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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2015 1:00am-1:31am PST

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personal data we were able to at least capture people's e-mails so it makes it a little bit less on and on reduce we're seeing an uptick with the individual are that are on the portal and go to the crack with additional assistance or coming to the office as a result of visiting the portal and then because we're noted asking people to sign in with their zip code we have some indicators but adapt drilled recycle we used to like the supervisorial district so this also gives us the business portal has the startup kit it gives us a view of the top kits
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access of people and then at the top on the left hand is location of where people are coming are from to access the site with at least we can tell whether they're coming in from san francisco and if that's the highest number was california being second. >> what's the difference between sessions and users. >> sessions it would be that it can track same users so like someone like me going could go back continually and the user is the unique user. >> interesting so see you have 4 hundred and 88 international. >> that they know about us. >> they are going to move money into new york city they're blind
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investigators and the portfolios the sfgov page there's there's a website the portal is highlighted there. >> it's interesting to know what people are looking around for all right. anything else. >> that's it with the dashboard and activity take place with the portal and the business assistance center in the report i just highlighted out again, i talked about from the mayors state of the city but the women's economic power the women's empowerment section from the state of public safety address under the prosperity and there will be a meeting in the next couple weeks to have discussions around it and if the commission would like to be involved this is something we can did you and take a look at if you have ideas on what he
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would like to be involved with this the short-term rentals officially february 2nd was the first die that the individuals needed to register to clarify some of the process with this ever individual needs to become a registered business and they need to do that before registering with the planning department they do need to also file for the transit occupancy test and this is going to be somewhat confusing and i feel somewhat sadly for those individuals because right now any of the hosting sites they're not certified as certified hosting entities to file the transit occupancy take into consideration with the city but some of the sites are also worldwide w withholding that 14 percent in preparation they're going to have to pay it so
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that's an unfortunate thing for individuals they themselves are going to have to pay that tax a host site become certified but the treasurer is aware the individuals maybe double taxed so once the hosting site is certificate they've set up on mechanism to file for refunds. >> do you have a special tab on the business portal for - it seem like a perfect opportunity were going to have a rush of people coming. >> jane was great for aggregating the tax informs and the planning department also, we are advising people to you know if they have been highlighted on the site for you know have been listed on the site for a couple
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of years to strongly come clean on the back registration back taxes they owe because once a hosting site does register the tax and treasurers office will ask for a list of individuals that have been listed on the site so if they've recorded when they register now and it end up being they find discrepancy there will be penalties seated to right now, we're that's one of the things we're kind of really encouraging people to be honest about. >> get good with the take into consideration collector. >> was there outreach to those. >> i side know that some of the hosting site they're also trying to educate they're the people that are registered with them and also providing them with
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information i do know that airbnb is saying we're collecting the transit occupancy tax for you but but you know which is somewhat they're doing but the cats you don't have to my it but the individual does that have to pay it until the hosting site becomes certified so i do know that some of the hosting sites are going their own outreach. >> the transition period to be expected there are complications anything else. >> also in our packet is a letter so steven cornell was appointed to the sfmta advisory committee and the background a while back i announced liz borden woos was appointed to the sfmta as a small business representative that came out of
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the meeting with the small business leaders there is a letter that the sfmta sense advisory committee has forward on to full board to recommend doing an economic impact in regards to the construction to local businesses in regards to the polk street scrape project that ties in a little bit in terms of the presentation that are are going to want to be getting from the departments and i'll get into that in just a minute also on march 5 the members of the small business commission group will be meeting with bart to discuss construction related projects and conversation as well i want to inform you that both jorge
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and i have met with the seismic structure team that's monitoring that i'm norris the spot maybe the building that has ground floor commercial might wait until further they have seven years into come into inclines in the property owners are moving forward with the seismic improvements i've seeing ground floor commercial space going dark as a result of it so we want to try to get a full listing of the property to go each and tracking i know what's going to happy with them if you know they're going to be returning afterward and also at the same time track ada at the entry in terms of whether the
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property owners are taking the opportunity at this point especially in the business is dark to do educational entrance that will be something we're working on and in regards to the last commission meeting your request to have a hearing regarding construction related projects and outreach and communication so we didn't make it in time for this meeting a lot of it was having to do with the last minute of dealing with the fire and so i didn't have adequate lead time to have the departments come but so we are able to march 9 and 23rd look like appropriate dates right away right now in terms of the legislative schedule and the departments to invite i wanted to make sure that we in agreement that will be the sfmta
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mta and dpw and planning and oewd in regards to working with the private developers. >> can we make sure that's a meeting in the evening most of the impacts are during the daytime so it would be invites to have that opportunity for them to come. >> all right. 0 that's the march 23rd meeting so just want to make sure you know. >> no. >> the earlier, one. >> i'm sorry march 9. >> okay. >> thank you for that correction i switched the meeting dates so overview as i understand you want coordination of major projects and so, so there's a
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master coordination plan for projects and you know does that master plan work also exclude private projects and then you know does the city like we have a gun control o good neighbor policy for the city's do they have a good neighbor policy would each the departments ask that in time for the private investment and wanting to know prongs is there sort of a last number of years you'd like to get some look at the number of projects the department has done over the locations size - >> i'm not interested in a historical prospective i'm interested to know if there's currently in there a crook a way to coordinate their efforts i don't think we need to have a
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historical prospective but going forward because we have heard stories and witnessed situations where there are offering will you explain projects and kind of amplifies the distribution to local businesses if we hear from the organizations if they have liaisons or policies in place that require they coordinate those efforts so are they effective? if not how do we get them to do so >> so that's leads to the next power point the next legacy will be heard and i'm having a meeting with the sf historic society to discuss the marketing program and any remind you that the
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legacy legislation right now is just for register sort of benefits for like tax rebates and things like that are developed and will come latter and we have the updating legislation it's scheduled also i noted that supervisor avalos is conducting a hearing around the minimum wage i'm highlighting 3 businesses that have been in the media borrowed land bookstore and restaurants and ab button sited minimum wage is a linchpin for their decisions and then there's i won't go into great detail the
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last thing the s b.a. director will be here on march second with the partnership are the national gay and lesbian association thaig their hosting an lgbt business builder at the auditorium so this is contracting with that with that unless you have questions that concludes my report. >> yes. a question in regards to staffing i know you mentioned that you are yes, we're almost done with the jane position so should have that completed the location. >> process implement by the end of the week i received the list of names for the interview process for the commission secretary so we'll be scheduling
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and reaching out and scheduling interviews reaching out to the commissioners on the interview panel to start scheduling that >> we'll give you some help. >> all right. >> all right. thank you next item. >> the president report whose that (laughter) i have only one thing i did attend the first meeting in preparation for small business week and little did i know what i was getting administrative review into and . >> i got myself out of it. >> a whole bunch of meetings i'll keep you, you posted terrorist an informative and kind of preliminary orientation and most of the people have been to the rodeo before i'm the new one. >> item 7 is vice presidents
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report. >> yes. first congratulate mark in his new position i want to officially congratulate you, and, secondly i wanted to thank all my fellow commissioners for voting me for another term of vice president in this role thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and lastly i attended last week or a little bit over a week going ago the women's orientation of the kickoff meeting and was invited as a commissioner to talk to the women and happy to report there's 0 out of 38 attend device that have or wanted to start a business it was a great meeting just wanted to report and able to talk about our office there were so many questions and people 3 didn't
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realize the accessibility of information our office offend so i was able to plug. >> all right. next item >> item 8 is commissioners report. >> any commissioners? commissioner riley >> yes. wanted to report i put the interview panel for the first interview and the second interview with the applicants i think we're done. >> thank you great. >> commissioner president adams. >> i want to say i attended the council merchant dinner at the aortic golf course this was one of the best dinners and commissioner tour-sarkissian was under and the director was there we were representative active and acknowledged. >> thanks for doing that. >> any other commissioner reports all right. next item
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>> item number 9 is general public comment so this is the call for general public comment allows members of the public to comment generally on matters within the purview system page 2 within the commissioners purview and suggests new future consideration any members of the public that would like to public comment or make a suggestion for future meeting seeing none, on to the next item. >> item 10 is new business allows the commissioners to announce new business items. >> on to the final item. >> item 11 is adjournment. >> we have a motion to adjournment. >> i motion to adjourn. >> then we're done where's my
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gavel? >> i am jim lazarus with the chamber of commerce co-chairing the outreach effort as we transition to gross receipts. thank you for being here. this has been a huge effort for many years. in fact from the business community interest goes back decades with our ongoing concern that you don't tax job
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creation. you tax economic success and although the city is limited -- cities and counties are lipted in california on the income side gross receipts is as close as we can get to a tax structure that allows us to tax economic activity and growth rather than jobs and certainly in this economy now when we made other steps to move job creation forward even with the payroll tax in place this is going to be a great transition as businesses look at their tax liabilities under the payroll tax transition the remaining four, and five years to a full gross receipts tax. supervisor christensen here today and members of the mayor's staff and the tax collector's office and the controller's office that really made this possible during years of work, research and many, many months two years ago of negotiations that lead to the
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successful ballot measure so it's our pleasure representing part of the business community to be here and now the manufacturing community. >> so kate sous executive director and co-chair. i think creating this program was a great pleasure and a accomplishment when we worked on this together with kindred spirits and finance and tourism and hotel sectors and really brought all of the folks together around the same table including labor intensive businesses and manufacturers and i am proud about that and businesses that are labor intensive and manufacturers and those businesses this is a celebration and affirmation that san francisco is open for small business and manufacturing, and i couldn't be more excited about
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the kind of base this builds for us as a city to continue to have these kinds of businesses start, stay and grow in san francisco so without further adieu i would like to introduce our hero of the day mayor ed lee. [applause] >> i have been called many names before but not hero. thank you. i was just walking in i was persuading jose to come over on this side because this group is about the people who generate the revenue and that group is about the people that spend the revenue. i am so glad to be here with all of the names announced and supervisors as well with the small business commission, our sf made movement and of course our chamber. today is all about great news. this is the first we've actually completed a full year of our new
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gross receipts business tax as opposed to what both jim and kate described already and the job punishing payroll tax from before and it's a milestone. i said three years ago when we were putting proposition e i think of the alphabet, to convince everybody this was going to be better and scott you know for small businesses you create a million dollar exemption. that is pretty good and supportive and i know mary and everybody else here knows that we have been and wanting to make sure that we reflected our support for all of our small businesses while we change a tax structure that really inintized job creation. i am still passionate as three years ago about getting good jobs out there and as we see the innovation going on in our city
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combined with i think the investor confidence that we have in the business community we're seeing a huge surge in job creation. we can then make sure on the promises to our youth that they're really going to have a good time if they stay with us and continue their education and by the way businesses is investing in education as well at the same time, and so is our great successful business leaders that you've heard this past week and too and philanthropy is also on the great rise and this is all part of that great story that a business friendly, investor friendly city can be a city that exemplifies its prosperity and equalizes everybody's live r life here and whether it's education and housing and the greatest jobs to produce. i want to give a personal thanks
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that this year's success first of all has in large part has to do with early meetings that we had with our treasurer, jose cisneross and combined with great financial minds in the city and ben rosenfield and ted eagon and ted is here and he had the very difficult task joining with a whole team going around the entire city as i recall ted because i asked you to report back to us what was the business community saying big and small and he would have this group meeting and this meeting and this group would have so many cautious things about changing the business tax and the chamber weighed in and so many other groups that we were concerned about. industries that are all important to us and we had to weave together a collaborative reform that invited everybody to the table, and said not only set
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-- said it but demonstrated we didn't want to lose any major industry in the city. the other thing we were informed of and came through in all of the meetings as a result of this was that they told the treasurer and told us you got to make it easy. you got to make it workable for everyone. if you have a complicated tax system even if you claim it will be helpful that's not going to be that helpful to everybody, and this is where i want to just really single out that this past year jose and his entire staff are to be congratulated because if you go on that website as i have done and we were here personally and walking me through, and by the way i am one of the few folks that still does my own taxes, and you know why i do my own taxes? because i'm not an asset rich individual like you
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all here so that's why it's easy to do my taxes. it's a one pageer and i had to do that with the website and it's just as easy and we're getting kudos for it and easy to navigate and it was so easy and called out for one of the examples of innovation by our governor jerry brown and said this is the stuff you have to do in our cities to be successful. have that innovation and technology support from the group with us. have their commitment to be easy for all of the taxpayers, and then the benefits of this transition will be that much more felt so i want to give a hearty thanks to jose and his crew. i know he is dedicated in many ways to make our city succeed and on the cusp of education and certainly educating our immigrants and all of our under privileged that
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they can our financial education that he wants to help them be even more successful, so he's much more than our treasurer tax collector. he's been showing a great heart they think goes along with all of our city employees. they always have a chance to demonstrate for more than what the job calls for and that's why we have such a great city and i want to say thank you to you and your staff. thank you to what you have done to make it easy for everybody and your commitment being engaged with our community, not just the business community, but i will tell you without this strong relationship that we are developing with our business community you won't get creative jobs. you won't get good conversations about investing in education, investing in our hospitals, investing in our communities, strong neighborhoods. all of that wouldn't happen unless there was a strong belief in our collaborative spirit in the city so i am very happy to just
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sarks announcing this on valentines weekend and everybody make sure you grab a cookie and chew your way to a good heart and we announce this has been a very good successful launch of ongoing relationship we want to continue having with our business community so that we can create the kinds of local jobs that katie and scott and everybody wants to have in this city continue making a great city. thank you for being here today. [applause] >> i will introduce the treasurer tax collector jose cisneros. >> thank you mr. mayor. thank you so much for your kind words and your dedication and your partnership on launching this important new tax. as you mentioned mayor prop e was passed over two years ago, and i am here to report to you and to the entire city of san francisco that we are now at the point we
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can say we have successfully deliver the gross tax receipts system on time and on budget. [applause] so believe me a lot of people deserve credit for that success and i will be honest it's not an easy road. our previous tax system was not just built to accommodate this kind of a measure and therefore we executed an agreement for a new tax system which configured almost all of our taxes including the new gross receipts tax. i would really like to recognize our great vendors on the project who are us today and let's acknowledge them for their great work. thank you so much. [applause] and last year in march we implemented one of the first important steps, the quarterly installments for the new business tax, which replaced a system we had for many years of


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