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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2015 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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commercial registration of their vehicles and here they are in san francisco saying we want the privileges of being commercial vehicles. well, go ahead get yourself tcp licenses license yourself by the state and you can perform this service. thank you. [applause]. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, chairman nolan and member to have bore, i'm anna bell chang policy manager at lift and i'm a san francisco resident. lift supports the vision zero safety goals to eliminate commissions to road traffic, safety is a top priority of lift and we want to work with the city to complement public transit. it is biased on the idea of reducing the number of vehicles on market street will reduce the number of accidents this is a clear objective with a clear goal. according to the stats 82% of
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injury collisions involves autos on market vaoet and therefore all passenger vehicle pickups and drop offs including tnc vehicles and taxis can be accomplished on the perpendicular streets at the passenger loading zones so the sfmta is adding these loading zones so passenger vehicles can continue to provide connectivity on market street. we urge sfmta to put a clear vision that puts safety first, a consistent treatment that separates pedestrians and cyclists from four hire passenger vehicles is to establish the mission and vision of vision 0 and safer market street. thank you. >> thank you. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> i figured there was a catch when lift was agreeing to this. i'd like to point out we spent something like i don't know how many million dollars of
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years on the streets of san francisco and we've paid for those lanes that we're using. i'd also like to point out simply that if the tnc's are using these ao vehicles using the new york metaphor i mean the low figure was 16 million and -- or 16 thousand you might as well close down those lanes if you allow those tnc vehicles to use them, whether they have commercial plates or not you'll overwhelm the market street corridor with vehicles if you allow them to use it. thank you very much. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, directors, my name is palo swartz, i'm the market street lead for the san francisco bicycle coalition and i'm representing our 10 thousand plus member ins strong support of the safer market street vision vao*er row project, market
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vaoet is the city's most popular and important bikeway and we suspect the most popular bikeway west o*f the mississippi, since 2009 when you all implemented forced right turns for private autos at 6th and 10th street, bike ridership has more than doubled, we see 7 thousand riders every day, bikes out number public vehicles on a regular basis on market street and this is a huge accomplishment, we also know market street is home to the most dangerous city's intersections and the safer market vaoet is a strong example of a data driven proposal that is purely focused on making these intersections safer and is the epitome aof a good vision 0 project that will eliminate severe injuries and deaths along our corridor with tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people walk and bike every day, add the co-benefit of improving benefit on transit street
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with all benefits this is a win, win project. we'd also like the commend mta staff on their process and outreach for this project, you used a data driven approach and have done an exemplary job working with community and business leaders and stakeholders from the very beginning. the success of this project is in the education and the enforcement and allowing is tnc exemption as one company has lobbied for will make the project practically unenforceable and it is critical on any driver on market street be regulated, accountable and receive proper education and we thank you for your support in moving this critical and long awaited project forward. we've been waiting for this for decades. thank you. >> ( calling speaker names ).
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>> thank you, good evening, my name is ahwani air ra i'm from taxi alliance i'm here to support the bicycle coalition and walk sf. i think it's very important you guys are trying to make the market street safer and i really support that. i think the safer market street zone should be a little bigger. i mean, there's a loot of accidents happening on market and van ness that's important too and all the way to market and drum in front of like [inaudible] that whole area, so it's a good idea but it should be a little bigger because there's a lot of
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traffic on market everywhere, not just between 8th and 3rd. thank you. >> thank you, sir, next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon. >> my name is charlie dun lap ie aem sick list ask a pedestrian, i'm fo*rnl gnat enough to live and work in san francisco i live on the mission and bike down market street, i thought it was going to be the end of me and i'm glad to say that feeling is changing and i bike more and more frequently as our city stands stronger and more with pedestrians and with cyclists, i stand with vision 0 and i stand with you if you choose to stand by that and i thank you for all the work you've already done. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, chairman nolan and the board i want
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to stand firm with our vision 0 goals as a community regardless of whether we walk or bike, drive a taxi or otherwise i think it's really important. some of the things we should consider as we still are allowing cars to have access at certain points down the road is there needs to be some more consideration of controls with our pedestrian friends. they'll enter the crosswalk at half a second left to go across a vast intersection, so some specialized enforcement there and continued enforcement on all aspects, there's the three triangle of pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles, my concern initially when we were at the taxi task force, with you're coming down mason street forcing everyone to go to turk street, you do have some concerns going into the tenderloin and wrapping back around to golden gate and then back around to go south
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of market, so as long as we're still thinking about how to ease congestion in other ways too, not just the market corridor, the south and north of market corridor i think we'll be able to be successful and it goes without saying that obviously i think it should be full commercial vehicles, so thank you and i look forward to reducing the number of fatalities and injuries. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon. >> john hann, cab driver, if you approve vision 0 today as it is i would imagine historically, companies like uber have always come down with fire storms of public attacks against agencies or politicians who don't do what they want done and they don't support vision zero, so i would just hope to remind
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everybody that uber, they're not wheelchair accessible and tnc drivers, i don't think they register as the city like businesses as they're supposed to, we're supposed to register for a business registration certificate and they don't do that and we know that some of naoez drivers, i don't know how many, but it's pretty common that tnc driver, they come from as far away as san diego or sierra mountains or in stockton in sacramento and they come here and don't pay business taxes so they capitalize on the revenue that they can earn and take that revenue back out of our local area and they don't give anything back in the form of business tax, and i think a company like uber, if they want to have access on market street they have to start acting like a better corporate citizen, so i hope if there is some kind of feature attacks where they try to do these public attacks and save big
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taxing and all that stuff let's just remember that there's some good moral trinsbacker principles to stand on and counter their attacks. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, board members, chairman nolan real quick in regards to my brother ray morente with respect to his family, they asked us not to disclose his conditions at this time but as he gets better, they will let us know and let you guys know and we will of course inform the public or whoever would like to know. >> thank you, i appreciate that? . >> in regards to the safer market issue i don't know when they did this report in this committee, but it should have come and talked to some transit operators, transit operators see everything. we're involved in maybe a quarter of -- i would say close to half of the incidents
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and accidents on market, but those incidents and skentbacker accidents are not just the cause of transit, we all have to be in this together, i mean, the bicyclists, you can hear horror stories from some transit operators about the bicyclists, we need to come together and really say, why is a bicycle pulling up between a 40 foot bus right at the curb when they should see that blinker, the transit bus has his blinker on, it's all of us it's everybody, and that's why we partnered up with john hailey and ann to be more proactive, right now this whole city, vision zero, everything else is proactive. -- reactive sorry where is the proactive approach so we're going to be out there me and my team are going to be out on the streets talking it up, being proactive, what it should look like, we have to do this together you talk to trance ate operators, you know what's the worst thing on
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market street, people running all over the street, in and out of cars everywhere, then you have bikes and you have people everywhere. uber, i totally agree with you they need to abide by the passenger zones they need to get a class 101 of getting out of transit's way. thank you. [applause]. >> the next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> any of those folks here? >> ( calling speaker names ). i'll just keep reading names. if you are in room 408 and you hear your name, if you could please make your way into this room. ( calling speaker names ).
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>> i just wanted to say, today we need to celebrate because i think this is the first overt opportunity where the bicyclists, the pedestrian and is the taxicab drivers all believe in the same thing for public safety and for keeping transit moving, and that is something to celebrate today. i do ofer a challenge to the organizations that represent pedestrians and bicyclists that if we can urge as part of the taxi classes provided by the mta and by the private individuals to make sure that they educate the taxis the changes that are going on and how they deal with it and also -- and also maybe have a video that current cab drivers can watch, they can prepare to show the changes in how they impact their travel along
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market street. it would really be helpful, but at the same time, when the pedestrians that are crossing market street there needs to be equal enforcement against those that go when the light is red, particularly during the peak times especially when you have a big bus moving, you can't just stop that easily or a truck that's trying to do a delivery, you know, so it's important and also the bicyclists that don't stop. i'm talking about their safety their safety that there's so much violations at this time, it's just unbelievable so it has to be equal but at the same time, the plan is wonder sxfl the tnc's, they can't have their cake and eat it to, i feel insulted by the lift person how do you say you don't serve seniors and disabled in the same way we do and you want us -- and also we serve all the hotel that is come off of market street. also in closing, i'm concerned that some of the aspects
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don't get implemented until the stockton street project is completed because of the closer of alice street because you can't have access to 4th street except off the right turn off of market street. thank you. >> i'm going the read a few names for the last time. ( calling speaker names ). >> thomas cani, good afternoon i'm here as both a licensed san francisco taxi driver and a bicycle coalition member, so i'd like to thank you twice for this project, i'm for anything decreasing congestion and increasing safety i read as little as possible on market because it's become so dangerous, with exception of tnc's on this project even if this was a good idea, i just want to
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remind you the high turn over rate of these company and is on top of there is 16 thousand drivers and anybody with 40 dollars and an ebay account, there are countless numbers of x drivers who still have to [inaudible] and could use that as basically a right turn permit for market. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, directors, my name is patina cohen i'm a san francisco resident and a pedestrian asking you to vote yes here today on this vision vao*er rho measure for safer market street. if a member of the public has a complaint against a tnc driver for reckless driving, 311 does not take these complaints.
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they patch these calls through to the mta who in turn forwards them to the cpuc. 311 does take complaints from the public about cab drivers, thus the accountability standard that cabs are held to is strong, not so for tnc's. please support this measure and vote yes. >> thank you. [applause]. >> next speaker. >> ( calling speaker names ). if there's any members of the public who wish to speak to the mta board who are in room 408 if you could come to room 400 now, please, thank you. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, directors, iem charles wrath born on behalf of lex si cab, because we are licensed by sfmta, we are accountable if we fail to operate safely, you can revoke our permits, so we understand
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that it is a privilege for us to operate on any street in san francisco, not just market street. luxor cab urges you to vote yes today and to expanted the vision zero model to every major street in san francisco. thank you. >> next speaker. >> ( calling speaker names. ). >> good afternoon, mr. carol. >> good afternoon, my name is kevin carol and i'm the executive hotel council of san francisco, i have a privilege for working in an industry that employees over 24 thousand employee and is a majority live and work in san francisco so a program that you're look at today is important for us for a lot of reasons, first of all, our employees use every mode of transportation, they walk, drive, take public transportation and bike to work as well, so creating a
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safer environment on market street where we have a lot of hotels nearby and around the street is important to us as well. our employees definitely take transit and for them to have improved transit times and for them to get into work is important for them to be able to earn men and to get out and get home to their families as fast as possible as well. that's also great. for us our hotel guests are coming in from all over the world, they're enjoying our city, enjoying market street and spending time and money outside of the hotels and for nem to have a safer environment and an environment that they're not familiar with is very important for us as well, for them to get out and understand what's going o on and not have as many opportunities to run into situations where they may be harmed on the street, that's important to us as a group as well, and then also i want to thank the mta for reaching out to us and reaching out to us early on on this program and the better market streets program to work with our
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industry and work with our employees to review this program as well. we do think and we do strongly support this initiative for safer market and vision zero and we think it's important for our employees, our residents and also our visitors and guests who stay in our hotels. thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon again commissioners, anyhow, of course i approve this line item 12, it's a great thing but we do need to see enforcement for all, there's bad drivers, bad cyclists and bad pedestrians but the pedestrians are the one that is are the most careless and in the most vulnerable position, so please enforcement equally.
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i of course, i object to -- or oppose to uber making the turns on market street. [inaudible]. we pay for commercial insurance we serve the disabled and elderly and no one is say thing tcp uber can't use it, there are over 10 thousand partners of uber in the area, in of them are working in the city of san francisco f you cut that in half, it drastically out numbers us taxi workers that is, because of in other examples besides market street, we are forced to double park and triple park to load and unload with seniors, tourists sometimes. we -- this also could lead to fraud with the uber and lift
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trade dress it will be another fraud like the handicapped signs as you could see it's easy to have this stuff and we have drivers in the city, tnc drivers staerg at their cell phones not knowing where they're going living in their car, showering at 24 hour fitness, coming in from modesto, san diego bakers field and most of all it's for the customers. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> good afternoon, my name is dylan dordec and i'll hear
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representing the dylan law firm, he's very much a strong supporter of vision 0 and the safer market street area and he purchased his builder over ten years ago when market street was a waste land and he took a risk because of the work that you guys have done and all of you have done to make it safer. now taxicabs and buses have readily available trade dress that we can all see and all know and it's easy to enforce for police officers uber and lift and tnc don't have such a thing, their number is growing exponentially without limit every day. these drivers will be usedbacker using the read lane as their own private hov lane, that does nothing to increase safety it may decrease safety. if they want those benefits they can have them, but they have to go through the same processes to be commercially licensed that everybody does including insurance and
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readily available trade dress so police can enforce these rules tla the committee has worked so hard to put in place. i would like to thank you for your service. >> thank you. [applause]. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> mr. chairman my name is wayne ting, i'm the general manager of uber san francisco thank you for the opportunity to speak today. first i want to say uber is a strong supporter of vision 0, we share the vision of the mayor and the sfmta board to eliminate pedestrian deaths, to reduce accidents and especially we share the vision of making market street more safe. one of the things that [inaudible] proposed to put together was to say any right turns on to market street increases the chance of pedestrian deaths and accidents and i think one of the thing that is my
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colleagues mentioned that's something that's absolute if right turns on to market vaoet is making market street less safe, then no vehicles should have the opportunity to make chose turns, that includes taxis, that includes xheshabler vehicles and any other tnc's i think the problem that we have with this proposal is it creates a preferential treatment for one form of transportation over another form of transportation. i think it's absolutely important that we are committed to making market street more safe and that starts by making sure if we think that something is unsafe no one has the opportunity to do that. the last thing i would say is uber, i think all the tnc's stand committed to working with sfmta with the city to employ vision 0 and to eliminate pedestrian death across san francisco. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> ( calling speaker names ).
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>> good afternoon, sir. >> my name is ishmael and i'm a tnc driver, i drive for uber and i come in as a driver for uber, i had an extensive experience as a driver, i drove for consulates, embassies and places around san francisco and california. i would love to tell you that market street is a major important street in san francisco because it helps distributes the cars to different districts in san francisco and closing it will make only the neighboring streets flooded with cars and would create congestion to those streets. i would love to speak on behalf of ms. clara would is my neighbor she's a disabled lady that i pick up every two days on market street. she refuses to take any buses or any other transportation that happens to be crowded around rush hours so she
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prefers using alternative transportation and i am one of her drivers every two days, i would love you to not compromise our fellow disabled folks if san francisco, i would love also to tell you that closing market street will only make it difficult for any other transportation system in san francisco to operate smoothly. thank you so much. >> next speaker, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> hi i'm bruce asterwil pedestrian, bicyclist, transit rider and yes i own a car for when i have to get out of the city but i fully support this program, it seems great. i only wish it went further. i'm not sure why we have to have any private cars on market but the program as is
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is good, i would like to see it extended if the future all the way down to embarcadero and all the way to van ness and maybe further. thank you. >> thank you, sir, next spacebar, please. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> hi my name's vik torx ie aem third generation san franciscan and a cab driver, it's always easier to watch people on tv doing this than come up and do this. there's a lot of information to chew on here with your new proposal and anything that makes traffic and safety better in san francisco, i'm all for it i lived here my whole life. as a cab driver, i was incensed at the hypocrisy of these tnc's wanting the same abilities that cabs have and their arguments of liftbacker lift and the uber person so far are not honest because
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the cabs are lifted in number and controlled by the city. the amount of these tnc's is unlimited, they can be any number of cars, they are parlt of the congestion and just the irony of it when i read what i read of your plan, if you allow them on the the street, your plan is untenable, there's too much of these cars, if you let them on to market it will clog everything up, if i stop driving a cab tomorrow that will be the case regardless, and the city has definite problems, anything that makes it better, i'm glad you're working on this but we need something like a construction czar, the construction needs to be coordinated this is a major issue and to continue to explore something like congestion pricing it's called some cities have this where you charge people to build through certain corridors at certain times especially for people who don't live in the city, but any step in the direction of helping safety and traffic flow is certainly
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appreciated, you know, and that's really all i have to say. they are not the same as the cabs, there's only 1800 cabs, these cars can be 30 thousand, new companies may come into being and they're not under your policy control. you don't control them, they're not assets to don't be bullied, i know they're an extremely powerful clouding right now, but over time, they may not be here anymore and we don't want to destroy our existing infrastructure. thank you very much. >> ( calling speaker names ). >> hello mta board my name is deal ya smith i'm a lifetime san francisco resident and a 22 year transportation person since 2002 working a a cab driver in san francisco and what i have observed through many many drivers of driving, the disruption technology corporatio