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tv   [untitled]    February 17, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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ener, supervisor mar. this is an in memoriam in the memory. taja gabrielle dejesus. on february 1st, this year, we lost taja a valued resident of san francisco who was lost to hate and violence. she moved to san francisco to be part of the transgender community. she felt a sense of solidarity and support that she had not previously experienced growing up and that's why she came to san francisco. i think we read about her life and experience in the paper. she was active in her church, devout in her faith and was a tremendous resource to the community at large. taja volunteered at a food
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pantry and community center and regularly attended meetings for causes she supported and she was committed to raising awareness to issues affecting the transgender community especially issues that involved health and disparity in that community. taja was known for being a charismatic and out spoken person for life challenges. taja loved music and fashion. she had a first job and was a fan of madonna and prince. she was strong, independent and selfless. she worked hard and never hesitated to give whatever she had to people. she will
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be remembered for here work, generosity her fighting spirit for social justice. her mother described her as having been beautiful inside and out. taja is the transgender woman of color. the most recent reported over an hour ago i know that name of that individual was announced at the transgender deliberation which a number of us attended. in 2013 transgender women were the victims of hiv lgbt motivated hate violence homicides. 67 of those victims were transgender women of color. 67. in 2014, at least 13 entrance
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gebharder women were murdered and all but two of those were murdered were women of color. now, barely into 6th week of 2015 four transgender women of color have lost their lives to hate motivated violence. the san francisco lgbt center recently concluded a report and i'm very proud that my office was involved in working with the human rights commission to set aside funding for this report, a report that focused on violence not only in the lgbt community but focused on the transgender community vment we thank the human rights commission. the san francisco lgbt center for the work they did on this report and this report is a very alarming report that finds that transgender people are seven times more likely to feel unsafe here in san francisco than other members of the lgbt
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community. we have in san francisco in the year 2015, an epidemic of hate motivated violence against our transgender brothers and sisters. especially transgender men and women of color. because of discrimination, much of it institutionalized members of the transgender community face daily hurdles around family support, educational opportunities, economic security, health care, housing, social service, resources available, you name it. add to that, unfair treatment within our justice system. as policy makers, it is imperative that we own the struggles of this community by working with this community in supporting their efforts as
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they rise and speak for themselves about the needs that need to be addressed. in this i'm going fight for justice, we consider taja a leader in her life and motivating force through her passing. on behalf of my colleagues, i ask the board of supervisors adjourn our meeting today in the memory of taja gabrielle dejesus. i'm also calling for a hearing at this board of supervisors to discuss this report that has been issued by the human rights commission and conducted by the lgbt center. this report outlines the serious and tragic acts of violence that are happening against lgbt people and specifically transgender women and men of color. this city must
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take proactive measures to protect this vulnerable community, our silence is deadly. and the best thing that we can do to honor the memory of taja and everyone of our sisters who has been the victim of hate is to act and make this issue a priority. my office and i look forward to working on the taja coalition in this community to get your guidance as to what we as a city must do to address this crisis. i want to note a couple of keypoints that were highlights in this report. 60 percent and this is something that i have seen in my own community and areas like the mission. 60 percent of transgender latinas feel unsafe walking around during the day
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in the neighborhoods that we are talking about. when asked the same question other members of the lgbt community only 12 percent are respondents said in san francisco they felt unsafe walking around during the day. there is a high proportion of members of this community that feel unsafe and quite frankly we as a city have not made the necessary investments in violence prevention against the transgender community and wasn't until a year 1/2 ago that we actually started to specifically assign money for violence prevention focusing on the lgbt and specifically the transgender community. so we have a lot of work to do. and i think that it is only time that we act and i this i the -- think the best way to honor
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the memory of taja is to make this a priority. >> thank you, supervisor. i will call on the supervisors their request to be reheard. >> >>supervisor katy tang: thank you, i want to lend my voice to the dejesus family and i want to extend a heartfelt statement and condolence to the family of taja. she was taken at the age of 36. from my perspective. this is not just a violence within the transcommunity, but an epidemic when
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it comes to violence and violent crimes. the suspect in this crime also killed himself and so, this is a tragedy on many many fronts. i want to just to reiterate the phrase that we've been hearing accrue is the country in saying that all lives matter and this is an exact example of tragedy touching and affecting our city that this epidemic of crime and violence is not just in the latino community, not just in the blacks community or with domestic violence, but a violent culture and we need to do a better job of providing resources to people that are crying out and need our support and perpetrators
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of crime. i call for a hearing report several weeks ago and we found that a lot of the violence that's happening in our communities there was very little coordination happening on a city level. so i look forward to joining, leading the cause and having colleagues join me in this effort to ensure that everyone feels safe in our city whether you speak english as a second language, whether you are a transgendered person in our community. everyone should feel safe. thank you supervisor campos for your remarks and acknowledging the beautiful life of ms. dejesus. i did not know her personally but i heard remarkable stories about her. supervisor wiener thank you also for joining us
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in memoriam. >> thank you, supervisor wiener? >>supervisor scott weiner: thank you very much. madam clerk. this is really jarring to keep hearing. it seems like everyday, every week we hear of a new transgender woman who has been murdered since new years. it's nothing new, sadly. for those of us who have gone every year to a transgender day of remembrance and every year we hear the stories and hear the fear, but also in & this is very important, hear the strength of this community. the transgender community is an unbelievably resilient community and has to be. because when you think about it, if you think about the challenges that transgender community faces for most people makes you not want to get out of bed in the
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morning, but this community not only gets out of bed but goes out and fights and is going to win. we have made many strides in the lgbt community when you think about it but the transgender community is at risk of being left behind and we can't let that happen. we know colleagues that entrance transgender community struggles with health care and we've worked with folks in the community to make sure that transgender in the community have full and equal access to health care. we have made progress, but we have more work to do. we know in the employment rate in the transgender community is incredibly high even in france and -- san francisco and even in a state of strong community we have a very high unemployment rate with the transgender community and we
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are making some progress but we have a ton of who, to do. one of the most basic things that many of us take for granted and that is to be able to walk down the street to be in our community and to be safe. that's something that the transgender community can't take for granted the way some of us have taken for granted. and to hear over and over again about this senseless violence and hate crimes, it threatens to jeopardize so much of the work that so many have been doing and the progress that this transgender community has been able to make. it puts all of that in jeopardy unless we all stand up and say no more, our streets need to be safe for everyone and we are all going to do whatever it takes to make sure that is the case for all of our brothers and sisters. so colleagues. supervisor campos, supervisor cohen, this you
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for cosponsoring this in memoriam. it is incredibly important. >> thank you, supervisor mar? >>supervisor eric mar: i want to thank supervisors for the heartfelt comments and the taja coalition that was out today for the turn up for taja and transpeople . i got involved and we saw patterns in chinese and asian americans attacked and killed and from our leadership from our mayor and others from the asian law caucus really built a movement to raise awareness and i want to thank the human rights commission though make sure that we are looking very carefully to how be good --
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allies and empower the transcommunity. racism is very clear and i'm hoping the human rights coalition look at the disproportionate number of transpeople of color. and not to say what black lives matter for african american people but translives matter to me and i'm going to do whatever i can to support supervisor campos and make sure this issue is adequately addressed and we are a city that moves forward to ensure that transphobia is stopped and no more killing of all transpeople. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor campos? >> >>supervisor david campos: thank you. i wanted to add a brief note and something that i hope that
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maybe we can ask the management at city hall to look into this issue. we had an i think a very moving, a very important event right outside city hall. unfortunately, i think it's, i don't know what happened but the management of the building did not lou the members of the transgender community who were peacefully assembling and actually trying to simply express their pain and have a moment to remember this tragic passing. the landlord did not allow the passing to city hall. i think that
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kind of action by the management at this building is not helpful and can be very painful. i think it was very painful to the community and disrespectful to the community. i think one way in which we can begin the process of addressing the needs of this community is to make sure that when they do come to the people's building, that they are treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. and so, i would ask the management of city hall to look at what happened because i don't think that we can be very proud of the way in which the management of this building treated this community today. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, supervisor campos. madam president, seeing no other
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names on the roster that concludes the roster for introduction of new business. >>supervisor london breed: okay madam clerk, at this time we'll open the meeting up to public comment, to general public comment. city clerk: at this time the public may comment for you the to 2 minutes on subject matters on the board without reference to committee calendar. please note that public comment is not allowed on items already spoken to in committee pursuant to board rule 4.22. please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not individual supervisors nor the audience. if you would like to present items, please submit those items.
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>>supervisor london breed: first speaker please. >> public speaker: i would like to use the overhead. >> sf govtv please. >> my name is paula brown. i'm here to represent my son. he was murdered august 14, 2006. all of because he hollered run. to this day i have no justice. to this day i'm still grieving to this day. it's been 8 years. like everybody says, all lives matter. we should have this uproar about any life even the death of the young who passed away who took a toll on me. shhh e has a mother.
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it doesn't matter what color you are. our children shouldn't die. i carry my pictures of my son laying on a gurney. i have no closure. and i stand here not just for my son but for every other mother and father that are suffering in silence. we need to have justice. we need to what you call it justice delayed. our silence is killing more of our children. all of these cases are unsolved. please look at what i have to deal with everyday. look at my face. i'm here at the police mission. at the
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supervisor's commission. on 850 brian stairs, city hall stairs for years and i'm still in pain. we need some closures as parents. we don't want this to hit anybody else's home. >> thank you, ms. brown. next speaker, please. [ applause ] >>supervisor london breed: please, if you cannot clap, i would appreciate that. thank you, i think there is a board rule that says you can wave your hands, but please not clap. thanks. >> next. >> public speaker: i saw a bumper sticker that says i hate haters. jesus used that to explain that he has to come no. 1. he said if any man come after me and hate not his father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters in his own life also he can not be my
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disciple. whoever does not bare his cross cannot be my disciple. today i was up at city hall in san mateo asking the secretary to community with k fax 11 00 and get the podcast yesterday because he made the fact that yes, -- jerry brown is making the announcement to sign the declaration to vaccination. get the podcast. michael, the black guy. he's on k fax. i listen to so
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much talk radio. one of those guys interviewed him.
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>> good afternoon. supervisor president breed and good board good board mustang sally free bus ride and those who's also go round and round and those who's also go round and round we've within riding we're going to ride in our district all over town you bought us a brand new bus ride we can thriving and e thrive and can on the job drivers drive mustang sally and those who's also go round and round we'll be riding in the city all over town all the way down to the gray holdup mustang sally free bus ride thank you. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm daniel castro i want it thank you who are here i'm asking for all lists to stand up for astonishing she was my sister and friend and she was an inspiration to me i think it's time that you all have a trans pacific commission i imemployer to do that so my sister can be harder i think it's time to say have sustainable funding not to live in the street and find resources to struggle the way that astonishing did i'm on the lgbtq commission and happy to be there yet he feel like any voice is silenced as i walk around san
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francisco i ask for protection and support for my allies i look at youtube and see the violence by trans phobic people it's time we come together and stop silencing us and hear our voices and include us give us jobs and housing and access to health care i'm tired of right leg to stand before people to beg for my human right that's insanity. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you very much i'm here first of all want to thank you so much i came hereafter being gay banished i was human trafficked i was in sex bylaw abuse and found out my freedom
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i'm a transgender person i believe that san francisco has done more for us then in united states of america people are killed he ever where people are not assembling no louisiana where children have fallen we've allowed to assembly here because of you first of all thank you. we ask for the commission we want a commission and form a commission first of all, we need to know what we're dealing with with put transgender on usual forms and put female and male transgender but get the documentation on the body the amount of people taking your blood and washing your dishes and paying the tax that go under the rad oar not the eye sores that the society sees the real people that have given mayor
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blood and life forcing the cause we can know how much money and finally as we getting can get the shelter to get transgender award as well as in the jails so people can be westbound one another and not worry about discrimination we can conceptual with each other the biggest problem your community didn't know how to not head butt but stand as one in this great country we can mark down every barrier i see black and asian women and gay men all from walks of life san francisco is a haven. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> at this point this is a
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highly inappropriate we're out advocating for our lives i've traveled nationally and spoken to various transgender communities yes, we're luke we have services in san francisco and there are many services in areas in arizona and new orleans in the south that have nothing this is a critical moment for san francisco to demonstrate leadership there are no services potential services for transgender women in the bay area we fight to be included in included 40 in the budget for san francisco to be the mecca and transgender folks have to advocate in front of the city hall and be pushed out and say you can't organize here that to me we need to see the
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leadership i'm hosting a national larger of transgenders i want to say in the meeting that san francisco is started would move towards solutions and tangible resources at the end of the day that's what we need not a two hours a week but holistic care and mental health services and housing everything the whole listed of what makes a health hubby need san francisco to include transgender women within the leadership it's highly appropriately that san francisco doesn't have transgender represented at this point. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors madam president madam clerk i'm here to speak to my black african-american


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