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tv   [untitled]    March 5, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the public safety and neighborhood services committee for march 5, 2015 will begin shortly.
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>> [gavel] the meeting will come to order. good afternoon everyone. my name is is eric mar. i'm the chair of the public safety and neighborhood services committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. this is our meeting of thursday march 5, 2015. to my right is vice chair supervisor david campos. to my left is supervisor julie christensen. our clerk is mr. derek evans. mr. evans are there any announcements? >> yes, please make sure to silent cell phones and devices and speaker cards somebody submitted to the clerk. items will be on the march 15, 2015 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. please call item number one. >> item number one is a hearing to consider the transfer of a type 21 off-sale general
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license from from 5801 geary boulevard to 225 bush street for beth aboulafia doing business as target corporation, dba target express. >> i believe we have a report. welcome back. >> good morning. i am a lieutenant from the san francisco police department. we have an application from taret corporation for a type 21 off site. if approved it would allow the premises to sell off sale beer wine and distilled spirits. this is not the conventional target we're familiar with. this is new in san francisco. target is looking at a smaller more contained model that is going to be similar to other pharmaceutical larger chain retails that we have throughout the city so this is a much smaller square footage compared
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to the traditional store. i will point out there are no letters we are regarding a protest or letters of support. the space was vacant. there were 16 calls for service. none of them relating to what's occurring today. i would mention that this premise is currently located in an area of high crime. it's also in an area of undue concentration. the department is recommending this license for approval with the following conditions. condition number one sales of beverages shall be permitted between seven and 11:00 p.m. daily except thanksgiving day to new years day and prermented from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.. that is to allow for the holiday shopping season. no more than 5,000 square feet of the retail space is used for the sale of
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beverages. we want to tighten this up so it's a small component of what the business is doing. distilled spirits in sizes smaller thran 375ml is strictly prohibited and we want get away from the small bottles and looking for a large product that has a mainstream audience. no malt beverage shall be sold with greater volume% as listed except for microbreweries and craft breweries and specialty malt products sold usually the designation as stout, porter, ipa and esp. this condition is intended to eliminate low cost products that are abused but not prohibit the sale of these products and we recognize the market of the craft beers and
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trying to allow that segment that doesn't create a police program but eliminate the low cost that are frequently abuse abused malt beverages. beer and malt beverages and wine containers larger than 32 ounces are prohibited. none should be sold in -- and the manufacturer prepackaged quantities of four. condition number 7. no wine shall be sold with a greater contenlt of 15% by volt volumes and we're focusing on getting rid of the low cost problematic products and wine shall be sold in -- shall not be sold in bottles or containers smaller
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than 750mls except in multiple quantities and we are recommending this application for approval and i will add that the applicant has agreed to the conditions. >> thank you. i want to thank you for returning to the committee with your expertise and experience as well. mr. clerk we are notified that we are item two and not one and without objection we will go back to item 1 and this is in district 3 so before we have the representatives from target express supervisor christensen. >> thank you. i just want to say that we have looked into this that the location is in larger commercial financial district location. i think it's already a formula retail area. it's not a place generally where indigents hang out or take available of the opportunities here, but also one of the things that we have been looking at in
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the area is more neighborhoods serving businesses. we are hoping to increase residential capacity in this area so a facility like this one that would not only serve the workers of the financial district but also potentially be an asset to neighbors that might live by is generally looked upon favorably so my office has not been able to find anyone in opposition to this so we think it's a good use for the building. >> thank you. now i would like to ask if the target reps could come forward. thank you. >> so hello i am the store manager of the taret express that opened up in the financial district yesterday. i am happy to speak on behalf of target and thrilled to be bringing a new
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store to the city where i was born and raised. the taret express model much like what you have seen at aims roll out a smaller footprint in existing urban spaces to fit the culture and the integrity of the neighborhood. taret has been well received in the san francisco community and proud of the partnership we have created here including the prarp with mission hiring hall that we hire local san franciscans in our stores and 80% of the work force are san francisco residents. as you know we give 5% of the post tax profits back the surrounding community. in 2013 alone we provided more than $1 million in schools and nonprofit organizations in san francisco. taret is committed to be a good corporate partner and we are able to do this through successful sales of our products at our stores. because of this i encourage you to approve our
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liquor license for the new taret express financial district. thank you. >> thank you. are there any questions colleagues for ms. lui? i had a question how large are the taret expresses versus the different other size stores within the company? >> our typical general merchandise stores are around 150,000 square feet. our city tarets are from 80 to 40 and taret express is around 20,000 square feet. >> great. thank you. let's open this up -- supervisor christensen. let's open it up for public comment then. thank you very much. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] . supervisor christensen. >> shall i move to the board with approval. >> yes and do that without objection. thank you.
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mr. evans call item 1. >> item 1 is consider a type 48 on-sale general public premises license from 1501 folsom street to the same street as expansion of premises to leticia m. luna for lml resaurants inc. >> thank you. lieutenant. >> supervisor before us is an existing club. it hasn't been operating recently but they're doing a premise expansion. it's going to be a rebranding of a previous club and going to be multi-level. the first level is primarily a music on the main level followed up by a smaller lounge on the second floor also with the music component and i think the most significant change we're looking at is a top floor that will be a food component. the type of license we're talking about a 48 is an on sale general which means if approved it will allow them to see on site beer, wine and
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disspilled spirits but they're chooses to provide food and not required by the license and primarily on the roof top level. we have no record of any protests. we have no record of any support. similar to the previous application we reviewed there are some calls for service but the premise is currently been boarded up. there have been 52 calls for service. most are quality of life related and if anything i see that number significantly dropping once the premise is open and operating again. i would point out this is located in an area of high crime and in an area of undue concentration of liquor licenses. we are recommending this application for approval with the following conditions. condition number one. sales service consumption of beverages shall be permitted between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. on sunday 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
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monday through saturday and on new years avenue, christmas eve, thanksgiving eve and the 4th of july and been memorial day and labor day. we do that because of the fluctuation with calendars and had concerns in the past from the industry with locking them into hours. number two. hours are listed for the sales for the roof and cutting the roof hours back. condition number 3 regarding security. personnel should be readily identifiable by security by wearing distinctive clothing that has a logo of the establishment and security staff. condition number 4. between 4:00 p.m. and 1/2 hour pass closing there shall be security personnel and prevent active eight prevent with the
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quiet employment by residents. the key component is the extra half-hour on the back end and we get everyone excited not wanting to go home and outside chatting and smoke and that could be problematic so with that support of security it will make it easier transition for the community at night time. number 5. the sale of alcohol beverages for off sale consumption and strictly prohibited. a lot of people don't realize our licenses have inherent underlying secondary privileges. although this is on site license it has an off site privilege so if we don't put that condition it could be an off sale liquor store so we keep them in their environment and supper club environment. condition number 7. -- no excuse me. number 6. no person under the age of 21 years shall
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furnish or deliver alcoholic beverages. number 7. no noise should be audible beyond the control of the licensee. number 8. the petitioner is responsible for free of litter adjacent to the premise which they have control. regarding loitering. it's defined to stand idling about aimlessly without lawful business is prohibited under the license of the premise and under the control of licensee. number 10 and 11 speak to lighting and the interior lighting should be sufficient to see all patrons where alcohol beverages are delivered, consumed or purchased and make easily discernible the conduct of all persons on the premises and shall not disturb
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the normal privacy and use of any neighboring precedents. condition number 12. at no time shall the third operator promoter should have operation over this business. we want the ownership of the license to be responsible for his business and lastly graffiti. shall be removed from the premises and all parking lots within 72 hours of application. if it occurs on a friday or weekend day or holiday they shall remove it 72 hours following the next business -- excuse me beginning the next weekday. with these conditions we are recommending this application for approval and i would also add that also in this case the applicant has concurred with these conditions. >> colleagues are there any questions? supervisor christensen. >> the roof top service of alcohol. is that a condition that existed when the club was
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in operation before? >> no. there was not roof top service that we're aware of and certainly not part of the previous license. that i can speak for sure too. >> i thought i remembered the location. so can we presume that any changes to the building or any expansion permits they have gotten have dealt with noise and light glare issues related to adjacent properties? >> i think what we can speak for sure it went through the planning department and approved to get to this point. the other thing i can tell you they think is relevant to your question there was a 500-foot mailer that went out to all of the residents around the place and the business was posted for 30 days and we checked with the alcohol beverage control and they received no objection. >> so the neighbors are aware of this change in use at the facility? we presume? >> yes. >> thank you. >> and i should add that we --
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my staff checked in with supervisor kim who is supportive of this recommendation and i wanted to acknowledge that the roof top deck the hours are not until 2:00 a.m. but midnight. >> correct. >> and i think that's a good condition. and i know that here we have ms. luna from lml enterprise if you would like to tell us about your business, and it's the old paradise lounge i i think. is that right? >> yes it is. good afternoon everyone. yes it's the old paradise and also we are sound proofing the whole building. when i saw this property i was looking around for another night club and the prior owner of [inaudible] and bought it from cesars plaza and switched to what it is now and i took a break for a couple of years and
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i am ready to come back into the business. >> >> and since we have a roof top that would be great for the neighborhood since no one has a club and the roof top and sometimes we go out and have a nice dinner and don't want to drive because it's expensive or out of our way and here you have costco that is $10 for parking. you can dine up stairs and enjoy music on the first floor which will be salsa and the second floor will be jazz and i will bring in events like i did in my previous establishment and hope that the people that enjoy the music will have dinner with us. we are closing early upstairs so we will not bother the
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neighbors and all have my contact information and can talk to me directly. i am hands on with all of my businesses and started in 1979 and went to the lineup and went to. [speaking spanish] and i am looking forward to opening up something and unique in san francisco which i don't think anybody has done. thank you for your time. >> thank you ms. luna. any questions colleagues? let's open this up for -- supervisor campos. >> thank you. i don't have any questions for ms. luna but i want to be acknowledge -- welcome back lee and thank you to the chief for sending you back to us. >> >> i think we can learn from your knowledge and expertise and in terms of this business owner i know this item is in district 6 and i am not surprised that supervisor kim is supporting it because those that know ms.
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luna know here to be very responsible member of the community very responsible business owner, and it certainly makes the job of a supervisor who has to take into account the kinds of issues that could arise with this kind of venue makes the job easier to have someone like her involved. she is i think a respected member of the community or anyone that knows her, so i am very excited to hear about this project, very innovative and i am sure if anyone can approach it in a very responsible way that you can, so i am glad you're the one who is doing this. >> thank you. >> let's open this up for public comment. anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] is in a motion colleagues? >> so moved. move this item
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forward with a positive recommendation. >> without objection? thank you colleagues. >> thank you. >> thank you congratulations. mr. evans please call the next item. >> >> item 3 is transfer of a type 48 on-sale general public premises license on 635 8th street to 115 sansome street treasury r & b holdings, llc dba the treasury. >> lieutenant. >> before you is a type 48 license and will allow the sale of beer and wine and distilled spirits and operated in the mission of san francisco and now creating a new location at the said location. i would point out there are no letters of protest. we're not aware of any letters of support. i would add it's in an area of high crime
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and area of undue concentration of licenses. we are recommending this for approval with the following conditions. condition number one the front door shall be kept closed at all times of operation of the premises except in cases of emergency and permit deliveries. said doors not to consist sole leave a screen or ventilating security door. number two, no noise should be audible under the control of the licensee as declined by the diagram. number 3. the sale of off sale beverages is prohibited. number 4. the petitioner is responsible maintain free of litter the property adjacent to the premises which they have control. number 5 is with loitering and standing aimlessly about and prohibited on any sidewalk or building adjacent
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to the premises under the control of the licensee as depicted in his ab abc diagram. lastly -- the last condition is the exterior of the premise shall be equipped with power to imliewm nate and easily discernible the conduct of all persons on or about the premises. additionally the lighting shall not disturb the normal privacy and use of any neighboring residents. with these conditions we are recommending this license for approval and i would also add that the applicant has concurred with these conditions. >> thank you lieutenant. let me ask if philip west is here from the treasurer or a rep. please come forward and we will ask supervisor christensen to weigh in on this as well because it's in district 3. >> good afternoon. hi. so this is my third business venture in san francisco. i'm
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the owner of range in the mission on valencia street. i'm also the owner of third rail which is in dog patch which is on 20 ethstreet off of third street, and in both of those cases i saw -- >> can you speak into the mic? >> in both of those cases i saw two spots that needed a little shine and love. 842 valencia was formerly another business. i took it over in 2004. it was a great place and fun. it had been let go a bit and we came in and spent about a million dollars to basically improve the space, ada improvements, electrical, plumbing everything, pored new concrete, so we definitely went on valencia street in a time it's still rough around the edges. i
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remember the park next to us was nicknamed crack park or needle park and now instead of worrying who is out there now we hear the sound of children playing in the new playground there so we really feel we were at the forefront of changing that area on the street. same thing happened at thirderate on 20th street. it was more of a dive bar, had seen several owners over the course the last 10, 15 years. there's a fair amount of illegal activity and music in the basement without permitting and we did the same thing. took about half million dollars and improved it with ada improvements, made it a beautiful bar and now this is more of a craft cocktail bar
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where people can relax and have a quiet drink, so we see the same kind of progression here with the treasury. not so in the sense that the space needs a whole lot of improving because it's a gorgeous space, but as mentioned earlier we want to provide something for the neighborhood that isn't there right now which is a very relaxed comfortable classy setting. we're not looking to open up a frat house bar if you want to call it that of that nature. we're looking to do a classy place with great cocktails and more of a lounge atmosphere and when i walked into the space my breath was taken away a gorgeous space and it hasn't been utilized if i am correct for almost five years now. it used to be a
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haberdashy and we have been calling it the minifairy business and blue bottle is on the other side and a common area and see it as a special spot and great addition to the neighborhood. >> thank you. supervisor christensen. >> i have talked to my friends in dog patch. they're pretty happy hanging out at third rail. i think that we can look forward to great things on this stretch of sansome street. >> thank you very much. >> let's open this up for public comment. seeing none. public comment is now closed. supervisor christensen. >> i move to send to the full board for approval. >> thank you. can we do this without objection? thank you. [gavel] . thank you. please call item four. >> item four is a hearing to consider the issuance of general
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theater license on 1127 market street for nancy livingston for the american conservatory theater doing business as the strend. >> lieutenant. >> this is a special license 64 general on sale general license and allow the playhouse to serve beer, wine and distilled spirits. i expect most are familiar with the american conservatory theater and they currently operate on market not far from this proposed location. it's a much smaller space and i apologize i am trying to locate its name. well you know what? i thought it was in here. anyway they have a current location down the street and of course they have their main theater at