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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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is $1 million for the new city grant program partners not provided specific spending plans these new funds, but according to the department these funds will be allocated to existing programs approval of that million dollars to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors because it represents a new ongoing general fund commitments without specific allocations to community organization than for 16 and 17 i recommend a reduction to the proposed budget total $44,000.. of that amount, all ongoing savings is reduction to extol allowing trees of 804 33 5.6%. 5.6% in the fiscal year 1670 budget and again, the same $1 million in that year we consider to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors. >> thank you. >> excuse me that as a understand that i am in the policy of easy is a call report. >> appreciate that mr. rose. okay colleagues it know that called russians or comments, i do believe in talking with a number of colleagues that the
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policy appreciate mr. is highlighting that. i think most of us will be supporting if not all. would love to entertain a motion at this point to accept the budget analyst recommendations between the policy recommendation in place for million dollars in place pending public comments. >> some of >> ocean by supervisor tang. second by supervisor mar we can take that without objection >>[gavel] >> up next we have the academy of sciences group. >> good morning supervisor.
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very glad to be here today could also want to thank members of the mayor's office especially kate howard and others who been helpful to us last number of months. if we could get the slides up, please? i will wait. if you can give me a second for a technical matter here. actually, even to the science department to leave to scope the technology.there we go. my
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apologies for that. well, good morning. my name is john foley get on the new executive director of the california county of sciences is it to beat prone to be screwed up powerpoint. a new system is average about 10 months am just want to say how much i am enjoying living here and proud to be a new san francisco residents. my wife and daughter removing it about two weeks we could not be more thrilled to be part of this wonderful city. really thrilled to be part of a really great team that i think were the best teams in the country and certainly the best city in the world. i just wanted thank you to everybody the part of this great community. during the last 10 months with billy had picture nighttime of learning about our city, making lots of new friends, as you can see here in this slide here, and really learn about this new home found that the -- since 1850 that
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were proud to be part of the city of san francisco. do a lot of the city and the city certainly does a lot for us. we just could not be more proud to be part of that partnership. what is a personal, which is an absolute strong and grateful agreement of the new proposed budget and staffing allocation for the academy of sciences and we really appreciate the increase in support of the city for the academy and our mission. so thank you very very much. i will be giving you more background on what were doing at the academy for the remainder of my comments. as you know, the steinhardt aquarium is really the crown jewel of centerpiece of the academy of sciences and that is where the city support is directed. when the steinhardt family first gave money to build the steinhardt a newer is required a partnership with the city to maintain this is a world leading facility when the greatest aquarium facilities on
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the planet. so, we value that partnership with the city and we want to make sure that our partnership with the city is effective, efficient, really delivers on mission. so, were very very proud to say that we already are a great investment by the city. the city's controller office in fact, highlighted this during the recent report that looked at cultural investments here in san francisco but also nationally and how about academy stood out as a singularly ineffective organization in delivering on its mission. what we want to do is better. were working diligently to be better, more efficient reducing our expenses in delivering our mission more and more every day. so, were proud to say that in fact, during the last nine months we worked hard to reduce or upgrading expenses by over 10%. we have eliminated very long-standing structural deficits that a lot of museums and to find themselves in. has been totally limited from our budget, become dramatically more efficient. at the same time, we did all this while increasing our dependence, increasing our customer satisfaction, and delivery to
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our core mission to the people san francisco. were there very proud of that we will confident the city should be to their were using public dollars for the best and most efficient way possible. so, i would also like to give you an update on recent activities of the academy. as you know, we opened our new facility in 2008 in golden gate park and in the process we added 300% increase in the number of people we serve in the academy. this kind of a quantum leap in with the academy of sciences have been doing for many many decades. really proud of that. most recently, in this last year, will be having over 1.4 million visitors to that academy. the site 55,000 family memberships here in the bay area which represent over 200,000 members and most of whom live in a city of san francisco. so were really excited about that. we are by far, the largest cultural institution in the city of san francisco. and the whole bay area in fact. we now have the highest visitor satisfaction scores of any museum west of the mississippi. period about exams. so not only
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a leader in the bay area leader nationally in attendance, but also especially in delivering our mission and satisfying our guest. which are really excited about. we also are place where every child in san francisco going to school, no matter what school it is, public-private parochial, charter, does not matter, all them come to the academy for free. we are very excited about that. also, last week we had the biggest opening of a new exhibit since our opening called color of life which is funded by and the pisces foundation right here in the bay area. which is a new exhibit celebrating the diversity of life to art and color and design. it is a wonderful new exhibit invite all of you to come check it out sometime. just extraordinary. a few things you may not know about the academy that i like to tell you as well. for example, this summer we will be welcoming our 10 millionth visitor to the new building thinks about that. plan a big celebration around that of
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course. we are also working very very hard to make sure that we remain accessible and affordable. the academy because we have living exhibits that require extremely advanced life-support systems, we do have to charge a little more ticket prices than other places though lower than any other major aquarium in the world. were very excited about that but we want to make sure were always successful and affordable and would do more to give away free tickets and programming than any institution in the bay area and were proud of that. in fact, last sunday it over 10,000 people attend the academy for free. at a quarterly free day as was her new neighborhood free days, which we get independent funding for. very excited about that. were also to be increasing our focus on diversity and inclusion in this community. we want to make sure that our visitors demographics really reflect the rich diversity of san francisco. and they do. would you be doing more to ensure that and making sure were inclusive to the entire bay area doing our job as a civic pillar here in the bay area. were also really proud to be partnering with the
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-- art of san francisco in fact we heard the employer of the year award compete against 200 for-profit and nonprofit organizations were also nominated by the because of our work are creating jobs and opportunities for developmentally disabled folks here in the bay area. were extremely proud of that. would also be increasing our focus on commitment to san francisco families and youth could become the serve over 150,000 free youth visitors to the school until tips program we have. one third of which are coming from san francisco based schools. so we are very very pleased about that. the city's controller report also indicates we continue to attract largest number of children of any institution in the area. which is just fantastic. we also realize when economic engine for the city. something were proud of also. safety percent of our employees within san francisco and are really great
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cross-section of the city's diverse landscape and many of whom live in some your districts, i noticed supervisors, so that is exciting. we are major engine of economic activity and especially her opening which coincided with the great recession. i think it is also very helpful to merchants and businesses especially small family businesses in the western part of the city, around golden gate park. sure glad we could help out there and we want to do more partnering with the city to type more towards him and dollars and investment in good businesses and good jobs in the city of san francisco. we also are really boldly looking at the future. we took a quantum leap in the academy when we opened our new building in 2008. were prepared to do another quantum leap now. when parking a bold new mission to focus on sustainability. will be the world first museum devoted to the areas of environment and sustainability at our new mission statement as you can see here, is to explore, explain and sustain life on earth. when relaunching
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10 year major crosscutting initiatives around california's unique ecosystems, but also correlates and rainforests just part of the steinhardt signature assets that the city supports. will becoming leader especially in california ecosystem but also these heart and lungs of the planet the coral reese and rainforests upon which all life on earth really depends. were very excited about that. we are also excited to become a global public science education and science learning. it will but san francisco even more on the map to be a centerpiece of global education efforts and science education especially for middle school and high school students across america and beyond and we have a $10 million grant from the pisces foundation to expand our efforts internationally in science education. were also there to be a global hub of science environmental solutions. were we bring leaders from all over the world to san francisco making us essentially, the aspen
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institute for environmental solutions convening them here at that california academy groups were here to these to put san francisco even more on the map internationally run these crucial issues. also we want to make sure the academy is open inclusive and accessible to all. so very proud to announce were not watching a academy for all initiative as her new strategic plan to guarantee that everyone in san francisco, regardless of income or life situation, enjoyed his world-class institution in our new partnership with the city. so, as you can see it is really exciting time at the academy of sciences overtaken his next quantum leap in our mission. sore very pleased about that. to kind of wrap up here, i want to show you the city support i believe is crucial and never been more important for the academy of sciences. we know that your investment is widely being used. we leverage the core operating support of the city provides for things like operating a very complex aquarium, we support systems, etc., and leverage that with private donors and other kinds of things to greatly expand the city's investment in magnify
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having world changing impact. were really pleased about that. so we feel confident that this new budget reflects a sound and secure investment in us and in the city's future and in our work together. so, in closing, i just want to say were proud to work with the city of san francisco to make it an even better place to live to make san francisco a world capital science and the science education, science opportunity, environmental conservation and let this really thrive in the city that we all know and love. also, putting us more and more on the global stage. san francisco is a leader in so many different ways, culturally, economically technologically, and it could also be for science education and the environment and were looking for to partner with you to make that happen there were grateful for your support and for your attention and look forward to working with you in the future to the things i know we all care about here in san francisco. thank you adobe having to take any questions or comments. >> given much welcome to sentences. supervisor mar
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>> i want to say i am pleased your family is joining you in a couple of weeks. that is wonderful news and thanks to amazing team with the most easy to work with and really insightful group of people i appreciate working with over the years. i want to ask you, so the animal care and conservation facility renovation was completed. there is steinhardt aquarium renovation that some progress in a morrison planetarium renovation moving forward here it is the city going to be supporting these in capital planning, or how is the city supporting these? has the city support these efforts? how would you recommend we are supportive of them in the future? >> am asked my colleague -- to give you some of the specifics on that but i know the cities
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been extremely supportive of the ongoing renovations especially the aquarium. but the plan attempt would be separate. these are things we generally are trying to raise private funding for to maintain and actually grow excellent programs at the california academy but we have to maintain world cutting-edge facilities for not only our public visibility information but also prone science because of things we do. so these are essential for our mission. any of you can give some specific >> sure. but with the capital planning program on allocation for the future. we have a couple projects that they are working with us on but they are not the renovation of the planetarium just yet. however, they do have a monarch list goes on their list of things we cemented its of their potentially too considered in the future. >> that is great. think rex >> okay, supervisor yee >> thank you mr. foley for the
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p presentation. one of things i get excited about what i think about the california academy of sciences is that the role it also could play that does not get discussed often, there is out if there is a natural disaster will, role and what you have there in the things that you could be supportive. can you say a little bit about that because i think the public should know these things? >> absolutely. as you know california academy of sciences is an interesting history with earthquake. we lost two buildings to earthquakes. sore very well-prepared to think about any future natural disaster. how not only can we be a good asset of the cities in terms of preserving the value for the city what we are the to respond and as a community -- to the committee and be helpful. am asked -- are chief operating officer he could maybe, as in the
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specifics when working with the city and also with fema and others to seo we could play a role because we do have independent water and power systems to keep living animals in case of power outages or natural disaster. those who also be taken to help people of course. our physician in golden gate park makes it ideal to aid in any recovery or disaster relief efforts. >> thank you, john. good morning supervisors. supervisor yee to answer your question specific the academy addition to our scientific mission is our role as serving the city of san francisco in event of a major disaster. over the last several years, we have invested in trained our staff to serve the community. the city engineers that line the building will not lock our doors to our the public. given the age of golden gate park and events about major disaster we see our role as medications help, also a feeding center. we have been working on cooperative agreements with local food providers as well as our in-house food service to be able to provide this for the
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community. our staff of highly trained. our security staff are all certified first aid and we have been investing in infrastructure as well. for example, were on the cities emergency radio network. even on a database scarcity emerged the responders can act and cooperate with us. so, will continue to work closely with the department of urgency management, sf pd and asked me. thank you. s >> supervisor mar >> i want to thank you for being a credible employee. the people with developmental disabilities the sustainability programs that you have, the education program for elementary teachers, the middle school and high school is that of the docents, what an amazing resource for city besides all the other things that you mentioned. thank you for being such an incredible
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institution as well. >> thank you. if i can elaborate on that, we are a city that increasingly depends on stem or steam education to better economy three antiseptic all was collaboratively between city the school districts nonprofit organizations like us museums in particular, i think it plays an important role in elevating science education to help economic empowerment for everyone. just a few elite who did get that kind of education today but you make sure that this kind of opportunity is successful to everyone to make sure opportunities is really spread amongst everyone. here in the city. we can share this prosperity we see today. >> okay. thanks very much dr. foley welcome to san francisco. it has been a pleasure to get to know and you and amazing teamwork in a great institution so look forward to working in the years to come. colleagues, we have no reports for our academy of sciences what next we were children and family commission.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is laurel -- executive director of those san francisco. i am here to report on the work for next year. on the first page of my presentation you can see that -- continues of multiple funding streams both propositions and tobacco tax allocation, funding from the california department of education the quality rating and a proven system, funding from our partner issue i asked an -- per family resource center. and money for the
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transition year of in the opposite ac for preschool for all. the differences in our budget is slight. there is a $5 million piece because some that money will stay at the office due to transition year. we also are being reduced in our child signature program, which is money from first five california that was supporting high-quality preschool. we are hoping, however, that money will morph into a new project from the first five california called impact. and we should know about that in july. we have been very proud to have incubated pfa. we have the highest quality rated programs in the state mostly because the city has supported us for all this time. were also recognized nationally through the white house summit and other programs. were very happy
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we incubated it as we involved in transition it over next year. on the second side, you can see that were going to continue our four focus areas. which would be child health, child development, family support, evaluation. you can see here without allocation is. we have funded about seven programs in child health, 150 programs draw child development, and another 34 family support. on the next slide, you can see investments for next year. as i mentioned, will continue the worker preschool for all. overseeing the operations of it. as we transition it specifically, will continue to do all the quality improvement work, both coaching and training technical assistance and waiting to we have a cadre of coaches. we are cadre of waiters and assessors and will continue that work and
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were also there to be focused that work on -- and on family child care. we have a very special focus now on -- i think that is probably what will pave it over the next couple of years. in terms of mental comps to -- home visiting were supporting home visiting at the health department of we were focusing on the help sf sites. were they continue to fund children with special needs to inclusion work and also a help me grow affiliates which means, it is a statewide initiative that is looking at early identification referral services for children with birth -three. will continue to fund the multidisciplinary assessment unit at san francisco gen., along with our [inaudible]. bill do assessment and get screening who are at
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risk for development of the late. we also will continue to support the family resource center along with our partners at -- and age is a good window of 26 family resource centers and some of the focus over the next year will be building the quality of those centers and those providers, as we have in our early childhood work. the next slide shows you a little bit of who we have served over 27,000 participants through our core investment in [inaudible] health and mental health, pfa initiative and are quality support work. i thought maybe to be interested in this slide. that just shows you the growth of our programs for four-year-olds. at the pfa, we have served about three 600 children. some of them are pre-k. our five-year-olds who did not choose to go into a
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pre-k program, or did not have access to them, and another one is a program that were very proud about the wholesale support the continuation of, when children lose their vouchers, when they turn three, were their families are no longer working or going to school, it is very adult focused policy, so we decided we would make sure that those three-year-olds be maintained in the continuing continuum of care in the pre-schools. so much is a little bit of who are serving in all the age groups. the last slide is just a small organization. we have a staff that focus on the family resource center. staff that focused on how. staff is focused on early childhood, and we hope we can continue that you we did increase by 2.5 positions. some of that was because of our loss of funding from the california first five. that is my short presentation. i really do hope the board of
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supervisors continues to honor and support the work of focus five. we continue to hope to make contributions to the city and our youngest children. thank you. >> great. thank you for your comment. colleagues, any questions or comments direct supervisor mar >> thank you so much for developing preschool for all good would an amazing program that changes some a children's and families life. i wanted to ask you, you mentioned the loss of health on your first five money and knowing soon on some impact funds. could you explain the livermore what potential there is for a new program that would fund important programs and first five? >> yes. california first love always is the signature programs and their matching fund programs we apply for them and then we match them. so, california signature -- the
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children's signature program was one of them. those particularly focusing on building the quality of a certain number of sites -- well, that areas in our city that have the lowest api scores. so we did a lot of work in the bayview mission and golden dollar supporting those programs. that money was reduced by 50% this year and will and next year. although will continue to sport his programs through pfa,. the new impact money which will hear about soon, will continue -- really is focused on how to support the quality improvement of our early care and education program. we did not have a lot of flexibility in how were going to do that. i think what were going to look at both what were going to do locally, but were also building a regional quality proven system long without six bay area counties. so, that will again focus on probably deploying coaches and readers to do training,
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coaching, again to sport the quality improvements at our site. this time when we apply will focus on infant and toddler programs. they will be a contribution to that. >> last question did with relationship -- i know it ages a dui if there was consolidation within officer early care and education. what is the relationship with verse five and ec? >> were parting very closely with the office. we been beating over the last, almost weekly over the last year or so . working on developing the plan, having us move transition will continue to partner as i see going forward. hopefully, when the program gets finally transitioned over there, the component of the work for us at first five will be the quality improvement work we developed an expertise. shifted supervisor yee >> thank you. i am just
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curious, i know there is some discussion around the super bowl and you have a role in it? >> yes >> you can get us a chance to say much about it what you like to? >> as they were going to the meeting to the school district to talk further. this is really about the grade level reading campaign that was started by --. as you may remember, we applied as a city for the reading campaign award the american cities award and we won as a pacesetter. i was involved in writing that proposal. what that did was, give us a little glory but no resources. which is often the case with these awards. what we did do is we look at in our city about school attendance,
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school readiness, summer learning. go through so much going on now. so the grade level reading campaign is joined with the super bowl l two see if we can raise awareness summer learning and early literacy with some grantmaking going on there. so, i know that the some awards going out around some of learning. betty sue byatt has been working with. right now our meeting at the school district to think about how can leverage some of funding going through the early literacy to support the early literacy work in our community. i will tell out more about it when it is ever more this afternoon. >> are any the funding going to be close to your -- >> i do not think stupid i think though go directly to the programs we recommend investors eight -- because were contacted and we would do a pastor. >> thank you. chapter colleagues, to the questions, thank you*only go to your report? >> yes.