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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2015 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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city clean we do everything everything and someone asked though do we insure we're being equitable about repaving the project not just the affluent areas we're working with the vision zero coalition to insure that as we repave streets that we're not only promoting multi mode transportation like biking walking as well as driving but also we're being equalities e equitable how streets are being repaved. >> we work closely that walk sf we meet monthly and go over the cities data of areas of high injury or areas that meet the goals of disposition and overlay our paving plan with those areas
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our paving plan is decided based on pc score based on the condition of the street areas we find loopholes we try to figure out how to each those areas but a huge number of fatalities is in a small area of the city so those areas are the areas we need to focus on so i think we have a great relationship i think we've never seen a good time like we have now the mta, and planning all the agencies working together to solve one problem with the heads together and marketing and doing much better we meet the goals of zero fatality by 2020. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much two things first of all, mr.
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neuro. >> and the men and women of the public works for the incredible work you do with limited resources you have so many parking spaces to clean and landscape and to fix and you don't have in my view i appreciate the hard work in my district we see again and again terrific efforts whether it greening the street and the process that the community loves or other landscaping cleaning work and very difficult area it is you guys do terrific job so thank you for that and i hope we can get you more resources to do the work and even higher level i in terms of the following up on supervisor mar's question and
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comments about cleaning i in my experience dpw works very well, that the outreach and i see in my district and i know especially in some of the early morning cleansing to sometime saurng conditions the department didn't pour water everywhere by with the police to make sure that everyone is safe and try to get people services they're hard and unknowledgeed job i want to see more cleaning off the public spaces we have challenges a question about which i raised and here a couple weeks ago with
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the department of the technology you eye haven't spoken about this i raised it again, when the board my extreme frustration around the city's failure to lay conduit in the street as they're ripping up every street in the city supervisor farrell is right the road is very, very disruptive but it is important we're feinstein accelerating the sewer work and the waterline work and pacific gas & electric work and the great infrastructure happen at a faster pace but we're coffee up the streets without putting conduit down so we have better broadband access whether a municipal system or a system we allow private entities to lease
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that space and last year, we passed legislation unanimously requiring that the conduit be laid with various exemptions and approximately the department of technology it was going to go into a enter departmental process the public safety or an indication that could take years and years in the meantime, we're covering up the streets i want to see the conduit laid now in the five or six most not one inch of conduits it's not dpws responsible but dpw plays a key roll in the departments i'm concerned we're going to see bureaucratic obstruction the ability to lay the conduit i want to see your thoughts in terms of getting the conduit laid now and in every street.
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>> one ordinance is which your refer to a little process had not been made we i've met with the department of technology staff within the last few weeks we've come to a position we system that will work wherever the permit is being permitted we'll install that pipe they've agreed to pay for the pipe depending on the price the unit price of the linear footage so the code when you go for a permit we're able to capture that we have a formula you're right nothing has been done since the ordinance passed but conversations and we're ready to start the main pipe.
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>> when do do you think the conduit will be laid. >> they're willing to pay that was the last catch when the permit comes we'll ask the contractor to make that part of their job. >> if a contractor whichever department the puc which even the puc or whether it is pg&e and the depending for reis it fair to say if an excavation permit that comes in tomorrow will that be reviewed. >> like the street reas far as i am concerned. >> you're right you're right. >> a grinding of a couple inches on top but the opportunity presents its that's a requirement and so literally
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tomorrow penguin comes in and says we need to do the gas work or public works want to replace a sewer dpw will evaluate that permit. >> that's right. >> and do you anticipate what kind of push back do you anticipate because again, you and i have gone through those through those boards on the same side for example, you've had a lot of challenges where the puc for public safety projects want to charge an enormous amount of money for bulb outs so i don't chris criticize their projects but i'm worried about the departments having a million reasons not to put conduit here and there do you think we can
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run the interference and get the con aid. >> i feel technology want to happen so i don't think if you're doing a thirty foot trench or 50 to the trench but if you're doing four or five or 6 blocks it make sense we'll see the opportunity and all the conversations moving towards that step. >> i'll stop i know there are other - i know that the department wants to do it are there other departments even dpw has challenges offer coming observations from the department you know how to do it d t has not done that historically what i've indicated pub i don't want to do fallout legislation but
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i'm closely monitoring this where the ability to lay conduit is obstructed i'll moved with legislation with a blanket mandate with more than x feet of construction it will be in the code i don't want to go this route i'm glad you are in you can solve it. >> i'm come to our office to give updates. >> supervisor yee. >> i also want to join the choir and say your department has always been a pleasure to work with i wanted more responsive for the departments have worked with i'm just wanting to follow up with supervisor wiener's
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comments in terms of coordination and so on and so forth there's an opportunity actually, if you want to test what he's talk about in terms of the laying down the conduit i'm sure you're aware of are we're breaking up west portal avenue and digging up for 6 months i believe that so there's an opportunity to coordinate something there and, in fact i'm hoping as we move forward that project i know that there's some discussion and mta trying to replace their tracks hopefully, we doesn't have to repay that that's one we need a lot of coordination in deciding up trenches and there's going to be public safety improvements and then right behind that hopefully not behind that digging up the tracks and so hopefully, we'll be able
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to coordinate things to resurface ones and not resurfacing twice the question i have around the staffing so you've done a great job in the cut we've seen in the last 10 years going from the high of 4 hundred and 27 staff members to 3 this year as you ramp up i'm curious in terms of when we start losing staff or you start losing staff what did we do less of and as you ramp up what are we're going to do more of and maybe relate that to trees in general as a lot of us have xepsz concerns who is going to
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do take over the trees on the sidewalks and certain people that can actually take it offer and i've spoken to quite a few people on fixed incomes the seniors that won't be capable of handling it economically can you respond. >> so tree talk so with regards to tree the city only has a limited number of oort with work so we've never had a large number of oorts in the past as the city grows and the demand on trees is even higher so that means did amount of work we're able to get to say a lot less than we were because we have more trees and this trees are older we're a wind i didn't aide
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with older trees almost every few nights four or five trees go down we're limited in staff that didn't give us the errors to you stretch beyond our own maintenance of the trees we're responsible for the department has 40 thousand trees living in the right-of-way so just if we were to take the step now to look after the city trees alone we don't have the resources we never have had them. >> through the ordinances the citywide has several planting programs and in some cases a misunderstanding of who's tree it is but for many, many years have been looking after the trees the whole progress of maintaining the trees is to
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bring everyone to a level the playing field if you want to call that that the property owners are responsible for their trees i agree and i know that you know the city should look after all the trees but the city didn't have the resources to look after all the trees and scott has lead a lot of sessions to make it happen until then we have to maintain what we have and in the process what we think we have to make the property owner responsible to in the process of relinquishing the tree whether a pruning or other repairs we have to do that to turn that tree over so you know simply don't have enough resources to meet all the demands we're in a fighting mode
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so mostly responding to emergencies we have to prune trees for signals and prune trees for signs and prune trees to have people walk under them those come daily not time to give you routine maintenance of trees that are needed every 3 to 5 year circles. >> what's our response in furtherance of wrapping down the staff and ramping back up. >> we're paying the price sngz we don't have enough resources we've gone from our agency does that better than any other agency partnering with the neighborhood and getting the extra hands and educating people. >> what kind of you've lost hundred staff members a quarter of our staff
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so what services were they madam clerk, we lost. >> in the streetscape area we had people on the situations that diverts people a lot to provide those services so on a normal routine basis parts of city that don't get the routine services because we're deal with more emergencies to that is one example same things with gardeners we're doing more greening in the city and landscaping we used to have landscape that was dug up for, you know for more plants or green this is great but it requires more maintenance that moves from the concrete that we would send someone once a year to a place you'll go three or four time a year; right? so as we develop more sustainable
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practices in our city we you know requires small labor and resources if needed we're trying to get to 0 o a level to look after what we have now. >> one last question you showed the pie chart for this year's budget and then i know you have several slides you talk about individual budget so in regards to the budget year 2015-2016 what would be the total ask this year's is $237 million. >> uh-huh. >> what would it be what are you asking for . >> i guess i can add it up. >> i did not get the question. >> what is our ask for next year's budget. >> we've submitted the baseline
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budget meets the requirement and added what we call enhanced projects but what alleyway is one of them the reason we asked for that people that are divert can go back to the neighborhoods and we've asked for a few more gardens. >> right i'm asking for the total. >> supervisor yee the total is $246 million not including the engagements that mohammed talked about until we have a final budget as the mayor's office we'll not have the final total. >> so 2 hundred and . >> 46. >> the includes the total. >> not that's in addition.
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>> got it. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you very much i wanted to thank you for the opportunity to thank public works i know that many of the projects you've engaged in is in the process of transforming the neighborhood in a long lasting way we've done our best to come to creative solutions to make the improvement long term i would say i'm very glad you included constituent a plan for effectively managing the landscape along the boulevard your team has been working to address that and lastly i would is especially given staffing and budget challenges that really encouraging public works and rec and park to continue and built by an the apprenticeship and other programs those address the staffing issues we have but moving forward train our next
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generation of people to help us take care of our wonderful city so thank you very much mohammed. >> thank you, mr. neuroso up next our planning department i see john and his team thank you for being here look forward to our discussion. >> thank you, mr. chair i appreciate having those hearings that is a great way to have the budget process i tried to match the tie i'll do better next time i've been going on over the things keeping me and the staff up and a another night and go into the trend and want to close with a kind of 5 year work plan we've developed in our long-range planning if we could
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get the screen thanks. >> talk briefly we've been working on the first is improving how we look at the project reviews case in permit permit volumes continues to be strong the highest in the history of the department we've hired many new staff with the revenue, of course, and in the last 4 years we've primarily hired the staff in the current staff that looks at the planning division over the last 9 months cutting into the difference between projects coming out and out we've improved by 10 percent in the last 9 months the number of cases we've closed in the department so we really building by the end of this year we'll kit into the backlog we've done a number of improvements to make
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that happen last fiscal year we had of the approximately 08 thousand projects that come into the department do 16 hundred last year what we call moved upstairs for a better review from conditional use that requires a notice and the result was that we have six months backlog in assign projects but cutting into that as i said we had a disproportionment amount do require notification and we initiated a small project team that only look at projects that don't require a public hearing three hundred and 40 project have been assigned to a small budget amend team and
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crank out a lot of budgets and in addition we've added additional historic preservation commission to phone call on hr e r historic evaluation reports and we've also made improvements to our community plan exemption that's a plan in second many of the large and mid sized projects within the plan areas can get a streamline environmental review and many in the market octavia and downtown is happening as a result of projects in plan areas where plans were improved and those plans xhchtd and were able to do a more style environmental review another improvement is the priority processing for small
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business applications those are applications typically changes of use in our neighborhood commercial districts that are straightforward that require a conditional use but are fairly modest changes we've streamlined our promissory note progress by removing the paperwork and 90 days turn around to the commission and played played those that on the consent calendar so we have the requirement for conditional use and public comment but with a reduced amount of time and reduced maturely paperwork and thirdly, in terms of active for this year we're working on a number of issues no surprises to any of us housing programs and housing policies this is larger in the mayors directive on housing and as well as the malice and overall the hours crisis we see ourselves in we've
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done a number of things in this case we're processing in a priority promotions that are fair and reasonable affordable projects or have 40 percent private project that is unthe housing on site we've made did two 70 hope projects a priority in the department we duplicate a number of training and public information improvements related to the city permit process we've gone through a process www the department of building inspection to discourage the removal of on logically dwelling unit if it can beleaguer listed not to lose a unit but see if it could be legalized we've implemented did eir that was a big plus allows us to move forward with a lot of housing
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initiative and initiated with the mayor's office with oh, my god and myself a public sites program that looks at pub owned property with middle school housing and as supervisor yee we're starting that process inform balboa park we are i'll talk that in a minute beef developed a 5 year work plan for long-range planning in the specific neighborhood plans have been implemented and finalizing central selma and we're focusing our policy over the years we think that is less about the small neighborhood plans. >> focusing on growth and on existing neighborhood coordinators and i'll talk about that in the second
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ward to the short-term rental program i've spent more time on this topic i think many of you have also the legislation that was adopted, of course became effective february 1st of this year we've hired 3 people it work on modification of the program and enforcement we've- that's not been enough we are using existing staff resources to cover some of the work to give some numbers as of may 1st nearly 6 hundred applications that have been submitted for short-term rentals 6 heed and 79 and issued three hundred plus registration certificates and about 50 in review and another 2 hundred are waiting review because the application process requires us to meet in person
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with the applicant to look at materials we have to schedule appointments and i'm sorry to say 25 percent of the appointments made 25ers percent are no shows people don't come it is frustrate to staff but i'll say we went live this week with an online scheduling appointment it is easier for people to make appointments and reduce the amount of time appointments make and on the enforcement side there is right now 200 and 889 active enforcement case respect to short-term rental i want to briefly mention the start designation program the historic preservation commission doupts a work plan for us to do research open the potential structures or places in the city that could be landmarked and, of course it
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must go through a process they're reviewing the process and comes to the board of supervisors for your final approval and recently implemented landmark designations for the ruth goldberg and the swedish-american on market street and soon to have hearing onlookers for the urban forestry of mount last but not least ladies is on university street and japantown the neighborhood has been interested for quite sometime finally finally we went left leg or live with our pious of the project with the tracking system the new system we've been working on with dbi replied updating outdated legacy and when it goes live