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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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s is important legislation and of the voting for it to ship thank you. supervisor farrell >> thank you. alluded to accu e supervisor wiener's comments. the two amend amendments i think i had little mortgage i think the second one of the open to discussing [inaudible]. certainly supervisor wiener mention he had had some incidents with three children about instances as well and if anything you protect your kids. that is not something i take lightly at all. we continually vigilant on. there is things we need to work on going forward on this, more than happy to do that and will absolute let my from a voting only for >> see no other names on the roster medical or can you please call the roll call >> >> before we go to that >> supervisor avalos >> i just want to reiterate my thanks to deputy city atty. john -- this work on ordinances were. >> thank you. see no other names on the roster, madam clerk can you please call.
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>> and 32 is amended supervisor tan aye supervisor wiener tech aye yee aye avalos, aye, breed, no campos aye, christiansen aye cohen aye, farrell aye canepa aye aye object.10 aye and one know with has agreed to ship this ordinance passes on the first reading >>[gavel] >> can you please call items 14 through 17 to ship items 14 to 17 are the interim proposed budgets in the appropriate organs and 15 is the interim annual salary and is enumerating positions continuing or establishing all-time work separate positions in the annual appropriation ordinance and specifying a fixed compensation and work schedules for the fiscal years ending june 30,
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2016 june 30, 2017. item 16 is a resolution to approve the interim budget of the treasure island of bowman's authority for fiscal year 15 and 16 and 1617, and item 17 is a resolution to inter approve the interim budget of the office of community investment and infrastructure operating a successor agent to the symphysis go read about an agency. until the skiers on the 15 >> supervisor felt >> colleagues, there is a simple items we visited recently at this time as we continue to complete our budget that allows us to continue to fund our government operations being the new fiscal year until july 1 and would pass a budget and the mayor signs. atlanta one support. >> madam clerk can you please call >> items 14-17, supervisor 10 aye, wiener aye, yee, alice, aye, breed aye, campos aye, christiansen aye, cohen aye, fell aye kim aye aye of 11
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aye to ship these items passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >> template can you please call the next and please >> automating is an ordinance to amend the mr. go to extend the film rebate program expiration date to june 30, 2019) only increase the authorized financing for the film rebate project account two $4 million subject to annual appropriation. >> same housing call. supervisor felt >> i just wednesday for a few dojo view comments on this item. colleagues, we currently have eight overview for women please that we have amended and updated a number of times over the past few years since i have been in office. we seen the program grow to successful incentivize more more film production here are city. the program recently of this legislation front of us today is it to sunset at the end of this june so it is imperative that we continue this program. the legislation front of us
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that i offer to extend the program is for an additional four years and raise the amount that the commission is able to offer qualified productions by $1 million. this rebate program is showcasing our city on a big screen providing longer-term employment for crews and actors and artists community and was in a local coming what i can additional tourism. it continues to be a win-win program. for every dollar approximately 6 dollars are spent here locally on wages and other expenditures. what is even more encouraging than early data shows the film commission expects return on investment from the rebate program to grow over time which means more benefits for local crews, actors and our local economy. i do believe that extending this ask successful we be program is a no-brainer and the successor program will grow you have here and continue showcase will custody the world to see. i saw mention a few of the programs that event recently come to have taken advantage of this program.
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hbo's looking series seasons one and two and season two is currently filming airing on hbo. tvs real world season fran came back after 27 year hiatus. netflix web series ghost and have their contents diaries of a teenage girl were also filmed here is debuted at sundance this year. the program has been a real success. the benefit for our local economy are artists community. i specifically wanted think suzanne robbins are second dropped her about film commission for terrific work on this issue for everyone in the film department in the film commission worked tirelessly in this program as well as -- in my office for helping with this item. to ship thank you. college committed this item? same housing call. without objection the ordinances passed immensely on the first reading >>[gavel] >> item 19, please >> and 19 is an ordinance to amend the business impact circulation code to -- to be
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showed on the base of the recorded document to conform to declaration of tax code to existing law. >> same housing call. without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading >>[gavel] >> item 20, please >> item 20 two expected standard of grantor parsley $1.8 million from the symphysis go back alliance. we have the south park improvement association for the design and construction the renovation of south park bird to your junk >> same housing call. without objection this resolution is passed unanimously on first reading >>[gavel] >> item 21 >> item 21, resolution to authorize the office of the comptroller to enter into two contracts. the first with oracle america for a one-year term of nine options to extend for up to one year each in the amount not to exceed 27.8 million. the second contract is for professional services agreement with adventure. to your time with option to extend when you are in amount not to exceed 23 million to implement
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and contributor placement for the obsolete financial accounting and management information system. >> supervisor caminong >> a quick colleagues i want to express my reservations but the contract that is before us today. first of all, i do want to thank the controller and is office for a thorough exploration of a completely new and revamped financial system with this software license maintenance and professional services contract. was able to sit down with our controller today and i am convinced that the decision was rational and safe. miser reservations, however are the following. the system were voting today would likely be our system for another 25 years, similar to the phoenix system we have right now. given that our expensive investment into the system, how difficult it is to transition to a different system, and in general, how slow government is in moving in this quickly evolving technology environments, where any aspect i am now using is simply out of date because i am using it, the system we are
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sucked into date, oracle, or justice. updated if elmore given a much more quickly when i am living with the next 25 years to the images of the controller's office display for the budget committee last week of our current system which looks like it has a shot taken from the 1980s the box screen and the green font. i am just not prepared to make this 25 year commitment today. it is cumbersome and buckley to -- i know will be restrictive and inadequate in only a few years. we are investing a tremendous amount of dollars, resources, staff training into a software system whose cost will we already know bullying in the years nine and 10 as we try to maintain a system also may be outdated. this in fact, is part of our oracle's business plan. to get you when you just cannot get out. the arty know it is. knowledge is be exponentially more expensive than 25 years. i know a third piece i want to bring up as a
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concern is that i know the opposite comptroller's office engaged in extensive conversation about post the system on our server or on the cloud given the decrease cost of maintenance if we went with a cloud of version, but also may, with hosting our servers for now because they could save. i am not disagreeing with this assessment come but am worried that were continuing to fall behind. the private sector in our thinking regarding technology and this will only further burden of public dollars. $50.5 million is not a small amount of our budget and more than anything, with today, i really want to push the city to explore real open-source alternatives come which are
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free, and in many cases just as secure as licensed software. we should examine how much money we spent on license software that could be effectively provided by free open source software. it may be that the first systems we explore for this alternative is not our financial system, but it could be our e-mail system, all my e-mails or sunshine about the book so not worried about security there. microsoft outlook, there are equivalents to word and excel that are free and open sourced. it could save us significant amount of dollars to help wean us off our dependence of some of the giant juggernaut companies out there. government, i know from talking to many my friends and technology investment is increasingly look as the profit target or license software companies. due to unfounded assertions that often come in these large bureaucracies that license software is safer and more secure. there was a recent business article that came out last week in bloomberg talking about a private sector companies are also moving away from ic products, specifically oracle and ibm and replacing them with open soft software which is freely available and can be modified to their needs. companies are even converting
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all of its operations to free database software. oracle sales actually are declining for a license software for seven straight quarters to june, demonstrating the private sector is moving away from pricey and cumbersome products. comedies like apple, netflix, are moving in this direction. i know in order for the city to do the same really have to rethink how we do this. we would have to have higher entire juniors in result was modified open-source, or with open source companies to modify their software for us. i understand that there are not a lot of it is about is doing this and if this was done san francisco would be the first, but san francisco, being at the center when the most exciting and dynamic regions the technology should absolutely be the pioneer for this for governments. again, i do want to recognize the work the comptroller's office did that understand our financial system has a lot of different security issues. well i am not convinced this in equivalent of open-source option that is just
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a secure and sophisticated and its capabilities to provide us features as oracle did, this would push the city to really explore these alternatives with software that is maybe walmart risk or maybe two breakup systems and the matey in accounting we would go to open source with financial reporting we would not. i think this will allow the city in the future to be more nimble to a modified system over the years and not be weighed down 25 years later with a system that works justice. as -- >> thank you. supervisor campos >> thank you.. i do want to thank supervisor kim for raising the issue about open source. if i may, i have a question. first, for budgeted legislative analyst, if i may, to the chair and meant for our comptroller's office. mr. rose, thank you
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very much for the report on this item. i just want to make sure i understand what is being done here. as i understand it, there was a competitive bid, a competitive process that was followed, i want to make sure i get this straight, that the the final contact was actually a lot larger than the request for proposal that went out. i just wanted to see if you could give me does confirm that and what the numbers were? >> ivy rose budget analyst for the board of supervisors. supervisor campos, that is correct it supervisor campos, the competitive bid -- there were three beds in the controller selected the oracle center. i am a which was
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approximately 26,000,000, $26.9 million. subsequent to the acceptance of that bid, there were negotiations between the controller and the contractors, which raised the day to 50.9 million. so, the difference between the 50.9 million and the -- which is a 61 percent increase and the 26.9 million was not competitively bid it was determined that it would be to the advantage of the controller the city to negotiate that increase, and i was to provide for additional time for software and software maintenance. >> i guess what concerns me about that zero point of a competitor process is that you set out, a set of services that you want provided, with the idea that you are going to get a specific proposal in response
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to that request, but when you increase the amount of services in the contract to negotiations, it could be that if you had done it differently where the competitor process was broader in scope that maybe it could have led to a different outcome. is that sort of how this works? >> we did call that out. we had concerns about it but we finally concluded -- and let me just quote what we stated in our report: we recommend an approved to the board of supervisors the proposed legislation was the eccentric oracle bid cost of 26 million 97 556 with 10,000,029 226 1.6% more than the second-place bidder. the total cost for both
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contracts was subsequently negotiated upward out of competitor process to include additional software and technical support for total but to exceed cost of 50 million 863. the comptroller's office went to a competitor process. initial contract of 2697 556 and in their professional judgment, the proposed contracts represented the best option to replace the city's financial system. for that reason we recommended we still recommend to the board that you prove this legislation. >> so now question for the controller if i make.if i may. what about the issue, the issue of the size of the ultimate contract, which was double what you started out with in response to the rfp. if you had started out with a broader scope that resembled what you end up with in your contract, maybe you could have got a different outcome in many scenarios would
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have given you a better deal. is not that true? release of possibility? or at least a possibility? >> thank you for the question. todd -- deputy control. as mr. restated, we went to a very diligent competitor process, and also he went to two years of development what the needs and specifications were to make the comparisons as apples to apples as we could. yes all proposal orders to include five years worth of licensing and support, so we did not do it negotiated because we were very happy to negotiate receive a 5% discounting on the licensing, so we negotiated twice as long as what was requested in the proposal because that benefited the city. so, to take advantage of the 85% discounting to also take advantage of optional
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functionality, which we knew would benefit the city including the purchase at contract conception of the business intelligence and analytics reporting, we wanted to make that opportunity at the discounted price to do so. we also had whichever system we were to use in which you were to award all of them would have needed database licensing and support because that is required for any system that is run. so, regardless of the system chosen in order to benefit from the discounting that we negotiated, including that in this proposed contract before you that affected the city significantly. so that is why you are going to see that. that would have been the case that system, that database, regardless of any proposal with a needed for all of them. as with the contingency pricing that included here, being able
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to include contingency which would be needed under any proposal so those are the key excavations of why it is larger and the principal one as well that we are going to for twice as long on the main support at the discounted pricing. >> just a final question. i want to make your comments. did you ask any of the other vendors whether or not they would give you -- were kind of deal they would give you on the expanded scope? >> those terms and conditions were included in the bid. we saw all their price discounts in their bid, and the one before you today was ranked highest to the proposal process. >> i understand the bid, but in terms to the extent you expanded the scope of the contract negotiations, those negotiate did you check with any of the other vendors to see what kind of deal they could give you? >> we did not go back to negotiating in good faith the highest ranking most responsive
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proposal. >> banquet >> i appreciate that. with all due respect to the controller and have a lot of respect for that office, i can support that because i do think while it is true that sometimes when you do a competitive bid you end up with a higher amount of the contract that the size of the contract here is such, so significantly higher it is more than double, that, to me it really sort of undermines the point of a competitive bid process, which is that you try to outline a scoping figure out, based on let us go, who is going to give you the best deal. but, when you have a scope get responses to that scope, and then you turn around and actually double the scope from what you started, then you are talking about potentially a different outcome if you were given those anderson
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opportunity compete for that increased scope. that is a challenge that i have. i understand the importance of this function, of this contract . i know that we need to act. i just have concerns about the process. another thing is that i do think supervisor kim has raised an important issue about open source. given the length of this contract are we tying our hands when there is a very real possibility that the reality in this industry could very well be different not in 10 or 20 years, but in three, four years. so thank you. >> thank you. seen no other names on the roster, madam clerk, can you please call the roll. i am 21, supervisor tan aye, wiener aye, yee aye, avalos
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aye, breed aye, campos note, cushions and aye, cohen aye farrell aye, kim know aye aye.9 aye to knows the supervisors campos and give me dissent >> this resolution is adopted >>[gavel] >> can you call item 22 >> and president >> as advice from city attorney i consulted earlier i do have a family member works for -- we determined is no financial relationship between the two of us and that he is not involved in their prime and there will be impacted by this, but >> supervisor wishes to be speaking to item 21? >> to the contra, yes >> we have taken a boat. i
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just got some advice. i determined that it was not an issue so had not brought it up, but mr. -- >> wait before you continue, can we entertain a motion? >> it is just a disclosure but not changing my vote. >> could be -- can you please clarify we need to take this discussion before the vote is taken or after the vote is taken? >> john given her. it is merely a requirement that supervisor christiansen disclose on the record of the meeting to ship it does not matter if it is before after >> right >> okay. thank you. madam clerk. please call the next item >> and 22 is a revolution to approve the issuance and sale of revenue obligation bonds by the california enterprise developed authority in
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aggregate principal amount nokes agreed 10 million to finance or refinance the acquisition construction improvement or claimant the key to eight educational facility vital learning center for children. >> rollcall vote. >> supervisor tang aye wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye, campos aye christiansen aye cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mark aye 1100 >> adopted him asleep >>[gavel] >> and 23 is aleutian director willie authorized the district attorney to accept and extend a 110,000 or grant the state to ensure human trafficking victims receive comments of victim services to enhance
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cooperation with the mayor's task force on anti-human trafficking through september 30, 2015. >> stenhouse and call. without objection this resolution was adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> this item >> i am 24 resolution to authorize the office of the assessor recorder to accept in-kind gift gift value $20,000 mr. francisco associate of realtors to improve the accuracy of appraising a developing valuations of properties within the city. >> stenhouse and call. without objection this resolution was adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item >> i am 25 resolution declared the intent of the city to reimburse certain extent ensures for proceeds of future indebtedness to authorize housing equity development to submit an application and california that allocation limit to permit mortgage revenue bonds and in aggregate principal amount not to exceed $35 million for 225 go straight to gypsy mouse and call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> next item >> >> isaac and 26 department of
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public health to expect $140,000 grant the centers for disease control and prevention. for program. health impact assessment for group continue to advance the practice to achieve health inequity in san francisco to august 31, 2015 >> stenhouse and call. without objection this is aleutian is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 27 please >> item 27, resolution to authorize the conveyance of real property located at 474 bits on the street from the opposite committee investment in infrastructure to the mayor's office of community development and making appropriate findings. >> stenhouse and call. without objection this resolution was adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> colleagues, organized it over to our 3 pm special order. mdm. clerk, can you please call item 32 and 33 >> item 32 and 33 comprise a special ordinance 3 pm the
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board of supervisors will convene a company of the whole pursuant to a motion approved on june 9 for a public hearing to consider objections to report of assessment cost. the subject of item 33, resolution approving a report of assessment cost the sidewalk and curb repairs to the sidewalk inspection and repair program order to be performed by the director of public works . the cost to be paid for out of her revolving fund. >> colleagues the committee as a whole is conducted to hear public testimony on the record of assessment cost submitted by the director of public works. for sidewalk and curb repairs to the sidewalk inspection and repair program and to consider approving the underlying resolution. that is open this up for our hearing. >>[gavel] >> first will hear from the department of public works. >> thank you. my name is robert quam i am with the department of public works.
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this report is for property inspected and notified and repairs made to the city under the sidewalk inspection and repair program from april 20 14th through march 2015. during that period the department inspected and repaired sidewalks and curbs in this unique valley, golden gate heights, mission district, along -- street. sunnyside buena vista and other sunset neighborhoods. issuing 3379 notices to repair and also 2105 invitations to agencies. the cost of 1,000,004 $62,000 for the notices to repair, and it are 52,001 $38 for the -- for a
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total of two man dollars $2 million. measures 71 invoices were sent out to property owners of which 1697 opry owners paid the city to recover $1,213,000 the balance of the property owners elected to have the city -- drive the cost of the sidewalk repairs based on their property tax or otherwise copied the city to timely manner. in this report we are submitting to and 57 properties with outstanding invoices, totaling $235,000 to be placed as an assessment on the property tax rolls. as of today, 84 properties were removed from this list either
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through payment or wall staff is working with the property owners to resolve outstanding issues. this concludes our report. >> thank you. colleagues, other any questions for the department? seeing none open this up to public, good commenters will have up to 2 min. please, line up to my left. per speaker, please. >> a chuckle and strife first our holiness [inaudible] >> sir, you are out of order. this is not general public comments. this is not general public comments. this is public comments on the item before us regarding the sidewalk inspection and repair programs. next speaker, please. >> my name is