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tv   [untitled]    March 5, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm PST

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s being exercised. with these conditions we are recommending this application for approval and again i would add that the applicant concurs with these conditions. >> thank you lieutenant. is nancy livingston, the chair of the act foundation here or her representative? >> her representative. my name is is jason seaver and the director of finance at american conservatory theater. nancy livingston couldn't be here today. she's the chair of our board of trustees so i actually brought a few pictures. this is the current -- this is our most recent rendering of the strand theater. i think most of you are aware of this project. we're excited about this new theater for us. we purchased this blighted theater about three years ago and under construction for two years, and
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we're right around the corner from actually opening the theater so we're expected to open in may and our first show will be in june. what is going to be great about this theater will help activate the neighborhood and we will bring up to 50,000 people into the neighborhood to see the productions and have a 300 seat and 125 seat theater as well and a hub for the various education programs and our conservatory and masters in fine arts and young conservatory so we're excited about it and thank you for supporting this particular type 64 license. the other theater that is just two store fronts down from the strand theater is called the costume shop theater and that's a 49 seat theater and the hub recently of this great program called the community space sharing program where we were able to give the space to free for smaller organizations and
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we've had -- we've given away about 800 hours last year of performance time which resulted in 78 performances in that area that were not act related so we're excited to continue this space sharing into the strand as well and bring all of our programs into the area. do you guys have any questions for me at all? >> i think it's exciting for arts of the city to have this great beautiful spot so it's been three years in the marking it sounds like. >> it has been. we always wanted a second home for act and because of the location it's a wonderful place to have theater and it's also on the transportation lines which we really appreciate for all of the various patrons. >> thank you mr. seaver. >> yes. thank you. >> and i checked in with district 6 supervisor jane kim who is supportive of this as well. colleagues can we open this up for public comment?
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anyone from the public that would like to speak. public is closed. can we move it forward with a positive recommendation. >> yes. >> thank you. [gavel] . please call the next item. >> item 5 is for the edgewood center for children and families psychiatric facility and designation agreement and treatment facility and pursuant to section 5151 for youth ages five-17 and authorizing the director of behavioral health services to enter into a designation agreement with said facility. >> i intend to continue this item to the call of the chair but supervisor campos and i visited edgewood center and i thank supervisor christensen for the due diligence on checking in on the issues and i move that we continue this on the call of the chair. can we do that without objection? let's open it up for public comment. is there
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anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] so can we move this to the call of the chair without objection? thank you. [gavel] colleagues we have one other item but it's been agendized for 4:00 o'clock so i would like to just announce that the youth commission asked us to hold this hearing so they can maximize the amount of young people that will be let out of school soon so the time is 234 and recess the meeting and resume at 4:00 p.m.. thank you. [g
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>> [gavel] >> the meeting will resume. this is the public safety and neighborhood services committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. i am rickric the chair of the committee. to my left is julie christensen and we're expecting our vice chair david campos very soon. mr. evans can you call the next item. >> item 6 is a resolution recognizing the inauguration of
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the san francisco children's outdoor bill of rights of the resolution on october 18, 2014. >> thank you. the sponsor is mr. mark farrell and from his office is catherine stephanie. >> good afternoon. i am appearing on on behalf of supervisor farrell today. this was brought to our attention by the presidio trust who is here today and they were going to celebrate the inauguration of the san francisco children's outdoor bill of rights back in october in 2014. this resolution had been endorsed by the san francisco parks and rec commission and in 2007 the state of california adopted the nation's first state wide childrens' outdoor bill of rights to acknowledge the importance of nature to a child's physical and emotional
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well being. the presidio trust asked if supervisor farrell if he would put the same resolution in front of the board of supervisors it to recognize the initiative to promote these outdoor experiences listed for all san francisco children and commem rat this in october. this was a no brainer for supervisor farrell. as you know supervisor farrell is a former park director and is raising his kids here and understands that the children should be introduced to these areas and playing in the mud and sand and discovering wildlife and riding a bike among other things. the reason this is before you today it was originally on the adoption without reference to calendar but it was asked to refer it so the committee could hear it and
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we're glad they did that. i appeared before the youth commission twice and i was blown away by their analysis, their thoughtful questions and the way they looked at this resolution for us it's a no brainer. of course every child has a right to these experiences listed in the resolution and what i liked about what we heard in the youth commission is that what are we going to do about it? it's easy to pass a resolution but where does the real work begin? so what we realized is that the real work comes together -- i mean comes by everyone works together, asking how we make it happen how we pool department resources to make sure all of the children get to connect with nature and develop to their fullest potential, how we work with the youth leaders to enjoy the experiences in the resolution and how do we
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communicate to them in the city and county of san francisco and the things available to them? this of course is a larger conversation we're committed to. our office is committed work with the youth leaders and department heads and mark is comimentded to this as we go into the budget season as how can we set forth the priorities in the resolution and i urgure your department and i would like to turn on over to a representative from the presidio trust. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. i want to give a shout out to the youth in the house and great to have you here today. just one more step in making some history in san francisco a kind of revival of what childhood used to be like in the city what we love so much and we're raising children in so i will give an overview today. i want to call out charlotte
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hill and nonprofit connecting kids to parks and zoey that works for the youth stewardship program and connects youth with the natural heritage so the back story here -- i probably don't need this slide but the benefits. physical well being, less stress, intra and interpersonal skills development, increased cognitive functioning and increased sense of connection with nature -- >> we're waiting for the slides to appear on the screen but please continue. >> great. of course a development of a environment ethic rooted in place. you don't need a ph.d in child development to know intuitively these are quality parts of any childhood in the world so that brings us into the bigger picture. we're increasingly an
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urban species as of 2007. most human beings live in urban environments and i assume it includes everyone here in this chamber today and increasingly urban world means a more built landscapes that childhoods are being experienced in. a second major factor is the decreasing of outdoor time, and there are many reasons for that. one is increased technology. one is concerns about safety. so as a result of this over the past decade there have been numerous calls to action from the white house to local organizations like outdoor afro and one of those resulted in an initiative that catherine referred to, the california childrens' outdoor bill of rights which was the first of its kind in the united states, and since then roughly
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half of the states have created their own crustom tailored version of an outdoor bill of rights that is relevant to the children growing up within their respective state scpils add that cities created their own version, chicago and lansing michigan so four years ago there was a interdiscipline group of pediatricians, parents and park staff, urban ag folks that came together to bring that national and international conversation to the local level. what does it mean for the seven by seven of san francisco and for kids growing up in the urban environment of san francisco? so one main initiative that resulted from this collaborative is what we're discussing today. the slide they have up here is a survey that was in spanish, chinese and english that went
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out broadly into classrooms, into communities. this is a group of second graders at lawton elementary crunching the numbers from their particular survey. these are middle school students taking it in an after school program and it also brought us to city hall many times over the last year, to the rec and park commission, two blocks from here to the san francisco unified school district board, and i have to say there wasn't a whole lot of arm twisting here. people were genuinely very, very supportive of this new charter, new commitment to childhood in the city, so these are many -- most of the current family of endorsers. you will recognize i would imagine most of the logos on there. these agencies and organizations represent the
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stakeholders who are in a position to deliver to work as a team, as a village so to speak, to make this really work as something for every child and that is an emphasis on both the poster and the postcard which i will leave for all three of you. this isn't just for pacific heights. this isn't just for the richmond. this is every conner of san francisco every child growing up in the city. so i'm going to go through a few images of what this social compact represents. all photos taken in san francisco if you recognize many of those places,
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so we're at a point where we are gathering stakeholders. we are envisioning how we're going to collaborate together to deliver on this, and our recent meeting with the mayor's youth commission gave us good ideas how we can deliver on that as well and i think we will hear from them today too so thank you very much. >> i was going to say this is really helpful and the slides and i know that a lot of work has gone into this, but we're trying to do our best not to lose a quorum here from our body here so we're going to urge the presenters to be as succinct as possible and i know there are a lot of young people that want to express their views but i appreciate the succinctness of the presentation. >> great. thank you very much. >> ms. stephanie i believe we have zoeo burton from the rec and park department. did she want to go up as well? and she's the youth volunteer and
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educator from our san francisco park department and thank you to damian for the vision and the belief in this social compact that he and so many others have developed. >> thank you so much for having us today. i don't have much to say that besides our program puts into practice a lot of these rights everyday. that's i didn't was dressed this way and i was doing this morning in a garden with second graders and we're working on the first get outside and play work of earth week, april 20 and we're meeting to how are we sharing the message to the san francisco unified school district and creating programs around that so that is pretty exciting so anyone that has thoughts on that or want want to let us know.
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>> thank you ms. burden. i have a list of the youth commissioners provided by the staff that will speak and we will open it up for public for community based groups but i wanted to correct one thing and the youth commission is broadly represented by the mayor's appointee and all 11 supervisors and have tremendous experience and valuable input to not only what the mayor does but the board of supervisors as a legislative body for this but it's really the youth commission that we have been trying to do our best to make our meetings a little bit later so they could come and participate fully so am appreciative of that and the staff ensured there is good representation. i'm going to call the names of the youth commissioners that i have here and we will open it up for public comment.
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[calling speaker names] . and then i will start calling the names of people that have signed up and we're going to ask people to try to keep comments within two minutes if possible. okay. >> good afternoon. my name is anna burnic. i am one of our mayor appointed youth commissioners and vice chair to the housing environment and [inaudible] committee and i am here with my colleagues. we want to acknowledge and thank the sf children and groups for their efforts to promote greater connection between nature and children in our city and thank supervisor mark farrell for referring this legislation to the youth commission. the san
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francisco children's outdoor bill of rights obviously affects young people and as the charter body here to advise on youth related policies and programs in the city the youth commission is grateful to have had the opportunity to discuss this resolution with others. finally we would like to thank this committee, supervisor mar and supervisor campos and supervisor christensen for allowing us to speak with you about this issue at a youth friendly time. the youth commission endorsed the san francisco children's outdoor bill of rights by the recreation and parks department. during the last term where we first supported it. we were also following what happened at mission playground between employees and neighborhood youth at the soccer field so when we saw this legislation being introduced we wanted to have it referred to have a discussion about the rights that children and youth have in our city.
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it's from these discussions that we wish to bring up some concerns we have heard including staffing, supervision and program and scholarship accessibility, neighborhood parks and reservations and lighting. now i will pass it on to my colleague. >> hello supervisors. i am the district 6 youth commissioner and a part of of the housing environment service committee and i just want to talk briefly about the scholarship information about the rec and park department, and as we all know they have offered a lot of classes that tend to be free but a lot of them cost roughly around 20 to $200 and a lot of young people including myself can't afford those classes that are to serve the young people and many of the youth that go to the parks that want to take the classes are of low income backgrounds and can't
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afford the classes that are supposed to serve them and recently in one of our meetings mr. bob pe losso, the superintendent of neighborhood services informed us that last year $1.5 million were awarded -- the rec and park department awarded this amount for scholarships and i definitely want to commend rec and park department for doing that but when i went to my neighborhood and asked my local boys and girls clubs if they heard about the scholarships none of them have heard about it and some of the solutions that i came about is that for the budget it would be beyond amazing if we can increase more of the scholarships to increase youth participation, but also and most definitely increase the outreaching efforts to let more young people know about these scholarships especially those young people in low income backgrounds and and don't even speak -- do not have english as their first language and if i
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knew about these scholarship information early on i would have definitely taken 100% advantage of them so i really hope that you all can help continue making these scholarships and classes more accessible for young people throughout san francisco and especially to those neighborhoods that have a lot of low income young people so thank you. >> thank you commissioner. great recommendations too. next speaker. >> good afternoon board of supervisors. i am lois avalos and the district 5 commissioner. just to go off what my colleague mentioned around the scholarship program and it is different services that rec and park offers to youth. in particular i want to talk about the language access ordinance that we recently heard from katy tang's office and grateful to her to look at this ordinance and give some commentary.
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we're really excited to see how the new ordinance will benefit people overall in san francisco and particular how will help improve the relationship between rec and park and residents. we believe that successful implementation of this can help rec and park outreach to people what are limited english speaking. as mentioned there's a lot of programs and service but people don't know about the programs and service because of their lack of proficiency in english and we think implementing this ordinance will help these families get access to the families and sthafers really could benefit them. in addition we think also this ordinance can help inform people better about the rules and regulations that go for these parks, mission playground or buena vista park, golden gate park, whichever park it maybe and create a peaceful environment and this is the time that you can be here and this is what you can do and not do at
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this park and language access will help and i think rec and park outreach to people that could benefit from this information and youth in general that could get access to these programs. i participated in a program called project incite and providing field trips at low cost or no cost to kids blind or visually impaired. it was a great program for me. it would have been great to see other youth more involved. i think at the time outreach to communities that don't have a lot of english speaking proficiency and a more inclusive program. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. i am the youth commissioner for district 10 and part of the housing environment and city services committee. before the recession our city parks and clubhouses and play fields had a
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consistent park staff who were able to help anyone that had problems or conflicts if they came up. the staff was there to make the environment safer for youth and children. we believe that safety is very important to have in your parks especially where children are playing. you may have heard the incident last june where a man was shot in front of kids and his son at 2:00 p.m. in broad daylight and was playing a game of dodge ball and engine what the kids and his son had to witness and go through after seeing him shot. if there was a on site park person this would be a puch different experience and incident and even if the staff couldn't prevent the shooting itself they could have made it safer for the children in the area and had a procedure in place. this would eventually
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prevent further trauma for the children that had to witness that shooting. we are asking for you to consider the youth and children in our parks as a priority, and also that you make our parks safer. mr. bob pelosi from the rec and park department shared they're having discussions [inaudible]. we in the housing environment and city services committee are in support of this and we feel that we need to have a consistent park staff in the playgrounds and fields where children and youth play. thank you for considering our parks and park monitors and park staff. thank you. >> thank you commissioner davis. next speaker. >> hi. my name is rosa. i'm the district 3 youth commissioner and the chair of the housing environment and service committee working on the san francisco children's outdoor bill of rights and park related issues. thank you for lning to
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our recommendations and issues that we see with parks today. i would like to thank all of the speakers that came out today to talk during public comment and i hope everything we hear today will go into consideration when reviewing the budget for departments that oversee the city's recreation and outdoor space. specifically rengeration and park department as they're the main source for youth to explore the outdoors in the city. i hope that the city extends the right regained by mission playground youth to areas that youth frequent most and [inaudible] adult permitted play, playgrounds frequent the most and extended lighting hours so youth have a safe place to play later in the evening and staff at the playgrounds so there are adults supervising the youth so they're safe and we want accessible signage and every resident here in san francisco know exactly what
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they're reading, what they see and we want them to know there are programs and scholarships available for them in the different languages that they can understand. i would like an equity analysis as well when rec and park creates their budget. with this we would like to see the youth population, the low income population using the different parks in san francisco, the geography such as hours available for people in the city limited english preefficiencies in the neighborhoods and we can also see language accessible for the people. we thank you for scheduling this at a youth friendly time and enact our policy. we hope to work with you in the near future on these recommendation that the commissioners brought up today so thank you very much. >> thank you so much commissioner chin. are there any other youth commissioners that are here? seeing none let's open this up for public comment. i have a number of speak