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tv   [untitled]    February 20, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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px test. >> good morning today is january 27, 2015, welcome to the san francisco transportation authority my name is joovlt the carry of the transportation authority our clerk is steven stamos thank you for your work i apologize for
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being me. >> and today's sfgovtv program is broadcast by charles and nicole's and madam clerk and supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos commissioner christensen supervisor cohen supervisor farrell supervisor kim absent supervisor mar absent supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee kwoum approve the minutes of the meeting this is an action item. >> colleagues questions or comments on the minutes seeing none, we'll go on to public comment any members of the public want to comment sooelgz and have a roll call vote.
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>> supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos commissioner christensen supervisor cohen supervisor farrell supervisor kim absent supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee this item passes. >> great let's go on to our next two items we'll call together support. >> item 3 chairs report and item 4 director's report informational items. >> very good thank you, colleagues this month as we do every year we look at the past year and review the accomplishments of the agency we'll add a special opportunity for the silver anniversary transportation authority that was created to administer the
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half hour cent transportation tax known as praush and now prop k we gathdz with the members of the board to celebrate the board of transportation authority in planning and funding and implementing projects small and large those are critical to the neighborhood environmental equality andventricular vital we recognize agencies with public involvement for a 40 member group of finland citizens to the citizens advisory committee that advises us today as the transportation authority mission is rooted in the core values of transplants performance based analysis and interagency collaboration and citizen involvement today, i see the legacy of the transportation authority carried on through the piece of paper
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work such a our citywide vision zero initiative that was introduced a year ago this was commissions within the city the focus of vision zero committee we created last year and boosted by the new transportation revenue measures prop a and prop b those safety projects advance equality within the city here i'd like to thank our analyst for the depiction of the agency for the transportation and for its landmark approval of free muni for low income citizens this was a great follow-up it on the free muni for protection youth and put san francisco at the forefront of practices invading in 2013 i appreciated our
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citizens advisory committee work in guiding this agencies prop k strategy plan and was by our boards approval of the neighborhood transportation program that prioritizing the planning work and follow-up on the capital investments in every district we also made the single largest prop k measure of $134 million to help the transportation agency to replace and expand its fleet of high speed rail vehicles the transportation authority was the treasure island mobility agency and undertook the policy work on bike sharing through the strategic analysis report undertaken at my request and finally, we're supported by the organization development of plans of our new director
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supervisor tang to make sure that is operating collaboratively and collectively thank you to vice chair we're and supervisor cowen and others to our staff for the hard work on the business of the transportation authority it's been an honor to serve with you as the chair. >> thank you for your collaboration in the forest and most of all i'm proud we were able to keep the transportation work of the transportation authority work enrolling e flowing and doing great work across san francisco thank you colleague we have a collaborative video of the 25th anniversary to share i think it is executed up and we'll play that right now. >> san francisco home to more than 8 hundred thousand
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residents one hundred and 34 daily visitors everyday people walk and drive and ride transit to get to school and work and to shop and play since 1989 the san francisco municipal transportation agency has served as a straighten up and fly right of our transportation system the agency administers the half hour cents sales tax and the transportation authority invests in transit to get you where you need to go and plan safer neighborhood and help the workers net in and out of the neighborhoods safely and retains critical infrastructure governed by the board of supervisors the transportation authority insures that the tax dollars are transparent to deliver to the projects across the city who make the most of the sales tax we attract more than $100,000 in
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funds and san francisco diverse community the transportation authority plans and funds and delivers fund that promotes healthy neighborhood and creates jobs that keeps our jobs strong vvl in san francisco from for more than more than 25 years and ready to deliver the project informs the next quarter ever a significant and beyond. >> okay. great very good nice video. >> okay. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you supervisor avalos for your leadership of the agency i also want to welcome commissioner christensen to the transportation authority and also thanks supervisor mar and supervisor cohen for your leadership as well as and supervisor scott wiener i'll be
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for going the director's report addresses instead giving the annual report in item 14. >> great to an to public comment phenomenon for those two items any members of the public want to comment on the chairs reporting or director's report seeing none, public comment is closed those are informational items we'll go on to the next item. >> election of the chair and vice chair an action item. >> our annually at the first meeting of the board in january, the board shall elect the president and vice chair and the newly elected chair will starred start at this meeting and as soon as one of our nominees get the vote it is declared the officer and so we can do a call
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out for nominations supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much happy new year everyone i also want to polish the staff grats congratulations on our celebrations and i'm standing before you to acknowledge the work of scott wiener and talk about his work there transit funding anticipate reliability regional work and his regional work is critical to his position and the work he's done on m t c and served on the golden gate bridge award and demonstrated a commitment to the safety for those reasons i'm honored to
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nominee supervisor scott wiener for the chair ta chair thank you okay supervisor wiener is nominated is there a second. >> second by supervisor farrell okay are there other nominations supervisor campos. >> just want to rise and nominate our existing chair supervisor avalos i believe that in his tenure he's demonstrated a notable it to make sure that the interests of the commission that take into consideration and represented to making sure that the interest of every community 2, 3, 4 san francisco are recommended i think he's done a tremendous job in leading this organization excluding including leeds the
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organization with a new executive director i think as we face challenges in transportation and working to make public transit especially more assessable through the effort of the free muni for the low income and middle-income seniors that kind of leadership is needed i'm proud to nominate chair supervisor avalos. >> so chair supervisor avalos is nominated seconded by supervisor mar thank you and are there any further noomsz for ta chair okay seeing no further noomsz the nominations are now closed and other comments we'll take public comment it is on for any must be member of the public that wants to comment seeing none, public comment is closed and we'll go to vote how would
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mr. stevens for the name. >> on the motion in favor of electing supervisor wiener for chair. >> would that be commissioner supervisor campos is it possible to call on the commissioner and that commissioner say the name of the person they're supporting? >> i'd like to propose that method so we'll each commissioner will vote on the commissioner they want to serve for chair. >> on the motion to elect the chair. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> we're supervisor campos oovls. >> commissioner christensen weiner. >> supervisor farrell
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supervisor wiener supervisor kim absent. >> supervisor mar supervisor avalos supervisor tang supervisor scott wiener and supervisor scott wiener. >> supervisor scott wiener. >> art and so the motion to elect supervisor wiener carries as the chair carries. >> okay. a new chair of the transportation authority congratulations to supervisor scott wiener (clapping.) >> colleagues before we moved i want to first of all thank you for your confidence it's a real honor to fill this position and to hold this trust i want to thank commissioner dooley's for his two years of strong service
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as the transportation authority chair as his vice chair i had the pleasure of working closely with him and even though we don't agree on everything we have a good relationship and working with the hiring process for the executive director it went well and professional and i think i'm appreciative of the work you've done commissioner to thank you so colleagues, we you know this morning i as posted on facebook the map of the originally plans of the bart system for 1956 if you've not seen that map keep a copy i think it is a cautionary lesson of what happens when you don't think boldly about transportation that map showed a bart system throughout san
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francisco that went past san rose and past santa fe and into the east bay and had the vision to build it and not allow the crazy political some kind of to go beyond it's it's a lesson felt crossroads in san francisco in our region are we're going to make high speed rail and the downtown center a reality are we not only going to complete the subway and keep going with additional subways and make bus rapid transit a reality and go for the bart to continue to grow bart's in the city and get caltrain trek if i had and move forward aggressor with our efforts to make our streets safer for pedestrians and drivers and muni riders we have
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so much work to do and so many choices to make it's a question of the political will as a city and region to make those difficult issues happy we don't regret making those happy but regret looking back and is why didn't we do that so this agency plays an important coordinating role with our city agrees to help us represent to the regional as a supervisor david campos on the mta we see how important the ta is to the mayor's office along with the mta so we need to continue to play that role and even play a greater role as the transportation authority i'm sure you're aware of we're to grow by 2 millions people and
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our city by one hundred and 50 thousand if we don't take the bold steps and keep moving to make sure our transportation system and roads and everything is able to keep up we're going to struggle i know we can do it colleagues, i look forward to work you, you and the staff to work with the city and regional partners to move in a positive direction thank you for the opportunity i'm appreciative so mr. clerk we're now going to elect the vice chair. >> and i know the names have already been called okay. so we'll on nominations for vice chair any nominations. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you so i'd like to nominate supervisor cohen i think that it is important to make sure that when we are making the transportation
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decisions we're considering the southeast sector of our communicated to insure that residents of the visitacion valley and the blighting the lake view area and other tarts parts of southeast sector has transportation pits reliable that gets them to where they need to go and it's important to have someone in that ear and the vision on the transportation authority i'd like to nominate supervisor malia cowen. >> supervisor farrell is e cigarette that motion or that nomination are there any additional nomination for vice chair of the transportation authority? seeing none can we close nomination nominations are closed seeing no on, on the roster for comments we'll on up the vice chair election for public
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comment any members of the public to comment on the election seeing none, public comment is closed mr. clerk will you please call the roll on the vice chair elections >> in favor of electing supervisor cowen for vice chair supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos commissioner christensen supervisor cohen supervisor farrell supervisor kim absent supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor scott wiener supervisor yee okay. she is elected vice chair. >> congratulations commissioner. >> thank you, thank you (clapping.) and supervisor cowen would you like to make any comments you don't have to parking garage. >> item of compressors the
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second consultant contract of the north consultant and stan consulting inc. and increase the contract by 8 hundred plus thousand not to exceed for the non-material acquisition this is a non-action item. >> any public comment on item 6 seeing none, public comment is closed and seeing no commissioners on the roster mr. clerk will you please call the roll. >> same house, same call? great okay same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. >> okay item 7. >> okay 7 and 8 please. item 7 approval the administrator codes and the
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procurement policies and the traffic conferee training those are action items. >> okay. is there 0 any public comment on item 7 or item number 8 seeing none public comment is closed and colleagues, can we take this same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. be that will be the order item number 9. >> item 9 increase the amount of the contract for the thomas by 66 thousand plus to total not to exceed 3 hundred 66 thousand and the engineering services for the contract of engineers by $130,000 not to exceed 5 hundred thousand plus for the construction management services and the objection country contract to total not to exceed $2 million plus authorize the executive director to have the contracts and conditions for all
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3 contract and authorize an allotment of $2,000 8 hundred plus for the off-ramp this is an action item. >> okay. is there any public comment on this item number 9 seeing none, public comment is closed and colleagues could a we take this same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order it occurs to me we didn't have a motion to excuse supervisor kim do we need to do that? oh, we don't she's on jury duty she has a good reason and item taken. >> item approve the analysis report an action item. >> supervisor tang thank you, colleagues today asking for your responsibility as we engage on our west side ar
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and appreciate the ta to better transport our residents from the west side not only in the sunset district but district 7 whether trying to get from the outdoor neighborhood to downtown or better connect the residents to caltrain and so we really hope through this analysisless come up with a set of recommendations knowing also i know supervisor cohen has requested something similar for her district and can't emphasis the importance colleagues i ask for your support on this item. >> okay possibility on item 10 seeing none, public comment is closed and colleagues, can we take item 10 same house, same call? we'll
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take that without objection. that will be the order item number 11. >> item lotta's fountain allocate 3 hundred plus in police vehicle u prop k and that praying funds subject to be attacked to the distribution schedules an action item. >> any public comment on item number 11 seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we take item 11 same house, same call? wokts that will be the order we'll new call item 14 out of ordered or order before we 0 go into closed session. >> item 14 adapt the annual report this is an action item. >> okay supervisor tang. >> supervisor cowen congratulation we look forward to working with you and meet
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with the council i'm pleased to present the annual report continuing to be a busy and for the case management agency and indeed designated the treasure island agency in 2014 as well as starting it the rapid transit program it is in the final design and led by the san francisco municipal transportation agency the geary project is under review by audio transit federal administration office in san francisco and in the meantime last month we the transportation authority provided that funding for the improvements to begin and thank you to supervisor mar for your leadership in working with our agency staff sweetheart the sfmta staff in addition, we expect the mta to come in with design fund anticipating a
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certification of the environmental impact report in the first quarter in the meantime the bus transit connects the outer neighborhood as supervisor tang mentioned in district 10 but it connects our western neighborhoods in district 7 through district 11 and connects 9 and 10 that project continues in daily city and san francisco neighborhoods neighborhood transportation improvement program this think an initiative that was spearheaded through the update and urging the supervisor avalos our chair to identify the need to develop a pipeline of planning promotions and planning efforts to be more inclusive to insure there was full involvement in the community and identify $100,000 in planning fund per district to be applied to improve the process to


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