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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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third and 4th grader trandsilated for their parents looking for housing on a computer. you have teachers living in mold filled horrific condition paying 2 to 3 thousand dollars. the teachers are leaving. you have mothers that are taking 2 buses 4 buses to get their kids to school in the mission because they were evicted. the woman who said you will have to wait hours for your x-ray, no one will be in your classrooms because the teachererize leebing. who wile teach your children? in my class assignment list now there are 5 vacancy. 21 years teaching i have never seen that. who will teach your
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children? >> thank you next speaker please >> good afternoon, my name is martha [inaudible] retired teacher. the 22 years i have never experienced my last year of having the most homeless children but i don't want to talk about that, i want to talk about the whole san francisco. i was born and raised and lived in the mission, it is beautiful, but the city gave me so much. the museums were free, golden gate park, the aquarium, it was just the most fantastic place. i never felt i was a poor or deficit child. your decision today you are going to change everything if this doesn't pass. you are going to make san francisco like any other city in the
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united states. already it is happening to new orleans. the quality, the artisticness and culture of san francisco, we rin a crisis. if you don't change this, if you don't do something about it, i'm sorry, san francisco will never be the same. what udo today will effect us 100 years from now. thank you >> hello my name is putitia curmen and lived in san francisco calling it my home since 1970. i moved into my flat in the mission all most 30 years ago. now, i am a senior and on a very low fixed income. i was elisacted. if i lost the roof over my head i would be homeless. there are no
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places for me. i fought my elisact and won. if you fight you can win. the moratorium i don't know why some of the supervisors are making such a big deal about it because we are only talking 45 days. what i'm seeing out on the streets in the mission are more and more people out on the streets living. there are tent cities. you can go along streets and find tent cities that spring up at night. that is not being addressed. it is like, you are not focused on the real problem, the real problem is people are losing their homes for nothing they have done. it is all about greed, it is all about money, it isn't the sit a eof saint francis that i love.
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thank you >> i'm [inaudible] and we moved to san francisco 33 years ago with 2 young kids and to work in [inaudible] in china town. i would like tamake the point about north beach and china town now. the 500 block, those 2 blocks you have done the tour with theresa and mon olingual italian and chinese are being evicted. we were lucky to beat mete a parent and helped us get into saint francis square coopapartment and several supervisors were at our 50th anniversary picnic. i would sthrike tell margaret thatcher there is a alternative. union and non profit housing we have a
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precedent and i must give lou goldblack credit. it wasn't harry bridges idea. not only affordable multiracial housing, all the maintenance staff who are most-ly luteeny receive union s wages. san francisco is appearanceing the 1 percent of the 1 percent. this is ground zero for global capital. the role of government is to regulate global capital. unless you personally do your tax returns with carried interest i suggest you look at the numbers, they can afford to build affordable housing here. i have told ed lee 3 times, he does not understand why he was
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asked to appoint a goldman sax lower to the ppp >> thank you, next speaker >> good afternoon supervisors. gent fiication is cullization. the reamergence orphcolonialism is planet wide. the same effects of globalization are everywhere. they are especiallyly acute in the mission. ace and other groups found out on may 4th as tom mentioned there was 18 sthinets mission where affordable housing could be built, but already develop rbs for the wealthy have taken 5 on
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which to build luxury housing. if you won't for supervisor campos measure you can give us a chance to plan and find non profit developers and money for the 13 remaining places. we need this plan for the mission. supervisors you need this plan for your districts. i have livered in san francisco over 40 years most of them in the mission as a educator and activist. it is not fundingicalinized by the 1 percent. please stand with us in your district, your community with the 99 percent. vote for campos's legislation. tell the wall street weal estate developers to give up colonization and gent
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fiication. save the mission, save san francisco. >> thank you. next speaker please >> my name is cay walker andinate v san franciscan and 40 year veteran of labor. i was a officer [inaudible] over and over and speaking from the great panthers which is a organization for seniors. i'm here in support of campos's legislation orphthe moratorium in the mission. i'm here to support the mission, it is where i came from u. i went to mission high. i'm very very concerned about the distrunkz of san francisco including the mission district. i agree with all the folks saying the culture here is being destroyed. i do not believe in supply side economics and went on line and got a lot of support from some different
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financial wizards. here is qulaut they say about san francisco specifically. okay, as long as luxury demand dominates developers won't prioritize the housing needs of working class people. that is from dug rr igman. also, luxury demand by techies is the most dominant factor driving up prices and as someone else said, the big elfint the room is that when those tax breaks were given that is what caused the price tooz rise because techys, the average 156 thousand dollars a year here in bay area, 200 thousand in silicon valley. they can afford the prices. it isn't like they wouldn't want to live in a cheaper place, but they can afford it. somebody making 71-74 percent, very difficult.
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people making 15 dollars a hour, 31 thousand a year, can't rent or buy. teachers, 5 #0e to 64 thousand average 57 >> thank you ma'am. >> my name is cathy lipscum and i work with a couple housing groups, but i speak on behalf of senior and disability action today. i'm also retired from service emplyies international and live in no a valley. what is happening there is gent fiication is expanding and they are still hundreds and hundreds oferant control units there. i'm doing a survey, but slowly but surely they are being emtyed. the
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free market tear for the high end buyer because guess what? that is where their greatest profit is. the thesis saying just build more housing and it will work out through trickle down is a non strarter. the mission one of the most revered neighborhoods in the sate if thot the country is losing people and their heritage. please be non right side of history today and support this really moderal moratorium. it is a brief pause enablinging the community not only in the mission to be heard as to why it is imperative to look at a plan for in13 parcels that are left. if we were a city of
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economic democerary there would be a city wide moratorium on luxury housing. i would thrike thank there the supervisors who support this and my supervisor wiener i hope that he shows his other side today, i know it is there and votes with us the people. >> thank you, next speaker please >> hello good evening my name is [inaudible] san francisco native born and raised in the mission. when i say this i speak on behalf of a lot of people. the young generation, when i say i'm losing my support system, my friends and elders and teachers and family members. aench new business that emerges in the mission, park squz luxury condo being built, [inaudible]imeler losing my support system t. isn't done for me and the people i lived
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with. avenue wn in favor of the moratorium is well aware of this because we see it and feel it and live it every day and ask do you see it. i feel like udon't. can you see 10 years from now san francisco being that city that you all boast about with your friends about how multicultural it is, how socially and economly acceptable it is or how pr gressive san francisco is. i still don't think so. i think those against the moratorium are people who do not know what is t is like to lose their support system. the priv ledge who will be content with simply temporarily importing cultural and diversity and repeat temporarily importing latinos african americans gays in san francisco instead of
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cultivating and growing it in the soil. [speaking spanish]. thank you >> thank you next speaker please >> my name is sieveia [inaudible] lived thichb city for 30 year jz also involved with carn volsan francisco which is a amazing arts festival put on last weekend to enormous joy and happiness to so many people inside and outside the city. as the person is working in the mission district i know what the terror and fear is of people on the street. it is easy to forget when you sit in this beautiful wood panel building there is terror for people losing their homes. this moratorium isn't the perfect solution, there hads
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never been a perfect solution in this chamber prepted but it is a start and it is a pause on what is happening. supervisor mar said ethnic clensing, this is nothing short of ethnic clensing san francisco. it really is nothing shorbt. thank god we have our white supporters in the mission because if it was just left up to the brown and black people of san francisco would we be heard? we appreciate 24 multiculturalism of the mission district. this is a historic day and historic vote, this is our selma alabama mpt what happens today will be recorded for all history as the day that the board did or did not take active intervention in solving a situation. you cannot say it
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is not perfect to do nothing, you have to hit the reset button pause for 45 little days and get it together and proceed. this is a crisis. the house is on fire and the board is debating whether to buy a fire extinsh wisher. >> thank you, next speaker please >> good afternoon my flame is [inaudible] can every supervisor please have my undivided attention. i see fingers texting. i am not a mission district resident, i live in district 8 and i'm not here to call anyone out or anything, but when you have a community building a class conscious like this t is a
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concern to me. i just find it very difficult that there is a direct inverse relationship between market rate housing and evictions in the mission district. i'm very concerned about my kistricate because zee some of the highest evictions there and i really wish that you guys would do something about evictions because it is a concern not only in the mission but in district 8. that's all i have to say >> thank you very much. next speaker please >> hello. hi. thank you supervisor campos, kim, mar, yee and avalos. i'm glad you
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[inaudible] first of all i need to correct something that supervisor farrell said and he said that the moratorium on building-it is a moratorium on building luxury housing. it is not a moratorium on building affordsable housing, low income housing. housing needed fl all of the people in this room. we need it now and i want to say to farrell, to wiener, christensen, you can stand on the side of [inaudible] or you
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can side on the side of big money. what i think you are siding on is big money. we have enough big money. we do not have enough affordable housing for people who need it. i emplor you, we need more -supervisor christensen, before living in the mission i lived in north beach and i think you should do this in north beach because i think it is a great idea. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker please >> hi, my name is marie
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sorenson, thank you sfr visor campos for having this legislation. i'm part of [inaudible] venta quat row. i would like to stat by saying the eastern neighborhood plan talks about housing for first responders. let's talk about a quick example. 16th and mission, that should be for first responders. what is it? it is luxury housing. it is ridiculous. the mission is become ground zero for luxury housing and we quite frankly don't need it. you are going to have people come up and say it is supply and demand, quite frankly that argument doesn't hold water. it hasn't held water for over wn00 years. we live in a oligarchy aeecan am. it is about the top trat
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control the bottom. conspearancy theorist, but say it is. knr worked carn vollast weekend maybe the weekends before i think, i can't remember and we got signatures for this moratorium. we got over 700 signatures in 2 days. we had signatures from people that live here and had signatures from people who were kicked out. people that lumeant the fact they were evicted because somebody bought the building and elisacted them. what is happening? well, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the people in the center are screwed. what are you going do about it. what i also want to know is who is getting money from ron can squaw the big
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developers in the town to say now? >> thank you, next speaker please >> [speaking spanish. my name is mariea [inaudible] i represent the >> for your interpretation can you use the microphone? >> [inaudible] the reason for being here is i want to tell you i'm rather worried i have been notified of eviction. they are kicking me out of my apartment and i'm worried i
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have no where to go. and i my kids, i'm a honest hard working person. but it pains me greatly this is happening to me and many more people. i would also like to tell you to stop the construction for the rich because we the poor don't need it. because if we are evicted where are they going to build for us? put your hands on your conscious and everybody wroo whoo can help us those who can
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help against the evictions. thank you very much >> thank you next speaker please >> my name is julian doll and organizer where community group ace and we work in multiple neighborhoods and have a chapter in the mission in bruno height jz oshave a chapter in the bay view and we work with folks who have trouble with dealing with secz 8 management pusing them outd, folks being foreclosed on, people evicted andal who need affordable housing and paying rents too high and just people fed up of seeing the neighborhoods around them change beyond recognition fl profits of a few wall street developers. right now we are hearing there are is so much common ground on the board. we
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are hearing everybody wants to see more affordable housing and everybody wants to deal with the housing crisis and that is great and hope that is true, but i only hear a few people quite frankly who are the sponsors of this initiative say how it is that we will get that affordsable housing. there is actually a plan the community came windup and saying before we get that affordable housing we have to stop the land grab happening in the communities. now, if we don't do that i don't know how we will get that affordable housing, how it is we will not continue to build at the 7 percent rate in the pipeline now in the mission. no, i know that you know that the entire mission community is asking for pass this proposal. i know there are other communities starting to ask the same thing of other supervisors
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to please come up with a plan to rein in the wall street develops and also know that we are not the only ones you are hearing from. i am sure there are meetings with >> thank you very much. next speaker please >> my name is glena [inaudible] i'm a artist and curator. when i came to san francisco in 1994 i found a place for under 400 dollars a month and i was able to support myself teaching photography in bay view hunters point when i did for 12 years. the mission became my home. i am paying a mort gj now, but i am not happy to see my property values rising. i'm worried about every arts institution being in peril and more than that worried about my neighbors
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being displaced. my immediate neighbor mary a dear freend and she is in section 8 housing so maybe she has a bit of protection but i don't think so. she raised 12 foster kids and now raising a little grandson junel and i'm not the only one who lovesmery. everyone on the block loves mary. on mur birthday she gets a mar auchy serenade but they were evicted across the street. many families were packing yesterday and the day before. i asked where they were going and many didn't know. marby's house they told me is slated to be next. i look at junel and i think that junels life can go in very different directions and the choices he will have and the decisions he will make at 16 could be radically different if he is able to stay in the neighborhood where he is
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loved with people from all walks of life and grow up there. think about it we need moratorium that is basically long enough to be there until junel comes of age and ready to vote in my opinion >> thank you, next speaker please >> my name is sieveia [inaudible] i'm disabled senior from the postal service. i deliver mail every day going up and down hills in san francisco. i immigrated frame argentina in 19 [inaudible] i never leaved san francisco. now that i live in 1139 gurera street and 10 months ago this lady bought a building and since she became the building i have become the worst criminal in san francisco. i'm selling drug jz doing sex love to
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everybody in the neighborhoods with my osteoproses hands. i have been there for 41 years, never had a complaint. one complaint from private owners never. but i like i said i'm the worst crimial. i want to thank supervisor kim that she listening to me. that is all i qu say. i'm going through eviction for no reason. i'm vised i don't see mr. edsmz lee. maybe because there isn't a giant or 49ers parade. this is latino parade. we fight for our barrio the mission. we don't want big buildings, we don't need big buildings. thank you sfr visor campos too for doing for us. now i
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convensed san francisco is not thp land thof free, it is the land of the rich. thank you. >> next speaker please >> hi, i'm frances caulines and i'm for the moratorium. this will be short. we shall not, we shall not be moved and if you don't vote with us you shall be removed just like a tree that is planted by the water, we shall not be moved. [singing] >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good froong, my