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tv   [untitled]    April 29, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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he red cross and salvation army you're the first on the ground and the resident needed you most there is no also a best i didn't have local businesses that need to be recognized and thanked perhaps 2w078 to be named but there are merchant and businesses that also belong to a tight community that went out of their way to provide food and cloefrth or the fires especially the residents no mission small business like go tar 10 backing providing food to those in the shelter and their generous hearts that gave hope in the dark i did hours in addition to those small businesses we also
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had displaced families unable to access really basically necessities they this to get a 0 recovery process that complutd included did necessities of placing them in temporary housing in addition to the be able responder and the businesses that gave food and shelter i want to recognize the group of property owners in the city the lavrd groups that stepped up to house our families you have 450e7 people like bert i've going on known for many years as head of paishd that of those there long, long before we thought of legislation to codify our work he was there and supervisor wiener when we first started the restoration that he
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k3b9d time and time again his willing innocence to set aside unit at park merced to houses u house the victims of fire i know the other disasters and in addition to park merced and other unit on treasure island stepped up to help famed by the 22nd aid 450id street fire and a newcomer to the area the technology to be living also residents and family from the mission fire in housing right on mission street i know that the owner will wanted to talk about his technology helps easy the usual tension between landlord/tenant and increase their housing opportunity our housing partners are key to the recovery for our families i
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want to thank you for the opportunity to encourage more project sponsors property owners and landlord to step up john steward to the living we need nor cooperation as i know you'll do our best with the board of supervisors and leandro address supervisor campos and supervisor wiener will join me to prevent the fires from happening whether a stronger compliance with the building code or anticipation of more of the things that prevent disaster but have to face disaster when it comes up so having a larger best i didn't have property owners will help on this effort and with the residential rent legislation all of our landowner have that opportunity to do the right thing for the residents also want to say thank you to
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the hotel couldn't because even they stepped up to provide hotel unit as brief as those unite were available they were able to step in and help a number of fire victims and the family we honor good samaritans helping our families for their long term recovery as well they have brought our entire city together to help those who are effected by raiding resources in a significant way of course i'm talking about zach crockett a young resident of our mission and some place who is running home and rather than stop and observe and take photographs and pictures like many others he rode home and allowed that to people trait his
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action and set up a go fund me account to help his neighbors (clapping.) well this effort this effort raised an unprecedented over $120,000 for those who are effected by the fire this is extraordinary and i want to thank a participate he found we've known to be a good partner our mission confirmation development meeting that was on the ground day in and out helping the 4r5i9 resident in the midst meeting worked closely with the 22nd street folks and became the agent for the good fund account so thank you to meeting not only for that at the heart of not only the residents your concern buyout small
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businesses and the many small businesses who perhaps in many occasions lost everything in the fire and going to have a hard time step up to the plate unless they get help m e t a started helping our small businesss and let's help them get to the goal any met a so the small businesses can on silicon valley and today, we're honoring one more inspiring effort by an entity called project homeless connection and la vacillating a working with supervisor kim's office little hit the nail on the head to campaign held folks in the tenderloin neighborhood this champion campaign is active
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i ask everyone to help raise the necessary resources to help the 234ks families effected by that fire you know, i want to say this our city is truly a world-class city and we also are proud to have world-class hearts that are demonstrated by those good samaritans standing right here all of you exemplify our city at the best and our entire city applauds our efforts to assist the folks in need at the time of need at this time i'm going to take the privilege of asking the supervisors to join me come on up supervisors to lend our voices to think i think a heartfelt applause to each and every one of them before i begin the ceremony. >> supervisor wiener
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supervisor breed. >> thank you, madam president asked me to speak first so mr. mayor, thank you for recognizing those heros i think one of the biggest surprise we you'll know as residents until you're in the fire department or getting noticed you don't on how many fires happen my first year in office we had a serial arsonist and we did the good samaritan ordinance to try to make it easier for lymph glands to put people up with low rent and ben yi from the human services agency done extraordinary work and it is heartbreaking in my i will district of 17th century and church a few years ago
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people's lives being completely up ended if their luke they have alternative housing and friends that hook them up if their unluke in the rental market there's trouble so my heart sings when we see a fire happening but opening this safety net people in the city coming together and 4r50ug9 for you our neighbors it is inspiration all so thank you to everyone i want to acknowledge the fire department those fires as awful as and are the fire department gets them out quickly and do a tremendous job so thank you.
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(clapping.) >> thank you and i just wanted to make sure that i stopped by to congratulate the folks that are being honored for their commitment to making sure they support their fellow neighbors i know those fires have you know had a dennis herrera 1259 impact and my grikt in particular neighbors that step up to the plate and i was 59 a fund raiser and organizing fundraiser for reveal raffle items i appreciate the people that step up the rear deck and others and especially the folks that take advantage of the program because mostly in some cases those unite are not available on the market and to open our doors and give someone
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an opportunity to call a place month to month home during one of the most tragic times i'll ask other apartment owners or 09 people that have unit available on our doors to people that are victims in those cases it could happen to anyone of us and appreciated when anyone step up to the plate to help someone in need you want to congratulate you and thank you for the fund you're starting for the work you continue to do and finally the fire department we have one of the best fire department in the country they amount me to make sure we put those fires out in a timely manner not to negatively impact nor resident when they start so thank you all for being
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here and mr. mayor and thank you for being here (clapping). >> and now i want to present on behalf of the city of san francisco a special city insignificant ma heart i hope you'll receive it with the feeling we're in deep appreciation of the work and commitment to the city and for the audience i'd like to just say shop locally because do as much locally has possible you know be know someone that is online a barky could be the hero in the city thank you, everyone for being here i'm going to ask the supervisors to help me do the pinning and if the chief
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could help i want to make sure i acknowledge the san francisco fire commission i know you're helping just making sure that we do all the right things in the city continually
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goorndz thank you very much on behalf of the city of san francisco
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>> we love our parks, but we love... >> and the community who is really the core of it all, came together and said what we need is a place for our teenager to play, not just play grounds for the kids and soccer fields but we need a skate park that will keep the kids home in the neighborhood so they can play where they live. >> the children in the neighborhood and it will be a major boone. and we have generations, the youth generations that will be able to use this park in different places. >> the best park in san francisco right here. >> creating place where people
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can be active and lead active, healthy life styles that are going to just stay with them for life. ♪. >> well, thank you very much for coming and welcome to the appellant restaurant in the downtown center city college of san francisco i'm the chair of culinary studies department you're in one of our classrooms one of four food service i89s from the studies department we're a two year degreeed program that offers a degree in
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culinary arts hospitality management in addition the classroom you're in now is where the backing certificate is as well as our culinary arts certificate and some of the students to my left are part of the one year certificate program a little bit about what we do we're one of the programs in city college having been started by a graduate if the r from the cornell school of hospitality we like to say what we do is over live experience to our students you're in a classroom that students offer food and make all the of a food and bread all the chocolates we breakdown all the meat and make all the saucers and the students serve you the food we the students spend before thirty
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hours a week for an entire semester it is valuable and so incredibly special in this community is the amount of hands on experience students get from coming to city college of san francisco this is true of any of the programs one of the areas and one of the reasons we're so valued in addition what you'll see here is students who are working full-time in addition to coming to school and being committed to their education we like to say in our departments learning never tasted so good in addition to this campus we have food services at the ocean campuses that operates our cafeteria as well as other services we have strong ties to
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the community later on you'll see one of our alumni as well as the advisors board speak we at city college in our programs in general really rely on community input and partnerships we say partnerships with the city of san francisco the hospitality initiative we have advisory committee and people that help to shape our curriculum and embedded in the community and communities and we value your support thank you for coming today i'd like to introduce our chancellor arthur asian pacific islander our (clapping.) thank you janice is truly is a privilege for me to be here to welcome back in the the first time and certainly many, many times she's been here leader
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pelosi but before i have her come up i'd like to say thank you to all of you that have helped the institution there it's 80 years of support to the economy and people of the families of this great city you know as we start enrollment today for the summer i'm very happy to announce the spring semester was the turning point of the institution the first time in 3 years we've eclipsed the enrollment numbers and on our way back (clapping) you know it's my privilege as the chancellor to stand here and tell you this institution was here not only for the students but for the community we've served like as talked about did hospitality industry this this wonderful culinary arts served
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we have over 3 thousand courses we provide almost on a daily basis to students who want to do better who want to live a dream we create dreams for those who don't have them and create americans when they come to our shores as immigrant and teach them english but more importantly we teach them how to adapt and become part of this wonderful fabric of america city college is one of the most diverse institutions in the world i can't count the number of differences we embarrass in this wonderful institution we are truly a microcame over of san francisco and what it does for our nation for the world and as a gateway economically and socially as we make change on a
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daily basis you're here at the downtown campus and here at fourth and mission you know we do special things as janice said we're getting ready to opec our first enterprise students will be selling they're back wares to the public and fund for this help to underwrite the program but also teach students how to assimilate in the with that when they become part of businesses part of the best of the best things i get to do as chancellor get to boost by my faculty we have a wonderful faculties along with the students and staff and administrators i'd like to acknowledge our
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president virginia perez (clapping) it's her responsibility for the daily operations of our centers as well as the campus along with jessie lee our center dean (clapping) you know this is really probably the best job i've ever had and the best job because of you and because of the partners we have both with the mayor's office and the unified school district the university in the city and our elected officials with great pride i get to introduce her again leader pelosi is just perhaps the stanch it best ally we've had and she's been doing it a loojt to help the institution not only to strive but the best of the best that's
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where we're headed we're strong and coincided and enforcing people today leader pelosi my pleasure (clapping.) >> thank you, very much. chancellor tyler for your tremendous leadership this must be the best job anyone would have because really you and your colleagues are doing most important work your investing in the future and helping young people reach their aspirations as well as growing our economy and doing great nominations some of which is done directly by the students it's mites how were you to be associated with the city college san francisco very proud of the faculty yes of the
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students, and all the leadership and the community support that it has is that me? nope maybe it's some pieces going into the oven (laughter) i don't know or should i say is it i did is my honor to be here with mayor ed lee we're talking about the future of going forward but we have to acknowledge we had some challenges some bumps in the road and frankly without the mayors surely great leadership some in the forefront and some behind the sequence we would and the best news of all that enrollment is where it is and has as the chancellor said higher than this time last year and growing for the students
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tomato it's important for the fund from the state a few principles i'd like that will be a l l e not al a few principles i'd like to support is one nomination begins in the classroom and when you see the innovative spirit of those young people learning and deliver on a product in a way that is entrepreneurial it is pretty tlifl when you see people that have spent a lifetime a generation of their time working in the private sector and coming here to teach those young people how to go forward you see that nomination has gone from one generation to the next and so i salute you for the k3r0ir8 spirit and the culinary spirit
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this means a lot of things but it certainly is inviting and i can't wait to come back to enjoy a meal the second point nothing. nothing brings more known to the treasury local, state, and federal than the education of the american people whether it is early childhood k through 12 higher education or lifetime learning and all of those fields community college of san francisco has played a role nothing bring more money to the treasurer so that's unfortunate he search warrant to have a debate in washington, d.c. about the importance of education anyone that says we need to cut education to reduce the deficit
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is talking about a false economy i am sure for every dollars spent for community college 54 a quarter is returned to the public do menu and to the economy so we must fight we have a fight on the way and the republican budget not to be bipartisan they've freesz peel grants for 10 years 10 years they've frozen peel grants for 10 years they've freesz the aspiration of young people and people returning to school will even later in life the aspirations of returning that the aspiration of those who want to be the first responders the mix that brings to community college is talked
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about the diversity chancellor is not only the diversity is such is a strengthen i say in washington about the community i represent the beauty is if the mix strength it in the mix so this is why we're thrilled that obama has said he presidents two years of community college to be free just think that of what that >> just think the parent could not soft that he would their kids education they can go all out and sigh reach for the started it is affordable and assessable to them and again, we want to have the kids go to school and i say kids to me everything is a kid but
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those students to be able to go to school whether it's in the summer and the idea you cut off summer just as known as how quickly young people or students can get into the workforce again, the taxpayers if we want to get down to dollars and cents but broader reach their ass perspires and most important jobs and the best jobs helping people reach their aspirations and bringing nomination to our economy and people that might not have had the access and reducing the diversities by investing in education and recognizing that the strongest bridge in our economy from our people to our global competitivenes