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tv   [untitled]    March 20, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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culture and happy to support this measure thank you. >> any other public comment? >> thank you, commissioner i've lived in san francisco since 89 i kind of wish this proposal had been around with the i beam was around that's another story we agree that music is the one thing that holds us altogether anybody of any income they'll appreciate microscopic it brings people with high and low income this is one place that's equal and san francisco is having it's soul ripped but bit by bit i'm for housing and all those things but it is very tough i work for a place kindly the make out room if the myths when it was started it helped to bring a lot of businesses in the mission there was nothing there and the irony
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we've gotten noise k4r5i789s from the big condos and the major irony the condo used the make out room to get people into the neighborhood i'm hoping you guys doing the right thing if you want to come to the make out room you're all other than the list (laughter). >> any public comment? okay public comment is closed. and let me start off with a couple of thoughts i'm obviously in support of this and embarrassly i think i've been to every single club mentioned (laughter). >> and those that are closed long ago as a young man and teenager smaek into some with a fake id those are local jobs i'm proud of the comments that is
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the fabric of san francisco makes it cool keep doing our job to make that place cool this prevention protects and puts a little bit of 3wr0ur7bd and kind of a buyer be aware for some living income tax to a venue that might be totally cool but others they should be aware of it i'm in support have had legislation. >> open up to other commissioners commissioner richards. >> thank you this is a terribly common senseal move a good government move and pushes the conversation up front having happened way behind it costs a lot of contamination and cost to the businesses and residents i have a couple of questions so to projects we have applications filed for maps like in the
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mission and south of market there are not come before us one right across from was bill is director nolan doing on our map what about those projects that is not new but kind of in process is that covered under this. >> commissioners diego sanchez right now that is approved only those projects that have submitted a site permit if they've not done that the new process will be employed and that make sense increase a lot of things in the pipeline. >> connor to add i referenced in my comments a section 8 that will deal with one way or another what i've talked about in the portion of 162 i believe the distinction of the development permit excludes the conditional use applicant so if
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not gone nor a building permit application we want to make sure that who in the current pipeline. >> those are current large authorization or cu one other thing you might want to think about maybe it's too lastly for the cafe but consider doing it for the final occupancy i see people moving into the development next to the cafe they won't be innovative under the process a determineable amount of enjoys the noise is too much and put - do the developer put in it is required to does - >> it's talking about the
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xhchgz and innovativeing the residents first is the amendments and additions to the building code we've incorporated the state standards those are wide standards that are nationally residential occupied space not steady 45 decimals it adapts those and it is did responsibility of the building inspection to insure that the awe thufksz for the plan will meet that. >> mr. johnson another question i'm told that is happening do i have to sign a paper i acknowledge i am moving in here and other way around the landlord it is their responsibility and i might want to add that requirement i see people saying i never knew about
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it my landlord didn't tell me. >> the landlord will provide you i can double check the landlord provides it the landlord keeps a copy and submits an affidavit. >> that's great, thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i'm strongly in support of this legislation i comes it is timely it is long overdue and a lot of controversy on another projects it is interesting lengthy public comment is painful it was all positive here and supportive to congratulations to you being unanimous idea of the other mentions by mr. sanchez or mr. johnson of mapping would be very important i know that type of mapping should appear on the departments website one identifying where are the good places or two do i
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want to live next door and the one thing i want to suggest to mr. johnson and supervisor breed i think we need to have a stronger reliance on real estate disclosure i hear about many things the real estate industry has to be 340r7bd for consistent closure this is an important one many people buy things and it is completely new and in reality it is in the restrictions and they're not being mentioned to those people buying their places that would be passed on i appreciate that. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think this is very good legislation that remind me of something from mire families past i gripe two generations ago
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and aunt and uncles that had one of the most beautiful homes in town it was built right next to the western pacific tracks the house was built in 1925 and wherever you go that and the train comes by the whole house rattles and the conversation keys but asking western pacific to put a sound wall up through he knew better than that this is the same thing of things what is here it here and existing you have to adapt to us not us to you this is really well done and particularly the restriction of disclosure as commissioner moore brought up and commissioner richards that important that both the sellers and the buyers the landlord and the renters
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acknowledge the fact they've been acknowledged in writing of the situation and some idea of the decimal level maybe such as a determined but that would be the case there and also probably 9 information can include if the buyers so chooses to see what we can do up to 40 decimals not whatever is required by the state so they know they're being situations they'll not have complete quiet there obviously that's not possible so i think that is very good and i would also the legislation says the establishment has to be in operation for 12 months as an entertainment venue before it qualifies for this i spent in a
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case where a new venue entertainment where there are existing residents and it's employment or approved that will voluntary to bear the responsibility for the noise that makes total sense it is well done and well, we have another commissioners i was going to move to approve but we'll wait. >> second. >> commissioner hillis. >> yeah. i'm supportive also, we see a lot of cases we're kind of or concentrating neighborhood anticipating noise outside of eating establishment so hopefully this will hid it off and jocelyn there's 3 hundred and 50 entertainment places we've heard about the closings and the high profile one 10 years ago was that lower higher or lower. >> it's been amazing consistent
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that is a surprise to me i think it is bans where entertainment a permitted and not permitted i think it is incredibly consistent year to year i've been doing that 12 years now with the entertainment commission. >> and i tried to look for a definition if our document we hear a lot about assigned is a place of entertainment defined by sound. >> no, that definition of entertainment is located in the police code it is almost any type of performance along with the food and beverage. >> that's the entertainment. >> right so just to - you know if there isn't an issue a poetry place that don't poetry reading it's a place of entertainment that is not a big impact to the neighborhood how will that work if the entertainment is within 3
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hundred feet it is your consideration if there's not an issue you'll pass on a hearing. >> most likely we'll use discretion and based on capacity and pose the kind of entertainment was entertainment i'm sure you're aware of protected free speech activity we can't telling me tell a venue through the permit what kind of entertainment one-on-one someone doing poetry could change it through heavy metal the next, i can't do anything about that it's the outside impacts the capacity and again we've talked about implementing this with some thoughtfulness and so obviously proximity is one and 3 hundred feet the longest depending on how many people coming and going so i think this
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is the trigger. >> right okay. that make sense if you are a place of entertainment doing poetry reading it gives us the right to going do live music. >> yeah. >> it's clear there wasn't a map of 3 hundred and 50 reside we can see that it is part of the legislation. >> we submitted a draft it took time to put block and lots next to our maps - oh i made it whether or not it's useful. >> it we can show. >> you'll see what started me and this panic around as they showed us you'll see where the pipeline oh, is that there - and well, anyway that's not it. >> that's kind of yeah. - >> what's in the pipeline now whether it's part of the deal or
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not and that's sort odd looking there's a lot of housing coming in place where tests not been before so that's what is sort of weird to this fear of mine oh, my god this is hard see how it's bunching that's the public works in the chart it's all right there next to each other this is zoomed out it looked like they're right on top of each other they're not what we did the answer is yes we put everything into a spreadsheet and diego has the mapping as the venues come and go we'll update that. >> it is incumbent on you and
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the entertainment commission authors or there's a lot of dots on the maps that 345i79 be issues. >> i don't think my commissioner commission will appreciate if everyone is a lot. >> yeah. okay. that's all i have thank you. >> commissioner wu. >> thanks i'm happy to support i just want to ask a quick question does it align with other public hearing or a separate hearing. >> diego sanchez with staff the recommendation to push this before we could line up would application type meetings but before any department hearing. >> great, thank you. >> connor johnson legislative aid to supervisor breed where we ended up is a good solution
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because leadership didn't want to delay housing or incur a process so if you look at the language that diego included in 9 staff recorded before the p p organization or during the application or the conversion not peripheral residential it will be front loaded to start the conversation and preempt any problems but to try to make that happen as concurrently. >> i think we have a half motion i want to recommending recommend approval. >> commissioner richards. >> i guess a couple more comments on things i've heard said before i buy a property next to an entertainment place of entertainment and unfortunately, it goes out of the business i have this thing on my deed how do you undo that
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does the process take into consideration. >> diego sanchez with the planning department staff i assume we could issue a release of the notice restricts. >> the process to put it on and process to take it off one 09 one back on my comment about the prongs were building permits issued with the occupancy hadn't been issued perhaps instead of a conversation with the developer the place of entertainment only the prospective tenants get notified and last comment a lot of developments obviously reilly's industry uses standard contracts and leases perhaps you want to work with them and have them check blocks and deal with
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the release and mr. star. >> up councilmember downey clarified this it is recommending approval with the staff recommendations i want to make sure. >> just for the record the motion was made any commissioner antonini and second by commissioner president fong commissioners, if there's nothing further commissioners there's a motion and second so adopt a recommendation commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner johnck's commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and . >> okay (clapping) we're going to take a short break interests a fairly good-sized group outside
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>> hearing for thursday march 19, 2015 i'd like to i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. please silence that i mobile decides that sound off willard for case 2015 the city housing balance monitoring and reporting this is a planning code amendment amendment. >> good afternoon, commissioners and commissioner president fong planning staff the item before you an ordinance property by supervisor kim requiring the planning department to publish a report annually it will report updates
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on the affordable housing development it is will be calculate on the metric of the affordable housing to all housing development for a 10 year period the metric measures the prop k in it establishes a goal that 1/3rd of the affordable housing will be visible to one hundred thirty percent of ami by the bio annual roster have a breakdown on the income categories of the sedition and staff proactively maintenance the city housing and staff represents modifications as well first to change the dates by which the reports are published to march first and september 1st currently their
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february 1st and ugly first, this will help to and then the timing of those reports the other reporting that the department does included the annual housing process report and the housing are inventor which are done by april 1st every year if the housing balance report results have any budget implementations for the city final report by april 1st allows the city to overwhelmed their biscuit proposals prior to the budget being adopted and second the ordinance requires the department to present in their report to quote any relevant body 40 of the plan staff recommends moifts modification of that updated reports to the list of organizations perspiring to broaden the number of
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organizations will be a significant staff recommends for the department and lastly in the case report to include the budget for the ordinance and published the first report 6 months after the mayors owners this is a response for the increased data requests as we've heard concerns about the delay there's another department to address this reporting and to prioritize this process in the report program. >> commissioners on i want to address some of concerns were raised from the supervisor and others about a potential delay in the initial reporting the reason we initially recommended a 6 month delay just by the way unfortunately, that's how long
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is takes to hire staff, however based on what we're heard if a number of people a lot of you think what we can do as as alternative to delay other reporting prioritize this particular item in our work plan so we can move forward with this piece of work and at a separate hearing or perhaps through a memo talk about other reports that are effected with if this type of move there are a number of reports and the delay if we prioritize this is an action to move forward with our recommendation. >> i'd like to introduce a colleague from supervisor kim's office that wants to talk. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and commissioners april legislative aid for supervisor kim i'm here on behalf of supervisor kim that
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can't wish here housing fooktd and a stabilization is a top priority as the city continues to grow supervisor kim remains committed to building a city that welcomes newcomers and stabilize the economics we see growing economic and benefits are shared in the community the legislation before you is part of the housing balance discussion that were stashgd sparked that while we continue it build a city pits affordable and respect the neighborhood character and addresses that affordability as well as and so forth the goal that the mayor in early 2014 put forth and firmed with the voters
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last fall prop k made that possible that 31 e 33 percent of housing will be affordable to san franciscans and half of the new housing is affordable to middle-class prop k mandatory the city populate makers to implement a broader stabilization plan we look forward to working with did stakeholder on policies that improve housing affordability supervisor kim's office has been working with the central to stabilize our area while the city continues to addresses affordability in the city in the fall of last year the board of supervisors unanimously proved interim controls for commercial stabilization in the silicon valley to office uses pending adaptations of the plan in regards to this legislation
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our office works with chu chu and t n b c and other housing programs to deputy this housing balance legislation we wanted to thank the organizations that have enforced this legislation many of whom are here and represent the various neighborhood in san francisco san francisco anti displacement coalition and sf rising and finally, there's aaron and others for their work with the legislation and ongoing work to make sure that decision naeshgz like this commission and this board of supervisors can make policy decision based on realtime's data that builds upon the reports produced by the analysis and with the cumulative balances to analyze the affordability level as well as take into account the loss of reversal in housing the report
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and required hearings see restricted to allow decision makers the opportunity to address the number one issue for the public utilities i'm sure b will continue to be one of the number one issues in the city supervisor kim agrees to the recommended administrations in the staff report in particular the modification to change the report dates as well change the mandatory presentation of reports to relevant bodies if requested supervisor kim requests that the commission make a one amendment recommended to recommendation number 2 collect the data by the central selma plan and in addition to citywide supervisorial district and by planning neighborhood this will allow the cac past plan area to have the data
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relevant to the geographic area the third concern mentioned i'm sorry the third recommendation that was mentioned by staff currently our office is oufbt to make the prelims of this ordinance a priority and to insure that the first report will be produced thirty days after the mayors signature supervisor kim is advocating for additional staffing for the groups with the mayor's office and our colleagues at the board the city has received a clear mandate from the mayor and the board of supervisors to create a plan to address the issue of affordable housing in the city while there are many initiatives on the table having the choices and prioritizing the choices is important thank you for your service to the city and your
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support of this legislation. >> thank you. >> staff any additional - okay public comment. >> elizabeth d young katherine wolf (calling names) if your name is called feel free to step up to the appointed. >> commissioners i'm katherine wolf the president the south of market tenderloin neighborhood coordination association s r.c. a a community-based association of democratically representing the residents south of market we're asking for your support on
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the ordinance sports by supervisor jane kim prop k passed by the voter of san francisco states 33 percent of all new housing be affordable currently no streamlining xoingsz for calculating the data on housing we know know in the 33 percent they recalled is being met and the breakdown of the income in the district with the ability to easily track moving forward forward and backed that is a valuable tool in a responsible decision making paroling progress on a personal level my daughter who is now 19 and i lived in an 50 which is a single residency occupancy hole inform hotel for 3 years on three to four hours of sleep interrupted my d


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