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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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ssion has come before you and the mission is asking you can't feel our pain unless you lived it and can't solve our problem until i feel the pain come and stand with us. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) hello, i'm anna i'm a member of the quarter i was not born and raised in the mission or san francisco i'm actually binder in la in the city called coming ton and my neighborhood the majority is low and middle-income the majority is african-american and latino with that said, many people i've met in the city say it's a blessing i actually around the tv i've never seen a
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white person until i moved to san francisco the way that the mission is going i'm starting to building this is a blessings this construction is unfair this city has opened 'tis it's arms and support me through the san francisco state university i have a double major along with history a double in both a graduate student in education i believe that our youth needs to be educated to plant a seed this neighborhood is disappearing we need to listen to the people they're asking for the moratorium i support the moratorium i hope you support the people i hope our paying attention to the type of people that are coming up here the people that are supporting the
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moratorium how colorful compared to the people opposing it didn't make yourselves look wrong. >> thank you. next speaker. >> (clapping.) good evening supervisors i'm eric i'm so proud to have angeles with the quarter are we're going a counselor of merchant nonprofits youth, businesses artist in the area of 24th street we want to patenting present with you with a petition of 3 thousand plus signatures that supports this moratorium 3 thousand plus we have oath thousand coming before you i have oath petition with 2 thousand plus signatures to support of merging of retail space to create for high-end
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restaurant among 24th street we do it in a way that values i saw the stacks here before but i want to say after seeing the line of developers it makes it more urgent for preservation of that land it is singularly those developers can build in other part of san francisco not just in the mission they're in the restricted i on those are guys they're good people we need to work with them that will not stop them from developing in other places we also need to pay attention to this demand the demand that you heard for the people that talk about supply and demand you've heard the demand for affordable housing for the mission district thank you very much and reminder this is your legacy for the rest
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of our lives and thing >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> hello, everyone thank you for your time i'm pauline and this is the first time i've come up to the board i wasn't planning on speaking tonight, i'm originally from the central valley my parents emigrated from mexico there was a story that resonates with me earlier today which was the story of young man that couldn't speak because his father and him were sleeping in the seem bed and he was think about this legislation that paralleled with me in the central valley i came to san francisco to change all of that and not have it situation i came from the central valley he was
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trying to get away from that and i came to san francisco because there were so many progressive ideas and thoughts i thought i had american people ideal position of what san francisco was i came and met so many great people i've noticed a lot of my community is leaving slowly my network is slowly you know disappearing it makes me sad you know, i really want you guys to take a look at this proposal and just vote with our conscious and heart and just i'm sorry. i'm just a little bit so vote responsible and support of moratorium >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> supervisors
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mission resident working from the government agency dear supervisors you have the moral do you believe in that democratic process to demand to take action to soft the crisis in the mission you t have to do it otherwise you guys that are here they are with going to remind you for displacing all the community and the moratorium is not a bad requested we had one in the mission it was the first time we started to discussing the secludes for the housing in san francisco in the mission particular and this is only one tool we need to be creative and have to have more solutions and we know know that from you guys from the
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political contributions and clacks you had to add right and do the moral responsibility you have today thank >> (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors i want you to take the camera off me and i've had four hours of sleep i'd rather look at this thing i want to talk about the plaza coalition how invited on the issue of displacement and the gentrification and the issue of the loss of a culture and a neighbor that is one of the special and amazing and cultural significant neighborhoods in the world okay. the mission district do not tell the people of the mission district they don't know what is happening to them don't tells you in the
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mission district we don't know what is right for us plaza coalition formed about a year and a half ago we're called the monster in the mission we formed to opposed that building but at that time we needed to go further to declare an end to market rate we're not talking about a 45 day moratorium a halt air force on market rate housing i don't save the mission by building 93 percent l how old housley you to lose the 7 percent affordable it is a net loss and avenue, i want you to look at the how united the mission that you'll call for an end to
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luxury housing in the mission district what's the response then since then we've grown to over hundred organizations from the mission district and increasing citywide we're not talking about small potatoes it is community organizations it is. >> thank you thank you. >> next speaker. >> (clapping.) >> good evening supervisors i'm olsen grand i didn't what moves me and drives me is that the
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dozens and heed of young activist that are coming out for the first time (clapping.) as i steadily grow i'm reenergize gisz seeing the black and brown faces fighting for the justice and the families and culture and what drives they thirty years ago or 40 years ago a generation ever families able to come from one country to another south america and beyond to come to an entry to a city of opportunity to the sanctuary city to san francisco someone with the union janitor and salary rate able to buy a home move to the exterior district and that's no longer true not the fun filled facts we've been giving the average two bedroom
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apartment is 42 hundred or 13 sites left to do affordable housing or prop k with the 50 percent mandate for affordable housing it is not those facts that are going to move you sunshine which show move you the hedge fund that have been here the brother that is an artist that lives in a veterinarian (clapping.) the 8 hundred people that came who took over city hall who's how is it is young sons and daughters of immigrants that are studying and working hard and can't get a legal e leg up in the city we so love didn't love us back it will sure to move you the 5 supervisors that are - >> thank you thank you
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>> next speaker. >> (clapping) (yelling). >> thank you and welcome to the challenge former christine. >> i'm proud to be here and standing in solidarity with so many people to speak and support a moratorium in the mission district i'm proud of the work with supervisor campos has done him and his office staff have work hard it was a community that came to campos and came to put this on to present at the board this came from the grassroots and the community people want to consider it a brown issue but there consider many people today at the rally in front of room 2 hundred delivering a message to the
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mayor and to his staff saying that t displacement of people of color and all artist and people in the city will no longer be reverend brown and other rendering people talked about the trama has has occurred as a result of residents felt during little fillmore district and what happened then there i know many felt board members probably know better than most and the parents and relatives know the impact that has had on people so when you dwoup there be angry i have a lot of seasonedness it is heartbreaking to see what is leaping to the community before i left i wanted to make sure that i thank commissioner james
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an advocate of the low income and supervisor yee we really are grateful for you to sign ton other moratorium and supervisor avalos and commissioner eric mar so this this a citywide issue if we don't win on the one hand, tonight we'll take this to the ballot box we'll win. >> supervisors thank you so much you know for hearing this supervisor president london breed i appreciate that and want to thank the sponsors and supervisor yee and supervisor kim and supervisor avalos you know supervisor campos, of course thank you for sponsoring in and supervisor mar i'm going to give you a little bit of 2011 a gabriel i work for meta the agency and president of the san
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francisco democrat club over the last two years the groups have been going to sacramento we need an exception to the ellis act we're been enjoyed and rejected more any other city in colorado california we're asking for some hope some hope from the state legislation it is your it didn't get out of committee got through one house and didn't get out of the senate this year they said you know what san francisco solve our own problems we have to do it today this luxury moratorium is a plan it is a plan to make sure that we can build unaffordable so status we've added 32 hundred households since 2000 we built over 17 hundred units in the
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mission aside from supervisor kim i want to see a supervisor that built more in 2000 and tells you what they've done we've lost over 3 thousand people we've actually created more demands we need to build 24 to 3 hundred units in the planning commission mission we have 7 percent in the pipeline and the argument people are coming for our unit they can't do it so, please support this luxury >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> good evening supervisors i'm john the co-founder of the latino cultural district i was thinking about the moratorium whether it get passed or not me and few others of core group
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we're burning out we did everything there is no help from city hall so okay along with we started to mention moratorium and the merchant open 24th street gave me their keys people 25 and thirty people a night this community is together and we're going to got rid of if i vote it down tonight we're going or we're going to win i work with a talented group of people that makes me proud to be a san franciscan so, please do the right thing and support of >> thank you>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) good evening supervisors my name is a mayor are a an organizer in the mission san francisco is an q and a particular city what's the example we're giving the rest of
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the nation san francisco is one, if not the most expensive markets in the nation and san francisco has the largest income gap in the nation san francisco is losing 2 hundred latino families every year san francisco is a city where one every 5 students in the public school district a homeless and san francisco has the highest push out rate of african-american we're arriving post katrina new orleans in our african-american displacement san francisco is a city it it values exists but is the whitest city in california that is the context under which we propose this pause on developing luxury units rationalizing opposition is necessary to common sense policy
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is a political decision that we noted and the nation will notice voting against this profit over people prior tiger's a developer to make their negligence millions over grandmothers and city workers and janitors and domestic workers and everyone that self-make hundred and 50 k a year that's a disappointing position we need to save the last 13 sites to build affordable housing this measure at the end of the day is hundred percent about building housing but about building avenue, i urge you to vote with our conscious and not our pocketbook vote for the you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>
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(clapping.) >> good evening supervisor president london breed and supervisors everybody sing everyone dance i want to see an equal opportunity economic chance we're going to have it right now right now to tonight forever and i'm going to thank you right now right now all night long all night long all night all night those big buildings all begun all of you want to say is take those monsters away all night long all night people in this street tare protesting in the street all night long all i want to say is take those
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monsters away all night long all night long all big buildings begun reneed a moratorium strong. >> we're going to make it all belong and i want to say make the mission better the way it was today vote good >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> next speaker. >> that's a tough act to follow. >> won thing really first of all, i don't do this is my first political moment i don't know much about politics i think
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about people and one thing you know i've got to be here at 1:30 i saw so many of you here and i saw and marched with everybody and came down here and watching at home and decided to come back because - >> (clapping) and i just want to say if it really amazes me the depth of concern and care everything has you guys are here listening to one person after another area cheering us on and i'm really moved by that i left san francisco in 2002 i grew up here and came back in 12 and i came tell you that this city has changed so much in 2002 when our
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driving if you put on our left hand signal people will create a place to merge that no longer exists and one thing that i have to really reflect who do we owe our depth of gradually to there's a lot of people that came. the gold rush of technology i remember during boom we had a major studio bought by company they rehearsed and prepared to play and crashed and it was band that building >> thank you. next speaker, please. > thank you. next speaker, please. >>
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(clapping.) >> good evening supervisors dean preston and thank you for your time this evening and what an absolutely amazing group of people that filled this champ this is the heart and soul of san francisco. (clapping.) >> those folks have come out away if their families although some brought them and taken time off from work and asked for one single thing a moratorium a short pause that's not too much to ask what folks are looking for especially in the mission and across the city is leadership. >> and leadership is not saying i'm against evictions but also against this moratorium that's not the answer that speculators tacked too many words their
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people are tired of the excuses it is the folks profiting off the evictions are stopping the protecting or more we can talk about wouldn't it be great to remorseful the ellis act but the same folks that oppose in particular, the real estateer killed the ellis act reform you don't have it option but some options you having had an option in the fall around the speculator tax that would have stopped displacement and many of you ducked and some opposed and leadership means bach that to do what you can do and leadership also means doing with supervisor campos has done which taken a new approach to an issue that is teacher of the year apart the city and especially the
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district. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> hello supervisors i'm teresa my family's and organizer in the admission for over 20 years now grandfather came to put food on all the tables any dad was a laborer in the sf union and no one boy i want to say that for me as american people organizer working for the environmental justice we speak for ourselves we know our stories don't need to be characters that is proven by the beautiful kids and youth and elderly and expressed their hearts and mind and souls and solutions we've burn to recomplain through a lot of work and door knocking and talking
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about to the people we've been to build 3 affordable housing sites in the mission and the excelsior 0 build two parks and that way nothing that still did it came into the people we're the ones comes up with the solution in our neighborhood and the environmental ranch if our neighborhood in the bishop and the excelsior at community hall but ranch that is happened with the freeways came and destroyed our neighborhood and give us asthma and cancer please think people over profit change the pattern that still has had especially in our communities since the thinking acceptance of san francisco i want to remember my people there were demand from
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their land only a 45 days moratorium to get those to the affordable housing it came from the people go community thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i've heard the mathematics i think that is clear a no vote didn't work mathematically supervisor campos has laid that out clearly we understand the land grab and what is left and
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what opportunities and we don't act now the we've heard the general economics with you don't apply we're in a country mode and general economics don't work in a crisis mode i'm urging you to vote yes with the >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) my name is a francisco lived for thirty years in san francisco we've heard a lot of great testimony and a lot of spin so much spin it is making us dizzy facing an emergency in the community as much as we've been treated inner visible supervisor wiener and supervisor farrell wear treated as i think visible and we're here you guys we have
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led venture capitalist and investors build housing for people that don't live here we live here we live here and we need correct housing housing that is fair housing that is dignity if i had not the families living two to three to a block families divided one person gets a house for $300000 we live here and create housing for those of us you don't have to recruit hundred thousand workers from another place for luxury housing you know you don't call it luxury housing