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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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housing. the mayor is also looking at a variety of changes in the inclusionary program that would facilitate the production of affordable housing. we're looking at an affordable housing density program that would require -- would allow developers to have more height in exchange for doing more affordable housing above the baseline affordable housing, so and we're also looking at what we call the accelerated fund which would try to tie up parcels, more other housing in anticipation of the permanent funding from the city overall as well as the small sites program which was something started with the housing trust fund. a goal of the small sites fund and any other acquisition fund would be to acquire existing rent controlled buildings and preserve them as long-term affordable housing. >> so you said the [inaudible]
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fund and the small site program. what was the other one? >> i think it would be the affordable housing density bonus would be another tool that we're trying to do in addition to changes in the inclusionary program which would facilitate additional on site and off site developments. >> has the department began to look at other zoning strategies or land preservation models? that's something you heard from public comment today. it could be applied to any one of the 13 sites. >> yes. i think i talked a lot bit tonight about the mission 2020 plan. this is a plan that would seek to ensure that the mission continues to house low income and moderate income residents and as this is an expedited planning process that is already under way and
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an eight month process that we expect to wrap uch this fall and the goal is retain and create affordable housing as well as producing housing for low and middle income residents. >> okay. thank you. thank you. just i want take a moment and talk to the folks that are here. the reason why i am asking these questions because these are the kind of questions you need to have answers to should the 45 day pause happen. these are very important questions. the legislation that we have before us -- >> [inaudible] >> wow. >> [inaudible] (audience speaking). >> well thank you. i'm not ashamed of myself. i am actually very proud of myself because -- >> [inaudible] (audience talking). >> unfortunately i am asking
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questions to understand the impact would be and these are questions that everyone in the room needs to know about, so supervisor campos i think you wanted to ask a couple of things and then i wanted to talk about one more thing. >> supervisor campos. >> i don't want to ask any questions. i just want to make a point about sort of this whole discussion and let me say that i think it's important for us ask the questions that need to be asked to the extent that people have them. i think that we need to have as much clarity but let me be very clear that the analysis that that supervisor cohen is engaged in is an analysis that needs to be had. we have in fact requested that the city's chief economists do that analysis, but as the economists noted to us for the question that is before this
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board which is the 45 days, the economist decided there is no economic impact so he's not going to engage in that analysis. that analysis is an analysis that properly should be done if the board decides to do the 45 day pause, and i think that if the board does that then i think we should engage in this discussion, but with all due respect to planning when they're talking about 7.2 million, whatever the act amount is, that's not because of the 45 day that is before this board. that could very well be the impact if we approve something that goes up to two years beyond the 45 days but the question before this board right now is the 45 day pause, and that pause by any measure based on what we have heard from the economist, based what we heard from the budget
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and legislative analyst there is no impact. now, i look forward to working with you supervisor cohen to figure out how we can address an impact going forward if the 45 day period is provided, but again the way that the law works is that you're supposed to engage in that conversation and that analysis once that 45 day period has been approved. >> thank you. supervisor cohen did you have any follow up questions? >> no. they all have been answered. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor kim. >> i just wanted to make a couple comments and first i just want to thank the audience and the community that came out today. seven hours of public comment and it's not that we haven't done that in san francisco before because we are san francisco and we can do that but i have to say this was an incredibly moving night for me and.
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[applause] -- and while at times heart breaking incredibly inspirational and what i noted on the most tonight was the extraordinary number of young people that came out tonight. [applause] it is really heart warming to see san francisco residents born and raised here raising a new generation of leadership that is going to be leading the vision of the city and you're here in this room today, and all the older folks in the room it's great to see you. we have seen you here for many, many years for decades since i was an organizer in the neighborhood and i want to say thank you for tonight. [applause] >> supervisor mar. >> i just wanted to say to my colleague supervisor cohen they think the questions are really important. i agree with
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supervisor campos of the answers but i did want to address the comment they made earlier about ethnic clenlzing as i see it and the middle of town or the filipino population being decimated because this or redevelopment and urban renewals push out african-american people in the fillmore. i feel that the 800 faces of the san francisco displacement crisis at [inaudible] that was mentioned were extremely clear. it's a crisis for the latino and the diverse population in the mission district. it's critical that we act in solidity with our brothers and sisters in the mission district. i just plead to you to think about the communities and solidity. i wanted to say that the people's
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plan that the mission antidisplacement coalition developed over 10 years ago had a vision and we're still working to try to implement that vision of a liveable community that is for the people that are there and i just plead with you as someone who believes in social justice to side in solidity with the mission district like a number of us are and that's all i will say, but tremendous organizing from not only the young people but the old -- everybody from the mission and i will just say that from the mission antidisplacement coalition days to now this is an unprecedented coalition that came together with a clear ask of us and i hope we're listening as a board and i will leave it at that and thank you so much for testifying today. [applause] >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i just wanted to echo comments of my colleagues as well. this has
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been a tremendous outpouring of community sentiment and unlike a lot of the hearings that we have that do last a long time this is pretty much about one neighborhood in san francisco and then when i see the faces of who has come out it is people who have lived, worked, raised families watched loved ones pass educated, artists that have been here, the non-profit workers. it's the rich fabric of the mission representing today and your voice is unified and clear what you want, and all of you want what i am hearing is affordable housing and on the other side people who actually are committed to their work as well, but i'm not hearing the same richness of who they represent. they want to build housing probably on a profit. that to me is different. i'm not saying it's horrible or a
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bad thing but it's very different from what i am hearing from the community, and i think this is not about supervisor campos' legislation. this is about the mission district's legislation. this is about what the mission district has called for, so i really feel that it is really up to us to arm the voices of the people who are here, and i too have been moved by what has been said here. at times my heart was breaking and what was really great seeing the young people here and i have actually passed years of seeing a lot of new people involved in the movement for affordable housing in san francisco. the march we had down 24th street was lead by young people who i knew when they were like in elementary school who are now leaders. that is just showing there is something really happening in the mission district and we have a
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responsibility here to make sure that those voices are heard and acted upon. >> thank you. supervisor campos. >> thank you. [applause] you know as any of my colleagues can attest we have incredible staff who do a lot of work for our offices and i want to take this opportunity to thank my staff, my chief of staff hillary roan an joseph smook who helping for the last few weeks and carolyn. i want to thank my staff for really helping my office imempower this community and i would end with this and i am grateful that supervisor cohen asked the questions she asked. ed lee is a good person and i know he is working hard but with all respect what the community, what the mission is saying that our housing policy is broken and even though we
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have good people working on it we want a different approach. the status quo has not worked for the mission. give the mission an opportunity to try something new. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> on item number 39. supervisor kim. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> chang. >> no. >> supervisor wiener. >> no. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> supervisor breed. >> aye. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> supervisor christensen. >> no. >> supervisor cohen. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. >> no. >> [gavel] >> what was the last vote? i didn't hear it. >> supervisor farrell. >> no. >> madam president we have --
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>> [inaudible] >> seven aye's and four nos. >> so this ordinance requires nine votes and so unfortunately it does not pass. [gavel] . at this time we're going to take a five minute recess. >> okay. we are back from recess and madam clerk can we go to item number 41 public comment. >> public comment. at this time the public may comment up to two minutes within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board and including april 21 2015 and items 42 and 43 on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. >> are there members of the public that would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none. public comment is now closed. madam clerk can you read the adoption without committee reference.
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>> items 42 and 43 are considered for immediate adoption and a single roll call vote can happen and if not done separately. >> can you please call the roll. >> supervisor kim. kim is absent. supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor chance. >> aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. avalos is absent. supervisor breed. >> aye. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> supervisor christensen. kristin sen absent. supervisor cohen. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. farrell aye. recall supervisor kim. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> madam president we do have 10 aye's and one absent. >> supervisor christensen.
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>> here. >> [inaudible] >> i make a motion to rescind that vote. >> is there a motion to rescind the vote? motioned by supervisor campos. second by supervisor yee without objection. the vote is rescinded. can you call the roll? >> on items 42 and 43. supervisor kim. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor tang. >> aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> supervisor breed. >> aye. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> supervisor christensen. >> aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. >> aye. >> there are 11 aye's. >> so items are approved unanimously. madam clerk can you -- are there any other items before us today? >> we have inmemory yams.
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>> okay. can you read those. >> today's meeting is adjourned on behalf of the supervisor christensen and supervisors for the others listed. >> that brings us to the end of our agenda. is there any other business today? >> there concludes the business. >> thank you we are adjourned.
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>> good afternoon everyone and welcome to the thursday june 4, 2015 meeting of the board of supervisors public safety and neighborhood services committee. my name is david campos. i'm the vice chair of the committee. we are joined today by member julie christensen, the chair eric mar is in route. we want to thank the clerk of our
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committee, and derek evans and mr. clerk do we have any announcements? >> yes thank you mr. chair. please silent all cell phones and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and copies of documents should be submitted to the clerk and will be on the board agenda unless otherwise stated. >> great. we want to thank the following members of sfgtv staff covering this meeting. mr. clerk if you could please call item number one. >> item number one is consider a liquor license type 21 on-sale general license from 736 divisadero street vfc1 and adelaide and mike pollastro and pacific retail and doing business as as vom fass oils vinegars and spirits. >> this is coming out of
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district 2 and we will begin with begin the presentation. >> good afternoon. i am with the san francisco police department. the application is for a type 21 license and if approved it will allow the applicant to cell beer, wine and distilled spirits and this is a pre-existing business and go ghirardeli square and sells a huge variety of vinegars and now they're going to supplement the store by adding in a distilled component, beer and wine predominantly from europe distribute ors. i would point out this location is located near a high crime and area of undue concentration. we have no record of any records of protest or any record of support. this
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application has no opposition from our district station. there are no significant points of consideration. we are recommending this application for approval with the following conditions. condition number one. sales of alcoholic beverages are permitted between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily. no noise should be audible out of the area under control of the licensee and nothing sold by greater than 15% of volumes except for dinner wines aged for two years or more and corked bottle and the size is limited and the sale of consumption or like powder like alcohol beverages are prohibited. i would point out the applicant supports this application. he is here in the chamber and with these conditions we are recommending this application to you for approval. >> thank you lieutenant. colleagues any questions of our police department? why don't
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we now hear from the applicant. the applicant is here and if you could come up and say a brief words about what you're trying to do and also if you could say what kind of community outreach you have done. >> thank you. we're a small business. we're four to six employees depending on what time of year during the summer more and during the winter a little less. my wife adalaide runs the business, and ghirardeli square got sold a year and a half ago, jamestown group, first class group but they're going to renovations and it's hurting our sales. it was one of the reasons we decided to pursue the alcohol. the representatives of vom pass and we have literally
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thousands of people asking for alcohols. they come over from the u.s. and europe. they want to give them as gifts and they will take a 20-dollar taxi ride from the fairmonth arrive we're vom fass and not realize we're a spice store and we don't have spirits as my wife will tell you we have people get mad at us and they're low end spirits and we're not handling jim beam or anything else except wines. we are supportive of california and made the lobby to be the only store in california to handle these olive oils. we're going to handle wines that are 100% organic and we farmed many from california and we frankly have not been at profitability and we
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were up 25% and now down 10% because of the construction and the noise and we hope we can do this and we think we did our share of community support. we have donated materially to the san francisco food bank, save the bay, the boys and girls club in conjunction with mccormick and colletteos and open meal handling with ghirardeli chor lat and the aquatic senior center so we hope we can make this a substantial successful business and be able to be a better part of the community. >> thank you very much. just for the record we have been joined and i will turn it over to supervisor eric mar, the chair of the committee. thank you very much for the presentation and for the record i know that supervisor farrell whose district this is in is supportive of this so thank you very much. best of luck to you.
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>> thank you all. >> mr. chair. >> thank you, so we heard from lieutenant fal zone and the project sponsor mr. pollastro and now let's open it up for public comment. is there anyone from the public to speak seeing none. public comment is now closed. colleagues is there a motion on this item? >> yes mr. chair i would like to move this forward with a positive recommendation as a committee report. >> it's been moved and seconded. can we do this without objection? . thank you. mr. evans please call number two. >> item two is designating edgewood center for children and families psychiatric facility pursuant to the california welfare and institutions code for ages 5-17 and authorizing the director of behavioral health services to enter into a designation agreement with said facility.
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>> thank you from the department of public health we have jo robinson and thank you for your patience with the item and the supervisor raised concerns that have been resolved at this time. ms. robinson. >> yes. it's my concern they were unresolved union issues and they have been resolved so i am here to answer any additional questions that you may have. >> supervisor campos. >> first i want to thank the department of public health and edgewood and all of the workers. worker input is a very important component to have a successful program. i am very glad to hear that workers at edgewood have addressed -- some of the concerns have been addressed so i am supportive of this item and i look forward to continued work between the workers and this institution, and i look forward to this moving forward. thank you.
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>> thank you supervisor. >> thank you. supervisor christensen. >> yeah, i just want to arizona supervisor campos said my understanding is some of the pressing issues have been resolved. apparently there are still some open issues and i certainly hope whatever pressure we can bring to bear to get those resolved if the hope is this is going to be a long-term relationship and the facility will serve the patients and workers well that we will continue to strive up the remaining issues and make sure that the facility functions as its best. i am happy to see this move forward on behalf of the children involved. >> thank you. >> thank you. and besides ms. robinson i would like to thank the department of public health and others for giving us a background on the crisis stabilization unit and with edgewood and i went with supervisor campos and our staff as well but it makes me
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appreciate what a critical institution edgewood is and what a great department it is with department of the public health. let's open it up to the public? is there anyone to speak so this item public comment is closed. supervisor christensen. >> [inaudible] >> it's moved and seconded. we will do this without objection. thank you. mr. evans is there anything else before us? >> we have no more items mr. chair. >> all right. meeting adjourned. [gavel] . thank you everyone.
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. >> good afternoon, everyone this meeting will come to order. >> all right.