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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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magical place come out and people making this like their own san francisco sealed i feel that my on san francisco port commission san francisco is a maze of compliance i'm exactly the type of person that everyone had in mind for this legislation 6 years ago my partner eye bought a naked lady and we preserved her for our neighborhood home sharing has been a significant benefit to our renovation fund i share my former unrented young room with visitors and it is not my full-time job i'm not a full-time landlord or a manager which means coming ♪ business hours is not super convenient, in fact, it's difficult i'm here today because this is
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important we have the homeowners exemption didn't have to go to the assessorsors office with 3 sets of id to prove we're the homeowner but the planning department seems those are a big burden those appointment once we obtain our business licenses you'll get more people the next available appointment it 6 weeks ago weeks out we're not able to comply with the law until our appointment i want to share that >> thank you>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello my name is beth i live in district 8:00 been renting out a small room that is
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not suitable for long term renters for guests that travel from all over the world and country and people are needing a landing pad while they navigate the living experience in san francisco this is i've met wonderful people i want to comply that the regulations my situation i'm a renter and not a copy of my lease and under the impression that the law doesn't require the lease to be shown but on the planning department's policy it has to be shown i want to know how to move forward nobody at airbnb can answer my questions i was given the planning
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department e-mail address i e-mailed in january and hadn't received a respond so last week i made a call and left a message to make an appointment to go ahead and try to navigate the process i haven't received a call back to get on appointment time so i'm just trying to find out the best way to move forward and comply legally and 23450e789 i have guest that are still making requests until the summertime i don't know what to tell them. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning and thank you for the opportunity to speak i'm kevin i'm speaking on behalf of my family we've lived in san francisco district 2 in our family home since 19989 i hope
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in being practical we made an appointment as quickly as possible by calling the planning department again last week and the in person appointment was made for february 3rd we received our permit about three weeks later and surprised to see this is the 14 permit it took a little bit over a month, however, no time to get a business permit we've done and happening happy to do as much to be in guidance with the law i don't believe we're alone in the endeavor i hope our case is the mostes penalty the appointment are detailed for some individual until april and many, many more to come i'm here to insure that
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the long details is being considered with regard to enforcement namely i suggest leniency until a finer process is established in my opinion enforcing the law with the compliance is antagonist and i appreciate everybody's efforts thanks for your the court: thank you, very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors and planning commission and thank you for having this hearing and thank you for this legislation i'll deanna i think that home sharing i'm new to home sharing it is an amazing service in the city it seems like a fantastic revenue stream for the city i know that brunner heights has been wonderful in the short term i've been involved with airbnb my guests have spent hundreds of
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thousands of dollars in restaurant and they've barely gotten out of the neighborhood they love it and part of the city they wouldn't have seen if in a hotel many of the guests are coming for new babies that are born and i house people for - they wouldn't have come if they had to pay four or $5 to stay in hotel i'm for widow odd women in san francisco my experience with the planning department was great i had an appointment two weeks out february 10th and if have time to do the business taxing by mail i went down there this was a slow process and a lot of
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confusion who was paying the tax and sophisticated that airbnb was not paying the hotel tax i don't want to pay a tax on my on behalf of and anyway, i think that i would like to see more staff in the planning department to be able to register people i think this is one 60 i heard that my numbers were wrong. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm john a home sharing in supervisor mar's district and lived in the district over 18 years i support home sharing and commend the board for legal missing home sharing in san francisco last week, i implemented the short-term rental intact with the planning department the most difficult part of the process was connecting with the departments staff due to the voicemail
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intact system and playing phone tag before or after this occurred 3 times each you're waiting four or five days to get a phone call back from leaving a voicemail message the phone in take system definitely added a few weeks to the registration process that possibly having an option someone what opt to wait on hold until 0 someone was valuable to answer a question might be considered i want to commend the staff at the deck on 1515 mission did a great job for example to thinking outside the box to get a document to print for proof of resident i'm curious about the need for oriental utility builds
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when many of us have gone green and no longer receive copies of our bills i think the mention of having to drop hours is a great idea for people getting down at a specific time more difficult you know, i would courage the board the legislation is new and i think that will work i'd like to see give is it chance to work before moving on to amending the legislation. >> thank you. appreciate it as the next speaker comes up i'll call a few more names (calling names). >> where do i start. >> hi, good morning i'm greg live in north beach and i'm a
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long term resident of san francisco since 82 i've worked a chief chief in san francisco and circumstances i've lost my vision and for many years i don't know how to survive i searched in garbage cans for things to eat i did everything i could my land lady knows my situation one day i heard about the airbnb and decided to give it a try it's survived my life i literally would be homeless it would be a double wham i didn't i'm not a person to feel sorry it allowed me to get back to my community i've worked in my community and businesses and restaurant and bicycle shops and clothing and everything that
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maintenance the vital of my neighborhood and allows 234e that he missouri me to be an integral part of my neighborhood at the same time it is what i've made of it i put the work into my place even though i rent i've put money into painting and cleaning the carpenter and fixing the doors i'd like the commission to have a balance approach to the whole thing i'm ready to comply with the law i want them to keep in mind their some of us are doing the work legitimately and it's a tough housing market thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello thank you very much for allowing me to speak i live in the 0ur9 richard and supervisor mar i'm a proud constituent i
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agree with the housing and your service. >> my family leaves the family each summer for two months rent out our houses and it pays for taxes the place where there's no hotels and the tourist dollars are going into the richmond as opposed to mostly downtown i agree with the short-term rental rental market people shouldn't be taking short-term rentals off the market i want to comply with the law the planning department was asking for people difficulties they've had so far this is our experience my driver's license didn't have my current address when you registration for a change of address they don't send you a new driver's license my husband
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is going to center to register register the house. and what else our car register is in my name we can't use that for a proof of address the utility bill it can't be a copy an original you have to contact pg&e to have them send you one so my property tax bill has my last name only two letters of the lace name is shown that creates a problem those are things that are invisual in a bureaucratic process to make you aware of the difficulties we've had and lastly with my last seconds i can't be the only one but want to go on do record for the around to is that true them with the information airbnb needs to be sincere in their claim they're not interested in
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depleting the rental market and make sure they're helping the city to comply most of the people that are home sharing want them to i don't want to be involved in an organization for hurting the city future for passing the law >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i'm karen first, i want to thank you for requesting this report for the planning department just 6 weeks into the registration process second i really want to thank you for giving the opportunity of our employed hosts to drop in after work i know this is a stumbling block for young hosts i know and third i'd like to thank you for requesting another report to be done in the fall as a former generalizing member
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following up on reports where departments have said recommendations quote will be implemented unquote i know how easily it is for much is to fall off the radar of the departments and the board of supervisors and in the first week of february he personal found registration process fairly easily it is great to hear board of supervisors members and this planning department seeing the need to work on the process to make it easier for us herod's and the neighborhood meeting at my house in district 78 i learned registered hosts were give dirt information that brought issues other host were experiencing in prerpg to register it will take up to two
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years to get everyone registered at the speed we're doing now i rir7b8gd february 12th but not received my reggie know that others haven't either and finally, there's i'll recommend that more thought go into developing the enforcement process why not ask the hosts like me who are in fact resident of san francisco for their input we'll be the object of enforcement let's work together. >> thank you, ma'am. >> call some other speaker cards (calling names). >> hi, i'm michael i'm a resident in district 9 a large home and was wondering wanted to quickly share my inheritance i was on a holiday being february while i was impacted as well as
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i got back i got a call to the city and attempted to actually found out i need a business license and did more research and find out the process and the planning department thank you for that went down to the treasurers office 2 itching hour process and went smoothly other than the issue who is paying the tax this timeframe is confusing it is not resolved it would be nice for us to comply that i understand that airbnb is collecting the tax i'll be required to remit that tax it is confusing it would be nice if this is roved i went down to the planning department that was a relatively easy process 3 phone calls a believe
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it or not and it requires us to take time out of our daily lives i understand we are trying to enforce the law and in support of enforcement but it's hard when and if an online platform is there it is helpful i was unsuccessful in getting through the process because any driver's license it is about to be renewed but has my old address i was unsuccessful one of the 2125 that didn't tlet get though the process. it's not totally eased with the documentation available so we should try to shorten that up >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning thank you for the opportunity to comment on this today i'm alex i own a home in noah
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valley and love the neighborhood and the city i'm able to host for two reasons i travel a lot and my goifrl and i split the property so i'm not there. >> when i'm doing with the revenue is i have a solar company actually allowed to hire two more employees san francisco is an incredible expensive place i'm one of the hosts that finally made it through the process the process was at planning department was great the treasury department i got specific information and the treasurery department said airbnb doesn't have the authority to collect taxes that
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thought contradictory and in closing, i wanted to ask you for 30 things i've heard a lot of comments about extracting information it is misguided the platform has different model and since all of the departments don't supply the same information i don't think the platforms should have the same information and please help to have the outreach and the planning department was great and have been talks with the platforms so everyone knows who is collecting the take i want to be a good citizen and want to collect the tax from my hosts thank you. >> thank you very much.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning my name is george first off, i want to thank the supervisors especially planning i feel like planning has been pretty much badly used by this legislation it was dumped on them with few regulations almost impossible to enforce this process i think best you're going to chief a limited amount of enforcement regardless of what planning does with the platforms when david chu passed the second legislation he had the dbi to do
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the enforcement inspects so far only 7 applicant we're talking the numbers of 5 thousand plus so the thing i'd like to see if the model that is him or her especially in the character of neighborhood because they're not deal with a the homework association not dealing with checking in what's happening is you have a situation that's being created which is crazy pitting neighborhoods against neighborhood and neighborhoods versus neighbors which is very unhealthy for the character of a neighborhood when they'll be calling planning impersonal i think you're creating a mets and it's airbnbs
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fault. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i'm esther i'm a resident of san francisco district 4 for the last 18 years i have room in my house i decided to rent my husband has parkinson's disease at 49 the medical bills are piling up i have two small children i have to put them through college hopefully tofu for this opportunity to share my process on the process of reggie building it is now not easy or straightforward or efficient first the in person appointment is a bit old fashion leaving voicemails and waiting
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to be called back with only one option for date time to meet and second there are several forms that i would worry such the utility bills but can't be online to print out it makes it difficult to ask the bills online to use the paper waste there is also seems like a lack of condominium conversion like pga the tax even though some of the plans have been sent since october many of the solutions i propose arrange an online booking position for the planning department ability and accepting what base vertigos and make sure the departments are informed and making it easier will save time for hosts and as
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well as governments that need to do this over two years again. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm jean under i've lived in san francisco for 23 years i currently own my unit a two-bedroom condo in the height i represent a room in my condo i want to be compliant with the new regulations but want to say that getting registered has been a night mayor, i had to take time off work to go and get a business lynette's license from the department of treasurery i got that but trying to get an appointment that the planning department is just been impossible i've left several messages and finally got a call back and said i have an appointment and
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another call with another appointment i called and left a message you can't get anyone to pick up the phone and asked which date was the right date and yesterday i got a call saying i missed my appointment and can't get an appointment so there has to be a better way of getting an appointment just leaving messages and waiting for a call back why not like dmv make an online appointment and choose the date and time that will work for you i ask i think there are a lot of people that want to get registered by can't i want to say if you want to ask records from airbnb they're not the only platform you can get from home away their the ones renting
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whole unit. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm charley i'm representing share better san francisco first thing i'd like to say commend the planning department this is a really complexities law and nuance and is important the reason why it's important because what airbnb and short-term rentals do is commercial lists our housing that is helping our hours it is important we staff and planning department staff the resources they need and give them the tools they need we literally can't afford to lose tour short-term rentals a thorough properties excluding showing up in person and showing driver's license to make sure that bad actors are notice taking advantage this is
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consistent i've spent 8 hours with home sharers at the planning commission and 8 hours with the home sharers at land use commission and four at the full board of supervisors to say they can't show up for a half an hour is hip transmittal i critical and i urge you to inspect that average very specific 4r0ebd to remove themselves from liability for violations of the ordinance the planning department said it is important to add airbnb as a responsible party to insure enforcement we don't want them to list units that are not registered it was $10 billion before the law passed and $13 billion after the law and now $20 billion we've legalized
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them and their business with penn $10 billion more and can't show up to speak. >> thank you very much as the next speaker comes up i'll call the next speakers (calling names) thanks. >> hi, i'm jennifer with the anti mapping project coalition i've that been tracking this problem trying to get this issue i know the statistics with ted and attorney joseph wife 2r50i9 tried tried to creaking crack down the city attorney took one case that was too years ago and filed compliment with dbi that were neglect in their duties i'm happy the planning department is taking this sincere and is he
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are i've spoken with the staff their knowledgeable i urge you to listen to them and take their recommendations seriously their job be would be easier in average took the responsibility i know this because i tried to get them to take down a listing a condo operated by the mayor's office i've spoken to david owen he said it wasn't his role by 38 they take the money i don't think the home sharers understand the problem instead 31 they try to shack down city government their forcing a ballot measure my group inconsistency find the listing on airbnb that hosts have 17 hundred listing and many don't live in san francisco they're in