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tv   [untitled]    March 27, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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a house or apartment full of unrelated adults pcp i'm troubled by itself mixtures thought you smaller sizes i think that is problematic the first one to understand the argument of naturally affordable units and the prices fluctuate we'll have a different conversation 5 or 10 years from now about the prices in smaller unit lesser square footage i understand that argument but i think that we have a policy in the city that is moving towards a seethe of our housing outline types of that are permanently affordable and available to classes of
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income levels i don't see that is a 3bd i'd peace officer to see the onsite my reasoning maybe a little bit different the in lieu fee we want to provide multiple sizes. >> it is based on numbers. >> number of units but the dollars oh, the number of unit let me rephrase no, this is okay. you should have ignored me last time you didn't say anything and looked at me the whole time (laughter) yeah. i just think that i was to make sure that the inlieu fee
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will actually cover the cost to provide multi bedroom unit somewhere else when i look at the there's figure i don't know that i see that and see for that reason i'll really support getting the unit onsite but the current unit mix works for that site it is od block size it has not been in a leggings con recently but serving the populations that would otherwise be living together in unit that could be for families and i generally support the project i'll echo commissioner moore's comments there definitely needs work on the common areas 3 hundred and 50 or 4 hundred square feet i didn't see anything to allow for
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light and air and common space in the current configuration of the building not an architect but i have two eyes i playling these i'm sure a way to considerable for those reigns this is not a final project we need nor discussion sea work on the design to have common space but with that said. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'll agree with commissioner johnson i think that as i mentioned earlier with the statistics almost 65 percent of what we've been building have been two bedroom or larger and you know a smaller percentage like 35 percent have been studios or one bedrooms so i
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mean overall more building with multi bedrooms many people appointment when we're approved a multi bedrooms you can't guarantee that families will live in those multi unit you have to locate those sites and where smaller units are appropriate by their size and location affordable by stop sign that will help us i approve of the motion made and to approve the project but it would ask that the project sponsor consider the onsite affordable units. >> mr. did you want to respond to that. >> i think i stated the requirement to the commissioner if the project sponsor is going to change the project they need
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to let the commission and the staff know that their requirement in writing prior to the hearing if they want to change their project they need to do it affirmly. >> mr. reuben you want to speak to that city attorney. >> i'm speaking on behalf of the opener george mcnab wants to with connections will continue to work with the staff the satire top with the open space we want to work with the bmr contribution on site. >> thank you. >> commissioner hillis. >> just a comment on the affordable by design we hear the
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awkward 2 bedrooms can be affordable by design and affordable units affordable by stop sign those are market rate their studio market rate or two bedroom market rate it is not affordable housing so, i mean that's in my opinion i like the fact the project sponsor has volunteered to put affordable inclusionary housing onsite i'm approving of that. >> commissioner richards. >> i'm fine. >> okay commissioner johnson. >> i'm fine lloyd i'd like to ask the city attorney i appreciate the project sponsors willingness can they make that change today or do we need to come back. >> there's supposed to choose the option prior to the hearing they're changing their application today at their option so i think this is
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sufficient. >> they can do that. >> they may need to be an agreement reached i apologize. i wasn't lessor at the beginning of the hearing we need to enter into an agreement with the project sponsor that will recognize their achieving benefits through the entitlements that will exempt them under the cost of hawkins act norm we have this agreement in place prior to the approval the best practice to continue this project for is a short time in order to get that agreement in place but there have been instances we've dunn done that.
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>> but the cost of hawkins they're not difficult to do at this point the formulate is sort of went out of a computer and we modify the project so we'll be able to do that quickly we'd very much like to have an approval if in the cards if it's possible to get an approval today, we have made the commitment and if george is going to make ta to for sale or for rent we'll have the hawkins agreement quickly. >> commissioner wu. >> affordable by 0 design we don't fully understand that i remember when another project they said they would be
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affordable by design because they're small they're now the most expensive unit open the market you need to compare the same with same small studios like sro comparing a new one the new one will not be forcible we're seeing sro shared kitchen poor conditions they go from 12 hundred to 15 hundred in chinatown per square feet is not affordable design. >> i think families living above transit we see 5 hundred families living in sro's it is all they can afford they're taking the bus don't have cars
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that notation makes me uncomfortable commissioner richards and i remember what i was going to say having affordable units i support if it is possible to see if it's possible to get 1, 2 bedroom affordable we might get 5 or 10 percent i like the idea and commissioner moore has a creativity idea i support a continues. >> commissioner hillis. >> it is great to get data now things are built in market octavia if we accomplish by building two bedrooms they're not huge projects i'm not sure they're meeting the nodes of
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families or there's families living in them as much as we talk about for tech people for single people that point on office so it would be good if ever we get recaps on who is living in the two bedrooms we've created in market octavia. >> i have to say just because it is 2 bedrooms didn't mean there are strollers but 2 to 6 people in a wyoming 2 bedroom commissioner moore. >> i want to ask mr. henderson and bring to your attention we had a letter today from hayes valley there was a comment it trouble me the owner the
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developer is said to have expressed if he didn't want those types of people if the building he didn't want to deal with it all of a sudden their offered onsite affordable it is changed from the hayes valley association answer for requests for onsite was mejsdz can you clarify. >> we have it in our august 2014 letter to the sponsor basically you know in our meeting in agriculture with them they said if they did bmr on site not doing rentals but owner unit because it was two cumbersome to deal with rentals and bmr's there is additional paperwork it was a bureaucratic issue primarily that we argued that paled in comparison to the men e benefit
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and value that the market octavia has eucrude to the site while it may have been more burdensome it was lovingly pages and things like that well, you know it's been rezoned 50u8 you've got a tremendous opportunity to make a big profit it seems to me it would be worthwhile we were adamant been the unit mix but seeing we were trying to provide negotiation trying to be conjugal and saying you're trying to take two things away so that's kind of where we left it it wasn't a it was a disagreement we never resolved it that's why we're here today and i just want to hear clearly it was not implied i want to
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make sure it was for anyone who is living in the affordable units to fear that there was a significanttion why they're living there. >> commissioner johnson. >> thanks we saw the obviously motion for continuance but i have a couple of questions to make sure i'm saying the right things what - so a couple of questions i'm saying the right thing the first thing i've heard from commissioner moore and said i think that changes in the design needs to be done to allow for more common space if the unit were the same they need a cu is that something to be conditioned as part of any sort of approval motion and work on
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it afterward is there more common space within the building. >> yeah. within the envelope of the building yeah. >> let me this is something we can look at it further the roof as open space and they're seeking rear yard go modification one of the requirements any required open space opened by the rear yard compliant we meet the open space than required under the code already but we can certainly, if this is continued look at that. >> if we have i'm trying to get a motion for approval with conditions and i'm wondering if that's a common issue would that have to come back. >> you could indirect staff to increase the open space that's a condition we can routinely work
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with the project sponsors and okay. thank you. >> yeah. a couple of things first of all i grew up in a large city living two blocks from the transit station the other thing i know we've talked about the rental for sale i think that is just i personally have my own issues with the lottery systems for rentals that adds burdens to property owners that is how the bureaucracy works not the rentals for sale being better or worse or city government tiger's people it is less fair than that's for another day and again, because maintaining the fact that the developer maintenance the right to choose whether the paying the in lieu
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fee no matter what dpravm you interrupted me that's okay. the affordable housing fee is bans the number of units it raises the codes is based on the size of unit. >> you're both right. >> all right. >> the size and the number of unit that democrats so you have to when you're paying the fee have the fees match the make up of the building so if you have one or two bedroom unit calculated into the foe you pay certainly is if they center a compliant building fewer units in the building that reduce that maybe they'll have to pay more per unit because of the 2 bedroom unit but fewer you units it is a balancing act between
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the number of units and the size of the unit who the fee we've not calculated the dentist scenarios but it is a balance between the fee and the size of the number of bedrooms. >> thank you and then question for the city attorney can the developer change their options after issuance wanted cu because a they've not chosen whether the units are rental or for sale can they change their option later. >> deputy city attorney susan there's a there's a complicated by switch up to the first construction document is issued always to the first person of occupancy but
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i'll have to look at the code. >> yeah. yeah. okay so i'm so sorry i'm trying to figure out what will work we want to see onsite i think there are unit that gets us more affordable housing dollars others mix that don't allow us to build a sufficient amount of affordable units and i want to make a motion but now. >> think about it. >> my only caution you can't condition our approval on whether or not it is onsite or off site. >> commissioner richards. >> i want to camp back to the continuance all the dots all the i's and crosses all the t's i'd hate to sit here and rig it together i'd like to ask the president to call the question,
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please. >> if we do that we should be clear we've been nothing but unclear about what the project sponsor should review. >> i want to thorough investigation into what minimum number of two unit it bedroom unit will be possible i want an investigation into some commitment to common area community space within the building given at this time we have 26 studios that are have he very small and 22 one bedroom unit would no escape to be in a canyon area i'm not talking about the roof deck area if we talk about a little bit more about the building the ground floor the retail is one
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particular space i want some consideration as to whether or not that space to be subdivided on hayes and golf street and market street i'd like to see some variation to see if it is one continuous single ownership type of arrangement for a little bit more corridor on the subdivided space that only encourages market octavia is an area of small businesses that's typical for the corridor there's like little bits and pieces and not require significant amount of time to spend time to talk about those things and see some variance. >> commissioner richards and . >> have a document teed up to
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review the design principle and match them up to make sure we've got most of them covered. >> commissioners i've noted all those things, however, i haven't heard a date of turns. >> i would ask mr. roub and the gentleman to comment on the time. >> this look open everything after that month is wide open. >> right after easter. >> i'm sorry.
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>> the 23rd is available the 30th is closed. >> mr. reuben? i'm sorry >> what we're hearing the planners are not here to work what i'm trying to figure out we can come next week or the week after. >> i think we're trying to make sure we have sufficient time to not only have the discussions about incorporating those are changes but enough time to reflect by the staff report and make sure that the plans are tight we want to have sufficient time for the conversations to happen. >> gentleman i'd like to talk about april 15th. >> very good. >> i'm not here on april 16th.
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>> april 23rdrd. >> i'm here on april 23rd yes, thank you occupy that. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second to continue this matter to april 23rd to allow development of the project commissioner antonini that no arrest commissioner hillis no arrest commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong no. >> that motion passes 4 to 3 with commissioner hillis commissioner antonini and commissioner president fong voting against commissioners that places us excuse me. zoning administrator. >> i'm generally supportive of the rear yard modification and the variance and take action today and ton to the same day as well thank you. >> commissioners that places you
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on items 13 on or about an for the case c and b at 126 plus laguna street a conditional use as well as a variance for the zoning administrator. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission carly the conditional use authorization to permit a dwelling unit not to exceed one thousand square feet at 126 to 30 laguna street celebrate property is developed as a 5 unit residential building the proposal to od add two dwelling units to have 7 dwelling units this is no depth or width felt existing building that is filling in the windows and recessing the wall 6 feet
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they have been minimally visible from the public right-of-way no records at the one story two story or three story the open space variance to have a bay window within the rear yard to date the department received the following public comment from the hayes valley association one letter of the support from the san francisco victorian preservation committee and one letter from current tenants requesting additional information the department recommends approval and necessary for the following reasons the additional of two dwelling units added housing stock and meets the goals of transit district without adding
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additional parking and the project also promotes transit by adding bicycle paperwork for octavia boulevard and project has minimal alteration the project meets all cod and it is comparable with the surrounding neighborhood that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> project sponsor.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners i'm robert gil son with the architecture our office is down the street from la cumbia and hayes valley we're familiar with the area and care about the area thank you carli for helping me i want to directing your attention to those 3 images on the bottom of the skroep this is the only location see where our project would be and this is an image of the rear yard of 86 waller street it is 66 feet roughly wide and who've chosen to locate our required open space 2 hundred open space adjacent to that rear yard this is the existing plan
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and you can see kind of the open space mid plan take advantage of the opportunity to southern exposure from 86 waller street a 3 dimensional facade as it is today and this is the remodel of the basement also i think that is important to mention that because 86 waller has a large rear yard we can't provide the exposure to the open space we wanted to make a drawing we have a light sun angle all days of the year and it requires the open space and furthermore i want to say that 86 waller is clarified as a
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historic landmark and exclude that i saying there are many properties in san francisco and this is really important to reducing the impact of the housing shortage in san francisco but to do that we need things like barriers for exposure and open space and problems with non-compiling backyard or rear yard and existing rear yard that concludes my presentation. thank you for your time. >> any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner richards. >> i think this is a good project i think it


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