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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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@p gov. the sound producing devices approval of the minutes
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important may 5. >> motion to approve > all in favor, say i. > i. > thank you communications directors i have no one introduction by board members of new business. >> item 7 director's report. >> good afternoon. director reiskin good afternoon mr. chair and members of the public a couple of things starting with ideally drive not this weekend but starting other than thursday may 27 ideally directive will be closed until june 1st at 5:00 a.m. golden gate bridge to you highway one is detailed the folks are encouraging everyone to use buses or ferries or a way to get across discouraging
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drivers from any travel to that area in access to lombardi street the reason for the closure you've read about to finish the work on the presidio parkway they're to finalize the connection into the new parkway excluding u including the two tunnels that will be disruptive over the weekend we've been working closely with the transportation authority to make sure that the information is out there and surrounding traffic is managed accordingly some impacts to the 76 x the 28 and 91 the 3 bus routes that go through this area is make sure that our riders have good information about the reroutes we'll are
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parking control officers and also police department officers out there doing traffic control to try to minimize the traffic impact is big milestone the week after next a disruption only other thing to remind you that this coming weekend starting on sunday september 24th we'll launch the double stopping in the subway this is the program the long awaited ability in bound trains at serving powell and montgomery to let passengers get off rather than waiting for the traditional boarding position so something eave talked about a lot and worked only we did a
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test a number of weeks ago if the sign off from the state arithmetic and now working to make sure that it is in place to do this with a minimal amount of confusion we've heard strongly from riders to get this happen when our stuck on the second train on the platform but it was a change in terms of the operations in those stations so we're doing some significant messaging we'll have ambassadors informational flyers using our website and social media providing information to key stakeholders we've butt put floor markings in at the embarcadero station and others stations will have additional dismays in the stations working
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very hard to minimize the operation so get it smooth only 15r9 night is milestone that weekend that concludes my report. >> members of the public seeing that okay. >> item the next item is item 8 the citizen advisors report will moving on to general public comment item 9 each member of the public may address the commission for up to 3 minutes. >> good afternoon. i'm patricia a retired city planner 35 years of transit and environmental transportation planning i work parliament for the garden planners and have a
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consulting firm i advise clients on transportation i'm a long term muni rider and a huge supporter of public transit happy to see muni doing the rapid lines i ask staff to reconsider the far side out bound at bay shore and kr0urd land we have parking along bayshore and a little bit on hilton we're very, very concerned about this change our landscape consumers and regular customers use your driveway and front area often double parking we have customers the average customers spend hours at our craft and there are another businesses
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effected when i saw the proposed bus stop relocation i thought of the muni safety problems created the buses will block the justifies e views of pedestrians as they attempt to cross the street the bus will have to unmerger with the bike lane the process needs to improve in terms of feedback and returning the information to the flower craft in youry we saw that bus stop ass was recently approved it there must be an appeal process available and in looking at the amounted to the t e p those issues the eir is insufficient. >> thank you. >> to analyze this bus stop.
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>> (calling names) and members of the board i'm jeffrey learn one the principles of craft gardener san francisco customers love conveniences if it is not convenient no matter how much people like the shop this trial they'll go everything else were the average purchase can being 25 to 35 pounds the quick access to vehicles an important for materials and goods the parkway becomes difficult with conditions they'll shop elsewhere like lowe's across the street it limits our ability our limited parking for bikes and customers and visits and muni riders the
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vernldz next door to the business is doukd now with the bus stop change it creates hazardous conditions for cars and pedestrians city talk about h how they like small businesses but they're here trying to drive our business towards the busy heard you're trying to improve the 9 rapid throughs changes for 2 and a half minutes that might slow down it or do away away with good you're going to do any moving this bus stop and create the traffic i'm sure there's oath way this issue can be relocated at numerous stops along the transit and i urge you
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consider keeping that stop where it is now thank >> thank you. next speaker, please (calling names) those are the last speakers. >> good afternoon i'm including but not limited to why i can't the garden manager a native san franciscan who grew up in the mission during the 60s over this decades i've watched san francisco make we feel like a stranger nonprofit are squeezed out by real estate speculators i and thousand of residents can't afford to moo buy a home it is a investor place this is unique we're a small independent business we've been helping people created beautiful gardens over 40 years we're not a trendy lifestyle
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garden center i've had the pleasure of meeting generations of shoppers that come to us for excellent services grandmothers and their daughters and their daughters i'm holding in my hand 5 hundred signatures from every zip code in the city along with hundreds of in store customers that support this many have said they'll to the shopping if we can't park in in front yes, ma'am our seniors and disabled citizens this is in the face of your vision zero plan you should be aware of how small businesses are struggling to be in the city taking away parking is suicide
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for our business i'll show the online positions i'm a flower craft consumer i ask you not to put a bus stop in front of the store sometimes before the traffic - >> am i done all right. >> (calling names) he's the last person that submitted a speaker card. >> good afternoon good afternoon nice to be back it's been awhile since i've been here i want 0 comment on the concern the impact of the capital projects on muni passengers like the twin peaks tunnel and the subway projects i've attended a couple of meetings almost two makes and
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asked questions still waiting to hear back one the questions i recall a quarterly capital report that used to go to the board i've not seen it unable to locate those on the agencies website those were an opportunity to understand on the capital projects what the obstacles are if that is being done i'm interested if not i'll recommend it be restored i have significant concerns about the capital division how their serving the transit division a number of questions about accident radio project and other things that are detailed i wanted to express that southern particular for the past impacts i understand twin peaks tunnel and the radio project is require bus schultz at night for roughly
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a year for the western parts of city that's a significant impact to many of us and that wasn't clearly explained at the public outreach meetings no shuttle plan made available and the resource into the sunset tunnel i've not seen the twin peaks tunnel project people need to know how to integrate that project within the agency if that project is done thank you. >> (calling names) the last person to turn in a speaker card on this. >> good afternoon you herbert wiener first of all i don't know bike to work project has been mentioned earlier this meeting but i certainly hope everyone
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obeys the traffic light one thing i came that came to me a point of insight a lot of parking congestion and problems with cars being backed up and the rest of it and i'm wondering if some is not due to widening the sidewalks removal ever parking meter and other improvement in if the park division remains with the police department i doubt if parking meter with would have been missing or sidewalks would have been w50i7b9d what happened then the reason the traffic was incorporated into mta or created as part and parcel of mta to
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create revenue and that's not really good enough because muni should be one action focusing on the problem and i realize that people sitting on this panel have the to do with the creation of m g a i foolishly voted for it the model is too big in mta to succeed. >> any more if not next item please. >> this is general public comment on matters not on the agenda she wants to speak. >> go ahead. >> you go so fast. >> i just wanted to address the
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issues of the past day that he ball park and the caltrans the most implementation they've reduced the public ability of cap on are 2 reading the street is closed over the 8th ini don't understand why the cab is not allowed to go into the cabstand and the cabstand that you've made available it between betraying man and it is so for back the cabs and other vehicles go around and pick up people at the greater than they get to the cabstand the ones waiting there and the pco does a good job but the vehicle is blocking the visibility of cabs they can't
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see you the cabs are sitting in lane and e line and it is frustrating i wish you could help us the ideal situation to allow us between that area of tomassoni and king there are plenty of pcos standing around if i could assign one to make a u-turn it would give us an edge we need an edge over other cars because they can't turn safely i wish you could help also caltrain that the people coming out of the station once they know that is there they can't see the cabs from inside the station so anyways thank you for letting me speak. >> motorcycling one resolution in the form or forms listed below. if discussion is desired, that
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item will be removed from the consent agenda directors please be advised that items 10.3, 4 and 5 have been severed from the consent calendar by a member of the public and regards to item 10.5 did additional funds have been identified and the original calendar amount was posted and the increase of $44,000 for a new total of $511,000.08 hundreds plus so the board needs to amend that amount for the higher amount so item 10 point one is the only item on the agenda. >> > all in favor, say i. > i. > so 10.2. >> 10.2 approve the various
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traffic moifksdz david. >> david again speaking as an individual my theme is environmental review the coverage page and the resolution includes the categorical exemption but not the document itself i was not able to find this documents on the city planning website where it is normally where it is supposed to be so i don't see the environmental review documents i'm not sure you can approve that without it the calendar should direct the members of the public to actually find it is not this board determination that the exempted or the delegation agreement i'm luke for this document. >> i'll talk about the legality
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of it. >> the board could approve that subject to allocation by the planning department and is there a motion a second. > all in favor, say i. > i. > >> can you let me know when that is valuable on future agenda items. >> next item. >> actually there is language in month calendar items the language is available if you turn to a public records request those documents that be vail their reviewed as part of staff but not attached to the calendar item. >> their supposed to be available to the public on the website. >> first item. >> item 10 that the directors authorize the $11 million plus
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for fiscal year 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 lifetime transportation with the late night public safety and the staff improvements on van ness. >> the gentleman will move this item from the consent calendar. >> speaking as an individual once again the i'd like to take roll it has a paragraph about projects not completely they maybe projects in the calendar that have not completed a calendar review you can't take a discretionary review prior to that being completely i want to hear about that in addition not much detail on the specific project a scant advertise about it and nothing voig available on
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the late night for late night customers how many and where is the information available and in particular the absent the network although i certainly support improvements to the network to the staff in the past i don't support the expansion to to 48 and 44 short line their cause problems not well-used i think we will spend money that can be used for other services with greater demand and i think there are certainly another late night needs identified in the late night transportation report that you presented recently that could benefit from the funds those specific project again,
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i'm looking for environmental review. > all in favor, say i. > i. > see i's have it. >> authorizing the director to authorize the purpose of objecting $700 million for various projects for the california trait grant program and members of the public david propel. >> david propel a member but speaking as an individual once again direct my question to staff i don't believe you t can take action await an environmental review i want to hear our potentially exposing the agency to liability once again the detail on the projects is less than the previous item
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no detail provided where can a member of the public find out the details of those projects and whether the elements of project make sense and where the grant funds are extended for those purposes. >> okay members of the board motion to approve > all in favor, say i. > i. > the ids have it. >> item 57 authorizing the director to spend 5 hundred plus thousand dollars for the transportation act for the bike utility projects this is a request from the member of the public. >> okay. is there a second to the amendment. >> second. >> > all in favor, say i. > i. > okay. >> public comment? public comment on 10.5 as amended okay.
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>> david pill ppo i'm going 0 i'm not going to get an answer to my question i still believe our violating ceqa by taking this action and the advice of the city attorney to accept and expend items have an increased dollars amount it requires to renotice the item if it was not noticed at the other meeting that was an increase in psychologically or within the scope and no details of how members of the public can get information to this. >> questions or comments. >> (inaudible).
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>> never mind. >> so - >> we have a motion to approve. >> second. > all in favor, say i. > i. >> opposed? not item has it. >> i'm sorry you're not answering my question. >> moving on to the presentation and possible action for vision zero. >> good afternoon. >> director reiskin. >> yeah. so you can ask us awhile back we periodically come and give you an update on implementing the vision zero i'll remind this the board has permission from the city to adapt that and have a meeting so tom maguire will give a brief update. >> good afternoon directors i'm
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happy to give you an update on the issue you may are remembered remember to eliminate all traffic fatalities i'll give you a quick overview of the highlights in the program areas around vision zero and the education and john will give you a detail updated on the education strategy we've been developing to help to achieve our education goals first, we'll talk about the project deliver we're halfway by delivering high impact projects in 24 months after the adoption of vision zero we had a meeting last the installation of a new single-phase a pedestrian integral on 14th street that is