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tv   [untitled]    March 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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some work on the streamlining project i'm going to be scheduling her on a quarterly session to keep you up to speed on items that are being developed in the portal the portal is launched we need to continue to sort of modifications and upgrades to the portal but shields streamline the first project it is talking to what is it takes to open a restaurant and the map to help from at least a one basic sector what is the point and what's the efficiency we can start taking a look at i have a question it would be nice to get like last time the tables how many people use the portals and what
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venue in san francisco from other states that was helpful last time we got that from you. >> and i will have her make sure that's part of the report and with the quarterly dashboard i'll send you that information too but i think you probably benefit from a deeper dive than presented on the quarterly dashboard in terms of the use of the number ever starter kits the things of that sort of and then lastly i do want to let you know from the executive office of the white house the technology of that did contact our director of technology to want to have a discussion about our business prltd their taking a look at at the initiative they can do to pep help the small businesses in terms of streamlining so i really want to
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give credit you know. >> to - >> so it's nice to receive some recollection about some smart initiative ways to help small businesses. >> i hope that will help you know support we would support that the federal government supports our portal. >> we're yet to have a meeting to have a discussion i think that those kinds of discussions will probably be included. >> and then lastly i mean commissioner dwight you hopefully, will expand b upon small business week with coming up and that's exciting we have a lot of new things i think not sure i've mention last time we'll be going back to the all
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day quenching convention on friday as opposed to wednesday we're using the chinatown city college campus that was the day it was available to use we're pleased we're now going to be able to return to an all-day conference that was highly attended and something that businesses you know really appreciate and was really kind of one of the functions for small business week. >> i couldn't have said that better is that the end of the report. >> that's the end of my report. >> so suffice it to say oh, number 6 president report as a co-chair the preparations are going on and as the executive
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director it was recorded the venue was improved over last year and there's is a high demand for this day of small business talks so we're working at the schedule to be on the agenda and who is going to be speaking about what we're going through ideas about that but high tech companies in san francisco that are reaching out to provide the services that is an awesome forum for the new acknowledge of business tools that are out there it will be a good learning for small business owners. >> i have nothing else to report the next item vice president reports commissioner white isn't here we'll skip that and on item 8 commissioners report any commissioners report commissioner dooley. >> yes. i've been attending the planning department and supervisor mar's sessions on
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trying to define sub sarz in terms of retailer and find a legal way to define this we're finding it to be quiet a challenge want to give you a heads-up it will be coming our way soon i urge you all to put your minds to how we might be able to handle this the planning department has said we're to deal with it as used rather than ownership which makes it extremely complicated and we're working hard to deal with this new issue. >> okay commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> last week the attend a working solutions and small business one and she's part of
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the city's resolving loan fund with an specializational motivation for the year. >> fantastic. >> commissioner l. riley. >> yeah we you and i interviewed the first interviewer for the secretary position are we're going to have a second one. >> i'll follow-up with you off like that. >> and also i substantiated the meeting with bart the bay area rapid transit along with the director they send 3 people to make a presentation on the plan they gave us i think it was a good meeting you know there's a agreement they will work with the small businesses and the office of small business to share they're planning it will
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not interrupt the small business. >> what was the context of the - what in what stent a they'll plan in what context. >> the context is coming from the quarterly meeting with the mayor and again talking about the infrastructure projects the mayor encouraged different members those that are interested from that group to meet with the different departments and bart is one of the entities that government entity that deals with infrastructure that the city interfaces or businesses interface with so scott has been setting up the meetings there's been a meeting with dph and different meetings? a meeting with bart to have general discussion and they also provided a presentation on a better bart
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which i mean will likely schedule if not urgent but schedule that you're aware of the bart scheduled projects that they're working on. >> and also, they mentioned that the affair only covered 75 percent of their costs so in new york their central station underground lots of restaurants and shops and that yes, i did. >> a lot of revenue and mentioned in asia like the 81 pa and hong kong and underground the way station there's an underground shopping mall so asked him to consider that >> i may add one point of discussion a substantial amount of discussion twenty-four hour
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in light of our hourly workforce and sort of the mitigation of where they live and the complexity of bart to be able to do that. >> i've met with tom and the s.b.a. and they plan to have classes in chinese in chinatown and the city college campus and wanted to have a mixer so in chinatown it will be sponsored by the east west bank i told her to meet with the east west bank they're a provider as well as the. >> okay. >> i'll let adam know about that. >> any other commissioner reports. >> i have a question about the come back to the economic interact analysis is bart going to be part of the agency we'll
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be talking to. >> it's too far from what we're trying to do. >> i think in terms of it's not that it should be k4ri9d but in terms of what we're able to influence mostly is really around the city infrastructure project that's not to say that we couldn't use what the commission end up doing with the recommendations once bart is with the infrastructure project this is a discussion point or have the city have that as a discussion point with bart. >> okay. thank you. >> i think it was brought up that people think they should coordinate with mta so because
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it is coordinating a schedule. >> okay any other reports? seeing none we'll move on to the next item north america item 9 new business we want to add scott a discussion of scott ab 12 e i didn't mean to cut him off it needs to be an agenda item a proposal for a small business tax holiday a single day it has of if passes at the the state level it has an implementation because we have an credential we'll have that discussion whether to recommend to the city and county of san francisco for them to honor that as well and there recent all kinds of logical issues for the
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tax holiday many businesses have many online point of sales you can track this as a single transaction it is great but not without complications >> so may i ask one particular. >> uh-huh. >> i don't know if it's one or a couple of questions i'll jaundice it as new business i'll check with our chief confinement to make sure we have the timeline and all of that do i need me to check in with the small business community to sort of gage their level of interest as well. >> it explicit hurt to have outreach i think that i mean, however, we want to do that it is happening at the state level the primary question whether or not san
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francisco will be amenable to sync emphasizing with that, i think if we can determine that by speaking to whoever it in favor of that it can be a matter of a point of order we'll support it and the city is listing to do so and the business will decide whether it wants to take advantage of the holiday and go through the extractions of managing the implementation of that. >> uh-huh. >> i wondered how will different businesses will they register it i mean it wouldn't be a tax holiday for target. >> that's to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote interesting question. >> what democrats a small business. >> we could have a discussion that probably is in the fact sheet here. >> uh-huh.
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>> we didn't have time 3 minutes and whatever the limited amount of time to go through the detail. >> but that's good to hear so we're dpw and to let you know the stages of what the commission can do to have a resolution there's or there's a state legislation committee within the state government and make recommendations so that as on behalf of the city whether the city supports something or not to were there can be a recommendation to support the state bill and a resolution recommending you know there could be two resolutions in providing direction to the city for the sales tax. >> i've seen the survey asking
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about this i had my own issues as to how i would execute this so i think it's a worthwhile thing to put on the agenda since it's a small business tax holiday recommended are there any other commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i don't know if? an action or jaundice can we get rid of hard copies i don't know what the laws if i get someone to donate tablets. >> that's the discretion of the commission i know that some commission do that could be something that is taking into account in terms of our budget
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is depends on - and i 1st district i know it's not in the budget but if someone demons. >> that's not to say it is not in the budget it is depending on what the tablet is and we haven't you know not to say it can't be in the budget it is really if the commission t is interested in having that. >> i'll take a look at that. >> let's take into account it, it, it great to save paper and certainly needs to be subscribed in any manner - physical decidess. >> that's not to say the direction the majority of commissioners want taebltsz i'll be happy to do that.
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>> any other business i think we have a final call. >> commissioners i don't agendize i agendize public comment at the beginning of the meeting pr. >> i wanted to make sure i didn't miss anything. >> no, no because i knew that would be approximately an hour meeting one 7, 8, 9. >> do we have a motion for adjournment. >> i move. >> second. >> and commissioners we're adjourned oh. >> yes. yes. >> all in favor, say i. >> yes. >> opposed? we're adjoined. >>
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is smack in the middle of the tenderloin neighborhood where there are 50000 people within walking distance. you see the kids that are using
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what's provided, but there is so much opportunity for this to be a stronger, more welcoming, healthier cleaner safer place for the people of this community to play. there are going to be new green areas, a full-size basketball court, outdoor fitness equipment, community garden, a brand-new clubhouse. it's going to be a much more welcoming spot for a neighborhood that really needs it. ♪ ♪ >> >> >> i call this meeting. >> the trans baybay joint powers meeting to order. >> [inaudible]. >> i will note for