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tv   TIMMA 73015 Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency  SFGTV  August 20, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and agree board of supervisors and the parking tort commission call the roll commissioner singh commissioner norton commissioner tour-sarkissian ask anticipated supervisor cowen supervisor campos director rubke is present directors you have a quorum >> announcement of approximate please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. are prohibited at this meeting. phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. board replacing asks all cell
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phones to be turned off. >> next item. >> item 4 approval of the minutes of the july 7th regular meeting oar a motion a second and second. >> any further discussion>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> >> item 5 communication dproshgz please be advised of no anticipated litigation in closed session an agenda it read the metropolitan transportation an agency it should have read municipal transportation agency and that correction has been made unfinished business by the board members. >> thank you it's been so long two things i wanted to bring up one i know we had asked staff to perhaps go back and take into account the bike lane continue
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california and pine my understanding at any point some of the merchant had reconsidered is the right word i've hearing the supervisor in that district commissioner christensen maybe interested in looking at that block. >> upgrading it to the kayak tracks that stops short of that block and the other one an orphan broke continue oak i know we had another pedestrian hit two pedestrians hit there are actually that project will be starting next year to make improvements and that seems like that block is an orphan block maybe to make that safer in the long term. >> members weigh take into account that director borden
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it is great to see the upgrade in the corridor from the morning commute still challenges in the reenforcement the officers out there not the vigilance of life. >> i also wanted people to know i don't know if they saw uber is now delivering food as well. >> director reiskin. >> i was going to give you an update on market street and feedback is helpful i read the feedback and come back at some point and give everybody a you want including the p m enrollment. >> item 7 director's report. >> good afternoon mbes and
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staff and public terrors thank you for the opportunity to recognize some of the employees ms. wise the chief the staff to come up to recognize two members of her division. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon decorations i'd like to invite james davis to join us at the podium inspector davis has been here 3 years prior to that that he was a transit operators for 5 years and during he's gone above and beyond the call of duty with customer safety with the risks to himself inspector davis saved the life of p a man that attempted suicide but on the first day of training inspector
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davis ensured injuries trying to save a man with a baby from falling down the stairs he has the wellness and guardrail reflects upon himself and upon our agency so we're very fortunate to work with him and wanted to acknowledge and thank you for his service to the service and agency today (clapping). >> just want to say a few words thank you to the members, my director and wonderful supervisor and my fellow supervisors in my coworkers and fellow inspectors you guys are great and the day in question that we all worked as a team the station agent, the
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maintenance people that work on the train and the operator that hit the bottom off of mushroom but without the possibility of parole is this celebration thank you guys and safety is our first priority thank you. >> on behalf of the >> yeah. (clapping.) (laughter). >> mr. davis. (clapping.) >> on behalf of the board of directors mr. davis looks like you brought everybody in the parkway (laughter). >> thank you so much great job appreciate it. >> thank you next i'd like to invite robert to come up for recognize responsibility started out with the sfmta with an intern and
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became a full-time on the engineering staff and sense demonstrate an incredible left of professionalism first of all, robert has played a major rule in the traffic signal signal muni corridors an important corridors to reduce the delay and he's been clentd the second thing be robert has been working with multiple service agency for transit and pedestrian and traffic signal safety and support our vision zero and muni goals robert has been working on the trait signal upgrades one comes to mind at 19th street and lincoln to increase the reliability and robert worked with several agency for the bacteria's improvements on the highway and
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protocol in addition to 9 traffic engineering responsibility has taken a key role i should say within the constitutional internship program helps po to recruit some of the best engineers on the internship program in the country and beyond roberts clerns in public and private sector has helped him in his development and sfmta has been among the fortunate recipients and to the engineering profession is much appreciated robert (clapping.) thank you directors i have a lot of people people it takes a village so i'll take if i go over two minutes on behalf of the best team in the world
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the senate it and greatest folks this is through great leadership and a great boss and leadership that care about their employees thank you sheryl and julie and victor and tom i want to thank my family if their noting in the back my parents and grandparents are in the audience they haven't seen me speak since high school. >> robert have them stand to be recognized. >> (clapping). >> i want to thank my former boss at caltrain i was there 3 years as an intern he guided me in finding my co-chair for the committee as a former intern of the sfmta i want to give back to
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a fireman that gave to me i've been here 3 years but my proudest accomplishment is the co-chair of the intrern i want to thank monique and others and i'll ultimately forgot the promotions but had a great impact i look forward to the minded they'll be up here and my friends watching on sfgovtv the drinks are on me 1739 or 8 we only just begin and will continue to deliver on a world-class system i'll personally be back in 6 months to talk about the terryville projects i hope the board is as nice to me then as they are now (laughter) clapping) and one-half of the board
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(clapping.) >> on behalf of the board thank you and congratulations looking forward to seeing you in 6 months okay director reiskin. >> next john haley our transit director to recognize the team that came together to help us incarcerate the t liaugurate th. >> this is some extensive co-sponsor yes. >> good afternoon mr. haley.
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>> good afternoon chairman and board of directors i want to get the corey right a few weeks ago and launched in a busy weekend the start of old new rail line which is designed to help move people around the blooming waterfront the e line one of the things that it is also good to presented the level of effort and involvement that goes on behind the scenes to make this a reality you may recall the car coming over from england this starting the process to my far left manny enrique's one of our manages in the real equipment
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department he and his team made the cars historic cars we're using on the e line are a combination of t cc cars and also some truly historic cars like the bow and car one some we refer to as is one of for the special cars next even though she told me this was her first board recognize now her second she was recognized earlier in the last speech but julie does the scheduling among many of her hats in this effort this was truly a difficult task to blends all this together you're putting in historic corrects vehicles and modern vehicles after we get the cars and schedules done next
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to meet many ms. jackson a dispatcher and her job to make sure the operators are properly trained and ready to assume their duty in the first weeks the e line we've not missed services because of detrust services next it in fact, one of our small business you'll angel who has been here as long as some of the cars (laughter) that we're operating he was he's the person we look to both because of his technical skill and being able to operate some of the diverse pieces of equipment but higher intraer personal skills and his
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commitment and dedication is reflected he handles all situation very well to so i wanted to recognize one of our premium operators to my immediate rights is mr. edward dennis once you get the services on the street someone has to manage and make adjustment and mr. dennis not only did it from the transportation management center but out in the field on the street and constant contact to balance the e line with the rest of the service and finally a few months ago we realized the e line was coming ed who is our senior operation manager at cable car stepped up to be the captain of the e line start up he did that with great success and despite the line was started
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up he mobilities and responses on weekends be they hit a close deadline to get a new service ready and as far so good and continued success with the e line but i want to on behalf of all of us express our prediction for the work of the group without them, we wouldn't have the e line. >> on behalf of board 3 of us have had the opportunity to ride and so congratulations all of you and thank you for a difficult project (clapping.) >> good afternoon droshgsz distinguished mr. don and tom nolan.
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>> to see you you know i've started this 19 years ago i was here two years ago and i mentioned he's been here he remember thinking to myself my name is a great deal of this is an excellent, excellent place to work is it is easy to do my job when i come here my fine coworkers we discuss and get the things done and mr. ed haley inspires us and let's us do what we can do for that i thank everybody the syncs citizens of san francisco so on behalf of the metro operations transit management center i accept this award thank you
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(clapping.) >> good afternoon to the board and first of all, i want to give thanks to god and i only thing i can tell you is give the best of the best of myself to the sfmta and to the people of san francisco and to be proud to be serving san francisco thank you very much. >> (clapping). >> okay. thank you all very much. >> all set. >> so a few other items the same weekend and started to launch the e embarcadero we started the early shut down for
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the embarcadero and the bay tube was closed on xrooeld weekend to get the e line up and running at the same time we were preparing for the early shut down and prepared thirty buses to support the tube closure all three of those events first and foremost went well, the e line launch went well and the bus service was there as intend no runs missed by all accounts i got a call from bart's manager everybody is pleased and some of the folks and many others but the communication and enforcement team a lot of folks could together to make a whole lot of things good flawlessly
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wanted to acknowledge the ground water great work we did end the fiscal year on june 30th our revenues were 15 and a half million dollars higher than the previous year overall revenues were above budget by 64 million dollars it quite a bit above budget from many categories like the transit spent $10 million over budget and state funding $14 million over budget and that concludes my remarks fees thirty millions over budget and other things including the general bus line coming up bigger than anticipated as the economy grows that derives not only the general fund but much of the rest of the revenue growth as
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well because we did not and did not have the authority for those revenues those will fail to our fund balance as a result will be consideringly above the 10 percent requirement so we may as we develop the budget in this coming year recommend that the capitulate on one time items but happy the revenues are strong and our fund balance is in good shape the revenues are there the approved amount every dollar we spent was authorized and we managed to stay within budget some of the details might change but from a fiscal year as we close out good news.
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>> the next thing i want to mention our performance metrics you'll recall when you adapted the strategy plan back under 2012 we identified key performance indicators and a number of measurements we track we report those to the policy and governance committee each month and make them available to the public on the with webbed but available in a fairly statistic format i wanted to let you know we're today introducing new online dashboards that bring those performance manufacture measures to the public in a more dynamic way we have just a brief sampling of them on the laptop if we could go to the laptop
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give you an opportunity to see those from the home page you can easily navigate from the performance tab to the metric they're there organized by goal. >> just to give you a couple of highlights if goal one one the matrix that is fine on muni it is broke down by month and type of item and sort by type of crime as an example trying to bring this information forward to the public and another one obviously everyone is interested in on times performance from muni select by line or select by division the green is the percentage on time and the blue ahead of schedule and blue and orange behind schedule a way to
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make the information we used to manage the agriculture and good afternoon the agency more easily available to the public encourage the people to go 9 and finally as director borden made reference we launched safer market street last week, a pretty significant investment and commitment by this board an implementation by the sustainable streets to improve the safety from third street to 8 street is home to many of the more dangers intersections in the city or the top 80 intersections in terms of pedestrian injuries and we implemented the improvements by and large they've been going well notwithstanding with you
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we're working on making sure the signage is clear that everybody is doing the enforcement is clear on the enrollment definitely some bugs to work out by very well received i ran into a muni operator that said it is safer and heard from pope e people walking and buying and taxi driver it is one of our 24 zero we're on track to complete as we said we said one the first 24 months and happy to see that in place i want to acknowledge she's not here but the lead laura did a tremendous effort on the shepherding of the design and the outreach responsible for the support you heard when you approved this a few months ago
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that was it for any report. >> and safer market street thank director heinecke for the leadership through the years to public life i kind of realized one is persistence and thank you so much for you for your leadership eave heard nothing but positive comments. >> director heinecke. >> that's wonderful coming from you i wasn't the only directors in the past that played a key role productive our point of precedence and i look forward to the rest of the professionals that is, i look forward to
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future proposals and will continue to be precedent i look forward to the day when new yorkers refer to broadway as the street of the east we have an opportunity to make something special. >> thank you director reiskin for getting us to close to where we are i hadn't thought of this listening to the feedback of the taxi drivers i asked him asked them to list the 5 blocks that will be an interesting data point to look at the rest of market street one question on the director's report my understanding when we shift to the night time enclosures that will be suspended during giants games did i understood that.
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>> initially 18 or so games that we're to over laptop initially the service will go to embarcadero and the embarcadero people will go to bart but muni patrons will shift to bus service after the first week of operation and some discussions with the guidance we made an adjustment such we're running trains introduce the subway only on giants night we'll have service after the games but adjusted for night giants games people should be able to get through the subway. >> what was that made. >> before the august 11th game and i went to the game on saturday night so we don't need
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to talk about saturday night but going forward after the giants games subway service through the tunnel and a reasonable time after that. >> that's correct. >> i wanted to chime in on the e line i tried it out last weekend i i want to give a shout out to the folks that were volunteering from the railway they the a great job of cleaning the confusion as people got off of caltrain and not sure to go to old train cars i want to give a shout out. >> director ramos. >> i had the privilege of riding my bicycle on market street what a difference and how much more feasible and comfortable i would encourage
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everybody who is thinking about it give it a shot but encourage people i'm sure this will happy a much more pleasant place with all the good weather and the people bicycling by and walking on 80 that street i'll looking forward to the place making it happen and work with merchants and cult organizations to capitalize on a much more pleasant so thank you to the staff and again, thank you director heinecke with your mouth full for all you've leadership on that so thank you to everyone. >> anyone. >> one person wanted to address the items presented by director
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reiskin david pilpal. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon on the market street closure since last week i don't believe i testified on that item before you in june my - i don't have a opinion on whether it make sense during the day certainly congestion during the day but market street and other places around the city gives us an opportunity to look at the hours of 8:00 p.m. when interests not a congestion issue and some of the traffic restrictions need not exist ensue arguably 9 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon but not early in the morning i'm not on market street i'm not aware of cars interfering with transit
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service or creating impede to look at when we place the restriction not 24/7 but daytime oriented that effects which the people and the pedestrians are auto. >> anyone else wants to trees an interest. >> the advisory committee i don't believe o i don't see mr. weaver routine a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items first 3 speakers will be - let me turn off the - (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, everyone. directors mark with the
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teamsters 665 i'm the secretary treasurer i want to calling your attention to the legislation that was passed by the board of supervisors some medias ago calling for labor harmony in the buses they're occupied by pilot shuttle project buses it come through specifically we're here to talk about one company that certainly warranties warrants a look by the agency and they continue to utilize those bus stops balance our transportation has been found by the nationals labor relation board to be fine with the folks and indeed in the coming days we believe there will be an announcement by the nationals relations board by an injunction a violation of the
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act that is so rare to have that kind of injunction the reason the kind of behavior are towards the workers during the drive that part of the actuation is not effecting the agency but the workers about not surround their rights to protect their jobs in the workplace that there spill over into the bus stops it started on valencia and will continue in order to avoid the disruption that will otherwise cause the law boyd people getting to and from the bus stepping stops but implement that by the board. >> more names please. (calling names). >> good afternoon, everyone. mr.
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kelly. >> good afternoon, everyone i'm tracey kelly a driver for compass transportation and a member of the teamsters i'm a resident of san francisco and we just ratified our contract with compass transportation on august 1st still looking for support from the companies we work for include apple and ebay, paypal and yahoo and every note 3 of the companies came on board to support the contracts we fully believe that the contract is representative of what it takes to live in the bay area it goes from wages to help welfare and holiday pay and sick
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pay for all the drivers every one of our drivers are hard workers we commute thousands of people every single day and it is not your typical delivery we're not delivering boxes but people their mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and we do it on a very safe basis every single day we want to make sure that going forward just as mark mentioned every company that is working in the city of san francisco is complying with the labor harmony law thank >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> (calling names). >> and then richard. >> good afternoon, everyone.
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good afternoon decorations i'm doug block with teamsters joint council 7 over 10 thousand members in san francisco and as many of you may know to - we've been successful in indicates poly people into the middle-class there the organizing the union we're not here to ask the sfmta to organize us your job to protect the 8 hundred thousand muni riders that ride you're busy everyday and unfortunately as mark mentioned i have literature we're in a fight with the national labor relations has come down hard and spilling over into the bus so that in 24th and
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valencia we met with the board of supervisors of months ago we said this day may come and the board of supervisors did pass a resolution asking you to take some action to make sure that this situation never happens and unfortunately, it has and it didn't look like it will go away we're certainly not going aware we're here to urge you to act on their resolution we're here as anal i didn't have yours in support of shuttle pilot program we need this from you and be here with you to the end thank you. i'll leave this for you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon mr. commissioner berkebile i didn't. >> good afternoon, members can i get an overhead here.
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>> okay. as old i'm peter a taxi driver i've been approved it buy a medallion at $250 as outlined in our editorial because of the transportation network companies have sucked profits out of our industry the price of a medallion has fallen like a stone yet the price is the same i ask you to lower the price it creates an opportunity for sellers and buyers and the sfmta itself according to section 1116 e of the motor vehicles for hire regulations the director of transportations job to adjust the medallion transfer price in
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response to marketed conditions mr. reiskin i ask you reduce the price of transferred medallions will you do that. >> this is your time to tell you. >> you guys don't respond i'm here to get a response as to whether or not this is happening. >> this is not a dialogue for the public we're paying attention to what you're saying and i think it would be are not only for the director of transportation to respond i suggest a price of between hundred and 25 thousand and one hundred $50,000 i ask the discounted medallions be made available so people that have been approved to buy one at 2 hundred and >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> (calling names)
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>> good afternoon richard property owner and tax pair i correspond with the staff of the intersection of bryant i'm sure it gets insane on a game day in four years i've seen somebody directing traffic mike maybe two or three times and in the last few months motorcycle officers cit folks and some dpw people milling around the intersection if i don't make it threw the j is the visually impossible due to people doing wacky things they'll extending send you a ticket for one and $6 i'm trying
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not to gridlock and so forth so if someone can be doctor on a game day i wonder sometimes the income or the safety because without directing traffic and citing people will not cure the problem second subject you may recall me being here about 24th street mr. robins caused signs to be put up there not to have their trailers there overnight right now there are 15 trailers there two or three weeks always, always there there was not one parking space on 24th street but i'm informed t p d does not go out after midnight so there's a solution
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to be that that would be great. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hi good afternoon. i'm eli the manager of parking wear here to ask the mta to stop citing for a number of reasons we want our members in san francisco many of them don't have the cars to get the opportunity to bike electronically from their bikes it acts as a compliment to muni their electronic motor vehicles their devices and not motor vehicles under the code the mta didn't issue the tickets
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currently so the mta we think shouldn't be issuing those 0 motorized bikes we august and will submit follow-up. commentary the vehicle code didn't treat them the same as vehicles or motor vehicles the california case law states those are not motorized vehicles and in case law this should be address while the mta cited a list of non-motor vehicles this is no a list exhale but a ding importance within 0 motorized vehicles and all the vehicles we agree to disagree but we should
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be on the same page of not pushing people by denying them the right to take a one way trip home and their neighbors our pilot - >> yes. looks like there are a whole love people you indicate how many are in support. >> yeah. >> okay. very good. >> thank you very much. >> michael, andy, (calling names). >> >> good afternoon. >> michael keith i founded square feet and ask you not to impose parking limits on scoots one of the things that makes scoot different from the transportation that egging energized in san francisco is that we always follow the rules we've actually made up rules for the riders because we want to
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show the mta that we were serious not only about making transportation better for them but everything else in the city the best example our motorized bikes use the bike lanes and park on the street but we tell the riders not to do that out of respect for the community and percent the second point we don't allow our members to pick up and drop off scoots in our areas even though as non-motor vehicles they're not subject to the restrictions our riders don't understand why they can't take a shared small all electronic vehicle home at night we have imposed that a 4 thousand person, 50 thousand pilot project where we demonstrated through a substantial amount of data that
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we know how to run on street electronic vehicle sharing program with great success scoot is not uber we're not google buses we're impact face green quick and most importantly affordable we want to ask mta to stop impede listing our riders and hold off on citing the motorists until a proper form has been revised thank you (clapping.) (calling names.) >> good afternoon hello, i'm sandy. >> could you give us our last name. >> as a transportation fan i've seen first hand the effects in
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taiwan of the obscurities i was excited to see here in san francisco and to boot their all electronic i mostly want to say i'm so proud to see it here and hope you continue to support scoot and any other electronic transportation system. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hi john cab driver for all from a taxi driver seems like a terrific success so that said i came here to talk about the medallions and to mexico the 834 medallions the plan to cancel the programs i told the cab drivers with the medallions
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i'd come down here on their behalf their concerned in the city decided it wants to cancel the s medallion program i wrote the original proposal by the way, that if you wouldn't take those medallions away from the completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. to the cab drivers that have been driving for decades not in the health condition to drive full-time but drive part time and if the city decided to stop the medallions don't yank it from them but let them write out the possession of those medallions and gradually instead of devastating them financially.
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>> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hi, i'm argue speaking on behalf of the obscurities for the enforcements of parking restrictions guarantee i don't ride scoot received a deceasing degree in san diego with engineering and co-founder the stature in san francisco it is map and here's the mathematics their 5 times the vision of cars and murder 5 times cleaner every motorcycle you see on the roads if you see a second riders their as efficient as a muni bus they release parking and i encourage you we're leaving all those restrictions but especially for scoot the electronic obscurities
12:51 pm
are assessable in the gasoline counterpart as a resident of the alamo scare this will negatively impact not only me but many of the people in my community thank you. >> (clapping.) (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon i'm a native and counter residents of san francisco working part times jobs and i'd like to voice my general supports with limit time and money psychiatrist has come to the rescue it is my solution to part for a limited amount of time to move my car it is my solution to the longer percent scoot takes me the thirds of a time from buses not to mention
12:52 pm
being packed on a crowded bus my solution to the route of taking a cscoot is $2 and not to mentin i can't say bike to work at a job interview and show up sweaty change has effects as a contingency we need to evaluate scoot provides a alternative i hope you'll support them (clapping.) thank you. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon good afternoon, everyone i'm also a native and current residents of san francisco i'm a student myself i can tell you
12:53 pm
the great things about scoot as everyone has but specifically for the proposal and permitting i think the important thing to note here that specifically in regards to 2 hour parking and requiring prims that scoot uses space that currently not utilized all so i think the intended purpose of keeping neighborhood and areas congestion free is not better served by not allowing scoots to park in those spaces they took place space not used by cars anyways so it didn't make sense that the goal of creating less traffic not to allow scoots to park in those places it encourages less car use and also very cheap and inefficient i currently am not working i'm a
12:54 pm
student myself as the previous speaker mentioned it is clear up so regular people that does have large income can access those vehicles especially, when muni is not available i use muni all the time but late at night and other times it didn't make sense so it scoot makes sense for everyone that lives here (clapping.) . (calling names) >> glen eagle good afternoon. >> hi, i'm here to give feedback from a taxi driver and actually happen to work all 3 days friday saturday and sunday i've seen the reports stanley robert the first night i have to
12:55 pm
reports on saturday, i saw a fight between my passenger i pulled up in the bus stop i'll allowed to do a taxi driver and the parking control officers surround my vehicle for a $288 ticket the passenger tried to board and a white parking control officer almost slammed the door on his hand now the passenger and the parking control officer had to step aside when the police officers came in i wasn't sure in any passenger was going to get arrested i many to make my that he had passenger walk a block why is it we embrace technology
12:56 pm
and people are not using technology and did understand access to the technology inside so i think the problem i wanted to bring up i want to say people have such a misunderstanding of the taxis that is so much more technology a fixed gps and video cameras and marked license plates so i hope the parking control officer staff will understand our regulatory fees finance their salaries thank you very much. >> thank you very much (calling names.) >> mr. weaning. >> herbert wiener with the implementation of muni forward the muni bus line will no longer ron run to san francisco general hospital instead of people on their way to san francisco general will
12:57 pm
have to transfer to the bus line this transfer will not be difficult and sufficient to transfer to buses what's not stayed this run is frequently kroutdz with standing room and the buses are not consistent in schedule can you imagine a pregnant woman so who or a critically wounded individual for the record to stand in such a situation can you imagine a long wait for the bus those realties were never addressed by the muni forward and are being presented by this board in the board approves this change and some medical vent happens assaults that will have blood on its hands and facing a potential lawsuit this is for the record in light of the legal procedures
12:58 pm
thank you. >> (calling names). >> david pilpal we're like a law firm dipped again, i wanted to express a concern of route changes implemented are part of the pe p or muni forward there's still maps throughout the system that does reflect the route changes i don't have a specific list in staff would review the maps and signage throughout the system and insure their up to date and some of the vehicle arrive pretext at the caltrain station inform m t c but mta has a rule and the van ness station explicit reflect the stop moves so the 47 is not showing up at
12:59 pm
caltrain and the van ness station it is not showing up i'm not sure who is point person on staff but if someone can let me know i'll walk you through but it should reflect the current route information that should be fixed thank you and. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> bartow (calling names). >> good afternoon director reiskin and others i'm here on a serious issue the appearance that taxicabs are not welcome to serve the public many instance we talk about the protecting the value of the medallion in order
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for the drivers to generate enough money to pay the loans the credits union ought to know about this and a witness to at all the instances where staff has refused to work with the industry to make taxicabs available case in the an article the out lands festival and last week over as the pier 70 were cabs were shoed away by the police the tint may not be by the staff had a wonderful conversation thank you for hiring kate director reiskin but she's not getting the cooperation from some members of her staff that are making it difficult they eliminate the cabstand in front of of a
1:01 pm
popular gay bar would you tell us talking to anyone and creating cabstands by outlined land and advertising it to the cab industry but eliminating them for reasons that does make sense i ask you to today to please tell the staff to shop o stop hiring comba stop ss officers to tell people to go away when they need taxicab it will come out financing in the end when the losses start happening when people are losing money thank you for your time. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> thank you tom. >> 1929 the stock exchange
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crash it new york city millions of people took their cars to the streets and started providing taxicab service a lot of the violence and dangers to the public in 1935 somethings call the act it establishes the medallion system basically is limited the number of vehicles so people could make a living and set the rates of the fairs what has happens 80 years ago later we've recreated the conditions not we but the tmcs and you see that many mexico city and other places puc is established this educate of transportation claiming it not taxi but an urban limited number of vehicles that are allowed nonetheless the language in the legislation had to be a
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car that was an individual's car taking the vehicles off the road, however, now outfits you'll see on craigslist now uber entered into the act i came here today it ask you ms. moorely i, i answer by tom and the silicon valley but do what you can to make the industry survive i'll point out you sell medallions it is in your best interests to protect us i think the cab companies my gets a cease and desist
1:04 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please (calling names). >> is he here in. >> mary maguire and others (calling names) and can you wait to even though the time. >> good morning, everyone. >> i'm mary maguire a notice that was posted at the cabs company about the tear taxi stands why bother if we're not allowed to serve the percent this is happening at the ball park at all special events the food fair last weekend said move on move on i go to work and move on i feel last week, a criminal the tmc are there they get not i
1:05 pm
didn't at the mccartney concert staff said i tried to work something out but always, always the seam story barry and i met with the staff 6 weeks ago and said we have to have something arranged for outdoor outside lands and the parks we got nothing and baseball season why it is almost over and maybe after is 89 thinkinging what's so hard of giving us the space between townsend and get in there and serve the public the bicyclists are getting everybody but we're getting nothing from you people would like to take a cab one woman said there would be great if there was a cab
1:06 pm
stand with cabs what a novel idea in my can be that ed lee's drought owns lyft i'm starting to believe it >> thank you. next speaker, please (calling names). >> good afternoon mr. lee. >> good afternoon the board please i just want to remind you that this scooter it is not about the public please don't confuse those people coming they're young and not for apologizing or the old people not for women or the public once scooter they make money it is all about money those folks pay
1:07 pm
$2 and pretty good on the streets but the thing they're not public you can't open a green light to them special permit no charge in the not right and sells john mentioned the s medallion this is a the power you can take it back this is the time to take it back this was designed four or five years you have to do the rights policy and take it back and the third one i just forgot but the problem yet is focus on your main policy yes, they said oh, we're clean and electronic i killed the scooter but look at the policy of the public how much mobility if they hit someone who is responsible they want everybody
1:08 pm
from everything from you like a tmc they win all the office they get in and talk inside the meeting not us we're cab driver he remember about the 701 said by the bargain medallion you said apply this is how it should be the price >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> (calling names). >> any of those folks here. >> none of those people are here okay. >> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. i'm jeff a scooter customer and expanding the city's innovation round and creating a high density is critical the fact my commute from noah valley on a mass
1:09 pm
transit is one hour is not acceptable on a scooter it is 20 minutes and my body only rests i like bike riding but some days scoot the one way rider services just as mini interfaces you sit at a bus stop now i know when a bus is coming an amazing innovation support scooter to keep the service going you. >> (clapping.) (calling names). >> are any of those people here. >> read them again. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon.
1:10 pm
>> hi, i'm kilogram and just to disagree with the others man, i'm unfortunately into may moses o 40s and by far not the oldest on scootsers so especially not just for the young people are i think a lot of the great things have been said i'll not go into all of them the thing i love about san francisco in general about what you do san francisco is striving to be a great green city the evolution of the biking i've lived ear 25 years i see so many more beehives where your pro there is nothing better than seeing people energies i a lot of that about scoot i was stopped at a traffic light additional i was surround by 3
1:11 pm
cars that of electric we're sitting thereing over o over i live - the marathons there is silence a beautiful thing and love to see more of that if nothing else promote the green aspects of the transportation in the city by helping scoot and square feeters thank you. >> (clapping.) (calling names). >> are those folks here. >> any of those people? no >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> my name is erica move
1:12 pm
forward to san francisco from new york and the transportation methods between the two city and counties cities are different the one thing i love about san francisco is the scooters the issue that i ran into when i first started to take the any public comment? not as convenient and it takes sometimes a very long time to go from one part of the city to another this changed which i started scooting i would say one of the best methods of transportation in the city it is convenient and can park mr. vice president anywhere and want to continue to work almost anywhere and it is also not expensive which is a big deal for us that
1:13 pm
knows this city is comprehensive o expensive more than new york so i hope our voices are as loud as they can be (clapping.) and (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> i'll briefly top our times i'm one of the older members 50 years and getting into credulous so muni has made me late many times when i signed up for scoot i'm early to classes square feet as saved me i appreciate square feet if it wasn't for them i'll be on the bus now thank you for your time. >> (clapping.) is mr. baine here. >> okay joshua the last people
1:14 pm
that turned in speaker cards from general public comment. >> joshua from the commission on the environment i'm here on the subject of sustainable transportation i came by here we had a commission meeting and talking about the shuttle policy we want egypt's how the program is going as you recall about a year ago we roanoke county the program and said it has good environmental benefits and want to make sure their realized and was mentioned by 50 workers and folks if the teamsters we want to say the sustainable working conditions for people driving the shuttle we want to see that codified at the board of supervisors i think if we had the capacity to do thing like
1:15 pm
that for the cards union members we'll be doing things like that it was exciting to see and less excited to hear a degree of lack of harmony from the environment department reached it out 0 director reiskin but want to come in person and have a invitation for people and staff to come to the policy meeting on monday, september 1, '46 at 5 o'clock in room 421 we're going to analyze we're excited to hear the progress both the environmental and sustainable working conditions we for some of us we think the solution to look at the types of programs and collective bargaining if you have folks driving and not supporting the wages and
1:16 pm
benefits this is not sustainable and green we love the work with our department and see you folks on monday the 15. >> alex troy the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> good afternoon. >> i use scoot for the longest time if have a car and i got on the service and it is on demand poem hire me to do odd jobs around the city for a while i had to rely on muni it made it challenging to get to difference jobs and limited the tasks to get done in one day as soon as scoot came along it was 1, 2, 3 or tasks to three or four and allowed me to get to different
1:17 pm
areas that muni if get there in certain neighbors and things like that that is another huge thing in the on demand economy like having scoot makes a difference and like you were saying coming back to the richmond area be able to drop the scoot off and not worry about it in two different areas to catch a bus home it definitely was a dream come try when scoot showed up so i notice a lot of people just in the bay area alone is 9 hundred active passengers and i know the service makes a big difference. >> (clapping).
1:18 pm
>> no one else cares to address the board public comment is closed. director reiskin we can't say discuss the substance not on the agenda i'm wondering if you could take another look at this policy and take another look and bring it back to the board. >> i'll be happy to as we indicated in a letter to you and the folks we got probably 4 hundred e-mail messages if people in support of our changing our rules what we indicates we're studying as many of you may know our old residential parking process and program and guidelines and rules enormous in terms of who is eligible and not this is one of the issues that is part of the study we were planning to come back already we can if scoot as
1:19 pm
additional robust review with the transportation vehicle code and happy to report back if we find anything as a result. >> any time when it happens. >> i think it was in our letter victoria. >> the memo indicated they'll be coming back to the board in september and there with a different policy. >> next year in 2016. >> is something happen in november. >> we'll update you on the initial vksdz with respect to the program and come back in 2016 related to many issues. >> that's an agendized item on the calendar members thank you
1:20 pm
and appreciate our testimony. >> move on the consent calendar are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar please be advised 10.3 and 5 have been severed and oh, 10.6 as well now. >> so the remaining items to be agenda is there a motion to approve. >> motion to approve. >> second. >> any further decision. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it, it is unanimous. >> berry toronto. >> yes. regarding the i s of all the items there are lots of items one item a red flag our
1:21 pm
coming down past the scare to make a left-hand turn on to kearny street the problem there are dangers you're not addressing every day dealing with tour buses double-parked in the right lane you let them sit there double parks for hours in the evenings i want to know why you've considered this more of a danger than the other hazards at the intersection the to blocks south of there so on kearny street then also, if you look at no resisting on red as pass over
1:22 pm
why is this difference than others why not a 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. restricts like the other no turn on red restrictions why is this difference i'm saying maybe a safety issue but so many other problems with those particular blocks that the agency is not dealing with thank you for your time. >> mbes. >> motion to >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? 10.3 please. yes back on the agenda 10.3 authorizes the director to have a contract for transit vehicles system and negotiated contract for the services to the highest proposal not to exceed for a 2 additional term. >> david pilpal
1:23 pm
i have concerns that the calendar item didn't indicate a cells only to go to the board of supervisors and the public outreach is thin this item was not presented to the cac with significant operating changes to the passengers i'm not sure the functionality but the current policy is that late at night transfers are cut for laid night and good for five or six in the morning transfers are only good for 90 minutes at all minds this is a change policy i'm not in favor of that night transfers are a good system and additional operating details by issuing the transfers the way it proposes rather than operators giving me to passengers i'm not sure with
1:24 pm
the new transfers look like and the materials will be made of where their environmental and consistent with the city's vinyl he i'm not sure who is handicapping this i'll maybe get answers to questions and i'll strongly encourage this to be brought to the cac before it is broths back to you for approval and mbes questions or comments. >> motion to approve. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? >> 10.5 the memorandum of understanding and the bay area to clarify the rules and responsibilities to for a newly contracting for the executive director and rise the cost
1:25 pm
allocation formula. >> once again on this item it is the metropolitan transportation agency and i don't know how it happens here it is not clear when costs analysis was done to result an additional will 7 hundred plus a year the awe pensions were not done so you don't i cannot but the cac was bed-and-breakfast on the future discussions like the next generation clipper i don't believe that restated agreement was brought to them and again there are impacts on the public i understand from reading the material that the chef board meeting are public and the director reiskin is the representative for that and i look forward to learning more
1:26 pm
about that to the extent this makes the system more rational i support that but if there were more examination and looking forward to talking about with the lady to see how this impacts. >> if you had not of taken this off the agendas but i'll address the extra 2 leonardo da vinci and $86,000 a year. >> the main difference i apologize we wrote the agency rather the compilation that us upsetting some people in terms of the call. >> we're fine thank you. >> what we found in terms of elevating the overhead cost structure first of all, it wasn't rational based on a number of cost drivers but we found there was a couple of agencies shouldering all the
1:27 pm
credit cards fees i think about half of our costs we pay or charged by mtc are a huge part of costs it was through collaborative meeting as among the agency lead by manifesting and bart deanna is spearheading this an agreement among the agencies this new cost allocation formulas first of all, allocated the costs what drives the costs but secondly, that importantly allocated credit card fees but a couple of agencies was appropriate that meant for many of us there would be a cost increase. >> thank you for that i also support this the recommendation
1:28 pm
it is part of me thinking with the transportation and the board of directors and executive directors that - hold on i think it is overkill but your understanding of this. >> yeah. the cost is for a new agency not really a new agency we've discussed a transbay joint powers authority it wouldn't make sense we're creating a board to join with mtc and oversee this fair payment system that is overseen by mtc but not the operators kwhos customers rely on it. >> move this item. >> second. >> any further discussion >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> i's have it. >> temple authorizing the director to have barhopping for
1:29 pm
the scrape improvements for a term of 2 hundred and 40 cleared up days and mr. pill pal. >> did i understand. >> the staff report didn't include a map i'll requesting a map and plans i'd like to review those and it also in indicate who the project manager is i seem someone in vinces shop i have thirty no issues with the project i want to see what the construction is so i'm making that request. >> members of the board. >> mr. chairman that concludes the consent calendar moving on to item 11 is adapting the ceqa
1:30 pm
vlgdz and approving the second street. >> achieve the staff on behalf of tom maguire directors i'm very pleased that staff and the department of public works and mta's are here to bring in front of the you the second street project for your consideration as you'll hear that is one of the most ambitious landscape projects as you recall this is part of the bicycle plan a number of years ago at the present time, the boards directed us to work with the communities to get a comprehensive plan i'm proud to say we've done that work and been working with the community and they've let us know their
1:31 pm
mroould pleased with the outcome and thank them i'm joined by christen from the department of public works who is the public manager and ellen the project lead from sfavpt and the innovation and liveable streets with that, i'm going to turn it over to christina and ellen to presents the results. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon directors. >> katrina teen from department of public works the project manager. >> microphone not that one that one. >> okay. >> sorry katrina teen a into department
1:32 pm
of public works i'm the streetscape manager i mean, i'll begin the presentation and hand off to staff. >> this project is lead by the public works with support from the sfmta and the planning department here's a picture of the project location it is second street from market to king street about a mile-long question worked closely with the community to develop several goals for the most part is improving the seated at the table using second street it is designed to improve walking and biking to improve those modes of transportation to reduce the number of drivers to as you second street to access bay
1:33 pm
bridge the project includes sewer and waters rehabilitation and repaving each other the entire corridor. >> here's photos of second student on the last north of harrison the streets are narrow and other than the europe right a picture if south of harrison the crosswalk is an uncontrolled walking across 5 lanes in the afternoon peek periods on the bottom right is a photo of a family biking to a game the proposed projects are to attract from a range of folks the project supports vision zero the city goal to eliminate serious injuries and dedication for the intersections are on the
1:34 pm
high injury network and the proposed will make major improvements that project is is out of a robust project and the design driven by the community that was determined by the community priorities and design the alternatives and get feedback the sfmta host an accessibility workshop for signs that has assess for everyone and the project incorporated the design project team conducted a door to door project including for homeowners successors and merchant groups thank you katrina teen a i'm
1:35 pm
elaine the sfmta lead on the project i'm excited to be here to share with you the details of the project one of the most comprehensive and multiply affiliated projects in the sustainable streets everyone with works or travels on second street will enjoy the benefits of a safer comfortable environment i've spent a lot of time on second street as i've cabin working on this project that is clear it has a lot of character and potential i think this project capitalize on that potential and creates a street that is truly vibrant in selma
1:36 pm
project besides widening the narrower sidewalks between townsend on second street that makes according the streets safer upgrading the crosswalks for all the alleys curb ramps will be ethic and lighting the intersections and alleys to help pedestrians and drivers to see each other better and that includes installing a new traffic signal and other signal at 80 ma and washington to highlight the crossings project includes dedicated lanes and most of the corridor will get curbside protected ways and this is similar to on the projects like polk street and a
1:37 pm
portion of market street in that that will be raised between mid-level and the sidewalk and controlled at major intersections with bicycle signals this is an overhead view how the bike fit into the configuration 1 traffic lane in each direction where the resistance and on the right see in golden gate park and transit where the bike way goods behind next slide, please the project includes a variety of measures to keep muni flowing smoothly and for riders they include the islands and
1:38 pm
this is a picture of a very similar design san francisco municipal transportation agency is originally implement at church street which is working well transit signal priority will be installed along second street and the bus signals will be adjusted in order to keep traffic moving and muni moving in a single through lane right-hand turns will be allowed and left-hand turns will be restricted at all intersection between mission street and grant it street besides widening the students the project will help other improvements to make a realm a great place to be including the
1:39 pm
beverages and bike rakes and other things throughout the project the community has generally support second street a more complete street with better waking, biking and transit friendliness this requires and nevertheless, second street as a route to the freeway and reich interns from granting it street and the in northbound removing a dully left-hand turn at harrison and replacing it controlled by the signal those changes be a boon but require that many drivers that use second street needs to divert to parallel street. >> i was going to talk about parking
1:40 pm
staff is recommending that 2/3rd's of on street parking be repurposed 10 percent of the 17 hundred parking spaces within one block of second street owe understand this is a concern a small amount of parking will be made up by creating new parking on a side street of brendon none and harrison on second street and side streets will be converted to loading and non-assessable zones process team has been working with the transbay joint powers authority and the projects will coordinate with them in the alleys east of second street we've worked hard with the storefront and companies to understand their needs when in their driving and parking in the area this proposal strikes a balance with the automobile
1:41 pm
those in the area achieving the other project with the implementation of this project sfmta will work with the police department to engage the public in education before moving on to targeted enforcement to make sure that all drivers understand the new streets and obey them. >> you want to talk about the project? the project as implemented the environmental impact the eir was served on theirs and after this hearing that will continue into detail design through the ends of 2015 they accepted the contradiction is in late 2016 and the construction
1:42 pm
will last 9 months to a year and be implemented neiman in the meantime we understand the need for black history month and we've installed a safety zone to highlight that crossing and also upgraded all the stripped crosswalks an second street and continuing that work early in 2016 by installing traditional stripped bike lanes on the northern and southern ends of the second street and continue on the rest of the corridor >> i'd like to thank the community and everyone who participated in developing this project and thank you for your time katrina teen and i will be happy to answer any questions. >> any members of the public
1:43 pm
wish to testify. >> yes. 5 that (calling names). >> the first 3. >> good afternoon good afternoon tom nolan and board members i'm the new project manager of walk sf and on behalf of of the members allison park here to urge you to approve that the second street neighbors signed this petitions it has so many benefits for the communities as you may know the project will transform a dangerous corridor that is important that is in the heart of a fast growing part of the community the project will more efficiently use the public space to move important people whether on foot, biking on transit or in cars
1:44 pm
in addition in this project includes important safeties improvements that helps the city achieve the vision zero goals from ellen the project has wider sidewalks and the removal of a turn lane at harrison and pedestrian lighting and the safe for bicyclists it makes the streets easier to navigate for motorists it is the first green project to come from the braid created by sfmta and sf planning to connect people to parks and the waterfront from the safer green streets for all those reasons we think this is a fantastic project that is going to accommodate growth in selma more safely and help the city achieve vision zero and create green connections for all those
1:45 pm
fantastic reasons and benefits we urge you to approve that project today and the project can go forward without delay thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm here on behalf of supervisor jane kim to expert witnesses this is second street it one of the most important street but it is currently uncomfortable and save for people walking and biking and taking transit those proposed improvements will make the streetscapes and give the employees and loophole businesses and visitors that use second street the great and save street they deserve and the second street project is a strong step towards achieving vision zero this has been decided and many residence
1:46 pm
including moist really value the participation in projects that effect their lives thank you to mta and the staff for listening and developing this project on behalf of supervisor jane kim i urge the board to approve this for 2nd street. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> hi good afternoon chairman nolan why do they hates us so much why cab drivers second street is the way in and out of going to the ball park for games and special fence your- why can't we be exempted from the or not restrictions you're eliminating a cab stands and, in fact, in the proposal i didn't have a chance to review
1:47 pm
them i have to work and it's a a lot of proposals here but i noticed your 're reducing the size of cabstands i have a few questions when was the eir completed have you looked at how many capacities is on first street and some of the other streets it has gotten worse with the tmcs and the other services eyeing drivers do deliver and pick up goods and services have you seen the number of cars all of a sudden you're coming to shift to another street and everything will go away you'll make it a huge mess the eir is two huge bans the numbers another question who from taxi exemption services and what kind of input to the people and were they
1:48 pm
invited and did they attends those members of the committee regardsing the available we have to make left-hand turns there's a hotels on the corner of fulsome and second we have to make the left-hand turn going north and howard to go to serve the hotels or take people from the office buildings and the residents in south beach and you're basically saying wear not going to serve those people thank you, very much for hating us. >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> david pilpal again, i'm exercised on this item i want to understand the relationship between this project and the muni gordon's i think so there are routine changes on second street and understand the bus
1:49 pm
idles and what not are not specific to the 10 and 12 is there i think ultimately the 11 and the project it's my understanding there are 26 significant impacts identified in the eir and not sufficient mission mitigation so i believe that crease additional compleng and so on that based i've not approve and encourage you not to do so. >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> hi i'd rather have 22 thousand bikes this is an 22 thousand tmcs that's for sure so you know i'm all for bikes and taxis hearing the roads and everything
1:50 pm
like that i didn't look closely at the proposals on second street you know just keep in mind when the sidewalks were wideneded on castro street it is a constant traffic jam but the pedestrians are benefiting not that big of a deal one block but for a significant stretch of street it could result in go traffic jams on second street and the pedestrians will benefit i wonder if there recent a balance between car traffic and whatnot with that said, i'm all for being a caregiver giving this thing a try i hope you continue to take feedback on the results of this thing over the long-term and consider that
1:51 pm
taxicabs are an alternate and an alternative routine to the bay bridge not an exclusive use to take people to other parts of city i hope that is an ongoing they know thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> okay. yeah thank you for this doing this project you know second street needs improvements whether the problems are, in fact, last week the traffic size like second and brilliant going southbound you can't see the restriction no will not sign because the vehicle blocks the signs so hopefully, they'll improve the student they'll up
1:52 pm
to the time put the traffic signs near the signal we'll hope that the mta's implements a policy similar on mission street in terms of allowing a left-hand turn ann at third and fourth like taxis and buses can efficiently serve the public that provides a good balance for the public in my opinion i'll oppose the restrictions but implement left-hand turns for taxis and buses that will strike a healthy balance you know after the games it is common for guests staying in the w hotels you know the enter continental on howard they like to take it to second and howard and vegetation time like the moscone
1:53 pm
center i know fulsome they went to get to the moscone center and second street a viable route to what's what i like the project is a great idea but taxis should be able to make left-hand turns. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> herbert wiener one question i have about the project about the access of automobiles if second street to interstate 80 ryan right now it is difficult to get to intestate 80 into the city will this complicate things what is is a decendents route if discounts u downtown does this project answer that question making second street into a choke point and for people trying to flee the city it will
1:54 pm
be difficult and creates congestion the other question about business stop altercations will this create a hardship and parking parking is worse in san francisco compared to 20 years ago and mta has created that by snapping up parking spaces i think at least 20 thousand parking spaces have been left from the mta and frankly, if the police department were in control of parking we wouldn't have this problem in my opinion so those are the questions that come to mind you have to answer bus otherwise you'll create a congestion problem, create problems of accessibility to integrate 80 and frankly i don't have this problem i rather take bart than drive through the
1:55 pm
freeway it is less strain but what about other motorists it is simply not i you know less cars less problems you'll have- restricting cars will creates more problems thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good evening, sir. >> will be our last speaker. >> if you need money just go to the atm machine that's what the emphasizing said like the india if you want zero that is zero will be very soon for everything but nobody like driving everything is safe that's the way in their thinking and bike lane and limit this and that but the problem is everything that
1:56 pm
close to the bay bridge is not only owned by san francisco you have to take care of the people that have to live in east bay and all your view is micro let age looking beautiful i have a green trees but your finding a lot of people living in east bay your building power that is everyone that come to this meeting he will cry he wrote the 2007 a that's right he give you too much power look at townsend street and fulsome street all the warning on the wrong lane the full name street we're listing one lane on the fulsome street poem can't use it they pits mafia bike only i don't see
1:57 pm
two many but people not only about living and beautiful people need to make living that's why china as a lot of pollution we can't afford to eat they have to clean it up san francisco is rich now we have look at obama put a tree in the middle of the lane have you to take care of enpeople not only create a lane on the bay bridge. >> (calling names). >> she'll be the last person to address you. >> good afternoon. i'm with the san francisco bicycle coalition representing the 10 thousand strong members throughout san francisco in supportive second street improvement project we've smimentsd nearly hundred personalized letters in a walk
1:58 pm
and a could say letters of support if businesses on second street second street is south of markets most important corridor people walk and take transit along second street a home to neighborhoods serving local shops and restaurants the only north's south bike route in the area and services a critical connection for people that work and live south of market and last built projects of sfmta corners we're excited to see this project as today as many of you may know as now is uncomfortable and safe people for public utility people driving through the neighborhood and they create dangers conditions and we've from the
1:59 pm
sea of traffic project hfa as proposed with the protected bike way and streetscapes give the visitors and on the complete street they deserve the project is a strong step towards the vision zero and as an agency of mta and has measurable impacts and lastly thank the staff as mta and the planning department in particular katrina 10 and others and countless community meetings thank you for supporting this critical project thank you. >> (calling names). >> and good afternoon. >> good afternoon. i'm pat valentino the president of the
2:00 pm
south bay admission prong peaceful is important it is a dangers mess i used to take a bike on it, it is an enormous risk every single certain times of day cars use this is a ramp up speed to get on the on ramp when no traffic and when there is zero respect for the pedestrians i wish they could go further but the changes will benefit obviously pedestrians first and transit and bikes as well i do count taxis as part of transit it is okay to have a street it isn't friendly to cars i think we know this by now


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