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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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would have a different staffing structure districting stations you have two officers per station that is 20 officers to book someone down to county jail one or take them to san francisco general hospital we can can do it with two officers with a ferry wagon to be booked in the jail and or to take them to san francisco general hospital i think what is missed in a contemporary article in a newspaper is reaching out in a partnership that i think is no argument the data speaks for itself we can free officers up especially in busy stations and mission had tenderloin had loyalslulls with the stations i'm confident
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we can free up officers to turn their attention to the community policing projections they talked about because a sheriff and deputy officer align to q-two align to city hall and taxpayer of us being able to perform a job or us to use a master or macro approach to pick up detainees arrested instead of the police officers having to do it from the purge of ten different stations it tried before it didn't succeed because there is a lack of funding what i did for the upcoming budget approach for the last two years telegraphing the mayor i think is an an important investment while we're seeing with our jail population and resit vichlsim ke do
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more for the police department goals you talked about citywide events the districts feel that stretch because officers are then rerouted to citywide events include us in that discussion i think the term is multidisciplinarian staff plan how we can be assistance in this discussion without stepping on the rules of the sospd i believe the chair supervisor weiner is sitting the pers study you referenced when i was on the committee the same outcomes still exist today that study is we should be doing everything we
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can from the police department and sheriff's department foot beats is something i'm a fan of if you remember and assist in lowering or alleviating our costs f we are able to look at all of our assets instead of lows where the departments are we have a committed sheriff's department and the men and women in the sheriff's department who are credentials and can do other things to augment and complement police department that conversation may require a little more discussion what has been tested and well proven is on the station transfer units we're prepared to go to all ten district stations and back up the economics to the city i think it was a miss in the benchmarking police staffing
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program they didn't include that in the calculations and on hospital beats i think it's a win for the police department and win for us as chef sir accurately said it would require funding we do not have but i'm willing to do it. thank you. >> thank you. avalos? >> what is the amount of the pilot program? for transfers from the stations to general hospital? >> mission and tenderloin we used existing funds >> so what is the sf for the cost >> we propose 1.3 >> the ideas of collaboration were mentioned in the perf report is that correct? i believe the transfer program is in existence in the past for all the stations what is the difference between the program you are doing to what was being
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done by the sheriff's department in the past for transfers >> it's been arbitrary it has not gotten the attention that is due that the sheriff's department can can collaborate more intimately and more opportunities for that to happen again looking at macro assets for what we have to offer is a baseline to have discussion it has never happened that way. >> we talked about we do our budget work and low hanging fruit in this case we're trying to maximize the number of officers that could be in the field this feels like really low hanging fruit the pilot program to free up officers and maybe it's a question for the chief why this wasn't put forward as something that could be effective in a goal we're trying to do one of the subject matterses of this hearing
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>> i'm not arguing with the needs to replete staffing at all carrying forth my experience as a supervisor on the board of safety with the sheriff's with our challenges, what can we do to assert our resources in a more efficient and effective way what i'm putting forth is not radical at all. >> i would say not. thank you. >> thank you. any other discussion? no thank you sheriff being here today >> my pleasure more than happy to answer any questions we have reached out to supervisorers if you want to look at the data on station transfer units if you want to know more about hospital runs i would encourage you to have more conversation with us. >> i want to thank the sheriff
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and police department and controllers office for this meeting i would like to call the seniors up first to speak on this aye time there are a few public comment cards here i will need to step out for a preef moment to take a quick meeting but will return hopefully public comment will be continuing in my absence the supervisor weiner will chair the rest of the meeting. rex maybe you can can can help me organize your seniors to come and give testimony on items 1 and 2? come to the podium >> may i speak on here behalf we were not expecting here to be here that long and a lot are afraid to come up essentially we
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have long days now. >> my name is rex la board i'm the director for the community service in the valley i thank you very much for having this hearing this is something we truly support the budget increase for the police department and increase in staffing i have been the executive director for a-pak now for one year since then we had to deal with a murder earlier this year we have had to deal with a young lady dragged off the bus in the course of being robbed several other robbies that occurred a lot of around this station valley. if i can get the eight-pak members to stand up so the board of supervisors know who you are. a few of them have to leave
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early. we do support your effort i thank you officers for doing this >> my pleasure thank you. if there are any other seniors that would like to come up and speak first i welcome you i think chris boman if you are here come on up. (speaking off the mic) i'm sorry you can wait if you don't want to. >> supervisor avalos i'm chris bowman i was around back in 1994 was when prop eight was put on the ballot we planned to do a similar initiative then barry con roy put together an initiative to get nine votes on the ballot back to what supervisorer avalos asked in 1971 it's a consent decrete the
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courts did back in 1979 which dealt with the lack of minorities and women in the department. and subsequent to that 15 years later the mayor and the board never came up to that level of staffing if you look at the voters handbook 1994 they had 1695 full time staff positions 128 light duty officers and 148 going through the academy. nothing has changed. now the other point i would like to make since you are using the baseline of 1994 population wise when it was 741,000. when the consent decree was issued the population of san francisco was 678,000 so if you
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do it on the basis of population increase that's a 24% increase instead of 13.3% increase and you are talking about 2450 positions rather than the 2200 you are talking about that. i will leave it at that i will have a second thing going over fine tuning the actual legislation i think there is reasonable we have nevered reach that level of 1971. ever. >> thank you very much. peter war field. father richard smith jim has rows edward de jesus and depaulma >> i'm peter war field the executive director of the user i
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would like to request the slides here they were not public to the room or the packet. >> this is from the controllers office and police department? >> correct. library users dot noz have a position on the overall staffing but we do have a suggestion which would be useful with respect to making more police officers available for police duties that would be basically at no cost that would be to stop using city funds for resident police at san francisco public library that is especially so the library already has a security force with two dozen or more the library security force was recently increased in budget and size based on a controller's report that force should be able to handle the relatively few problems that can't be handle
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tell us by the regular library staff. i'm talking about a police officer at every single library commission in the back of the room. what is that for? i think it has to do with the criminalzation of decent and potentially intimidating folks who want to participate and take part in meetings the background for this is 2-and-a-half years ago the city libraryian was found by the fair political practices commission to have violated the law three years in a row regarding financial disclosures he did not report he got gifts thousands of dollarses and had to sign a cocalled stipulation admitting he filed a law and refiling his statements the next commission meeting since then forward a police officer in every meeting that police officer --
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>> thank you mr. warfield. just a note to the general rub public comment is two minutes you will hear a soft bell indicating you have 30-seconds remaining the next speaker will be father richard smith followed by jim has rowed by dejesus followed by depalma can sin karl larisa scott ayala and john bistero. father? >> thank you for reading this important conversation i few weeks ago i in ferguson missouri i talked with many young people sobbing telling their stories what happened to them at the hands of law enforcement as well
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as the moms sobbing what was happening to their kids at the hands of law enforcement i realize on the way back home di not have to go to furring -- ferguson to hear this i can hear it in mission any day of the week this frames my perception of this resolution i cannot support it there are too many unanswered questions about the moral integrity of the -- being shot in the back to the scanned lg to the people of color. this moral concerns under mine the credibilities in sfpd in neighborhoods like mine until the department makes structures of accountability are beginning to be in place i cannot support this proposal one reason given
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for expanding the police force is that prop 47 has supposedly released low level criminals back to the street to commit more crimes, according to this per spepgs a police force is needed to confront. the increased crime rate from prop 47 but the increased crime rate since prop 47 only 19 people have been released from the county jail unless they have been busy they cannot account for the increased crime rate you can't mram 47 for the increased crime rate nor can you use it -- >> thank you very much. next speaker please? >> good afternoon supervisorer my name is kevin karl the directive ho tell from the san
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francisco we employ 20,000 in san francisco i one of those that work in san francisco as well we strongly suggest to look at the staffing we have been working with the police officers to get more beat on the streets i have to commend the police officers they have worked with us because it's a request we have been working with us for a while that would help to get at that fine solution so we can have officers on the streets that can make all of us feel safe not just our employees and residents but the guests and our hotels we have advocated for additional officers so our hotel guests can can feel safe ear one of the things we wrestle with daily they tell us they love our city they love the restaurants
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and being here but they're not coming back because they're concerned about the safety for themselves or their families they will tell us that and post it on social media when they're on the streets the things we witness every day they're witnessing also that is strong and the fact that would look at getting us not only up to the mandated level is beyond that is something that we feel strongly about we think it's important for the residents and employees alike to support this initiative >> mr. car roll you are saying that the people are filling up our hotels in san francisco are there for the very first time >> not necessarily but what they experience in san francisco -- >> you said they don't want to come back it sounds like they are >> people do come back to the
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city but they post it out there. next >> next speaker please? >> afternoon supervisors thank you so kindly for convening this meeting my name is ann dejesus i'm a member of day view residents improving their environment i'm here to 100% support this initiative my gross root group bright initiative brought forth an initiative if you shootings in the city throughout the city we see this as furthering our own initiative in addition to being a member of bright i eleventh at 4830 street which is near men dale plaza the source of a lot of drug dealing we know police cannot totally arrest their way out of crime but having police there in their neighborhood throughout the stir is a strong deterrent i want to
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support that and that can you so much having this conversation >> thank you next speaker please? >> good afternoon supervisorers my name is andrea ayelo i'm the executive director for the castro upper market benefit community district while me board has not had a chance to weigh on the record this proposal around population i'm here because i would like to speak to the fact that community policing is important and the community benefit district supports the continued increase in police staff that are being able to walk the beat and to be in the neighborhoods. the community benefit district is the lead agency in a collaborative project in the castro market area called castro cares castro is paying for
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dedicated additional police officers and dedicated additional homeless outreach workers to be out on the streets in castro it's funded in part by residents so we're raising for resident ares to pay for addiction editional policing in the neighborhood and have raided mru the merchant in the community $75,000 to do this. this wouldn't be happening if the residents didn't feel like they need to have more foot patrols in the neighborhood and the officers comment on every time a ten b works for us they comment that residents are continually thanking me they love working the neighborhood because they thank them thank you officers for being here this is from the data we have been collecting the fund raising we have been able to do is
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testament that people want foot patrols and policing in order for that to happen we need more police officers >> thank you next speaker please? >> good afternoon. my name is michelle. for the -- foundation the reason i'm here to express my dismay at such an important propose nalg for a huge chunk of money towards the police budget when we still begging for more throughout the city -- >> if i can ask that the side conservations we want to listen to the speaker if you need to have a side conservation you can step out so we can hear what
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people are saying. thank you. >> well what do i do then? >> if everyone if the interpreter can can relay that as well thank you. >> it seems like it's more important to live and weight for sit who has last two?ian hofman and terri instead of looking at the early warning that should have been active for the chair people we need each captain in their precinct. to tell us how many sit police offers are ready to be activated it's more important to train disbatcher so they don't send
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mixed messages getting people killed it's important to create local hiring for our kids with decent health and child care options. trust me you know that if our kids have supportive environments there is much less crime. and this commission does not even swing vote there are two against three i people can press do not make hasty decision the fiscal year is around the corner but you need to address deep thoughts about where the needs are -- (speaking off the mic) >> thank you very much. next spooeker? >> good afternoon supervisors john biasdaros for the travel
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aassociation yaeshgs last year san francisco had 18 million visitors they spent $1.2 million every hour every day this contributed 6,065 million to the budget that is enough to pay the average price of 224 police officers here in san francisco the visitors are going into more and more neighborhoodses and more and more commercial corridors here in san photograph as they explore the issues in san francisco it's imparrivetive they remain safe so they go hope home and talk about the fabulous time they had in san francisco and encourage them to come to san francisco rather than go home a victim of a crime and discourage everyone they talk to tr going to san francisco. there is the importance of ratio
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of residents to police that is important number but considered the fact there are 150,112 visitors every day that need protection as well with this in mind we would encourage the san francisco police department is proerply staffed particularly when you consider the population increase in the city as well as the expanded geography the police department must cover as the result of new developments in certain areas with that i appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. next speaker? >> good afternoon before i begin my statement i would like to request the presence of supervisor cohen. i have to say before for my
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district before i begin >> she's running so you should make your public comment. >> very good what i have to say to you today is the number we're relying onto make these decisions are improper what i'm hearing the calls for service and population what no one is spoken about is the experience rate of crimes unable to clear. for example 48% of homicides were cleared 2012 and 13 only 8% of property climb crimes have been cleared in 2013 this comb from the fbi crime reporting program based on 1211 and 1213 moving forward is the matter that has not been addressed of the community presents with san francisco residents having their
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hands violated at the hands of san francisco police department that would include civil rights for unlawful detainment officers arresting for illegal crimes people beaten and abused on video camera what you failed to mention is a huge decrease this crime from 1994 to the present if anything violent crimes are down -- excuse me nonproperty crimes larceny is going down so therefore what you are trying to say population -- excuse me -- i'm out of time i tried to rush this i can't express myself so rushed -- >> if you could back up the data you said around the difference in crime between 1994 and today where did you pull your information from? >> thank you.
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that information was pulled from the california department of justice statistics center which notes a huge decline in property crimes and larceny from 1994 and 2013 >> do you think the population increase has to do with crime >> i think the population increase has nothing to do with policing whatsoever. it doesn't happen through policing it happens through economics education and opportunity if people have no reason to commit crimes there is no reason to police them. more so excuse me if i may to further address your question about the population increase that seems to be the most important pertaining matter the crime rate has gone down as the population has gone up this talk
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this notion we increase the police force with further increase population statistic loo is not correct. there is no statistical basis by which to ask for more police officers because there is more people moving here. i think most of us in this room know the people moving here we know what demographics that cerritos that is not the population that comes into contact with police officerses now we have district ten is where a lot of the proposed changes are going to occur but district ten is in dire need of education in dire need of economic and job opportunities that are not being present inned this resolution >> thank you very much. next speaker please? >> my name is [inaudible] borne and raised in district