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tv   [untitled]    March 1, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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our neighborhood. as you could imagine, being elected, we just got into tax season and it's a lot of impact in how we're spending them. we assure that our neighborhoods are getting the infrastructure and improvements to accommodate this growth. i'm particularly going to be paying attention to transportation. supervision wiener, you might want to join us in that request. so colleagues, with that, i submit >> thank you, supervisor cohen. madam president. >> thank you. colleagues, we have before us now the sequel category before us at 26445 broad street in district two. can you call item 27 through 30. >> compromised a special order of 3:00 p.m. for public
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hearing of persons interested in categorial exemption under environmental review under the california environmental act issued by the planning department for the proposed project located at 265 broad view street. madam president, i'm in receipt of communications from mr. david woug his appeals without prejudice. >> okay. thank you. i understand the apell ate has withdrawn but before we make a decision we are required to hold a hearing and give members of the public the chance to speak on the appeal at this time. would you like to make any comments before we move into the hearing? >> thank you, i did meet with the colleagues yesterday. i want to thank mrs. resky and the neighbors coming in to
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discuss the appeal and the project sponsor. he has agreed to withdraw his appeal without prejudice and my office is going to be working with d d i and request that everyone comes to my office to have meetings together to come to a resolution on the remaining issue. i want to thank both parties for agreeing to come together and work this out. if the colleague can dismiss that all after the procedure. >> okay. great. first, would the apell ant like to make a statement? is the apell ant here? not at this time. is there any members of the public that would like to speak in support of the apell ant? if so you have two minutes. seeing none, it is closed. did the planning department have any remarks? would the project
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sponsor like to speak at this time? >> good afternoon president breed. i'm craig here on behalf of the project sponsor. we strongly request that the board hear the matter of this appeal today rather than table it. the city has already expended resources and the planning staff is here to explain the decision and the efficient use of those resources is to act now and put this matter to rest. there are no sequel issues with this appeal. we hope it's clear that there is no legitimate basis for this appeal under sequel and thus, no reason to postpone acting on it. >> the appeal has been withdrawn so we will be acting on it today for clarity. >> thank you. i appreciate you madam president. we
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appreciate supervisor farrell's offer to negotiate the issues and we look forward to that resolution. >> thank you, very much. are there any members of the public who would like to speak in support of the project? okay. with that, public comment is closed. and this hearing has been held and conducted. and it's now closed. item 28, 29, and 30 are before us. supervisor farrell >> motion to table all those items. >> okay. supervisor, before we move forward, i would like to recognize attorney john gib ner. >> you have two options. because an appeal has been held, if you attempt to perform the sequel for the department,
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you should pass item 28 and table items 29 and 30. >> okay. i will recognize supervisor farrell. >> madam president, i would like to withdraw my motion and approve items 28 and table 29 and 30. >> okay. is there a second? without objection, we will move forward in approval of supervisor farrell's recommendation unanimously. mad ma'am clerk, is there anything else in regards to the matter we need to deal with? >> you have properly disposed of items 29 through 30. >> okay. and could we presume roll call for introduction? >> next on roll call to introduce new business is supervisor farrell. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, i have a number of items today. the first one i would say i wish was not in
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front of us. but as an elected official who is an educated catholic, i do believe i have a responsibility to speak out. i want to thank my colleagues, a number of you, supervisor wiener and supervisor campos. let me say first of all, i am a proud catholic. i am proud to have been born and raised here in san francisco within our catholic school system. and proud to be part of a practicing catholic family in our city. however, these past few weeks have been some of the most challenging weeks in my life in a kwath lick church and i know i am not alone. at a time when pope francis has given so many of us inside and outside of the church such great hope, recent events outside have overshadowed those of our own. with the parishes to disallow young women from serving as alter girls and
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stopping the blessing to those who have not received their first holy communion. to give papers asking about master bagz to children and i believe in honor of the first state thomas jefferson first coined which is rude in our constitution. catholic or organization, i don't believe it's the place of government to speak out against any belief system unless, of course, it is contrary to our core values and laws as a society. after all, membership is voluntary and men and women are free to join or leave at their own free will. however, when any organization religious or otherwise places
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requirements on us as religious or laws i do believe we are allowed to speak out to give voice of those affected. first and for most on the face, this is true both of the content and the manner in which they were communicated. in so many ways, adherence and defense, inclusion over exclusion. tolerance over zrimdz. commitment to respect the individual person. and promotion of the common goods who make us what we are. our catholic church most certainly has the right to make sure our faith is taught in catholic schools and students are taught. however, for a pastor to deny girls to serve as alter
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girls, and discredit the contribution women make in our church, in my opinion, we should be intrusion to make young boys and girls, men and women to do more. -- the teachers should have to do outside of the school and many quote on quote grateful evil crosses the line. homosexual relations and reproductive, i question these teechgs. it doesn't mean i'm not catholic or i'm a bad catholic but that my informed knowledge tells me over wise. i certainly do not know what to say to the teachers of are over the lg b t communities in our schools. i
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know so many.what about the teachers who have brothers, sisters, friends or close relatives who are members of the lg b t or have reproductive --. we stand up for and support or lg b t community and honor and celebrate those who choose to bring life into this world. it's particularly challenging that these events are coming at a time when so many people inside and outside of the community has been inspired by pope francis. a pope who has delivered a message of simplicity and service to this church. who am i to judge? a pope who has not changed church
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teachings but has drastically changed the tone of the church and how it pressures the approach of church teachings. inclusion and dialogue with the exclusionry and authoritative tone which marks recent communications. more over the hot button topics which are the focus of these communications almost all relating to sexualty is what the church spouses. where are the key components for this church? respect all people, especially those marginalized in our community. respect in particular those affected by race or poverty. combatting the gun violence and equality. the message is coming from pope
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francis and our local arch diesz. this confusion can inhibit the positive engagement in the work of the church. when there's a constant need here in san francisco for members of our local community to combat this facesing us as a city. we need to be galvanized. with the recent instances of violence on our streets, our growing homeless population and in many respects, i would suggest that san francisco needs an active catholic community. a community that has been a pillar for san francisco for generations. our needs are great and i hope we can move forward in a positive way. as pope francis stated, i
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prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets rather than a church being unhealthy from being confined and clean to his own skufrment i respect as a legislature and pray as a catholic that the problems are resolved in a manner that thoerns teachers in our catholic schools. recognizes the catholic church and both respects and embodies the san franciscans. the resolution supports the incredible teachers in our catholic schools in san francisco. it recognizes the catholic church and above all, acknowledges our teachers in both perspectives and respects the leadership of the catholic church as well as the individuals in the church and our schools who serve our communities to make their own
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formal decisions. no matter what decision, as a faith community in san francisco, we can often move past these events and dedicate ourselves to the mission of our churches and once again, focus on being men and women here in the city of st. francis. the second item, colleagues is an ordinance that i will be introducing a week from today. earlier today i was joined by national, state, and local public health and youth advocates to announce that we will be introducing legislation to make san francisco the first city to band smoking on all our athletic fields. prolonged use can cause cancer death, and so many other ill effects in between. it's time to show tobacco in any form should no longer claim the lives of our family and friends here in san
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francisco. as somebody who played baseball in high school and college and chewed tobacco for many years, i know how addicting it can be but the benefits do not out way the cost. i want to be clear. i am doing this for my children. my wife and i are blessed that they've been in the chambers. we have three beautiful children one of which two of my boys are playing baseball on a team i'm coaching. i don't want my children's features or the future of any child in san francisco growing up chewing tobacco no more. we will state that chewing tobacco is not allowed on any sporting fields in san francisco. yes, it will apply to at&t park but no, it
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will not apply to anywhere else when you step out of the field. we will have similar requirements and penalty structures in place. i think it will give teams the ability to adjust. it will not take affect into january 2016. right now 50 percent of boys who play chew tobacco. right now in our country, a large percent of boys try chewing tobacco under age 18. while chewing tobacco has been linked to sports and baseball in particular, it doesn't need to be part of our future. with spring coming in front of us, it's time for us to step to the plate and support the next generation. i'm also introducing a hearing request
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today. let me thank you supervisor mar for that sponsorship of that item. regarding enforcement with our air legislation and to discuss the capabilities of the short-term rentals ordinance taking effect. one of the key issues has been with enforcement. the planning department is starting to fill up which is great but we need to make sure as a city we're adequately prepared to enforce the merits of this law. i want to review their processies and in front of budget season, i want to understand what the needs are going forward. i'm supportive of the ordinance although it is just the beginning and we need to continue to examine these issues moving forward. lastly colleagues, i do have to
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end the memorial yum today that i'm incredibly sad to speak about. when we come to the board, we have a maximum of eight years to be on the board of supervisors and you hope that you certainly don't ever do one of these for an immediate supervisor or close friend. and in my respect as well, parents of very close friends and people you've grown-up with your whole lives. today, i do. beverly d'angelo passed away last monday february 16th surrounded by her family. beverly was a born and raised san franciscan. she attended stevens mercy high school and a college for women in low mountain. she was the loving wife of big jack for 49 amazing years and the adoring
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mother of four. she was the caring grandmother of three. sister of elaine mccarthy. sister-in-law, and aunt. she dedicated her professional life to teaching young children for over 30 years as a grammar school teacher. she was an amazing woman. she has an amazing family that she has left behind. i cannot believe that she is not with us anymore. i both pray for her and her entire family and that they enjoyed the days they spent together. i ask that we adjourn today's meetings in her memory. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. >> thank you. i would like to be added as a cosponsor to
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supervisor farrell's resolution with the arch diesz. i just want to make a brief announcement. i know that supervisor campos and i have talked quite a bit about the two fires in our district and i do want to thank the community for their out powering support for or families. we do continue to do fund raising for the families placed in the fair. i know we had a more recent fire in district eight this past weekend as well and this is definitely an issue that we as a city need to address. i want to ask our constituents and the public to help get word out about our hands up fund raising drive. the families have all agreed to work together and split the money that is raised. all of the money will go directly to our families, no other organizations or other entity
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will be taking a cut or fee. i want to thank hands up for providing that service. it is hand it is for families of the fire. if you can help circulate it on your social media and to your coworkers it will be appreciated. the community is also organizing a fund raiser at the playground this wednesday. it is being organized by a level of latina and central as a real collaborative. we will be partnering with the fire department and people are encouraged to drop off children's clothing, jackets in particular as well as bedding in good use. that is tomorrow between 4:00 to 6:00 on the corner of farrell and larkin. we appreciate the support but we want to make sure these families are not forgotten and
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we continue to support them doing then credibly hard time. finally, i do want to wish the city and the public a happy new year. [speaking spanish] >> thank you, supervisor kim. senator mar. >> thank you. i'm directing our city attorney to begin drafting with our office an opportunity to the purchase act. we all know about the crisis of ford absent in our city. however, despite the housing crisis epidemic our board has the resources to address this crisis. in our current period of great economic prosperity, i believe it's our obligation to help san franciscans who are being forced to leave the city they helped build. the legislation would give tenants the first
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chance to purchase their unit or building if their landlord decides to sell. this will give working san franciscans the opportunity to stay in place and not be displaced and it will give tenants a chance to purchase their units at fair market value. it is in baltimore, maryland and the state of florida where tenants are provided notice the property will be up for sale and the tenants have the opportunity with the special amount of time to match the amount of money by the other parties. i encourage my colleagues to support the san san franciscans who are in danger of being displaced. many of us serve on the golden
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gate bridge district. i used to be on the bridge board as well. the bridge is a public treasure that's earned by the district of the northern counties. san franciscans and the bay area and tourists all over the world enjoy the bridge 365 days a year. it's not just a piece of infrastructure but also a gateway to the national park and has history in it and the architectal wonder. it's one of the wonders in the world in many people's opinion. san francisco is expensive enough. this isn't something people should have to pay for to enjoy. people on foot are not contributing to the wear and tear on the bridge. it's the cars, trucks and advance. walking and biking are contrary to the health and environmental goals of our city and our
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region and the golden gate bridge itself. i wanted to thank the bike coalition and the walkers. the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor mar. supervisor tang. >> thank you. colleagues today in partnership with supervisor nina and gene and animal's rights advocates since we're speaking up for our animal friends that don't have a voice. i am speaking up for existing laws whether it's city, state or federal, they do not protect our animals from certain conditions when involved in animal shows. animal welfare laws are difficult to enforce for these traveling shows because many of them move between jurisdictions so the best way for us to send a strong message that we do not support the use of animals,
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especially for entertainment puchs is to ban these in san francisco. not concluded to monkeys, elephants ferls those not in compliance with the law could be sentenced up to one year in jail and a fine. for example, even if you google certain images if you can handle it, it's quite sad to see these images. this often results in physical injury and extreme cases, death of chronic stress and trauma also has physical and psychological health on the animals. in addition to the animal's health, some of these shows also endanger trainers and the public. for example, there has been incidents where
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the elephants have trampled their trainers. a chichl has bitten their trainer and tigers and zebras have escaped from their quarters. they're up to 11 months of travel for a year. animals travel in small box carts for 24 to 36 hours on the road creating incredibly stressful environments. this legislation doesn't just cover things such as circuses but also for using animals in filming. we're very glad that members of our film commission have okayed the support of this as well. i do believe the lejsz legislation strikes a balance for those educating the public. for example, we will be exempting out institutions that promote
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animals for entertainment purposes. we're not alone. there are ten other municipalities that have these in place. but of course i think that we can do more and we really hope that san francisco can set an example for other jurisdictions, other states and other countries around the world to follow suite. again, i would like to thank my colleagues for cosponsoring. most of all, i would like to thank dr. allen and dr. richmond, rows mary ellis for the march of elephants and the numbers and numbers of animal rights advocates who work on this issue on a daily basis. and of course, my staff, ashley
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summers for her work on this legislation. so again, i hope we as san francisco can serve as a strong example throughout the world and i wanted to thank my colleagues and see if they have any comments as well >> thank you supervisor tang. madam president seeing that it is 3:30, i will hand it back to you. >> okay. thank you madam clerk. at this time, we have our 3:30 accommodations in honor of black history month. i would like to start by recognizing supervisor cohen for opening remarks. >> good afternoon everyone. thank you for joining us today in the chamber. i have a few brief remarks to set the tone of why we're here today and the purpose of this occasion. every february we get together and celebrate black history month which provides an opportunity for annual observation on the importance of african americans and the
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events that have happened in this country. black history month really isn't about beingdy visive. it's about recognizing the often mrishts throughout history. black history months gives us the opportunity to correct many of the misrepresentations and fallacies of the african american country. black history month opens dialogue and interactions. it's these conversations and interactions that can lead to a better understanding and of course, a better appreciation for what experiences and daily dilemmas each of us go through as we try to make accommodations to our family and friends and of course, the larger society. when we talk about the differences that make us