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tv   [untitled]    March 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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t timetable so hook up w us we can cover most of the initial costs but i'm anticipating we modestly mate ask for a small supplemental appropriation the estimates i have to get permission from the mayor's office budget office and controller's office to transfer fund and see how much we have left we anticipate to begin starting the translations this year and possible not all done by the end of the by the end of the year a lot of our document are updated particularly the maudlin and guides make sure we have a proprietorship we only have to update the sections rather than redo the whole thing this is
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underway. >> thank you thank you item 11 items for future meetings there anybody? have any items they want to suggest to the staff for future meetings there being no public here the public has no suggestions i understand and item 12 i'll entertain a motion to adjourn >> so moved. >> all in favor, say i. i. >> meeting's adjourned
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>> all right. is this cyc? make some noise. cyc. [speaking foreign language] is cyc here? yeah. community love right here. [speaking foreign language] hey good job, good job. smile, smile. it's not that heavy.
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you make cyc proud, the community. oh yes. all right. i don't know if they're going to fit on stage. you know i wish your captain were here. oh there he is. captain. one of my old favorites. commander is here too. [speaking foreign language] >> okay. i think the mayor should go first so sisters and brothers san franciscans the mayor ed lee. [speaking foreign language] >> what a presentation from our golden dragon and all of
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our wonderful young people. i want to have a special welcome to our valley christian and our students from beijing. yeah, they came all the way over here to celebrate this wonderful event and gosh this is all about family. it's all about extended family. i want to welcome everyone here to the year of the ram celebrations. this is a kickoff. we're kicking it off. we're cleaning our area. i want to thank julie christensen for being here and supervisor mar for being here and dpw and muhammad is here and our police department our fire department, all of the agencies working together with our community based agencies to celebrate. keep everyone safe and enjoyable. we're going to hear a lot of fire crackers and you
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heard norman already and he is warming up and a big parade and just the warm up today but we're excited with this community flower fair. i want to give a great thank you to our chinese chamber of commerce for having been here from the very start. all of their wonderful leadership. eddy is here, rose is here. the entire chamber has been doing this for many decades and we have been growing it for the world to see. i am very proud that this parade is put on by so many volunteers. i want to thank all of the sponsors but most importantly all of you here and enjoy yourself. buy flowers. norman said earlier to tell each other you're beautiful. that's the first time i heard that from anita. i have been telling her that for 35 years but the reverse hasn't
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happened but anyway this is a great time to celebrate. i want to say thank you for so many of our community partners that put this on that really think about and are creative and are dedicated to building this chinatown community so we're proud to display our culture for the rest of the world to see. thank you for being here. [speaking foreign language] [applause] >> just to let all of the dignitaries know we're keeping it short this year and keep of the blessing and that's it and of course we have to thank the chinatown chamber of commerce and eddy and you can speak longer. >> for all of you let me say something in chinese. [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> all right. so supervisors real quick and you have to say the chinese except for supervisor eric mar who has a prepare speech. >> right. happy year of the ram. happy valentines day as well. to all of the children there is a lot of kissing that goes on today but i have a lot of love for chinatown and all of the volunteers serving the community and the people. thanks to the sponsors as well. [speaking foreign language] thank you. >> all right. other supervisors all you get to say is a chinese new year blessing. we will start over here. >> you want to go? >> no, go ahead. >> hi everyone. i am scott wiener from the board of supervisors and here to wish you a happy new year and thank you to everyone that made this happen and have a great one. thank you. >> this is julie christensen the supervisor for the district. congratulations. all of you
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picked the best place to be today. it's a beautiful day so happy new year. happy valentines day. have a good day in chinatown and thank you to the chamber and to ed and rose for putting on a party and inviting all of us to be here. thank you norman. [speaking foreign language] >> any other supervisors? that's it? okay. are we ready? >> [speaking foreign language] (speaking chinese). i i am here to represent the recorder assessor carmen chu and happy new year and celebrate with your valentines too. thank you very much. >> real quick captain can you say chinese new year? >> [speaking foreign language] happy new year. happy
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valentines day on behalf of every police officer that has the best job in the world patrolling chinatown and thank you very much. >> we have to go to rose and get ready. >> [speaking foreign language] so what i said is wishing everybody a prosperous new year. however, safety is number one and second is cleanliness so i have a cane. if i see anybody throwing garbage around i will wack you. thank you. [applause]
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>> i got enough scissors this year. okay. let me tell you what is going on. they're going to cut the ribbon and then the beijing and valley christian will be ready. after they cut the ribbon i will go "one, two, three" and you're in for a real treat. [speaking foreign language] . all right. you guys all help me. ready? [speaking foreign language] >> one, two, three! all right. hit it. check this out everybody. turn around. check this out. all the way from beijing and valley christian school together. ready? all right. >> [speaking foreign language]
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valley christian school -- [speaking foreign language] >> can you feel it everybody? ready? (band playing)
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>> the program will be continued by the remarks of our special guests. first of all the honorable mayor of san francisco. please welcome our mayor. [applause] >> thank you very much. happy luna new year everyone. [applause] it's my pleasure again to join our senator leno, our supervisors kim and scott wiener and the entire committee that has worked so hard to put on this wonderful, wonderful festival for our entire city. i just love this time of the year. the year of the ram this year is going to be about artistry,
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about coming together supporting each other. i want to say thank you very much to the festival volunteer community and the vietnamese community and economic development center. they have been wonderful in putting this on and now that we're revitalizing market street there is a connection of the improvements of the area and connected up with market street and this is a wonderful celebration that we have it here at the center of our united nations plaza. i want to congratulate all of the store front owners here the small businesses here for working together with us. we have been putting a lot of emphasis on our market street as of late and our investment in neighborhoods and i hope that the small business owners along that corridor have really appreciated the work we're doing together. things are always improving and look at the wonderful crowds that you
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have coming out today so we join you in this festival. it's now the 19th tech festival celebration in our city. we congratulate and continue wanting to work very closely with the vietnamese community. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you. [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> thank you mayor. thank you so much. [speaking foreign language]. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the board of supervisors budget & finance committee meeting for february 25, 2015, my name is my name is supervisor farrell i mean, i'll be joined by
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supervisor tang and joined later by supervisor mar thank you sfgovtv for keeping this meeting generalizing and others and our clerk linda wong. >> madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the march third agenda board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> authorizing the rec and park department to accept and spend a grasping combraunt up to one million dollar for the renovation of south park to concepts upon board approval. >> that's correct. >> do we have rec and park here? >> hi, good morning i'm abigail with the rec and park department and this grant resolution is to
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support the south park project i actually earlier requested if we could extend the hearing this item if that's a possibility the grant is the same and there's. >> technical issue with the resolution i need to kind of fourth with the controller's office. >> this is something we'll amended today or look at next week. >> next week would be my preference if it's okay. >> sure okay we'll transparence that after a motion and people comment on the item no questions open up for public comment anyone want to comment on item one seeing none public comment is closed supervisor tang. >> all right. given the presentation then i'll make a motion to continue this to those the following week budget & finance committee meeting. >> can we take those amendments
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without objection? madam clerk item 2 >> authorizing the department of public health to extend $45 million for the general hospital foundation with the gift agreement with the joint chiefs of staff hospital for the mark zuckerberg and trauma center to name if after him. >> thank you. we have our director of public health here. >> good morning barbara garcia we've been on a 6 year journal to complete our hospital we're within a year the $57 million plus of the hospital and at naming of the hospital are part of progress of completing that 6 year construction and capital project with the new hospital i'm sure you're aware of bond dollars don't allow for future and we've been working with the
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san francisco general hospital foundation they've done a wonderful job of bringing donors for the furnishings and an incredible new hospital i have with me sue who is the ceo of the hospital with a couple of comments and another foundation. >> good afternoon a few years ago the city asked the san francisco general hospital foundation to launch a capital campaign to launch the furniture and equipment for the new hospital we're thrilled and grateful for the partnership between the city and philanthropy the historic demolitions to the capital
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campaign is going to insure with the general continues to provide excellence and community care including the trauma packets and the folks more vulnerable the trauma center we save lives everyday no matter who you are we treat everyone the stage the generous grant in the zuckerbergs and doctor chang reforms the trauma center and enables us to better serve our patients i'm sure you're aware of dr. chang has developed a deep understanding of our critical roll in the health of the community from our home in the missions we're really the people's hospital serving more than one hundred thousand patients jaunl and giving them the care and
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respect as a nurse and ceo of the general, i know first hand the transformation active grants made it through the san francisco general hospital foundation are going to make they're a game changer the zuckerbergs are really spurring our capital campaign forward as we join our other donors and community to make sure our paintbrushes get access to the same high-level of equipment and technology they differ this is truly entity in health care in san francisco they're also demonstrating their commitment to the next generation of the hospital and patients on behalf of the patients and the community and staff i want to thank the zuckerbergs and all the donors for supporting and believing in the mission of san francisco general hospital i'm going to ask amanda the executive director of foundation to come
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up and sigh a sfu words. >> thank you. >> good morning so just to sort of everybody else what susan said our prospective in the national prospective is very clear philanthropy is going to play a role in the longevity in the coming years our capital campaign we started several years ago to support the equipping and furniture and furnishings of the 21st century hospital with an unprecedented effort from the beginning and now with the support of our leadership donors and the significant investment from dr. chang and mr. during the course we're 0 moving forward with a 35 million-dollar campaign that raised 90 percent so far so the equity b will be an opportunity to continue to rise fund to
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insure that funds are available for future needs the hospital can on with the except and facilities necessary to be like other hospitals with the exceptional $75 million grant from the zuckerbergs this will secure we have the quality care today and continue to generate fund to maintain many going forward by investing in the general hospital in this incredible way not only are the sdushgdz and other leadership donors signaling the importance of medical care it is precedent setting and doctor chang and sdushgdz this is the biggest demolition it is record breaking and significant so with your just really continued to be dedicated to the
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effort to make sure the hospital has as advanced technology and furniture and equipment it need in order to serve our most diverse and at risks populations as well the high-level high functioning and world reannounced hospital center in san francisco for world data. >> thank you thank you very much thank you all for your presentations? a big deal for our city seeing no other questions mr. rose our report please. >> oh yes mr. chairman and supervisor tang on page 4 we report the estimated minimum cost for the furniture and equipment for the san francisco general hospital is $170 million
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plus shown in table 2 and on page 4 of our report we note on table 3 that table summarizes the sources of fund for the furniture fixtures and equipment for the san francisco general hospital and estimated $8 million plus that will be required for the now p new sf g h we recommend you approve many reds. >> thank you, mr. rose we'll open up for public comment is there anyone that wishes to comment on item number 2? okay seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor tang. >> i just want to say this is an circle gift to san francisco i hope to inspires 09 people to step up a generous amount the sdushgdz are donating but i
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think this is help us focus on our core mission as a g h that serves people from all walks of life so congratulations and thank you to the zuckerbergs for this i didn't believe demolition to san francisco i want to make a motion to forward with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> we'll take that without objection. >> all right. madam clerk call item 3. >> a resolution authorizing the sheriff's department to enter into a third amendment to the global lick inform extend the contract terms to october 21st, 2014. >> we have our audit from the sheriff's office.
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>> good morning, supervisors. i'm from me man the cfo of the sheriff's department and here to request an extension to one of our existing contract we have a contract with global link for the jails that contract june from 2010 to may of 2015 we want a 5 month extension in order to respond to some of the policy changes that are happening at the federal level i'd like to take the opportunity to explain those what they favor shoord shadow we'll be coming to you for the contract there are no financial terms of the contract in the 5 month extension to execute the process we issue the rfp in december of 2014 and
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anticipate awarding in the next two weeks the remaining 4 weeks will give us time to negotiate the contract as well as give the providers 60 days to implement if we have a new provider so i'm sure you're aware of may or may not know we have a special telephone service in the jail there are in the pathologist sniffs never regulated by the fcc and high rates were charged at various facilities to make phone calls and for the first time the fcc contemplated regulation of enter state rates they announced in july an intent to raise the rates but not the direction to at that time we paused our rfp process to make sure our rfp was responsible responsive to federal regulation in october of