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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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ught the translation was excellent. i know that your staff worked very hard to make that happen. it is greatly appreciated madam clerk to you and your staff who and peggy in particular who made that happen. along those lines, thank you to supervisor yee for introducing his item today on that very important issue. it is my pleasure today that after years of working on this that i have the opportunity to introduce a ballot initiative establishing the first of its kind legacy business fund. i want to thank my colleagues who are cosponsors to this measure. supervisors avalos, kim and mar. your support is greatly appreciated. for generations thriving neighborhood businesses have played an essential role into
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finding our communities. they have these institutions have essentially defined these neighborhoods. current economic pressures including skyrocketing rents for retail space, are costing san francisco small businesses enough profits to suffer in many long established entities have been forced close their doors. these are businesses that have become cultural institutions that have helped create the character of san francisco neighborhood. we have brought forward many proposals on the issue of housing. today i am proud to bring forward a proposal to address the loss of our neighborhood businesses and nonprofits. i have have been working with small businesses in historic preservation advocates to design a program that will ensure the
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economic viability of local businesses. the first part of this initiative was passed unanimously by the board of supervisors this pass march. these are businesses that have served san francisco for more than 30 years. to be included in that registry, i want to thank supervisor farrell and his staff for working on that measure -- these businesses must demonstrate a strong connection to the neighborhood and community in which they operate. the registry program should launch shortly and we're very excited and grateful to all who have made that happen. today i'm introducing the second part of this initiative that asks the voters of san francisco to create the legacy business historic preservation fund. this fund will make legacy businesses on the registry eligible for an annual grant of
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$500 for employees as well as offers an annual $4.50 per square foot grant to property owners who extend ten year leases to legacy business tenants. there are 3000 small businesses that are eligible for legacy business status here in san francisco. annual grants will be capped at $50,000 for legacy business and $22,500 for building owners. annual cost for the fund are projected to be about $3 billion first year. a report by city's budget showed that the closure of small businesses in san francisco has reached record numbers with almost 4000 small businesses
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closing in the year 2014 alone. in contrast only 693 small businesses closed in 1994 and first year in the year of the city. this report draws connections to san francisco's skyrocketing rents and the high level of commercial evictionst. state law allows controls on commercial leases and incremental rents in those neighborhoods has risen significantly with some areas increasing more than 256%. this measure is a sign to provide stability to our businesses during this uncertain time. where would san francisco be without so many of our legacy businesses.
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i want to thank my cosponsors. i want to thank this opportunity to thank my incredible staff who have previously my(añ?ñ? staff, and hillary ronanñ?ñ? my chief of staff. very proud to havesnñ?ñ? this measure. i look forward to taking this item to the:ññ?ñ? voters of san francisco in november. the rest i submit. >> thank5bñ?ñ?ñ( oq$hde^gtivj>ópezt
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t,v!l)ghe[bh oa&, @,7l jk5[sw>r supervisor christensen. >> my district has especially volatile combination of aging housing stock and pressures of speculation and tourism. it's all of to lose one's home. it is worse to have to move away to find affordable replacement home to leave familiar blocks, friends schools and services. i want to make sure that residents who have suffered displacement in our neighbors in need of secure affordable house having preferential access to nearby affordable housing. i'm pleased to join supervisors cohen and weiner and president breed to introduce legislation today that will help displaced tenants stay in their neighborhoods by including a neighborhood preferences provision for tenants eligible for neighborhood affordable housing. the neighborhood preference program expands existing preferences to include those impacted by all no fault evictions by dwelling unit removals or demolition and by expiring rent restrictions.
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this program will help provide options for neighbors who maybe forced from their neighborhoods. our primary goal everyday is to prevent displacement and to discourage the factors that lead to it. this program will give us one more option when people are displaced. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor christensen. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. i'm really proud to join supervisor christensen and join her in the introduction of the neighborhood preference for housing legislation. supervisor campos, you will be pleased with this legislation. it's pretty bold. it helps -- a drafting i had in mind our constituencies that we both care very deeply about. it will go a long way to create a
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pathway for san francisco who grew up in san francisco and been here for a very long time. not only to stay in san francisco and stay in the neighborhood but also by doing so by carving out a certain percentage of affordable housing units for residents in each respective district. that's really critical. please take a look at this and let us know your feedback on it. the neighborhood preference plays a significant role in addressing the fears of low income and moderate income families that new housing developments had cause them to be priced out the communities that they grew up in. this is something that i hear. i know supervisor breed hear it as well. i'm beginning to hear it in the lgbt communities and in particular the seniors. long time resident who apply for affording housing unit
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essentially gets lost amongst thousands of people who apply within and outside of our city limits. which forces them to compete for small number of affordable u nits. this legislation will help to build the community a better chance of staying. supervisor christensen, this legislation not only provide neighborhood preference of affordable housing unit, it also is an expansion of the ellis act housing preference by providing additional protections for displaced tenants through the ellis act. i'm i hope to draw a dialogue across many parts of the city. this is ground breaking. thank you. >> thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor breed. >> thank you. colleagues, i'm really proud to be introducing this legislation with my college supervisor
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christensen and cohen today. since i've been in office it's something i've been working on. when i started onen the commission, one -- one of the frustrating experiences was watching the affordable housing get built and members of my community asking why they can't they have access. it was just really challenging and some instances they weren't able to pass their certificates county from generation to generation. we pushed and passed legislation that gave the right for those certificates to be passed down. we hired staff to go out and find families who were displaced by redevelopment in order to explain to them what their rights are and their ability to pass those certificates down. many of those families moved out of san francisco and have settled in other places because
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redevelopment, 40 years later, took that long to even redevelop the western tradition community. more importantly, they didn't make it easy for members of that community to have access to a lot of the housing that was built and especially lot of the newer affordable housing development. this is why a neighborhood preference is really important. prioritizing are very limited affordable housing stock for those who are a part of a community is key. i remember when i finished college and i came home and was wondering where will i live, what can i afford. again, i saw a lot of housing built around me but it was very difficult to access it although i qualified for that housing. with this particular legislation, i'm excited that not only does it continue to maintain that certificate of preference priority it also
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includes in its priorities ellis act evictions, no vault evictions affordable development, bmrs that's better transitioning to ownership and residential merger demolition. of course, there is an application process and these individuals will have to meet those particular qualifications. but the challenge of being a part of a large lottery system where there's hundreds ever names and i don't know any of you been to any one of those pulling of names in the lottery system it's agonizing. people are emotional hoping in these thousands of names that hopefully their name would get pulled. for maybe even 12 units. that's why this preference is key. i've saw too many friends and family members displaced by the redevelopment agency and
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frustration of being a part of the community and not feeling as if you have access to many of the things that are around you that are you qualify for. too many san franciscoians are losing their homes. watching new redevelopment go. and have slim chance of being able to afford the units that are going up. changing these practices within our affordable housing policies can help our neighborhoods stay more vibrant, more culturally relevant and hopefully, allow for san san franciscans -- san franciscans to have access. .
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i'm really excited about it and i'm glad it's finally moving forward through this board of supervisors. two other things colleagues, this weekend we are fortunate to have two of i believe, best festivals happening in my district in san francisco. this saturday will be the san francisco, the 65th annual san
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francisco june teenth festival. it's like a community reunion where a lot of san franciscans sadly who have been displaced come back. it's like a big family reunion. i hope members of the public both new community members and old will join us this saturday to celebrate the juneteenth festival. the other festival is the haig street festival. which is next sunday j une 14th. i said this weekend, my apology from 11:00 to 5:30. it's another street fair we have. i wanted to highlight those two particular events. it's the 38th annual street fair. we have an amazing history in our community. i hope some of you will take time out of your schedules to come to our neighborhoods and celebrate with us. thank you and the rest i submit.
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>> thank you president breed. supervisor farrell. >> thank you madam clerk. last november our auditor complete one of the most comprehensive reports in support of housing portfolio that served the homeless here in san francisco. the city services partnered to identify the type of services and supportive housing utilized. how client's needs may change and whether the services are supporting client transitions to other housing. report also noted they had a difficult time collecting the data needed to access the percentage of housing client on public benefits to give -- some of the data didn't exist or wasn't tracked. from the data they got their hands on, over 250 adults could qualify for inhome support services but country countrily receive the benefit.
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public benefits simply help people secure their most basic needs in our society. they provide a source of income whether it's ssi, support services that help people get connected and find employment, help them secure food through cal fresh or supportive services. public benefits also help the city's resources stretch further in san francisco and become more efficient because of the support from federal and state governments. today i'm introducing straightforward legislation that will help maximize enrollment public benefits to help them get on a path towards self-sufficiency.
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it will also require more thorough outreach in case management from the providers by having them development the times and methods to encourage them to enroll in the maximum public benefits. in the annual report the providers must provide information regarding the following. the percentage of clients enrolled in all the public benefits for which they are entitled. the percentage of clients applying for the benefits. a full summary of the reasonable efforts made to help the client enroll in all the public benefits. if the clients are not enrolled in maximum public benefits, an explanation as to why a higher percentage of clients are not
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enroll. for hsa, the ordinance mandates that the agency creates -- they must share the work sheet publicly on the website. additionally, hsa will be required to conduct two already more -- or more audits. we as a board approve unanimously, this law will first help the city collect more accurate and appropriate data to better understand which clients in supportive house running utilizing public benefits and to what extent. public benefits help secure the most vulnerable in our communities and get them on a path towards self-sufficiency. they provide most basic needs. this legislation will help more seniors and families get their bents they need and deserve by creating a process and
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requirement to ensure they're not losing out on benefits they qualify for. >> thank you supervisor farrell and supervisor kim. >> thank you madam clerk. i wanted to announce and invite folks this saturday to the second of our series of movie night. we will be watching jurassic park. eencourage you to -- we encourage you to come out with your families and bring blankets. this will begin this saturday 6:00. its on folsom street between 6:00 and 7:00. this is part of our effort to help activate our parks here. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor kim. seeing no other names on the
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roster. madam president, that concludes roll call for the introduction of new business. >> can you read public comment. >> the public may comment for up to two items on items on the jurisdiction of the board to include the policy discussion between the mayor and the board. the minutes and the items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. items 49 through 51. public comment is not allowed on items that very subject to public comment at a board committee. direct remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors and nor to the audience. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to receive. if you like your document to be displayed,#eñ?ñ?ñ?coíómd9h« w
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éa)íwm2@# such to sfg tv and remove the document when the screen return to live comp of -- coverage of the meeting. >> good afternoon board of supervisors i'm peter warfield executive director of library user association. i want to bring up the fact that the saná?ñ francisco public library is betraying the public in a variety of ways:ñ?ñ?ñu[á srv7x]óáñq>-jñ= rw?pcv-+ú i like to talk about is damaging access by the public and surveillance of patrons. we ask the board of supervisors to hold hearings and to closely question the library's budget with respect to these sorts of issues and remind you that the library's budge currently is i highest of libraries in each category of service and triple the average of libraries in north america serving half a million to one million people according to public library data service records. when the libraries new teen center opens next week on
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june 18th, you and the public need to know that this was done by destruction of more than half of the library's easy access to magazines. the literacy and learning center was part of that project, completely decimated the entire west side of the library magazines and this was what it looked like the day before they tore out the shelving. all those magazines on the west wing facing city hall taken away and put in brooks hall with you have to wait a day to get them. this is a cost of the learning and literacy center and it's related teen center. there's also commons which unfortunately i've talked about before and which the library has installed as its new catalog.
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that has series issues of patron -- >> thank you. next speaker please. >> thank you president breed and other victims. my name is christopher. i like to comment on my landlord and expand on my theme of managerial negligence.
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randy shaw is the chief thief of the half time club.
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half time work, double time pay. i get a lot of crankier than usual. thank you president breed. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> united states is the most fascist corrupted country in the world. to die on that -- this is only the day when they evict. here seeking 11 supervisors from this community. you're so much barbarianlike government of the united states. you're sitting here, jewish
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supervisor, black supervisor how could you allow the 85 years person like your grandfather your father to die on this date and nothing you do. i pray on torah, bible, that you should be punish for what you do. you evict 85 years old a person on this date. >> next speaker please. >> my name is rubin david goodman. i'm mental health consumer. i like to report to you an example of the conditions in state license board within the city and county of san
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francisco. i'm a resident of golden residential care home which is located 166 foote avenue. the minimum requirement for board and care facility operator is to provide a bed and a shared room and free meals per day. on friday evening, i informed the caretaker that i was going to a meeting. i would return by 8:00 p.m. please save me dinner. i returned at 8:00 p.m. and i waited because usually i'll return this person is noncommunicative. when she did not put the dinner on the table. i said linda what about dinner. she shrugged and said no. i proceeded to the telephone which is located in the hallway where everyone can hear your conversation and called the number of the office.
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left a message for isaac tagger who is the ombudsman and was not provided with the dinner. after that, linda the caretaker got up, went to the kitchen inunlocked the cabinet and there was dinner. what kind of human being denies a mental health consumer their dinner when in fact the dinner is there? would have left it in the cabinet for the food to spoil. this is just one example of the kind of conditions these are state licensed but i believe the san francisco board of supervisors should take some responsibility to ensure -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker please. >> my name is nancy jacobson.
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i want to thank the president and board of supervisors especially supervisors avalos and mar for cosponsor the resolution in support of sb128, the end of life option bill. i want to thank francis, supervisor avalos's aid for her help in bring this important resolution before you. as you know the state senate passed this bill last week and in the process, there was an extensive debate. i don't know if you had a chance to view the video. there were many people who spoke passionately for and against the bill. there are 30 million people in california and there are at least that many stories to tell