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tv   [untitled]    February 24, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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who works weekly at the roxie theatre. i want to congratulate them on this long process, i think for five years, to be able to finally get their on sale beer license to the independent theatre that's show casing many of our films in san francisco to find other ways to support independent film makers. so i want to congratulate them. i know this is something they've been working on for quite a while. i'm looking forward to be able to go to the theatre and have my beer while i watch my screening. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor kim, can we do this item? same house, same call without objection? this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, can you please call the next item? >> item 11 is to determine the resolution of a type on sale public license for the
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24th street bar will serve the public convenience of the city. >> same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. call item number 12. >> item 12 is an ordinance to expanded the administrative code by a language of the ordinance to apply to all city departments that provide information or services to the public and enhance the departmental is complaint plan requirement. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you. i wanted to speak on -- are we on item 12? >> i want to really set the bar high for many jushgsz in terms of making sure our city provides adequate opportunities for people of all different walks in life and different
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languages. this pushes us to do more. what we're doing in particular is we're moving the system that previously existed under l.a. o. we had tear one, tear two and this legislation will remove that tier system to make sure we're really sending a message on all departments, no matter how big or small you are, as long as you are serving the public, you should be able to provide some form of transportation services for people who seek help. that's one of the main components. we're also going to be servicing the complaint department in esee ya. they will be handling all the complaints in this department. we're also going to be stream lining the requirements for the annual report. we know it has been a little bit burdensome for some units to comply with. we want to make it a useful tool.
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we're also clarifying what this means so that it doesn't mean you have to translate your name on your door but really just to make sure that in public access areas, people know where to go for help and we are also requiring that oh see ya provides a vendor pool and transportation services. we know many departments have asked for this and asked for help to be sort of the centralized place for the departments to go to. we're happy they have agreed to do this. we also made some clarifying changes in the rule's committee where recordings on telephone messages for example do not include employee's voice mail. i know we had questions about that. so at this time, i want to thank my cosponsors supervisor yee who i know has amendments he wants to introduce today. and supervisor mar and i want to also thank our budget analysis office. they did analysis on
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things we can improve on oh see ya. i want to thank lee network. they have provided some very helpful feedback to make sure we've been working throughout the years in truly serving our community. and of course, the office of immigrant affairs. we really hope they can provide a stronger and better role for all of us in the community. and of course, my staff. so at this time, i'll turn it over to supervisor yee who i know has good amendments to add to make this an even better legislation >> okay. supervisor yee. >> thank you. well, as you can tell i'm going to be supporting this legislation. and i'm going to thank supervisor tang for approving and improving this important ordinance for everybody. and also, we'd like to thank your staff for her tiredless work
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and the civic engagement in community affairs. so colleagues, i have -- should have distributed copies to you and the clerk to amend the ordinance by having a section under 21-12 or 21.12 on page 19. this amendment asked the departments who were formerly categorized as tier two to provide an update at the six-month mark. i think it's important for us to see how departments are prioritizing as you identify any barriers that they are facing. i know that departments are going to make a good effort to comply with the new requirements. i don't want this to be a labor intensive process. but i meant to make sure we have a chance to look at any changes at the half way
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mark. this would also serve for the department to request additional resources and assistance if you need it. it's really important to make sure that whatever we're asking the departments to do that they have the necessary resources to get this done. so i think this will lend an opportunity instead of waiting one year and missing the whole budget process. so that's what i am submitting >> okay. can we take supervisor yee's -- is there a second? supervisor tang. can we take the amendment without objection. without objection, the amendment is passed unanimously. and now i would like to recognize supervisor mar. >> thank you president breed. thank you so much to supervisors tang and yee for bringing this forward. i wanted to say that this is about language equality and all
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san franciscan's receiving equal access to services. and the language barriers for different communities that are learning english is an important barrier that this legislation helps to address. in 2009, president david chiu and a number of us supported our language access ordinance. oakland followed suite soon and i think our city. because of the chinese language action and many of the language networks and many of our colleagues at the network which i totally support, and the bilingual and multi lingual city is a value to everyone, not just to english learners but to the whole city. i wanted to also acknowledge that one half of san francisco residents speak a language other than english at home. i think more of our departments need to really see language
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access as a priority. when we held hearings in 2009 with president chiu, we found that the tiers of the language access ordinance didn't really make sense. so i'm really glad that this is pulling everyone up to quality and standards so that we have language access more strongly supported throughout all the departments in the city. i'm very proud that my three member staff can speak cantonese, spanish, french, chinese and many other languages as well. but i'm hoping that as we look at our city's departments and strengthening with this language access that we'll see much move of an improvement in other departments. as we move toward being a multi lingal city, thank you so much to supervisor's tang and three for linging this forward
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>> thank you. supervisor kim. >> i just wanted to thank them for their work on this. i know supervisor tang has been working on this since she was an aid and i really appreciate that you are making sure this is an integral part of the language access. i'm glad to see this in code and i would like to add my name as a cosponsor. >> okay. thank you. not seeing no other names on the roster, can we please take this item same house, same call as amended without objection? this ordinance is passed on the first reading unanimously. madam clerk, can you please call the next item >> item 13 is a motion to amend the board of supervisors rules of orders with 3.27 by renaming the neighborhood services and public community to the public safety and
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neighborhood services community by renaming the land use committee to the land use and transportation committee and by reassigning the responsibility of sejtsments and claims to the rules committee to the government site committee. >> same house, same call? without objection, this amendment is approved unanimously. item 14, please. >> to appoint maria tory and steve fields and elaina tim loi terms ending january 18 to the health authority. >> same house, same call? without objection, this is approved unanimously. item clerk, can you please call item 15. >> it is a motion to appoint
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christina to the advising committee. >> same same house same call? approved unanimously. item 16. >> to the child care planning advisory counsel. >> same house, same call. without objection, this vote is approved unanimously. madam clerk item 17, please. >> to appoint supervisor jane kim to the development commission? >> colleagues, do we have a motion to remove supervisor kim? without objection supervisor kim is excused. can you please call the roll? >> item 16. cohen. >> i. >> farrell. >> i. >> mar. >> i. >> tang. >> i. >> wiener. >> i. >> yee. >> i. >> avalos. >> i.
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>> breed. >> i. >> campos. >> i. >> christensen. >> i. >> there are ten i's. with that, the motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk, can you please call item number 18? >> item 18 is a motion to reappoint supervisor scott wiener term ending january 31st to the golden bridge highway and transportation district. >> motion to excuse wiener? without objection, supervisor wiener is excused. can you please call the roll. >> on 18 cohen. >> i. >> farrell. >> i. >> kim. >> i. >> mar. >> i. >> tang. >> i. >> yee. >> i. >> avalos. >> i. >> breed.
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>> i. >> campos. >> i. >> christensen. >> i. >> there are ten i's. okay. >> okay. this motion is approved unanimously. item 19. >> to reappoint supervisor norman yee term ending january 31st to the golden bridge highway and transportation to be excused. >> with that, supervisor -- >> yee. >> -- yee is without objection, supervisor yee is excused. can you please call the roll. this is like musical chairs, right? >> yeah. >> madam clerk, please call the roll for item 19. >> on item 19, cohen. >> i. >> farrell. >> i. >> kim. >> i. >> mar. >> i. >> tang. >> i. >> wiener. >> i. >> avalos.
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>> i. >> breed. >> i. >> campos. >> i. >> christensen. >> i. >> there are ten i's. >> okay. this motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk can you please call the next item? >> item 20 is a motion to reappoint -- >> actually, can you please call item number 20 and 22 together? >> item 20 is a motion to reappoint supervisor london breed to the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district and item 22 is a motion to reappoint supervisor london breed as a member term ending february 4, 2019 to the local agencies formation. >> colleagues, may we have a motion to excuse supervisors breed on both items? she's
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excused on both items. madam clerk, can you do a roll call on those two items? >> 20 and 22, kwo hen. >> i. >> farrell. >> i. >> kim. >> i. >> mar. >> i. >> tang. >> i. >> wiener. >> i. >> yee. >> i. >> avalos. >> i. >> campos. >> i. >> christian sentence. . >> christian . >> there are ten i's. >> it's approved unanimously. >> 21 is to reappoint supervisor -- dated february 11th from supervisor campos withdrawing his name from the
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nomination on this item. the next supervisor with seniority who indicated a preference for this seat is supervisor katie tang. should the board strike to end with campos and i would get a motion to remove tang. >> okay. madam clerk. and you guys do realize we can hear back there, right? supervisor campos. >> thank you. i just want to say i've served many years on this board and i think it's time to give somebody else a chance to do that. >> okay. supervisor avalos. >> just would like to make a motion to excuse tang and amend tang's name in place of campos name in this motion. >> okay. is there auto second? seconded by supervisor christensen. without
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objection, the amendment to the item is passed unanimously. madam clerk, can you please call the roll for the under lying item? >> thank you madam cl president. just to be clear supervisor tang is also excused. >> yes. >> as amended supervisor cohen. >> i. >> farrell. >> i. >> kim. >> i. >> mar. >> i. >> wiener. >> i. >> yee. >> i. >> avalos. >> i. >> breed. >> i. >> campos. >> i. >> christensen. >> i. >> there are ten i's. >> okay. the resolution is adopted unanimously. congratulations supervisor tang. madam clerk, can you please call item number 23 and 24 together? >> item 23 is a motion to reappoint supervisor david campos as a member term ending february 4, 2019 to the local
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agencies formation commission and item 24 is a motion to reappoint supervisor david campos to the supervisor and tpgz commission. >> without objection, supervisor campos is excused. madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> on items 23 and 24. supervisor cohen. >> i. >> farrell. >> i. >> kim. >> i. >> mar. >> i. >> tang. >> i. >> wiener. >> i. >> yee. >> i. >> avalos. >> i. >> breed. >> i. >> christensen. >> i. >> there are ten i's. >> okay. those motions are approved unanimously. madam clerk, can you please call item number 25? >> 25 is a motion to appoint
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supervisor mark farrell term ending jan 31 2015 to the health board. >> do we have a motion to excuse supervisor farrell? without objection, supervisor farrell is excused. can you please call the roll? >> on item 25. supervisor cohen. >> i. >> farrell. >> i. >> tang. >> i. >> kim. >> i. >> wiener. >> i. >> avalos. >> i. >> breed. >> i. >> campos. >> i. >> christensen. >> i. >> there are ten i's. >> okay. this motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk can you please call item number 26? >> item 26 is a motion to confirm the mayor's motion to
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ike quan of the portion of a four-year term ending august 1, 2018. >> okay. supervisor avalos. >> thank you president breed. colleagues, i want to urge you to support the appointment of iquan to the public utility commission. mr. quan comes with a great deal of experience certainly at the academy of sciences where he serves as a general manager but also in the community and the 7th district where he lives. i have seen mr. quan's work at the academy. and it has been really strong forth in making sure the academy meets the public's needs. he certainly demonstrated that right away when he first came to the academy before the new museum had opened. and there were
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some issues at play between the architect and what he knew the public was going to need to actually access the facility. he was able to move forward on some challenging proposals to make that access happen that was part political and part which made a lot of sense in making the facility work very well. that to me demonstrated some of his concerns for how things can work effectively and i thought that was important for someone conserving as a commissioner for the public commission which brings water to us from 200 miles away to our faucets and is responsible for recycling that water and getting it to the bay. i felt very strong about his expertise. and he also has come to the front with how to move forward
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with green power and sxed expediting green power. i was very happy to hear that and he showed enthusiasm for making that happen. there has been some concern about the language and charter for his seat which calls for expertise and way fair advocacy and consumer advocacy. he does not have direct experience in his job or the jobs he has had but i assume he has the general manager experience and he has demonstrated a way of making the place as accessible as he can be and making that project moving are move forward. he has also shown a great deal of work in the community in making
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the programs more forward in our neighborhoods. he helped to pass part b last year and he also serves as a family member. he is raising two kids, two young girls in the neighborhood and district and is involved with a lot of community activities that really show that he is one that's very connected to the neighborhood. so i feel pretty positive about his qualifications and his enthusiasm for green power itself and for the overall work of the public and utility commission. i support him and urge you to do the same thing >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisors tang. >> thank you, very much. i think supervisor avalos covered pretty much everything i was going to say about mr. quan. it's what people call the people feet in this particular
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appointment. he has not only supposed experience in his work but he's your every day way fair who wants to contribute and give back to the city in his particular role. i think he was very honest with his answers in the meeting with the city and i can only do anything but urge our colleagues to support him. >> thank you supervisor tang. supervisor mar. >> i i wanted to first acknowledge the petition that some individuals have signed on urging us to oppose this. but i disagree as supervisor tang has pointed out. he's not only a great person as tang just said but he's a father that's trying to live a zero admissions life as much as
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possible. he's an affidavit bicyclist. he pulled his neighborhoods around him to advocate for the children around him and i think that's sustainable. he spoke very clearly and directly to the criticism raised by others. not only will he be supportive of clean energy but i think he will be a strong advocate for clean power as per my conversations with him. not to toot my district one's horn but i oversee the academy of sciences and it's one of the cleanest buildings in the world. i think that he and what john has done, the director, is creating a sustainable institution that is modeled for the whole world. i also want to say as a rate
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payer and an advocate, i think he will be great and i applaud the mayor for this great nomination and i definitely agree with my colleagues in this movement >> thank you supervisor mar. >> mr. quan is going to have a lot to live up to after all these comments. a lot has been said, just not everybody said it. i want to agree that my experience with mr. quan is not only has he done a lot toward lowering the environmental impact at the facility where he works but he has added aspects like emergency preparedness. he has gone above and beyond. not only has he operated in this area professionally but as a father and a neighbor, he's really walking the walk. it's excelling. i think in mr. quan, we have a commissioner who excels out of the box in thinking and in creating
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positive cheng, i think he would make a phenomenal one. >> thank you. supervisor kim. >> i've known i'm for a number of years. someone from the academy of science as so many of us do but also as a great person in the community. when he approached me, i think, a month ago letting me know he was being nominated in my position, i remember telling him i wasn't sure if i would do that to one of my friends. but he really did pass with flying colors and i have one of our board members at the clean f o s program. he really did respond to some difficult programs. i did let him know as a friend, i still couldn't
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support him until i saw him go through the committee first. i also know he personally understands the difficulties that many of our residents have for their utilities. that's something he will be particularly sensitive to and so i think it's important to have someone with that experience on this commission. he's someone that definitely has a can do attitude. before all of this, i was really impressed to hear about some of his work in chicago responding to an increased number of residents without homes in his neighborhood. and instead of responding with anger or fear, he worked with his neighbors slowly one by one on gaining support to build a shelter in chicago. the shelter is certainly a nothing model i would love to visit and see. but this is an example to see
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how he brings members together in his community to address a really hard issue with compassion. i look forward to having him bring that to the commission. >> okay. clearly this is a love fest. (laughter) >> madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> on item 26, supervisor cohen. >> i. >> farrell. >> i. >> kim. >> i. >> mar. >> i. >> tang. >> i. >> wiener. >> i. >> yee. >> i. >> avalos. >> i. >> breed. >> i. >> campos. >> i. >> christensen. >> i. >> christensen i. there are 11 i's. >> okay. this motion is approved unanimously. congratulations to mr. quan. we'll be watching you. (laughter) >> madam clerk, can you please skip over our 3:00 p.m.
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and 3:30 p.m. and go to roll call for introductions? >> supervisor cohen, you're first up to introduce new business. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. one more thank you for us all. thank you. (laughter) >> okay. i'm ready to introduce. all right ladies and gentlemen, all seriousness aside. today, i actually just have one simple request to close the board meeting out in memory of a mr. joe gal red. mr. gal red was born december 13, 1925 in canton mississippi. he joined the u.s navy in 1944 and received an hornable discharge in 1946. after being discharged in the navy, he came to san francisco that same year and started working for the united states postal service in 1957 where mr. gal red was hired


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