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tv   [untitled]    March 1, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PST

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. >> good afternoon. and welcome to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for february 26, 2015 i'd like to remind members of the public that the commission that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind please silence all electronic devices. that may sound off and and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record.
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irving at this point in time commissioner president fong commissioner wu commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioners first on your agenda are items proposed for continuance item one dr p at grove street discretionary review is proposed for continuance until march 19 do 2015 and item two pca formula retail and large-scale scale is proposed for excuse me. proposed for an indefinite continuance and items 4 ab for c and v 24th street is conditional use are
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proposed for continuance any public comment on item the items proposed for continuance? not seeing any public comment is closed >> commissioner wu. >> move to continue. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to continue as proposed commissioner antonini commissioner hillis excuse me. commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards and commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero zoning administrator. >> continue inform indefinite as well commissioners that places you under commissioner matters for the draft minutes for your regular hearing on february 5th and the draft minutes for the rules and regulations committee for february 12th as well as the regular meeting for
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february 12th. >> any public comment on item the draft minutes seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner moore i'm not sure i had two minutes rather than 3 since i attended the other meetings there was not much to report so whatever it is which two commissioner moore. >> the fifth regular planning commission meeting and thursday 12 the regular planning commission meeting the only two i have. >> so the rules committee meeting are the ones yourself missing and he does too. >> okay. so can we get a motion to approve the regular and the two regular hearing minutes motion. >> second. >> commissioner on that motion
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to approve regular meeting minutes for february 5th and 12. >> commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and i'll be sure to include those minutes for the february 12th rules committee hearing in you're next packets. >> thank you. >> commissioners that places you on commission questions or comments. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. some of you may know i was born and grew up in the 4rib9 valley and understand in san francisco for 4b years all of the cities pleasant and livermore have experienced the experiences in san francisco in terms of their portal and growth
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and new jobs and land use they've done things well and not so well, i'm going to prepare a report on my experiences i still go out there we have part of my family lives there, there are some things that are instructive of things to do and not to do we can use as we look at our neighborhoods within san francisco and architecture questions as well as another questions related to the neighborhood areas a so i'll have that within a few weeks and pictures that are architecturally. >> commissioner wu just wanted to let the commission know i'll be missing the meeting there's a group of african-american and asian america groups looking at planning so we'll be happy to
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report. >> thank you commissioner richards. >> a you couple of things i was last night had the chance to attend a forum by the sfroblg there were 5 to 6 hundred people and standing room only in the mission school in the gym or assembly room a couple of things that are actually for the first time i got to appear as an audience participate 0 that people with real stores in terms of their insecurity around housing and their actual displacement stories i walked away with a question around how market rate housing can enhance or ignores affordable housing that was one the big strains through the meeting i i know that supervisor campos was there
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and panelist mentioned that there were patented from the government and the city and the mayor's office many of the nonprofits in the mission and keep come back how do we keep increasing market rate housing and that effects the affordable housing and couple of things resonated we sat here a couple weeks ago approved a bank and other businesses for every market rate business there's going to need coffee and the people will need the affordable housing they'll probably not been able to forecast it is too expensive i think for me there's a good business sense here if we increase affordable housing actually helps the economy has will if so a holistic eco system we've heard from the businesses in fisherman's wharf they were having a hard time with
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transportation issues that were hurting them we need to look at this is a good business to increase not only a social thing but explorers increase the affordable housing anyone have any concrete believable relationship on how to increase the avenue i'll be interested in hearings from them the second one many of the folks have seen or heard supervisor wiener introduced the heethsd we had 23 and 24 that came before us 23 and 24 were continued i think this is interesting he heard the issues of the neighborhoods talking about the heights and we'll be hearing about that from our supervisors. >> thank you commissioner moore. >> one aspect of housing we're not involved but housing is not
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included as affordable housing with the issue of homelessness someone forwarded an interesting oral this is john steinberg in the san francisco magazine why can't san francisco solve it's homeless problem this is i written by gary the author of cool city the article touches on a point which i think will move all of us i'll forward the article to the commission secretary for to be passed on to staff it if a they're interested. >> commissioners seeing no further comments we'll move on bringing before i move on the public the rules committee was scheduled to having their second meeting that will be held on
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march 12 directors announcements. >> good evening, commissioners i want to mention one that yesterday we released the draft environmental review for the university i will say this report is highly unusual eir because of the multiple locations and i just if you'll allow me i'll take a moment to recognize the staff they worked hard and working on a challenging sponsor chelsea the project manager has worked tireless and rick and scott sanchez who helped with the respect to the eir as well as christine and john and susan and from the city attorney's office susan cleveland that is
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humane on this i want to take a moment to recognize we're hearing on the crafted eir scheduled for april 16th a longer than normal comment period the close is april 27th so we will be sending those out today, if you don't have them already, and, secondly, just wanted to briefly comment on the short-term rental work we're doing 50e67 calls most of them asking for appointment to register there is a bit of misinformation out there for the record i want to correct for your prudent persons and the public there's been confusion about a business license is required some of the platforms saying it is explicitly required
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in the legislation to do short-term rental one must get a business license before coming to the smacking department this is more you have that business license when you come to the department to register and with that that concludes my comments. >> item 7 past review of the supervisors there was no historic preservation commission yesterday. >> good morning, everyone. at&t park this week and land use commission we had one item the interim controls for the building permits adopt by market and south van ness supported by supervisor kim will require a posted notice for commercial buildings the interim controls extended previous expired on december of last year the item was amended and continued until
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next week at the full board two items the office conversion and landmark building passed its second reading and the appeal hearing for 2655 broadway was drawn u withdrawn so that's good two introductions the first one was a hearings request by supervisor farrell and supervisor christensen from the planning department to enforce of short-term rental owners and for effective enforcement this is a quick hearing next week i believe we'll be attending that so law enforcement staff and the interim controls that commissioner richards mentioned richardson sorry is intended to address the issues for the monster homes in
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the crescent height and will result in permanent controls that concludes my presentation. >> and the board of appeals met briefly 3828 caesar chavez some of the be complicated history the permit was issued no error but if you want to deny this permit we did not deny the permit that was essentially issued last night so today, i issued a revocation notice for the permit clearly it was issued in error and sanchez is before you as a discretionary review so there's a minor rear yard addition but the appeal of the decision the board had some
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serious concerns about the variance matter and there was some i think alignment about denying the variance application and continue to come to a resolution that will be on calendaring for march 18 the depended is offering did ability to meet with the parties we'll offer that the next hearing is march 18 a they'll not obeying be meeting until then that's all thank you. >> commissioners that places us in general public comment not to exceed exceed all matters listed under the consent agenda are considered by the board to be routine and will be enacted by one resolution in the form or forms listed below. if discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent agenda spaild i have no
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speaker cards. >> commissioners that places you under regular calendar the octavia project this is an informational presentation and good afternoon david planning staff my pleasure to be here to provide an overview of the market octavia living program excluding a tool activist kit you received in your packet through the last two years through a genus grant provided from caltrain in partnership with public works and mta the planning department has been working with the community
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members in the market value octavia plan to repeal is tool kit and the means by which to distribute $2 million in back fees specifically allocated to alley improvements in the market octavia as you may or may not know the market octavia plan contains high volume materials that carry over one hundred trips daily and in addition the market octavia plan is having a network of alleys and it was envisioned that enter spurred those occupy a 6 percent of the market octavia plan with certain environmentalist it was
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comboilgdz those alleys are walkable open spaces that offset the traffic of the aerials with the area plan market octavia plan enables and helps people with the alley improvements and this program is an extension of that in the mind a tool kit to provide resident owners and small businesses with achieving a liveable alley with a series of workshops that began with the liveable alleys to presenting a range of a plans we so you get to engage or solicit the community groups to come forward with the design for the gal let me see we'll use for the
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portfolio we received 4 plaques for the living alleys and end up with two with are still going forward and using these as prototypes we use to vet through various design criteria and technical perimeters we completed our last workshop last night through this process we established a series of goals to frame our discussions of living alleys the four goals the living alleys should be green and shared and vibrate and clean and safe we undertook through the prototypes designs that we have high impact on the feasibility
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of any improvements that people decide to pursue like hi draufkz and water through ultimately into the establishment sewer system road composition and other things and emergency vehicle access and disability or a universal assessable and parking concerns we also included in our tool kit a sampling of maps existing conditions of almost a third of the alley that people might happy to live on the additional my engaging and understanding the physical constraint that their alley has so here's an example of our one of our 20 tools in the tool kits
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not crosswalks for example in the upper part we have a scroll bar that describes the range of involvement and describes the use and function in relation to one of the four goals the design and location criteria and following additional resources we might want to reference or continue to look at that parcular tool in relation. in addition to our design tools we've included the implementation resources to help community groups help organize and design and permit and build or enjoy their alley specifically things people need to know are expected costs and potential funding sources
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one of the funding sources that are available so there the market octavia plan is $50 million in impact fees i'll get to that in a moment to determine how to distribute that to eligible community groups anticipate looking at public and private partnerships that enables us to carries business asia this is pretty large goal so with this information in mind people can go in with a full understanding of how to build a living alley we developed two main prototypes with the community groups the first thing is a shared
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prototype on the 2 hundred block of willie i'm sorry ivy we envisioned a series of credential steps starting with the sidewalk planting to a full blown single surface street that prioritizes pedestrians that signals to the vehicles that are a pedestrian priority street second type that we developed was in response to community groups that no everything can undertook a huge street it is time consuming what's the lower cost we've dubbed that as a living zone prototype we're taking a place in the alley that
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didn't have existing projects and being able to claim it as space for residents to you furniture in a seaman's way but basically creating the space in a low cost way to close to through traffic with the use of elements perhaps gates and here's an example of how it may view over time into a more - so the next steps as i mentioned we have a tool kit it describes design tools and describes process we also have a funding source getting the funding into the hands of the community groups we've 0 gone through a spefkz tailored type of process to the groups that will be revolted out in april of 2015 we
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have decided that in response to those pro tips with the large capped out at 2 hundred and 50s thousand dollars for the first prototype other things we have on our plate to continue it work with other city departments to develop the city standards for the streets currently on the project sponsors and the community groups to undertake the maintenance and liability in purpose opportunity because they go to the guitars and the sidewalks we'll talk about the things moving forward the city taking under their wings especially if it's a cost benefit whether this is through accessibility or fire perimeters
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so thirdly, conducted in your handbook it is in excess of 18 months with the city jurisdictions involved i think there's room in that to continue with the dialog to somehow streamline and cooperate a design that people can knows with certainty what the pit falls falls might be in the permitting process so number 4 this tool kit was developed for the market value octavia plan and with the policies the information included is applicable to any and all alleys throughout the city we would like to courage the state and some kind of city benefits to be extended to other neighborhoods
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in san francisco lastly thank you to the planning staff and milking from public works as well as others nicks and kevin from public works and (calling names) and pacific from mta for the collaboration with our project i'll be happy to answer any questions >> thank you we have one speaker card it is alex light. >> thank you commissioners i'm alice light director of the community planning at taco the living alley tool kit is good work with a lot of great information how to beautiful the alleys unless there's a broader
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neighborhood comprehensive plan in place you need to look at a community building alley kit like what todco is applying we've been building since 19 it make o facts more beautification working on an alley in isolation can lead to mistakes so the starting point before you do anything it needs to be a comprehensive analysis to understand what's going on in selma we looked at a single block but in other neighborhood might look at a cluster of a few blocks where the blocks are smaller this is serving and reaching out and learning about neighborhood needs and safety concerns and challenges on the
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block all of the in and out of the specific unique situation of the block and alleys this is a thorough analyze it could take a year in the tool kits the analysis stage is given less than time only one month it is a huge mistake to pass on 80 and to change the state of the analysis only after completion can it be analyzed here we go an example of a plan that was done utilizing community building it is a clean alley we know will be prioritized because of it's proximity to fulsome this plan is continuing viewing based on the neighborhood the element of our community building tool it's i it's i kit not in the plan s
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are security cameras and traffic control officers and on street trash contra corals and motorcycle parking when it's time to do the alley progress it is a community tool kit we want more than beautification thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner tom with the living city i want to say this is an expiring legislation e prosecution this is livingable city we've stared the space for the alleys is terrific reclaiming open space where 25 percent of our students is city streets to