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tv   Recreation and Park Commission 82015  SFGTV  August 24, 2015 9:00am-11:31am PDT

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few words. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) thank you so much and jenny thanks to our mayor ed lee and supervisor christensen for all the work just a couple of words from our president of the board
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albert tan. >> good morning and welcome i'm the president of the chinese newcomers center on behalf of the center i'm here to show our support our city mayor, mayor ed lee and supervisor julie to continue to supports and funding of this program this program is virtually to the newly immigrants to provide a job while their locking to generate more revenue for the city to keep chinatown clean and more tourists doing they're shopping and diane so we both have an vantage on this we sincere since this proposal is running successfully as the mayor and julie and we have to keep both in the office okay. thank you very much (laughter) (clapping). >> great, thank you al better
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again, we cannot thank mayor ed lee and supervisor christensen for working together on those programs so - >> we will okay. this is our prototype next week we'll be giving out the free trash can for the merchant to everybody is on board to keep chinatown clcl.
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>> this is a meeting of the rec and park commissioner president buell commissioner vice president low commissioner bonilla and commissioner mcdonnell and just to note both commissioners commissioner levitan and he commissioner harrison has excused 9 and 10 will be removed from calendar item 9 is the memorandum of understanding approval and item 10 the ports insight square approval both will be coming back in september a few reminders please be advised the ringing of and use
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of cell phones, during the meanwhile meeting please take conversations outside and also each person commissioner has 3 minutes. >> 3 minutes. >> to comment on each item and on about general public comment and when you make public comment please comment to the commission in order to allowing allow equal time neither the commission more staff will comment during general public comment but the staff may answer questions when did public comment is done on item 2 the president's report. >> briefly i know we'll hear more about this from staff i want to congratulate all with outlands a huge success and give me the normal kinds of challenges traffic, etc. he think everybody did an extraordinary job.
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>> monument to make public comment under the president's report. >> not yet. >> okay. >> you would be the first to comment. >> i think under general public comment seeing none, public comment is closed we're on item 3 which is the general manager report. >> good morning commissioners former vacationed are just about over my kids are back in school what a great summer for rec and park a quick overview in summary we provided for 80 different that summer camps 12 thousand plus individuals participated in the camps phil our camps to 93 capacity our learner to swim programs were a huge success 4 thousand at 96 capacity those
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are programs to teach kids how to swim we awarded nearly 5 thousand scholarships $750,000 for all to participate participants learned on some form of skwlip one in 3 and 90 percent of the folks that took the end felt summer survey recommend rec and park exams a hearty graugsz congratulation to bob and his division for all the tremendous work bob is on his way to camp mather with 70 kids with our teen experience are a variety of underserved kids now the fifth summer we've done this what is amazing about the
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program several kids on the trip have been on the trip boo and working with us in the program it is a spectacular inheritance for kids that don't spend a lot of time in nature be a little bit more on kathy know that commissioner mcdonnell just got back and but we welcomed all commissioner bonilla fantastic fantastic. >> great. >> we had over 5 thousand 5 hundred visitors in camp mather over the sum over 12 hundred cabins were rented 2 hundred and 28 seniors for the getaway weekend as i mentioned we'll have have 70 teams up on the fifth outdoor experience we've started registering our fall rummage registration is underway
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it is broken down into 9 thousand plus rental including scholarships with $70,000 this is a busy season for the staff outlands maybe over for those looking to get our go music fix the recent outside festival in october and i'd like to announce and shout out to saturday in mclaren park the jerry gary's theatre hosts by friends of the amp that features four saturdays no october this weekend enjoy a soul festive kicking off at one p.m. at the a.m. pa theatre
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bring a branth for a appropriation on august 5th commissioner vice president low and i prarnd in the mayor's turn out at ports insight square competitions within the supervisors and rec and park team while unmatched in spirit came up a bit short exiting the tournament after the fifthdz round. >> oh. >> we gave it our best that is what we ask the teams to do speaker the controller's office released it's bio quartering report bye for muni and, of course, our parks some interesting data san francisco residents continue to use their parks frequently in fact, more frequently than the last time the survey was taken
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72 percent of san franciscans are visiting a park at least once a month 74 percent of san francisco residents rate our systems as an a or b 79 paternities gave the program an a or b and with the shaping and planting so it is nice to getty positive feedback from staff there were a lot of comments been the advantageism in parks but more on that to come our recreation practice is no way we've hired 2 hundred and 50 kids over the summer this program happens year-round for 60 years the kids get work experience along with the professionals the applications for the 2015-2016 are available inventing monday august 24th for
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any high school youth 14 to 18 might be working with the rec and park department at any of the centers visit j job apps.or come and work with us in inspiration with the st. francis yacht club kids get an opportunity to sail on october 4th they'll learner the procedures and sail the water with professionals another free event parents registration on or call our number lass last but not least outlands 3 days of music, art, wine and
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food in golden gate park the lands festiveal was a huge success with 2 hundred and 10 thousand people with elton john and black keys and on the i'll invite my colleagues to share a little bit more detail i want to note this is such a large-scale urban event it is a huge success i want to commend and let another plan know how much we appreciate their cooperation with our agency and i want to give a big thank you to the planning staff and for their incredible work to park patrol and all our gardening and custodial crews for their
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efforts in pacific islander this off i want to invite mr. pearl and a another gentleman to talk about what their perspectives are. >> thanks phil for your kind words. >> i have to start by saying while we take great pride in what our company does no way we could do this event without the teamwork of city and city hall and rec and park and all the people phil mentioned i'm being redundant it is we can't thank you for the help you give us we work as a team from the gardening staff to everyone here in answering calls it is our farther event it is
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such a difficult undertaking and we're very proud of that i wanted to in 8 years we've made tremendous strides i want to give you some numbers to give you of what we go through. >> 2015 we had a total of 76 phone calls from sound to trash, that was a reduction from a hundred and 20 just in one year so there was a 37 percent reduction in total calls of 43 percent in reduction of sound calls just in one year much more over the 8 years part of that is zoo to the fact we have people in the neighborhoods the sound systems have gotten easier to adjust different speakers when
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we hear something depending on the weather conditions it changes between the 3 nights there's been a 58 percent in reduction in total calls since 2013 a 71 percent reduction since 2012 and 8 of since 2011 in terms of the economics of the show we had a total of 70 restaurants, 61 from the city of san francisco 61 restaurants were working at the festival showing people from all over the united states the quality of their food you know the one or two both sides of the restaurant. >> i got to stop i for a second as a note even though elton john agent that worked for him to a million festivals all the others festivals when necessary talk about their food and wine they
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don't light a candle you guys they do know what you do the backdrop of all you guys that make up san francisco all the people talk about it, it is pretty needed to here people from la or boston or new york see what we do it makes us proud. >> to you. >> i was saying about the trees a nice backdrop. >> we try to take credit for that. >> it just to keep going 34 breweries 8 were located in the city of san francisco, 27 from northern california and then 37 whiners from northern california at festival when i talk about
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you you know we talk about hotels and we're putting together once again san francisco state it will help us put together the economic money that is brought into san francisco we won't have have it for a few months because it is a legitimate study we're trying to analysis all the businesses including transportation and muni the lyft the uber how people get there that will be interesting to see and again, thank you it is such a privilege to do this festival. >> thank you very much. we appreciate. >> thank you, greg and sherry. >> all right. we'll wrap up the gm report by a short video this is particularly special you'll see who is married in
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that. >> thank you. >> my name is stacey i'm the executive assistant with the rec and park for 27 years. >> i'll pretty much controlled the managers life we work great together at the meeting he set up the meetings and phone call and the garden and the support staff anyone that comes in the room any number of things anyone that walks in on is with a great mile i love to greet people and this is an jaufrn everyday on july 8th the rec and park welcomed the people to the tenth
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year the workers worked hard to upgrade the trail in partnership with 12 61 and the rec and park department commission the department hosted the 7th award at the golden gate park it was in gardening and horticulture and men and women worked day in in and out to keep the scenes beautiful congratulations and the rec and park department hosted another year of playday at the recreation center with games for all ages and football and baseball and rock he will climbing live music this was a fun day for all out of the mark the music festival in golden gate park part of this legendary festival for the park systems citywide the next time you're in golden
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gate park get out to play. >> on behalf of any boss ac white that concludes my report for the general manager. >> (clapping.) commissioner mcdonnell. >> thank you very much thank you for the report just a couple of things i want to highlight first camp mather just jim and the team the entire staff continue to do a phenomenal job the first year the course amazing, amazing amazing experience i'm looking forward to hearing how the young people going up this weekends get to enjoy it just a great job secondly, outlands phenomenal thank you to the aspirin both the music experience the food and food and beverages experience i had occasion to go
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for the jazz festival up until quite honestly, it's goggles better and better i feel a need not to go to new orleans is it so not true i'm going to new orleans but atlantic beach but it is really a fantastic experience to thank you for brairng that to our city lastly the general manager i wanted to highlight another example of great partnership between supervisor farrell the mayor and the city park alliance that's the shared school yard project we've to 23 school yard and extending the amount of office space spabl to the families and as a kind plug another fundraiser next month in
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supports of that project so just a lot of great work happening thank you general manager. >> thank you, commissioner. >> is there any public comment under the general manager report. >> richard. >> good morning, mr. mark buell chair. >> phil ginsburg ivory heard about the pd can't do any good at the marries ping-pong tournament i had to take offense we want to clarify the issue they had different groupings the advanced seniors and players the advanced players play out of the brill i didn't they bully everybody out of sunset and win everything in the advanced level phil was straight as the other players not as much notice there are from china rec center
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nun from chinese playground as to what the facility should take down their they get their butt whipped get the record straight sunset bullies i got quite a few of the players 23, 50, 2250 upper level and 25 hundred in the ovenlgz so if we get better communication between the other facilities and get people to participate hearing d will have no choice but to go up. >> no where to go but up (laughter). >> i couldn't help remark about the concerts there would
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have been elton john, i remembered in the wartime the pinball wizard is that the same thing i wanted to make sure i had it right. >> is there monthly that is the general manager report so no other public comment? okay. we're on item 4 which is general public comment up to 15 minutes continued to item 12 this time, members of the public may address the commission items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. and go ahead our welcome >> commissioners. >> good morning general manager. >> my name is leno i'm the president of the united mission
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sorry for my voice and 15 years ago we created the golden gate park the garden of humanitarians as a fresh and one plays in the united states i'm here for the people for people that risked their lives prosecuted by terrorists and others in this place this area we organized for student and many visitors uses beverages and tables but last time the beverages is broken now our organization can pay and install new beverages in this place but it is an emergency situation
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if some beverages crash the carpenter from golden gate park never fixes and takes the beverages it is easier my proposal is install new beverages and we pay for everything we never ask some budget from city or grant from supply beautiful but we have a service to pay for this. >> thank you very much thank you, very much. >> richard. >> sorry i meant the other richard. >> i have something to ask of the commission i'm trying to help facilitate a request from dr. michael lee he is given the commissions a copy of his request there's
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something they've gotten completed and i talked with michael about this we were talking about percy the kind of person that goes up there and simply telephone rp d and the lights will be fixed they were too high we had them brought down lower this is a followup that percy passed away on 4th of july that was a conversation with michael california we do about the lights currently some of the problems that are occurring michael told me the staff people are not that interested in extra hours they're not going to be there the extra hour but the facility often doesn't have me staff so if you had that extra hour i myself will enforce having that
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done as michael said other people that have another timelines and time schedules to continue to work out basketball and tennis along with not many kids come out at night that has been going on for a little while now if i can help dr. lee maybe some of you like to know more about his background he works very active at the chinese rec center and trying to get him to betty honking recreation center he's very good extraordinary informed of what's going on in the community actively a rec and park kind of person endorses activities in chinatown they
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don't have enough tennis tournament the fellow was richard king they've gone out to san francisco state university so not much of the organized activities required i'm asking that i personally will recommend this the center hour it is not going to cost staff time and all the department has to do is exclude a memo to the electrician to work the timer an additional hour thank you. >> richard. >> good morning, commissioners and general manager my name is richard rothman i live in district 1 across the street from cabrillo playground you know the outlands was great i got to hear elton john from
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mire living room and i live close enough it was great but there's a problem parking, traffic we have a richard blog and there's about 60 posts on that not one has to do with about the sound but over 55 of them had issues with parking and even without any events out there, there is hard finding parking out there we need to come up with a plan rec and park, outlands, mta so that cars does not park in the richmond district during those events i have an idea some of the people on the blog had ideas i'm going to bring up or them up now the city of monterey with the at&t
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golf tourmentd if they can keep people out of the streets the other thing supervisor wiener's legislation about the hours of closing the park and i've read it twice and it didn't say playgrounds in there i talked to scott's office he says it does i don't believe that golden gate park and cabrillo playground should be in the same requirement or same hours friends of cabrillo playground will dr. the two meetings i don't see why those hours have to come before the commission to get changed you can right now the hour or so 10 o'clock i went around the 4 playground two said 2 clock and
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midnight and the playground is closed when the sun goes down your inviting trouble the commission needs to look at or staff they want the friends of cabrillo they've donated ping-pong tables wanting to sign an agreement if any thoughts stuff they donated gets damaged they have to pay for they've raised the money i don't know how much i wasn't active but they don't have the money you know to replace it and plus you know if the playgrounds open at night when their inviting trouble so that's why those two policies need to be looked at and changed thank you. >> thank you. >> watts.
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>> quite soon you and our associates will on the beach synthetic turnip in golden gate park all of you in the business partners worked hard to make this happen and spent a lot of money to present it to san franciscans. >> soon you'll throw another parties cut the ribbon and the feelgdz e fields declared save for years mr. ginsburg has proclaimed perhaps in our speeches to the kids and paternities successful facts not in dispute over 25 percent of the chemical make up of the i think field is known to cause cancer as determined by the state of california and you might mentioned the growing number of cancer cases being record for the children so the
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entire story you might praise your predecessors who are vigilant about protecting children's height for instance, when they band leads you might mention in 2013, the rp d received a memo and all the synthetic fields in san francisco this states lead was detected in the dust stirred up by the synthetic fields and the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention leads cases reproductive problems in men and women you might mention this commission knows of a safer alternated is slithering more expensive but you choose to energy your business associates to save money you might mention
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that despite what you know this commission maids the decisions to dismiss those as insignificant you might remind the countryside despite the efforts those facts and their consequences will not imagine low disappear seeing none, this item is closed we're on item 5 which is the consent calendar is there any public comment on this consent calendar and seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners we'll need a motion. >> motion to >> there is a motion and a second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> >> item six the san francisco z
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zoo. >> hello, hello good morning tonya director of the san francisco zoo i think we have a power point presentation so if i point to the screen here i'm on the screen okay. we have finished our fiscal year i'm proud to announce we're 10 percent over projections that being the year prior the numbers were 8 percent over projections we've started the fiscal year july had a hiccup with a report of a missing snake i'm happy to report the snake was never missing and august attendance is back on track with over hundred and 557 visitors that's the
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fiscal year shortly under the projections of 3 hundred plus visitors the zoo camp is done with kids back in school this week it's a shock but a record of over 16 hundred campers hats off to the transportation department and the newly refurbished this is a historical dw pa building after the great depression i hope it is the main state of the art and we expand the reptile and brought in two new solution the parrots are instructed e.r. rescued and former pets and those can be changed so the animals have to go throughout the building to look for their food like in the
9:38 am
wild adjacent to the rain forest it was important to talk about water there recent a water main that is a interact active aid for folks to learn about water this is the conversation in the south american rain forest and fun for the visitors i want to give you an upgrade on the lion house that's a picture of the our 13-year-old lion necessary i'll happy to announce she's with cub and the father what about our male she came to us from another zee zoo she's lost two cubs at the prior zoo we're guardian u guard and closing the interior of the lion house to get used to the
9:39 am
new nest and she can fortunately movable comfortable so cross our fingers for lion cubs we'll watch her closely this may look like skunks those are blaek they have long hair on their bodies those are african monkeys threatened and they're known as sloppy eaters that is good are for the african jungle they spread their food we're happy to have them on exhibit you may have read we're trying our efforts at crowd forcing this is an vegetation for the pets you may have one more your dogs it is a bowl that encourages play wouldn't it be
9:40 am
fun to custom build one more the run these we have 3 we asked for money to build the cups for our rhinos their species at great risk with the poaching for horns i'm happy to say we can close the crowd is ours site and have the food letters for our rhinos thank you for the donors the curator primates returned there i can. and our prove was to observed the rescued animal and it was quite amazing to see those return to the wild
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after being rehabbed threat inborn no is palm trees i saw a lot of palm trees but saw wild ones nun of us are professional foifrts that over and over ran hanging out in the jungles we're back with that knowledge we hope to make our future prim mate better i have 3 schematics on the efforts to expand the which i am he's this is the western side of our building and phase two to link the two areas and expand both the which i am does he habitat we'll do that through the trail
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systems that allows the chimps to go to the able lastly this is an interior shot of pachyderm building giving for space and habitats space for the chimps we know we - we're bringing those and thank you to my personal friends for underwriting this effort and expansion at the prime mate discovery center and lastly not to forget bic daddy is growing 3 times his body weight he'll be the feature of our labor day festivals and lots of rides and fun activities free for members this labor day that concludes my report. >> any public comment on this item. >> richard come on up.
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>> good morning. >> it was wonderful to hear her speaking about the new approach to the chimpanzee implicit if they're trying to use the trail approach what about other animals the only reason i wanted to speak about the which i am does he they're the type of animals they're the prime mates but it's taken a lot of work and the executive staff tried to get the drawings for what is going on at the zoo i michelle have to look at it and see exactly what is going on again my first look at it i looked at the landmark
9:44 am
provision of the former o chimps and the three houses the one house on top that interconnects how will they combine that preservation the other part when i do a joint sharing be sure that chimneys in the wild have problematic they have the hiv two aids that's not - that's something you have to be cognizant about you've got that interest a lot of animals eating and some africaners have gotten the aids and the hiv from the chimps so the chimps i would recommend you keep an extra
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caution eye on them and if there are to be any new additional that's the big gadsby daddy i thank you very much and great work. >> anyone else that wants to make public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i'd like to ask we call item 8 out of order we have commissioner avalos here he has a busy schedule maybe start with that. >> item 8 the renovations and improvement project. >> good afternoon girgsz nicole with the capital distribution
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with the rec and park i'm pleased to talk about the more born project i will give you a brief history of that very old and slack last year building from then to now the building was built and turn of the last servant by the reed brothers it is a city landmark designated in 1985 the building was occupied from 44 to 89 it was damaged if the loma prieta muni decided to demolish the building and people came together to ask for demolish and came to willie brown in 2004 the rec and park department decided to take the building over from muni realizing a real needs for the
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programming in district 11 also in 2004 the department partnered with muni and it will not fall down in an earthquake between 2007 and 2013 the city provided the friends with funds inform capitals campaign work and provided the ladder they did successfully and a lot of this funding came if commissioner avalos office so thank you commissioner dooley and the friends group is a terrific champion with the funding also actually at this time we've received pro bono from the design the conceptual design for the building as well as legal services from gibson dunn and a variety of pro bono partners that was included in the 2009 balboa station
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creating a human being around the station brings economic and community activities to that area where there is not a central gather point let's see so going forward the master plan for the building is to add a level to create cafe space and retail space are litter and design studios to roommate a power hours a 35 feet ceiling with natural light and where we will cool industrial features giving a great vibe the secretary of interior will be applied with a gold building a leaf platinum last year the commission approved an lda with a future lease and mou with the mta that
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allows for our short time and long term access to the building during construction going forward and you approved the schematic design based on design development documentation it is recently completed the costs estimate is $29 million that is proven to be a heavy left for the friends in the city and we decided at this point well, it had a wall at this point we were having trouble getting transaction with funders that couldn't see how to get to the end goal with a $29 million price tag the mayor's office asked us to participate in a study with a wallace grew up from the netherlands to figure out how to
9:50 am
use it with an economic activity with the building on the other two buildings the old mint and subway station we adding with a two-phase approach with the power house, and, secondly, the office building we actually talked about to the design team and their approach was indeed possible and together the department with the mayor's office of housing and community development and commissioner avalos office felt the approach was the strongest way to cultivate the building and provide a community asset by funderers they'll see it thriving and creating the energy if needs it right there. >> so going forward this project will be a coalition between our 3 departments
9:51 am
city will oversee the development part of excuse me. the office of economic workforce development neighborhood asset activation program that will require the termination of the lda with the friends rather than wait for the schedule reaching the deadlines suggested they have to raise the funds by the ends of 2017 we agreed if the best interests of the project to terminate the agreement to move forward with the power house separate the friends will continue to participate in the development of programming in the power house power house design is essential scaled down version of the power house stop sign it is in the masters plan but all the improvements at this time will be used in the master plan not
9:52 am
building mission bay anything and tearing it down which is terrific and stabilization and landscape improvements and restored windows and mechanic and electrical systems and floors with heating a carter area and office with events in and our organization schizophrenia use it the planning department determined this power house will have no event effect on the ceqa fbdz and the mart plan ceqa in 2013 and that plan will not change that. >> this is just a rendering of the outside of the building this is a render what the inside of the building will look like to complete the power house
9:53 am
project we need a different set of construction documentation although some of the work can be used for the master and also so the additional cd which will require an additional $300,000 plus is fully funded by mayor's office 3 hundred through the neighborhood activation program and hundred and 75 through rec and park that will cover the regulatory fees and adjustments that need to be made because of the shortfall we'll need to adjust the funds we were planning on getting to preliminary cds in the master plan to get us to hundred percent documents we've finished it but needed need to go through the industry process also to add the funds to the contract we'll
9:54 am
need to add that under this the construction budget for the project is $1.8 million we've identified real source of fuentes that need to be approved but we look forward to bringing those of 3.5 millions that leaves a gap of $3 million i would like to point out this is achieveable this $3 million to find the funds i think that will get us to a building to raise the rest of the funds the good news we have prospective source of few minutes for the $3 million including the tax credits for the trust i'll point out in a moment and the pd
9:55 am
requests and general fund and private philanthropy there be renewed interests now we're close to making it happen. >> i'd like to spends the rest of the time addressing the questions of the operational models for the building this is important to know that the vision for the building remains unchanged it will have a youth and arts related focus with additional programming for all community members so it will remain a community focused building are luckily the department has an arsenal of tools we'll spends the next three or four models to figure out the best one the strategies the operated models the rec and park will manage that and will require funding and provide permits to community arts and
9:56 am
organizations examples are harvey milk and dana is here to discuss it if you want to dig deeper this is the nonprofit we do if with a number of building to identify a master tenants and community assess will be assured there the department works are boys and girls club with the ymca as the occupant and sunset for the elderly and hayes valley that has more magic one thing i wanted to bring up the potential role for the cast this is the nonprofits model the american california loans fund a nonprofit constitution that provides resources in real estate and financial train to
9:57 am
the nonprofits that serve low income contingency it is one of the leads advisors for the market economic strategy and also provides financial train and real estate training to nonprofit and the project management services they have a program which provides services for folks who are displaced or facing displacement and rates given out by a volatile economic market the grants are available through the city from the mayor's office of housing and community development cast an organization that has been opportunity $16 million in funding right now through functions and private funders that purposes spaces for the nonprofits organizations while providing the groups the technical system to expand their
9:58 am
capacity and manage their facilities and own the buildings and those two organizations have building and expressed interest in working with us to find the appropriate partner that is ready for the power house the following is a list of organizations in addition to a number of organizations in the pipeline those are organizations that have indicated to supervisor avalos office they're interested in either the power house specifically or expanding their services in or into district 11 so there is a real needs out there briefly a construction schedule assuming we have the funding by next year will look like the following we'll get through cities we're about to get through city design reviews for the power house by next month and look to secure funding by
9:59 am
july 2016 we would create the cds and go through the city reviews it through now and february and september and hopefully start construction in october of 2016 this is aggressive but we believe that is an achieveable goal identification of the appropriate model and partner will it took place simultaneously so we have the right partner in place and if this partner brings funding to the table we'll identify them at this point we'll secure the funding to begin construction on schedule that concludes my presentation. thank you. >> thank you. >> public comment. >> public comment. >> i would ask supervisor avalos. >> thank you commissioner
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president buell and commissioners, thank you for hearing this item and the changes that are being proposed to agreement that we've all right approved between the commission and the board of supervisors for this project we want to thank nicole for her many, many years of working on this project she was the director of the rec and park department working with directly with the friends for the geneva carbarn office building i said to thank my legislative aide and work with the community and the city departments to make sure we can figure out a plan on how we can actually do the fundraising for this project the friends group is a very, very challenging from the community side to be the sole responsibility for raising the money for the whole project for $25 million it is a large task
10:01 am
to take on we're seeing in district 11 while there is all kinds of development and money flowing into san francisco we don't have the kinds of development in district 11 that enabling the communities groups to assess the few minutes that are related to part of the development we've had a large number of people all across the district to work together to get the attention like the area around santa fe and give me that carbarn the intersection we've been making sure that the rec and park can build housing on the upper yard was the management of the municipal transportation agency but now under the mayor's office of housing and community development we're building a new neighborhood at the intersection 4 has been an industrial area
10:02 am
now we're building new building for housing area commercial space and actually augmenting services there and what is available for neighborhood facilities with the carbarn wear meeting together all the different neighborhoods of district 11 and creating apace that is a more neighborhood fortunately not had that kind of feel in the history of this area this project is very, very meaningful to make sure we move forward to support this kind of development and changes that is really going to make a whole new neighborhood that didn't exist in this side of san francisco we have a project with many, many changes and a lot of people focused to make sure it moves forward despite how difficult to raise the money now we have the attention of the rec and park that's been involved as well as is the office of economic
10:03 am
workforce development and outside groups like cast we have the configuration that can actually moved on the project we have a faith approach that is really going to make a huge difference we can activate the space early on and do twaes once we've demonstrated the support from the board of supervisors here at the board we've had voted with aid and darling that has done work we voted unanimously to support 24 going forward i hope you can see so and so changes back to resolving the l lda and go forward with the contract and forward the current plan is really what is going to make a difference i hope to have your support in this. >> thank you, supervisor. >> okay rochelle and then leah
10:04 am
how do you say your name leona helmsley. >> and reed. >> i said rochelle first. >> good morning. i'm rochelle the director of the public and private partners for the san francisco arts examination and happy to be here to speak in support of the companies much of what you've heard has been stolen since 2013, the department works with other nonprofits to depth the strategies to help to mitigate the service organizations in san francisco those organizations many of whom have significant contracts with the city and contribute to vital public services that help to design communities are challenged by the real estate forces and through the marries and recommendations that came out of that group the program was
10:05 am
launched through an allocation from the board of supervisors 2 point plus million dollars went to the mayor's office of housing and community development and thanks to commissioner avalos proposal an additional $2 million to the art commissions to serve arts organizations approximately 50 organizations have received financial or technical assistance there is clearly a needs for nonprofit art spaces throughout to he and this for for shared space and collaborative solutions given could provide an art organization serving the public and the arts commission has been working closely with the stabilization and a grant from the national endowment for the arts wear working on a mapping project that includes sites and
10:06 am
we're certainly including the geneva carbarn in this picture we plan to continue working with the rec and park department and oewd and district 11 supervisors office to see how the building can evolve to support a arts questions or comments thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> i'm curious. >> it's - >> i'm a senior real estate consulate at northern california community loan few minutes everywhere been working in partnership with the city for 15 years for nonprofits to manage they're releasing niece and in this particular case with the carbarn and is condition of the building as it stands question, help pit together we have a pipeline of 17 different arts
10:07 am
organizations that can use the building we're helping them to get real estate ready to take on a project of this size so i like to say wear in support of this kind project we really want to work with buildings that are outside of the private sector so arts organizations and also when you see a lot of consists going on it is in this math it is because we have laugh nonprofits in private buildings and buildings like this is the kinds we like to see and have a second stock of buildings that are serving nonprofits thank you. >> thank you. >> reed. >> hello thank you for the opportunity to speak today my name is reed i'm the executive director of youth art exchange we're one of the art
10:08 am
based organized that is based in district 11 i'm a member of the excelsior collaborative it is a group of over 20 organizations focused on community vital and youth education there's a letter in support of having a great human being like this within the neighborhood i'll talk about my organization the arts exchange we have been around for 15 years this year and most of the time has been spent in the excelsior we work with public high school students and pair them in the classroom with professional practicing artists all the students are public high school students primarily low income students and students of color we want our students to interact with san francisco as a whole and we have really focused on doing projects throughout the
10:09 am
community there's a human being to draw people in this is exist to think about bringing people into the community and one of the things to note is that we have worked with companies that about our space niece when we started all the programming was in the community and operated in the community now we're all over the city because of the need to have affordable art space in the neighborhood we really excited by this project moving forward and hope to be one of the organizations that use this and our students and families have access thank you. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else that wanted to come on up. >> my name is rosalina principle at dine we've been working think on this project since 2009 and in spits and spurts the team a excited
10:10 am
about this phase it is amazing the building itself has two sprat pieces that phase it this first phase is providing revitalization from the streets and really provides a space for the communities an early phase thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. dan. >> okay. >> good morning, commissioners uaw kin with the office of economic workforce development i think with the mayor ed lee initiative we're very excited to see the items move forward for the reasons if some many of the speakers you'll hear horizontal from our community members that are here for this vision to revitalize and activate it city
10:11 am
it is particular and necessary need to the activated area of the southern part of san francisco we really want is to see this vacant, westbound activated we think due to the critical approach in partnership we have among the city partners this is a way to do it in a responsible fashion to make sure we see kids and adults enjoying this space of a skip and jump away from the balboa park station. >> 3 months ago basically no plan this opportunity and approach helps us to get the space moving forward the community is very, very excited about and the approach we're taking among the partners is something that is also been enabled by the virtual of the mayors cultivation program that
10:12 am
will enable us to realize some go is important one this is activates and the automation approach will provide a great example across the city for underutilized community assets like the given carbarn we're committed to working with the community and we're committed and letting you know how we are making progress at the carbarn we know through the activation program we look forward to your support thank you for your time. >> dan. >> morning i'm dan weaver the board chair of the friends of geneva office building and power house using a formal name i want
10:13 am
to say a few words of the importance of this building and project to the surrounding communities primarily the excelsior and the bmi that used to be messy every time we divide the districts but let me say recent information shows that 50 percent or more the residents of the surrounding communities the excelsior particularly are immigrants where ene english is not the first language that there is enough for most people to know this is a challenge for the children and youth as they group not knowing english i think so that thirty percent of the immigrants that live around the building in the excelsior which i have the data for are, in fact, legal
10:14 am
immigrants a huge challenge as a number of people pointed out no place in the district or no proper place to have after-school programs and that's the other part of the challenge not like when we have we've got a wealth of choices andness will distancing pointing out this this is the challenge we have in 1999 we said okay. we saved the building now what do we do it become clear the number of children and youth in district 11 was high the highest level in san francisco of all the districts. >> so let me say 16 years later this is a better approach this is the way in which we can hopefully move forward and show private funders the city is serious about taking did leads with the resources and getting this done thank you.
10:15 am
>> thank you. >> is there anyone else that wants to make public comment on this item. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president low. >> so i still trying to figure out what we're being asked for so the first step is to determine the l e w a. >> that's correct. >> is if documented and we have a termination agreement drafted by the city attorney that would be fine and actually has to go to the board of supervisors. >> once the lda is termed the rec and park department steps in to take over the role of i guess this initial part of the phase one. >> correct we have been actually taking over we've been the project manager on the
10:16 am
design working with darling to date we'll continue in that role and are we at this time we don't have a deforgiven program with the actual users; right? there is ideas of bart's groups and community organizations, youth - walk through the process how that comes together. >> commissioner this is an asset that belongs to the rec and park department. >> uh-huh. >> there the l d b.a. we've designated through the programming responsibility to the friends of the carbarn in a long term lease and provided that they met certain fund prairgz we're going to change the model for the funding and
10:17 am
take on a smaller piece of this building it is basically like any other sort of clubhouse although it is worse unhabitual but we're drooeg going to try to fidget a strategy to renovate and program this feels a little bit like a deck eerie was going to be my own comments because i see here the project is incredibly important to a neighborhood with a number of partners and programming flexibility i think my sense given the need no district 11 the eater pact forward will be with a nonprofit participate whether there nc c l r - f i'm sorry helping us identify a partner or any of that long list of
10:18 am
communities groups that has expressed to supervisor avalos a needs for nonprofit space so i think in some respect this project has goggles simpler we are candid about the fact that are money to identify join that the programming piece is frankly not our biggest challenge that is a simple element we'll ends up with whether a master tenant lease occupied by 2 thousand square feet about 2 thousand square feet to do what they do. >> i get does d-11 plus i'm trying to figure out the strategy to bring together all of those potential users so - what's the strategy to brings together. >> i think again there are a couple of different strategies
10:19 am
one would be to identify himself to work with lc cf and have them serve as the broker for a single multiple of arts that could use the desk or boo deckerer with the boys and girls club but the boys and girls club we have the ymca and others community-based organizations and frankly rec and park does programming the third strategy simply to do what we've done to identify the community-based relevant partners in the space to partner with us and lease the space and to program it when we do that we still work with that partner to make sure there is community assess for the parties and community meetings. >> so either of those 3 strategies what is the - what is
10:20 am
- is it running concurrent. >> yeah. a conversation and you know we're still in conversation with the nc c l f and are pursuing the casts partner because interests pooshl with investment in this you know capital investment in if this space we have time to figure out and there's a lot of need and deferring groups that fit our programming vision over the times that will take to work through the process and identify other financial resources we need to commence construction i think we'll have the time to figure that out and work closely with supervisor avalos and the office of economic workforce development. >> the schematic design we're being asked to approve is only the phase one power house which
10:21 am
was on the slide. >> thaishg the master plan has been approved. >> the sole source and then the real approving 4 hundred and 75 thousands of additional architecture fees to department the construction documents that looks like base buildings. >> it is actually 3 hundred and 70 thousand arrest the mayor's office gave up money that includes permits and regulatory. >> it is really what we're being asked $375,000 for additional architecture fees to go from maybe the architect design elements documents to construction elements. >> correct. >> only for the base building. >> only the base power house. >> so the work is being
10:22 am
approved can be utilized but we have additional - a different program or deft communities organization that wants to use the space that work can be reused in terms of we're trying to avoid something done trice. >> to answer our question the space is not being designed for a specific partner the - this is now going to be flexible open space that is can be programmed with a variety of partners it is basically a building hop a nice one. >> so we're just taking this to a soft shell. >> well, to be clear the construction documents we want to finish building yeah, he think we're going to ends up with a space that's programable i don't know what you mean. >> it will be occupyable if a tenant couples as a arts
10:23 am
organization or a dance group wants to add a reliefable floor they can come in and do improvements it will useable. >> we're not approving construction at this time correct this is only for that of the architecture contract. >> correct. >> no construction contract. >> no. >> okay. >> commissioner bonilla. >> yeah. i think commissioner vice president lows questions are critical but i imagine that we will have ample time the communities and the commission will have ample time to really talk about all of users potential users of the cow barn
10:24 am
and the what will be at the end of the day what will be the operational model i don't think we're really here to discuss all - to discuss the model specifically because i think there is a lot that goes into making a determination of which would be the most efficient way to operate that particular asset so the only thing i really wanted to comment on is that i live in district 11 and i drive to work everyday through that intersection to and from every day oftentimes
10:25 am
i ask myself when are we going to move forward with that project. >> and i don't only ask myself that because there are many residents that know that i live in the district that i am asked which is something going to be done with that facility i'm really fwlalgdz by the fact we have a people we finally have come up with a vehicle that will enable us to move forward with doing something with that facility i really think that something has to be done demolishing it is not an option and the - i think having lived
10:26 am
in district 11, 25 years now and having been involved in the cuomo the communities of the mission - i've forgotten the acronym but i actually did some of my first work in the city was to do block club organizing and we went to the - house-to-house talking to neighbors how to bring in more resources into the outer mission over the years since i have been not only
10:27 am
helping i mean been involved in that capacity and been a resident i think i can say without question we really do not have informational point in the excelsior whereby residents nonprofits, seniors, different organizations businesses could really coalesce and be engaged in really making the neighborhoods better so i can really i feel really strongly about moving forward with this project and when the time comes i would like to make the motion to support going forward. >> thank you and i will add that if this project is approved this
10:28 am
approach we'll hit the ground running to think about the programming partners and models and spend the next 12 months doing that. >> commissioner mcdonnell. >> thank you commissioner president buell. >> a couple of things and a comment i'm clear on the design elements basic building and making that habitable but the question for you and the general manager and i get there are a number of programming with that said, what's the funding formula for whatever lands in this space. >> essentially if it is a nonprofit model the nonprofits will pay rents for the space offset by the rent accuracy for any potential improvements that the partner decides to want to
10:29 am
do or need to side obviously subject to a lease negotiation but no different than the relationships we have many of our clubhouses with community partners those are clubhouses have not been revenue janitors there about broadening our reach and offering a program breath and capita in the way we don't have the resources interests another model if that go fails through rec and park could manage the space frankly, we're more of a program partner and not driver in that space there is too much community needs and community programming in the district and i think that would be the most likely path forward. >> and latest appreciate this new phase approach a smaller
10:30 am
lift but $3 million is not significant can you talk about the strategies for the fundraising. >> show your there are historic preservation commission tax credits it was fattens and phase two were approved by the rec and park service this is one avenue that has been complicated we're no longer signing a lease with the friends we'll have to pursue another oaths but you 20 percent and many soft pockets that's approximately $1.2 million of a $6 million and many soft cut budgets interests cast that has received actually $16 million in funding they've recently invested 5 millions in two buildings the luggage store was one that was to help stabilize
10:31 am
to buy the building and stabilize they're releasing. >> why not put up the slides. >> sure. >> no there we go. >> there would be general funds asked from the department and next year's city budgets, there's the opportunities to pursue a number of city sources a funding from the general fund we do believe that an operator might bring tenant consortiums i feel a number of organizations that have capital finland's in their account to invest in a building such as ours we've received to foundation the goldsmith that committed funds and a a number of companies that
10:32 am
indicated a willingness seeing more achieveable the 26 millions a big lift to the foundations and a pipeline of folks those companies will have been cultivating. >> that's united states summary. >> i appreciate that one final follow-up if we have a sense it maybe hard it is the project programs of those prospects how much in the percentage or is necessary to get started. >> we've identified the construction shortages is about 3 a little bit more than 3 so that's what we need. >> but you know we feel like we've gotten 3 and a half again,
10:33 am
this is you know the this engineer that could this is the little building that could we've gotten from a vision from to big of a fund-raising lifts to a project that gets necessary activation in the space and hopefully spark some point the large project we want to start small you know this is are still a reach but it is more researchable reach. >> sure thank you. >> a quick comment echoing what commissioner bonilla said my youth grouping in the fillmore and right at the corner of fillmore and turf is a building that is unhabitual and it's my teen years catching balboa park so it is exist to see this particular building this is light in the building thank you,
10:34 am
thank you for getting us to this point. >> commissioner vice president low. >> i just times it is like i said, we have the money to pay for the architecture fees to help at least depict what is going to be built to the basement that at least makes a portion of the, however, hours habitual we know who the users are we don't know at this time we don't have the money to build it but since overwhelm in the real estate industry i'm not a surprised i think so it is good real estate and if we start the process this will came into together so i defer to commissioner bonilla to make the motion to approve this. >> so let me say before i ask
10:35 am
commissioner bonilla to do that that i've twice toured this building and had interest in that i once went to a quasi meeting with the funders to see the presentation and i must say i agree with the general manager the undertaking was so big and required some vision i don't think there is a lack of support in the philanthropic community but a lack of getting their hands arm the size and scope of the project i do believe this first step in doing sometimes that demonstrates this potential will go a way it is not questionable the real estate is getting more extensive and providing space in this city for nonprofits it profitable i'll
10:36 am
encourage my colleagues to support that thank you sxoil. >> i'd like to make the motion to approve staff's recommendation for the geneva carbarn improvement project. >> >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> so moved. >> and thank you one and all. >> we're going back to item 7 the cleans parks bond the second issuance. >> commissioners good morning dawn director of planning and capital management i'm briefly walk through the same presentation that was delivered to capital
10:37 am
committee we're reaching an important milestone in the clean and safe parks bond arrest the totals value of the bonds we've been making process going through the bond at this point it includes neighborhoods specific projects we specifically named for a total value of a hundred and 60 millions roughly about 97 millions for specifically called out neighborhood parks and another $40 million for citywide programs and other million dollars for the golden gate and park merced this is shared with the port of san francisco that have been 34.5 millions allocated one of the things i think we've done a good job in the 2008 bond
10:38 am
we've continued to the 2012 is leveraging bond funds against others bopped sources tony our grants person along with lisa with the partnership team have done a great job with the steering wheel to manage and leverage the 7 and a half million dollars against the same projects that is a good ratio we'll to continue to pursue those funding sources as we move forward we've had a sale of 53.2 thoilz that funded the disdain design the fattens with the projects in line we're actually moving forward with the instead kind of parade with approval for your approval and when our intent to finish the detail design and move into
10:39 am
construction the second $30 million is going to fund the first year the design for the second batch of neighborhood programs that includes the recreation playground and george christopher and others we'll move forward with completing the design for those projects in the next year and come back hopefully, a year from now for a third and final sale worth 75 plus million dollars that then funds construction an everything and we'll spend the funds down to deliver the remainder of the neighborhood projects this dwraf shows the suspending of the first sale $53 million bhaepz most of spending in the projects to construction even though right now if we look at a snapshot only 14 millions over
10:40 am
the next month's it burglary go up as we condition to complete constructions and get gilman and start the construction in mountain park and sunsets is around the corner the bid that be submitted and the minding is set up when we have the cash in hand for october the next thing to put balboa pool out to bid we're making steady improvement we think continue to move ahead some projects ahead and some behind we've detailed the schedule making conscious choices to in some cases not ruin every third graders summer because of the permitting and closer and in order for us to go out with the extraordinarily
10:41 am
design services our the president to have all the neighborhoods park projects pled by november 2018 when we are supposed to go for the next general obligation bonds on the safety will deliver us exception of margret hayworth this is our scenario in the next 3 months umbrella have more information whether or not we can move forward with a shorter schedule. >> just some additional milestones we've completed the task force and hope to start design for t playgrounds pier one programs in january and come back in september, october next year by analyzed both our project management and we also want to host i should say run
10:42 am
there are $12 million set aside for the 2012 bonds with $6 million for a kind of more standards cf small programs for projects $500,000 and under but another 6 millions set aside for larger projects set up for more leveraging and require more sophisticated preparation in terms of ceqa we hope to get that round of projects at least start the evaluation of those projects in the spring we continue to work alcohols with the puc to obtain grants into their quart conservatism that matches you're our bonds and reached a negotiation with the mclaren park how they want to start the first round of spending and look to start a larger vision zero with the
10:43 am
mclaren park in spring we've managed to with the beach and the plays hills dan will be 3 in the spring the first time in a decade really to take on some larger golden gate park to the habitat is something we've committed to and many other partners we'll commence in the spring and this bond sale will help to fund all the projects. >> so after today hopefully with your approval go to the board of supervisors actually first capital planning in september to get their recommendations for the second sale and hope to be at the board in october and have cash in hand by the end of the month that's our goal i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you do we have any any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is
10:44 am
closed. >> entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> >> there is a motion and a second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> so moved. >> items 8 and 9 off calendars next james weldon johnson square shadows impact on golf street. >> thank you good morning, commissioners item before you today is the items the project at 950 combrofl that casts a shadow an jackson squawk this created the sunlight ordinance planning code section 295 and have the combines for this action a memo from 1989 that provides guidance for thresholds and independence
10:45 am
some is shadow limitations on certain parks this image show us the james weldon johnson square park and golf directly across the street if the golf street from the park this is the building design it has 95 units 11 are onsite affordable units a 10 thousand 43 square feet church the new sites for the lutheran church that was located before it burnt down in 1995 there will be a 61 car parking garage located under i believe will underneath the building sorry and the environmental impact was implemented in june 2015 this is an image of jeksz park that is sclapdz with grassy fields with
10:46 am
dog areas there say is pathways that crisscross the park the new shadows kaftdz will be in the first few hours goes through the year this is directly next to the park generally in the same shadow in the same location as the original building the st. paul lutheran church on average about two hours in the morning larger size of the shadow is 46 thousand square feet that's cast on the summer sole test on june 21st it is cast other than the earner side of the park and it koofrz some of the pathway and some of the lawn space guidance we received from the 1989 memo for parks that are greater than two acres that one is 5 point 61 acres a shadow
10:47 am
load to permissible this park is shadowed only on 1.6 percent this project will increase the shadow by .5.569 percent the threshold and this is the day of and moment of maximum impacts the blue shadow is the new shadow that cast by this project the yellow area from a mask reduction from the that went on during the design phase a little bit less than the project was had been designed here is it is day of maximum shadow shadows from 648 throughout the park here at 7:30 and 744 and 8 o'clock and 815 and here almost 9 o'clock gone
10:48 am
from the park it is completely begun did i 948 for the project pipeline there's one other project that is coming down the line 807 it is a little bit favorite away from the park has a minimal impact on the park that as a 2 point zero impact it increases it is in design phases not received a complete shadow analysis i don't know it will be coming before the commission i imagine in about a year. >> the developer and the project manager project sponsor has a number of community benefits and stacey the st. paul
10:49 am
church has 11 onsite units of below market rate and the project sponsor and the church have worked with the firstborns of genetic square and is alliance to endow for the park it will assess the golf homeowners association 15 per month and the project sponsor will match any contribution that the friends of james weldon johnson square raise up to $50,000 for the first two years pardon entered into a memorandum of understanding with the park alliance and is friends of james weldon johnson square to commemorate this demons and it will a last for 50 years the project sponsor received 62 signatures into the neighborhoods supporting the project i'm joined by the planning department staff and the project sponsor if you have
10:50 am
any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> for some plane my ipad the technological ability to pull up do you have a copy of the resolution thanks. >> so public comment i'm going to quickly reads off the names (calling names). >> unifying have 3 minutes each to speak on this item can be in any order. >> good morning i'm brad with the korea one the co-sponsors of the project just to reiterate what stacey said the projects 95 unit project 10 thousand square feet of space for the church and a 61 space parking garage
10:51 am
this project replaces the original historic church that burnt down in 1995 church was originally built in 11894 through the process we've reached out to the community which includes a preapplication meeting hosted by the planning department staff we have about 20 people show up for that. >> we've also reached out to the folks at 951 eddy street a senior housing facility right hidden our site we've also reached out to the chinese-american international school which is south we've also organized with 1090 and 1080
10:52 am
eddy street and we've may be seated with the cathedral hill neighbors association as stacey said we have over 50 signatures of support through this process we've worked with the friends of james weldon johnson square park and the san francisco parks alliance to crafts africa mou that will encourage quarterly clears up of the park we've delivered a park support funds that assess homeowners starting at 15 there's a month and then continue for a term of 50 years so this in addition to increased public safety for the park we appreciate your support. >> thank you.
10:53 am
>> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is chandler white i've been a residence of san francisco since 197 of a my part time i felt the heat if the church being burnt there was a garden now looks like a big old tooth cavity i would love and support this completely mr. beginnings berries staff said you can use that is that as a putting green 24 makes the cavity look worse but we need to
10:54 am
bring up the foot traffic the weddings and the other functions we've received and it is just a wonderful location i fwresht our support for this i love this city i had a opportunities to retire if north carolina i wouldn't leave san francisco so i appreciate your consideration thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> commissioners i'm dan the pastor at sfaupz lutheran church sfaupz has been serving san francisco for almost one hundred 60 years 1867 across the street from jefferson park since the
10:55 am
iconic church building burnt in 1995 in some ways the church has been a custodian from jefferson park i'm not sure when jefferson park was establishes or names but st. paul has a corner on the place literally and figuratively we have cards for the park and been part of its activity for those hundred years in which the church building stood unfortunately, the church building burned our congregation moved into the school next door but conditioning concern for and care for the park has continued loss of the building was
10:56 am
extraordinary proposition and ironic that even though it was a devastating loss it was a plus for the park because there was a rather significance shadow also that of eliminated and now we come back to the commission here and requesting that we be allowed in some a ways to return to the spot all be that with the residential unit as well but the cast the shadow to be cast was much less than the other building important issue for me is that this this or that this park across the street continue in its pristine way encouraged and supported and cultivated and st.
10:57 am
paul has delivered for those hundred years and want to make sure that it is cared for in a reasonable fashion thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker and just as a reminders this is item is on the shadow impact is if i can make you are comments towards the shadow impact please >> next speaker. >> good morning. i'm tom i'm the residents manager at 1090 eddy street part times in the northeast corner of jefferson square park i come on here to talk about this is not supportive of a shadow impact it is less than one percent this about safety and from 1090 where we needed to go we gather the 62
10:58 am
signatures over 90 percent of our taunt 90 percent overwhelming that given that petition i'm going to sign it including the mailman we didn't agree on the exact reason it sign it we need you housing sprets others say that will the is horrible cavity but it is a lot to do with safety park your car at night and you'll have a window broken in the morning we need the eyes and ears if or in that corner that shows as your picture all those wonderful windows the offer looking at the park that will absolutely help with the safety in that area it is less than one percent we have signatures but 90 percent of the tenants said they'll sign it on
10:59 am
a few said they don't sign petitions i get it i wanted you guys to have a couple of pictures of that northeast corner there is nobody here as you can see there is a big lot of lands and no eyes and ears especially at night and the sacred heart again, a big l of none there at night and even during the day wear so glad the chinese-american students are moving in during the day having the rich kids will help (laughter) just saying lastly i'd like to show you that chandler said that is a cavity the fire department came to the lot over the last weekend they were not there for a picnic i don't know with why there were there but someone called them
11:00 am
this is a picture of the hole in the fence the church is good at fixing the holes in the fences back to the shadow it is about safety and lastly your own crews have actually said to me that 90 percent the needles the needles the sickens in jefferson park under the page trees diagonal to 1080 please execute them don't have a drug deny. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you very much i'm dustin the music master as st. paul's and since we're focusing on the shadow i'm going to be brief we're excited to get back there
11:01 am
and hopefully resume the outdoor services and begin to be part of that and we're as the gentleman said earlier excited to bring the people back into the neighborhoods and face the foot traffic for the park and beyond that we are thankfully for your port if helping us moving this project forward and hopefully, the shadow what about improved. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> commissioners and ralph i'm the attorney for st. paul's lutheran schuch thinksable will i i'm advocate i think that is important to understand this project is necessary to the continued services and the presence of st. paul's in san francisco in that naeshdz
11:02 am
burning the building 20 years was destate of to the communities and destate of in the congregation and since then st. paul's is moovg if temporary to temporary location during its by itself to continue the service in the communities and continue it's presence in the exultance it is sxrooel important to our ability to go forward with stacey st. paul's at that location we have the connective benefit of partnering with the developer who will provide the housing that means building in an envelope that is at the limitations of what the city of san francisco will permit us which means it's necessary to bump that this bit of shadow and once again in the area and not beyond what was there from the church steeple previously we
11:03 am
need this the fulfill extents and gridlock thank you for your consideration. >> is there anyone else that wants to make public comment. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> seeing no comments we'll entertain a motion. >> >> second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> so moved. >> we're on item 12 general public comment continues from item 4 anyone want to make general public comment that didn't comment under item 4 seeing none, public comment is closed. item 13 is commissioners matters >> this item is designed to allow the commissions to raise issues they believe the commission should address t at future meetings are there any. >> we have a shadows case coming in september and october.
11:04 am
>> yes. >> i believe the one in october is on. >> 363. >> gene i understand other projects in the pipeline if we could have an accumulate active shadows study done prior it that had been helpful to evaluate the shadow cases camtc before us in october. >> anyone else? . seeing none, public comment is closed. arrest 14 new business agenda settings >> commissioners. public comment is closed. >> 15 communications commissioners? public comment? this item is closed >> item 16 adjournment. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> thank you. >> thank
11:05 am
(clapping.) >> good morning celebrate brants on behalf of bearings the director of health for san francisco and dr. ed chow president of the health care i'll delighted to welcome you and celebrate the 50 anniversary
11:06 am
of the grand experiment that touches millions of americans since their launch 50 years medicare and medicaid are a resolution in our nations history few programs have had to many impact of the lives of the people in the city in san francisco there are over hundred and 20 thousand people goibt for medicare that is over 60 percent of the population and over 2 hundred and 6 thousand san franciscans enrolled in medicaid that's one quarter of our citizens population today, we're proud and delighted to host this event here in the city hospital san francisco general and fromme trauma center where over 50 percent of our population is commodity of medicaid and
11:07 am
medicare enroll easy at this time please allow me to welcome partners we have with us today first katherine dodd (clapping) kathy is director of san francisco health san franciscans and form regional director of historic preservation commission we welcome you back home we have dr. sue carlyle our partner san francisco general (clapping.) and we have katherine duke the director of the health care district will you please announces (clapping) and finally we have tracey trustees of alameda health district and alameda.
11:08 am
>> (clapping.) we want to thank you all for joining us at this visionary public policy and celebration now my great pleasure to introduce the mayor of our great city mayor mayor edwin lee (clapping). >> good morning, everybody. good morning. >> i just wanted i to make sure you saw my ignites tie (laughter) thank you for the introduction and for all the good work in our health network great to see so many people here faces have famous everybody in the room here that be celebrating our 50 accounting anniversary of medicare and medicaid i can't think of a better place in the
11:09 am
san francisco general hospital it has been a centerpiece i know that all of you have been associated with our hospital know that is our signature we're excited this year but i'll say i will speak all today along about baseball and other things what we've been able to do in health care is like winner the world series like our community partners our friends here at san francisco general and the whole system has benefited from a really programs but the people that were committed in the programs not only to fulfill the goals we've stated but once those goals are stated to make sure that the mantra that everybody gets assess and that we will figure out eventually; right? i'm a great fan oracle
11:10 am
to figure out a lot more things and interested on the topic that will be presented by dr. is both a challenge but we all know we must do better at the city government has an important goal to play in making the lives of all people better and the first time in a decade yesterday, i got to sign the historic biggest baddest budget in the city of san francisco (clapping.) two year budget no budget cuts people came in and honestly told us what we needed to get done we're fulfilling the promises and making sure we're taking care of the gaps as well it's a balanced budget with increased revenues allows us to do in the past years we've not done it is
11:11 am
smart strategy investments and make sure we are thinking about sustainability and sustain this for the long term those are good economic times for the state but also the greatest opportunity to make sure that the prosperity is shared by more people if not by everyone we need to touch everybody's lives a great advantage we've been able to do with the creation of the handsomelying bird place some of us focused on the behavorial health issues our example that we can do something here we can replicate it in many parts of city to exceed far too many examples of what's his name we were not able to pay attention to this incredibly important issue later this year i'll be excited to join all of you and more in
11:12 am
openly up our new sf general hospital yeah (clapping.) it is a great thing for the city and so many ways again but the ignites are going to be there it's a world-class institution and surviving the institution and the number one trauma center in the entire northern california with the reputation of just being really great responders but emanates the education aspects a level of care the level of intention and the multi cultural approach to serving everyone in the city and i think this is why i know this is why the voters overwhelmingly passed the largest revenue
11:13 am
general obligation bond we honor that by making sure that on time and open and alive and everybody works within this is happy they get the machinery that is needed that's why friends of the sf foundation is so for this is the giants thing pam and others and all the friends that led that effort (clapping.) and be able to say this is also a name of priscilla and mark zuckerberg along with thousand of others donations to make that work that will have the state of the art machinery the things that the bond can't do but accomplishes what we need to get done to fill all the gaps ultimately on that day i'll
11:14 am
praise everybody that works there that's why people go yes, it's the building yes. the machinery about it you don't have the people that number one thing to care for your health and have the attitude that is why request have a world-class center for the confidence for the people for uncontrollable circumstances caused to be going there we want to preventive people from having to go there as many people as possible this is why celebrating that that milestone of 50 years but understanding the world series games we've won since that that time is so important (laughter) that was a world series win when we got the san francisco health plan kraeth katherine and everyone figure out we were not
11:15 am
going to be satisfied we'll get to universal be health care when the government gets there no, we wanted to be the t could be done that president obama didn't have to be alone on this we can be the for or against examples and guess what 54 percent dropped in uninsured persons since health care was incorporated 50 percent drop in san francisco that's incredible part of this history and we couldn't have gotten it down without the obama legislation but gave his the foundation to live the dream and prepare and plan and implement to do all the things with a lot of partners and marries like my predecessor building in it to get it done working with the director of the public health
11:16 am
and barbara working with the health commission yes keeping a good dialog with city government that we're all partners in this we created one of the first medi-cal managed care plans and built sf and none is left out in the partners and help to reform everybody has assess we'll find more ways to make that footage now mayor u make sure that people use it before they come to the emergency care and educate ourselves that's why i have to be a better example of health myself i want to say that you'll have you are here not only to celebrate the milestones but to really re1rib9 what we're trying to do in making sure that access and people take advantage of the
11:17 am
system it doesn't work if people don't take advantage and not thinking how to be healthy in 20 years or my kids more healthy and do all the things whether preventing obesities such things i'm very willing to do spend money on experiment with make some mistakes along the way in an effort to get to the right answer and making sure that we have partners in entire bay area to work with us to make sure they do it right. i want to say to the fellows partners anothers hfa o and others initiatives those partnerships that allows us to be experimenting but
11:18 am
affordable i look forward to working with you on those big challenges with the staff and the entire region to make sure that your tireless efforts don't get wraurtdz unduly and also very much happy to not only listen careful to sandy's word to transforming the health care into making sure we're doing all the right things i'll interested in her leadership, of course, and roshlts leadership to make sure we're doing you'll see right things kathy heinecke republican has us on a right beat to make sure we're doing all the right things in the city to prevent the costs from over comping use it is more than a celebration but a confirmation we're heading in the right direction to invite people to
11:19 am
take care of their health and our systems are assessable and culturally assessable dealing with the issues of the time that allows me to say i'm not just building more housing but service and communities i want to make sure people health and public safety job opportunities and the family investment are all taken care of and i'll say coming back from the invitation of pope france to talk about climatic change to human trafficking around the world we're very, very lucky to be in san francisco where minds of people are saying we can do better we can be a city for everybody and build infrastructure and build confidence in people that want to come here we'll take care of you where it is health or housing or criminal backgrounds
11:20 am
the dedication for again, we had the chance to talk about transforming lives we're in the business cities are in the busy business of transforming lives and this is what we always want to in do in our health care business whether it is preventive or responsive or the aftercare we're going to do all those things we're the greatest city in all the world thank you.
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
>> we all know a major earthquake will eventually hit san francisco are reproerl presented san francisco is making sure we are with the public safety buildings. >> this consists of 4 consultants the police headquarters with the from 850 with a brand new fire station number 4 to serve mission bay swimming pools at office of economic workforce development in the fire station thirty. >> is the the hall of justice on bryant the new home for 2 hundred and 50 uniform and voiven compresses we all it was
11:24 am
opened in 19 so sociothat is a 50-year improvement as far as structure and work environment had that will be a great place to work. >> when construction began in 2011 this was with an clear goal to make sure with the big one heights the resident will will have a function police department those are the highly seismic standards it is up to operate up to 96 hours from the police department perspective that building is self-sufficient for a main made arrest in all disastrous zake ever after we will run our operational from here no matter what happens this building and the people that serve the businesses will continue to function building is designed to meet
11:25 am
lead goal certification and also to art installations on the campus that was designed and constructed to better sense of ability so for example, we're using solar water heaters we're also urging gray water for reuse inform flush water and rainwater for the cooling and irrigation locked on third street and mission rock is it serves the motorbike neighborhood and motorbike i moiks is a growing neighborhood and the intent of the bond to have please and fire serves to serve the community. >> hemming helping to keep the building and the stay safe was the not the only opportunity it creates many jobs with 82 bleb businesses overall san
11:26 am
franciscans contributed one hundred and 87 thousand hours to help to complete the project it shows the city of san francisco the elected officials and police officers and more importantly the voters that paid for the building this is what we can do with when we wrorpt this is a beacon when we need to build new extra we can trust them with the money and the plan they did a good job the san francisco public is a reminder of the importance of being presented and will continue to serve the residents for decades to come >> we're here to raise awareness and money and fork for a good accuse.
11:27 am
we have this incredible gift probably the widest range of restaurant and count ii destines in any district in the city right here in the mission intricate why don't we capture that to support the mission youths going to college that's for the food for thought. we didn't have a signature font for our orientation that's a 40-year-old organization. mission graduates have helped me to develop special as an individual they've helped me figure out and provide the tools for me that i need i feel successful in life >> their core above emission and goal is in line with our
11:28 am
values. the ferraris yes, we made 48 thousand >> they were on top of that it's a no-brainer for us. >> we're in and fifth year and be able to expand out and tonight is your ungrammatical truck food for thought. food truck for thought is an opportunity to eat from a variety of different vendor that are supporting the mission graduates by coming and representing at the parks >> we're giving a prude of our to give people the opportunity to get an education. people come back and can you tell me and enjoy our food.
11:29 am
all the vendor are xooment a portion of their precedes the money is going back in >> what's the best thing to do in terms of moving the needle for the folks we thought higher education is the tool to move young people. >> i'm also a college student i go to berkley and 90 percent of our folks are staying in college that's 40 percent hire than the afternoon. >> i'm politically to clemdz and ucla. >> just knowing we're giving back to the community. >> especially the spanish speaking population it hits home. >> people get hungry why not eat and give
11:30 am
>> thank you, everyone. the meeting is called back to order. thank you to speedy julie christensen for getting back to us quickly. now we'll open up for public comment and thank you very much to monica and carla johnson, director of the mayor's office on disabilities. now we'll open up for public comment and the first speaker is jonathan lions. thank you very much for bringing awareness to this issue. >> thank you, jonathan lions, president of the democratic club for people with disabilities. first of all to be totally clear i am a proud


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