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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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stateese bay. he found [inaudible] hieroglyphics perturnty with [inaudible] later became known as jiaand friends. he has given back to the community working at african american culture complex where i sunch as the director and help to create programs that kept people involved in music and arts overall. jiaplayed jass music at the fill more farmer market one of the only markets in san francisco that had live music and performed at the cities jass festivals and here in city hall. he worked for the paest 20 years. he fsh kind and giving to others with time and resources. he was patient and advocateed for seniors and especially those
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suffering from dementia. his calm and soothing voiz cecktded with the seniors. sadly jiapassed on may 28, 2015. he smissed by family and daughter ammony and many friends, the xhunsty and seniors at the bay view huntards point. with that colleagues the rest i submit. >> thank you president breed. supervisor campos you i r next on roll call >> thank you very much. colleagues in may of 2014 this board of supervisors passed a resolution coauthored by mayor lee and myself that established the [inaudible] latino cultural district. the purposef oestablishing the [inaudible] cultural district is recognize the importance of [inaudible]
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24th street as a center of latino culture and commerce and enhance the nature of [inaudible] as a special place for san francisco residence and tourist. at part of the planning process for the creation of the [inaudible] latino cultural district the sit aawarded a grant to the [inaudible] theaert and lower 24th street [inaudible] to facilitate community input process to development a latino cultural district plan. a counsel comprised 06 residence business and other neighborhood stock holders meets monthly and brings together residence, workers artist, business owners. after years worth of meetings as well as several retreats and public community input session this resulted in the [inaudible] latino cultural dist rth report recently issued and want to thank the community
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members who worked to the make that happen. the latino cultural district report identified the merger of smaller store fronts as leading cause of neighborhood sunching business displacement in this part of the mission. this economic boom small neighborhood serving retail including a pet store, butcher shop, record store, grocery store as well as laundly mat in the [inaudible] neighborhood have been displaced and replaced by restaurants. several of these retail serving establishments operated in smaller store front spaces. some of the smaller spaces have been merged together to make room for a larger space that has accommodated restaurants. today i am proud to announce
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something that we will be introducing along with mayor lee and want to thank mayor lee and staff, the planning department staff, the mayor office and economic development for working with us on this. in response to the changes that have happened in the neighborhood and stabilize the displacement of small neighborhood service businesses, today mayor lee and i are seeking interim control to stop the merger of store front in the [inaudible] latino cultural district while the city and stock holders have a opportunity to work collaboratively on community planning process that may eresult in the designation of a special use district or other management tooz the planning code for the purpose of prurfb prurfbing the characteric of the neighborhoods. intended to
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provide stability for the neighborhood [inaudible] and any other planning code change are under development for review. i want to thank mayor lee for working with us and this community. the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor campos. supervisor christensen, you rup next on roll call >> today i'm introducing legislation that will allow the addition orphrent controlled housing within existing buildsings in district 3. this legislation will ease density limit tooz allow units to be added in underutilized space in buildsings in the district. besides rent control these units will have the advantage of having ground floor location where they are more accessible with seniors andinose with limited mobility. these units
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because they are located within existing buildsings also have the advantage of adding new housing without altering neighborhoods cairth. early counts indicate potential of00s location. we look for way to notify and encourage owner of buildser that qualify to take advant onage of this and transferring a good idea into dwelling. this is one of opportunities we have considering to have district 3 to do its part to house the people in the neighborhoods and those coming. i also have a in memorial for mrs. lynn [inaudible] who was attacked on mothers day this year. mrs. long became unconscious about a week later and less than a week after that died of her injuries. my condolances go to her family who one day had a helthdy and happy mother and
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grand mother and 2 weeks later founds mrs. long taken from them. the message the family has for all of us is to contact the police when attacks like this occur not only to protect our sesks and help others and know language assistance is available when calling 911 or the police force. it is our hope that the woman that attacked mrs. long will be identified through the help of witnesses so we encourage everyone to become familiar with the situation. there are pictures on line and report anything that may help the police to find the person that is responsible for this incident and for mrs. longs death. >> supervisor cohen >> good afternoon everyone. today i'm introducing something simple just a hearing request for the puc to report to the
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board on the biosoled digester facil tee project. san francisco through the sewer system improvement program known as ssip, and it is [inaudible] project has evaluated and recommended a thermal hydrolysis process also knon as thp to begin to treat biosolids. this is important and relevant to the bay view community because it is new and important technology that reduces patgens that are harmful to the community. from the bay view community you smell a stitch from the treatment plant thrrks is new technology on the market that we would like to bring to the community to reduce the odor and it generates energy for the plant. it also enables to puc to revuz 100 percent of the
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biosolid and gas. this is a significant investment that our city will be making. the project cost a total of around 1.7 billion dollars and the rest i submit. thank you >> thank you supervieer cohen. supervisor farrell >> submit >> madam president that concludes the roll claul for introduction >> at this time weal rego to the 3 p.m. special order. can you call the 3 p.m. special order >> iletm 38 is a hearing approved by the board on may 19 by motion m 1587 to consider a urgency ordinance [inaudible] permit to demolx convert or nob number result in gain or loss of 5 or more units or [inaudible] create exception for [inaudible] south side of
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tw 20 [inaudible] >> okay, so at this time supervisor campos do you have opening remarks? >> thank you madam president. i want to begin by thanking the members of the public who have come out to city hall today on all sides of the issue. people in the chamber, the people in the overflow room, i know there are a number of people standing in line and it was difficult to get into city hall today. as a representative of district 9 which includes the mission i want to thank the residence of that neighborhood who came oit in full force over the last few days. it has been one of the most moving experiences i had
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asy lected afilshz. i have represented the mission district own the board of supervisors for all most 7 year jz i have never seen this neighborhood in such a crisis. middle and working class people, the very people who have made the mission what it is today are having a hard time staying in this community. they can no longer afford to live here. the average rent of a 2 bedroom apartment in the mission is 94500 dollars mptd an average price of a home is more than a million in the naird. housing is no long urfordable to the people who made the community the unique and wonderful place it is. people are terrifyed of the culture and diversity of the neighborhood will be lost forever. what is incredible to me is that the response from
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this community in response to the housing crisis isn't to give up, it actually has been to stand up to organize and mobilize. the people of the mission have organized arounds how to save the neighborhood and have come to me andic me to advocate on their behalf by developing bold legislative proposals that are aimed for the purpsh of saving this community. the number one ask is prooratize affordable housing and pause luxiary housing in this community. this is what i present to you today. an interim urgencyords nns that puts a pause on luxury development so we can develop a
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plan to preserve the remaining land for affordable housing. colleagues, since the mission was rezoned under the eastern neighborhoods plan, not one new affordable housing development is approved and built in the mission neighborhoods. in the current pipeline, only 7 percent of new units in the mission are below market rate. that means 93 percent of the units in the pipeline are luxury. relying on luxury housing in order to build affordable housing in the knhunty has simply not worked and will not work going forward. and, we are running out of time. >> supervisor campos. we can't have signs displayed in the chambers so if you can keep your signs down and also if you hold your applause out of
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respect for what supervisor campos is trying to do and communicate so key with move the process along, i would appreciate members of the public to respect our rules so we can move there process along. there will be a opportunity for all of you to be heard from, but i ask you to refrain from hissing and clapping and booing and signage so we can move the process along. thank you. the other option is resess the meeting and not have a meeting at all. i want to hear from the public, so we can make things harder or allow supervisor campos the opportunity to fix husband speak so each and every un with of you who wants to speak has a opportunity to speak jnchshz the bottom line is we need to build at least 2400 units of affordable housing in this neighborhood in the mission by 2020 if we want to stem the
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tide of displacement and maintain economic diversity of the mission. i want to thank harvey rose and staff, budget and legislative analyst indicated in the mission there are 18 sites where foret or more units can be built. to be able to leverage federal funding for affordable housing you need sites where you can build 40 sites or more. of the 18 sites 5 have been taken up to builds affordable housing which means we have 13 partials of land where we can build affordable housing in the entire neighborhood. this is ultimately above preserving this land. in california we have a drought and in response to that drought we are rightly trying to preserve water. we have limited land in this neighborhood, we need an effort
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to actually preserve that land. that is what this measure is about. i want to ask my chief of staff, hillerary roanen to help where a couple of slides. the first is a map that shows you this first map, the market rate development in the mission from the year 2003 to the present. the pink dots represent the developments that have #5ur8d been built in the neighborhood. the red dots rement the market rate developments in the pipeline. combine pink and red totals 90 projects of luxury housing that has been developed or about to be developed in the mission. the second map if i may ask my chief of staff to put that up-the second map represents the number of affordable
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housing developments in the mission from 2003 to the present and i believe by the way that all the colleagues have copies of the slides. only one 100 percent affordable housing. the mosaying ucproject was biment in the mission back in 2009. there are 4 projects in the pipeline that provide affordable housing but those projects have yet to be built. now if we can go to the third map. this third map shows the 13 sites i was talking about. the 13 sites that are left in the mission to build affordable housing. again, these are sites where woo can build 40 units of housing or more so we can leverage federal funds that are needed to build affordable housing. these maps take entotality show the imbalance we have seen in the
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neighborhood. the imbalance in housing production in the mission. we have focused on building luxury housing with the hope sth benefit to building luxury housing for the rich will somehow trickle down and help the middle class and working class. that trickle down approach has not worked in this neighborhood. so, let me also be very clear today and respond to a couple pieces that i believe is misinformation. i would like to address allegations by putting a pause on development that isn't affordable that i'm stopping development in this area where perhaps there are projects that propose 40 or 50 percent affordable housing. i understand that is a valid point that has been made and i
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have 2 responses. first, there are no such developments in the pipeline in the mission. there are simply no developments that even proport to provide 40 percent, 50 percent affordable housing in the mission. if those projects were in the pipeline we would have a different proposal. second, a deficit of affordable housing in this community requires that we address the imbalance by actually building more and focusing on affordable housing. that is why the focus is wn00 percent affordable projects. some of my colleagues alleged that my measure will stop group housing, microunits, sro and student housing. these approaches to housing are supposed to be affordable by design, but we are not seeing that play out. not only are many projects not affordable,
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but they are [inaudible] if any housing types actually 100 percent affordable housing the pause on lexry development would not apply. now, let me say something about my my colleague sproovisor wiener and he and i have been friends for a long time, we went to law school and respect his perspective. he indicated if we pass this measure it means a automatic 2 year moratorium that will likely become a permanent foratorium. that is not what my proposal is about and not how the law works. we are following state laws which makes it leer that at the maximum we can have a 2 year pause on lexerary development is & the first part of the
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process is request the 45 days. a number of people have rightly asked what happens during that period of time if that 45 day period or any additional period is provided. this isn't about sitting on our loreal squz saying we need to wait, this is focusing on work. one, we will insure the new sites are available flaaffordable housing. 3 sitess that are designated for affordable housing they get moved into construction as quickly as possible and made a priority. 3, we create a now enforcement strategy to safe gaerd against [inaudible] 4, that we devise a plan for bringing pdr use into the mission. 5, we create a plan for retaining arts and cultural
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and non profit and small business in this neighborhoods. 6, that we devise a plan for generating new revenue for subsidized affordable housing. 7, we update the mission area development impact fees. i talked about protecting pdr. production distribution and repair. this legislation is not just about land preserveivation and not just about protecting land for affordable housing, it is also about protecting land if industrial jobs in this community. the eastern neighborhood rezoning the board passed that end och 2008 was designed to increase the amont of affordable housing, something that clearly hasn't happened, and 2, preserve pdr space to scrur the diversification of san franciscos economy. the bottom line is retaining pdr jobicize
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critical because it is the biggest sector for employment in the mission and represents the only job opportunity for so many in the community. the pdr spaceerize critical to the vibrancy of the community. mini ortest work in pdr spaces and have for decades and being displaced as a very alarming rate because of the conversion of pdr space to other uses, specifically office space. planning tells while permitted conversion of pdr are 2.2 percent city wide, the rate of loss in the mission is actually 12.3 percent. all most 6 times more. this is taking into account the permitted conversion and doesn't take into account illegal conversion we know are happening. now let's talk about the voters. the voters of the city and coupty of san francisco presented their own vision for
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housing in san francisco. they passed proposition k last year and my proposal is very much in line with what the voters of san francisco asked this past november. proposition can ask established at least 50 percent of all new housing should be afford nl for low, moderate and middle income people. my legislation is part of a plan to actually try and reach that goal in the mission and it is actually a community saying we have a strategy for how to meet the objectives set out by the voters of san francisco. again, this is like a drought. the drought that is happening in cl is a perfect analogy. we vadrut in california and in response to the drought we are trying to conserve and preserve water. in the mission we have limited amount of land to build afort bld housing and in response we are trying to
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preserve that land. let me say that i appreciate we have been tibel work with the mayor on 24th street, but i was a little disheartened to see the budget proposal. it is a 8.9 billion dollar budget and i know they are allotted things in the budget that are things that need to be funded and i'm appreciative of that. thrfs no discussion of the housing crisis happening in the mission. i want to say something about that. thereive a general discussion for the need of affordable housing in the city in very broad terms and that is important and need to work, but we need it a proseal that speskly addresses the concerns raised by this community. this community that has come to city hall in a way
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i have never seen since elected to the board of supervisors. we saw more than a thousand people come to this building to say we vacrisis and a crisis requires full action. we need to make sure that we take steps to deal with the problem as it is a crisis. with that in mind colleagues today i urge you to join me in supporting what this community has asked for. a shortage of affordable housing and a shortage of land on which to build that affordable housing requires we take mairjs steps. i want to thank you supervisor kim, yee, avlos and mar for the cosponsorship of the measure. let me say i have
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also been heartened to see the level of involvement and i want to address the folks that have come out against this proposal. let me say that i respect your position and respect for you are coming from. i appreciate the passion but i would hope as you look at this matter that even if you don't agree with the specific request that this neighborhood has present that you acknowledge this neighborhood is in crisis and that phased with this crisis this neighborhood has done something that doesn't usually happen in the city. the community organized kw actually worked to put together a plan of action and what i have seen in response to that plan of action from the opposition is a lot of criticism but no alternative plan for how tewchieve the affordable housing nat is needed. i will
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end with this, we have district election frz a reason because there is a recognition that the way the system is supposed to work is that as a district supervisor you are goic to know your district better than anyone else. since i have been on the board of supervisor when something dieer or something critical is happening in a neighborhood we have provided deference. more recently supervisor wiener came to had body and responded to a request from corona heights to address the issue of inbuilding of monster homes in that neighborhood and in response to that request supervisor wiener rightly ked this board to provide interim controls to address the concerns that have been raised by nat community. this specific of what he
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requested may be different from what i'm requesting, but it is the same spirit that drives the request. just like cor ona rights wants control of the future the mission wants control of its future. colleagues i respectfully request for your support today. let's send a message that working people, middle income people have a place in this neighborhood. please help us save the mission because in saving the mission we are saving san francisco. thank you. >> thank you supervisor campos. supervisor wiener >> thank you very much madam president. >> can you please refeign from the hissing? >> i want to welcome my fan
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club here today. >> one second. supervisor campos. >> thank you very much. i want to say that i understand sthra great deal of passion, but i would ask everyone on both sides to respect this process and the fact is that for members of our community whatever side you are on to be able to speak we are going have to listen and not interrupt so in that spirit i ask whatever your views are, let people have their say so others can do the same >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> thank you madam president. supervisor campos and i had a very nice conversation on the radio fry day and we started by talking about the significant common ground that the 2 of us have after 22 years of friendship as well as that