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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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to discuss it the police arrived on escape less than half an hour after the call they were unable to locate a reason for the call i've been told recently by a good lieutenant that not to offer up conditions where conditions are not necessary not to condition for the sake of conditioning i'm not asking for conditions i know the good neighbor policy covers this very well the cafes needs the cafe is not a location where we have known gang members loitering you outside or assaults on patrons or violence occurring in front of that that said i have no recommendations for this. >> great thanks for that personal story too all right.
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gnawing now is time for public comment i have 14 speaker card that have been implemented i'm going to limit that to one minute it would help me to see i think everyone if it would be helpful for a
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>> playing acoustic and they have been very peaceful and not very loud. the threat to me is part of the larger threat to the nightlife in the city. we are seeing an impact of hyper gentrification. many artist and artist of color have had to leave san francisco. delores park cafe has kept everything alive and we wouldn't have it anywhere else. thank you. >> thank you.>> i'm an activist in the transgender community. the nightlife has been a necessary part of
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my community and celebration. it's not exclusively an lgbt venue. it's one of the few days in san francisco you don't have to be 21 and over. when i moved here 19 years ago it was a booming music scene. it's dwindled because of gentrification and the vibrant queer and music and art is quickly disappearing. i ask you to please renew dolores park cafe so our communities and families can continue to gather safely and enjoy live music in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. crista, hanson and the last cards. >> i am crista sansky manager
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of the dolores park cafe. i work most of the music nights, not all of them and i have done my best to manage and accommodate any kind of complaints that have happened. personally as a musician myself we hosted an open mic for a non-profit organization and the whole time i have been in this city i have been searching for these people and they came to my cafe that night. it was great to perform and meet the people in this community. i look forward to continuing that. >> thank you. cat trin hanson. >> i'm also an independent musician and i have enjoyed rachel's very hospitable environment. in addition to the supported that a number of the other musicians have thrown, rachel has created a great place for us as musicians to hone our craft
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and gather community. i have also seen how much she's done to cater to the neighbors. i recently played there and i was playing in a sweat box because all of the windows were closed to make sure the neighbors were not bothered. i really see how much she and the manager and staff see that the community isn't disturbed by what we do. that's it. thank you. >> great. thank you. molly craft and if there is anyone else that hasn't filled out a speaker card if you want to start lining up i can call on you. >> hi. i'm molly craft and long-term resident and i have seen rachel at the cafe and get involved in the community. i was part of film makers and she always donated to all of our events. thank you. i really like what she's done and she's devoted to the community and artist and kids
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and families and i would like to have a place where i can go with my son and look at the art on the wall and enjoy the music. it feels really good. >> any other speakers on this issue? >> my name is david feinstein and i have lived on dolores street for 22 years. i remember when rachel's, when the cafe wasn't there. to have the cafe, i mean, it's such a great addition to that block. it really does a lot and to ditto what everybody says, rachel really goes out of her way. i have seen rachel at
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times just really, if there is a problem, she really just tackles it. so i can't believe that this cafe the entertainment night is a problem because i would like to see more of it. it's a great addition to the community. thank you. >> would you like to come up first? say your name to the microphone. >> my name is patty owen. >> we bought our house in 1998. my oldest is a junior. this is not something that is recent. this is something we've had to deal with for years. and i gave rachel the benefit of the doubt and i had to deal with her directly and she admitted when she came to my house. now i'm
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realizing if i made the complaint to you originally this would have been done a long time ago. i can hear it in my house with my doors and windows shuts and head phones on. this is half of the time. she does great work. i'm not trying to close the cafe. i just want her to take responsibility for the fact that she hasn't been following the terms of the permit that she currently holds. the only reason we are here today is because i complained otherwise she wouldn't have looked at the complaint. i don't think that's fair. here is my husband. >> state your name? >> i'm bill thomas and i am a neighbor. that's exactly it. we like rachel, we like the cafe. we are not trying to close the cafe. just that she has a permit that she's not in compliance with it. i propose
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that you issue a new permit. it's not even clear what we are talking about issuing in terms of the good neighbor policy, multiple days. are we talking about going until 10:00 on wednesdays, thursdays? it's unclear. i don't know who was the woman who last friday, i felt for her. i walked by the cafe. every window was shut. it was steamed up like a sweat box. that was in winter. i'm not sure how this is going to work for the summer. before there is this war on fun, it's has to be accommodation and much of it has to do with the band she selects. that's my comment. >> any additional public comment? c'mon up. state your name and your statement. >> hi, ronnie johnson i have
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been in the community for 20 years. native californians. i have been here for a while and watched rachel's cafe as it was being built. i watch it open. i patronize it myself and former musician and i have watched everything gone down in this cafe. in my view she's done nothing but good things for the community and she's accommodated every neighbor in every way she can. she's shutdown performances and said we need to stop this because we don't want to get complaints. i don't know what else more that i can add that everyone hasn't already said. i understand permits, i don't
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know if they are stricter or what or what's involved with the permit. >> your time is up, ma'am. >> hi. i know joe from 20 years ago. i worked at el roy for 2 years on saturday and the biggest night just quit the last month or so. joe knows what busy is. he manages it very well. someone who creates the community and space which rachel has and having the luxury for someone being around for 14 years. she creates this
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community and to maintain something like this to allow her to do this is what we are trying to maintain with small businesses which thrive and survive with all the thing we are having. i would encourage you to enforce the permit. it would make many people happy. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. the matter is now with the commission. commissioners we've heard a lot from supporters and also upset neighbors. just to clarify you know it was brought to our attention because of some complaints but the applicant actually did apply to say that they would like, that they are open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. monday through sunday just as a business and would like the ability to provide entertainment nightly until 10:00 p.m.. that sounds like everyday. because it's a place of entertainment technically it does allow for
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up to 2:00 a.m., but the condition currently is fridays only from 7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. and based on the application to everyday to 10:00 p.m.. it's still restricting the time for the full permit would allow. >> can i address the applicant quickly? >> sure. >> quick question. so, obviously the inspector will have to do a sound check and also visit the complainant's apartment. if in fact that you have to soundproof your facility, do you have the ample funds to do so so that you don't impact the neighbor, you know could you -- we want to
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support people with the small business. at the same time, the commissioner with the neighborhood policy, we don't want to say well you only turn up your &m music to 25 db. could you live with that level or do you have to soundproof so the neighbor won't be as impacted? >> i think we can live with the sound level approval and depending on how much it will cost, we are willing to work with that as well. the inspector suggested perhaps a curtain
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on one of the windows. we've been looking into that to see what that really means and how much it cost. and i just want to clarify, we are not interested in having music every night of the week. we understand that this permit process is a serious one and we take it really seriously and we also understand that it's a pretty permanent thing and we want to have the flexibility if we have an art exhibit on a wednesday night we want tools to have the flexibility to be able to provide music. i don't want to have a venue seven nights a week. that's not what i'm asking for and i just want to clarify that. >> thanks for the clarification. you can have a seat if there are no other questions. commissioners, part of what you hear is there is a compliance issue about them not remembering that they could only do fridays
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and not knowing because of the evolution of time. she's made her phone number available to the neighbors and also required other things like make sure your windows are closed and that's a learning process. unfortunately at this time you have to take it to this level for others to learn their responsibilities about this. it's our decision if we feel this particular business owner is responsible enough to continue those rules now that she knows them. i'm not sure if anyone has any thoughts and in the interest of moving this along, we should entertain a motion too. >> i motioned to approve this permit with good neighborhoods
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policy. obviously with good neighborhood policy there is going to be an extensive sound check with the neighbor to make sure they are not impacted. now that it's actually under our jurisdiction, we can pull the permit or recondition it at anytime if we get constant complaints from other neighbors. having a permit for such a long time and running it and developing a business, we know it's very difficult and dolores park has become a big mecca right now in these kinds of establishments are very important. the thing is we don't want owners to also take it for granted that there is no neighbors around either. so hopefully with the inspector and their sound check and hopefully with some sound proofing you will be able to run your business without restraints. however if it has to be that way,
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then so be it and if you wanted to keep the entertainment license. i motion to approve. >> there is a motion to approve. is there a second? >> i would like to second that but also want to add the direction to staff to please work with the neighbors and make sure that business owner in this case obviously you have tons of community support and good for you. it an amazing model but it wasn't necessarily set up as a music venue to start. i think there are some things that our inspectors can do to give you some tools, some help and things that won't cost you an arm and a leg but there are things that will help and i feel you will take those to heart if we give you those suggestions. i think they will work with staff and
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neighbors. >> there is a motion and second and direction to our staff to work with the neighbors. >> just for clarification the motion is to approve until 10 p.m. monday through sunday? >> is that the motion? >> they are asking for that and also for extended hours. >> they need to have a one time event permit, they need to approach our staff about that. this is for entertainment not past 10 p.m.. >> right. with the good neighborhood policies with the work with the inspectors. it's just 10. what about special request after 10? >> that's the regular process. if there is anything beyond what


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