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tv   Police Commission 72215  SFGTV  August 12, 2015 4:30am-6:01am PDT

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chair called the meeting to order. can you please turn off electronic devices as they interfere with the equipment in the room and please rise for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [inaudible] welcome to the wednesday july 22, 2015 meeting of the san francisco police commission. first of all i want to apologize for being late but getting here from financial district proved more serious than i thought today. this evening i want to start off by letting everyone know
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that we will be adjourning tonights meeting in memory of scot of the hayward police department killed in the line of duty this this morning. [inaudible] call the first line item, please. sorry. excuse me, this is our meeting in the community. the police commission is always very enthusiastic about this meeting every month because it gives a time to come to the community, hear what is going on both the positive and negative and work arm and arm with the community to see what improvements can be done, what things we are doing right and what direction we should move in because it is our community meeting and we want to give folks tonight to
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hear who we are as well. my name is julius termen and the vice president of police commission. suzy loft us is not with us tonight. she is excused. during the day i am the department chair of the labor employment group of the [inaudible] where i practice labor and employment law. >> good evening my name is victor faung and happy to be here tonight and a resident of this police district. [inaudible] by day i'm the deputy director of api legal outreach. we are a non profit law firm in the 40th year. we provide legal service in domesting silence, immigration, elder abruce and representing the undocumented youth coming
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over from guatemala and other central american nations >> hi, my name is sonia mulatta and kurg the day i work at saint francis hospital and on the faculty of san francisco state university and live in this district on [inaudible] >> tom [inaudible] for the members of the commission and most senior member tonight until doctor marshall gets here. in the day i'm partner in a law firm and prior to that assistant district attorney assigned to units 234cluding the gang unit. went to private practice when i went to the commission. >> why don't you start with the roll call >> president loft us is excused. vice parenthesis dntsd therman, here.
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commissioner marshall is in root. commissioner dejesus is excused. commissioner wong, present. also is deputy chief [inaudible] chief of police and director of nob naurb joyce hicks and mr. vice president you do vaquorum. >> thank you madam secretary. to start off with laej ladies and gentlemen of this is the community meeting and excited to hear flum community and will have substantial amount of for public comment but before we get to that we'll have a presentation by your district captain and there are a few lines of business we need to take care of ahead of time. with that can you call the line item, adoption of minutes for
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may 13, june,thry, june 10, 24, and july 8. >> in the packets are the minutes sergeant just identified. hopefy you had a chance to read through the minutes. are there comment or additions and will entertain a appropriate motion >> i move to accept. >> second. >> sergeant kill shah is moved and second. all in favor? >> opposed. those minutes are approved as written. >> item 2, consent calendar receive and file action. request the chief of police to accept a donation och mego former poloty machine nob nub for use at the police academy valued at approximately 6 thousand dollars. >> ladies and gentlemen, when
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the department receives or gives in excess of a certain amount, which i believe is 50 dollars, it comes upon the police commission to approve the acceptance of those gifts. in your packets should be information about this donation [inaudible] it is something he plan tooz donate to had academy. chief [inaudible] do you have anything you want to add? >> good evening vice president therman and commission. [inaudible] i would like it add anything that promotes to the helths and well being of the officers allowing them to be healthy and at work and provide the services to the community is a benefit for the department and request you approve this
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gift to the department. >> colleagues are there questions? >> will the chief be doing pulotys or maybe yoga? >> colleagues this item is on our consent calendar and there are no questions. all in favor of accepting this gift? any opposed? any abstentions. the action item is approved and thank tooz mr. dean graufoes and the folks at 440. >> item 3 report to the commission discussion 3 a chief report review of recent activities. >> good evening chief [inaudible] >> good evening. my name is deputy chief [inaudible] chief of staff for greg sir who is out of town. i want to thank
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captain [inaudible] for hosting us this evening. on to my report we had 2 shootings overthe past week, one of them in the bay view district on 1600 block of south. this happened approximately 6 olock in the evening last wednesday. officers respond today 1600 block of the south. the victim walked into sfgh to a gun shot wound. he stated he was walking to the store and shot by a unknown suspect. the gang task force is investigating this case. the faultoge day there was a shooting in the mission 656 in the evening. officers respondsed to haircern and cesar chavez and located a victim with a gun shot wond
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wournd to the chest, transported to general hospital where he is in critical but stable condition. we expect him to survive. he was not interviewed due to the condition and [inaudible] is investigating that case. on to other matters within the department, another cit class graduated last thursday on the 16. we have a group of officer tooz the trained officer and one service aid and brings the total to 344 officers trained to date. we have cat officers assigned to all district stations in the city and believe on all watchs as well. also, we have had a cadet graduation last week. 20 cadets graduated from a intensive training program at the academy. these cadets come from various neighborhoods in
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san francisco and move to internship positions within the department. this program is designed to give youth hands on skill squz leadership development. these are [inaudible] volunteer cadets. the hope is to move them to cadet of the paying cadet program, the psa, police officers or other fields in the crimial justice system. the 244 police recruit class graduating august 13. there were [inaudible] we hope they make it through the remaining 3 week squz assigned to the district stations upon graduation. the next 2 weeks, august 3, 248 class will start. we'll have another 50 academy recruits so we are rebuilding the ranks with the hiring we have been doing for the past year and a half. the new district boundaries went
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into effect sunday. tenderloin being one of those [inaudible] previously assigned to the southern station is reassigned to the tenderloin station pick tupe continue their responsibility of paroling midmarket area. so far there have been no problems with the switch over. i wish to thank the commission for your work on this effort, the controllers office, the department of emergency management, the public safety strategies group and lieutenant walsh if you will talk about the district boundaries for their work on this project. lastly, as you mentioned at the beginning of your remarks vice president therman, hay word pd scott [inaudible] was killed in the line of duty. i contacted
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hay word pd to extend or condullances. our thoughts and prayers are with them all. >> thank you chief. any comment or question s for the chief? thank you chief. the only thing i would like to draw attention to is the departments doing a [inaudible] job of recruiting the classes and getting them through there academy. these are people we need and appreciate the effort going into the recruitment and training and getting these folks assigned. as for the cadet taxes it is excellent training and a excellent opportunities so grateful for the department for having this program as well. thank you. next line item >> item 3 b rks occ directors report, review of recent activities. >> good evening director hicks.
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>> good evening vice president therman and member oz the commission. i am joyce hick jz the drecktder of the san francisco office of citizen complaints. in addition here tonight is senior investigator shery fletcher. she is here in the audience. it is pleasure to be here this evening to speak with you about the functions of the office of citizen complaint. we are also known as the occ and the first oversight law enforcement agency in the united states only surpassed by chicago and new york over site agencies. both may 2015 final report of president obama task force on 24 century policing and the march report from the civil rights division of the
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department of justice of civil rights violation in ferguson acknowledge oversight of law enforcement and community oriented policing. the office of citizen complaints was created by a board of supervisors sponsored charter amendment and adopted by san francisco voters in 1982. we became operational in 1983. we are 33 years old and we were originally an office of the police department under the-now we are placed under the direction supervision of the police commission. we are a independent agency and separate from the police department. the police commission is also a civilian body as the occ is.
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the occ's function is assist in the police department in building trust with the community by being a bridge and also police policy. to that end, the occ's mission is to insure police accountability by conducting fair, timely and unbiased investigations of police misconduct or negligentive duty and make recommendation on police policy and practices ask conduct mediation between the complainants and the policeism in california law enforce mentd agencies have a peerjs to investigate complaints by member thofz public against police officers. in san francisco the occ serves that office for the san francisco police department. the occ staff is a diverse group of civilians who have never been
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san francisco police officers, but some of them have been officers in other law enforcement agencies. the occ has 35 employees, the majority of who are investigator and the balance affthe staff consist of attorneys and support staff. due to recommended budget enhancements, we are will soon have 39 employees. i'll now talk about occ's investigation process. we conduct an investigation of complaints to find out what happened. we follow the evidence and interview the person who brought the complaint, the involved officers and civilian witnesses. we have supeen apower to compel testimony and obtain evidence. we obtain
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evidence from the police department in the form of police report and other dumeation generated by the department. in our investigations visit the site of the alleged acuns and gather by taking photographs a place of the persons in addition to other evidence gathering. our aim is to complete our investigation within 9 months and with limited exceptions because of california law we must complete our investigation within a year. when we complete a investigation we make a findsing of whether the complaint of officer violated any police department rules or local state or federal laws. the standard of proof the occ uses is the preponderance of the evidence. it means the property of the complaint of conduct that occurred is more likely than not, that is the probability is greater than 50 percent. when we conclude our
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investigation, if the occ finds a officer violated a rule, we will [inaudible] the chief can impose discipline up to a 10 day suspension. if it is our daurmation that the discipline would exceed 10 days then we would forward the finding to the police commission for action. police commission has jurisdiction over cases where recommended jurisdiction is greater than a 10 day suspension. another nungz occ performs is mediating complaints. we provide mediation as a altern trfb to discipline. last year occ mediated 50 cases and that represents 7 percent of the 706
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cases we closed last year. the mediation program allows complainants to resolve with the accused officer in person and it is dispute resolution format. the goal is bring the involved parties toort together in a effort for the parties to achieve a mutual understanding. we have a partnership with community board and san francisco bar association and through that we are able to use neutral mediation or a mediation program. we conduct our mediation in languages other than english. the mediation program is a voluntary program which means officers and complainants must agree to mediate. last year 94 percent of eligible officer participated in our mediation program. i'll also discuss statistics this evening of the
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cases we received in 2014 and how we resolved complaint. we received 728 complaint in 2014 representing 1 case increase over the cases we received in 2013. last year we sustained allegations in 8 percent of the cases weclosed. we found proper conduct in 19 percent of the allegations we investigated and founds 3 percent of the allegations were unfounded or not true. the largest percentage of allegations we received were for unwarranted action followed by conduct reflecting discredit. unnecessary force complies 8 percent of the allegationess and received 4 allegations of unnecessary force or 3 percent of the complaints. a majority of the allegations received were for negligented duty. about 50 percent of them. in looking at who the complainants
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are who file complaints with the occ, 26 percent of the complainants were african american, caucasian comprised 27 percent. another 26 percent declined to state the race. included asian americans at [inaudible] native americans and pacific islanders at 2 percent and 2 percent other. occ staff has several languages included cantonese [inaudible] 2 of the investigators are bilingual because a lot of interviews we conduct are in spanish. for languages other than mentioned we obtain interpretation suvss. last year we conducted case intakes [inaudible] 3 percent of our case intake, [inaudible] less than 1 percent. one in korean,
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less than 1 percent and one in russian. you can learn more about the occ on the website, finally, we are located on the 7th floor of 25 van ness avenue near the corner of van ness and market. we are easily accessible by public transportation and receive walk in complaints regarding police conduct during week days monday-friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. we also receive complaints by telephone, e-mail, mail, on line and fax. we have a after -answering service for after
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hours complaints. in critical complaints after hours an investigator will meet with a complainant in very urgent situations. you can also file a complaint at the district police station or in station personal elwill forward the complaints to us. if any of you would like additional nrfgz about the occ this evening i introduce senior investigator shery fletcher in the audience and can answer questions and also have brochured available. that concludes my remarks. thank you >> colleagues any questions for director hicks? >> thank you. >> director hicks, i want to thank your and your department because know that you have had challenges with resources and you always have done a extremely good job. i want to
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find out though with the new success in the budgeting process, i'm sure you told me this already, but where are you planning to allocate these new 4 members of your staff? has that been decide or are you still considering it? >> where are we going to allocate the staff members or the positions that are authorized to our investigator positions as well as a attorney position as well as information technology position. >> good to know. thank you very much. thank you mrs. fletcher for joining us as well. all right. [inaudible] >>iteal 3 c commission report.
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commission president report, commissioners reports. >> [inaudible] vice president has nothing to report. anything further? another to report, colleagues? commission announcements and scheduled items. identify for consideration at future meetings is that where we are? >> yes, item 3 d. announcement identified for future meetings. there is no meeting july 29. the next meeting will be august 5 at city hall and then august 12 the meeting will be held at the tenderloin district station which will be at 240 turk street, the crock center. >> that will start 6 p.m.? >> the district station meeting, yes. >> colleagues any other item
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you want to identify? all right, let's mover to the next line item >> any public comment on item 3 abc or d? >> any public comment? no, it isn't but if you want to make a comment mrs. brown, feel free. >> my name is paulette brown and here concerning my son wloo was murdered august 13, 2006 to a semy automatic gun. all because he saved someone elses life. it is going on 9 years and as a mother i'm still
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grieving and where i can talk about my son and bring up so his case is not solved and it is a cold case. my son was-just turned 17 years old. he was murdered saving someones life and no justice and i'm speaking justice for my son. people go who did this to by son. no one wants to point the finger. that is why the case isn't solved. i have to walk around and this is all i have left of my son, his body. this is all i have left. his birthday is coming up and this is all i have left. where i can go and bring thup information about my son, i need to. this is my therapy and i bring this up all the time. if i-went to the police commission at city hall and you were not there, i had to look for you and it isn't i'm
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chasing you brut i need to bring this up at the police commission. all the time i am fighting for my son and other union men and people dying on the streets and i want to give my condolances for the police officer that passed away this morning or today. i know his family was waiting for him to come home, just like we were wait frg our children to come home. this hits everybodys family, nobody is exempt from this. we all need a do something, we need to solve these cases especially the unsolved cases. everyone has a family and everyone waits for their family member to come home and when things like this happen the families suffer and it never ends. it never ends. when the autopsy people finish with you this is what you have
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left no matter where you are shot at. i'm speaks just frs my find, his name is [inaudible] he was murd urd in the streets of san francisco. he was about to graduate. this is all i have left. something needs to happen. the killing needs to stop. every time i look at children shows of someone getting murdered i relive it every day. my sons case number and i will say it and sit down, his case number is 060862038. anybody sfgov, who ever is watchs this, our childrens cases need to be solved. i shouldn't have to do this. that's it.
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>> ladies and gentlemen i cannot imagine what mrs. brown is going through over these 9 years. as you know, the san francisco police department maintains a tip line for confidental nrfshz information, if you have information call that line at 415, 575-4444. any other public comment? seeing none public comment is now closed. >> item 4, discussion and possible action to adopt revice department general order 1.02 district boundaries or take other action if necessary action. >> colleagues in your packet is a draft of general order number 1.02 as many of you know we spent a great deal of time both meeting all over the city with
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the public, working with the department and other stackholders in the drawing of the district lines and they went into effect next sunday but need memorialize that in a ddo and will turn it over to introduce this particular dgo. >> thank you commissioner therman and commissioners mptd lutenent peter waums and work in the [inaudible] on july 19 as aiostated at 6 a.m. the san francisco police department switched to the new district boundaries with the aid of dem and several other agencies so the districts are in place by your vote on april 2015 you selected the maps that would eventually and that are now in place so the general order simply reflects what your vote showed on april 15 is just a
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mirror image in words and ask you to date it to july 19 and accept as the new orders of district boundaries. >> thank you. any questions for lutenent walsh >> is there 3 or 6 month review to see if it is working out or if we did something stupid and conducted the dot in the wrong way ? >> we are going to review and look at the data as it comes. that is more of a question as far as being able to reopen if a disaster happened or anomaul, i think you did a great researching it with the help of the controllers office and think with the chief and everybody this decision will work out but i will defer because is issue every 10 years under the charter that it goback it the city attorney to
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see if that is a responsibility. >> do we have it on calendar for possible review or would the chief signal to us there is a problem and something we need to correct? >> it is my understand and discussion with [inaudible] this morning within the 6 to 9 month range will give a better idea. we will have a review and discuss it. we are not sure that the city charter and the rules allowtuse amend it at that point but we'll have a review. within the 6 to 9 month range and continuing forward. >> thank you. >> i'll look to hear from the public as to their comment as well. chief [inaudible] >> it is part of this district boundary analysis moving
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forward, the deputy chef of operations are constantly evaluating and determine staffing needs if we need to increase staffing with the acad amclasses that will graduate. we have the ability to assign them as they graduate to make up for calls for service that we think are not being handled or efficiently they should so we will be evaluating in 6 or 9 months down the line if you want to a update we can provide a update on that. >> okay, colleagues for your information commission president oft us and i have gone by line and made the edits to [inaudible] and it does
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reflect the process to the district boundaries. with that in mind i'm willing to entertain a motion if there are no further questions or comments. >> at this time i move to adopt the order with reference to new district boundaries >> i second that. >> because the dgo sergeant cell shawl do i need a roll call vote? >> no. >> all in favor to accept dgo 1.02 with the revized district boundaries effective july 15, 2015. >> aye. >> any opposed or abtensions. thank you that action item is adopted. lieutenant walsh.
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sergeant killshawl next line item >> item 5 captain denise flarty >> well. we look forward to hearing what is going on following your presentation. >> good evening commissioners and members of command staff and community members as well. i'm captor deneez flairty. i have been the only commanding officer for 7 weeks in that period of time i had the opportunity to witness dedicated officers do great police work. they are met with challenges on a daily basis and through their efforts they meet our ecpectations and quite often surpass them. i'm
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equally impress bide the communities drive to be part of the solution in the community squu long with that the officers at tearville station recognize the partnership with that community. so, this evening i won't put you to sleep with a powerpoint. i'll attempt to address as i do my community members so i tend to talk and i will go over the tearville district a little bit and also bring up the concerns that most impact the community and what we hear from them and how our officers are responding. currently win the tearville we have 109 signed and [inaudible] 5 civilians. the members are separated by captain staff, by a incredible station investigative team led by inspector mullen. we have a day watch, which is broken up into o 600 watch and a later
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watch that starts at 11 a.m. and a night watch which compiles the swing watch and midnight officers. to the side, the tnt, there are 4 officers that are dedicated in working in the areas of concern and they fall under the investigative team as well. right now within the tearville we have 15 sergeants and officers who language profinishant. they specialize in cantonese, french, mand ren, spanish and tugalling. we spend them out between the day and night watch. we have 24 sergeant officers on the crise intervention team. this was mentioned by dc [inaudible] 17 of those officers runder our day watch and 7 under the night watch. our crisis intervention training is offered quarterly
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and as commanding officers we do the best to serve 2 to 3 office rbs at a time so we look forward to seeing those numbers increase. as far as the personal break down by race and gender, 15 percent are female and 85 are male. this falls in line with the population of female officers in the department so reflect ivof what the department has and broke it down by race as well. we have 40 percent white officers, 31 asian, 12 hispanic, 13 philippineee and 2 percent black and other falls under that. our district is the largest in the city and that may pose to us some challenges gegraphly in the officers responding, i think they do a wonderful job maneuving through the district and get toog the calls. we are broken into 6 sector cars and within the
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community yp supported greatly by my c pap which is community police advisory board and community groups. the community groups i have listed are the ones we interact with the most. there are a lot of neighborhoods watch groups as well valuable to the process. and then we are lucky enough to have 4 district 4 board supervisor, tang, yee, avalos and london breed. i will say in my time i have been at tearville station supervisor tang and supervisor yee have been very responsive, very proactive and the community relies on them to pass information through to us and we are able to devise plans together and not only devise the plans but come up with follow up also. so, let's review the crimes that impact the community. we are fortunate in the tear ville
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ville district to have a high rate of crime. we did a comparison to 13-14 and 14-15. shooting and homicide is down and domestic violence with a slight increase. the next 3 slides are the crimes that impact the community the most. they are the crimes that the communities most concerned about. it is the crimes i get the most e-mails about and the community meetings are about. robberies in the tearival district have gone up. 50 percent of the robberies occur on instreet and 25 are commercial robberies and finish out the final 25 percent of residential or muni robberies. burglaries, come up often for us. we have a increase. the most frightening are hot prowls
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and take place when you are home and the sus pebt comes home. we have a large pattern of knock enforced burglaries where a suspect come tooz the door and knock and if they hear nothing they go to the back door and come to the home. we do outreach because when the suspect hears someone is home they leave so we spend a lot of time doing outreach, on the website, letting people know what they can do to prevent from being victim jz what they should do once they are victims. we also seen a increase in grad bike thefts so we talk about locking up their bikes. through the public education we talk about prevention and with director susan burton this week from project safe we were able to discuss service they offer,
5:13 am
bike scrurt and went over the kids and cops program and other things we can do as far as pedestrian and bike safety. then we talk to the community as a benefit of security cameras and alarm system squz we are very fortunate in this day and time we do get a lot of citizens with the cameras and can give the information. auto burglaries on the rise. in the month of may we had a peek in themism we attribute that to [inaudible] in the district as well as a golf tournament. auto burglies are tricky because they require a lot of surveillance. the officers have to be consistently. it takes time. when i was a young officer i remember having to be out there for many many days trying to track suspects. with the staffing we have we try to
5:14 am
push the midnight officers so we can get them out of their uniform and into the plain clothe squz a lot of public awareness of letting the community know not to leave anything visible in the car and lock the doors. i understand how the community is feeling, i receive a lot of e-mails and people exspessing how they feel victimized when they come to the car. i was a member of the city and county resident and was in that spot as well so i'm very sympathetic. then we do follow up. a lot oof times we are told something is stolen we have eerlth the psa or cadet call back and get follow up information for serial numbers and any other information they may have for us. i added this slide gauze because i want to show how wide spread it. is we
5:15 am
try to be strategic and when we vaissue like this we try it go at it the best we can but this is how the district looks in the month of june in regards to auto burglies mpt [inaudible] field interview cards. the officers are always encouraged to fill them out. [inaudible] would be used in times if they came into a consensual encounter with a subject or if they detain somebody but the interaction didn't warrant them writing a police report. we encourage the officer tooz fill out the fi cards that are entered into a data base. what is great about the fi cards is they allow us to link subject together. what vehicles they rin, the locations they frequent in the district so a officer that is doing a investigation may have a few tips on what is suspect may be and when they search it they
5:16 am
may get a link based othen field interview card. the first sinsh months of the year the officers issued [inaudible] fi cards which leads the district in the city. now i'll give over the podium to actingue tenent inspector mullen. i wanted to highlight the great work the station is doing. we refer to them as [inaudible] so i give you inspector mullen. >> thank you captain. members of the commission, command staff and public. thank you for giving me this opportunity to let know what the investigation team and tearival. i have been with the department for 23 years and coming to tearival it is interesting to see the explosion of the technology that happened over the recent years. in my tenure i haveants
5:17 am
n't seen such great tools to combat the crimes occurring in tearival and sit a wide. the crime data ware house we use now is a great tool. it gives information that we can actually pull information out of and we construct our officers to target certain areas within the tearival district as it relates to property crimes, robberies and burglaries. so, we also have the use of video now. it has come of age where a lot of private and commercial establishments have video in their works on their perimeters so we are establishing a catalog of these within the district and have over 200
5:18 am
cataloged now. we can access when the crime occurs and go to the sites and ask them if we can utileize their video which led to great arrests. we have one of the best video officers in the department. he is very highly technologically experienced. he is a great officer and he is able to go out into the field, pull nrfgz as investigators we can utilize to solve crimes. the other thing is that the department has recently supplied all the smart phones to all the investigators not only to us but to the officers in the field, so that is giving us a whole different view of having this readily available information that we can use out in the field so it is all about communication, getting information to everybody in
5:19 am
the field and it would help for officer safety and it is also to catch the bad guys, if you will. our e-mail system is remarkable. i'm kind of old school so i'm getting into the new technology and the use of the e-mail system within the depermanent has become such a incredible tool to share information from district to district. if there is a wanted party in the bay view and we know this in the theirival he may reside in ingle side so everybody knows about these people that are either persons of interest or they are actually suspects and wanted on a crime via a arrest warrant, so that information, all the officers are up to speed and this is daily. every time we are at work, we are connected with this e-mail system. all
5:20 am
that information, having the phones, this new report writing system we are using, it is bringing everybody today. we are able to get a wealth of information that we are able to identify the crime trends in the district and targ the areas and have been successful with all these new tools that are available now. the other thing is at theirival station we have i think we have a great relationship with the investigation team and the officers that work in the district. we share information, it is all about the communication again. it is also about making sure that if the are wanted people in our district, we want to make sure every officer has knowledge of that and there is training that the investigators do for patrol
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so we get these young officers-it is on going teaching environment that they are always brought into had the loop of the investigation because without them on the streets we are going to have a much more difficult job trying to solve these crimes without their help. it is about having this collaborative effort that everybody is on the same page and that there is this wealth of information with everybody at tearival station. we do track the robberies and burglies occurring in the tearival district and have been very successful of recent of identifying 2 teams of burglars in the tearival district, not only where they work but work outside of our specific district. this was a city wide burglary ring. with those 2 teams, if you will, we saw
5:22 am
little reduction in the burglies in the tearival because they identified tearville as a target rich environment because it is primarily residential so we are getting out into the community as the captain said, but not only in the community meeltings but wree trying to educate the victims of these crimes. when i make these calls or go out and visit with the victim, i want to make sure that they are -their homes are fortified. if there is something i see that maybe they are tighten up i suggest that to them and make sure they hear the concerns that their homes may have to become vulnerable to suspects and the opportunityest out there and they are everywhere. we try to make sure that we are communicate wg the community, teaching them and bringing them
5:23 am
up to speed with what they can do to make their homes and persons safer and that of course goes with the autoboth. the [inaudible] is up on the rise. it is crime of opportunity where a lot of suspects, they are everywhere. they see cars that have anything inside sth car or a person comes to their destination and they go to the trunk or reach underneath their seat and if there is a opportunist their car will be broken into. those crimes are difficult for on view. it is like inyou are in the right place at the right time that is how be catch these people but we reach out and welcome all the public to call us with any sort of leads, license plates, types of victim, description of
5:24 am
suspects. without that information it becompls a very difficult crime to solve but we have been successful with that. recently we had a team of working car thiefs that we identified and arrested so we have seen a little reduction in that respect for auto breakens. we also utilize some of the plot maps to keep parole up to speed with where a lot of these crimes are occurring. there was a plot map and that was just for the auto break ins which is remarkable when you think about how many are actually occurring. when the officers see this as tearival station they see the auto break in squz the robberies and the burbleries and the assaults and serious attacks and they can get a really good understand when they are out on their
5:25 am
skneets understand they need to concentrate on these areas at specific times of the day. that is helpful because if we can suppress the crime just by being in a hot area it will keep our victimization down and that is what wree trying to prevent. it is about communicate within the company and the public. as far as i can speak for my team, been doing this a long time and it is nice to be surrounded by such a energetic crew. there are 6 investigators under me now but we are one team and we work really well together. everybody on the team is very energetic and motivated and have seasoned investigators we
5:26 am
are fortunate to have at tearville station. all is this good effort to identify crime patterns not only do we sit behind a desk and get on the phone and talk and try to do as much as we can that way, but we get into the field a lot and that is something that has kind of evolved probably over the last year, year and a half and as a investigator it is nice to actually get out into the field because nobody wants to sit behind a desk all day on the telephone writing notes and things like that so when we get fl to the field we take a bunch of information and concentrate on certain areas we are having problems in the district. 46 and judah where we have quality of life issues or out at john mure and sky line looking for auto burglies or doing a grid pattern search
5:27 am
in the sun set district looking for opportunist breaks into our homes out there. we get out into the field in plain clothes and conduct surveillance and becoming very successful with these types of operationism we do oporder within house so we get into the community to conduct surveillance. we do surveillance to identify who is doing our burglaries and our vehicles and home burglaries and robbery stake outs. we take that information and set in areas where we know there is hot spot for street robberies and it has been successful but you is to get out of the office to do that and that is what we are doing as a whole as the investigation team at tearville station. we are doing a lot of parole and probation searches
5:28 am
and arrest warrant suv ss, we are doing search warrants so wree trying to hold back the criminal element as best we can at tearival. the other thing is as a whole i'm proud to be part of the tearville station investigation team because we have had really good success and we can only go up. utilizing the technology that the department is supplying now, it can only help solve more crime jz be more proactf with that. having said that, thanks for your attention. >> thank you ted for all that information. i promise i told him 2 to 3 minute presentation but we went to it. all good information he is supplying tonight. the final thing i'll
5:29 am
present is traffic enforcement and it is one of the biggest concerns of the community in the tearville. for me as the commanding officer it is high priorities. for those member thofz community that dobet know, vision zero within san francisco is a city wide effort to have no fatalities by the year 204. under the program of focus on the 5, the san francisco police department does a daily effort of focusing on the 5 violations that are most responsible for collisions within the areas ichb the district where they most frequently happen. we do this in partnership with the mayors office, sfmta, walk and bike coalition and dpw. as you can see the top are yielding to pedestrian, red light, yielding
5:30 am
to thuproach of the turn, the stop sign and speeding and of course our locations, we have 2 on 19th avenue and 2 on lake mur sed and brotherhood. we do a lot of enforcement as far as the [inaudible] for speed. i think we have great results. we get it from our motorcycle officers and parole officers who take a initiative to get the training. tearville station between last year and this year saw increase of 145 percent. in june we had a slight decrease but thing thaz is because we had the mayors conference and lot of events. what i like is even though we are participating focus on the 5, we still value community tips. a great example i had a mune community member give a tip there were speeders on 7 avenue so we got our officers
5:31 am
out there and got traffic company involved and put a speed radar out and for a week pegged as many speeders as we can. what i try to tell the officers is it isn't about the amount of sitrations you giver, we are trying to change behavior of motest bicyclist and pedestrian. their actions jeopardize the safety of the community. when i say that to drivers and officers there is no argument. everyone is for that. we do a lot of proactive enforcement. i want to talk about 2 officers on july second they are midnight guys, officer culture and ratchy. they saw a vehicle with no license plaet and made a illegal turn and conducted a traffic strop. because they had no plate on the back of the car and saw the
5:32 am
front of the vehicle, it was taken in a car jacking in petaluma. in that case that vehicle a few hours prior had been taken in petaluma where they brutally beat the elderly victim. that is a great example of great police work. i'm proud of my officers when they take a small initiative to do traffic enforcement and from the result is great police work. of course we use our lidar and speed trailers and conduct monthy operations. we submit munty operations in the tearival we do 2 a week and can't forget traffic company. we work in partnership with them. in the 3 months i have been at tearville station they conducted 51 operations and as
5:33 am
a result 322 citations. we can not ignore the positive result of that partnership we have with them. that conclude my presentation. i'm open to questions or concerns that anyone may have. >> all roit right, thank you captain flaherty and inspector mullens. generally i would open to this to question but [inaudible] what the community is thinking and then we'll circle back and [inaudible] the community may-there may be issues you may to address during the question period.
5:34 am
with that ladies and gentlemen i'm going to open the floor to public comment. is there any public comment? >> i was again [inaudible] i live in district 5. i was up here earlier and forgot to bring up the perpetrators names of the people that murdered my son. one of the guys-there are 6 guys and one name is thomas hann bill, paris mauft, andrew vudue, jason thomas, anthony hundredther, marks carter. these nameerize all on my sons file at 850 bryant. i wanted to bring that up also. i want to also bring up former mayor
5:35 am
gaven nusem said in his news letter he knows who killed my son and he says i know quhoo killed your son. the da anyhow who killed your son. the police know who kill you son. the point is, if everybody knows who killed my son why is my case not solved? we talk about public safety. our children are public safety too. my son went to school-he has a father and mother who raised him well. public safety includes him also. everybody know who killed my son. when i went to go view my sons files these names are on my sons files. it is perpetrator. my son wasn't the intended target
5:36 am
but he was the victim. we talk about public safety, we need to include everyone. all lives matter, all lives matter and as i said before, i shouldn't have to do this. but this is something i'll be doing for the rest of my life. who ever will hear me. we don't want this to hit no one elses home. it is hitting peoples homes every day and when it hits somebodys home then they want someone to help them. this needs to stop and i'm bringing this up and here are the perpetrators names. these names are on his file. i am not bringing these or pulling these out of a hat. that is all i will say. >> is there any other public
5:37 am
comment? >> commissioner my name is john hews, i'm proud and happy resident of tearville area and born and raised in the area. a member of captain ferity community police advisory board. [inaudible] speaking for the 2 of us and for the people we represent in the community i would like to say we are police would the work we get from the captain and officers, they are doing a fine job. the work with community police advisory board, one of the things we are most pleased with is the station management is very reseptdive to input from the community. there is no push back. things we have as input are things embraced and taken as pornts. the opportunities we have been given to deliver effort from the station to the community is also been valuable. we feel we
5:38 am
have been able to make a contribution to had community by assisting the station. captain familiarity welcome to the district. happy to have her. lieutenant [inaudible] sergeant [inaudible] for the member thofz community we appreciate what you are doing. for the police commission i ask you to continue to support the tearville station even though we are a low crime area, it is a big area. we like we get from tearville station and like to keep getting it. >> thank you [inaudible] any other public comment? hear ing none public comment is now closed. colleagues i want to return to the presentation by
5:39 am
captain familiarity and inspector mullens to see if there are comments or question you have for the captain and inspector. >> just i want to thank captain farty for hit ognl the key priorities of the commission emphasized over the year. i think the commission is very supportive of the crisis and intervention team and training and encourage you to send officer tooz the training t. is very effective reducingtection during police citizen encounters when there are mental helths issues. thank you for addressing the vision zero issue. as a resident of this district i attest to a lot of bad driving going around and probably guilty of some of it. the one issue i wanted to raise which i know suffered maybe a
5:40 am
year or 2 ago, i know this is something supervisor katy tang is interestinged in is the rise of illegal massage parlers and wond r if there is something the station is do? we work in partnership with sbu. i received a few complaints in regards to that. they usually come in the form of a anommississippi letder so i review if and notify mike deutrauf and send it to him. just recently i sent him down and he informed me they were investigating the case. last month they kim to the tearville district and arrested a womern involved in human trafficking. we always bring into the conversation supervisor tang because she is committed to both and it is priority and she understands how it impacts her
5:41 am
community. >> thank you. >> thank you for a very nice concise powerpoint. we appreciate that. my question has to do with the red on the powerpoint is the auto burglies and know that is a city wide issues. are you seeing a impact or increase in auto burglaries because of prop 47 and now they are with mister meaner when they would have been a felony. maybe inspector mullen can tell us if that is a factor that increased in auto burglaries. >> i have been arounds for a long time too. i do believe so. i believe under prop 47 a lot of times those-i was at burglary for 4 years and my district was the tearville and as my experience narcotics were
5:42 am
part of the conversation dealing with burgly sus spebts. there was a time we made narcotic arrest jz those suspects may be incarcerated at county jail or state prison we are not seeing that anymore so until we can make arrests they can do great investigation but until they are held accountable at a judicial level i feel we'll see this revolveed door. most recently the officers of tearville station made a great arrest. a member of the community saw 3 suspects breaking into a vehicle at lake mur sed t. is a hij issue. he call said 911 and described, officers are smart and go ahead of where they think the suspects may flee and rin into the suspects and conduct the traffic stop and find the victims purse in the car, they find glass from the car in the suspects pants. we find out
5:43 am
later on 2 of the suspects were transferred fromson mateo on probation for stealing cars and narcotics. we ran up a case the other day, the reason the case was so good for us because the third suspect who didn't play a part in the break in, he gave information to our investigators to corroborate what the citizen was telling us. that is a strong case. we reviewed the case yesterday with inspector mullen kw found they dropped 2 of the misdemeanors and left the felony but they are out of custied and have no doubt they are out doing the same. in my experience those that commit auto burglies they commit 3 to 5 a day and those of residential commit one or 2. that is why we make the arrests and [inaudible] may not be able to tie it to one crime but it
5:44 am
is significant because we impact every day activities. >> the felony that is hard to put on the individual once we get them into custody if we get them after the fact [inaudible] they have something on their person even if it is from the burglary it is hard to prove in court. they know that as well and that is 234 problem we are having. we when we get the auto breaken we need to follow through with that through the jilsh system. >> the captain gave a great presentation but the issue, it is city wide and it is a problem and appreciate the work the officers doing. in my district in the northern they make arrests every day and the burglaries are still happening. >> i don't think i heard a presentation on the field
5:45 am
investigation cards. can you give me detail on that? >> a field investigation card is a tool that officers use. it is to describe it it is like this. most officers put it in their tag back and if they have a consensual encounter where they take someone on where they think it doesn't look like and detain them and run them but it doesn't warrant a whole police report they fill it out. the beauty-i'll give a example, we have a victim of a robbery and this victim tells us it was 2 females one with pink hair and a tattoo on their arm of a heart and a license plate. the officer can go into the data base and put in those factors and then there is a high likelihood if the officer did what they are supposed to do it
5:46 am
will pop up and that link offers to connect the dots in the investigation and now we have a vital lead. >> is that just to-available in tearville or city wide? >> it is city wide. the officers come in at the end of the night and hand their cards to the watch commander and the commander reviews it and the data is entered daily. >> thank you >> your welcome >> something that came to mind in particular with the lake mur sed area. if you pick up folk frz auto burglaries do we get [inaudible] they are kept out of high crime [inaudible] >> i'm having a hard time having them not kick the case [inaudible] that would be great if we could see that but our experiences is it seems there is a reluctancy to go forward with these cases even with
5:47 am
stellar investigations being handed down by the team. >> thank you. >> your welcome. >> any further question frz the folks of tearville station? captain flarty and inspector mullens i want to thank you for your presentation, very informative and appreciate your time tonight. thank you. all right, sergeant killshah >> item 6 public comment. the public is welcome to address the knhigz regarding items not on the agenda. speakers address their remarks to the commission as a whole. under police commission rules of order during public comment police nor occ personal elnor
5:48 am
commissioners are required to respond to questions but my provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personal elshould refrain from entering into debate or discussion during public comment. please limit your comments to 3 minutes. >> we have done public comments so we took this out of order and so with that i ask you to move to the next item >> item 7, adjournment action. >> ladies and gentlemen of the commission i'll entertain a appropriate motion. a move for adjournment in honor of the hayword police officer. ladies and gentlemen, the police commission will adjourn toonts in honor of sergeant scott lunger of the hayword police department killed this morning in the line of duty this morning serving community and
5:49 am
california. hearts go out to the lunger family and wish them the best and weal prr pray for the soul of sergeant scott lunger. is there a second-- >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed. the commission stands adjourned. thank you ladies and gentlemen . good af
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tacall to order the regular meeting of san francisco public utilities commission. today is tuesday august 11, 2015. roll call, please >> president cane, here. commissioner courtney, here. commissioner kwon, here. commissioner moran, here.


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