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tv   [untitled]    June 7, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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t is another piece of evidence and we will see in terms of the length of time it takes to conduct an investigation what that impact might be it can only be positive in terms of the having yet another tool it is not the final tool it is another amount of evidence i'm hopeful the occ will be able to make more deforgiven finding we don't have the evidence to make a- we don't have a preponderance of the evidence to determine whether or not the officer conduct was proper or improper so this leads both the officers and the complainant unhappy there was
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not a dive active finding, of course, when a one-on-one and the only witnesses are interested witnesses witnessed officers or someone who has a relationship with the complainant it is difficult to determine i see that as a positive and not as an impediment if we need more technology this will be an ask at occ. >> any other questions for director hicks. >> inspections. >> commission reports discussion commission president's report and commissioners report. >> the commission president is absent this week as the vice president i have no specific issues to report on other commissioners do you have
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any issues you'd like to report on. >> commissioner melara. >> yes. a couple of items. >> there are a couple of items i represent the commission on the letting committee one issue with the app you know that is being investigated to be used by the officers for translations i sent the information to the chiefs office i know there was a request around the budget and how much it will cost i suggested that it is looked into it seems like an affordable option to when an officer is not present and that app also includes sign
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last thing u language f it can be used that will be conceive helpful the second one has to do with certifying officers when they speak a second language we have someone from human resources and from the city's human resources department and personnel from the police department try to explain to this person why it was so important to do a good certification as well as recertification over a period of time and somehow they couldn't understand is it there was a pulse time why to recertify people who were certified and there was one of our officers specifically said i was certified 20 years ago when my spanish was investigated and
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over time haven't used the language why shouldn't i be recertified or examined why i'm doing a good job the department put out a case the city not just the police department but the city as a whole needs to take a look at certification and the fact they're paying people to speak a language but they don't certificate them as you mention the city examples that was used on a yearly basis asks every person to take the sexual harassment training but when it minds to language we don't ask to be recertified those are the two things the third things i
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attended the family violence council meeting we there was a presentation of the courtyard children of incarcerated and everyone loved it one of the things we need to edit the video there is someone in the void that shouldn't be in video. >> that has happened there's a lot of the original video went out at&t's as dvds but that's happened. >> and the other thing i have forwarded through inspector monroe the report 2014 report of the family violence data council and have questions about the cat as to how it is being collected because approximately although old case of children abuse that are being investigated by cps
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are recorded to the police department somewhere too the data of c pa s and the police department we lost half of the kids i asked that question nobody could answer it they're looking at the status on the commission of women gathers this information has a subcommittee to look at how they gather the data and request the dominate in the future to insure those things like that are clear if you have an opportunity to read it please do so it makes for good reading so it would be very important to look at how we collect the data to insure if it is collected appropriately. >> that's my report and the city by stalling we have
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harassment training and by stalling e state law that's every other year. >> but periodically. >> and the point you were making i totally agree it is important to understand the rules and to continue to be up to the mark and present on the mission it is true for languages for translators as well commissioner marshall. >> i don't think we've had a meeting a commission meeting i want to acknowledge we got off to the first african-american awards and so you can add to this i thought it was great the composition we've gotten the
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minutes from the meeting i don't know if we scheduled the next one yet i want to say in line with thank you president obama recommendations put that in motion and i was pleased and mr. jennings you can speak out. >> i've heard back from folks that was great. >> it was really productive i had a couple of advisory floor members offer to chair committees and the list of the committees so the amount of engagement and some of the confidence was tough we expect that and get to a better place the whole group can get us there thank you. >> commissioner dejesus. >> announcements i want to say that i want to remind the commission i'll be on vacation july 1st of 2016 so i'll be
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excused i want to make sure everybody knows. >> commissioner mazzucco. >> in reference to the recommendation of the african-american community relations brltdz one the elements recruit more african-american officers and i've recently with my alma mater it looks like some of the uc berkley football players will be heading our way it is interesting i was in new york last week and whole special in the new york city news they're having an issue with trying to cite african-american officers and taylor's there's a program we're ahead of the curve on that but having the same issues we're facing with recruiting
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african-american i think so it is an interesting national issue we'll keep on moving forward. >> any other commission reports i do want to thank commissioner mazzucco and i want to thank commissioner dejesus and really thank commissioner hwang for stepping outside to be part of the - to observe the working group and commissioner hwang the level of detail for the commission many areas i really appreciate so as i do with all the commission folks so thank you any other commission announcements ? all right. line item d >> commission announcements and
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scheduling new items for consideration at future commission meetings action and schedule of commission meetings. >> we know that commissioner dejesus is out. >> she's excited about that vacation i don't blame here. >> any other commission announcements. >> i'll not be here next week and in town july 5th through july 13th. >> and it is not anticipated i'll be here on june 10th as well. >> so commissioner secretary next week you the commission secretary may want to do quorum any other announcements under this line item we've discussed
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over the last few weeks the commission schedule is currently that the commission meets on the first second and fourth wednesday of the month it has been suggested to move our schedule going forward to the first, second and third coming on the fourth wednesday hereafter commissioner president loftus has asked we begin that schedule in august rather than july and so that is an issue on the table for discussion and possible action item commissioners any thoughts can you repeat that suggesting we go to i'm sorry first. >> first, second, and, third wednesday of the month. >> and currently we're not meeting on the third. >> currently, we don't meet on the third so we'll go the first
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3 wednesday of the month and silent thereafter. >> which meeting will you use for the community meeting. >> the third. >> it will be tough for me because i'm now scheduled something on the 3rd wednesday because of thought we were going to have the third wednesday off so that's just me. >> commissioner dejesus. >> it is critical for me to take the fourth wednesday off i'm an elected official on the democrat committee so i have to the police commission that will be grateful for the commission if we could switch it to the fourth wednesday to attend to my other elected duties. >> i agree with that strongly to be fair my commitment i have
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a commitment to others comments commitments that commissioner hwang. >> i'm neutrality i guess my suggestion to have the community meeting on the second wednesday otherwise the third wednesday we frequent don't do other commission meetings we'll be dark 3 consecutive meeting. >> if we're dark on the fourth we'll have to wait until next month. >> that currently works. >> two other things that's on the table here. >> the third has not that we've had a lot of those the third
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wednesday is reversed retired for the hearing for the entire commission will that be in order. >> you mean will we move if we needed to use the fourth wednesday for - >> we'll have a designated i thought it was the third in the past. >> we haven't had a lot of them but it may be a mute point. >> some on the wayside we went dark on the 3rd wednesday and no hearings scheduled. >> once in a while there's a third wednesday and and sometimes 5 wednesday are we're going to deal with that. >> it's always been our deal
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when there's a fifth wednesday it is only 3 months of the year it is always our practice to decide during that time period if we're going to rather than we'll need it the last 3 we meet and the last one we didn't we'll deal with it as a needed basis okay. so that is the discussion. >> it is actually it is needed not be on action item. >> actually, i was going to do move it. >> you know need not be an action item we'll informally agree or draw we don't have to vote on that. >> i'll move we move our
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meeting to the meeting that we're dark to the last wednesday of the month and agree with commissioner hwang the second wednesday of the month and we'll start in august. >> let's make let's clarify our motion a little bit instead of saying the last meeting the fourth so we know- >> yes. that's fine. >> that's what i meant. >> all right. did he have a second. >> second. >> okay there is a motion and a second mr. secretary. >> commissioner turman commissioner marshall just knowing that some third wednesday i'll not be here
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commissioner dejesus thank you is commissioner mazzucco commissioner hwang commissioner melara motion passes unanimously thank you, mr. secretary so begin in august of 2015 the commission meets on the first the second and third the second is our community meeting skeleton by commission secretary for the occasion there's a 5 of the month we'll meet and confer if we'll meet that wednesday. >> all right. next line item. >> line item 3 was the body camera working group you update by commander mosser and line item four. >> we - there was an issue around that that we no longer
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need to decide thanks to the chief commissioner commissioner dejesus and commissioner president loftus the issue was resolved and the public defender's office will be participating which i think is that i know i thank the department and the commission for working that through and glad glad to hear the t o a will be participating in the working group as you know they're the collective bargaining organization to the extent that in the new dj o effects they're working position they'll have a say in those as well it is important we bring them in both organizations thank you all for working that i appreciate that. >> go ahead mr. secretary. >> yes. >> line item 4. >> excuse me. but we'll take
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public comment on abc. >> we're on d the action item. >> i'm sorry public comment on line item 2? any public comment on line item 2? >> hello, i'm ms. johnson i was interested in line item 2 that you know improve the missionary and try to make the drugs and everything going bad into working out peace in this board and thank you. >> thank you ms. johnson.
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>> any other further public comment on line item 2 mr. concert. >> line item 4 public comment on all matters pertaining to 6 and blow closed session including public comment in order to hold item 6 in closed session. >> any public comment pertaining to item 6 below and to vote whether or not she should go into closed session seeing no public comment let's move on. >> f one. >> about closed session. >> i'm ms. johnson i wanted to make sure for peace and to counseling and be able to explain the different things in the police officers training to
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make sure we do the right thing on this issue thank you. >> thank you all right. mr. skeet railroad line item six vote on whether or not to hold item 6 in closed session including to assert i attorney compliant privilege action members of the commission should we go into closed session >> i >> i. >> opposed? thank you - commissioner turman we're back in open session you have quorum. >> is do i have a motion
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whether or not to disclose miss any of the >> >> i. >> opposed? okay. thank you mr. concert line item 8 adjournment. >> do i have a motion. >> so moved second emphasize. > opposed? the meeting is adjourned thank you
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