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tv   Police Commission 8515  SFGTV  August 15, 2015 9:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> so dr. murase i'd like to ask our chief development laura morand who has been the point along with the deputy director and officer david golden in those open up for public comment this is going to be a brief introduction to the board and public around some of the conversation and the ideas we're engaging in the conversation with the city partners and lennar and for the future the san francisco and the san francisco unified school district but with that, i'm going to turn it over to our chief development officer laura thank you superintendant carranza and i'll be sharing this with our deputies this is an exist opportunity for us as many of you may know the shipyards is under construction and is a really existing
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opportunity for the city and i'm going to hear tonight a little bit about what is going on at the shipyards and over the last 6 months our superintendent and deputies chief facility officer has been in conversation with san francisco state university about an initiative partnering for a presence at the shipyards we wanted to present some of the early thinking to the board this is more follow but have next steps how to engage the board more deeply so basically, we're xrrg exploring the potential for shipyard and on the next page in the handout about the existing work going on at the shipyard and this is really an opportunity to have a revitalized waterfront neighborhood with the whole vision for the residential and
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entertainment a research and development conveying campus a business gutter situating on the waterfront and as we think about much the innovation work going on there some of that will be moving into the shipyard this is going to be an exciting mixed use space and 6 thousand housing opportunities there as well at different income levels we've not finished our projections around demographics which mr. lee will talk about we know there will be families there one of the things we had some encouragement from roberta to make sure when we think about the opportunities for community space which are generous but limited she encouraged us with exciting partnership ideas with
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the san francisco state university to come and present those to lennar urban what are the opportunities for us to have a educational footprint at the shipyard so we wanted to show you that as you heard from our presentation of were about this willie brown is the epic center of the stem educational opportunity zone, if you will, for our schools so what you see think the chart is the educational sites that we have and if we're building willie brown as it's center of education what about precare at the high schools how can we take advantage of some of the opportunities at the shipyard that will then not only benefit the students that lived in the shipyards by broadly benefit the whole areas the two
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opportunities is superintendant guerrero will go into the opportunity for a new school that could be a stem elementary professional school that feeds into willie brown and helps to build the capacity for stem at the other pre k elementary sites and the middle school and high school we also have been talking about as many of you may know the high school redesign how to rethink how to allow every single high school students a multiple opportunities so that this is really this is part of vision 2025 from our business communities how do we make sure not only the students in pretech ed but all students have rich opportunities to for dual enrollment and career experiences to have an opportunity to do something excited with an innovation alley
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lots of new companies entitying so those are the things from conversation next steps. >> so commissioners this next rendition a high representative in the oranges and yellows so highs that are 6 thousand homes projected in the shipyards and open park area as well as retail and commercial use and some identified community use areas and then one thing i'll be describing in the blue is research and development projects that are being conceptual listed i'll talk about in a moment you see in the high-level along the shoreline with the star is a potential
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parcel it could serve as a newspaper elementary schools the sfusd protocol an elementary school that could serve as a key important addition to our protocol that could serve a school like wishing as as comprehensive middle what it would look like in the elementary school students have a similar experience in the elementary years and so what would it look like or how might we create a stem focused elements that might have an additional feature as a professional development school model some preliminary conversations with the college of ed at the san francisco state university what if we had a setting many of the preteachers had an opportunity to develop their practice on a stem focus practitioners that could develop
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the models we herald or heard about earlier with willie brown and have to ac mat our educators to the practices in bay area schools specifically that feed into willie brown and marshall an exciting opportunity to how we partner and collaborate with the institutions in san francisco. >> now another part of the shipyard emerging developments here at the intersection of crisp avenue and fishing street is exhibit conceptual listed as a innovation alley a hub of technology that are interested in having a footprint in this area as well as stafshts that support very different kinds of
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sieblts in san francisco but in the middle of that all there is preliminary communication around a hub working title systemic accelerate that serves as a place for hub for secondary students in particular regional models around state in the country where high school students have an opportunity to participate in dual enrollment and other pathways that could be housed in a uniquely set up environment in a is it correct accelerate type of model some of the things that could continue to support the higher east side the cb o and other businesses that are interested in being established in this area what is the state of the art technology support not only high school but college aged
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students working in calculation clock and developing those sectors could create an interesting opportunity for our students to see some live and real models of tech companies and other no matter industries as a tech base for them. >> and to wrap up this conversation tonight i'm going to address a couple of points around process so this slide this shows probably not an exhale liquifies but an early brainstorming of the entities and the individuals within the various entities it needs to be engaged and beginning to be engaged actually many of the teams that are listed on this page actually
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need to share more information about the concepts of many folks listed it is a busy summer in this particular subject area so they have been conversations that have been take place in a preliminary fashion over the course of many months but accelerated over the summer so commissioners you may be hearing some of the ideas and see things are flushed out i want to reassure you this is a preliminary conversation in a moment i'll suggest some possible next steps for boards committees to go deeper and, in fact, with our own colleagues within the district and many of the developments not to mention across the university and city departments as well we have to
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expand the circles of communication but evolving all of those and other departments and individuals institutions need to be engaged to come up with both desirable feasible and viable ideas we've been engaged and we're excited getting tieftd of excited about the potential here in terms of ceded next steps ms. morand mentioned we're in the process of updating the demographic projections for the district this is happening in as as you may know a very dynamic context with respect to develop accept in this part of city but generally across the city we've engaged our folks many of you have seen their laptop and global a reported out some of the early finding a bit for work
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to do before we schedule a presentation whether a committee are committee as a whole for you to see some of the results of the refreshed demographics that talks about the choices or for the board to give us direction about what seems most adviceable not to mention the specific sites have the most potential and we as staff will give you the thinking about that if you saw some of the maps of the shipyard there are actually 5 community serving sites that have been identified through the combination of the shipyard the hunters point shipyard and candle stick point development areas and we've been engaged in conversation with the lennar urban and the office of
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economic workforce development a investment the closet to the redevelopment the city's arm for continuing the development plans work with lennar urban so we've in the process of vesting and learning more about the pros and cons of those sites and what the star that was on one of the slides represent our current thinking about what is desirable so in terms of process we suggest that this topic be vetted fallout and perhaps an augmented services committee a pretty complicated aspects it committee that a preliminary discussion i believe in either may or june commissioner walton and commissioner fewer and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell were present for that but this
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is providing more detail than the committee took up but that is a good place for the committee members and others that are interested to really do i go into those details for us as staff to give you more information in the meantime, several the stakeholders are interested in initiating the conversation or deepening the conversation with the mayor's office about the concepts that have been sketched out in particular around the systemic accelerate idea and a little bit later wear not ready to propose this but thinking that maybe appropriate you may find this appropriate for one or more of you to draft a board resolution or with our assistance can help with that as well to kind of take a formal position of interest to explore those ideas
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either the professional developments or the elementary schools and/or the systemic incubator with the mathematics education we know we're going through this quickly and a lot more conversation to be had. >> we have one public speaker. >> identified previously formal member of the board of supervisors now what with larry in charge roberta a quiet an advocate to include a educational piece to what is going on at the shipyard thank you very much. >> thank you madam president and mr. superintendent and commissioners i'm incredibly delighted to be here and produced proud as a san
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franciscan to increase taken such wonderful imaginative conversations with the superintendent and his delightful staff we've been in conversation with the san francisco state university's about the collaborative conversation with the shipyards about the stem education for the san francisco unified school district from the pre k and elementary schools level on the proposed - on what could possible be a proposed elementary school on the shipyard that opportunity to highlight stem accelerate for 11 and 12 graders and high school students that can enjoy co-enrollment with the college students on the shipyard campus
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san francisco state university is eager and pleased to us be to considering a collaboration ion on behalf of lennar as the president mentions i've been a consultant to la in her for 8 years as we have unfolded the community responsive communities benefits process at the shipyards and candle stick and had the most delightful partner in the form of community representatives such as dr. verna honeycutt who is with us because of her profound and deep interest in the uplift of the shipyards community and the bayview community in general i'll point out it is true that there are 6 thousand projected
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housing units on the shipyards 32 percent of which will be offended at the below-market-rate housing so this will be an exciting addition to the housing stock but 45 housing units on candle stick point and 32 percent as well will be offended at the affordable rates so the grand total 10 thousand 5 hundred new housing units alone through the integrated shipyard and candle stick development something that i know your development infers are taking specifically into account and generate incredibly well integrated community of interest, constructive achievement for all of our san francisco residents, for our san francisco children and this educational opportunity the
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opportunities for us we at larry in charge urban to participate collaboratively with all of you and with san francisco state is an opportunity we don't want to miss so thank you all very much i look forward to speaking with you much more specifically in the future thank you. >> i want to thank mr. action burger she's south side of as the secretary of the housing development department we're fortunate to have they are talents to the community i want to recognize dr. honeycutt in the audience and the retired dean the san francisco college and dedicated her life to the education of young people that concludes public comment questions or comments from any colleagues commissioner norton. >> i'm interested in the demographic work i'm interested in that from a broader student
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assignment you know prospective but which do we expect to see the analysis that their completed. >> well commissioners, i think the best i can offer a guess so we have had sort of on it ration of conversation with them pretty recently last friday i believe about some of the preliminary finding based on that we have a number of questions they themselves have a number of questions to explore seismically from status sources is from the city and county holds we're making a judgment how precise we want to be based on those current a.m. guts before scheduling a discussion for a
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board of education meeting with that said, it will not be meantime in august we hope we can schedule a discussion with a bit more information in september but there niece to be a couple of more iterations of some of the analysis and really just to put a finer point the major questions or set of questions is about this new development the new how's developments in the pipeline and we want to get a more precise understanding of the unit the mix of the for each development case by case what is the numbers of studios one, two or three plus bedrooms etc. and that really has to be done on a case basis so we have some historical information about the questions like the student yield how many students do we typically see
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from a development that has certain percentages of market rates from below market rate and so we have a lot of information in order for us to give specific projections especially about particular development areas like the shipyards or park merced or mission bay better, more precise information than we have so hopefully early september it could be spill over a little bit but we're working as hard was we can to bear down >> i appreciate that i know that is complex and you've been dynamic but the concerns i have precisely around the yield we've clawed there are good reasons to
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rely on the historical data traditionally we certainly do not want to over build or plan that is sad which to hear that we you know we basically in the past have thought so little of the students that would live in the market rate housing would become our students and that you know, i just want love us to dig into that a little bit more and see you know what are other similar communities what yields so necessary see if the yields vary what we historically see you know i don't i don't want to see we're only goes to get the students that are low income or few of the middle-income and the higher income students and that may historically have been the pattern but i don't want to see
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us completely so those students are going to be our students i'd rather dig both that to understand how to disrupt a historical pattern for the participant. >> thank you those are descriptions the line of thinking we're trying to apply if we were satisfied justin just using the historical numbers we'd have a betterment than trying to get underneath some of the nuances that might be different than what we've seen historically. >> i would close by saying i've definitely heard if the constituents depress about how we are looking at mission bay about the number of market rate developments and maybe this is the best way from a planning
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prospective i do want to be overly option but explain to the public why we think the yields in certain kinds of housing are so low and even have a narrative or plan how to implement that going forward as opposed to relying on a historical pattern. >> i have commissioner vice president haney and commissioner walton this is the beginning of a conversation we have a much deeper conversation but if there are areas that the commissioners that 80 want to see pursued this is the time. >> well, i want to echo the comments that commissioner norton say so thank you for making that into a similar question i'm excited about this and thank you for your leadership in getting ahead of it and mr. morand for putting
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this forward and thinking about what is possible and having it not signed out we could have done something in the way it happened in the partnering i'm looking forward to the conversation if building the grounds i have one question that is relative to who what commissioner norton the reference the resolution the process in place how do this effort align with or you view it as separate from the conversation around mission bay some similar questions and some similar processes should those those some of this analysis be aligned this is a dwindles opportunity and timeline i want to put that out there with our thoughts and part of is the
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demographics. >> commissioner vice president haney i think there are a lot of intersections between our conversation and planning and vetting about this particular opportunities set of opportunities and other parts of city and that's actually been pretty explicitly discussed i'll give you one example of that which is as as you may know we're also making some plans around a general obligation bonds next year that championships some funding for some new schools because we fully expect we'll need to increase the capacity of seats in our protocol at the same time we don't expect to have enough money in the bond proposal to
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satisfy all the needs so we do have to think carefully and plan carefully what we will see additional demand at what grade levels in what parts of city that is a question that would, relevant around the shipyard and candle stick point and mission bay and e, etc. so it is all enter independent what is mraift us to propose a resolution specifically around the shipyard is that there are enter agencies implementation and partnerships for us as the school district and the board of education to be clear about what you're hoping to your committing to in xrrg the concepts that would be helpful as our understanding from the university and from
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larry more lennar and not close off options but it would articulate the boards current thinking including what say is open to exploring about it and the caveat for the information we will gather before locking into a discussion. >> commissioner walton and i'll try to be brief dr. murase but i'm definitely excited about the innovation additional and the possibility of campuses and the work we can side on the shipyard pause of the exposure i'm up here because of the combrour so having the
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opportunity to expose our children and families to the robust program is something that is exist and i get more excited when we balance the entities across san francisco in terms of what we offer and then just briefly if you talk about vision 2025 and some of the things in innovation alley with the vision 2025 plan the stem and the innovation the understanding the education and the academics and education and reimaging the space and time and the extended learning and everything that comes with that ideas i get excited and when we talk about in terms of of the projections who going to be living on the shipyards and bayview because of the development we can, in fact, start to look at how to get more
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affluent families excited wasn't we do in sfusd having a true education communities like we're proposing and what is being discussed is something that is going to get any family excited about moving into an area and participating in a school and communities with something like that so this also addresses some of the concerns we have as well who enrolls in the the schools and the choices and the excitement we understand we'll be, of course, proposing a bond there are other priorities and things we've discussed that we know are coming the arts campus and complex around the stifsh area and mission bthere are opps that i think we all should think
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about as we move forward and then just one of the last things i don't talk about things outside of san francisco but if you look like the center for advanced research and the things they're able to do being able to how do i word this - being able to bring the ideas and expects is something i get excited about, of course, this is operated by the district and development by the district and the opposite of what cart does in terms of the charter school but excited about what they offer for students seeing the opportunity that is here through that and what is being proposed i think is again, we should take a look at it and oufg you'll see something i'm excited about and
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hopefully develop something for the future that benefits us in the future with this type of planning. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you thank you for that presentation that was actually very exciting and i'm happy to see that human resources i want to and actually, i wanted to respond to one of the things that commissioner norton said i think one of the historic analysis that we need is that we still as far are not getting the yield from mission bay that was projected and that we've - now honestly we shouldn't be happy about this but you're planning was show so we kept saying oh, we have a school site we don't know what kind of school and level it might be that is still
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true i'm glad by i've heard a number of reporting that said gave projections that were estimates based on the years of development and those had not materialized so i think we should pubically say one thing that is much more important about the shipyard at hunters point is that the developer also the city has been much more responsive to the demands that we need family housing so the studios and one bedroom apartments the paramount housing partner in mission bay were not going to be appropriate for families and never mind we've not discussed the other issue the market rate so therefore not necessarily those that we have starred to seen in public
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schools if there are were any there in the first place that is one example present we need to look at a little bit and retrofitting but in the past the projection we know we're a little bit ahead of the curve from the previous demographic study when the child and public population will begin to go up again based on not only on new developments but more just on the dome graphic curves we have as the superintendent and i were talking about the other day we don't have any room in the middle schools that is something we openly up a new one how do we plan well enough and, of course, none can predictability the
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recession so having the discussions like this and maybe this will give us the opportunities to explore some of the things and identify things to look at so that's the first one and is second thing is that i - i'm very interested in making sure we have all the information about what is happening with the plans and what potential projects we have in mind for that the bonds so you look at this and it is fascinating exciting to have those two facilities is great but it can be really expensive so i think we need as much time as we can
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get to know all the components that are going to effect that so i'm you know asking for that whatever information we have of - we always have the tension once we say it pubically people think it is concrete but not a surprise to us and the public but particularly so that we're never in the position of saying oh, if we had known of 6 months ago or a year ago we would have had a different conversation those are any main concerns i'm glad that lots of people are moving forward this is what we show should do it could be fantastic and exactly the kinds of investments we need to the city we're by the way, our students like and we really needs to focus more on that
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which we're doing this is parts of that so thank you very much. >> i'm going to thank the team for their presentation it sound like we'll have lots to talk about i'll refer this to building and grounds and the student assignments demographics and anticipation for the issue so thank you, again thank you, mr. action beggar and dr. honeycutt for joining us i'm really glad we had a definition about willie brown at the shipyard we're 0 now at item n the consent calendar that were removed for the second moving there were none we're on item o vote on the consent calendar with the exception of the resolution 2a on it package 24 and page 33 which have been severed by commissioner wynns.
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>> i mean ms. casco roll call vote please. ms. chin. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton. >> i didn't except no on k two. >> bullet. >> ms. wynns and dr. murase. >> thank you thank you very much we're on item p consent calendar resolution severed for board discussion and immediate action. >> commissioner wynns. >> i have two items one is actually item 5 of two a on page 24 a million dollars grant from the california department of
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finance for innovation an innovation and higher education its purposes to increase the post secondary enrollment that is very little information that is the format but i kind of like to know what is it is before we is, yes we'll do that i understand it is not a lot of money comparatively speaking by one of the things if we don't know anything about it oh, yeah, we do something did we know about it and kevin is finally that's why you're smiling right so nobody knows about that i can get the information later oh.
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>> (laughter). >> so sorry. >> go i'm such an idiot where are any glasses. >> here you want mine? >> okay. so i hope ken norman is listening she embarrassed me as many of you may know we applied about city college for the government's initiative grant and received for bridge to success we received a $3 million innovation award yeah. and one million dollars is for us and one million dollars - the
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entire award goes to city college and then they, decide how to xrorpgs that $3 million grants we great and that city college said that was a joint project they'll take a million dollars and we'll share a million dollars in shared funding so this million dollars is to accept it >> basically, the same program we've been doing bridge to success. >> an award to continue to do the work we've been doing with city college. >> no - a new source of fuentes wlaum by funding. >> the gage grant is actually ended up so, now we have no funding for san francisco day or the council's for the p lc with
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the city college councils for the math teachers to meet with the math teachers to have the joints enter departmental meetings in addition to providing incentive and support programs for the students during their freshmen year the grants has to the been appropriated they're doing it only to accept the million dollars and you'll start to see things come in. >> if i may i was - thank you that is helpful but i'm - without saying oh, i want every one of those to look like one of these if someone can look at that with the eye does that say third degree anything with an explanation there are a couple of other things i've highlighted
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this one explicit say anything in nobody objects maybe we'll look at the agenda in the future you know soon in the next couple agendas. >> yes. the commissioners we'll be happy to do that sometimes, we well, everybody knows what we are doing so we'd like to make sure we have an eye towards that thank you for pointing out. >> i do. >> why not take them together. >> so the other one on page 33 and this says so i'd like to know kurt's pot it.
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>> another short one so i've asked them executive director daniel in h.r. that has oversight of the benefits team to speak a little bit on the details of perking spot something we've got a new benefit to our employees if they want. >> good afternoon commissioners thanks for the opportunity to speak if so a initiative program it is free of cost to the district and gives a number of gym memberships and theater discounts and cell provider like at&t and verizon to help make a few things for affordable in the city. >> so it is - >> it's a for profit they make money off the merchants but free
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of cost for our employees to use. >> so i want what i want our obligation to make sure we have to disclose where we're giving employee information to the for profit what we get out of that look at both sides. >> of course in our sort of tentative agreement it is pending approval here we do we're not providing employee information it is opted only people can include it in open enrollment and employees interested can enroll with air ucsf address and they can't use it information or sell it for other purposes. >> yes. >> i'm still a little bit nervous but this is a little bit
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slippery slope i want to provide things for the employees an as he knows the cost of living here is prohibited but i still am a little bit nervous and superintendent and sxhultd. >> sure thank you, commissioner we have a healthy sense of skepticism this is passed through the legal department our contracting officer we've subtle made sure that no identifiable information is provided to those folks an opt in and i think from a couple of conversations with new teachers with the orientation i had the opportunities to participate they were excited about it i think this is going to be you can no discharge danger to us i'm going to sign up for the gym membership (laughter) a nice perk for the employees.
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>> open-ended contract. >> this is another example where - this is not a lot of information about something that is maybe great but maybe a little bit slippery slope. >> that's a 3 year agreement we thought that was exciting a referral program for local businesses so from employees that sign up they have a favorite restaurant or establishment in the city they can refer that to perks slot and they'll have them in for local discounts too. >> commissioner walton. >> so just to question because i've dealt with this a little bit in my other life the events for perk spot their solicit the district employees and get a percentage with work with vendors. >> is that.
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>> i'm sorry i'm not following the question one more time. >> basically, their benefit for perk spot to solicit our employees to connect them with the companies. >> yeah. as american people's employee there's a website if you registration our website to have access to the merchants that off perks through perk spot and something a monthly pamphlet how much out of saved often the restaurant or whatever. >> the word free is definitely free to the district because it is at the expense of the district employee with heavy solicitations there's a possibility that happens. >> one the thoughts of of the things to go into it how
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solicited and we'll not hair the districts e-mails with peculiar spot specifically for that it is important it is opt in only so only employees that want to be part of it will be part of it. >> how about outreach to our employees how will they learn about their option opting in. >> no we've prepared our open enrollment materials that goes out in september for to include a flier as part of open enrollment and for the new hire packets we'll probably put something in there as well. >> commissioners keep in mind if an employee opts in they can opt out. >> i just think we have to be careful how we our employees that this is like have i got a
9:51 pm
deal for you b.a. but what you you getting access to our employees is a big deal; right? so you can see other thing all our other contracts have was ways to cancel them do they have a thirty days cancelation >> i'm not sure we're going into a mou we'll have to consultant. >> commissioner walton in a moment i share some of commissioner wynns concerns particularly a 3 year contract we haven't had a chance to vet it we' awe in the meantime it b if it getting goes out with open
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enrollments we have fully vetoed it i guess i'm not comfortable i have enough information to make that call tonight. >> commissioner walton. >> that's my question i know that is an mou not a contract but one does it have to be 3 years and if severed how to guarantee we'll basically stop the solicitation of the employees. >> i'd like do my homework to answer that. >> we can consult with legal in terms of as we design the perimeters of the mou we'll consult legal on. >> i don't have questions about the legal illegality this can be very legal not stopping a corporation from doing what they
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do in regards to solicitation. >> i'd like to recognize our general council. >> i'll suggest with the commissioners concerns we get a little bit further in the process and bringing that back to the board and include language the commission is not explori endorsing and our employees can unprescribe if they decide this is too intrusive and we can certainly make sure there is a cancelation period so if this goes wrong we cancel it with thirty days notice. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> that sounds great i saw them nodding their heads it would be great to consult and have a chat with our labor units with concerns. >> commissioners i want to say
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we're going to pull this from this agenda we'll had had homework and this is not a extended benefit this is a memorandum of understanding so we're trying to give folks to our folks not trying to solicit them but give opportunities to our folks anything that saves to work and live in the city i know that is what you what i want to be clear if there's concern stwlaefr we'll not bring this back to you. >> if i may just i'd like to i don't want to interrupt but there is - i did not think that the district has any you know nashz nash purchase but the other side of the mou i think
9:55 pm
that is kind of our job here. >> student delegates. >> if i may how do does it effect the sfusd students. >> this is an employee benefit so it does not not a benefit offered to students only a benefit for employees. >> thank you. >> that's a great question. >> so my understanding is this item is withdrawn from the consent calendar. >> but mr. superintendent is it coming back at another meeting bringing back a brand new item. >> it will come back as a new item. >> so we have remaining vote on 2a that was severed commissioner walton. >> by no means do you want to take any benefits away into the district personnel isle i've spent time with the aggressive corporations it would, great if
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employees are telling us this is something we want and see this will help with any reluctance. >> thank you very much ms. sanchez we're now on roll call for the severed stem 2a. >> we'll voting on b-1 grants. >> the whole item has been - thank you. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell arrest ms. norton only abstain on items 11 and 12. >> mr. walton arrest chinese i
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ms. wynns and dr. murase. >> thank you. >> we're on item q for first reading i need a motion and second for this revision of bylaws and reading materials may i have a motion and second i'll refer this to the rules committee next is sb two by bylaws order of business i need a motion and second. >> second. >> i will refer this to the rules committee i believe that the general council as introductory remarks not public comment on this item tonight. >> i believe that dr. murase you're referring to we've made revisions since the agenda was
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put together to the order of business and the revisions are in the lobby and available to the public and available to the members with the revisions that the bylaws for the rules committee for consideration. >> thank you very much i want to point out to colleagues there is a new section about the proper procedure for board revisions and we're recommending changes to the order of business to help the flow of the meeting please join us at rules committee the next order of business is proposed for board meeting none and item s is standing committee report i'd like to announce the ad hoc committees of the board of education for july 1st
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june 2016 for the budget and business services rachel norton as chair members commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell and commissioner fewer the building grounds and services committee will be chaired by commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell with commissioners hastening and walter as you members for the program count i committee commissioner walton will serve as chair and the rules policy and legislation commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell will serve and commissioner walton and i as members for the student commissioner chung whether chair with commissioner norton and commissioner wynns on the ad hoc on personnel relations one change ms. casco so commissioner fewer will chair with members commissioner norton and myself this is change as of
10:00 pm
tonight on the city and school district select committee we have 3 representatives if the board commissioner fewer, matt haney and shau shamann walton's and the adas hock joint committee is not meeting we anticipate they'll meet in the coming school year i want to appoint commissioner fewer and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell to that committee the times that the committees have not be determined up to the chair to consultant their members to determine that hopefully within the next meeting. >> yes. mr. superintendent. >> thank you madam president what were the two changes to chairmanship. >> this is where we'll get the names.
10:01 pm
>> not the chair but michigander for the ad hoc on personnel matters not commissioner walton but myself and other than the city select economy it will not be myself but commissioner walton. >> great so the chairs doesn't change wonderful and i've also for our information board members i've sent the memo to all of the liaisons in the district regarding those committee soimentsz and asked them to reach out to the chair of the by these to work with you for a syllabuses for the course of year to be clear about what we're covering and over the course the year to staff that so expect a contact if staff members. >> excuse me. can i ask a question. >> yes. >> one of the things that we may need to figure out is that in the past two years we've had
10:02 pm
a lot of things with between the rules and membership we don't have with the new committees we've had challenge of because what happens that truthfully we end up talking about the state budget if the rules committee because that's when the advocates come here to talk about bills as they end up talking about the budget too so we'll have figure out that just wanted to say that it is not as easy. >> i'll recommend for the key months of the year that we set a date early that there be a joint meeting. >> we've discussed it that the past and see if it is doable at this time not been in the past it it doesn't matter because an overlap in mile-per-hour. >> okay let's see we are on item b board
10:03 pm
delegates any reports of the s.b.a. or city schools? >> well, i do want to mention that superintendent carranza hosts the council in san francisco and it was a treat to meet other school board members and superintendent from the major is schools i was sitting with a school board member if orlando that said many people think this is highly luck terrify to run this is not the case lessor (laughter) that was a very interesting everything all others reports by board members there are no committee reports but if board members participated in any recent
10:04 pm
actives superintendent carranza. >> madam president i'm sorry, i want to add to the council of school the national conference is in long beach we've been informed that it has been the practice there is a forum that takes place during one the days of the conference that the national toasted televised that will be hosted with a ask the panel that discussed race, education and class and college going cultures in school district we're pleased to have to sfusd students whose names are yet to be revealed has to be clear by the parents we couldn't be prouder to have them speaking their truth on this national panel. >> thank you. superintendent i
10:05 pm
wanted to report that the school district has sent a letter to the school business for the leadership program i was fortunate to be on the delegation wanted to thank the deputy director superintendant guerrero and special assistant for a week of deep work on african-american achievement and think there were lots of really strong ideas how to betters organ the school district and classrooms for african-american achievement and i was very pleased to see that the evidence will then show at the administrators institute i want to congratulate the team that put that together including the superintendent colleagues commissioner norton and commissioner wynns for attending that that was a great way to start the year any other errors
10:06 pm
seeing none, report of closed session action so at this time we will recess no. we're not going to recess. >> we haven't made that change to the order of business that action it for reporting any closed session you've taken from previous meetings. >> oh, i see so the closed session items were recorded previously so there are nun tonight item u others informational items post on the agenda is a staffer of the acceptance of gifts for june and july of 2015 to the donors quite a list and like to adjourn i know the superintendent has covered some of this but we've put together
10:07 pm
an many memoriam for in particular teacher ed and form school board member and our thoughts go out to the student we lost but our custom will not have a memoriam for the student our hearts are with east side family and all those who knew and loved him we've experienced a devastating loss with 14 years at street schools who taught the students tremendous challenges an on and on educator who shared his nature with the projects get out and learner he forged a partnership with our students and evolving many had an opportunity to become hired members of the staff mr. chief administrative officer no did we we want to do changed the lives for the better and his
10:08 pm
students talk about the enthusiasm and it's dogged commitment a kind and charismatic person that was persistence with a great sense of humor that uplifted those around him staff suggested 3 testimonials for facebook dedicated so i'll read with the bonds and the trusted every single student had with you the feeling of you will not be gotten you've helped us in family as a kid my family was only my parents but with you, i realized its not just you and the family you love people you can count is on and you may be gone but your much closer because you're in
10:09 pm
the hearts of every single student and personally in the hearts of my family i love you ed, i know you're watching over me now i ask you no more credit loss secondly, i'll thank you for pushing and encouraging me back in 2007 i accomplished many goals miss you eddy and finally ed you're a hero and a better friend a true angel in disguise i'll not forget you love you always we're planning a time where students what celebrate and remember mr. chief administrative officer no and finally in memory the member of the board of supervisors she's most the vetted teacher until
10:10 pm
here passing last year if bolivia received the public administration council psychiatrist from i's f and graduate from the management development for entrepreneurs program from ucla she was appointed by george gascon and ran in the citywide elections elected for a 2, 3 year term and served as vice president and twice as president and as the superintendent mentions the first latina woman elected to office if the city's history during ear tenure they're she was an advocate for support service for immigrants students and english learners and served
10:11 pm
as a delegate and served on several boards and emigrate the orders of francisco from the republic of vince wall and the from mexico government other awards include the chamber of commerce, the historic making history and the latinos heritage most education award she was the matriculate of her family and the board of education and express our sincere condolences meeting .
10:12 pm
10:13 pm
10:14 pm
10:15 pm
>> good afternoon it the one p.m. this is the meeting on the san francisco community investment & infrastructure commission to the redevelopment agree for monday, august 4, 2015, welcome madam secretary call the first item the first order of business is item one roll call. >> commissioners,. please respond when your name is called: commissioner mondejar commissioner singh is absent commissioner bustos madam chair rosales commissioner singh absent and all the other members are present the next order of business is item 2 announcements a the next
10:16 pm
regularly scheduled meeting of august 18th will be held at one p.m. at city hall in room 416 b announcements of the prohibitions of the sound providing phones, please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room meeting room responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. c announcement of time allocate for please be advised a members of the public has up to 3 minutes unless the commission adapts a shorter period on any item is it so strongly recommended that any member of the public that wishes to
10:17 pm
address the commission file ulcer out a speaker card and submit it to the commission secretary the next order of business is item 3 report on action taken at a a previously closed session meeting no reportable actions the next order of business is item 4 matters of urban finder business there is nun the the next order of business is item 5 matters of new business consisting of consistent approval of the minutes for the regular meeting of june 16, 2015, madam chair. >> thank you. do we have any speaker cards for this consent item. >> i have no speaker cards commissioners we have comments or edits motion thank you. >> commissioner bustos made a motion been sent by commissioner mondejar please call the roll
10:18 pm
call. >> commissioners,. please respond when your name is called: commissioner mondejar commissioner singh is absent commissioner bustos madam chair rosales i have 3 ids and one absent. >> okay. that's consent agenda is adapted please call the next item. >> the the next order of business is regular agenda item 5 b approving the hunters point shipyard august community and commercial kitchenmanual final relocation plan for the studio apartment for the replacement studio building the hunters point shipyard redevelopment project area resolution number 452017 that item has been continued. >> madam chair. >> yes. do we have any spshgd for this item.
10:19 pm
>> i did not have any this matter is continued until the future commission meeting. >> thank you. please call the next item your next item is 5 c adapting the environmental impact report pursuant to the cool environmental quality act for the combined concept and scenic design for a hundred and 42 affordable units one management unit at 1300 fourth street mission bay south development project area discussion resolution for 2015 madam director. >> thank you mr. secretary. >> good afternoon to the commissioner and good afternoon to the members of the public thank you so much for joining us commissioner i'm going to turn it over to in mission bay an agreement with the informs he
10:20 pm
will under the key benefits there are so-called standing stand alone affordable units sites 6 thousand plus housing being built thirty percent is affordable if so the second stand alone affordable rvp 1184 already opened as you recall commissioners you selected in last december of 2014 development team head by t n d c be mrektd e.r. selected them and this is a furtherance in seismic so with that, i'd like to ask the housing specialist to walk you through the project and joined by other members of the team. >> i'm sorry our screens are going a little bit crazy forgot it we're good.
10:21 pm
>> good afternoon madam chair rosales and director bohe i'm pam a department suspect with ocii some background is as director bohe stat on december 17th the then san francisco redevelopment agency approved the owner participation or o pa it required that 17 affordable units radio built in mission bay included in the o pa the master development must submit the development plans in the major phase of one or two blocks for the public infrastructure and parks included in the blocks of 2, 8 and 13 before you as long as fourth street pursue at this time the block parcels was
10:22 pm
permitting hundred and 43 affordable units and 10 thousand square feet of retail space a few words how we got her in may of 2014 occ staff released a project and july the proposal packet was deemed complete so the remaining applicants were interviewed and the response we are selected to develop the street other members include ms. solomon and as as architecture team and t n d c and the literacy program and t n d c provides the property management. >> the 1300 fourth street is
10:23 pm
hundred and 42 affordable units plus one managers united hundred and 14 or 80 percent are rented to households below the medium income while electropercent the units will help the households t n d c about provide the core services plus the inclusion of van ness that provides the literacy program to school age children in a retail space to help to activate the attraction for the project the retail space in total is approximately 9 thousand 7 hundred plus square feet development team is using the sustainable team strategy and the parking is approximately 14
10:24 pm
to one in compliance with the development i will now provide you with highlights the seismic design for the development it is one hundred plus square feet of residential over a concrete pronounced the concrete podium houses the onsite parking components and as far as community says that a large community room on the ground floor kwrld area for reading and the off-street car parking it is in guidance inclines with the mission bay staff did review the request by the commission for additional parking spaces and determined
10:25 pm
that it will cost approximately 85 thousand or 3.1 to another 37 spaces that provides a parking ratio that funding if it were going to parking would dpifrlt projects in the pipeline an important factor in maintaining the that concludes my remarks count it was wautsd $4.99 million in sustainable funding which guess bans the green house emissions and benefits so, now to present the schematic design in more detail is dan sullivan.
10:26 pm
>> hello commissioners and director i'm honored to be here to present the 13, fourth street to you on behalf of the team our collaborate oversees i'll pass this toy around for you to play with after i show you a couple images the conceptual plan is barrel leg he will on your screen the basic organization of the project an e shaped building with split right now of town houses the e shape facboulevardt
10:27 pm
is - . >> facing. >> china baseline street that has all the services and the curb cut parking lot and the continuous retail loan fourth street. >> the perspective from the mission bay boulevard and fourth street the e shape planned is articulated into vertical segments and 5 stories of housing with the main entrance on the left an active use as community room and service spaces fronting into the street and a retail anchored on this south ante corner by a double restaurant space and outdoor parking with seating facing the
10:28 pm
park on this prominent corner from the looking from the north west at down the retails frontage on fourth street the retail continues down the street and vertically articulated an e shape continues down the street and the northwest corner chord by the use of van ness serves the project and the neighborhood the south end is this boldly articulated bar which is two stories well over than the 5 story remainder of the e shaped piece and it has this sort of bold color and strong taker over the columns which organ the
10:29 pm
utility and mechanic spaces that needs to face the street r street and the curb cut under the opening in the middle this is from the north from mission bay boulevard looking at the mid block and articulated town houses by our collaborate oversees and this is in the block a kind of complexity in the block we think that mission bay will benefit from town houses scombarnz on the internal walkway in the project and the upper floor units two floors are served by stoops in the mid block use
10:30 pm
ground floor plan shows the continuous retail north and south the main entrance on the west and the community lobby and the central core in the middle of the project served by a secondary entrance if the muse that is activated by people in the project using the secondary entrance to the lobby the 40 parking spaces occupy only a portion of the site leaving the remainder for retail and for landscape serving the town houses and the two courts. >> there is material pallet is spelled out in the packet and carefully assembled with the help of the agency staff a number of meetings were
10:31 pm
finding this pallet materials it somewhat for bid for the larger building except on the south there is this strong bar color subject and bar and then a more articulated playful pallet of materials for the town houses facing here so with that, i'll go back to the main prospective and i'm available to answer any questions and i'll pass the model around. >> okay. so while you're
10:32 pm
looking at the lovely model i'll finish up my presentation occ staff has spent the last several months working with the architectural team on the various design to insure the consistency the d for d and other planned documents the following represents the staff design comments or conditions of approval that must be resolved in the subsequent stages nonspecific landscaping the materials and building colors and architecture detailing for staff to review during the design phase and color and material samples will be submitted additionally the make ups are built on the construction sites and number two on the corner of mission bay
10:33 pm
and fourth street will be reviewed to refine the scheme on the rounded corner number 3 the design felt east elevation among first street will be dined for the retails to maximize the activation and transparency the design of the trash and recycling area concurs with the documents to insure entrepreneurial trash pickup for the bins on the street 5 building signage will be reviewed to the mission bay signage master plan 6 the project shall comply with the mission bay gold it addresses the extensive noise and when and what time of the day to dovetail on that the development team meets with the ike staff to talk about the
10:34 pm
hours of operation 8 the developer should design the outer children's play area and finally, the developer will define the security of the residential, commercial and car share parking spaces. >> the mission bay cca has been involved sirens the selection of the team t n d c team presented that to its august 14, 2014, meeting for the cca was supportive of the project recently on sexual 9 the architecture design for the cca the cca was supportive of the design and the cca members voiced the security of the site and the play areas for the children those concerns as you heard were addressed in the conditions of approval
10:35 pm
to date the developer has achieved 52.7 small business and neighborhood participation that exceeds the occ goal of 50 percent the breakdown is 42, 46 for san francisco and 9 point one important mayor ed lee and 12 percent for another selection and to achieve the 50 percent participating before the construction dates schedule this project will be before you again in june 2016 to request the financing in july the development team will apply for tax credits and september the construction financing should close and 2018 the construction should be completed that concludes my presentation. i'd like to introduce some team members that are here dan
10:36 pm
solomon you've met in addition to dan we also have malcolm harris from solomon and stephen and we have christopher roach and john springer from studio, we have a.d. deny and claire from t n d c and various consultants that are working on the professional services thank you. >> thank you. >> okay first, we'll see if we have any speaker cards. >> i have for corin woods. >> good afternoon irregular commissioners i'm kroerdz i chair the mission bay cca we're very supportive of this project we like it a lot, in fact, one the comments that was made at
10:37 pm
the last meeting we get the best architecture on the affordable housing projects and we're very pleased with this and pleased with the program we're also happy that our concerns that were mentioned at the last meeting are being addressed in the conditions of the approval i hadn't thought of that i'm glad to see interest is going to be car share space as part of the parking with 25 percent parking ratio it is really good if people have car share on site to be able to use for a car although we're working on new transit groups for the neighborhood with mta all in all we like it and look forward to having is it built thank you. >> thank you. >> are there any other speakers that would like to come up?
10:38 pm
>> okay public comment is closed. on this item commissioners do have questions or comments. >> i do commissioner bustos. >> i'm not sure you may have gotten the breakdown what's the breakdown of the bedrooms in those units? >> there are 1, 2, 3 bedroom units at the development. >> do we know sorts of one bedrooms how many or 3 bedrooms. >> i don't off the top of my head okay. it is about 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd. >> so when we look at the car share process for that with the space what's the process how do the attendance how are they able to assess that car share program. >> i'm going to ask the
10:39 pm
clearing not a one for one parking ratio there's a lottery different methods but i'll call the developers up. >> you know how we are on parking. >> i'm a.d. deny with t n d c your specifically care about how we're working the car share. >> in my opinion there's not enough parking i want to know if you have a family that is in one the 3 bedroom units how they get to access the car share. >> there are a couple of car share programs in the city we reached out to them in the initial rvp with inform dedicated spaces they'll state with on space there's a lot in mission bay currently we're allocating two spaces go to two
10:40 pm
spaces that goes to one to support two and bum up to two at this point but we'll- it will serve the whole neighborhood open to everybody in the building as well as the entire neighborhood and access to the other car share spaces in the neighborhood. >> i'll have a problem with that you know, like i said, we're already not enough parking spots if you w have two dedicated parking spots that takes away from the opportunity for the tenants this spot is for decreases the chance arrest we can look at that our first task was to work with the established groups and work elsewhere in the city to see if they have another models we can eye. >> if you have families or
10:41 pm
parents or kids it is you know they need a way they need a parking spot a way to get around are the parking spots designated for the larger units versus the single or one bedroom. >> assuming the larger like two or three bedrooms have families we're going trying to support. >> will they have first dibs on those spots. >> so how we've operated in the past we have a lottery for the spaces so we don't necessarily reserve them for you the larger families but not necessarily can't look at that. >> i would suggest if a person in a one bedroom a single person or couple it is a lot easy to ride a bike so; right? hundred and 39 so it is easy for them to
10:42 pm
get on a bicycle but for families sometimes multi generations folks living in the united so grandparents and grandkids it's harder to get a bike to go grocery shopping i'll hope we look at that to make sure those in the larger units that most likely will house families they get first dibs on some of those spaces for the cars. >> uh-huh. >> i'm not sure how can we do that i mean that is something to talk about online or offline and you know having access to car shares similar to the what rec and park the they instituted a process that made people go online for a permit to use the
10:43 pm
parks and my concern if the person if it is a single parents not $27 to spare; right? i'm not sure how much the car share program works and how much we're charging people we're assuming that is access to get it; right? you know how to use it online when we look at things like this we need to look at how it works for an individual or family to be able to participate and take advantage of some of the things so i'm not sure how do we follow-up on this stuff but maybe you know ms. sims or someone what report out basically, i'm thinking about the spaces for the car share for larger unites for families because it makes sense they're probably going to need it the most and how do people within
10:44 pm
the unit use the car share spaces i'm not interested if you go out but people that live in that particular development having the access to the spaces so if we could report back on this i'd appreciate that. >> thank you. >> commissioner singh. >> june 2016 with the gap financing telling me what how much is the gap and how much financing we're looking at. >> that's what we'll the team will be working on for the next several months to finalize the financial plan, finalize any
10:45 pm
additional resources that be are coming in to the development and finalize the ticketing then we'll know what the gap is. >> is it going to be ground or alone. >> oh, alone uh-huh. >> thank you. >> i have a couple of questions on the affordable housing units i know we don't have a neighborhood preference program yet but is it appropriate to ask the executive director to give us some background on what might be you know an opportunity for the commission to consider a neighborhood preference for affordable housing? sure commissioners within the context of the existing preferences that exist within the mission bay plan and the agreement as many of you may know the preferences


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