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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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to others and teach our children the connection to the earth and environment it's truly
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>> we will call to order, the meeting of the treasure island, mobility agency, and i am scott, the chair of the transportation authority and today we will be conducting the first meeting and adopting rules and also electing a chair and a vice chair. if i could, before we do roll call, and entertain a motion to elect a temporary chair to conduct the first portion of this meeting >> commissioner breed? >> i make a motion to elect
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scott weiner as the temporary chair. >> is there a second to that motion and could we take a roll call on that. >> a roll call on that motion. >> sorry? >> first and a second? okay. >> great, and so, we will proceed. and mr. clerk could you call the roll, for the meeting? >> on item one, roll call, avalos. >> here. >> breed. >> here. >> campos. >> absent. >> christensen. >> present. >> cohen? >> absent. >> farrell in >> absent. >> kim? >> kim, present. >> mar? >> mar, absent. >> commissioner tang. >> present. >> weiner? >> present. >> and commissioner yee. >> present. >> and we have a quorum. >> call item number two. >> item two, executive director's report this is an
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information item. >> miss chang? we will provide a brief overview of our treasure island meeting agency, meeting today as chair mentioned we will be setting up the administrative code and other rules for the agency and electing our chair, and vice chair. and for the members of the public the treasure island redevelopment plan has been under way for many years and so this is a culmination of ten years of of effort of the city family including the staff here at the timma from the beginning, the city's plans is to add 8,000 units of housing and development on the islands and recognize to avoid the congestion that is on the san francisco open bay bridge and so as a result, the treasure island called for a majority of trips to be taken by non-automobile modes and for the creation of a new regional transit system from the island to the east bay and the ferry here in san francisco. and that provides the backdrop
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and context and we have the slides to adopt the goals that were adopted by the early, treasure island authority board and the significant increase in transit service that is needed to support the island's development needs to be backed by a committed and permanent source of funds by tolling and pricing and for this reason, senator, passed and led ab, 981, with governor schwarzenegger support in 2008 in the transportation management act, that authorized the program and the transportation management options for supporting island services and the acts called for the agency to be designated to over see the toll operation and to manage, the provision of the new transit services and the transportation, authority has had a long time partnership, and with the organization and including the construction of the island ramps project that is happening sxhou in 2011, when you all adopted the treasure island
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development project, the plans were already in, and under way, to partner for the role here as timma and we were so designated in 2014, and the responsibilities of this agency is to insure that the program meets the transportation performance and the financial mandates of the original plan and for coordinating with the agencies that if necessary, to implement such a plan including the san francisco municipal transportation agency, and the cal trans, and the area toll fee, and the water agency that manages the ferries and the transit, the timma will over see the design and the construction and design from the contracting for the ferry bus and shuttle services for overseeing tolling and parking management and most of our work will be a three, person committee in terms of the governance with the chair and today, and with that we just want to make the introduction and pleased to be working with
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a great team to start the work, ra khel hyiat serves as the project manage and her her counter part, is the bob beck project director for tida and sherry is the principal engineer and the deputy for finance and administration, cynthia will support activities and also we have the assistance of tamala and neal advising us with legal matters and that concludes my remarks and i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, colleagues, any questions or comments on the executive director's report? seeing none s there there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> call you call, 3 and 4 together. >> adopt the administrative code and adopt the rules of
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order, fiscal policy and procurement policy and travel and conference and training and business expense reimbursement policy. >> any questions or comments on three and four, did you have a presentation. >> good morning, deputy director for finance and administration, just it is best to take any questions for any of the policies that we have before you. >> great, any questions? >> okay. seeing none, we will open up ilt em three and four for public comment, is there any public comment on three and or four? seeing none, public comment is closed. and mr. clerk could you please call the roll on items 3 and 4 together? >> avalos some >> aye. >> breed. >> aye. >> campos. >> absent. >> christensen. >> aye. >> cohen? >> absent. >> farrell. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar. >> absent. >> tang.
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>> aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> commissioner yee? >> aye. >> the item is passed. >> okay, thank you, could you call item number five. >> item five, election of chair and vice chair. this is an action item. >> okay, colleagues, this is our first meeting, and the authority will elect a chair and a vice chair of treasure island mobility agency, i will hand it over to him or her and i will begin preceding and after that the newly elected chair will preside over the election of the vice chair and for the remainder of aagain day and we will open up it for the nominations and as soon as one receives the vote that person will be declared the chair. >> mr. clerk nominations are in order for the office of chair, any nominations?
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commissioner avalos. >> i nominate kim to serve as the chair for timma. >> okay. >> and are there any, and i should say is there a second for that nomination? seconded by yee. >> commissioner breed. >> i would like to nominate julie christensen for vice chair. >> we are just entertaining nominations for chair and vice chair will be after. >> okay, mr. clerk am i doing that directly. >> because both items were called. >> right, but we will do one, in succession. >> okay. >> any additional nominations for the position of chair of the authority? or of the agency not the authority? seeing none, nominations are closed. okay, is there any public comment on the election of the
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chair? seeing none, public comment is closed. and are there any comments colleagues? anything else? okay. then we will proceed to a vote and i think that we can just take this same house same call? >> same house came call, without objection, the motion is adopted and commissioner kim, is elected the chair. >> >> good morning and, thank you colleagues, for your support, i look forward to chairing this body. and as treasure island is in the district that i represent, but i also think that this project poses really an exciting ground on which we can really experiment with a lot of
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different types of traffic and congestion management and other ways to encourage people to get out of their cars and use public transit and other modes and i think that this will certainly be an exciting project both for the transportation authority and the city at this time, our nominations are now in order for the office of the vice chair. are there any nominations before us? >> commissioner breed? >> thank you, i would like to nominate supervisor julie christensen to serve as vice chair. >> okay. >> commissioner julie christensen is nominated is there a second to ta. >> seconded by commissioner weiner, and are further nominations? >> if not, nominations are closed. at this time, he will take public comment on this item, please step up if you would like to speak on this item? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. clerk, could we take that same house, same call.
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>> congratulations vice chair christensen i look forward to working with you and this is a part of our city that abuts both of our districts and i look forward to working with you on this object mr. clerk could you call the next item. >> adopt, the proposele fiscal year annual budget and work program, this is an action item. >> good morning, commissioners, rachel, the prans pal transportation planner, the annual budget this year is $750,000. and $650,000 is provided by the treasure island development authority, and matched by our prop k, sales tax dollars and this supports our work in three main areas, program management, and the stake holder out reach, and it is including working with all of the many partner agencies, and planning work, and engineering. and happy to take any questions.
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>> any questions? >> on the presentation. >> seeing none, thank you very much. >> we will now take the public comment on item number 6. >> seeing, no public comment, public comment is closed, mr. clerk, could we please call the next item? >> my apologies. before we go this item number 7, we need to pass item number 6. okay? and can we do that same house same call. >> same house same call. mr. clerk, item number 7. >> item 7, introduction of new items this is an information item. >> do any of our commissioners have any comments? or introduction of new items? >> seeing none, we will take public comment on this item. seeing, no public comment, public comment is now closed. mr. clerk, could you please call the next item. >> item 8, public comment. >> at this time we are open for
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general public comment. >> seeing no general public comment, public comment is now closed. mr. clerk, next item, 9, adjournment. >> before we return i would like to recognize sfgtv for recording this meeting and transcribing them to make them available for the public, seeing no further items, the meeting is now adjourned.
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>> good morning, everyone. my name is ken mcneiley and president of at & t california. i want to welcome you today and thank you all for being here and spending some of your morning with us. we are happy to be celebrating the most incredible work by san francisco's finest non-profit organizations and we are happy to have our mayor ed lee to join us in this announcement. [ applause ] >>mayor edwin m. lee: all right. thank you, ken for being here and certainly for at & t and for your team. i just want to recognize mark blake man and jason chan and cammy blackstone. i hope, ken, that you have enjoyed all the different hair styles that jason has been having. cammy is
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going to add to that as well. good morning everybody. this is a great time. another wonderful moment. i know a couple months ago ken and i shared the stage at palace of fine arts when we were inaugurating the celebration of our art history. it's helpful to think of at & t not just today in what they are doing but 100 years ago when they were making that first trans-atlantic hall with linking with our city's history has been wonderful. fast forward, 100 years later, at & t is doing it again. i know the board of supervisors and my office just announced a pretty big budget but a budget that continues to be in the works because whatever revenues the city can do to help our
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communities, the communities and non-profits that serve directly our communities are also saying they need more help. this is a time when all of us and particularly our business leaders like at & t can recognize the vital role that keeps san francisco accessible, keeps it vibrant and literally helps continue making at it the world class city that it is because the world class city has to have a heart. i know that at & t has made these grants. i have eight wonderful community organizations that represent the service that they do the most vulnerable of our residents. they help protect the environment and culture of our city. i'm proud that our
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private partners recognize the innovative and hard work they do and what they do in the city by supporting our people families, seniors and youth. today i'm pleased to announce a significant campaign that at & t is sponsored. it's called the sf summer of giving. it's an 8-week initiative and i can slip the tongue and say the summer of love because ken and i know that love is about giving. but the official time is sf summer of giving and it's an eight week8-week program that is going to help san francisco. each of these awards will be a minimum of $20,000 and more to non-profit organizations. we are going to announce each one once a week
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so each organization gets their week where they can celebrate. the total is over a quarter of a million of dollars of love that we are sharing through at & t's generosity. and you know, these grants are to agencies that are doing great work in our city. at a time even when we are probably considered the richest of the most unaffordable city in the country maybe next to new york. affordability, accessibility are everybody's concern. and certain is one of my top concerns. so, i want to remember that the organizations that help us deliver our services is not all government. it could be community based agencies in many ways are more culturally competent when they are working with our immigrants in particular, working on the ground in the community. so by
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design, as non-profits they invest everything they have to the betterment of our communities. so we wanted to acknowledge them through these grants and through this fantastic campaign that we are lucky to have. specifically today, you have organizations like the asian pacific american community center in the visitation valley. somewhat isolated community admittedly because while we try to reach all communities in san francisco we have isolated poverty areas of our city. well, a pac has been there from the start and they are trying really hard to provide culturally competent services to moderate income to immigrant families to allow them to be more successful. so i want to thank at & t for stepping up. this is the first of a total of eight. eight is a lucky number,
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ken. and it's also one that i believe will set yet again another great example in this city that businesses and you are going to hear, after we announce these and i know at & t will be thanked by the city because others will follow their lead as well and they will be making announcements that will be shared by other community based non-profits that need our help. i look forward to following this campaign on twitter and i know we are getting the details about how you can find out all of those details, ken, thank you for this generosity of at & t and also with the great partners with all of our non-profits. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, mr. mayor. we are very excited to kickoff this campaign and this is the
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first sf summer of giving that we've done and we have constructed it in a way that each non-profit organization gets it's time in the spotlight. over the next 8 weeks we will go to the organizations and thank them for their work and we will spotlight each organization on twitter to get the word out about what they are doing to improve the lives of san franciscans. i hope you follow us on # sf summer of giving and see how they are celebrating the contribution to san francisco. i'm about to announce the very first award to the asian community pacific
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center. [ applause ] a pac helps strengthen asian pacific american families living mostly to low and moderate income families. we are extremely pleased to present a pac for training and english proficiency. congratulations. [ applause ]
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>> [ applause ] . thank you. >> thank you very much for all the wonderful work you do in our community. as i said before, this is week one of our sf summer of giving campaign and we have not revealed the other organizations that we'll be visiting in the next 8 weeks. but i would like to ask that they raise their hand as i introduce them and tell you a little bit about the organization. the first, the next recipient, the san francisco aids foundation. [ applause ] the san francisco aids
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foundation is one of the most highlight respected aids organization in the entire country. we thank you for all the work you do in our community. next up, that's right. let's hear another round of that. >> the university of san francisco girls tech power program. [ applause ] thank you very much. the university of san francisco's girl tech power program supported educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math for students from under served backgrounds. a very special thank you to the president paul fitzgerald for joining us today. [ applause ] >> next up. nature bridge. [ applause ] nature bridge delivers
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environmental science programs to san francisco youth. thank you very much for the work that you do. next up, the arc san francisco. [ applause ] >> the arc san francisco is a non-profit learning and career center for adults with developmental disabilities with their families. thank you for being here today. [ applause ] >> meals on wheels of san francisco. [ applause ] >> meals on wheels of san francisco worked to alleviate the food insecurity and loneliness experienced by seniors who want to stay in their home but cannot shop or prepare meals for themselves. thank you for being here today. [ applause ]
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>> the california historical society. [ applause ] >> the california historical society which is working with the san francisco recreation and parks department to create educational opportunities for low income students as part of the centennial celebration of panama. thank you for being here today. [ applause ] >> last, the coro northern california. it's based in san francisco and works with -- emerging leaders to inspire leadership success. thank you for being with us today. [ applause ]
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>> congratulations to all of our recipients. [ applause ] >> at at & t we believe that invest ning in our communities is a smart thing to do to keep our communities safe in the environment. it helps to lift up the programs because you lift up san francisco. thank you for all the incredible work that you are doing and i really do hope that this spreads. [ applause ]
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