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tv   CCII 8415 Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure  SFGTV  August 5, 2015 12:30pm-5:31pm PDT

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and with a smile. and when we pay attention real carefully and notice what's happening on the van, taxi or at the senior center, we notice that our drivers make a difference in the rider's lives and the riders make a difference in the drivers lives. . >> good afternoon it the one p.m. this is the meeting on the san francisco community
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investment & infrastructure commission to the redevelopment agree for monday, august 4, 2015 welcome madam secretary call the first item the first order of business is item one roll call. >> commissioners,. please respond when your name is called: commissioner mondejar commissioner singh is absent commissioner bustos madam chair rosales commissioner singh absent and all the other members are present the next order of business is item 2 announcements a the next regularly scheduled meeting of august 18th will be held at one p.m. at city hall in room 416 b announcements of the prohibitions of the sound providing
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phones please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room meeting room responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. c announcement of time allocate for please be advised a members of the public has up to 3 minutes unless the commission adapts a shorter period on any item is it so strongly recommended that any member of the public that wishes to address the commission file ulcer out a speaker card and submit it to the commission secretary the next order of business is item 3 report on action taken at a a previously closed session meeting no reportable actions the next order of business is item 4 matters of urban finder business there is nun
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the the next order of business is item 5 matters of new business consisting of consistent approval of the minutes for the regular meeting of june 16, 2015 madam chair. >> thank you. do we have any speaker cards for this consent item. >> i have no speaker cards commissioners we have comments or edits motion thank you. >> commissioner bustos made a motion been sent by commissioner mondejar please call the roll call. >> commissioners,. please respond when your name is called: commissioner mondejar commissioner singh is absent commissioner bustos madam chair rosales i have 3 ids and one absent. >> okay. that's consent agenda is adapted please call the next item. >> the the next order of
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business is regular agenda item 5 b approving the hunters point shipyard august community and commercial kitchenmanual final relocation plan for the studio apartment for the replacement studio building the hunters point shipyard redevelopment project area resolution number 452017 that item has been continued. >> madam chair. >> yes. do we have any spshgd for this item. >> i did not have any this matter is continued until the future commission meeting. >> thank you. please call the next item your next item is 5 c adapting the environmental impact report pursuant to the cool environmental quality act
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for the combined concept and scenic design for a hundred and 42 affordable units one management unit at 1300 fourth street mission bay south development project area discussion resolution for 2015 madam director. >> thank you mr. secretary. >> good afternoon to the commissioner and good afternoon to the members of the public thank you so much for joining us commissioner i'm going to turn it over to in mission bay an agreement with the informs he will under the key benefits there are so-called standing stand alone affordable units sites 6 thousand plus housing being built thirty percent is affordable if so the second stand alone affordable rvp 1184
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already opened as you recall commissioners you selected in last december of 2014 development team head by t n d c be mrektd e.r. selected them and this is a furtherance in seismic so with that i'd like to ask the housing specialist to walk you through the project and joined by other members of the team. >> i'm sorry our screens are going a little bit crazy forgot it we're good. >> good afternoon madam chair rosales and director bohe i'm pam a department suspect with ocii some background is as director bohe stat on december 17th the then san francisco redevelopment agency
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approved the owner participation or o pa it required that 17 affordable units radio built in mission bay included in the o pa the master development must submit the development plans in the major phase of one or two blocks for the public infrastructure and parks included in the blocks of 2 8 and 13 before you as long as fourth street pursue at this time the block parcels was permitting hundred and 43 affordable units and 10 thousand square feet of retail space a few words how we got her in may of 2014 occ staff released a
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project and july the proposal packet was deemed complete so the remaining applicants were interviewed and the response we are selected to develop the street other members include ms. solomon and as as architecture team and t n d c and the literacy program and t n d c provides the property management. >> the 1300 fourth street is hundred and 42 affordable units plus one managers united hundred and 14 or 80 percent are rented to households below the medium income while electropercent the units will help the households t n d c about provide the core
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services plus the inclusion of van ness that provides the literacy program to school age children in a retail space to help to activate the attraction for the project the retail space in total is approximately 9 thousand 7 hundred plus square feet development team is using the sustainable team strategy and the parking is approximately 14 to one in compliance with the development i will now provide you with highlights the seismic design for the development it is one hundred plus square feet of residential over a concrete
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pronounced the concrete podium houses the onsite parking components and as far as community says that a large community room on the ground floor kwrld area for reading and the off-street car parking it is in guidance inclines with the mission bay staff did review the request by the commission for additional parking spaces and determined that it will cost approximately 85 thousand or 3.1 to another 37 spaces that provides a parking ratio that funding if it were going to parking would dpifrlt
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projects in the pipeline an important factor in maintaining the that concludes my remarks count it was wautsd $4.99 million in sustainable funding which guess bans the green house emissions and benefits so, now to present the schematic design in more detail is dan sullivan. >> hello commissioners and director i'm honored to be here to present the 13 fourth street to you on behalf of the team our collaborate oversees i'll pass
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this toy around for you to play with after i show you a couple images the conceptual plan is barrel leg he will on your screen the basic organization of the project an e shaped building with split right now of town houses the e shape facesboulevards it is - . >> facing. >> china baseline street that has all the services and the curb cut parking lot and the continuous retail loan fourth street. >> the perspective from the
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mission bay boulevard and fourth street the e shape planned is articulated into vertical segments and 5 stories of housing with the main entrance on the left an active use as community room and service spaces fronting into the street and a retail anchored on this south ante corner by a double restaurant space and outdoor parking with seating facing the park on this prominent corner from the looking from the north west at down the retails frontage on fourth street the retail continues down the street
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and vertically articulated an e shape continues down the street and the northwest corner chord by the use of van ness serves the project and the neighborhood the south end is this boldly articulated bar which is two stories well over than the 5 story remainder of the e shaped piece and it has this sort of bold color and strong taker over the columns which organ the utility and mechanic spaces that needs to face the street r street and the curb cut under the opening in the middle this is from the north from mission bay boulevard looking at the mid block and articulated
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town houses by our collaborate oversees and this is in the block a kind of complexity in the block we think that mission bay will benefit from town houses scombarnz on the internal walkway in the project and the upper floor units two floors are served by stoops in the mid block use ground floor plan shows the continuous retail north and south the main entrance on the west and the community lobby and the central core in the middle of the project served by a secondary entrance if the muse that is activated by people in
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the project using the secondary entrance to the lobby the 40 parking spaces occupy only a portion of the site leaving the remainder for retail and for landscape serving the town houses and the two courts. >> there is material pallet is spelled out in the packet and carefully assembled with the help of the agency staff a number of meetings were finding this pallet materials it somewhat for bid for the larger building except on the south there is this strong bar color subject and bar and then a more articulated
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playful pallet of materials for the town houses facing here so with that i'll go back to the main prospective and i'm available to answer any questions and i'll pass the model around. >> okay. so while you're looking at the lovely model i'll finish up my presentation occ staff has spent the last several months working with the architectural team on the various design to insure the consistency the d for d and other planned documents the
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following represents the staff design comments or conditions of approval that must be resolved in the subsequent stages nonspecific landscaping the materials and building colors and architecture detailing for staff to review during the design phase and color and material samples will be submitted additionally the make ups are built on the construction sites and number two on the corner of mission bay and fourth street will be reviewed to refine the scheme on the rounded corner number 3 the design felt east elevation among first street will be dined for the retails to maximize the activation and transparency
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the design of the trash and recycling area concurs with the documents to insure entrepreneurial trash pickup for the bins on the street 5 building signage will be reviewed to the mission bay signage master plan 6 the project shall comply with the mission bay gold it addresses the extensive noise and when and what time of the day to dovetail on that the development team meets with the ike staff to talk about the hours of operation 8 the developer should design the outer children's play area and finally, the developer will define the security of the residential commercial and car share parking spaces. >> the mission bay cca has been
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involved sirens the selection of the team t n d c team presented that to its august 14, 2014 meeting for the cca was supportive of the project recently on sexual 9 the architecture design for the cca the cca was supportive of the design and the cca members voiced the security of the site and the play areas for the children those concerns as you heard were addressed in the conditions of approval to date the developer has achieved 52.7 small business and neighborhood participation that exceeds the occ goal of 50 percent the breakdown is 42, 46 for san francisco and 9 point one important mayor ed lee and
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12 percent for another selection and to achieve the 50 percent participating before the construction dates schedule this project will be before you again in june 2016 to request the financing in july the development team will apply for tax credits and september the construction financing should close and 2018 the construction should be completed that concludes my presentation. i'd like to introduce some team members that are here dan solomon you've met in addition to dan we also have malcolm harris from solomon and stephen and we have christopher roach and john springer from studio,
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we have a.d. deny and claire from t n d c and various consultants that are working on the professional services thank you. >> thank you. >> okay first, we'll see if we have any speaker cards. >> i have for corin woods. >> good afternoon irregular commissioners i'm kroerdz i chair the mission bay cca we're very supportive of this project we like it a lot, in fact, one the comments that was made at the last meeting we get the best architecture on the affordable housing projects and we're very pleased with this and pleased with the program we're also happy that our concerns that were mentioned at the last meeting are being addressed in the conditions of the approval i
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hadn't thought of that i'm glad to see interest is going to be car share space as part of the parking with 25 percent parking ratio it is really good if people have car share on site to be able to use for a car although we're working on new transit groups for the neighborhood with mta all in all we like it and look forward to having is it built thank you. >> thank you. >> are there any other speakers that would like to come up? >> okay public comment is closed. on this item commissioners do have questions or comments. >> i do commissioner bustos. >> i'm not sure you may have gotten the breakdown what's the breakdown of the bedrooms in
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those units? >> there are 1, 2, 3 bedroom units at the development. >> do we know sorts of one bedrooms how many or 3 bedrooms. >> i don't off the top of my head okay. it is about 1/3rd 1/3rd, 1/3rd. >> so when we look at the car share process for that with the space what's the process how do the attendance how are they able to assess that car share program. >> i'm going to ask the clearing not a one for one parking ratio there's a lottery different methods but i'll call the developers up. >> you know how we are on parking. >> i'm a.d. deny with t n d c
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your specifically care about how we're working the car share. >> in my opinion there's not enough parking i want to know if you have a family that is in one the 3 bedroom units how they get to access the car share. >> there are a couple of car share programs in the city we reached out to them in the initial rvp with inform dedicated spaces they'll state with on space there's a lot in mission bay currently we're allocating two spaces go to two spaces that goes to one to support two and bum up to two at this point but we'll- it will serve the whole neighborhood open to everybody in the building as well as the entire neighborhood and access to the other car share spaces in the neighborhood. >> i'll have a problem with
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that you know, like i said, we're already not enough parking spots if you w have two dedicated parking spots that takes away from the opportunity for the tenants this spot is for decreases the chance arrest we can look at that our first task was to work with the established groups and work elsewhere in the city to see if they have another models we can eye. >> if you have families or parents or kids it is you know they need a way they need a parking spot a way to get around are the parking spots designated for the larger units versus the single or one bedroom. >> assuming the larger like two
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or three bedrooms have families we're going trying to support. >> will they have first dibs on those spots. >> so how we've operated in the past we have a lottery for the spaces so we don't necessarily reserve them for you the larger families but not necessarily can't look at that. >> i would suggest if a person in a one bedroom a single person or couple it is a lot easy to ride a bike so; right? hundred and 39 so it is easy for them to get on a bicycle but for families sometimes multi generations folks living in the united so grandparents and grandkids it's harder to get a bike to go grocery shopping i'll hope we look at that to make sure those in the larger units
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that most likely will house families they get first dibs on some of those spaces for the cars. >> uh-huh. >> i'm not sure how can we do that i mean that is something to talk about online or offline and you know having access to car shares similar to the what rec and park the they instituted a process that made people go online for a permit to use the parks and my concern if the person if it is a single parents not $27 to spare; right? i'm not sure how much the car share program works and how much we're charging people we're assuming that is access to get it; right? you know how to use it online
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when we look at things like this we need to look at how it works for an individual or family to be able to participate and take advantage of some of the things so i'm not sure how do we follow-up on this stuff but maybe you know ms. sims or someone what report out basically, i'm thinking about the spaces for the car share for larger unites for families because it makes sense they're probably going to need it the most and how do people within the unit use the car share spaces i'm not interested if you go out but people that live in that particular development having the access to the spaces so if we could report back on this i'd appreciate that. >> thank you.
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>> commissioner singh. >> june 2016 with the gap financing telling me what how much is the gap and how much financing we're looking at. >> that's what we'll the team will be working on for the next several months to finalize the financial plan finalize any additional resources that be are coming in to the development and finalize the ticketing then we'll know what the gap is. >> is it going to be ground or alone. >> oh, alone uh-huh. >> thank you. >> i have a couple of questions
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on the affordable housing units i know we don't have a neighborhood preference program yet but is it appropriate to ask the executive director to give us some background on what might be you know an opportunity for the commission to consider a neighborhood preference for affordable housing? sure commissioners within the context of the existing preferences that exist within the mission bay plan and the agreement as many of you may know the preferences that exist for affordable unit certificate of preference is at the top and to the extent that developments have not executed ground leases the ellis act because you're a legal separate entity from the city should you choose to adapted a neighborhood preference the board will report to planning the planning is
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doing an analysis and there will be a report in the fall you could do you want certainly preferences related to neighborhood preferences but there's a waterfall to create the harm new although this body oversees 21 thousand units a third are affordable with the master unit we need to harmonize the existing agreements our existing preferences which may be different from the city it is implementing we need the time to analyze it and like to report book to you to the extent that analysis is done by the time the permanent loan and the ground lewis lease comes back to you it could be in the waterfall preference. >> with respect to the ellis act
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evictions remedy preference my understanding of the data when the budget analyst recorded to the board of supervisors in the south of market area there was significant displacement due to ellis act evictions in the mission is another area i guess i'd like to have you might not have it today but information on you know how many folks are taking advantage, if you will, of that program so yes, sir. r yes. there's a preference but the impacts would be because we're talking about mission bay and then transbay i think that would be important. >> we can follow-up with data and jeff white occ project manager has additional fvndz. >> good afternoon jeff what did they housing manager i checked
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hundred and 36 ellis act housing certificates issued and hundred and 36, 9 from folks in describe codes some from bruno heights. >> do we have any tloins why interest are so few i'm pretty much there were thousands and thousands of victims. >> those are the folks that went through the process getting the certificates so, yeah i don't have the why the answer to the why. >> yeah. >> the malice that will give us a report. >> that's correct. >> all right. maybe we can do a followup
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okay my last question i know it's early about the retail concepts but interested in finding what the retail concepts we might be looked at or the process will unfold whether groceries amendments to the groceries grocery stores anywhere here. >> i know the developer has been working with mission bay specification brokers and an entity that works with the nonprofit developers but foyer specification i'd like to call a.d. deny doyle up here. >> i can show you the retail plans. >> oh, great. >> let's pull that back up
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so if you see the pink area on the bottom of the screen there. >> we're dividing into 9 possible spaces uh-huh. >> but the thinking is that the two on the ceda and on the nesdz will be combined to be 2 separate spaces those 4 spaces who be combined into two and the four in the middle will separate individual so the two on the south side are being schneider as restaurant that is the one we'll open as the restaurant and the outdoor seating overlooks the mission bay courtyard and the two on the ned are start for
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van ness so we're, however, designing that space so could accommodate a restaurant in future years so if they vacate in 25 years it could be converted back to a restaurant space the four interior spaces will be designed to accommodate lighter restaurant use so not the large restaurant use about accommodate a waxer shop something like that it will accommodate that range of what you're seeing mission bay now from our conversation with the brokers they think the restaurant spaces may go into the, a r buildings and morality by the time it opens up we're designing it to go either way. >> no grocery stores. >> no, it's not designed as a
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grocery at this point. >> through the chair if i may commissioner bustos as many of you may know the beacon place the ancestor grocery store for the neighborhood and a series of other market hall concepts under is a market hall being proposed further up fourth street across the street from fourth street a block up the street a food hall like a style and i'll ask my colleague to talk about the mission bay specific and the proposed warriors market hall concept a few blocks south temporary uses from food truck parks that are going in and this is our senior development specialist and the interim project manager. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm so project
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manager on mission bay so there's a math hall concept the director mentioned that is in the process of getting tenant improvement permits and there's the promoted worrying retail the fourth street corridor spaces are largely designed as smaller this total retail is 10 thousand square feet for your grocery tenants are looking larger spaces generally speaking and coordinated with the various brokers and agencies for the market rate projects to court reporter what that retail is we're - a grocery is not going to want an over saturation of use we're working with an emerging retail market that is really trying to get a sense of
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the build out as the market improves we've been able to attract a boarder range of retail but at this point with the market hall concept that serves the folks on this south side of the channel and bread and butterer, if you will grocery stores the safeway in that serving that market shed for this up to this point in time okay. >> all right. then. >> okay. thank you. >> those - my questions anyone have a question on the design? comments? okay. good? okay >> do we have a mansion. >> it would be nice to have a motion.
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>> i'll move it is coming back to us i think we can sort out the other things. >> it's been moved by commissioner bustos and seconded by commissioner singh please call the rely commissioners,. please respond when your name is called: commissioner mondejar commissioner singh commissioner bustos madam chair rosales madam chair, i have 4 i's. >> okay item is approved thank you. >> please call the next item. >> 5 d. >> the next item is 30 years a loan agreement with the housing partners a california limited partnership nuchld of $16 million for the development activities related to the construction of 79 affordable units plus one managers unit at
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transbay block 8 as long as 250 fremont street and adopting the finding prudent to the california air quality accusation and action resolution 472015 madam director. >> thank you, madam secretary commissioners as you recall in april you approved the do so position agreement for block 8 with related n t n d c and approved the schematic we're at final financing and the occ sources so with that i'd like to introduce you to benjamin brandon the development specialist in the housing with
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an ininaugural presentation for the commission. >> good afternoon madam chair rosales and director bohe and commissioners i'm ben i'm here to discuss the loan for the transbay affordable projects with 80 units of affordable units to low income families project is parts of a larger block 8 master development in a transbay project area transbay redevelopment was adapted in 2005 with the purpose of repeating 10 acres with block 8 that were owned by the state of california to generate funding for the tjpa to constrict the new transbay center and meet the affordable housing requirements assembly bill 812 is an
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combooshl obligation it requires the occ as the development agency to insure that 85 percent the new housing units are occupied by very low low and moderate income households the project implementation agreements is another enforceable obligation to accept the to third party's for development including affordable housing in november of 2013 pursuant to the agency they issued a request are for the development for a high density mixed use on block 8 in june of 2014 after a competitive process we entered
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into the negotiation with related california as the market rate development and the tenderloin development corporation and the nonprofits developer along with the office of metropolitan and architecture as the leads designer with the small business entrepreneurs as the architect to the low rise building on april twitter of this year it was approved requiring the purchase prize of $71 million for the block 8 and establishing the ocii maximum for $250,000 per unit the block 8 master project from schematic design was approved relayed will pay the purchase price coming in october a r as a reminder here is the
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site map affordable project is comprised of the buildings bound in red and what you're looking at is essentially two structures that comprise that project so today we are asking for your approval of the $16 million permanent loan the source of the requested funds will be the transbay development team on july 16, 2015, the citywide loan committee recommended approval of this request affordable project 80 unit development that includes one managers unit the project has 41 one bedrooms and 16 2 bedrooms and 3 bedroom units with 3 roof decks and a laundry room 20 space in the underground
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garage is retired for the affordable project affordable project units will located in two mid-rise building one of 5 foot building is connected to the transbay twenty-four hour with two affordable units and one 85 foot tall with units and finally others that are connected to the building. >> and here's a description of the population in case restriction levels and the marketing preferences the 80 affordable units will serve families blow 50 percent middle-income a family of 4 earning $51,000 per year first marketing preference will the the certificate of
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preference and second the ellis act holders and next the san francisco workers and the general public in addition to the ocii subsidize that will be fined with the tax exempt bond and other finances is a private bank loan and 5 hundred equity the ocii subsequence a consistent with the $200,000 maximum subsidize per units the sources for the anticipated is 51 thousand for transbay tax increments as stipulated ocii will not be obligated to have the subsidize in the development cost increases to the affordable project related california will be responsible for the cost
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overruns so for today's request i mentioned earlier t n d c are requesting requesting $16 million for the construction for the affordable project that loan represents the finance that enables the team to apply for tax exempt bonds in of all the trick or treat is 3 percent the staffer recommendations enabling the directors mayor's office of housing to decrease the trick or treat to zero percent should the project feasibility require the loan is subject to the air rights and has a term of 55 years before i wrap up i wanted to give you the highlight of the early market work that happens in the affordable project those efforts as shown are required by
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the loan documents section 6 of the loan is the borrows and t one and two respectfully detail the protocols i want to give you an update to date the developer has achieved 55 percent small business enterprise participation and 18 percent minority participation and 8 percent women's businesses for the professional services consultant and 27 of the professional consultants are san francisco sbes fortune the m b e are san francisco firms next, i wanted to show you a couple of the affordable elevation the first picture is a view from the south along fulsome street that looks at the
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front of the entire block 8 the affordable project on the right of the screen by the reddish-brown and this is the northern elevation from clementine street looking at the back of the development here you're seeing the 5 town houses for the sustained alone buildings i also have a couple of renderings the first is the northeast standing on fulsome street again the affordable project is comprised with the ground use and lastly we have a view from the north side vanity from the town houses is the render of the block for sale earlier in the prediction e presentation i mentioned the sale of block 8 the $71 million
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price that october and the land transfers to transbay 8 urban, llc which california is the sole member staff will be back in front of you to request the approval the air lease rights and since we'll own the land on block 8 occ owns the air rights it will be release to the limited partnership related t n d c will begin construction in 2016 and the development team must submit they're operating plan the following month it will take two months and people can move ♪ early 2018 that concludes my presentation. we have representatives the related california and t n d c in case you have questions from
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related california hyperglycemia the vice president and jonathan senior project manager and t n d c katie the director of development thank you >> thank you. >> we'll take public comment from we turn to questions are there any public comment. >> mr. ace washington. >> i'm a little bit late i see the procedures are going forward as normal we have an unusual situation ii look at the scenario with the now players players and developers and nonprofits are coming in here you go back to 2005 this is a 10 years let's rewidens billing witnessing i didn't mr. informational all the developers
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and contractors you're getting ready to do your new business with i have another story to tell the community reform it is what is needed in san francisco everything is so corrupt i've said it the fbi in my community let's give you an example the western edition there's baptists and nonprofits and board of directors and l hunch and the planning that is in the western edition so let me speak on citywide t n d c in must community anothers rosa parks told r total violation related they do pretty good i'm in contract with them you all must understand your truly ace washington i'm so upset i mean my case lee load is this high i
1:25 pm
don't voluntary new staffers or budget none of that it is what god gave me, i'm here to say it t n d c needs to come to the table mr. informationally decided respects me on the phone go to rosa parks and see if there are people working there from treasure island to hunters view all of that if i get this team of lawyers and go pass you all up to sacramento we might file for an injunction hunters point i found out i was documenting for the minority money some of the individuals i know some of the organizations changed mayor name to change the game it remains the same no mystery check our history and with the gentleman you the a
1:26 pm
wonderful job but works for t n d c read about it in my transcripts you can't listen i've heard i've been listening if the hunters point you guys are changing our staff like people change higher underclothes you have to respect our people i'm going to rewind the tape 10 years and bring it back to you i want corporation with those corporations my name is asia dam it ace on the case. >> i have mr. oscar james. >> oscar i won't say it but one time i'm a native residents of bayview hunters point shipyard i like this project i have one concern about any developer that
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comes in and talks about affirmative action all to have an negligent breakdown how many african-americans and asians are participating in that we know females for for affirmative action the criteria of affirmative action but we have racist i i don't feel they're given enough contracts like the architects professionals and i would like this to be looked at that the ethnic breakdown of the ethics i named i like this project and am glad they're supportive but some of the certificate holders who are
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relocated from the redevelopment agency the occ were making less than $50,000 and some are still how do they quality qualify for some of the housing that's my concern thank you. >> thank you. >> i don't have any more speaker cards. >> okay questions commissioners? >> yes. commissioner mondejar. >> questions. >> i want to ask the marketing requirements who would that be? >> ask about that a you marketing requirement. >> yes. marketing requirements on one of our slides early outreach how does that work what are your plans. >> i'm going to give the quick answer and go to jeff white
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we've gone through the process of remarketing the process and i'm sure some are coming before you in this project one month after the project closes on the final construction loan is developers is required to submit an early outreach plan that staff does an internal review and following that a marketing plan to staff and that plan gets vetted over time while the project is in construction by the time it comes around we've made sure that meets all the internal reminders and marketing to the widest scope of people to get certificate of preference to apply. >> when does this close again, after the closing of - >> the project is slated to begin construction in theer part
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of next year and when the developer closes on the construction loan they have to summit the plan within one anyone month. >> the first quarter of next year approximately. >> thank you. >> yes. thank you. >> good afternoon. >> jeff white the project manager i want to follow up on your question so the marketing and early outreach pointing you're asking about maria from the mayor's office of housing and community development presented in june essentially what we're implementing now so we based on a lot of your feedback the occ has been working closely with the mayor's office just to develop very clear protocol for how ocii early outreach and marketing is meant to be implemented and
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incorporated and documented into the agreement we've taken direction from the commission and essentially been implementing that i think you saw a fairly detailed version we further reif i understand and that version is what you saw in june. >> that's what is being implemented. >> yes. >> all right. >> and those are some of the things you're working on the counseling the you know left turn /* landlord and the 5 or of a readiness agencies that the mayor's office of housing has a memo of different agencies that developers can work with. >> we're going to get reports on that correct. >> once we start that process after you know for example this
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project after the construction loan closes that is the trigger so then we'll a month later we would expect to get the early outreach plan and report back after that okay. >> at that will be like a quarterly report a or at least - >> we can ask the mayor's office to report quarterly uh-huh. >> okay. thank you. >> okay commissioner bustos. >> yeah. >> so it goes back to the issue i raised a few times about a workshop how to prepare folks that are certificate of preference holders so i want to be able to say that this is a good thing for us to do so if we can work with stiff staff and we'll let you know one of the
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things that we are hoping i'll say me is that people that lived in san francisco should come back to san francisco and so the certificate of preference holders are very important they were forced out didn't chose to leave forced out because of the redevelopment we want to fix what was wrong i have a great deserve so see those who have roots come back to san francisco you'll hear a lot of that so if we can somehow whatever we need to do that do that i'd like for us to do that there's a lot of projects coming down the pike so if we account get people into
1:34 pm
affordable units we can get people ready to be there so when the lottery happens they are prepared and we'll get them back so the next thing you you have really good numbers regarding the sbe and w pe but similar to mr. washingtons point you know one of the things that we've been asking staff is it would be great to get some sort of graphical information on the businesses the developers are using the reason i say that is because you know those programs were instituted to create a level of fairness and what happens or what we're seeing what i'm seeing especially in
1:35 pm
the mission district people are setting up shop with the disability e zip code you have businesses that do the great work they don't get the business to create a level of fairness you know people, companies and people provide services consulting companies and individuals they should be able to do that we should try to promote folks that are invested in the community get those opportunities to vie for those contracts; right? so some folks think to is another gold rush area they'll come in and get rich yet people are here for a long time one of
1:36 pm
the things i've asked some sort of bio gravel as you get the numbers ask the developers to get the information about who those contractors are we're saying it is great what's behind the numbers we as a staff and commission and as a city let developers know that we want this to be fair for people who are invested here for a long time if we make it a priority then the developers will make it a priority so that's the power in the leverage we have; right? again going back to try to make right what was wrong and we have an opportunity to do that so if somehow we can get that send it out as an e-mail to the commission and we get a report
1:37 pm
>> but project specific. >> bio gravel. >> some information on folks and maybe in the power point if you'd like that screen. >> so people know what we're looking at for . >> maybe speak to getting the commissioners that information. >> i just want to echo the sentiment we've heard in the past and echo that sentiment to the developers in terms of looking at san francisco businesses and the importance to the commission and to the agency level of sb participation that is san francisco m b e is important and the contractors on
1:38 pm
exhibit c to the extent we get additional information we'll do with that the developers there's a short biographical and 89 excuse me. >> yes. commissioner singh. >> do you you know how many we are on the certificate of preference holders list. >> how many certificate of preference holders will be living in this building. >> now how many is going to be there. >> i did not know the number of certificate of preference offhand but the project manager jeff white may know.
1:39 pm
>> i can't remember the total numbers. >> sorry i don't have that it was approximately, six hundred and 70 that are active and that are you know on our the current list what we've been building at 1184 street we ended at 11 or 12 applied and some fell out we ended up with 6 that were housed out of the 9 did units available yeah. >> do we notify them what is available. >> pardon me. >> do we notify them. >> i didn't that's what we're implementing and part of the marketing process. >> okay. thank you. >> through the chair commissioner singh jeff white was correct approximately as of 2013 and new
1:40 pm
data there were 6 hundred and 65 active cop holders on the list as you recall when mrs. benjamin from oewd presented the information as part of the cop and affirm marketing to find new companies holders as you recall commissioners we engage under the former agency a consulate to refresh that list to make sure our list was correct there's a push to finds additional new active certificate of preference hollers and to make sure that every single from the ongoing workshops and the counteragency that are happening quarterly from sf d.c. to register
1:41 pm
readiness and the targeted outreach to certificate of preference holders and increase that active certificate list. >> okay. thank you. >> i have a question similar to the question i asked on the other item on motorbike i know that is early but every time i read this it sound great and then the added feature there is retail and it seems like san francisco is apparently believed to be able to sustain a lot of retail my interest to make sure that the retail is offered and the right price point for a diversity so do we know how it will unfold arrest the related california has been working on the transbay block 8 i want to
1:42 pm
call the vice president to address your question. >> okay. >> good afternoon vice president with related your question scholz is we've been working on this actually over the last few months loousht the marketing to see what is available in addition we have a requirement in our d da to provide the ocii body the - a report for the market conditions and specifically to the grocery so we've hired a research specialists by the donate of analytic to talk about the types of facilities we've been supported in the area they've conducted a study we'll
1:43 pm
share with ocii in the next day or two and actually team up with sort of the model a model for what type of tenants will be able to occupy the grocery and the ground floor we're studying to figure out what that is being to activate the lane or that exists within the project there was not a great amount of retail but as you pointed out madam chair rosales it is actually important to be able to activate the area the study was focused on trading joe's and organic like the whole foods and up scale such as a molly stone and independent they looked at the market share what would be attractive. >> what kind of revenues by the population and the market share
1:44 pm
per i've tussle have the tools the tenants will use to generate on a weekly b.a.'s basis we'll share that with ocii the short answer we're not decided and sharing our research with ocii over the next few months as this thing develops obviously the project is still yet to start the project it is a fairly large project that is ongoing it is difficult to get a tenant to commit that earlier for any of the retail space, however, we're continuing to study it and i object to give us updates. >> and the only other question i have was one of timing am i maybe this is a question - i'm not sure to whom it deals with
1:45 pm
the two projects back to back on the same calendar it is different areas but similar subject affordable housing and from what i can tell from the construction schedule am i reading this right they're both to be completed around the same time in 2018. >> what you is a two. >> the transbay and mission bay. >> i can't speak to the mission bay. >> the 2018 and the complete in january 2018 this one. >> i can say that the transbay affordable project is slated to start this coming january and related t n d credit is supposed to have it done two years later reason i raise it i think this is into so the marketing question and - excuse-me. insuring that there is enough notice that people who can
1:46 pm
qualify for the incentives we can reach out to them maybe we should look at the cooperation on marketing i don't know what the contrasts will be it seems to me if things come online the target populations are similar even in two different areas of the city they're both you know south of market pretty much have we ever cropped the project >> the mayor's office of housing and community development is rolling out rue out dalai. >> we'll have a party what that happens (laughter) please invite me. >> (laughter). >> look at the calendar. >> so i think there is coordination the idea that you know people that are interested
1:47 pm
in affordable housing they registration with dalai and hfa as projects come out they'll be notified and have an opportunity to apply. >> dalai is it not spring of 2016? >> you i'm hearing it is early 2016. >> homeownership first then the roll out then rental of which those are rental our point madam chair rosales is well-taken the projects are finishing in most of each other and people will be applying they're both at 50 percent ami and then as you may know the related project as 70 developers fully subsidize the bmr from 40 to 50 percent ami that's hundred and 50 unions and then another in essence hundred and 50 units 3 hundred units in
1:48 pm
the protocol right there people will be applying and it is generally, the same income level so a coordination in market value efforts through tools or otherwise, it will be important so people don't have to keep politically e applying and the template procedures and our suggestions to make sure there is not a difficult hurdle for people to qualify for in particular building and not qualify in the other using the same income credit, etc. >> that's exactly right it goes to the question it commissioner singh raised about the certificate of preference holders that make it i think we have a golden opportunity to you know achieve as much success with those two units and projects as we can because everything i hear about the lottery i've said this many times it is a lottery that set
1:49 pm
people up frankly in my opinion for disappoint we can't manage everyone's expectations but have the ability to do so it is fair otherwise poem say why bother it is my humble opinion. >> yeah. if we can coordinate it would be great. >> and any other projects that the mayor's office of housing and community development has got we can't track them all it would be great. >> okay yes. >> i don't know who to address this to but maybe to tiffany or jeff it would be great to have a presentation a general presentation of all the projects going on and what their finishing and the outreach and
1:50 pm
the update maybe you know so those two are next to each other because we receive our presentations project per project and nice to get a map on what's happening in the mission bay and transbay to get an idea of the grocery stores is they're going to be a pharmacy and where's the forewent a sense are we say that possible to do that. >> i'll take a stab at that we have the annual report we provided about a month ago and that is actually got a lot of great data and maps so is or it is in sections we can get a sense the predevelopment and what is the in construction so the dates are all the there that can be tracked you've seen our
1:51 pm
historic pipeline we try to get it out quarterly so this give us a spreadsheet format that's a good resource. >> i was at the ocii office it was great to see the you know visible we could see this is what's happening in transbay and mission bay you know the shipyard and what retail outlets or retail stores radio being proposed when it is going to be finishing it is sort of giving us a sense we're so focused project by project and that would be nice you know we're working on the retail consultants to help them so what eventually is it troekz or something else schedule that put
1:52 pm
that in our calendar what would be great your looking at tiffany. >> we spent two months in june getting the big picture and the 21 thousand affordable units of which 7 thousand are affordable and the inclusionary or the stand alone i think we have that big picture and part of the - although the board just approved our budget in july we'll be review as part of our rock the b second half of the budget year i'll suggest as part of the expenditures and the pragmatic work a mid year look in essence mid bucket look at where we are the pragmatic your sphere we're
1:53 pm
focused on the 3 multi year major approved projects to honor the commenting commitments in the mid year recognized payment schedules we've review where we are. >> where we are. >> in addition obviously how many companies holders get approved are modifying in and certificate of preference that would be. >> certainly on a quarterly basis the detailed look on the deep dive in the marketing and the cop and not much as changed 2, 3, 4 a month but certainly on the equally and yearly the project is complete and
1:54 pm
absolutely what happened how the we fair? >> okay great so any more questions or motions? >> there's a motion by commissioner bustos and seconded by commissioner mondejar please call the roll. >> commissioners,. please respond when your name is called: commissioner mondejar commissioner singh commissioner bustos madam chair rosales madam chair the vote is 4 i's. >> item 5 d is approved please call the next item public comment. >> okay the next order of business is item 6. on non-agenda items i have to speaker cards >> okay. >> mr. ace washington and willie beasley and mr. beasley
1:55 pm
would you like to address us ? >> hello, i'm willie beasley i'm an architect and designer and my whole thing people come and say they try to find 50 percent lbe's and i'm one certified in the city i'm local my question why am i being picked over i'm from baby boomer i submitted a proposal to lennar february no answer potrero hill x project saw it in march i submitted and emily she replied and said
1:56 pm
postponing the bidding process then i've been omitted and applied on the section phase my question is who is more qualified man me i have 46 years of architecture experience and two college degrees and live in the area and have a micro small business so how can i can omitted now before i get - before i get an answer when redevelopment in the 70s you could - i come out of pg&e and i go into private practice in 1975 with the redevelopment if you apply. a job for a contract they would
1:57 pm
- somebody will talked to a compliance officer they'll call marquis and associates they have a contract in housing authority they said for me to come for an interview not to be hired but for negotiation i am local now here it is what 40 years later and you local you have all our credentials and your dot all the i's and cross the t's and you'll all omit i can't find a compliance officer to call somebody to an my on behalf of i've talked to mr. bridges he said to me when potrero hill x project emily weinstein the
1:58 pm
project manager when they notified them he was going to do tell them my credentials it explicit happen i didn't get the contract so and this is going on and on and on i decided today after being convinced by my friend to come and tell you all that i want to know what can i do i see my time is up >> this is public comment so the commissioners are unable to respond directly from the public the subject matter is not annoyed so we're hearing our comment and the i'm sure the staff will follow-up the commission can't respond directly on this question thank you, thank you for coming.
1:59 pm
>> mr. washington. >> commissioners first of all, i want to thank director bohe for a nice meeting we had prior to the meeting we had about the edition and like to thank her for the meeting it is so well presented nice and slow the english was perfect i want to thank her for that as many of you may know i've videotaped that i'm up here i want to set a date and century and talk to the commissioners and director about the program i'd like to do for leroy king i've got footage that is when london made her presentation on his birthday
2:00 pm
90th birthday like to make it an annual thing and the commissioners signed off for the car sale so we're going to celebrate why he was alive but we can see the commissioners and good footage you know i have pictures that are historical we can use that for historical generations to come i'll send a letter to century and talk about that we need some money to get it going the work is can you think and create other people to help us finance that the other thing about the edition i want to get information that was a listening section everybody complained and womdz came but i've got so much vision back then things were bad they'll come back but we've got to get our community together that's okay. we're moving forward and
2:01 pm
there are going to be goes up coming up here and saying their this and that but only one person in the world in the community that's ace washington that has more history currently i'm the only one employed in the garbage and good friend of mine going to accompany that place should be for the community eventually that's why i'm there to make sure we have operational components there now going back to the edition we know you guys have the key the city ocii already seeing on the screen advertising i talked a benjamin can i talk to the level so have weekly meeting oh no, we carton do that how in the hell can you do that to other person open up a business across the street to used that for meetings there you go you got to
2:02 pm
find out what is going so a scale that everyone can use it i'm ace and i'm on the case i'm going to stick to the timeframe. >> thank you mr. washington. >> oscar james first of all, i want to say to the commission you guys are doing a great job i'm glad you guys are sitting on the hot seat as many of you may know i served under the honorable person when the shipyard closed a lot of the this stuff we're talking about the affirmative action and jobs opportunity for people in the community and when i say community i mean blow-by-blow and western edition and the mission because those are the effected community when hunters point shipyard closes we had a lot of problems i had a lot of problems with another that particular time buyers was over
2:03 pm
the chamber of commerce when they were talking about all the folks coming in and little money and the percentage going to the community those are to letters i have one dated april 1, '97 had the letter i sent to him maybe you guys can get any letter i don't have no secretary oscar james you see a letter i sent to him and that's the letter in rip to my letter stating some things 1973 i wrote a letter about the shipyard the money they have now is going to the hunters point shipyard - for the neighborhood and i don't know if you guys seen the oral sunday july 26th about the article of a hundred and $37 million the community
2:04 pm
benefits passage and people were not involved in things back in those times i have a problem and served as a commission and anytime you serve your community first of all i'm going to serve it you doesn't do nothing behind doors when our dealing with hundred and $36 million we always had public meetings where those funds were going to i don't know who is on this committee i'm not saying their crooks but i believe in public being aware workforce what is transing this money goes to the effected people in hunters point and in the city 50 percent communities and hundred percent citywide i want to make sure they have public mergers with the public comes and discuss that money where that benefits the community
2:05 pm
someone coming from 10 buck two today they're not entitled to the money they were for the people in the 70s they were the effected people's that's if if someone what show me they're wrong this money is ours this money is supposed to help the people that are effected in hunters point shipyard a lot of people in hetch hetchy will say it we've got more work to do is not supposed to get it in the 1974 in dog patch and the areas like that in the communities moved on homes in the western edition their entitle to the same thing as the hvpd folks a lot of them were born if hunters point and moved to the western edition and even if they were their entitled to the money from side hunters point shipyard and others i want to make sure we
2:06 pm
benefit from this and like the commission to look at that and make sure that those become public meeting $37 million you can have a lot of crooks but i want to make sure we have it and another anything or thing i want to make sure we have a communities i know my time is up. >> - >> we have i want to make sure that the programs benefit in hunters point shipyard get some of the money to develop housing for homeless and also turner kind housing and people that come out of the penitentiaries and jails and build homes i'm sorry for taking more time thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. landry. >> commissioners may and approach i have some documents
2:07 pm
first of all i'd like to - i represent a group called the new community leadership foundation and we were part of that community meeting that took place the last week in - two weeks prior we want to thank the commission and tiffany bohe and supervisor president breed we have a 10 point community benefits prodigy that is inclusive that is well avoided and plenty of group sport as you can see in the benefits passage we're proposing maybe over 20 organizations we feel that need to be front and center when it comes to the fillmore harris
2:08 pm
contribution while we are planning this 0 we are kept in mind some of the restrictions as well as the department of finance from the state level and some of the goals of the long-range plan as well as the community interests and now we them we came with a win-win with the support of supervisor and many other people who's been doing this in the past we have something that we can rally behind as well said by the gentleman before me whaechd in the bayview hunters point sometimes, it explicit trickle down to the communities we don't want that to happen in the contribution himself as many of you may know now like many i'm abolished born and raised and
2:09 pm
seen and witnessed a lot of things we think should go down to the impact of the redevelopment agency my mom moved 12 times in the 50 60s and 70s i have a certificate of preference it will expire next year there is a conversation we need to redefine community benefits for the longtime as many of you may know eventually this body won't exist we're going to have a communities meeting trying to preexempt supervisor president london breed coming back to the communities and we appreciate that. >> i have no speaker cards. >> thank you to everyone that has spoken and given us food for thought. >> okay. please call the next item. >> the next order of business
2:10 pm
the report of the chair madam chair. >> i don't have is report. >> the the next order of business is item 8 report of executive director madam director. >> commissioners in your packet and certainly available for the public and online we have our forward cleared up we are focusing on the next two months and i'll directing your attention to september 1st we have proposing although you and the board of supervisors just approved our budget we're proposing a budget amendment that we are considering our agreements with the mission bay developer informs up i i will under the plan when they're ready to finance we're guaranteed to consider that request unfortunately, the analysis could not be done in times for the normal budget process although the product i budget was approved we're proposing a budget amendment to
2:11 pm
provide additional authority for mission bay south tax allocation and new issuance to capture the value of the development and go towards the infrastructure, the park developments and sustainable streets the budget you previously approved includes 50 millions of new bond issuance and provides the gap funding you've seep for the affordable housing and the predevelopment for the 6 new stand alone rfps weep are issuing this year it is consistent with the bonds authority it was anticipated it is the financing tool so we have to pads under the state legislation it is your for the potential under the governors trail bill or sb 411 has made its way through all the legislation it is your and assembly side and come back
2:12 pm
after the legislation terror resolution and into the full floor the assembly and the department and they're ready and willing to sign to two pads for the affordable housing your budget amendment shown and proposed in the forward calendar is separate and apart added for the mission bay south infrastructure president's report. >> i need to ask if there are any public speakers for this executive director report. >> mr. washington you never disappoint. >> it is also nice to speak pubically i was wondering is that from the governor's office no, not her so, anyway what i'd like to do is possible
2:13 pm
given the ooeblgz staff along with the other participants want an update this is a listening session and notes and oewd said they'll get together we know this is a process we've seen over and over the process of r f d. >> if you want to comment on the executive director. >> i'm sorry. i'll yield my time. >> thank you. >> okay please call the next item. >> the the next order of business is item 9 commissioners questions and matters. >> madam chair rosales. >> yes. any commissioners have a matter and commissioner.
2:14 pm
>> we closed the agenda in the memory of - >> the minutes. >> okay. >> it may be that the members are still behind. >> the minutes for that - >> it's not reflecting yet. >> okay sure that was a good point thank you. >> yes. commissioner mondejar. >> so i would like to get this is really for executive director bohe an update of the action items like a list of community spaces and the artwork we have in the properties i know you're under staffed so i want to get an update and may be added to the forward calendar and the other piece is
2:15 pm
i feel i think i'll have this conversation offline about our communications i know that commissioner bustos initially i know he said we should let the public know what is happenings and we you know have a certificate of preference holders for housing on whether we have going to have a communications director over and over someone in charge of getting the news out there is a housing crisis we have housing that is available i mean you have to apply and get qualified but i feel like we should be you know outreaching and putting the word out about what we're doing. >> okay. >> and i will add to the list
2:16 pm
of requests that is more directed to the mayor's office of housing and community development communicating not a long memo but an update on the ellis act housing program like the victim remedy. >> ellis act housing preference. >> i see e ah p program. >> but compare active view any recollection is clear there were thousands of displaced tenants due to ellis act evictions he have to building there's more than a hundred and 36 that meet the 10 year and 5 year rules i'll be a little bit worried that not enough effort is being made with the communities partners perhaps or information or communications that have
2:17 pm
people understand that that is a potential upside for them to remain in san francisco. >> okay okay so we have that concludes our regular calendar we have a i should say our regular open. >> the the next order of business is item 10 closed session 10 a legal council leg pursuant to california got. o government code in regards to municipal derivatives anti you trust litigation redevelopment agency of city and county of san francisco versus bank of america et al. and 1950 docket federal be district court of new york
2:18 pm
discussion and action approval of the resolution authorizing supplement agreement between successor agency and j.p. morgan chase and company requiring j.p. morgan chase company to pay approximately $12,000 plus to the successor agency based on it's prorate share of damages the resolution number has been changed from 102013 to 4892015. >> through the chair we need to clear the room for closed session and switch the tapes and the members of the public have le
2:19 pm
left. >> okay. it is 317 we're back on this record the commission has been advised by the council on 10 a we have a resolution 48 dash 2015 i need a motion for approval it has been there is a motion and a second commissioner please announce our vote when i call your name commissioner mondejar commissioner singh commissioner bustos madam chair rosales okay i have madam chair the vote is 4 i's. >> okay. the supplement is approved thank you. can you please call the next item. >> the the next order of business is item 11 adjournment. >> madam chair. >> yes. as 318 the meeting is
2:20 pm
adjourned thank you (clapping.) >> good afternoon, everyone good morning; right? good morning, everyone (laughter) thanks everybody for coming out it is not everyday that we get
2:21 pm
to no matter a new muni line let along a rail line on which the historic streetcars will be operating we couldn't be more excited to be out here we have a lot of folks without whom we wounded be here so a special day for muni and special day in the history of transit a great day for the city i'll start by saying a lot of people have to work hard for a long time to make something like that happen but at the top of the lard is the mayor from the time he took office and really the decades in the city supporting infrastructure in supporting good capital planning the kinds of things to have p in place to get to a point like this the mayor is a supporter and couple of years ago we convened a task
2:22 pm
force that land to a $500 million bond that was approved last year this week he signed the city budget among many others great things that is bring to the city included service increase which the t line is a part this is the kind of leadership we need to bring the kind of transit service to the city to have it grow in the future please carry on conversations out in the hallway. please join me in welcoming our mayor, mayor ed lee >> (clapping). >> good morning as well thanks east side for our leadership if i can thank you you and the commissioners of the sf transportation agency and our county transportation authority working together with the city and the board of supervisors and really glad to be here today with supervisor christensen
2:23 pm
supervisor scott wiener and supervisor jane kim joining us we're dedicated to improving expanding our public transportation it the best example i god got to ride on the newest edition to the streetcars and ike thank you, again rick from the historic streetcars history he provided that connection we were talking about dolores park all the mayors if feinstein on to that have really led the effort i know that from me, me to art to senator feinstein so many people wanted to link the entire embarcadero well, this morning i'm here to dispel rumors the e line is to be the ed line it is the embarcadero and f is not the fine line but all the alphabet
2:24 pm
but there are names here i want to say i know senator wanted to be here and representatives from feinstein and boshgs that have begun fantastic not so many other things that helped our city to be successful i wanted to ride that with senator feinstein i know this is in her heart to get this done she's a great leader in the past and the cable cars and all alternative things that hopefully rick will have a chance to talk about the history this is a remarkable day to exemplify an additional 10 percent of services means in one part we've got extensions of line and in other be neighborhoods of the city but for this embarcadero to have this e line go all the way if
2:25 pm
at&t park to fisherman's wharf and have an open air approach to it and then have muni drivers like robert parks and others working for muni since 1997 i think enjoying every year to serve the popping public a whole system mr. their pcos or police department or management or commissioners working with the federal commissioners and board of supervisors and state and local agencies working to improve that's why we have confidence that our muni can have a one billion dollars operation that really cares about getting people around this desire city we can manage and certainly manage all the things to get people around the visitors and people working here friends and families safely and efficiently through the rest of the city
2:26 pm
this is one of the most enjoyable rides both cars are historic that car comes from england i won't mess with all the details but i'll say that we say an uncovered vehicle that has a lot of history to it riding along the embarcadero it is fun it is exhilarating and another kind of cable car experience in san francisco and i love the history of the city i'll work and continue to work to make sure those things can happen and that services will increase that we reduce congestion and work hard on that by the way, make sure that vision zero is all part of everything we do this $500 million bond our public passed we're working very hard attorney general make sure those vision zero projects are done and i know that muni is in the lead and other agencies
2:27 pm
public works and everyone else has to work with high levels but let's celebrate this new service and line let's link to the history of the car and the fun but all the appreciation that i have thought marries and the leaders and confirmations before us and the supervisors all working together to make sure that is part of the great public transportation system we want to have in our great city making history and celebrating that past but moving forward as the coincide phrase from muni it is all about forward muni how we serve more of the public the pride in the system for everybody works with each other congratulations sfmta and congratulations county transportation thank you everybody for being here hope you get a ride on this as much as you can thank you
2:28 pm
(clapping.) >> thank you, mr. mayor certainly we wouldn't be here without our leadership the leadership at city hall extends to the second floor the board of supervisors has continued to provide the policy and funding leadership to support things like bringing the e like to fruition but the mayor made reference this is a long-standing demand for the people that ring the bell for the embarcadero for this kind of services this provides the connectivity from the caltrans to the ball park all the way up to pier 39 and fisherman's wharf and the northern part of the bayer the supervisors that represent the policies are are here and instead voices for better transportation in san francisco and better transportation service i was
2:29 pm
called into a meeting three or four years and the institutional leaders from the corridor demand or expressing the demand for this kind of services and the grassroots leadership that manifest in the supervisors it represents that is part of why we're here first representing the northern half of the e line i want to bring up someone before they got into office was an advocate for the transportation for the northeast part of the san francisco she's been in office and focused among things on transportation issues and saving transportation so ms. marcason district 3 julie christensen (clapping) >> good morning my first thanks are to rick and bruce and the leaders and the volunteers of the market street
2:30 pm
railroad i was out the advocacy it is a 20-year project so congratulation to the market street rail way determined effort to make that happen i'm perspective to mayor ed lee and the volkswagen of leaders for dianne feinstein for supporting this crazy idea and tilly chang and others that made that happen i this is a great thing for the city this is going to be a lot fun riding along the waterfront i want to focus an district 3 my district includes some of the density neighborhood in the united states we have a typography a roll call top great most of my constituents don't own cars we're trying to improve the public transportation for district 3 i'm thrilled that soon our district will have the
2:31 pm
first subway in san francisco and the first rapid transit in san francisco and i'm delighted to welcome the e line as charming and fun for my constituents this is serious business not only do we have those are o those dense neighborhood but welcomes tens of thousands of shoppers to union square tourist that are visiting fisherman's wharf and chinatown and other places in the district they need to get around and this transportation on the east side is virtually important not only to get people back and forth but to make sure our city runs smoothly we're excited about f this edition in service i've been quoting from of the follower leader of bothering talk the market is a great city not one poor can bribe but when rich people takes
2:32 pm
massive transit that puts on and on us on that thank you. >> thank you supervisor christensen and representing the southern end of the e line is supervisor jane kim that's been as most folks know one the leading voices that was behind vision zero to san francisco and vision zero being our goal to eliminate traffic faults by 2024 but representing the folks that have among the lottery levels of car ownership and transit ridership the highest but a voice to improve leadership to pushing up to engage the east side of her district and to think extend and approve transit district for the east side including the. rightone: lynn line please join me in welcoming jane kim. >> thank you. i was going to
2:33 pm
that supervisor christensen and i have some things in common absorbing 60 percent of the residential construction in san francisco taking place be here for years your residents have been asking for more public transit lines to make sure we have to the infrastructure to make sure our neighborhood is connected to others i want to recognize our residents that have for years been advocating the chair bruce he couldn't be here he he is going to jury duty heart broken and co-authored from the cracking and dr. many me me for the foundation that push for the e line to make sure it happened and it makes me proud we're delivering on that today director reiskin not often you have a new line our district has
2:34 pm
two the 55 which is connecting the mission neighborhood and bart to mission bay along with the ucsf medical campus and the average office building and the e line it connects fisherman's wharf to the bart and caltrain station transit is critically important as we grow we know that everyone can't continue to drive we have to make our streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists but make sure we have option for the residents not only to get to the do you only core but we're also crisscrossing and connecting neighborhoods this is a huge effort and it is nice to not just talk about is it or promise it but say we're going to be openly it today congratulations to the market street roadway and sfmta and the mayor's office and great to have
2:35 pm
a line it connects into districts thank you supervisor christensen. >> thank you, supervisor kim as many of you know the board of supervisors also sits as the trpgs transportation authority the coming transportation authority and i wanted to acknowledge the executive director tilly chang and the da is currently chaired if i supervisor wiener it sits on the metropolitan adrenalin transportation commission a strong voice for the transportation particularly looking at san francisco's needs but locally has been one of the stropth voices for transportation for the advocacy in 2011 for the streets respond up until last year supporting both the geobut bringing prop b that increased the general fund that goes to muni wouldn't have been there without his
2:36 pm
leadership been a strong supporter of systems constructive critic i rides it everyday and like us he experiences both the exchanges but seize the opportunities please join me in welcoming from district 8 supervisor and chairman of the transportation authority scott wiener. >> (clapping.) thank you, ed and my district is not including the e like line but the end of the f line one integrated system for the streetcars sometimes in san francisco we have this tension between the city's past and historic where we are moving into the future the e line really in my mind is a perfect blend of the fast and the future it is wonderful to be able to preserve and use those wonderful historic streetcars i want to give all the creditor it in the
2:37 pm
word to the market street railway and others for saving those streetcars and saving this system along with the cable cars to make sure as the city changes and grows we don't just jet son some of the treasurers we have as a city but this line is not just about cherishing the past it is b also about moving us to the future as a city we good and talking about the impacts on housing and the costs of housing but the congestion in the city and the wear and tear and strain on our public transportation system as we good by 10 thousand people a year we've not been focusing on enough we're growing in this part of town and need to have more and more more and more parts of city that are connected by transit and particularly the
2:38 pm
mission bay area supervisor kim has mentioned is an area that is supervisor breed and didn't have nearly enough transit the fact we have those tracks in the ground and vehicles and have this line and we're not making the best was was a shame to activate this entire ear and utility those vehicles to connect noib to the northern neighborhoods is just tremendous it is only the beginning i know we have more and more transcript h transit systems and the voters have been clearing about the sfaiks to eveningly passing the muni bond last year and passing unanimously the voters get it and city hall gets it we're going to keep doing this i want to note our county transportation authority was administered through the
2:39 pm
statistics as invested $19 million in historic strrts that is a team effort so congratulations to everyone and particularly congratulations to the residents and everyone else who will by the people from this service thank you (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor wiener and the rest of the board of supervisors it really is a team effort we couldn't have done it without you a little bit closer to the ground in order to make the streetcars available and in order to be able to find the the resources to be able to expand the services to open the line there are a lot of tough decisions in terms of the overall mta budget in terms of of the execution of our strategy plans they're made by the board of directors we're governed by a 7 member board the folks that are appointed empty the mayor
2:40 pm
serve would the compensation but we've been very lucky over at least certainly from my tenure in having great leadership with the board of directors it is with great pleasure i welcome up the chair and vice chair please join me in welcoming tom nolan and concerning. >> thank you, mr. mayor the board of supervisors is happy to be here on behavior the board of directors we're numerously proud 7 thousand people move around the city that is a wonderful thing i want to mention two people one is not here i never think of historic vengeance without thinking of cam beach who died several years ago and also i wanted to say ed
2:41 pm
reiskin we're so fortunate to have a man of his dedication and lots of great things are happening thank you vice chair. (clapping.) >> year and a half i think the chairman said it all i will echo nothing in the city happens by the result of one person's actions or organizations this one example i look forward to riding the e line it was some of the most fun i've had in san francisco thank you (clapping.) >> thank you. the political leadership behind muni and behind the e line expands far and wide the mayor made reference to senator boxers and senator feinstein was one the chief architect and part of what makes that possible we're joined could i by formerly supervisor
2:42 pm
and board president supervisor david chiu staff and justin a muni alumni want to acknowledge him and assembly member the support we get increasing a recent hundred and $40 million cap & trade is how we're continuing to grow service in san francisco we've heard from a lot of the folks in government but without question next to dianne feinstein there was no person who is as both peppering and professionally responsible for us being here today than rick this is a passion of his both in his professional time and a lot on his own times over decades that is part why we're here today please join me in welcoming the president of the market street railway association rick
2:43 pm
(clapping.) >> well, we know this is a team sport in fact, san francisco is a team sport and i could spend all day talking about everyone that is involved in the activity its all true you don't do anything alone in this city and the listener of the mayor and ed reiskin and tom nolan and cheryl brinkman and sfmta are important for the betterment of the transportation system i want to acknowledge the market street raul railway past and present your surrounded by them those folks have given thousands and thousands of hours of volunteer time over decades to help make what you see here happen if you sit in this
2:44 pm
spotlight thirty years ago we have had been directly under a double freeway the entire waterfront you know had trithsz away from it's mairment history but didn't know what that was going to be a few people had the vision to see a world-class waterfront i want to acknowledge one in particular he can't be here he passed away one year and one day ago doug right that served mayor feinstein and served mayor agnos as the deputy mayor for transformation tra transportation that is part of douglas lying lillian widow i hope you'll give her a round of applause also anothers important few minutes
2:45 pm
is me, me the president of the delance project she got those tracks put in to connect the f line up there what the n and t line to the south the e line couldn't have taken place if it wouldn't have gotten done she lobbied city hall she can't be here but i'd like a hand for me, me delany's street is a gift to our city the original vision so for the e line that mayor feinstein and doug started was to go to fisherman's wharf and continue to for the mason the e line has been a tragedy dream for a looked at and connected the
2:46 pm
parkland and provides walking and bicycle successful assess and serve the nonprofits organization that were at for the mason the past director of mason alex it is here a guiding light in retrofits this idea along with the fisherman's wharf organization they're the who helped to get the national park to do an environmental impact report not paid for by the city by the fed's with help from then speaker peelings office we're ready to engineer and fund that as soon as we get through the remaining hurdle to senator feinstein has pledged her hope we hope the city family makes that a reality the effort mason
2:47 pm
makes that longer and astrologer when she was mayor dianne feinstein support made the first streetcar possible in the 1980s i was in her office as a wet behind the easier volunteer and said is this not a mayor we can do this. >> she would i'll do it but i don't want to see new junk she had high standards he knew that every street corner had to be beautiful and reflected well, in the city she loved to see the original muni streetcars in fact the one that the mayor piloted for the mayors coincidental they still run and she loved the streetcars from around the world and a can new from back in the 1980s and
2:48 pm
she loved to drive that car and she actually grove it several times well, today besides openly the e line we're to double our procure mark street railway has been from england we depended upon r donated it from muni we started the first official run with passengers and has it's original sign reading the pleasure beach we don't have a pleasure beach but have a promenade and it is embarcadero so muni shop workers and i'll shout out to lee and mike ellis and the other carl johnson retarded if muni did a great job restoring this car (clapping.) we can't do this without our
2:49 pm
city workers ballot wouldn't have sailed our way excepts for two generous by michael thorstein who under wrote the costs of the car michael put your hand up please (clapping.) and to get it here we got a lot of help from ed ford explicit represented by cassandra (clapping) >> i bet you didn't know that fedex ships streetcars ear thankful to both of them and everyone associated with the boat and the e line thank you all so have much (clapping.) >> thanks rick and finally as i
2:50 pm
said before there was a strong community demand for the advocacy to get service on to the embarcadero so i want to invite up a couple of community leaders one from the north side and south side starting with john a third generation fisherman's wharf guy and the president of the festers benefits district please join me in welcoming in welcoming john (clapping.) >> thank you, ed also like to thank ed and supervisor christensen formally assemblyman david chiu and denying for helping to make it possible the fisherman's wharf association is happy for the e line service to begin my family has been a part of the fisherman's wharf for a a long time and watched the waterfront transform back then the
2:51 pm
embarcadero was beginning it's transition to the incredible use any questions of the uses today back then the what if was an island between the maritime and the embarcadero and fort massachusetts so that to the west west people like to use the cable cars but the locals used their cars today, the wharf is more important than ever we we've got the moratorium and the cruise ship and at&t park just to name a few automobiles can't handle the demand we rely on the f line it is transforming travel we thank senator feinstein for her lunar new year. >> thank you to her for connecting the designations and
2:52 pm
taking the pursue off the embarcadero and thank you to the sfmta for making that a reality and looking forward to the full 7 day service we urge the city and national park to move forward for fort mason our past leader was responsible for reviving the plan through the historic tunnel and saw the exhibitions were a natural fit with our restaurants and attractions we needed that extension soovrn and bend to having attractive streetcars to the jerry dell square and the hiding and the muni pier and fort mason we hope you'll all join in supporting it. >> thank you. >> thanks john and representing
2:53 pm
the southern end we're pleased to be joined by katie the president of the rincon hill mission bay association she's been a unifying voice in government and other organizations to improve the quality of life many evenings down pier 40 where the group has it's meetings and she's a great advocate and critic when need to be but a great partner in improving things in that part of town please join me in welcoming. >> good morning neighbors i see a lot of the familiar faces i'm so excited to be here on behalf of the rincon hill association welcome to the e line finally we've been advocating for the e line for a number of years? a
2:54 pm
tree special day for us who live here thank you, mayor ed lee and director reiskin and rick and bruce of market street railway our eastern neighborhoods if you're not familiar going set we're the most dynamic part of the city we're adding residents and businesses every single day but the option in transportation have not kept pace we're happy to have the e line but now now we need to look at the future and make sure that the e line gets extended to fort mason and the dog patch thank you. >> (clapping) >> well thank you. i want to close by anglo the many people within the sfmta who have been working not only to make this event and day happen but the e
2:55 pm
line up and happening john halley our transit dork and his staff lee and julie and others our communication director candice sue who is responsible and thank you to the riders that know how to use the e line and we're joined by our rail director the difficult task of getting people from safety and a lot of folks working together to make that happen so thanks everybody 10:00 a.m. tomorrow we'll start our weekend 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. if this point forward and next year extending 7 day service so we'll really excited to be at this milestone and thanks everyone to be coming out we'll cut a ribbon
2:56 pm
and service starts tomorrow morning thank you. >> also want to acknowledge one last time our board chair bruce is serving the city on jury duty it is all for him he played a huge we'll role we all appreciate it. >> hold this with one hand 1, 2, 3. >> all right. (whistle blows) -
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
3:00 pm
>> the commission will please come to order at secretary will call roll commissioner taylor-mcghee commissioner chow commissioner chung commissioner sanchez and commissioner walker second item it did approval of the minutes for july 21st, 2015. >> so the minors are before us for approval a motion for approval is in order. >> so moved is there a second. >> second. >> are there corrections to the minutes if not we're prepared for the >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? minutes have been passed unanimously item 3 the director's report. >> good afternoon, commissioners mayor ed lee
3:01 pm
signed the city's balanced budget for fiscal year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. in his comments he said that your creating jobs and growing a thriving economy while keeping the city save and compassionate the city and county of san francisco the major employer for the next two fiscal years includes additional employees to staff the new san francisco general hospital implements our electronic health care records system and the department of public health division as well as implementing the affordable health care act the city budget also vests to support the most vulnerable san franciscans and it includes resources dedicated to help san francisco general hospital adding 5 hundred new supportive housing for people to the navigation center and millions of new fund to support seniors
3:02 pm
and people with disabilities covered california has a modest rate interest for san francisco for 2016 they recalling reduce the prices in san francisco, california expect an average rate of 4 percentage across all terse this is more than all the regions in northern california we had a great anniversary of the 50th anniversary of medicare and medi-cal celebration of medicaid on july 30th, 1965 presidents johnson signed the medi-cal and medicare for pregnant women and people with disabilities medal and medicare has protected health and improving the nations economic
3:03 pm
security on july thursday medi-cal and medicare serves held on event added san francisco general hospital and trauma center to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the medi-cal and medicare our dr. hernandez and ceo of the health care foundation was the distinguished keynote speaker we have started a black african-american health project there are 3 processes for the projects one of those is the workforce development and that workforce subcommittee has begun in the project chart for the black african-american health initiative was you signed in march and whether the fifth committees that is headed by our colleagues are leading this effort and promoting the interests for the
3:04 pm
african-american careers and creating black african-american applicants students and volunteers they hope to develop tragedies so retain and show ridicule and support the continued education for the pathway for the existing staff i want to thank them for that work in that area there is an update for san francisco general hospital no new compute u updated other than they're waiting for approval for staff and i'll let the commissioners know we're still moving forward towards building our new hospital director's report is ended and if there are any questions and commissioners questions of the director on the report i want to point out to the commissioners we had printout from the website the organizers of the 50th anniversary program that was submitted to us a liz
3:05 pm
of the contents of medi-cal and medicare over the past 50 years i thought would be useful for your information we're having that distributed to you today are there any outlet comments? if not we'll precede thank you and we'll precede oh, actually yeah. just want to comment once again that the mayors budget for our next two years is really extraordinary for in department and want to thank the department for all the work they've run intoburgburg to advocate for the program and the mayor and board of supervisors for having actually confirmed not just confirmed but added to it and gave us even more robots i think
3:06 pm
that says well, for the work that our department is doing so thank you, again director >> i'll note no public comment for that item but item 4 is general public comment we have one. >> yes. mr. office of the city administrator to duffey i didn't please and mr. duffey i have a timer for 3 minutes when the buzzer goes off. >> commissioners nice to meet you i'm on the health center clinic patient advisory committee i have a sister at the age of the internet a 6 degrees of separation but not 3 degrees of separation we know be a lot more people before that i think that is kind of a silver lining to the aging process
3:07 pm
for example, i heard about rudolph better gary's doing the artwork and i'm looking forward to take a look at that ford was president and hopper and many people responded and i'm looked forward to it look those links i've been in the citizens advisory committee for some time and tom o'dell won 20 years now we've had some ups and downs and some times we came close to disbanding with the budget part of new to the center was difficult our liaison died we worked through all those things is it appears that the department is putting ay used
3:08 pm
effort dr. the director she's a apparently going to be at all the health centers i want to thank you for doing that i think there are look good things it come out of that i've been involved and it helps to have reenforcements thank you. >> thank you all right. we'll move on to item 5 report back if the finance committee. >> chair. >> good afternoon the finance and planning committee met before the commission meeting and we had you know a really robust discussion on the presentation on chirtd care and i think that actually inspired more questions than answer and including you know the goals of
3:09 pm
charity care like you know in the time of the valuable affordable health care act and charity care was adopted 15 years ago and back then we didn't have the kind of sentiment as we do today those were some of the questions that came up and you know the presentations were actually coming to the commission and so i want to put on this to thinking how we can actually create a partnership that really serves the buyer city and county of san francisco and including the most important part to reduce you know like health care for those who live in the city we also have some new and old contracts for your approval and
3:10 pm
it is all on the consent calendar with the contract report there are actually, two items that have been tabled for the next meeting for approval and those two are the medical contracts and services and the network within the contract report the 3 contracts that would be still need your approval will be the clinic works the data way and the staffing. >> commissioners the reason i've taken off a clerical error the report needs to be clean before it comes to you. >> right there were typos. >> any questions. >> commissioner questions or comments to the report from
3:11 pm
commissioner chow? no comments all right. great we'll go to the next item >> we'll move on to item six the consent calendar consent calendar is before you you heard the two items that are removed from the consent calendar does anyone wish to extract any items if the calendar otherwise. >> yes. please within the contract report so under the consent calendar it will be all the items on the consent calendar that we need approval of within the contract report which we have to items removed. >> yeah. it is the 9 approximately 8 millions on the pharmacy agreement; right? >> tip probation officers and 1, 3 and 1, 5 for the pharmacy kind of in the middle of the block of the first folder all
3:12 pm
contained in the contract report. >> any other questions? if not we should note that the walgreens program extends our 40 b program that required a link to each clinic only to all of the san francisco walgreens clinics under the b program is that not correct director barbara garcia >> that's correct. >> that's a significant difference an, an added benefit to the program under 9 previously i nodded if you were at chinatown clinic and went down to only one walgreens and couldn't go to another walgreens you had to go to another one like castro that allows all the
3:13 pm
walgreens in san francisco to participate in this program. >> that was my only clarification we're prepared forever the vote. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the calendar has been adopted unanimously. >> thank you, commissioners item 7 the dpw policy on the dpw facilities as you recall this was introduced at the last meeting. >> good afternoon, everyone. commissioners colleen i did not have anything additional as the secretary said the draft of the policy at the last meeting it didn't require our package of the resolution only the affirmation. >> i was wondering if on this is more a technical question on the block that we have which on page 2 if you would get that if so r
3:14 pm
this is this is yet california but for the process in the text and my two questions and which i believe are editorial under the section for dpw non-hospital building and director would review and submit recommendations and would it seems to me that the commission actually then makes also a review and recommendation; right? to the board of supervisors as it says under item d. >> yeah. >> so the block should clarify that by putting that in and the board recommends. >> so i'll make that change. >> thank you and so the last - the bottom block expelling
3:15 pm
facility naming in connection with the gift of any amount u amount the director reviews and submits the remedies for final approval and here i believe under our section e it says that the commission will approve the request so the word approve needs to be there also and moves it to the board of supervisors. >> to be consistent with our text. >> that's right thank you for catching that commissioner. >> so if those are accepted as the editorial correction ann another motion it in order to approve the column. >> so moved. >> there is a motion and a second is there further discussion on the policy? if not, we're prepared vote
3:16 pm
>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the policy is passed unanimously thank you thank you, commissioner i also note no public comment or questions item 8 is the resolution of the port naming the general clinic and richard a fine clinic. >> i'm not sure who is representing item - ms. >> if you recall a presentation at the last meeting. >> yes would you like to help refresh our minds on the items. >> there was a proposal on the small video last week of the part of the richard fine to rename the general clinic at san francisco general hospital the richard h fine clinic and the drafts resolution in front of you for your consideration compliant with the - and the draft resolution is before you the motion will be in order. >> so moved. >> is there a second.
3:17 pm
>> there's a second commissioner sanchez. >> yes. >> yeah. i just like to make a comment pertaining to the naming of that clinic regarding dr. fine initially when it was brought before the jc c to be named by the department and in reference to the hourlong program in general many of us attended it was an awesome tribute to a outstanding recommendation to the richmond h fine clinic i sort of took the wind out of my sails it was shifted to dr. richard fines people's clinic and i've been trying to get that out of high head why hadn't it
3:18 pm
bothered me i've known dr. fine when i joined and at 69 all the way through and couldn't think of a more outstanding position to have a clinic named at the san francisco general hospital to have it named that i guess somehow this sort of limitations his focus and maybe i'm just responding many of us were involved in the 60s and 70s in coming back with the gi bill to berkley and at central nervous system that was part of our effort but dick fine was an extraordinary human being he played a key roll in working with many of us at the general to form call the urban healthy
3:19 pm
was a key member it involved every single chief of service at the general from dr. tom surgery to dr. from that he had arctic's and we got them altogether and got the funding, etc. to not only increase the qualities of service based on the philosophy of our faculty and residents the outcomes in reference to what they're doing and dr. fine played a critical role and continues to play a critical role so the funds many of the folks that served only the committees were some of the old guard the services of retired champions and many at the oil library at the san francisco general you saw all departments
3:20 pm
one or two some were submitted with replacements and this is a meaningful thought so i got a few comments from dick fine represents the finest of central nervous system so i want to interject that that needs to be said and something else that is important dick fine figure out through the urban health board to insure the minority students in potrero hill be bayview hunters point and the mission had opportunities through san francisco general hospital did this through the urban health and navigate 4 videotapes we're working with the students and working with other groups to increase access to training and minority positions one the key people involved was francis a mexican-american who become a nurse and got her masters was the director of the urban health
3:21 pm
project and she was showing so impressed with his service unfortunately after they passed away left a scholarship for the students from the valley to go into nursing and paycheck to the services he provided to the community to me had doesn't say enough about him the reason i'm saying that in other types of awards like the staff like the julie the honorees for top residency in each of the departments we think about what dr. discretionary review violence did but julie discretionary review violence he supported many the dean and the chancellor but his commitment was the quality of care at general hospital we had the rapid report and talked about
3:22 pm
who they were and why they're here so as i envision dick fine clinic i imagine their teaching the under graduates and staff what an outstanding position dick machine fine was in the memory of san francisco general hospital that was dedicated to serving i'll regardless of country or people anyway i just want to share that i think that - he doesn't like to be so-called - i mean, he marks to a difficult drum but worked within those organizations and programs to insure that access to qualify remains the flagship of excellence and the medication that no other departments in the central nervous system we feel some of us feel quite strongly it would have been great to keep
3:23 pm
it that way and the curriculum and the training of the future health providers would certainly reflect his philosophy and commitment to people of all walks of life that was what he was through the chair i apologize for getting into that but i'll support it so recommended but i do feel you know it could have been greater had we kept the tradition and used that as an ongoing teaching this is in my opinion. >> thank you, commissioner because commissioner you can amend the resolution but i think i'd ask director garcia. >> yes. i asked the same question and know it is not just people so i asked the same question that request that went through dr. fine and that way i honestly
3:24 pm
think it takes away from what you said dr.ations and fine i believe that went through him and he supported that and in fact he does walk to a different drum i wanted to honor the way he was and i the that through the staffer that presented it i appreciate our comments and puts the meaning that is the bigger title. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. i think we could note the reason it the name is in and unless commissioner you're entitled to amend the resolution okay. any further comments if not all those in favor of the
3:25 pm
resolution as presented please say i opposed any public comment no vision zero update. >> item 9. >> good afternoon, commissioners and director barbara garcia and secretary thanks for the opportunity i'm megan wear the director of the health and sustainability and also co-sponsor of the vision zero task force to present to my colleagues we put together vision zero initiative in may of 2014 the committee passes the resolution in support of vision zero we're here to provide an update. >> so just a give you a little
3:26 pm
bit of background about preceding vision zero san francisco has been annotate leader respect to transportation safety with the first to install the pedestrians countdowns we're all familiar with now we've been a leader with implementing this to schools in 2010 had a mayoral directive for the collision down by 2021 we played a leadership role including for the prelims of a number of improvements and publishing a pedestrian strategy in 2014 vision zero was adopted citywide including by the commission and citywide task force was established i co-sponsor you know despite the exchanges around this at the end of 2013 a girl 6 years old was killed in a
3:27 pm
intersection awhile crossing the 6th death in that december and the city's responses is no more deaths are acceptable and really the only acceptable target is zero we now have san francisco in vision zero that is supportive by a number of city departments the mayor the board of supervisors we meet on a quarterly basis of the task force towards the ends of coordinating around engineering and execution and enforcement and activities to fundamentally will eliminate traffic deaths by 2024 it was introduced in 1997 had much success we needed to design a transportation system that protects the most vulnerable people using the transportation system including people walking and biking and seniors and young people i think
3:28 pm
in many ways that block is consistent with the mission of the department of public health i know this is you guys can you see the map hopefully in our handout i don't know about that slide since vision zero was adapted it is inspiring to see the national limit it growing hopefully, a map that shows the different cities across the country that adopted vision zero and in 2014 san francisco and the city we've got a number of cities in california adopted last year well including santa fe, san diego and a number of cities in the country including portland and seattle and additional cities are really every week their say new energy around our city and country a
3:29 pm
vision to do you want that to san francisco is at the forefront of this. >> yeah. >> oh, no. >> i apologize. >> thank you there's the map and really with respect to in san francisco what we've seen despite early declines in the 90s and the 80s starting in the 2000s we've seen the please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones to in the death in our city thirty fatalities a year up to 2 hundred a year injuries and approximately 70 percent are people walking and biking and half the people killed are walking awhile walking are seniors while i'm here to talk about the leadership that the department is providing in that work including on the task force with respect to the data and analysis and evaluation and education
3:30 pm
engagement in our growing roles as well the task force is co-chaired by mta and dpw we meet as i said on a quarterly basis comprised of city agencies that play a key role no vision zero we've got active community engagement including the neighborhood coalition led and i by walk sf over 40 organized that signed on that coalition it is really existing to see the continued engagement of the community in this work. >> in 2014 and 2015 we had a number of successes with respect to progress on vision zero it's first year we had 24 projects in 24 months 16 projects are underground they're on track to
3:31 pm
completing that project delivery showing the city's commitment with respect to education citywide campaigns honest leadership on this she'll talk about and seen an increase or increase on the part of the police department and working on developing more data tools to make sure that the initiatives are day driven and also has hired a new epidemiologist who is serve for this work as well as advancing with community organizations we have a two year action strategy on our we are talking about that is online that includes more information about the initiatives as well as resolution of the number of departments that joined the hunting in supporting vision
3:32 pm
zero with respect to the action in 2015-2016 i highlighted in blue when i'm talking about we're going to dive deeper on today including the citywide strategy for education to schools and we're excited in the most recent budget in the seniors program is implemented given the disproportionate fatalities among the seniors and monitoring the resources and continuing the community engagement slides on reverse is a high-level summary of the resources into vision zero which is appropriate three-quarters by grants and 25 percent from the general fund with respect to the data piece one key contribution that was identifying the high injury network that map identifies the
3:33 pm
12 percent of street miles of fatality injuries to vision zero includes people in vehicles and riding bikes and vehicles this is in the contained how to effectively have the preservation initiative at its core of vision zero is the fundamentally addressing the issues of evaluated so in red the high injury corridors in communities of concern that are disproportionately low income communities and communities of color and community where people are walking and relying on transit and thor percent of the streets in the city 50 percent of part of high injury network dpw is also working with other city departments to develop accountability metrics we know that the goal of zero fatalities is you know the how to be accountability in the short time
3:34 pm
to have any driven actions and monitoring the impacts on the street a number of metrics we are working to measure in the interim our new epidemiologist we're excited about our collaboration with the san francisco general hospital to work with the trauma sushlgz that treat the patients and working with the polite data to capture 25 percent of cyclists injuries on the records and we're able to target our initiatives and she's really done precedent work meeting with the police department and the transportation agency all on the same page about the monitoring that is very intuitive and simple i sure it you it not as simple as it seems weren't to
3:35 pm
having it consistently recorded to the public and there's a screen side of map that is u updated with respect to fatalities we've also development an online interactive injury data with environmental data on a number of factors that are associated with how we predict and look at it patterns this is a screen shot of map that helps us look at not only the types of injuries but what are the patterns where the aerial streets and fast moving traffic around schools and senior centers and this type of tool has been used for example with the sfmta capital improvement program for pedestrian safety to analyze the patterns and really
3:36 pm
target their engineering to the patterns we see in the corridors so have more program improvement measures and now i'm going to turn it over to ann no way that will talk about education. >> good afternoon, everyone. everybody with respect to education related to vision zero we really are working very close with our partners headed by the mta to create the prosperity citywide strategy to the board of supervisors and the transportation authority outlining all the different educational opportunities welds implement in the next few years for vision zero and we've adopted 37b9 with the information proud about it's the public preservation is not just teaching individuals about how to slow down or cross the
3:37 pm
streets but we're effecting all the levels we're talking to the providers in various was our health providers the muni operators large vehicle operators we're working with the coalitions i'll talk about in a minute and changing our organizational practices and working with flunking 0 policy and we're going to achieve vision zero we have a citywide strategy that outlines a number of different educational opportunities i managed save out to school and as megan tubed we've included the streets for pedestrians and the mayor's office has funded it in the city budget for that the next two years because over 50 percent of pedestrian fatalities are seniors and this is a population that needs a lot of save so save
3:38 pm
outreach we're looking at ways inform coordinate all the information about vision zero and bring that directly to seniors and people with disabilities we focused on creating community-based education this picture is a standard campaign i've worked with supervisor kim's office all over at tenderloin and selma and a had tare highlighting the community residents a professional photo shot that is in the neighborhood we live here please slow down we offer some grants to selective groups that are working in neighborhoods that are on the high injury network walk sf is the leads for the coalition and groups that serve modeling and non-english communities south of market and chinatown ceda and the economic agency with working with groups in their native languages to
3:39 pm
deliver the information a national program we founded in 2009 we're interested in promoting walking and biking for obviously for various reasons of promoting health to make it safety in order to do so we work with the school district and a number of city agencies and a number of community-based groups school starts in 2 weeks we're adding 10 for elementary schools to the program that covers half of the elementary schools i'm proud to say they've passed the vision zero last spring they're one of the lastly partners to join us and as part of changing organizational practices our team worked with the mta to produce intents the schools on the next those are schools that
3:40 pm
have typically high rates of walking and have a lot of injuries in the buffers of school their prioritized to get the improvements to the streets and sidewalks my prime is gene elementary have r half of the population walking to school and the highest number of pedestrian injuries we have asked mta to produce intents and have gotten 3 grants for the elementary we work with the vision zero coalition it is lead by walk sf and in partnership with the bicycle coalition they help folks to keep the city accountability we again offer many grants and the prime example is actually before vision zero we gave walk sf a little less than $10,000 in 2011
3:41 pm
to implement a local option in the subtly was passed to allow the municipalities to implements 15 mile-per-hour school zones we're the only city to fully take advantage of the local option to the city hall's that are eligible other schools in san francisco have done it on a skais basis but walk sf worked with mta to get if implemented for all the schools it makes all the schools once the speed limit drops it helps with the bumps and the speed limits needs to be reduced first, it was done by walk sf i want to acknowledge one thing barbara co-wrote with her counterpart ed reiskin and
3:42 pm
acknowledge the hard work with rachel and the communication team for working closed with the mta communication team in helping to profile vision zero in the communication it's been getting a lot of attention and that's the end of the presentation we're open for questions. >> thank you very much questions commissioners commissioner taylor-mcghee. >> a clarification goith the 15 mile-per-hour they're eligible for the school zone unless they're actually on high-speed aerial so 4 or more lanes not allowed to have that in the state law only 4 schools in san francisco for example betsey carmichael has it does
3:43 pm
not have it on one end which is on 7th street but on the surrounding 3 areas the block that are narrower and smaller so but those streets will be getting bigger improvements through other avenues of vision zero and they're a dozen schools that have absolutely no boundaries the mission school is one1 on 16th street from mission all the way up to church. >> commissioner sanchez. >> this is a think excellent report i'm really glad to see the coordination among the nonprofits this is a good benchmark a number of schools that may not be eligible with the early childhood schools that are part of the school district
3:44 pm
they're not huge but they're very important and they have families that walked or drive cars and drop off, etc. i know them particularly in the mission that contacted us over the years about trying to get signage that shows kids crossing or especially you have like alleys going between and you get cars or motorcycles and bikes and parents are trying to pick up their can i see and the teachers it is really traumatic my question is there some unit that could be contacted or we could refer them to get signs posted both in the eel and in the white zones which they have they have for a year and a half to get the signs saying do not park here it's a real question. >> i'll certainly take that back to mta the issue is
3:45 pm
unfortunately in all of the codes that mta has to operate by the schools are denied by k through 12 we'll brick bring it back. >> it is we're trying to fourth why. >> it comes up repeatedly. >> i'd like to acknowledge tour staff i sat in one of the meetings with the police and municipal transportation agency with a variety of different agencies they've done an incredible jobs where they have the dollars for the endemocrat lots of so the influence of the health department on the transportation system not only for vision zero but other issues have come up in terms of the growing city of san francisco so i want to acknowledge many years of their companionship around
3:46 pm
this area they've done a fantastic job thank you. >> very good eric commissioner king. >> congratulations to our ability to get grants that takes a lot of pressure off the city so congratulations i had a request this request in the future when you give us the data on fatalities by injuries that is what you're aiming for as well and it would be great to track the progress on that. >> it is something having lane in a our epidemiologist that is based out of central nervous system and we are working closely to get not only the severe injuries by the police department. >> defined by the hospital they've got different clarifications at the it is
3:47 pm
important to understand for the reasons to sharing the preliminary analysis and we looked forward to implementing them. >> that's great whether you look at other cities that are farther along than us on in journey what turn out to be the common iltsz that the work is hard to bring the numbers down to zero. >> i mean, i think you know in other - you know the example of other international examples is a movement at the core of sweden the engineering so the reality we have a high-level of commitment but you know taking the time to get into the ground is building up the infrastructure so doing with we they've done a great job they have the effective approach of
3:48 pm
getting things in the ground so you see in the tenderloin removing the parking at the intersections so things go underground and improving the crosswalks or the infrastructure we can do that in the short time and the long term getting things in the ground the 24 projects has been something we're excited about happening but doing that you know there's a vision zero network that is being kicked off nationally in of the former director of the bicycle coalition is the director of that network she just got back from a fellowship in europe how do we bring that to the united states combining those improvements with data and fundamental focusing on speed we have a goal of fatalities and
3:49 pm
speed is the strongest predict so so currently we're not it is not legal to implement something in the state of california but in washington, d.c. they've seen a 50 percent reduction in fatalities so long term with vision zero helping change the culture around how to produce intents human life rather than how fast we get if from a to b we're loading to address. >> thanks. >> yes commissioner. >> thank you for coming back after you presented to us last year as the day that i present to us as the number of walking kids walking or people walking and biking goes up it is how the
3:50 pm
data shows that the numbers are not going on is there a way to look at the encouragement of biking and walking. >> in san francisco we had really strong goals with respect to increasing walking and biking that is being tracked by the sfmta so i think you know vision zero is part of that larger mod role how to see the increases but not seeing the increases in most of the injuries i look at the map of san francisco there are concentrated in the in and of itself quadrant of the city we have the most walking that didn't have to be occupied but walking that is a design problem in the large part we can fix we want more people walking don't have to see the rise a that's
3:51 pm
what they've been able to accomplish. >> that would be great if that data can be a comparison represented. >> all right. so on the accountability and benchmarks then would we be expecting that in the coming report a year from now obviously you're putting a number of things in place. >> yeah. we are. >> we have this raw data it is good it is starting to gown again, i think you have some others to try to do this i actually was - i thought the school zones were 15 miles. >> for years. >> (inaudible). >> please accompany to the microphone. >> sorry not before 2011. >> that wasn't part of motor vehicle code.
3:52 pm
>> prior to that that was 25 mile-per-hour. >> really so it dropped so therefore there is a - there will be signs - there are signs interest. >> there are signs all schools eligible that are signs posted 15 mile-per-hour. >> does that include all schools or only public. >> all parochial and charter and private we have approximately 2 hundred schools in the city and about 2/3rd's is public but all the schools with eligible. >> then i know that there are yell crosswalks; right? are those also paint at all the schools. >> yes. those are specific the yellow to schools. >> all the 2 hundred schools. >> yep all crossing guards eligible at all schools.
3:53 pm
>> it's hard to believe it's been a year since you were all here and you've done a lot is i just by the following year; right? the endemocrat lost and all we should be able to get summer day on what is happening as we move towards it i thought that was great to get international data and see how the other cities are doing a he how we're staying ahead in no further comments we thank you for your report and look forward to you returning with another positive report. >> great, thank you commissioners no public comment item 10 the dpw proposal to modernize the proposal and the city option and create a new city wellness fund. >> this item was introduced at
3:54 pm
the last meeting so you'll have a vote. >> good afternoon, commissioners el lien again in response to the commissions discussion at the last meeting we went back with additional analysis in 3 key areas and submitted a follow-up memo to summarize the work we had done so you asks you to do an economic stress test we performed and asked us for address information to changes to some of the language in the resolution and encouraged us to have an eye it on the developments program for future either further evaluation we discussed it also i'm having the same problem with
3:55 pm
my - but i'll continue i'm on slide 3 of the - i don't know if you have this slide but essentially for the economic stress test we looked at the trends that emerged during the last recession from 2009 to june sorry 2007 to june 2009 june 2009 was when the recovery began we were not fully out of low period at this point we ask the uc berkley does the affordability analysis to look at the historical effect of the recession on san franciscans income they told us two major take a ways the first income shifts towards little lower end of the spectrum of the things in your packet between 2008 and 2010 there was a 9 point increase in the number of san
3:56 pm
franciscans who earned less than 2 hundred and 50 percent of the poverty level those at the lower-income increase and at the same time, a decrease in 5 percent and the incomes shifts peeks in 2010 as incomes grail increase as of the eco report from 2012 at point hadn't reached the recession levels i'm sorry technical difficulties you can't see the power point the other key findings a recession will present a increase in apartment employment for lower than the 2 hundred and 50 percent of the poverty level and another graph in the packet is apartment to that in 2010 and the shift towards lower incomes
3:57 pm
is partially explained by people working apartment during the recession in addition to sorry so we look at the effect of the recession in 2008 and 2009 on bridge to coverage and healthy san francisco on the bridge to recovery program we used the income shifts to model the bridge to coverage in the economic downturn we took the 9 point difference increase in the incomes of people below 2 hundred and 50 percent of poverty and applied that to the projection of the programmers and the 1 point increase in those 0 above 4 percent of income to model our participation overall we anticipate the program is sustainable bus the
3:58 pm
lower-income flshd the federal participation and decreases the participation on local resources the number of people eligible either they moved the job and didn't quality them for the program in new engrossment increases because the employers will be transcribing on their on behalf of that overall increase is greater than than the increase in expenditures related to the people if the program because those additional people are eligible for federal subsidies than the people pavrnt in the program we discussed that uc berkley the inflation scenario in the event that health insurance and bridge to coverage rises but in the coverage of the costs is
3:59 pm
increasing but the employers is tied to the health insurance that also rise at the cost of covered california we believe that is neutral on the program we also did a stress test on healthy santa fe san francisco what does it mean for healthy san francisco and in an economic downturn san francisco will continue to fulfill the 17 thousand ingredient for coordinating the care and continuing to do what it does for us today as previously recorded to the commission a healthy role model the general fund forever the emergency use we the an analysis in our original memo of the 12 hundred individuals we allowed to city in healthy it san francisco as a result of unaffordability of health
4:00 pm
insurance and we element that will void 2 hundred e.r. i have visits at san francisco general hospital enough to provide preventive care for 2 hundred and 35 families new landscape the modernization proposal mitigates the economic downturn of healthy san francisco in two important ways one it eligibility for medi-cal for the lowest income more people will be eligible for - more individuals will be eligible for bridge to coverage giving them coverage and not making them ineligible for healthy san francisco second item the health commission asked you us to look
4:01 pm
at the wellness funds and hesitant on approving the wellness program since the last commission meeting we'll have presented to the small business commission and the health population division we've received valuable feedback from each the presentations small business commission we gave a similar presentation that you got at our last commission meeting no concerns or recommended changes for the bridge to coverage or healthy san francisco components of the proposal and for the employee wellness program the small business commission oebldz the health commission that the small business in particular are not likely to have the means or on the human resources sign to manage a wellness program they asked you us during the stakeholder process to look at developing a program that smaller employers what
4:02 pm
participate in collectively rather than having to manage on their own consultation with the population health division identified other opportunities to partner and say they've generally excited about new ways to partner for example four onsite occupation health and safety training and many clinics for disease testing and they also were excited about the ability to tie those to overall efforts to increase the health literacy and enrollment insurance and addressing building the employer was a critical xhoenlt of chief financial officer the health in san francisco in response to the health commission feedback and the information from the small business commission we've made modifications to the resolution which you have in your form that requests your approval to
4:03 pm
composer and among the option that have the hunting restraining order lubricating taking those services suggested that the health commission asks do us for . >> and finally on the evaluation of the new bridge to coverage program we heard clearly preacher from dr. kateing he wants us to be sure that the impact of the proposal was thought-out and the program design we can do that so we've been in conversation with the san francisco health commission and the bridge to heartache coverage to make sure we can track health updates and citywide health indicators and the health benefits over time that's a summary of memo we
4:04 pm
presented to you in follow-up to your last meeting a revised resolution rather is available for you for your consideration and polk action today. >> thank you commissioners we did receive before your place a written statement from the san francisco labor council which i believe you have endorses the proposed bridge program and had some issues considering the wellness we've heard from the people from mr. paulson and he has submitting that in writing commissioner pating who was unable to be here sent a note he'll encourage and personally feels that health care makes sense and hopes that his fellow
4:05 pm
commissioners b will vote to approve that resolution he also called for us to be mindful of the means for community assistance and contributions from employers employees and all to create a good universal health care program so you have that letter before you are there any - anyone signed up for public comment. >> not received the public comment i apologize for the glitch not someone to help us out. >> commissioners discussion or a motion on the resolution? >> commissioner - commissioner singer. >> thanks colleen and thanks for being responsive to my comments we're getting used to our thoroughness we're super
4:06 pm
helpful your team and you spent a lot of time on i just wanted to say that i appreciate the change to the language on the wellness proposal and as we're getting into that understanding the complexity and trying to make trade offs i encourage the department as our studying it to not get completely sold that we should do this as you study is it you shill have still have to keep in mind the possibility that might not be a good use of funds certainly not arguing those things you've sited in the workplace that are available to itch larger employers are not available and potentially good things to do for the set of san franciscans that work in small employers but i think that one of the goals for studying it
4:07 pm
ought to be if we're as a city going to devote resources practically speaking where are we going to get as much help if we spend those funds someplace else it is hard to measure we have to have that mindset to maybe we're not going to get the return on the investment the universities or other populations that need it much more remember much of those people are access to some health insurance there are other places i add we keep that possibility in mind as we go through this. >> thank you commissioner sanchez. >> i would move the resolution i think that staff has done the group did an excellent job they've listened and had meeting with the small groups the recommendations is needed gives
4:08 pm
us the flexibility to explore all options some of the major functions are interested in funding the links to provide new services those wellness programs are good for preservation in any way to generate that, etc. so you know there's a lot of exploration we could be doing i hope we'll sure we use those foundation grants to provide a unique model we've been able to do over the years again congratulations and move the resolution this afternoon thank you, thank you there's a motion and second. >> any further discussion on the resolution? commissioner karshmer >> thank you you'll for your thorough review and i'm pleased you linked the public health
4:09 pm
division work to this resolution i think this helps at least as you study this helps groub what this is as opposed to everything i don't think - but it builds on the strength that was a nice addition. >> thank you. >> thank you further comments commissioner taylor-mcghee. >> no sorry no further comments then i echo the very fine work and the responses so promptly it is not easy. >> thank you it is what makes it work. >> we're prepared to >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? resolution has passed unanimously thank you. >> thank you, commissioners item 11 other business. >> commissioners any others business you'd like to bring to
4:10 pm
our attention or we'll move on to the next item. >> 12 is a joint conference committee report and you have a july 28th. >> july 28th was the meeting where mr. pickens was serving as is interim ceo and we reviewed the qualities management and regulatory reports and ucsf gave an excellent destruction briefly on their education and research program i believe we'll have the power points given to the commission it shows that very high percentages of trainees that went through the ucsf educational program actually intrerdz services into the under served population therefore fulfilling that mission at ucsf
4:11 pm
general noble in the trained positions but have those available for our underserved population so we'll be getting those slides to everyone we also then reviewed the transition program it has been laid out in very greater detail for projecting that aside from the ribbon cutting that is designated for december that following that we would continue to be - and that's assuming the pods allows us to proceed to be able to stock our building we would then be undergoing a department of public health inspection from the state for licensing and following that which would have approved our policies and procedures to gun to orient people to our hospital
4:12 pm
projecting a may date at this point for occupancy patients but that a plan will be continued to be monitored by the joint conference over the next several months department of water & power what the timeline we followed through with the building itself and presentations in a know fashion to be maids to the commission to broncos you up to date on where we are aside from that in closed session the committee also approved the credentials report and i think if there are any questions i'll be happy to answer any questions not hearing any questions any further joint conference report. >> no public comment. >> item 13 is the committee agenda setting.
4:13 pm
>> okay. so in agenda setting we will remembered i that we have our planning program which will take up the. >> october 6th. >> where is going to be. >> at dwooi van ness and in the public health department division. >> we'll be going to it during our planning commission. >> please be prepared for that beginning at 2 o'clock i think it is. >> yes. >> do we have any further unanimous. >> item 14 which is adjournment. >> okay commissioners, do we accept the motion for adjournment. >> i move we adjourn. >> okay there being no objections well, no - i >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed?
4:14 pm
this meeting is adjournedpx
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4:28 pm
>> (clapping) i'd like po to welcome you all for this ceremony thank you for joining us i hope and trust getting here with the closer it wasn't not hard i to the here at 7:30 we're going to begin the program with the national black anthem of the republic of korea sing the star extending spending
4:29 pm
banner and then bringing on students from korea singing the korean national black anthem please join me with our amendment national anthem ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:30 pm
♪ ♪ (clapping.) >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, if you would please remain standing i'd like to introduce the kids from korean college who are studying for courses in the summer their chicagoan choi flew over with his wife from korean chancellor thank you if the students will
4:31 pm
now come on stage (clapping.) >> smile. >> please cue the national anthem of the republic of korea ♪ ♪ ♪
4:32 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (singing in korean) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . (clapping.) >> thank you very much nice presentation at this point i'd like to introduce our chaplain to
4:33 pm
present the invocation please remain sitting chaplain denny is a retired juney sergeant recipe of the navy cross for valor and purple heart in the battle of the hook during the korean war he's also the current chap lip of the first marin division please welcome denny wiseburg. >> please remain seated in our own persuasion please follow along with what i have to say heavenly father we're blessed you've preserved this spot this glorious place to put a glorious memorial for the korean war we ask you put our loving armed
4:34 pm
around everyone that has to do with with this all the veterans that were there both korean and american in korean during that war their families please remember those we have lost i'll like to ask you to take one momentum of silence in memory of those brave souls in the landing in 1950 and the sounds like from 1950 to 1953 (silence) god we just thank you so much for the privilege of serving you and serving our country's we just thank you so much for this glorious day and glorious
4:35 pm
scene i ask you to put our loving arms around those folks around you are military whatever in harm's way eir otherwise and our families around this will think a be a great educational spot for the future those things we ask in your holy name. >> thank you denny we're very pleased and honored we have a special guest who is joining us former skooirtd 0 george p sxhuflts and his wife for the city and county of san francisco (clapping) and for the state of california secretary councilmember curls who identical was awarded the sole peace prize by the
4:36 pm
government of the republic of korean in 1992 the most recent recipe was from germany george not to make a few remarks please welcome the secretary of state. >> thank you. >> fellow veterans and those who are marines let's goes simplify simplify. >> i started my career in siphon government in the i's hover and isaac closed it out we're proud of that for younger people i's hover was a very wise map man now the relationship with too the united states and south coroner is long and close and during my time as secretary
4:37 pm
of state we worked closely together and i made quite a few of the trips to korean and i remember all the planning that went into the soul olympics and look at the wonderful ways the properties westbound developed one incident that stands out everyone was worried security particular with the north tendency towards take care religious freedom we worked on that. >> and one occasion the sooifb foreign minister was visited me i took him to the white house and reagan said mrvpt steven athletes will be in soul no north korean temper religious freedom that's nailed down thank
4:38 pm
you. >> (clapping.) thank you, mr. secretary. >> will typed i'd like to recognize the people for whom this memoryal a constructed to your right those whiteheads stones 20002 hundred and 73 are for people that fought in the korean war for those men and women and for all of you here we're a debt of gratitude will all korean war veterans please stand and be recognized (clapping.) thank you, gentlemen. >> we also, of course wouldn't be here without donations so wild all donors who that made
4:39 pm
this possible to please stand and be recognized (clapping.) thank you, gentlemen ladies and gentlemen, we also have with us today each of uh our distinguished guests 23rr789 will be speaking several will not i want to acknowledge and recognize them first we have supervisor scott wiener of san francisco and we have vice president of the are korean war million foundation a strong supporter of korean war veterans mr. mann jay kim (clapping.) let's see our next speaker is a
4:40 pm
man who most of you know judge convincing necessarily restored are r retired superior court judge and now want and chairman of the korean war millennial foundation please welcome mr. contra costa (clapping.) >> good morning to everyone i don't know if that gentleman who spoke introduced himself he's jerry regard that is correcter the almost only employee of the foundation and once upon a time and still forever united states marin korean e corp. captain i
4:41 pm
want to recognize him (clapping.) i do have some remarks but i have the responsibility under our sometimes second degree emitted mode of operation of the foundation to recognize some other attendees and guests we're pleased to see here reference was made i'd like that them to stand chancellor and ms. jewishic choi of korea (clapping) and to egon choi the president of the soul san francisco sister city committee (clapping)
4:42 pm
ms. paula collins vice chair chairman of the presidio board of directors (clapping) and other members of the foundation board of directors i'd like to ask them to stand after i recite their them curtis lieutenant commander and frank united states merchant marin who retired (clapping) and we have a wonderful accountant who i would like to say have stand steve lynn (clapping.) i also want to record the fact that president here 3
4:43 pm
representatives of 3 of the members of the u.n. e united nations which participated in the korean war the council general the leggings burger and - (clapping.) deputy council general of id dr. k jay (clapping) and from the consul general of the republic of the philippines reginald bernard (clapping.) it is said and admiral brown is here admiral can you stand please (clapping) it is said that nothing is a
4:44 pm
short as the public's memory those here born before 1935 or before 1940 the memory of june 25, 1950 remains especially for those persons who after that dark day were in or transported to the republic of korea as a soldier a nurse navy, castro street or merchant marin sailor or markup and many of the veterans are here thank god today others present represent americans, koreans and others as president dwight dj iblgs hover
4:45 pm
proclaimed on january 20th, 1953, at much is time in history we who are free much proclaim a new our faith 3 years later came pamela and a troubled trust that continues in tragic division of a people that should be one nation at peace and threatening no other nation we hear assembled should never forget the assumption of the responsibility of the u.n. members led pie america joined by the republic of korea in preserving the great good of south korea our purpose to remind post 1943 generations of
4:46 pm
that struggle the unity of these us bank members and the deaths and wound of those buried cross the road and the 2 hundred millions members military and siphon who died in those 3 years and who lie elsewhere this millennial constitutes a notable undertaking accomplished by a hundred of millions of korean and american we remember when freedom was preserved as part of an asia peninsula that must one day be holy free history is to a nation what memory is to an individual our respective republics are
4:47 pm
built on invented free speech and law and order constructive social purpose and international peace hang cook (calling names) the korean people are peace loving and harding people so two (clapping.) are the americans and unmembers that joined the south korea people with valor to reject gratification and create an example for future generations and eternity to those virtues and to that
4:48 pm
purpose we dictate this historic monument thank you (clapping.) >> thank you, judge cop and the judge mentioned i was a captain in the marin korean i would be remiss in i looked at technology the president here of the general in the marine corp. and the board member of the foundation michael u s generally of the club on memorial street donald reed is a treasurer of the memorial foundation and the personal donor of over a quarter of a million dollars to this
4:49 pm
million he'll be reading a message florida senator dianne feinstein remarks she prepared because her business in washington prevented here from being here today please welcome my guest. >> thank you jerry good morning ladies and gentlemen i'd like to acknowledge first secretary schmitz and also judge cop former judge and mayor ed lee it pleased me very much to make those comments on the on behalf of senator feinstein she would today, we celebrate the groundbreaking for the bay areas korean million that commemorates
4:50 pm
and honors the courageous korean war conveniences with their surface for freedom and democracy it is fitting indeed that a permanent million be located here as san francisco was the point for so many americans that fought in that war and the end of the journey for so many who returned through the golden state both living and dead this million will help to insure the all of a sudden forgotten people are remembered to all korean veterans thank you for your services and my thanks to everyone for the support of this million and our remembrance of the modern 2 hundred and 50 thousand americans and south korea's allied soldier that gave their lives in the name of the freedom for the republic of
4:51 pm
korea thank you senator dianne feinstein (clapping.) thank you, don i neglect of duty to mention following 24 ceremony to our left food will be served complimentary luncheon for anyone that wants to stick around and eat i for one will typed i'd like to introduce a gentleman who most of you know the honorable mayor edwin lee city and county of san francisco mr. mayor (clapping.) >> thank you, captain parker and thank you for your service to our city and country hello, everybody
4:52 pm
welcome you know, i think our particular blessed this morning since i believe according to nancy who is the chairperson everyday is foggy but today not foggy you know i don't have an opportunity to thank my dad for being a veteran i'll speak through the veterans here to thank him that's why here today i'm proud to stand here and celebrate the long awaited groundbreaking for the site of the million dollar our veterans have chesterfield chosen i think that is an outstanding site and perfect for this memorial it certainly commemorates and honors our well deserving veterans and together we in san francisco will always remember
4:53 pm
remember the americans that fought in the all of a sudden forgotten war with their brother and sister in south korea i want to thank again, the houbl inventing i quinton cop and men's e members of the coroner foundation have insured the future generation those you saw sing and many more who perhaps with that reminder never forget the true cost of war and certainly the true price of freedom today thousands of military veterans call san francisco their home in our city i working along with supervisor scott wiener and the entire board of supervisors we will not turn our backs on the dedicated veterans that made surfaces for our freedom so the
4:54 pm
the men and women return from the armed services we'll make sure they get proper support and services from education to jobs to housing in our city burglary make sure they're not on our streets and i i want to give a specialized recognize by the end of this year thangsz to the generosity of benny hoff and other volunteers we'll end homelessness for veterans in san francisco. (clapping.) i've had the privilege of knowing now for almost two years our consul general from korea i want to thank him for his friendship and our soul sister city to visit soul and honor the people of south korea and to
4:55 pm
make sure we continue this wonderful relationship that we have in culture and education and more and more in the business relationships all san francisco should take pride in this million that hours the korean veterans thanks to the service their services will not be forgotten and all of us all of us have benefited by their service to protect our feemz and given what has happened of the things we celebrate in san francisco i want to say that freedom is pretty nice to have and that's why we need to thank people that have surfaced the ultimate for this let this million also stand for a testament not only for war but to the freier and the united states and republic of korea
4:56 pm
that builds a partnering that provides us what opportunity for culture an education and economic collaborations and i look forward captain and consul general and minister kim and george and charlotte and to the wonderful foundation leaders and to honorable judge cop to this day we not just kick start this but see this million and is a shake our hands yet we all night in the future of generations to appreciate what occurred then and what we do for each to keep our nation's strong thank you very much (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you, mayor ed lee at this point i'd like to say to bring judge cop back to the
4:57 pm
microphone for a special introduction judge cop. >> my pleasure to present the honorable kim i couldn't know who a member of the national assembly of the republic of korea chairman of the american veterans of korea foundation an organization dedicated to supporting veterans representative kim flew here from soul yesterday for this occasion and at 2:00 p.m. believe it or not he's going to be as sfo flying back to soul so join me in a happy greeting to representative kim i couldn't know (clapping.)
4:58 pm
(clapping.) >> good morning, everybody. we speeding i would like to congratulate the millennial foundation for today is groundbreaking ceremony of this million in san francisco i would like to thank the san francisco korean million foundation and the president quinton co-cop sea others for hosting simple a mooifb be event and thank you to mayor ed lee, consul general hang and kay vice president of the cornell
4:59 pm
being leaders today most importantly i'd like to gnaw my deepest gratitude to the korean war veterans and families that devoted themselves to protect freedom and peace in the republic of korea it is my privilege and honor to attend to today is ceremony and deliver a speech on behalf of the republic of korea 2 years ago as the president has a special envoy i attended the 16th anniversary which was held and coroner million no washington, d.c. in front of a president obama and about 10 thousand korean war veterans and their families i promised to establish a
5:00 pm
foundation to support those hero these and others last year, i promised the american developers of the korean.
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>> good evening and welcome to the wednesday, august 5, 2015 of the san francisco general hospital the presiding officer is ann lazarus and joined pie commissioner vice president honda and commissioner swig and commissioner bobbie wilson to my right is tom owen the deputy city attorney that provides the board with legal advice and the process clerk i'm cynthia goldstein the board's executive director we're joined by representatives from the city departments that.
5:09 pm
>> good morning, everyone yeah. today, i'm very proud to you know have this meeting because we are very luke in our you know city history we have the best leader you know leading us you know we've even though i feel everybody agree with me our mayor is the best you know working and dictated that's why we learn from him the department of building inspection our mission so to protect life and property for the public that's why today we are proudly to have our honorable mayor
5:10 pm
mayor ed lee to come over to you know make that announcement please welcome mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> director i'd like to give a quick interpretation. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) (laughter). >> i just want to say thank you
5:11 pm
to the young people here to the family people here and not so young folks that are here to come together to receive this very good news of our city's willingness to support grants that are aimed another residents small business owners are property owners as well and visitors get educated about the very strong possibility of the next big earthquake i wanted to first of all, say thank you to tom when i was a young attorney many, many years ago my for at a in chinatown was to do hours i want to venture have an active department of building
5:12 pm
inspection speeding i also wanted to make sure i always had is strongest district supervisor as we have in julie christensen. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and i do have now as the mayor very strong representatives of very important departments like our fire chief our department of the emergency services and our police department and whitens our rec and park department that are all here together to join not only in this announcement but in the various roles they'll
5:13 pm
play in preparing people so for the expected earthquake in the next 25 years. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> most importantly is you who are the residents people that work in chinatown, people that live here and the people you invite and also the invaluable services leaders like sarah or other youth person speeding i
5:14 pm
know that many of you in in this room in english or chinese saw the san andreas movie that is i'm not sure i cannot but we have 3 serious facility lines that come into the city and county of san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> supervisor christensen and i have had many discussions
5:15 pm
about making sure that our communities all over the city but particularly those that maybe immigrant and low income communities like chinatown and mission and other areas of the city get attention when it comes to education and preparation to withstand and survive successfully an earthquake. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very fortunate and so are other agencies to have a department of building inspection leader in the name of tom huey that made sure the building fees results in education and preparation for people like families and seniors
5:16 pm
to be better prepared in a multi cultural way. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so we're now and then two specific grants today each for a hundred thousand dollars those grants will be granted to c y c and to conduct the training workshops to have practices in sro's buildings to have finally communications with youth in our city with seniors and family anybody's not only to prepare
5:17 pm
but practice everything from cpr to having enough applies to making sure there are ways in which to contact family madam clerk, any other business before this committee? men's all with a goal of making sure that everybody survivors successfully after a major earthquake. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> chinatown is particularly important to us because of the
5:18 pm
historically old buildings that people live in and the number of people that are condenses in this area we want to make sure you're all safe. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thanks to the leadership of our rec and park we're here at a major center our for the square to make sure that the education programs can be conducted safely deeply in different languages but also do so at the willie playgrounds where c y c community colleges their sessions between my sessions of playing ping-pong (laughter)
5:19 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> and again thanks to our leader and department of emergency here collaboration with our fire chief i want to especially thank her and her staff makes sure we're stave during the 4th of july weekend and we were but we're also working outside find chinatown to prepare young people and seniors and their families to make sure they have all the training and preparation we must do this on occasion every if one or years people move out and
5:20 pm
forgot we have better technology to help us and better practices as we learn i want to thank everybody that joins us to make sure that everybody is safer and make sure we don't have the devastation but people that are well prepared school sites, parks, recreation centers, sro's our senior housing complexed our family housing collections and nonprofits all engaged in a very good ongoing dialog to support each other that's why we will be a city that will survive the major earthquake.
5:21 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so let me now introduce someone that is a fanatic and already shown herself to be a great supervisor not only working on this but helping to create a lot of senior housing we'll, make those announcement in the short weeks to create more housing opportunity for chinatown and north beach but champion from the district let me introduce to you our supervisor julie christensen (clapping.) just. >> good morning. i think the best time is when we have leadership like our mayor ed lee and our department heads and
5:22 pm
they're working closely together with nonprofits like c y c and self-help for the elderly and the residents of the community to do good thing for chinatown in district 3 i'm excited bmw this program is a good example of the way city government worked with the nonprofits in the community and we all benefit but especially important that peep brarpt in this program they come to the train an earthquake will happen you know someday there will be a occasion we'll need the information i want everybody in this room to be among those people that know what to do that have the supplies and the information they need not only so keeping you informed we know keep ourselves save but be helpful to our neighbors and friends in the community i'm encouraging everybody to participate
5:23 pm
as a volunteer and an advocate in the neighborhood before i was supervisor i was always asking the city for money and support please give me money for this park or street or for that ect it is wonderful as a periphery now to be the giver of these things to the community so i'm very grateful to mayor ed lee and to my colleagues at the board for being so generous this year with chinatown we have money for the nonprofits we have money for safety we're going to make kearny street safer and our situations near lady shaw safe we have money to do do have money for the parks it is a good year for chinatown and district 3 with the budget i'd like to mention it is related to the earthquake safety program we have a project with
5:24 pm
the fire department and roof deck we'll put free smoke alarms in people's houses you only have to call - sorry. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> yeah, he get excited all that 234u78z very are a free smoke alarm call and basically contact and union contributes
5:25 pm
will put a free smoke alarm in our house to you and your neighbors will be safer please support in program and please give big thanks to the mayor and the c y c and self-help this is a great program (clapping) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> first of all, i need to thank you supervisor christensen
5:26 pm
you know for coming to talk to you today first of all i want to tell you a story regarding myself you you know a person that touched was prepare this is very important for earthquake i joined the city one day before city earthquake as a service as luke the united nations is a major u.n. loss of the tragedy but i do the training bra i join the city and internet buildings but i helped the other departments how to internet and all those those i feel you know this is my duty to help you when there's a major event you need to do it yourselves that's why we put the fund for you know both like the
5:27 pm
mayor echo with the mayor said the young generation to help and then you know we don't want let me say people with respect and be treating as our angle to help out to reach out to make sure the public know how to prepare themselves during the major event but you know this program takes some time more an year with the mayors and supervisors help my department willing to fund the education we'll do more our department efficiently to do outreach before i'd like to ask a person from c y c to
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