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tv   Board of Education 81115  SFGTV  August 17, 2015 1:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> very good. meeting students need 40 in the hands on adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>in in the mirena burns middle school specific community based on organizations could go to the website this is linked for sfusd under our home package the session for the unified school district forgive tuesday, opportunities to download the august 11, 2015, is now called to order ms. casco roll call please. application and apply oh, we literally have a group thank you form that's an update if ms. fewer mr. haney yesterday i didn't want to a google form so one all of our mr. walton teachers who have using teaching in the stem lab and engineering ms. wynns dr. murase and design class have been thank you and mr. - thank you trained on my yes, a digital version for sfusd they're the i understand commissioner fewer teachers are teaching coding on is not feeling well but welcome the cloud through the chrome to our student delegates please books and the learning mroormd
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join me in the pledge of our students are using the allegiance chrome books for the academic growths yes, we'll have student governments one of the teachers in the professional development session last week was extremely excited to be the advisor for thank you agenda item a approval of the our student government and our minutes there are nun together beacon will support the as i've notwithstanding in the development of the student government and pier resources with the pier developers at past if i meetings the members of the public if you wish to willie brown middle school address the board of education >> commissioner walton. you need to complete a speaker >> i'm sure principle hobson i card prior to the item being have two follow-up questions one so for the stem lab equipment is called and presented to ms. casco importantly according to that the $40,000 you've referred policies and procedures speaker to. cards will not be accepted for >> the gap that exists. >> this is not this is an item already before the board additional just coming out of a i'd like to ask for your cooperation b pertains report partnership with the ideal
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support firm it is not we just superintendent carranza thank you mbes and public a special purchased the basics but again welcome back to the central that is the full staffed office staff and commissioners welcome to the first meeting the new school year in the first conceives lab we'll need support for . >> we got the day on the 15-2016 school year and as i students statistics do we have mentioned all the site staff has the similar make up of the returned to the schools to personnel can we respond to that welcome the students next monday morning i feel the excitement are send over the information. >> we don't have that but will we'll transform the students lives a reminder august 17th is dale follow-up. the first day of school and all >> you annunciations a telephone number share the caregivers are gathering address for the general public supplies for the lesson plans i comment for folks not familiar. hope you got a well deserved >> give me 258:005 silver rest as we gear up to kickoff avenue san francisco, california another school year in the unified school district as and 94124 look forward recent highlights >> thank you. i said want to
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as we prepare first and foremost our board amazing adapted the invite the superintendent. >> i'm here like a katie 2015-2016 budget in june which includes couldn't be prouder of the team $71 million no increases to the the incredible teacher i've budget most of resources are thank you for the opportunity to straight to the employees our sit in on the mergers with willie brown and delusional get hard working employees for increased sailors and benefits out of the way they're building someone that is phenomenal at willie brown and that goes to contribution the board of education unanimously adapted a the district that has new implement k through 12 actuallyaled around the facilities depth and the computer science curriculum how we are approaching this work in leadership of david golden the education week interview everyone has come to the table with a unidentified approach to with the stem executive director launching willie brown i want to jim is linked on the website answer one of the questions that was asked about what can the based on the carve data we public do to support willie received in may the california brown middle school i think we all know we have a choice system department of education has in san francisco updated our congratulation rate and the word of mouth is golden to 83.9 percent in rent an in san francisco increase for the school district i'm just going to predict if you from the 81.7 rate in 2013 we're
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are a parent of a fifth grader you better get on the ball it is especially proud of the class of the hottest ticketed in the 2014 given the class of 2014 was attain wait until you see the the first graduating class for the rigorous requirements also list it is going to be long at willie brown and get up to speed known as the k through 8 our at willie brown the parents at collective hat is off to you the willie brown this year to actually talk to their friends students and faculty and and their yoga partners and the people in the cubicle carrots paraprofessionals and support the office from them and share staff that worked tirelessly to the windfall things happening get them across the stage added willie brown i couldn't be i wanted to mention we'll soon more 24r50i68d in the heart of know the results of the 2015 the city in the bayview in the form of willie brown middle assessment of the student school what's happening at willie brown and i'll tell you performances the new assessments as a preview of coming we've all been waiting for those tests are simply one of many ways to gage the student attractions many of the wealthy progress if you remember the of work that is being implemented is what is coming school quality index the for the rest of the school
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academic duchlt of achievement district watch their, their 40 percent on the compliment doing we'll not say after this cultural and indicators is it is year everywhere we've not side one of many ways to engage the that the faculty will show you we're doing it and having great process like the goals the state success having a communities that is saying we expect this in standards in the core curriculum everyone of our schools and those tests are far different to students that are well prepared make any comparison between the and be able to talk shop at a old scores and the new scores high-level when they get to high this is baseline year and what we know the results are school high school better being coming in with the standards for paying attention those can i see will come in really, really rigorous than in the past i can say with certainty the hard work well-informed of their future i of the ucsf teachers and the know you probably want me to say work they've been doing in the a few words i could speak all classroom have been to implement the common core standards ain't nights of the efforts and wish willie brown a successful launch curriculum shows the scores we'll be there friday and monday overall on this early date are to welcome the students on the far ahead of the urban districts first day and principle hobson with similar groups we look thank you for coming to san francisco and making this your
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forward to sharing those and home we're incredibly to have describing for the public what you at the helm and whatever you need for us to make that those scores mean i'm all to transition to the new school take a p&g and express my successful we're on your team. >> thank you very much mr. heavier heart i have mentioned superintendent. >> thank you to all of who 0 we lost our boo loved teachers joined us i'll not be there east taught in ucsf for 14 years friday but monday. and which we all consider >> the next item is exploring quote/unquote a kid magnet a the probability the shipyard chiu's campuses we'd like to teacher in downtown high school have one public speaker and then shared his love of nature for this course called get out and discussion thank you. learn he changes or changed the lives of hundreds of students and will be missed by all we also were sandal to learn we lost a visitacion valley middle school student in a tragedy water accident a teacher at elementary school and recommended as a person that >> so dr. murase i'd like to
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brightened up the room and finally we recently learned the ask our chief development laura city the entire city lost a morand who has been the point champion for san francisco in along with the deputy director particular the mission district and officer david golden in and a former member of the board those open up for public comment of education and wanting this is going to be a brief introduction to the board and restraining order add originally from bolivia and in san public around some of the francisco dedicated her life to conversation and the ideas we're engaging in the conversation sincerely the immigrant community i have the distinct with the city partners and lennar and for the future the pleasure of knowing her and san francisco and the san license to her many stores the francisco unified school district but with that, i'm going to turn it over to our first latina woman elected to chief development officer laura school district and while thank you superintendant serving served for 12 years most carranza and i'll be sharing this with our deputies this is recently, the executive director of the mission language and an exist opportunity for us as many of you may know the vocational school ion on behalf shipyards is under construction of board of education of ed and and is a really existing opportunity for the city
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and i'm going to hear tonight a mary kit and the other little bit about what is going on at the shipyards and over the individual we'll adjourn this last 6 months our superintendent meeting for them this evening and deputies chief facility on a happier note we're very officer has been in conversation excited to open up willie brown with san francisco state middle school this is the first university about an initiative school we've built from the partnering for a presence at the ground up since elementary in shipyards we wanted to present some of the early thinking to 2005 the board this is more follow i've been on campus it is a but have next steps how to fabulous place of learning that engage the board more deeply so our community should be very proud of the new school is a basically, we're xrrg exploring focused curriculum in a 3 story the potential for shipyard and sglasz building with status quo on the next page in the handout a full media lab, a maker space about the existing work going on at the shipyard and this is equipped with tools and really an opportunity to have a equipment that students will learner and the school will revitalized waterfront neighborhood with the whole offer a full array of emotional vision for the residential and support for the students and families including a health entertainment a research and
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development conveying campus a clinic and opportunities for students to develop their skills business gutter situating on the while working location the waterfront and as we think about much the innovation work going counselor they will have a on there some of that will be counselor and help to enable the moving into the shipyard this is students to have their skills going to be an exciting mixed and competent icy was the most use space and 6 thousand housing excited when i visited the opportunities there as well microscopic room the acoustics at different income levels we've are beautiful and the best of a not finished our projections around demographics which mr. public education in the heart of lee will talk about we know boyer i look forward to everyone there will be families there one learning and thriving in san of the things we had some francisco's public schools. >> thank you, mr. encouragement from roberta to superintendant we're on item c make sure when we think about the recognition of the the opportunities for community accomodation there are nun space which are generous but together we move to item d the limited she encouraged us with student delegate report most of exciting partnership ideas with 55 thousand students are
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enjoying their last week ever the san francisco state university to come and present summer vacation two dedicated those to lennar urban what are the opportunities for us to have a educational footprint at the student delegates i'd like to shipyard so we wanted to show introduce them who have a few you that as you heard from our words to share. presentation of were about this >> thank you, commissioners and superintendent it is a pleasure willie brown is the epic center to be here i'm terry are a of the stem educational self-interest senior at george opportunity zone, if you will, for our schools so what you see washington i'm really like think the chart is the sports for instance, basketball educational sites that we have and if we're building willie and asking him and batted mitten brown as it's center of and been part of the track team education what about precare at since the year and a passion for the high schools how can we take music i've been playing the advantage of some of the violin for almost 8 years as for opportunities at the shipyard that will then not only benefit the students that lived in the my goal it is quite simple to shipyards by broadly benefit the take into the students concerns whole areas the two it is there's so much to discuss
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and relate to at the board of education so much time and so i opportunities is superintendant hope to get all this work done guerrero will go into the opportunity for a new school thank you. that could be a stem elementary >> thank you, president professional school that feeds my name is miguel i'm 16 into willie brown and helps to i've an upcoming senior what the build the capacity for stem at arts of sciences and the other pre k elementary sites representing the advisory and the middle school and high committee as well as the delete school we also have been talking about as many of you may know the high school redesign how to entrance i hope to make that rethink how to allow every enjoyable for all students and single high school students a multiple opportunities so that been involved inform three to four years i have a passion for this is really this is part of sports as well as teresa i love vision 2025 from our business communities how do we make sure not only the students in pretech ed but all students have rich soccer i side fencing we set up opportunities to for dual a fencing and this year i had enrollment and career experiences to have an the pleasure of going to all opportunity to do something state excited with an innovation alley and i can take an eight place it
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lots of new companies entitying was a hard fight it pushes me to work harder in life that's all i so those are the things from think of as well as being a boxer in the ring that's what conversation next steps. >> so commissioners this next motivates me thank you, again president. >> all right. thank you very much rendition a high representative we look forward to working with you over the coming school year in the oranges and yellows so item e the council report nun highs that are 6 thousand homes projected in the shipyards and and consent items no cards open park area as well as retail speaker cards for this item and commercial use and some item g consent calendar i need a identified community use areas motion and second to do you want and then one thing i'll be the consent calendar. describing in the blue is >> move the consent calendar. research and development >> second. >> thank you very much any items withdrawn or corrected projects that are being conceptual listed i'll talk by the superintendent? about in a moment you see in the >> yes. dr. murase the high-level along the shoreline with the star is a potential corrections to the consent calendar are federal, state, and
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parcel it could serve as a local 2 d on page 31 for the newspaper elementary schools the agenda in the background only uc sfusd protocol an elementary berkley should be changed to school that could serve as a key important addition to our regents and the university user protocol that could serve a school like wishing as as universal should be changed to comprehensive middle what it the regents of uc berkley would look like in the program on page 71 modification elementary school students have a similar experience in the elementary years and so what to contract number 1162 would it look like or how might we create a stem focused acceptanceable environmental sciences should read elements that might have an additional feature as a professional development school model some preliminary conversations with the college of ed at the san francisco state 21903912016000151123 not 1139 university what if we had a setting many of the preteachers the last sentence should read had an opportunity to develop the replacement windows their practice on a stem focus replacement and m e.c. screening of the project practitioners that could develop the models we herald or heard
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148, page 1019 should be marked about earlier with willie brown no and the activity should be and have to ac mat our educators deleted through 516 and 158, to the practices in bay area schools specifically that feed page 1 61 october code changed into willie brown and marshall if r from 4313 to a 3 and the an exciting opportunity to how we partner and collaborate with amount should be changed to the institutions in san $32,000 and the fourth $3,490 francisco. >> now another part of the shipyard emerging developments and page 197 not a retroactive here at the intersection of crisp avenue and fishing street pay should be marked no and page is exhibit conceptual listed as 249 in the amendment to resolution line at the top of a innovation alley a hub of the page the correct number is technology that are interested in having a footprint in this 14 is 12 and 158 page 261 the cost is not a credit the it area as well as stafshts that support very different kinds of should reflect the credits.
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sieblts in san francisco but in the middle of that all there is >> thank you, my items removed preliminary communication around by the board seeing none, any a hub working title systemic severed by the board. accelerate that serves as a >> thank you. i have two items place for hub for secondary one is two a on page 24 and the students in particular regional models around state in the 2 f on page 33. >> okay country where high school those will be taken up roll call students have an opportunity to participate in dual enrollment vote my apologies i understand and other pathways that could be the student delegates had an housed in a uniquely set up additional announcement we'll environment in a is it correct return to the student delegate accelerate type of model report. >> last week on august 5th we some of the things that could would like to thank mr. truit continue to support the higher and mary richard for allowing east side the cb o and other the student leaders to have the opportunity to stack this businesses that are interested in being established in this professional day event where at area what is the state of the art technology support not only high school but college aged as far as i am concerned cathedral we spoke our voices
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focusing on our strongest students working in calculation clock and developing those character strength. sectors could create an interesting opportunity for our >> thank you, again president students to see some live and real models of tech companies i'd like to talk about the annual s aa retreat training and other no matter industries this saturday august they've be having the training all the new as a tech base for them. comers and returning >> and to wrap up this representatives will be altogether in a training over conversation tonight i'm going to address a couple of points around golden gate park as a full s ac c we'll be phone call around process so this slide this shows on the strong community with the probably not an exhale liquifies variance schools and the voices but an early brainstorming of for our students. the entities and the individuals >> i'm sorry next s ac c is within the various entities it needs to be engaged and beginning to be engaged actually monday at 4 o'clock p.m. anyone many of the teams that are is welcome to attend our listed on this page actually need to share more information
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meetings as well as the incentives dinner is provided about the concepts of many folks for the guests attending if i listed it is a busy summer in like to attend or make a presentation or like a copy of this particular subject area so they have been conversations our upcoming agenda please that have been take place in a contact our student leaders mr. lopez thank you. preliminary fashion over the >> anything further? course of many months but accelerated over the summer so this is all thank you commissioners you may be hearing >> thank you very much we'll now return to item h some of the ideas and see things superintendents proposal nun together and i boards proposal are flushed out i want to none on item j request to speak reassure you this is a preliminary conversation in a regarding general matters the moment i'll suggest some possible next steps for boards speaker cards are generally committees to go deeper and, in according to topic fact, with our own colleagues within the district and many of so let's see i'm going to call the developments not to mention folks forward and if you could across the university and city departments as well we have to please hold any kind of applause expand the circles of
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until the very ends that would communication but evolving all of those and other departments be much appreciated so i have and individuals institutions need to be engaged to come up (calling names). with both desirable feasible and >> our first speakers let's see viable ideas we've been engaged and we're excited getting tieftd two minutes please. of excited about the potential here in terms of ceded next steps ms. >> okay morand mentioned we're in the process of updating the bryan affording in the in for demographic projections for the district this is happening in as the page 15 of the agenda to as you may know a very dynamic hire an outdoor consultant to context with respect to develop accept in this part of city but help with the data tracking i generally across the city we've believe. >> i'm sure, sir this this is an item on the consent calendar engaged our folks many of you not on the agenda. have seen their laptop and >> well, then i'd like to see global a reported out some of the early finding a bit for work an equal amount invested in the to do before we schedule a
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clerk's office to the staff that presentation whether a committee are committee as a whole for you serve duty letly and let our to see some of the results of the refreshed demographics that clerks get equal attention with the training. talks about the choices or for >> thank you very much. the board to give us direction >> thank you. next speaker, please >> my name is jessica about what seems most adviceable i'm here from the san francisco not to mention the specific puc and here to show our support sites have the most potential and we as staff will give you for the willie brown middle school that is openly up and i'm the thinking about that if you saw some of the maps of the rep harlan kelly and our shipyard there are actually 5 commissioners we're incredibly excited about this investment in community serving sites that have been identified through the honda and like to speak to perp combination of the shipyard the on behalf of somebody that lived hunters point shipyard and candle stick point in the mission community in development areas and we've been saying that he was a great engaged in conversation with the leader to us we rarely are lennar urban and the office of amazed by the legacy area for
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economic workforce development a the latinos to uphold a credible investment the closet to the redevelopment the city's arm for continuing the development plans work with lennar urban so we've legacy thank you. >> thank you. i'm rebecca my in the process of vesting and daughter and i are one of the learning more about the pros and people that remain in a a cons of those sites and what the star that was on one of the comfortable school alexandra my slides represent our current daughter some be entering thinking about what is desirable kindergarten we're in the local so in terms of process we district of grot even our close suggest that this topic be school i'm becoming more and more fearful we'll not have a vetted fallout and perhaps an school augmented services committee a what is if she is not given pretty complicated aspects it sorry i'm nerve nervous how can committee that a preliminary discussion i believe in either may or june commissioner walton and commissioner fewer and i compensate for the commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell were present for that but this socialization i realize as a san
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is providing more detail than franciscan and american i'm the committee took up but that is a good place for the astonished we require a bus for committee members and others that are interested to really do a close prompting proximity and i go into those details for us as staff to give you more in addition, i submitted a harding park appeal and the information in the meantime, modified list of school requests several the stakeholders are interested in initiating the my appeal was denied based on conversation or deepening the the board panel not seeing how conversation with the mayor's it is attend and in addition to office about the concepts that not being available any other have been sketched out in particular around the systemic options other than the school i accelerate idea and a little bit find is uncomfortable and later wear not ready to propose demeaning to have to explain our this but thinking that maybe harding park it is a glaring appropriate you may find this illustration of a good cause appropriate for one or more of you to draft a board resolution unrecognized i've been adult 3 or with our assistance can help times of the john mirror hayes with that as well to kind of valley i've been robbed and file take a formal position of number all of a sudden and have my life traelgdz and in a interest to explore those ideas either the professional
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treatment of a psychiatrist and developments or the elementary psychologist and advocate for the last 3 to 10 years for the schools and/or the systemic active a direct result stemming incubator with the mathematics education we know we're going from those occurrences how this through this quickly and a lot is not relevant to my daughters more conversation to be had. location in regards to her education i'm unable to grasping i'm looking for opposed and >> we have one public speaker. given nun i'm disheartened back >> identified previously formal to my fame traditions and member of the board of supervisors now what with larry transition that are we have a in charge roberta a quiet an advocate to include a educational piece to what is take care must no count down to going on at the shipyard thank you very much. get excited. >> thank you madam president and >> please wrap up. >> give me two more senses i've mr. superintendent and commissioners i'm incredibly delighted to be here and spent my life supporting this produced proud as a san city where am i now what about franciscan to increase taken
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my daughter i've been hushed such wonderful imaginative into uncertainty to our future conversations with the in the hometown of san superintendent and his francisco, california in the delightful staff we've been in united states and not wanting to conversation with the san raise alexander's expectations bit serving her rights through an education experience. francisco state university's >> can you police dog ask mr. about the collaborative conversation with the shipyards steel if you can get connected about the stem education for the not audience thank you very much. >> i want to recognize form san francisco unified school district from the pre k and member of the board of supervisors who is in the elementary schools level on the proposed - on what could audience possible be a proposed let's see next, i will call on elementary school on the shipyard folks to speak on k c and that opportunity to highlight college stem accelerate for 11 and 12 graders and high school students that can enjoy co-enrollment with the college students on the (calling names) let's see i have a second julie shipyard campus
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if you could please come to the san francisco state university is eager and pleased to us be to podium 2 minutes. >> good evening, everyone thank you for your time i'm julie the considering a collaboration ion principle added san francisco on behalf of lennar as the international high school i president mentions i've been a wanted to talk about the dilemma consultant to la in her for 8 a different kind of limbo the years as we have unfolded the students a facing we have many students this year that community responsive communities experienced the collaboration of benefits process at the the july administration the ucsf shipyards and candle stick and class of 2015 worked hard for 4 had the most delightful partner years to attend the classes to in the form of community representatives such as dr. get credits and pass the courses verna honeycutt who is with us we have students that have because of her profound and deep scholarships and attended school interest in the uplift of the they're not allowed to attend the universal our school served shipyards community and the bayview community in general recently for the english i'll point out it is true that learners and our students some there are 6 thousand projected have spent two or three years in
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housing units on the shipyards the country this can be a 32 percent of which will be stumping block for the universal offended at the they said you can't attend the below-market-rate housing so this will be an exciting college our students were not given an opportunity to pass addition to the housing stock this test they were counting on but 45 housing units on candle the july administration to get them to college they're ready to stick point and 32 percent as well will be offended at the go to college we ask you give affordable rates so the grand total 10 thousand 5 hundred new them the opportunity to get into the college we need a diploma housing units alone through the integrated shipyard and candle stick development something that let's here from some of the students and families. i know your development infers >> if you could please hold our are taking specifically into applause to the ends thank you very much. account and generate incredibly >> hi my name is chavez aim a state of well integrated community of interest, constructive international high school i'm an immigrant to the united states achievement for all of our san francisco residents, for our san francisco children and this i have i am trying hard to learn educational opportunity the opportunities for us we at larry
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english for the united states in charge urban to participate collaboratively with all of you i want to go to college for a and with san francisco state is an opportunity we don't want to miss so thank you all very much better future sf state i can't i look forward to speaking with take the test and pass it so i you much more specifically in can't go to college i come here the future thank you. >> i want to thank mr. action for hope i failed this year i burger she's south side of as want this year i am the one of the secretary of the housing the group i deserve this thank development department we're fortunate to have they are talents to the community i want you for listening. >> thank you very much. to recognize dr. honeycutt in the audience and the retired >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> niechlz a casey martinez dean the san francisco college and dedicated her life to the education of young people that concludes public comment questions or comments from any colleagues commissioner norton. >> i'm interested in the demographic work i'm interested in that from a broader student
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i'm from - i'm here to share my assignment you know prospective but which do we expect to see the analysis that their opinion of being able to take - completed. >> well commissioners, i think i came to the united states 4 the best i can offer a guess so years ago and started fifth we have had sort of on it ration grade without knowing any english and now passing out of of conversation with them pretty recently last friday i believe my class i'm ready for college about some of the preliminary finding based on that we have a and i don't have any high school number of questions they themselves have a number of diploma because - questions to explore seismically i'm ready to college so, please from status sources is from the give me my diploma thank you for city and county holds we're making a judgment how precise we listening. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, want to be based on those please >> (speaking foreign current a.m. guts before scheduling a discussion for a
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board of education meeting with that said, it will not be meantime in august we hope we can schedule a discussion with a bit more information in september but there niece to be a couple of more iterations of some of the analysis and really just to put a finer point the major questions or set of questions is about this new development the new how's developments in the pipeline and we want to get a more precise understanding of the unit the mix of the for each development case by case what is the numbers of studios one, two or three language.) >> my name is mr. mar is the plus bedrooms etc. and that really has to be done on a case basis so we have some historical father of christine i'm here information about the questions like the student yield how many attorney at law to give my students do we typically see
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opinion of my daughter not from a development that has taking casey my daughter certain percentages of market rates from below market rate and finished the class but can't so we have a lot of information attend the university without a high school diploma i want you in order for us to give specific to give the opportunity to casey projections especially about or give her a diploma due to the particular development areas like the shipyards or park merced or mission bay better, impeding the opportunity to go to the university for her dream more precise information than we for the effort she's put into have so hopefully early her studies i think she deserves september it could be spill over a little bit but we're working the opportunity to college thank as hard was we can to bear down you for your time tonight. >> i appreciate that i know that is complex and you've been >> good evening my name is dynamic but the concerns i have tiling i'm a fourth grade teacher at san francisco international nibble they've met precisely around the yield we've clawed there are good reasons to the high standards of the district and my school they've rely on the historical data
1:30 pm
traditionally we certainly do completed scholarships and accepted to four-year colleges not want to over build or plan as an educator it is hard to that is sad which to hear that we you know we basically in the watch students held bake my past have thought so little of the students that would live in students have dedicate their the market rate housing would commitment and now time for you become our students and that you to show yours give them their know, i just want love us to dig diploma they deserve to continue into that a little bit more and see you know what are other studying thank you. >> thank you very much>> thank similar communities what yields you. next speaker, please. so necessary see if the yields >> and hi good evening i'm tiffany a 11 and 12 grade vary what we historically see teacher they industrial high school i'm here to share my you know i don't i don't want to see we're only goes to get the opinion although there's been many students who have used the students that are low income or few of the middle-income and the opportunities of the july casey higher income students and that to get into the four-year may historically have been the pattern but i don't want to see colleges they've got labored and told you over it and will be us completely so those students
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able to handle college although are going to be our students i'd the casey is not the best way to rather dig both that to understand how to disrupt a - it is an injustice we can't historical pattern for the afford for is already participant. >> thank you those are underprivileged students please descriptions the line of consider those students and the thinking we're trying to apply impact this has on their future they've come to this country for if we were satisfied justin just a better life please don't leave using the historical numbers them behind since the casey was we'd have a betterment than trying to get underneath some of the nuances that might be suspend their getting not having the opportunities. different than what we've seen >> thank you very much we would like to applaud for the historically. >> i would close by saying i've speakers. >> at this time, i'd like to definitely heard if the the superintendent for a constituents depress about how response on this issue. we are looking at mission bay about the number of market rate >> thank you, dr. murase thank developments and maybe this is you for coming forward and the best way from a planning expressing your yourselves a prospective i do want to be
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couple of things to clarify overly option but explain to the we are absolutely with you on public why we think the yields this particular issue school district has been in certain kinds of housing are fighting all summer to get so low and even have a narrative clarity around what i we're going to be allowed to do given or plan how to implement that the state protective take care going forward as opposed to has suspended the k c for this relying on a historical pattern. the board of education didn't >> i have commissioner vice hold the authority to issue our president haney and commissioner walton this is the beginning of diploma without clear direction a conversation we have a much from the state board of deeper conversation but if there are areas that the commissioners education, in fact, we're going to make sure that a copy of that 80 want to see pursued this those comments are sent to the is the time. board of education at the state >> well, i want to echo the level and the superintendent to comments that commissioner norton say so thank you for understand the lingo we had a making that into a similar question i'm excited about this choice to make that summer with and thank you for your leadership in getting ahead of the k c is no longer a it and mr. morand for putting
1:33 pm
requirement for graduation, this forward and thinking about however, the board of education what is possible and having it at the state level has not given guidance or direction as to what not signed out we could have done something in the way it we can duo do number two, of not happened in the partnering i'm looking forward to the having the k c's in the future conversation if building the grounds i have one question that so the choice do we go ahead and is relative to who what issue a diploma to everyone that commissioner norton the met even though requirement for reference the resolution the the diploma yet not passed the k process in place how do this effort align with or c and a simple answer is yes unto the issue the board of you view it as separate from the education says there are not requirement i have to fulfill conversation around mission bay some similar questions and some we'll be required to revoke our similar processes should those diploma and notify every those some of this analysis be institution we've revoked our diploma that is not something we're willing to do and not something a position we're willing to put our community or aligned this is a dwindles students in limbo of so what opportunity and timeline i want to put that out there with our we're doing is advocating for thoughts and part of is the clarity can we issue a clip and
1:34 pm
i guarantee if he can we'll demographics. >> commissioner vice president haney i think there are a lot of issue it on the day we get the intersections between our note in the meantime, what we're willing to do with the students conversation and planning and that have this situation we're vetting about this particular opportunities set of willing to communicate 0 our opportunities and other parts of city and that's actually been colleges and universities about the communication why we feel we pretty explicitly discussed i'll should be able to issue a diploma yet we're not allowed by give you one example of that state law at this point to issue which is as as you may know a diploma so we can communicate that it is a bureaucratic mess we're also making some plans we understand that but we're around a general obligation absolutely in audiotape with you in terms of getting clarity and bonds next year that our ultimate goal we'll be able championships some funding for some new schools because we to issue a diploma fourth with fully expect we'll need to having completed the k c and increase the capacity of seats issue a diploma immediately so we just want you to know we're in our protocol at the same time standing with you and whatever we don't expect to have enough you can do to help us to get money in the bond proposal to satisfy all the needs so we do
1:35 pm
clarity at the state board of have to think carefully and plan education your help to get the carefully what we will see decision about the students so additional demand at what grade thank you, again, for coming levels in what parts of city forward. >> thank you, mr. superintendent this is the that is a question that would, public comment not a time for discussion but i ask when you relevant around the shipyard and forward the testimony that you candle stick point and mission hear a letter, drafted it on bay and e, etc. so it is all behalf of the board of education asking this issue to be resolved enter independent what is mraift us to propose a resolution next the speakers on the specifically around the shipyard pathway. (calling names) is that there are enter agencies implementation and partnerships >> if you could please come for us as the school district and the board of education to be down you'll have 2 minutes per clear about what you're hoping person to address the board to your committing to in xrrg thank you. the concepts that would be helpful as our understanding >> hi, i'm a teacher with ucsf from the university and from larry more lennar and not close
1:36 pm
and taught at john o'connell about 15 a assistant principle one thing i know that it is crucial for the students kurment off options but it would relevant curriculum and equality articulate the boards current we hear from the district quite thinking including what say is often the arabic pathway open to exploring about it and the caveat for the information reflects those values i know we will gather before locking that i'm here to stand with the into a discussion. boards decision to continue with >> commissioner walton and i'll the pathway and time to say that try to be brief dr. murase as a member of the jewish but i'm definitely excited about community the jcrc doesn't speak the innovation additional and the possibility of campuses and for me it is crucial we the work we can side on the understand that the attack on arock and on the language program are really problematic and i hope that the board can shipyard pause of the exposure i'm up here because of the stand by its decision and support our students. >> thank you. combrour so having the >> yes. i'm robert r0g9 i've opportunity to expose our
1:37 pm
been a teacher in the district children and families to the for 27 years and i'm starting my robust program is something that is exist and i get more excited 28 right now i teach at mission when we balance the entities across san francisco in terms of high school and i'm also to what we offer and then just speak in support arabic language briefly if you talk about vision to the pathway i was here when 2025 and some of the things in the board unanimously passed the resolution and over the summer i innovation alley with the vision 2025 plan the stem and the began to hear attacks from the innovation the understanding the jcrc on arock in particular also education and the academics and i'm a jewish teacher in my education and reimaging the experience i've worked with space and time and the extended arock in any both in my learning and everything that classroom and school anticipate they've severed as the very, comes with that ideas i get very strong support for my an excited and when we talk about in terms of of the projections who going to be living on the shipyards and bayview because of arab students my students have the development we can, in fact, gone to arock for tutoring and start to look at how to get more
1:38 pm
affluent families excited wasn't after school work a bull warmth we do in sfusd having a true of their every part of their education communities like we're proposing and what is being identity as arab students in a discussed is something that is going to get any family excited city and society very often about moving into an area and participating in a school and attacks them and so for me when communities with something like i heard those attacks over the that so this also addresses some summer i was very concerned about the braids response i've of the concerns we have as well been happy to hear that the who enrolls in the the schools board stood firm in its support and the choices and the not only for theries but in its excitement we understand we'll support for the partnership with be, of course, proposing a bond there are other priorities and arock and obviously curriculum things we've discussed that we is decided by the district and by teachers know are coming the arts campus so it is not about the partnership that you have what the community partner but i and complex around the stifsh think in terms of the perspire area and mission bthere are opps that arock represents a very significant force in the ash ash community and done positive work with the students and community and i urge you to continue that partnership as i move forward that i think we all should think
1:39 pm
with the ash ashic language about as we move forward and then just one of the last pathway thank you very much. >> thank you i'd like the things i don't talk about things speakers to (inaudible). outside of san francisco but if you look like the center for advanced research and the things they're able to do being able to how do i word this - being able >> hello, i'm a jewish ph.d to bring the ideas and expects is something i get excited students at uc berkley and in about, of course, this is biological a head std with the operated by the district and development by the district and team workers union that the opposite of what cart does represent almost 18 thousand in terms of the charter school student graduates and a member of the jewish for peace i was but excited about what they offer for students seeing the here to commend the boards opportunity that is here through decision for arabic pathway it that and what is being proposed i think is again, we should take a look at it and oufg you'll see is a valuable tool and something i'm excited about and counselors of the board to take hopefully develop something for
1:40 pm
this stance in the arab budget the future that benefits us in cuts for the marginalized the future with this type of students i also want to say planning. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you personally i've worked closely thank you for that presentation with arock on several projects for the past year through the that was actually very exciting and i'm happy to see that human union and arock has been a good resources i want to and friend of the union and you couldn't pick a better community actually, i wanted to respond to partner for this project so i one of the things that commissioner norton said i think want to make many clear and sent one of the historic analysis a letter to the board i've sent that we need is that we still as to everyone of you and cc'd here far are not getting the yield i hope you'll read my letter and from mission bay that was projected and that we've - now the details so thank you for the honestly we shouldn't be happy about this but you're planning opportunity to speaker. >> thank you very much. was show so we kept saying oh, >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm a san francisco residents and prior state we have a school site we don't penitentiary university student i wanted to thank you for the opportunity to thank you for know what kind of school and supporting the ash ashic and level it might be that is still
1:41 pm
language pathways it is such an true i'm glad by i've heard a important opportunity and i number of reporting that said applaud you for making it gave projections that were available and as a jewish estimates based on the years of community person i say you have development and those had not materialized so i think we chosen no better community should pubically say one thing partner thank you very much. that is much more important >> thank you. >> i'm elliott a parent of the about the shipyard at hunters point is that the developer also kids in unified school district the city has been much more i'm a sign language interpreter responsive to the demands that i work with the deaf and hard of we need family housing so the hearing students i'm a jew the studios and one bedroom thing that really struck me was hearing arock being called a apartments the paramount housing partner in mission bay were not hate group i've been involved going to be appropriate for been participating in arock families and never mind we've activities for several years and not discussed the other issue identified myself a jew when it the market rate so therefore not is appropriate eave never felt necessarily those that we have my hate they do a great service starred to seen in public schools if there are were any
1:42 pm
to our communities that's where i go to get information i also there in the first place that is know that i don't think there is one example present we need to a siren arab speaking student look at a little bit and that has not benefited from at least one program that arock retrofitting but in the past the provides i like to communicated the board to allow them to lead projection we know we're a little bit ahead of the curve on the ash aarabic topic. from the previous demographic study when the child and public population will begin to go up again based on not only on new developments but more just on >> i work with jewish rights the dome graphic curves we have for peace i've been a long term as the superintendent and i were activist here for human rights talking about the other day we don't have any room in the and justice in the bay area i middle schools that is something we openly up a new one how do we was shocked that would come up plan well enough and, of course, for reconsideration you'll hear none can predictability the
1:43 pm
my support for arock and hopeful you'll lay this to rest and let's get on with such a recession so having the discussions like this and maybe wonderful program including this will give us the arock. >> thank you. opportunities to explore some of >> hi, i'm lee i want to add my the things and identify things to look at so that's the first one and is voice to commend and thanking the board with moving forward with the ash ash pathways it go an incredibly value service so second thing is that i - i'm very interested in making sure thank you for that we have all the information and i wanted to say it is not about what is happening with the without necessarily attacking plans and what potential the jc c the fact in their projects we have in mind for claiming to represent the jewish that the bonds so you look at this and it is fascinating community compels me to come out exciting to have those two their speaking on my behavior facilities is great but it can and attack an organization that be really expensive so i think is probable cause principle so we need as much time as we can without attacking them necessarily i think this is
1:44 pm
get to know all the components important that the board that are going to effect that so understand that the jcrc doesn't i'm you know asking for that get to speak for all jews and whatever information we have of represent us that arock is a hate group is out of place so - we always have the tension thank you, again, for allowing me the opportunity to speak in once we say it pubically people think it is concrete but not a support of the pathways. surprise to us and the public >> hello board thanks for but particularly so that we're never in the position of saying allowing me to speak thank you oh, if we had known of 6 months all for moving forward with the last thing pathway action a ago or a year ago we would have jewish grouping in the bay area had a different conversation to learning hebrew and those are any main concerns i'm celebrating my cultural and glad that lots of people are having my identity affirmed and moving forward this is what we show should do it could be have similar opportunities it is clear my patents would in the fantastic and exactly the kinds of investments we need to the have sent me to learn hebrew if city we're by the way, our not for the institution so students like and we really needs to focus more on that
1:45 pm
similar it is clear chog those which we're doing this is parts organizations arock that are cherished in the community is of that so thank you very much. >> i'm going to thank the team the only ways to successfully moved on the language pathways for their presentation it sound given that a political like we'll have lots to talk about i'll refer this to organization that is directive building and grounds and the agenda has tried to santa fe student assignments demographics rail this but thank you for and anticipation for the issue moving forward and continuing to so thank you, again try to realize those courageous thank you, mr. action beggar and and bold goals so thank you. >> thank you very much if you dr. honeycutt for joining us i'm like to applaud at this point really glad we had a definition (clapping.) there are no more speaker cards about willie brown at the shipyard we're 0 now at item n the so we will close. consent calendar that were removed for the second moving there were none we're on item o vote on the consent calendar >> yes. anita. >> good evening. i'm letting with the exception of the resolution 2a on it package 24 to now of the united people of and page 33 which have been san francisco today was the first official workday for the severed by commissioner wynns. teachers of the san francisco >> i mean ms. casco roll call
1:46 pm
unified school district we know many, many have come in to get vote please. ms. chin. ready as how members set up their classrooms the media has highlighted thelation minute >> ms. fewer scramble to fill our sfrtdz vacancies the supply and demand mr. haney is not work in the favor word is ms. mendoza-mcdonnell out san francisco is the most ms. norton. >> i didn't except no on k two. extensive city in the united >> bullet. states and newest teachers and >> ms. wynns paraprofessionals have taking to and dr. murase. >> thank you leap of faith unified school district did an extensive search thank you very much we're on item p consent calendar i'm glad to hear many of the resolution severed for board positions are filled the ucsf discussion and immediate action. members expect the same >> commissioner wynns. >> i have two items one is resources you'll need to retain the 5 hundred teachers you've just hired actually item 5 of two a on page i raised my family here in san 24 a million dollars grant from francisco as a young teacher 25 the california department of years ago i could afford a down finance for innovation an
1:47 pm
innovation and higher education payment on a modest played we its purposes to increase the that want that for post secondary enrollment that paraprofessionals and teachers the affordability criticized is is very little information that not going away it - i'm here to is the format but i kind of like to know what is it is before we tell you and our members we're is, yes we'll do that i prepared to side whatever it understand it is not a lot of takes to make sure that all educators can afford to live in money comparatively speaking by the city their so proud to work one of the things if we don't know anything about it oh, yeah, thank you very much (clapping.) thank you. we do something did we know >> good evening. i'm susan about it and kevin is finally solomon executive director of the units educators of san francisco i want to welcome the new student delegates and look that's why you're smiling right forward to hearing more from you so nobody knows about that i can i want to echo what president get the information later oh. belong said we're excited to be pack be a witnessed over 50 of our members getting trained through a joint member education
1:48 pm
on boar we met many, many new teachers with the teacher >> orientation and as president said we heard about how hard it (laughter). is for the teachers and >> so sorry. paraprofessionals to afford housing in san francisco i know >> go i'm such an idiot where as of early this morning there are any glasses. were 96 teacher job openings and >> here you want mine? as friday 31 paraprofessional >> okay. so i hope ken norman openings so we need to know what is listening she embarrassed me the plan is and how to make sure our students are faced with a need to stabilize the workforce as many of you may know we applied about city college for and as i remind you the last the government's initiative grant and received for bridge to year we're to have contract success we received a $3 million bails within one year about salaries we want to see our innovation award yeah. educators come here and stay and one million dollars is for here and they need to know they can us and one million dollars - the afford to live here
1:49 pm
entire award goes to city just like president my kids were college and then they, decide how to born and raised in san francisco and had the great benefit of the xrorpgs that $3 million grants san francisco schools so was i we great and that city college and my sisters and cousin we all said that was a joint project that had benefit we want the they'll take a million dollars and we'll share a million families to joy that benefit dollars in shared funding so keep them here and support them this million dollars is to any way you can and pay them accept it >> basically, the same program well, thank you. we've been doing bridge to >> (clapping). >> ms. so ma ma. success. >> an award to continue to do the work we've been doing with >> i'm the vice president of the prepare sf i want to bring city college. >> no - a new source of fuentes to your attention that the pay for the monitors is under wlaum by funding. minimum wage act 1074 i got the >> the gage grant is actually letter i know that ended up so, now we have no so i'm hoping that will be funding for san francisco day or the council's for the p lc with corrected because this city
1:50 pm
upcoming minimum wage is much the city college councils for the math teachers to meet with honoree so on the person note i the math teachers to have the wanted to thank you for adjourning the meeting in any joints enter departmental meetings in addition to dads memory in june providing incentive and support and all of you, you given me programs for the students during letters and cards and e-mails that i do want to thank you thank you. >> thank you very much their freshmen year the grants (clapping.) has to the been appropriated we now on item k they're doing it only to accept the million dollars and you'll siding report and by the board start to see things come in. >> if i may i was - thank you members any appointments at this that is helpful but i'm - time? i'd like to - >> i've got one appointment to without saying oh, i want every the peace cca paul rodriguez. one of those to look like one of these if someone can look at >> thank you that with the eye does that say i will be appointing third degree anything with an commissioner walton to the explanation there are a couple economic council all right. we're now on item l of other things i've highlighted special order of business 3
1:51 pm
action items the first a this one explicit say anything resolution of the board of in nobody objects maybe we'll education authorizing the issues look at the agenda in the future you know soon in the next couple sfusd 2015 refunding bond if the agendas. >> yes. the commissioners aggregate amount in the amount we'll be happy to do that of one hundred and $10 million sometimes, we well, everybody knows what we are doing so we'd may i have a motion and section. like to make sure we have an eye >> colleagues a motion and towards that thank you for second. >> second. pointing out. >> (laughter). thank you very much >> i do. superintendent carranza if you could practical are delegate i >> why not take them together. didn't >> i'd like to ask our chief. >> so the other one on page 33 >> good evening supreme court and members of the board of and this says so i'd like to education we've, of course, never bring know kurt's pot it. things to you in small dollars
1:52 pm
amounts we have the pleasure of >> another short one so i've bringing essentially 3 asked them executive director daniel in h.r. that has resolutions one is to sell at oversight of the benefits team to speak a little bit on the details of perking spot remaining 2006 bonds that are something we've got a new remaining to be sold of the benefit to our employees if they facility prop 8 prop a in 2006 want. >> good afternoon commissioners and the remaining bonds of the thanks for the opportunity to speak if so a initiative program 2011 bonds it is free of cost to the and in addition another district and gives a number of resolution to what we call refund bonds a way to gym memberships and theater essentially refinance a previous issue which will save the discounts and cell provider like taxpayers of san francisco at&t and verizon to help make a roughly $6 million and then the third one will be for our trans that are our borrowing to carry few things for affordable in the the cash flow this will be city. >> so it is - decided later the first of the >> it's a for profit they make measures i'll read money off the merchants but free of cost for our employees to
1:53 pm
is the resolution to refinance a use. >> so i want what i want our hundred and $10 million of the obligation to make sure we have prop a 2003 bonds and i'll read the recognition to disclose where we're giving that the board of education of the san francisco unified school employee information to the for district do you want a profit what we get out of that resolution of the board of education authorizing the look at both sides. issuance of san francisco >> of course in our sort of unified school district are city tentative agreement it is of chicago of san francisco pending approval here we do we're not providing employee 2 thousand 15 general obligation information it is opted only runtd bonds niechld one and people can include it in open enrollment and employees $10 million to refinance interested can enroll with air certainly outstanding general obligation bones for the ucsf address and they can't use delivery of preliminary official it information or sell it for statement an official notice and other purposes. sale and form approving the form >> yes. >> i'm still a little bit of and authorizing the execution nervous but this is a little bit and delivery of a bond purchase agreement and escrow agreement
1:54 pm
and disclosure agreement slippery slope i want to provide providing for the approval of an things for the employees an as official statement and the he knows the cost of living here execution of documents relayed is prohibited but i still am a through to and certain actions little bit nervous and connected there with. superintendent and sxhultd. >> and if there are any >> sure thank you, commissioner questions i'd like to point out we have a healthy sense of we have our bond counselor skepticism this is passed through the legal department our affidavit sanchez and our contracting officer we've subtle financial advisor here to made sure that no identifiable information is provided to those folks an opt in and i think from represent the - if there are any a couple of conversations with questions in fact, in order to new teachers with the sell the bonds - if there are no questions on orientation i had the opportunities to participate they were excited about it i that measure let me read the think this is going to be you second one the recommendation that the board of education. >> mr. gorlg i've been advised can no discharge danger to us to take them spate thank you very much for the reading of the i'm going to sign up for the gym recommendation no public membership speakers any questions from the (laughter) a nice perk for the employees. colleagues of the board seeking >> open-ended contract.
1:55 pm
r seeing i want to congratulate >> this is another example the staff the finance department where - this is not a lot of we've enjoyed no fund on the information about something that is maybe great but maybe a bonds this is a confidence ms. little bit slippery slope. >> that's a 3 year agreement we casco roll call vote and mr. thought that was exciting a chin referral program for local businesses so from employees yes that sign up they have a mr. - ms. fewer favorite restaurant or establishment in the city they mr. haney can refer that to perks slot and mr. reiskin or ms. mendoza-mcdonnell and mr. walton they'll have them in for local ms. wynns and dr. murase 5 i's. discounts too. >> thank you very much i'll >> commissioner walton. proceeded to resolution of the >> so just to question because board of education authorizing the issuance of u.s. d general i've dealt with this a little bit in my other life the events education bond election of 2006 for perk spot their solicit the and 2011 and aggregate principle amount not to exceed district employees and get a percentage with work with $226 million that is if you'll vendors. read the recommendations. >> is that.
1:56 pm
>> thank you, dr. murase i'd >> i'm sorry i'm not following like to ask the two chiefs and the question one more time. >> basically, their benefit for actually summarize it quite well perk spot to solicit our dr. murase the board of employees to connect them with education of the san francisco the companies. unified school district do you want a resolution of the board >> yeah. as american people's employee there's a website if of the san francisco unified you registration our website to school district authorizing the have access to the merchants issuance of the district city that off perks through perk spot and county of san francisco 2015 and something a monthly pamphlet tax and revenue anticipation notes i'm sorry wrong one i how much out of saved often the apologize restaurant or whatever. general obligation prop a >> the word free is definitely election 2006 and prop a free to the district because it election of 2011 in an aggregate is at the expense of the district employee with heavy principle amount invited solicitations there's a possibility that happens. $226 million to finance the >> one the thoughts of of the shown and construction and things to go into it how improvement unfinished and
1:57 pm
equipping certain school solicited and we'll not hair the facilities authorizing the delivery of a preliminary districts e-mails with peculiar spot specifically for that it is statement official notice and official form approving the form important it is opt in only so only employees that want to be and authorizing the execution part of it will be part of it. and delivery of a bonds purchase >> how about outreach to our agreement to continue the employees how will they learn disclosure agreement providence for the approval of an official about their option opting in. statement for much bonds and execution of documents related through to and certain actions >> no we've prepared our open in connection there with. >> thank you very much mr. enrollment materials that goes golden there are no public out in september for to include comments for this and questions a flier as part of open or comments from the board enrollment and for the new hire seeing none, ms. casco roll call packets we'll probably put vote and ms. chin something in there as well. >> commissioners keep in mind ms. fewer if an employee opts in they can mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell, ms. norton opt out. mr. walton >> i just think we have to be ms. wynns and dr. murase. >> 5 i's. >> thank you very much and the careful how we our employees phenomenal action item under that this is like have i got a
1:58 pm
that agenda items it the sfusd deal for you b.a. but what you authorizing the issuance of the you getting access to our 2015 attention notes in an employees is a big deal; right? aggregate amount not to exceed $167 million is there a motion so you can see other thing all and second. >> thank you very much our other contracts have was mr. carr response. >> thank you dr. murase and chief golden. ways to cancel them do they have >> i'll defer to my colleague. a thirty days cancelation >> thank you, chief govrlg the >> i'm not sure we're going into a mou we'll have to recommendation that the board of consultant. education in the san francisco >> commissioner walton in a moment i share some of unified school district do you want the resolution of the board commissioner wynns concerns of education that authorized the particularly a 3 year contract issuance of the san francisco we haven't had a chance to vet unified school district city and county of san francisco it we' awe in the meantime it b california 20th century 2015 tax and revenue anticipation note in an aggregate principle amount if it getting goes out with open not to exceed $16 million and authorizing the delivery of a
1:59 pm
enrollments we have fully vetoed preliminarily official statement official statement and notice of it i guess i'm not comfortable i sales and approving the form and have enough information to make authorizing the execution and that call tonight. delivery of a continuing >> commissioner walton. disclosure certificate and >> that's my question i know providing for the approval and that is an mou not a contract execution of other documents but one does it have to be 3 related here to and certain acts years and if severed how to in connection there have. >> thank you, very much. no guarantee we'll basically stop public speakers any questions or comments by my colleagues? the solicitation of the seeing none, ms. casco roll call vote >> mr. chin. employees. >> i'd like do my homework to >> ms. fewer answer that. >> we can consult with legal in terms of as we design the mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell perimeters of the mou we'll ms. norton and dr. murase. consult legal on. >> i don't have questions about >> i want to congratulate the team for an amount vote on all the legal illegality this can be items in the special order of very legal not stopping a business thank you very much item n is consent calendar corporation from doing what they resolution we move forward for the second none tonight. do in regards to solicitation.
2:00 pm
>> i'd like to recognize our >> oh, i'm sorry yes general council. i apologize >> i'll suggest with the we are on agenda item m very commissioners concerns we get a little bit further in the process and bringing that back important we have two very to the board and include substantive topics the first is language the commission is not an update on the willie brown middle school and cpr the explori endorsing and our employees can shipyard mr. carranza. unprescribe if they decide this is too intrusive and we can >> thank you dr. murase so the willie brown middle schools team certainly make sure there is a makes it is way i want to i'm cancelation period so if this going to turn it over to this goes wrong we cancel it with over 0 lupe and introduce the thirty days notice. members of the presentation. >> commissioner vice president >> good afternoon, commissioners this will be a haney. >> that sounds great i saw them where we live presentation this nodding their heads it would be evening as many of you may know on monday we welcomed over the great to consult and have a chat 57 thousand students over 2 with our labor units with hundred students to the newly concerns. >> commissioners i want to say
2:01 pm
reestablished willie brown we're going to pull this from middle school and we look forward to seeing them we this agenda we'll had had thought it was really important homework and this is not a that on the overview of openly the schools we gave you gave you extended benefit this is a the progress rotator for the memorandum of understanding so we're trying to give folks to tuition you'll hear about this evening in advance appreciate our folks not trying to solicit that this is really been a them but give opportunities to our folks anything that saves to yearlong across the departmental work and live in the city i know efforts many folks that insuring not only the physical plant but that is what you what i want to the pragmatic workers of the be clear if there's concern school we look forward to stwlaefr we'll not bring this back to you. providing for our students much >> if i may just i'd like to i of that provided corporation cooperation and leadership if don't want to interrupt but there is - i did not think that the projects i want to the district has any you know appreciate her pubically and many folks are coming back to meet with the colleagues today nashz nash purchase but the in fact, the carefully hand other side of the mou i think selected willie brown middle that is kind of our job here.
2:02 pm
school faculty and support staff >> student delegates. have been working throughout the >> if i may how do does it summer under the leadership of effect the sfusd students. the promise in being prepared to >> this is an employee benefit off powerful teacher a unique so it does not not a benefit experience so this evening you'll hear a recap of the big offered to students only a benefit for employees. picture and the community >> thank you. >> that's a great question. engagement and the pragmatic >> so my understanding is this features we're share with you item is withdrawn from the principle austin. consent calendar. >> but mr. superintendent is it >> good evening board of coming back at another meeting commissioners bringing back a brand new item. detrust president of the willie >> it will come back as a new brown middle school extremely excited to be here today item. >> so we have remaining vote on (clapping.) just my principle and our stem 2a that was severed commissioner walton. >> by no means do you want to correspondent we have a two teachers in the audience we have take any benefits away into the our social worker and district personnel isle i've correspondent ms. andrew's laura spent time with the aggressive and our e l a science teacher corporations it would, great if
2:03 pm
ms. julia and in the back our employees are telling us this is something we want and see this beacon director will help with any reluctance. so i'd like to begin by giving you an overview of the process and willie brown construction the site is beautiful and this >> thank you very much ms. was willie brown middle school sanchez we're now on roll call for the severed stem 2a. one year ago september 9, 2014, >> we'll voting on b-1 grants. you can see the main entrance it is in the rear this is willie brown middle school today >> the whole item has been - and as we wait for the light thank you. this is a beautiful shot it is well-polished okay. we'll see >> ms. fewer it on the side good doesn't we today, we hosted our step up mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell arrest ms. orientation for over one and 10 norton only abstain on items 11 of our students to be act made and 12. >> mr. walton arrest chinese i to the school our entire staff
2:04 pm
ms. wynns and dr. murase. was there with enthusiasm to >> thank you. engage all the students and >> we're on item q for first families as we prepare for reading i need a motion and monday august 17th willie brown middle school is a second for this revision of school destined on the founding principles specifically the 6 at bylaws and reading materials may i have a motion and second i'll least and dispopulations of our refer this to the rules committee next is sb two by vision 2025 they must be master for the 21st century to for the bylaws order of business i need skills to be employable and have a motion and second. >> second. >> i will refer this to the a global identity embedded in rules committee i believe that the general council as the core of our program the introductory remarks not public students will have access to comment on this item tonight. world education to extend their >> i believe that dr. murase education beyond the textbook you're referring to we've made our students will be supported revisions since the agenda was by pier resources to develop the put together to the order of
2:05 pm
business and the revisions are leadership models inside willie in the lobby and available to the public and available to the brown middle school a purpose of members with the revisions that self the shifts that are listed the bylaws for the rules committee for consideration. >> thank you very much i want in the vision 2025 are shifts to point out to colleagues there is a new section about the taking place across the country willie brown middle school in proper procedure for board the design of our state and federal consulate personalized revisions and we're recommending pathway and two in the space and time in our mission statement we specifically call out the fact changes to the order of business to help the flow of the meeting we want our students to have the skills and abilities to major in please join us at rules committee stem degrees we wanted our students have the option and the next order of business is proposed for board meeting none freedom in the future to choose and item s is standing committee report i'd like to announce the stem crazy san francisco economy ad hoc committees of the board demands those tool to explore of education for july 1st the identity and expand the possibilities and be of service
2:06 pm
to others our students to be june 2016 for the budget and advocates of social justice for business services rachel norton the expansion of the rights of as chair members commissioner humanity with the willie brown middle school so the action into mendoza-mcdonnell and commissioner fewer the building 9 action of willie brown grounds and services committee will be chaired by commissioner memorial day begins with the in mendoza-mcdonnell with commissioners hastening and coming sight graders we designed walter as you members for the program count i committee an academic program and a social commissioner walton will serve program and healthy program so as chair and the rules policy when our students leave in eight and legislation commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell will serve and grade they meet the 6 commissioner walton and i as dispopulations of the profile members for the student our strategic priorities are commissioner chung whether chair with commissioner norton and commissioner wynns steward around the academic on the ad hoc on personnel achievements as well as relations one change ms. casco emotional development that means so commissioner fewer will chair that the students are the core with members commissioner norton of our model outside surrounding and myself this is change as of it our family engagement
2:07 pm
tonight strategy and communities on the city and school district involvements as well as staff development it is approved select committee we have 3 monthly and weekly and daily representatives if the board commissioner fewer, matt haney four academic achievement the first to open a ucsf for the and shau shamann walton's and the adas standards for the next hock joint committee is not meeting we anticipate they'll generation of scientific in sf i meet in the coming school year i was most of complex construction want to appoint commissioner to make sure that every student fewer and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell to that is focused on developing math committee the times that the committees and science teacher at willie have not be determined up to the brown middle school we expand chair to consultant their the construction do our e l a members to determine that hopefully within the next and social departments 3 times a year we'll offer the opportunity meeting. >> yes. mr. superintendent. >> thank you madam president to students to be engaged in the what were the two changes to hands on learning we'll invite chairmanship. >> this is where we'll get the the community to give feedback names. >> not the chair but michigander for the ad hoc on
2:08 pm
during exposition week for the personnel matters not design process we're oh, the commissioner walton but myself extended classroom and have a and other than the city select partnership with a local economy it will not be myself education management organization to support our but commissioner walton. >> great so the chairs doesn't personalized learning plan so how students will have a plan change wonderful and i've also unique to them and the abilities for our information board members i've sent the memo to support if the teachers for the all of the liaisons in the learning task as well as district regarding those individual technology skills committee soimentsz and asked them to reach out to the chair four our psycho emotional of the by these to work with you development we're beginning our for a syllabuses for the course of year to be clear about what academic as well as behavorial performance at willie brown we're covering and over the course the year to staff that so middle school we've create smaller class our crews and in expect a contact if staff our advisors class up to minutes members. >> excuse me. can i ask a question. >> yes. >> one of the things that we two or three times a week 15 may need to figure out is that students work to support them in the past two years we've had into the academic growth as well
2:09 pm
as reflection on their goals a lot of things with between the rules and membership we don't beyond willie brown middle school and as well as college in have with the new committees their career we have a we've had challenge of because partnerships are stanford university to help us build the what happens that truthfully we acclamation practices so all our students know they're in a end up talking about the state budget if the rules committee welcome place and perform in because that's when the advocates come here to talk high levels through sfusd your about bills as they end up talking about the budget too so teachers are dpw the restorative we'll have figure out that just wanted to say that it is not as practices for the learning curriculum and our mission we easy. >> i'll recommend for the key have the resources as part of months of the year that we set a the directive supporting our date early that there be a joint youth development meeting. >> we've discussed it that the the healthy habits of mind past and see if it is doable at lifestyle we're offering a this time not been in the past health class to the saith graders all students are it it doesn't matter because an overlap in mile-per-hour. enrolled in a pe course and >> okay we'll continue to offer that let's see we are on item b board heartache class 3 to 8th grading
2:10 pm
grade are a partnership with the delegates any reports of the public health and this is s.b.a. or city schools? managed through our partnership i mentioned our beacon director >> well, i do want to mention is wanting we're in a position to offer not only family that superintendent carranza hosts the council in san francisco and it was a treat to engagement but before and after-school programs meet other school board members we have a student club sports and superintendent from the major is schools i was sitting for involving and basketball and boys and girls to attack boys with a school board member if and girls we're offering anyone else events that was our parents orlando that said many people organization aligned with our think this is highly luck terrify to run this is not the student organization. case lessor >> great i want to highlight the (laughter) that was a very interesting everything tremendous highlights many of all others reports by board the work streams are in blue members there are no committee tare indicated they're coming to reports but if board members a close and green is highlighting this week a focused participated in any recent actives superintendent carranza.
2:11 pm
on the family and faculties and >> madam president i'm sorry, i this will happen as mentioned we want to add to the council of really all those directions are school the national conference coming to a close as wire is in long beach we've been informed that it has been the getting ready to open on monday. >> practice there is a forum that our fundraiser forevers have takes place during one the days been incredible the stem phone of the conference that the call is a huge draw for many companies supervisor yee can national toasted televised that spoke earlier about the will be hosted with a ask the tremendous support of a the of panel that discussed race, us and as you walk the halls of education and class and college were about to see the support going cultures in school for our students our health and district we're pleased to have wellness center is supported by to sfusd students whose names the department of public health and we have additional learning are yet to be revealed has to be opportunities for many in kind supports at this point, we're clear by the parents we couldn't looking for $40,000 which will be prouder to have them speaking go to both students and family their truth on this national programming and the tech and panel. >> thank you. superintendent i
2:12 pm
help the elements at willie wanted to report that the school brown school enrollment we as of this morning district has sent a letter to have 2 hundred and 15 students the school business for the enrolled you can see how the leadership program i was wait list has moved forward if fortunate to be on the round one we have 33 students delegation wanted to thank the and parents knocking on our deputy director superintendant doors trying to get their guerrero and special assistant for a week of deep work on students into the school we have met the 10 percent and ready to african-american achievement and think there were lots of really start in terms of gender it is split strong ideas how to betters organ the school district and evenly slightly more male classrooms for african-american students but the concern was achievement and i was very that initially shared is that pleased to see that the evidence not coming to fruition we're will then show at the administrators institute i want to congratulate the team that happy to welcome everybody put that together including the our ethnicity breakdown is the superintendent colleagues commissioner norton and most diverse we're 38 elementary commissioner wynns for attending that that was a great way to start the year any other errors schools that are represented.
2:13 pm
seeing none, report of closed >> staffing model for those session action schools are based on - the so at this time we will recess no. we're not going to recess. staffing model for the willie brown middle school it bans all >> we haven't made that change of those funding supports allows to the order of business that action it for reporting any us to hire a stem corresponded closed session you've taken from to help with the cooperation of previous meetings. the stem practices at willie >> oh, i see brown middle school two math and two science and two social so the closed session items were recorded previously so there are science teachers and one inclusion teachers to support nun tonight the high rate of students for item u others informational items post on the agenda is a staffer the individual listed plans at of the acceptance of gifts for the willie brown middle school in connection with is have two june and july of 2015 to the educators and at the bottom donors quite a list and like to engineering and design class adjourn i know the feldz and art class resources superintendent has covered some of this but we've put together are world language is spanish for this year and offer a an many memoriam for in
2:14 pm
particular teacher ed and form librarian library class in the support staff one custodian and school board member and our thoughts go out to the student two security officers and for we lost but our custom will not the health and wellness the wellness nurse and . have a memoriam for the student >> community outreach from ucsf our hearts are with east side family and all those who knew august those are the you mean and loved him we've experienced events some have taken place we a devastating loss with 14 years at street schools who taught the welcome the middle school with the ceremony to support emphasis students tremendous challenges legacy drive career in san an on and on educator who shared francisco and i believe 75 his nature with the projects get families came out to the family out and learner pioneering engagement and was he forged a partnership with our held at the park it was a success students really had a students and evolving many had great time families connecting an opportunity to become hired members of the staff with the teachers fun building mr. chief administrative officer no did we we want to do changed positive relationships today, we the lives for the better and his started out prooirp as a student
2:15 pm
students talk about the step up the parents were there enthusiasm and it's dogged from 8 to 10 and students commitment a kind and involved in the orientation and to note the teachers as well as charismatic person that was persistence with a great sense the angular staff august 14th of humor that uplifted those this friday the ribbon cutting around him staff suggested 3 term for the community support that event begins at 11:00 a.m. testimonials for facebook and have the weekend for the staff to move into willie brown dedicated so i'll read with the middle school for the first day bonds and the trusted every single student had with you the of school at 815 for willie feeling of you will not be gotten you've helped us in family as a kid my family was only my brown middle school parents but with you, i realized what is so unique about the success of this school prep to its not just you and the family open in less than one week than you love people you can count is all the support of san francisco on and you may be gone but your unified school district what aligned in a strategic way to much closer because you're in insure we were prepared to not the hearts of every single
2:16 pm
only recruit the families from student and personally in the hearts of my family i love you our folks from january but ed, i know you're watching over prepared to recruit teachers and me now i ask you no more credit prepared to continue to fund all loss of the instructions from our secondly, i'll thank you for district leaders to the pushing and encouraging me back department and the superintendent we appreciate you beyond words for our hard work in 2007 i accomplished many in supporting us in our department goals miss you eddy and finally and for the construction social ed you're a hero and a better justice we appreciate you friend a true angel in disguise superintendant guerrero in united airlines our teams to give us the guidance we need i'll not forget you love you more willie brown middle school always we're planning a time we have a special appreciation where students what celebrate to the supreme court and the and remember mr. chief board of education for all the commissioners for all the hard work to promote willie brown administrative officer no and middle school and specifically i finally in memory the member of want to shout out the entire the board of supervisors she's middle school support team in most the vetted teacher until the leadership of jamie the site
2:17 pm
here passing last year if construction manager vasquez and bolivia received the public julia for the cooperation of the administration council psychiatrist from i's f and work we're on our way again, graduate from the management thank you, thank you thank you on behalf of all the families and students of willie brown development for entrepreneurs middle school. program from ucla she was >> so just to wrap up appointed by george gascon and commissioner hopefully, this evening is a nice quick summary ran in the citywide elections elected for a 2, 3 year term and as we prepare to open the campus served as vice president and for the newest middle school twice as president and as the students we focus on as key superintendent mentions the goals in the district to remain first latina woman elected to focused to keep our promises and share the accountability just office if the city's history over a year ago a tall order in during ear tenure they're she charge was issued that we not was an advocate for support just make sure we complete a service for immigrants students and english learners and served physical plant a facility that reflects the schools engagement
2:18 pm
as a delegate and served on in the design but recruit the leadership we erect educators several boards and emigrate the that are dynamic that we make sure and fill every single open orders of francisco from the seats they reflect the republic of vince wall and the definition community, that we engage the community along the way and you've been part of from mexico government other effort and hopefully, we've be awards include the chamber of able to deliver in time of commerce, the historic making history and the latinos heritage opening the first day of school most education award she was the commissioners. >> thank you very much i did not have any speaker cards matriculate of her family and i do know that commissioner the board of education and express our sincere condolences mendoza-mcdonnell is out of team would have liked to congratulate meeting . the team many of us knocked on doors to get parents centered in improperly it is good to notice the process commissioner norton. >> thank you to the team and
2:19 pm
the entire team wear i think all of us are really excited i'm so excited to come on friday and walk around i the have a quick question you mentioned in our presentation the special education model >> thank you. this is great day you're using for 3 inclusionary teachers i don't think will have a historic day i'm going to make questions and do you know how it quick with this large many students are come in. >> 20 percent of our students historic budget i know we're all rushed to get what can to work population have i e p i'm sure if the numbers moved from the we have san francisco and the exciting things we get to do i'm waiting list but 40 or 38 ask excited again for me and the the specifically all the students will be supported in supervisors for the department heads and commissioners there the directly in excuse me. were many years we look at each general education class all the other and said what do we have to cut and how to communicate support mr. be given direct support in the physical ed with our communities about the highest priorities are and i south. >> is it a different model at know it is historic for many
2:20 pm
willie brown that the middle reaps but that this is the first schools that are tweaks and changes you've made or what the time we've be able to enjoy a district is doing in other new cuts budget in the city and schools to support the students in the general population. county of san francisco (clapping) that is really worth >> we're using the framework step by step so we have a celebrating (clapping.) co-taken care of model for the i want to thank the buyer board students based on the minutes they need the support services of supervisors for again unanimously adapting this yesterday so it we can get to we're united airlines or openly work and implement all the up clusters in the general things we've promised to do classrooms bans the i p so the budgets are the revenues of the values of this city i know that teaching will be directly and collaborating with the students the board and my office and the for the lessons so all students access the content. budget office and harvey rose >> thank you. and everyone 0 recognizes that >> other questions or comments for many, many years thank you commissioner wynns thank you, to all the partnerships and thank you i want to thank you for the work i want to ask you, deliver to the for the purpose of san francisco a balanced we knocked on people's doors and budget that september occupy our city a budget that reflects a said is soccer so is it kid lot of hard work between going and the people we serve i want
2:21 pm
enrolled. >> absolutely and principle to particularly thank our sxhoopd who is be able to make hobson is working with the sure this has good leadership of grooirz so this is honored wore the board i also want to thank a ignore to the i successful not part of soccer legacy but effort our budget schar mark this is going to be upheld. farrell and all the budget and >> i told you he was going to a charter school before we went to finance committee supervisor tang and supervisor mar and his house supervisor wiener and little entire members of the audience and thank you to supervisor (laughter) christensen she gets to say this commissioner i'm impressed she knew the name of the student you is my first budget signing and were mentioning that's a thank you to all the departments, the commissioners testament to how well, we know and community leaders and again, our students. thank you harvey rose because >> i'll be out there to visit. you're able to find what the board needed and make sure weal >> korea commissioner walton doesn't compromise what we wanted that's a great job again you know this is a historic thank you for the past work to budget as i said and a historic get the communities and kids time for the city because of ready for the school i've been
2:22 pm
in and around bayview hunters fiscal discipline we've really point there's not been a time period as of recent where the had throughout the entire boards communities is more excited about something that is coming staff, supervisors and the departments and because of smart in the community so willie brown economic policies to focused on middle school has the community fired up and the young people job creation, innovation and resiliency in our residents and we're all excited what is 49 in our business community terms of the mr. wiener environment at willie brown and this budget we're making historic investments to make also we're, of course, all going to be supportive and be spending sure our city remains save and time making sure we are adhering solvent for everyone so everyone to the projects to our students will prosper our city budget and communities again, thank you for your hard work over the psa invests in the pedestrian safety past weeks i was at the school thank you to our public safeties still a little bit of work to do departments they know we're a to get ready for monday but you growing city the board knows have faith we'll be ready to that as well and our growing welcome our students and the demands in the first responders be there and have the confidence last thing nobody told me to of the public they'll be there wear my shirt so thank you. any time something happens >> commissioner vice president and sometimes before things happen
2:23 pm
haney. >> i want to congratulate you we plan to hire 4 hundred police and thank you to the entire team officers a hundred and 98 for all of your hard work i firefighters think a year ago it felt like a 55 paramedics dream and therefore to be about 369-1-1 dispatches within the next two years and we can all to open and be a real place and agree that save san francisco is have students there is just so more than just about pedestrian safety it is about strengthening exist to see everything that has our social safety net come to fruition to things i and this budget delivers with want to ask one is you know, i many members of the board said think that there's been so many we have to make sure that we folks part of this effort and a support our service deliveries through the nonprofits and long list of folks to thank i support our homeless services like your navigation center the want to ask and especially on tv 5 hundred new unit that back up and the radio how can the public that center and make sure that center is the model it should be continue to support what's happening at willie brown and their opportunities for it to be and expanding our programs for seniors and children and youth tutor to mentor how can we truly make this a community effort so people living and working here that anyone who is hearing this can now enjoy like not other who wants to warn partner with time in our history a liveable
2:24 pm
us and support what is happening city that's why we're investing in $253 million in the capital how can they do that and another quick question i was really plan to improve our streets and roads make sure that assess with excited to hear this i did is people with disabilities are hopefully, a direction in the future of having all the improved and make sure we were students be signed a crone book water wise investments and address our drought i want to say thank you, again how exactly how e how does that to the board for helping us and work and what kind of supports the staff to the willie brown me make inpreened investments in has had in terms of what this probably the great choice we've means for continuing the use of had more years and decades have this technology and how that is rolled out and how it will been in the making for avenue, i continue to roll out and 7, 8, 9 to thank supervisor influence what taken care of and farrell and is supervisor avalos learning is like and lastly this in helping me to develop a is a pet issue not one but i funding package that invests feel is important i don't see it hundred and $40 million for the listed are you going to have a new resources to prevent student government someone that evictions we're not going to is responsibly and adequately stop implementing last week the supportive i'm looking forward entire board we're sending to to friday and more importantly
2:25 pm
the voters this november the to see the experience that all largest affordable housing of our staff and community and i bopped in the history of the city did not care people have at that school so thank you. $310 million bopped that will not race property taxes in san >> we're extremely excited to francisco accept any volunteers we have i want to thank every single one of you are for your support and partnership we're going to make brooms. (laughter) to we have brooms so sweep up sure we fix our public housing dust from the construction site and speed up the production of in regards to little volunteers housing and for families and specifically one i'd like to give out the school phone number seniors and veterans and, yes we'll fix every elevator we're in charge of; right? to him (414) 642-8901 that phenomenon will be answered (laughter) by the phenomenal micro the we'll also continue to invest in school secretary and she'll take the diverse neighborhood and aau down requests for willie community and infrastructure brown middle school but to again, thank you again, there's support the community-based a much i think thanks to go organizations that want to support our program at willie around for the elected officials brown middle school we're in the here but the people that do the hard work on the budget have to
2:26 pm
process of developing a formal present the right stories and but now a classic sfusd the right connections and so i application anyone that is want to peppering give a special interested in supporting our thanks to people that are structural program wear stocking deliberating involved in that our stem lab our makers face the budget to make sure that the right facts, the right data makers garage is there's a little bit of equipment to be presented, that no matter the purchased to completely fill out department asks for we make sure that is connected up with the this space we'll grow into our strong policies of the city i want to say thank you to the science lab is stocked at the controller's office ben basic level we would like to rosenfeld and the entire staff enhance the materials that the for working with kate howard and her entire staff to make sure we're on the right facts, working with, of course, as i said harvey rose and his staff and make sure we work with all of the departments again, i want to thank budget chair supervisor farrell so for his leadership in building a collaborative relationship with the finance committee
2:27 pm
london breed your leadership is in1r5ub8 because your passionate about a lot of things you care about i know this budget is a strong reflection of the vails you carry with that, please let me have wanting breeding to say a few words and supervisor farrell and going back to work supervisor president london breed. >> (clapping). >> it's a really exciting time in san francisco i'm so honored to be in a position to serve as the board president during a time we didn't have to make any cuts to some of the amazing programs in our community in fact, we're invest more 2, 3, 4 affordable housing and infrastructure and transportation the things that matter to everyday san franciscans so today with this budget is signed by the mayor i'm going to
2:28 pm
be really excited and rev ready to work with the different departments to spend all the money to improve san francisco thank you all for being here and i also want to say to the budget committee under mark farrell's leadership thank you for your working with members of the board of supervisors to make sure that every single vicinity that every corner of san francisco is impacted in a positive way in this budget it was an amazing collaborative project with harvey rose a lesion he's been doing and work on budget before i was born i love to say that i never thought i would see the day to work with smoking gun someone he's truly an intervention and kate howard the mayors budget director she was amazing i don't know how she
2:29 pm
makes the numbers work she does a great job i'm excited we've got a lot of work to do your leadership in the san francisco ethics commission through this budgeted demonstrates that we are making changes and making ways to make the city and county of san francisco the best city it can be thank you all for being here supervisor farrell (clapping.) >> thank you london and thank you, mayor ed lee for your leadership you know if there were one theme of this year's theme at the board of supervisors was the affordable the number one issue we dealt with as the board of supervisors during the budget process we were able to make recorded investments we've never seen from at the board of supervisors specifically $25 million as a new affordable housing which tacked on to mayor ed lee
2:30 pm
incredible efforts for incredible relieve to san franciscans and make sure our city is the diverse city we're able through the process to make sure we had 11 co-sponsors the mayors 3 hundred and step outside the box million dollars affordable housing and the mayor and the board of supervisors i think this year yourself e during our budget process the incredible leaps forward to make sure that san francisco is secure this the future i want to say thank all the people first of all, my bucket committee members vice chair katie tang to supervisor eric mar supervisor wiener and supervisor norman yee thank you and to all my colleagues that played an integral role and harvey rose this is harvey's 44th budget in the city of san francisco so harvey to deborah thank you to you so much
2:31 pm
to benefit rosenfeld and his incredible team this wouldn't have happened to todd for this and mission bay i michelle and everybody a special, special thanks to kate howard the mirrors budget director it is difficult to over sate how much that of an impact it kate had to mr. cobb and everyone in the marries team and room 2 hundred to my office to justin a margaret to the staff of every single board of supervisors office thank you for your leadership as well is it happens together as a city father and mother and a lot of back and forth and i know this is probable you're most fun time of the year i want to thank you for being in front of us to the treasurer carmen chu our
2:32 pm
assessor-recorder the follower budget chair that i let take my keys from. >> thank you this is the budget we can be incredibly proud of it faces all the problems and drives the city forward i'm excited to make it happen thanks everybody (clapping.)
2:33 pm
>> (laughter). >> done everyone. >> call - . >> thank you very much ms. wynns mr. walton
2:34 pm
ms. fewer mr. haney ms. norton middle-income is not present and emily murase not present thank you. >> right so we have one item on the agenda tonight i want to annunciation everybody first welcome and thanks for joining us we're excited to have you all here we have speaker
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