what we
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are required to have. the trick is that as we are growing we have to keep that multiple and therefore keep markedly increasing reserves so we maintain fiscal solvency and can continue to serve the underinsured and uninsured people of san francisco. i thank you for your time and i'm happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. thank you for a very thorough answer, too, i appreciate that. let's go on to our next applicant, elena timale >> she is also unable to be here (inaudible). >> thank you, we will open this item for public comment.
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any member of the public who would like to comment on these appointments to the health authority? >> afternoon, supervisors, i am john gugrain, ceo of the san francisco health authority and i strongly ask for your support for all 7 candidates. you got an opportunity to see how talented several of these folks are. dr. fugaro, steve fields, also do double duty, not only are they on the governing board they are also on the finance committee. we are thrilled to be in the throes of health care reform. we are actively working to move people from the great san francisco access program but into being insured. i would ask you to appoint these folks to help us provide
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health insurance to the low income residents of san francisco. >> any other member of the public who would like to comment? seeing no one come forward we will close public comment. >> i just wanted to thank all the applicants. i did have a chance to meet with some of you. this is one board that i am so impressed with. everyone who i talked to had things they wanted to work on they have been so knowledge able and passionate about what they were interested in. i would like to approve the applicants for seat 3, 5, 7, 10, 11 and 12, almost all of whom are reappointments, and send that forward with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> i will second that. do we need to approve without objection before i gavel down, i want to say thank you for your service and for being here today and it's really great to
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see that san francisco has such dedicated folks who are making our health care system work and built with the changes that happening at the state level. thank you for your service and look forward to seeing more of your work. okay, next item, please. >> item no. 4 is a hearing to consider appointing one member for a term yet to be determined to the balboa park station community advisory committee. there is one seat and one applicant. >> thank you. this is a seat that we had created for serving the area between district 7 and district 11 in the area around balboa park station where there is a great need of guidance for the community to improve the transit experience as well as the experience of people who need to move around this part of san francisco. and so we have one applicant, christine
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huay tang, maybe she is not here today. okay, she is not able to make it. my staff have met with her and we'll really excited about her participation. any member of the public who would like to comment on this seat? seeing none, we will close public comment. this seat is going to need a residency waiver which i am okay to call for, and miss tang is someone who was born and raised in san francisco but lives in daly city. her folks still live in san francisco in the balboa park area and she has a great deal of understanding and knowledge of the neighborhoods around here and the need of our transit community. she takes the station almost every day. >> motion for the residencely
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waiver and then followed by forwarding out miss tang, seat 1, to the balboa park advisory committee with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> okay we can take that. >> seat 7. >> i'm sorry, seat 7. seat 7. >> we can take that without objection. thank you. and let's go on to our next items. i'm told i can call several of these together. let's tackle 5 through 6, then 10 through 13 all together. these are -- madam clerk, if you can call those items, excluding 7 through 9. >> item no. 5 and 6 are motions reappointing supervisor scott wiener and norman yee to
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the golden gate transportation district. you said 9 or 10? >> 10 through 13, please . >> item 10 is a motion reappointing supervisor campos to the metropolitan transportation mission. item 12 is a motion appointing supervisor mark feld to the mental health board and item 14 is a resolution appointing supervisor jane kim to the san francisco bay commission. >> i don't think we have any presentations for these. we can open up these items for public comment. these are members of the board who are applying for seats on outside regional bodies and commissions. any member of the public who would like to comment please come forward. seeing none, can we have a motion to move 40 with -- move
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forward with the resolution. >> take those without objection. >> i was told item no. 8 will be swapping your name for that is what i was told, which complicates things. >> i was not aware of that, but okay. >> wow, amazing what you learn in committee. let's do items 7 and 9 together. >> mr. chair, we don't have to -- we can -- oh, never mind -- item 7 reappoints supervisor breed to the highway commission. item 9 appoints supervisor breed with the laugh agency commission. >> i don't think we have
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anyone presenting, these are positions currently being held by supervisor breed outside the board of supervisors. any member of the public who would like to comment on these positions? and seeing none, we will close public comment and on this side we can have a motion to move forward. >> motion to move items 7 and 9 to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> very good we will take that without objection. then on item no. 8, is this something to move to the full board and make it before the full board? >> deputy city attorney john gibner. no, supervisor tang can't participate in this particular vote, even to forward it to the full board. i think the options are pass until later in the meeting and if supervisor tang returns to the meeting or appoints someone to sit in supervisor breed's
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chair. >> continue this item to later in the meeting and go on to item no. 14. >> item no. 14 is a motion amending the board of supervisors rules of order by renaming (inaudible) the land use and economic development committee to land use and transportation committee, and reassigning consideration of settlements to the government audit and oversight committee. >> okay, i'm not sure if we have a presentation from president breed's office. we'll give a moment possibly for mr. johnston to step in but i'm familiar with the changes and i am supportive of them. >> thank you. i would say again i am fully supportive of these changes that are being made. i think they are very appropriate and even if there's no presentation i am find with moving forward on this item. >> i am fine as well. we do
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have it from president breed's office. >> hi good afternoon, just wanted to reiterate our support to renaming the neighborhood services committee to the land use and we would welcome your support. >> thank you. actually i really appreciate the idea of, although i wanted to be part of settlements here and rules it makes a lot of sense that we (inaudible) settlements and that works. any member of the public who would like to comment? public comment is now open on item 14. seeing none we will close public comment. do we have a motion to approve? >> motion to send out item 14 with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> take that without objection. >> item no. 15 is an ordinance amending the administrative code to apply to all city departments that provide information or services
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directly to the public, revise complaint procedures and enhance the annual departmental compliance plan requirement. >> okay supervisor tang >> first of all i really want to thank everyone who waited so patiently through this meeting to be here for this item. i apologize it took so long but thank you so much for being here. we have been working very closely with the office of immigrant and language affairs, the language access network, supervisor norman yee who will be joining us. the remaining gaps in providing language access, consistency, quality, budgeting, since the passage of the lao5 years ago. i want to
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recognize (inaudible) grace lee of lan, the language access network, they provided such great feedback for us throughout this whole process, the budget and legislative office, of course, and the many departments and community representatives that provided feedback on this. so recently tagalog was certified as a language early last year, it's important we make sure we are doing our best to provide access to all our residents in the available languages. to that end we requested that the budget analyst's office conduct an analysis on language access services in our city so they will be presenting their findings very shortly. specifically we're looking at the city's work force and our
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resource filling access services, identifying possible efficiencies in how we provide language access and an expanded role for ocea just to summarize very quickly some of the changes we are make not guilty this legislation, no. 1, the most important part of this is we are removing the tiered system so all city departments are providing equal access to all city services. previously we divided city departments into tier 1 and tier 2 but it's important people be able to get what they need. we are going to be simplifying their complaint process with ocea so if a consumer wants to make a complaint about certain services they cannot access because of language difficulty,
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we want one place for them to file that complaint. we are streamlining the compliance process so more accurate information is captured. we do know from departments that got back to us about the difficulty of providing access to the city so we are trying to make it more meaningful. we are encouraging departments to translate public signage. this is something that will be new, making sure people approaching an office can see where they are supposed to go. lastly we are requiring that ocea maintain a qualified interpreter pool. in addition today i am offering some amendments, mostly clean up language but clarifying when some of the timelines would be for compliance. just to quickly go over that we are adding into
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our definition section advisory body, city boards and city commissions. we are giving formerly tier 2 departments until next fiscal year to comply with the parts specifically regarding interpretation and translation. we recognize they may need to make some budget asks to comply so we want to encourage them to do so. we are clarifying telephonic messages do not include employee mailboxes. we are including -- for complaints received through city boards, city commissions and advisory bodies they will be part of the complaint process. we are adding additional information that ocea will provide specifically on complaints to the irc, and so again i know
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that supervisor yee has additional comments but we really want to emphasize that our goal is not to overburden our departments with these requirements. many of them exist already but we want to make sure that everyone has the ability to access whatever it is they need with san francisco city services. with that first i will let supervisor yee make some comments and then like to invite up adrian pon from ocea and i know grace lamb will be speaking on this as well. >> supervisor yee >> thank you, chair avalos it's kind of strange to be coming to the rules committee and be a guest since i was on the committee for, like, for two years and feel like it's a part of my dna or something. i guess i miss you so much i had to be here. actually it's about this ordinance that we are going, that supervisor tang has been
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kind enough to have they are staff put together and i am really happy to support this legislation and i want to especially thank supervisor tang and her staff, diana for their tireless work coordinating with community departments, ands office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs. also i know there's many members of the language access network who are here today. thank you for keeping this issue as a top priority. for me this issue is not a new issue, it's an issue that i lived with all my life, especially right after high school when i started working with really the first program serving immigrant youth in chinatown. this is in the 60's when many immigrants were coming in and the services had not caught up with the new population.
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and what i saw in all those decades of working with families is that with all having this language access they become a non-- they almost become invisible. they can't access services, they don't know who to talk to whether it's a school district, i saw that over and over again in the 70's and 80's. nothing was translated and when i asked for it, i'll give you a good example, they had a couple thousand slots for subsidized child care and they would come and say, well, how many, you know, people from this community are actually in these programs? oh, not too many. they don't feel like they need it. what do you mean they don't need it? certainly income eligible they are. well they never sign up. well, why don't they sign up? and they said, well, i have no


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