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tv   Environment Commission 72815  SFGTV  August 25, 2015 4:00am-6:06am PDT

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>> today is tuesday, july 28, 2015, time is 508 first item is roll call. >> commissioner arce commissioner stephenson is commissioner wald is excused commissioner wan we have a quorum. >> thank you friday and please everyone please thank friday for kyle volunteering for serving as our secretary thank you (clapping.) okay. >> you called item 2 on the approval of the minutes. >> that's what i'm doing item
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the approval of the minutes of the may 26, 2015 on the environment regular meeting is there an objection? >> so any comments discussion from the commission on the minutes if there is none can we get a motion to approval of the minutes. >> to approval of the minutes commissioner stephenson public comment on the minutes. >> oh, sorry that's not you. >> go. >> okay david pilpal good evening just to note on the header on each page it has the previous march 24th date i don't think i have any substantive
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changes i'll let friday know also the address for the meeting is just listed city hall 413 so one carl so on it on the address is clear on the minutes and the agendas going forward thanks. >> further comment on the minutes seeing none, public comment is closed. so can we perhaps ask commissioner to withdraw the motion to make the amendment that david pilpal so kindly pointed out >> i'll withdraw my motion to the approval of the minutes. >> so can we get a motion to clarify on pages 2, through 10 that the date is may 26, 2015, and not may 12th 2015 and add
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the address carlton place to page one under city hall. >> i'll move to approval of the minutes as amended by the chair. >> second from stephenson all right. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? say no thank you, everyone and thank you, mr. pill pal arrest item 3 thank you to the person for helping with the agenda wherever they may be on vacation item 3 friday. >> item 3. may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. so we have one speaker card so can i please call that emily from y g fund >> good evening, commissioners and members of the public i'm
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emily i work are for the energy fund the leading finance come we have the clean energy but specifically we provide measures and financing for arrange and commercial properties we also over the charging for this as well ear excited and applaud san francisco for the existing success of their program and expansion of including the private firms in april and looking to enter that marketplace i've been working with the department to help explain and answer questions and go over the muni features goal that we see there is a clear demand for pass in the marketplace and it is suited to meet that in collaboration with the green finance sf and again,
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the newer private partners that were brought on particularly with the strength in the multi family we have 50 percent of housing market in family and number one in the country for multi family pass we believe that service can benefit an unmet market another particular strength being able to work with the jurisdictions where we enter particularly here in san francisco we feel like we can work with the sgoer and collaborate on that to maximize results and with the soft story building compliance we'd like to help with and some of the fortune initiatives with the readies policies that are in progress we believe are uniquely suited to scale those results and finally our robust
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contractor network really brings us as a leader to the pace market ore 25 hundred contractors in the u.s. and 8 hundred and 50 in california specifically percentage focuses on the small to midsize customer seethe and the multi family that will be a benefit to the san francisco region we work through entering local contractors a fairly robust but extensive and easy training program for the new contractors and always recruit locally by the think that helps that the workforce and the apprenticeship training use of the property 23 excuse me. we feel there is a lot of existing efforts that makes san francisco a leader in this space we want to compliment and scale the result for pace i hope we
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can come back and thanks for hearing me out this evening any questions let me know. >> thank you, emily he may be we can follow-up. >> furthermore, members of the public wish to comment during public comment seeing none, public comment is closed can we hear item 4. >> item 4 community outreach presentation. >> achieving zero waste through the establishments how sf e helps the foods establishments to maximum their participation in the recycling program placer is - presenter is here and the presentation will be 5 minutes. >> welcome welcome welcome to the community outreach presentation club. >> (laughter). >> hello
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thanks for that welcome good evening, commissioners i'm vernon what the san francisco apartment of the environment with the environment team tonight i'll do a role-play of a typical integration to help them achieve zero waste if you have questions hold them to the end thank you. >> hi, good evening. i'm vernon with the san francisco department of department of the environment i was wondering if under is an owner to speak with this evening hi susan i'm vernon the reason i want to see if you can help your food environment to help what environmental waste i have a package and thank you to all the brief i think so and
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have them signed with some of the stickers we provide we notice what works best to go with customized material i object to help you with those. >> the customized signs gives the customers easy for the sorting for the customers and staff while we while i'm talking about the materials in the packet i've provided a vendor list that list is a list of the vendor for the recycle items the reason why that is important we want to recommend you single all the combustible or recycle items it makes it easier to eliminate
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contamination you'll find cutlery and cups and even bags now we've scared away the front of the house we'll look at your kitchen wow. your kitchen looks at great all 3 binds and color coded in the location next to our dish washer the only recollection o recommendation for the back of the house to use some the signs in the page to give our staff a quick view of what going where in case you have any employees speaking of new employees we offer free staffer training in many lacks languages what would you like to schedule one the trainings before a before we pick a date is there any language spanish and russian i have a spanish and
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russian speaking coworker we can breakdown them into 3 groups or over the course of a couple of days whatever works best for the business i also noticed susan you have a one station for your cooks washing their hands and we have paper tolls paper shouldn't go into the landfill please put a sign there and we have information about the ecology i'd like to bring back one of those now i know we've gone overlook susan i appreciate our time before i leave one items it can't go into binds like paint and light bubbles we'll accept all those items call this number
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and they'll set you up with an appointment thank you for your time i'd like to recap some of the best services we recommend through the establishment to help you achieve your make sure the binds are together and color coded and customized signs and we recommend regular staff training we'll come back out and train for free in any language and in case you need a refresher or new employees we'd like come back and strive for a single stream system like i said the vendor list has items that are custom unbelievable or otherwise feel free to call on the department of the environment for any issues and a quick we
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are about idols go to sf investment back thank you (clapping.) all right. >> good job vernon that was great. >> we also have a packet some of the packet we give but to the businesses this is another outreach campaign we worked on. >> thank you. >> questions from colleagues thanks friday. >> director raphael. >> yeah. >> vernon thank you very much you the a good job i'm susan and i'm very i have one question for you so you told me about the services i know i have my
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monthly recycling bill and trash bill but that hazardous waste stuff do i have to pay extra what's the story. >> actually call the number and it is a free appointment you can take down our materials every other wednesday you have to call ecology member and they'll explain the process they'll tell you which ones will be accepting the materials you can take them down. >> all right. >> commissioner stephenson. >> how many (inaudible) oh, sorry that was great it up how many businesses do we hit given a week or month normally with this presentation. >> i believe we visited one
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thousand businesses that was about and before that we visited a couple hundred businesses to test out our poach. >> do at the go as smoothly has your conversation with susan. >> we the a role plays with an sgaks some goes smooth than others and some don't but we get a positive feedback from the business we're able to make recommends as well as some changes. >> thank you >> all right. thank you very much another a round of applause for mr. hastening thank you, mr. hastening. >> (clapping.) public comment on item 4 our community outreach presentation today seeing none, public comment is closed. can we hear item 5 director's report friday
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>> item 5 director's report updates on department of the environment administrative and pragmatic operations for budget and strategy and clean air and climate and energy and public outreach and education and habitat restoration and green building zero waste and toxic production and urban forest as director raphael. >> thank you, commissioners thank you friday so the first picture i'm going to highlight some of the things that are in the director's report i want to call out more specific to them it is a very busy couple of months there was an image i was hoping to have up
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lowest there we go so the image before you is a pilot we the of a coffee pop up the idea here is we were offering free coffee if you brought your own mug if you didn't you could earner a mug i'll visit you all to earn a mug this is mason jars with things that is a zero wasting hash tag the thing to do to get a mug visit the station and engage in facebook or instagram or twitter you're feeling about the zero waste we had hundreds of of visitors and gave auto 6 hundred mugs we documented the kind of information this was a pilot in herman plaza for 3 days will be doing it 3 more times we'll let
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you know i don't have the dates or location i want to invite you bring your own mug but if you like those engage in social media and have fun that was a great pilot built from boxes that had cups wisp making a statement about bring your own mug thank you friday you've heard from vernon about the environment campaign i want to read you a specifically was accurate they visited this program this participation campaign one thousand hundred 75 businesses with multi level training to 3 thousand plus employees i want to thank everyone who is here and not here and kera for their leadership on the effort as you
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can see the kind of hearts they came with on a very different note the department is engaging in a very difficult conversation right now on the use of a particular herbicide it is an active ingredient in round up throughout the united states the city as decreased it's round up used by 90 percent we use it sparingly, however, a tool in the toolbox a debate about the use of this because the cyber agency on cancer classified it recently as a probably human carrageenan there is a lot of concern yet it has a place in the tool kit in the bio diversity and particular locations to hand pulling or
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we'd whauk is more dangerous than straying it we reduced it to 10 percent of our use and now looking at the last 10 percent and ask the question is if necessary are under safer alternatives we hosted that discussion with agencies from across the bay area who are struggling with the same things 40 people in the department talking about the science and the alternatives chris did a fantastic job on overseeing it and jen jackson stepped in with a wonderful job thank you, chris on the legislative front finally good news the healthy air and clean transportation was adapted by the board of supervisors the amended ordinance from our that, of course, that did two very important things one thing it
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transferred responsibilities in the department over to the zoning administrator that became for the staffing in the last budget year was moved from the will department to the zoning administrator so we didn't have the staffing it moved the responsibility went with that also important instead of being a strict reduction in revoke ordinance it was a reduction in green house ordinance you want cars that don't emit it might be fine to have more electric cars than gas-guzzlers you want to reduce the green house not just the number of vegetables it was stronger because of that we have two ordinances that are we're working on you heard from one of the y green already there's two we're working on you'll hear more about one the electrical vehicle rideness and
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solar those p are ordinances you'll hear more about one of those the other thing that happened in the two months and recently was that i signed finally the agreement with ecology for the landfill you received by e-mail on july 22nd a memo explaining what happened with the contract the contract two significant changes to the contract that i signed one was the term was shortened to 9 years with the potential of a 6 year extension the original contract was not minded only an amount of 5 year funds that would take 15 years shortened to 9 years with an extension of 6 and reduced the amounts per piece 3.4 mill tons
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and 6 for the extension we put lack in the contract that capped the number of trucks that ecology could send to the landfill to insure that the environmental review that was done by planning is not exceeded we're two things that changes to the contract we signed it last week we're not done the next thing that has to happen the final ceqa hearing the planning department approved what we call a negative declaration when they the the analysis that determination was appealed to the planning department the planning department reviewed it and unanimously upheld it the appellants can appeal to the board of supervisors which they will do september 29th as scheduled it is thirty days after the action and the action is signing of the contract september 29th a hearing before the full board to look at the
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environmental review if all goes as planned we'll implement the contract at the end of our expected contract with waste management at the end of this calendar year things are moving well the other thing that happened many of you know, we hosted the 83 conference of marries that was a fantastic opportunity for our department to engage with the mayor's office and engage with the larger mayoral community from across the country we hosted the mayors action dialog and reception many of you came as a wonderful huge success we had more than 18 marries participating from other than the country and white house staff and prosecute the private and public world and participation from the local businesses to all come together and think about zero 51 go
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hundred roots and action at the city level we had fun we culminated our ugliest yard know if there is a photograph but that was a competition that we actually had a self-nomination people could nominate themselves to the ugliest yard 79 people nominated every city was represented and multi thousands of people vote on the ugliest yard we had a win and wilson gets a total yard make over a wonderful community event thank you luke and herman can you raise your hand there you are and peter also for their incredible work pulling that together they were phenomenal on a very moving note the mayor
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last week i'm sure you're aware of spent quite an interesting couple of days in the vatican with the pope he and roger kim were there to talk about 9 zero 51 hundred and also think about the intersection between climatic change and human trafficking for the mayor drawing that parallel and that connection speaks to the environmental and social justice i'm told by roger kim that was a phenomenally moving experience to be in the room with the pope and hearing the pope calling on all cities across the world to embattle the suffering of the planet and humanity it was very, very powerful so finally i want to acknowledge we have a summer it is summer when it is summer we have
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interns we have a wonderful host of sdrirn so first, i want to point a bryan can you stand up bryan is fairly new working with the climate team and he is phenomenally well-rounded human being with many, many talents and one is being getting at the inventories and interesting in working in cambodia with youth if you're interested in learning more about are bryan's talents he'll be available too thank you, brian welcome (clapping.) keith are you keith great so keith is a familiar face yet has a new role so he started with environment and went over to toxics and now has a position with the zero waste program in
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the zero waste team he's been he knows the program and know how to deal with all sorts of audience and comfortable talking to anyone he was compelling and passionate keating we're thrilled you're going to be with us longer (clapping.) i want to point out one more person herman yee i called you out before i want you to stand up herman as a volunteer is extraordinary his dedication with the you go lit yard to getting the permits and overseeing the agencies to actually getting in the big bin and handing outcome probation officer posts no job too small or big thank you very much herman (clapping) >> thank you. >> so with will all the
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interims come up to the mike and say where you are in school or life and tells you what you're working on now hi, i'm becca in the outreach intern for the energy program as with the mayor several months looking at the community-based marketing. >> are you done with school. >> i am done with school for now for new. >> great welcome. >> hi, i'm michael i'm going into any 4 year in santa barbara and i'm working on the renewals thanks. >> hi, i'm joanne i graduated from uc santa barbara i'm joann and graduated fromic santa barbara in environmental studies working on this program.
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>> hello, i'm dean he will with the berkley street light majoring in environmental design and sf environment a sophomore. >> hi, i'm graduating in 2013 working on the do so policy illicit's i'm taking all the calls and calls for visitors so gathering their data thank you. >> thank you. >> hi, i'm herman yee i really enjoyed any sdrirm with the program i'm currently looking at options for the next prong of bio diversity program and interested in the green cleaning so i'm just keeping in touch with that's why i'm here thanks. >> hello, i'm notre dame
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natalie the last year at pomona ma college and work with the production. >> i'm working with the waste team and with the waste management team. >> hi, i'm currently a junior in high school at balboa park high school and work with the sunshine outreach thank you. >> hi, i'm jerry i'm going to uc i and with john. >> hi, i'm a student at colbert university with the environmental geography and internship with the production team and work on the healthy nail salon program healthy school program and flame
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retardant and just wanted to work on the waste. >> hi there i'm danny i remember 3 sdrirpz we see herbicides at herman gulf of mexico and creating a new website with a hundred new policies and also working in toxics reduction and nasalines e a great group of people from levels of education some looking for jobs jobs and looking at school and some not in college yet so thank you very much and let us welcome you all (clapping.) >> and that's my report. >> thank you director raphael it was a great report as usual
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and great new members of the team welcome abroad you'll really enjoy it i want to say before others might have comments is that it was really great in talking about keith going if environment to zero waste it is kind of like for me when i got on the commission three years ago was the dream to be seen a lot more because you you know we know the stories of a lot of folks that come into the environment now and you know have really build this great capacity to build the environment through the jobs and the program staples stops i know that donny is trying to get ways to continue it for another year and try to find places it is the dream it graduates of the environment now, when it gets to that point of the question mark
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it leads into the department knowing that is just great to hear so thank you and it's been great to get to know you keith keep up the good work thank you questions or comments colleagues mr. pill pal. >> nobody left cards. >> david pilpal again so 3 things first on the landfill agreements what the director explicit mention there is already a lawsuit filed last week against what the city anybody under the sun, etc. etc. so it was not against the commission the commission took no action but perhaps in the director is a according keep you update that leads to the second comment when i said at the last
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meeting two months ago is true u true this commission should set contracting limits exceeding a certain dollar amount or length of time should come before you for your approval to so the director is not approving things on her own but most commissions have 9 contract approval authority that department didn't do that of contracting activity but set limits so the next thing that happens you're making the decision good or bad and the third point on the discussion you had i don't know if feels was a public meeting there was? yeah. okay anyway normally there's a public outreach meeting in january an on the reduced pesticides list
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that comes before the commission for approval and innovative i go to those january meetings if something more recent if not there should be and appropriate for chris to come in with another presentation with the city departments that would be helpful to the public not just the summary but everything else everyone has said good things about keith >> any other members of the public one idea kind of linked from the director's report i wonder if there is a possibility within either service center for graduates seeking employment i don't know if this is you know the right policy but if there is
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someway to continue to encourage there's a real technical term ma circulation for the graduates in the full-time position some kind of bonus would be something to explore to continue the success stories and the story i have keith and you know open that up for other graduates if we're allowed to do that commissioner stephenson. >> along those links i'm not sure our doing this in some fashion but i think there is a how long opportunities for networking and so many green businesses in this area if there was an opportunity to have a list or some sort of group an electronic group or meet ups that would be amazing to connect
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businesses with the environment. >> director raphael. >> if the commission would like we can have carr are a come another time and talk about how we move the environment now staff to the next level with the kind of help do that in operations meeting yes. there's a tremendous amount of work that carr are a does helping the staff getting ready for department jobs other than work with at staff it find jobs a great discussion and we would probably get great ideas. >> comments colleagues seeing none, can we see or hear item 6 please friday. >> item 6 presentation on san
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francisco's zero waste textile textile collection highlights. >> colleagues on this item we talked about presenting to the commission the idea of tabling presentation for this month in order to bring it to our september commission meeting and if that's in the line of something that the commission would be in favor can we get a motion to table this until our september meeting so moved by commissioner wan a second? commissioner public comments is required ; right? city attorney yes >> public comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> of tabling. > opposed? say no i's have it thank you, thank you. >> item 7 presentation on the goals and strategies and early
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concepts of the power down program a joint marketing campaign within pg&e and the cities of san francisco and santa fe the sponsor is director debbie reaping and principle program manager at pg&e. >> thank you friday. >> so commissioner i'm sure you're aware of our zero key way to reach a goal in terms of the hundred goals to reduce the loads on the system to reduce our need for energy up front to the world of energy efficient i'm sure you're aware of when you're looking at the empower sufficiency a huge need in the building critically strong codes and stronger code in san francisco with our green building code our lead requirements it is the challenge of those existing buildings how do we get those building
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managers and the tenants to do what they need to do to reduce their load an important partner with us on the challenge is pg&e and you're going to hear today about an exciting program that was announced in the u.s. conference of marries by mayor ed lee and mayor liccardo and pg&e and you'll hear from rubbing benefit sxhuts he's moved to pg&e to run the program and w work with san francisco and santa fe to engage in this project so i'm going to ask rue e rubbing benefit to speak sea luke from our staff to talk about i know he's not on the agenda to give a few minutes of the idea of our partnership looks like thank you take it away. >> i'm really thrilled to be here thank you for inviting us
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commissioners director raphael and director debbie i've given you here in the presentation which i have no idea to switch from here to here a lot more information than the plan on speaking for your reference for later on and questions you might have if i fly to these by design it give you a chance to focus on what you want to see how do i just talk and go. >> step up and power down. >> you want to switch? >> go ahead. >> hello okay. great. thank you. >> step up and power down is about russ energy waste and it is a partnership between the cities of san francisco and santa fe and pg&e
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it is a new way for all of us to work together that's one the exciting things about it for all of us and energy waste can be found in the buildings infrastructure itself and also in the way all of us use and occupy buildings how to make smart decisions we have a two tier goals for enrolling 6 hunters point participated businesses in san francisco additional achieving 20 million hours of savings and the kilowatt hours of savings are the combination of behavior based things we're in the process of figuring out how to mower when somebody explicit turn on a light we're trying as well as the upgrade programs for the energy watch program pg&e offers in order to reduce the waste it is a collaboration i'll
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talk about that in a slide or two races awareness of what is happening in companies that might not think about energy there are a lot and a whole lot more companies that think that it once in a while but we want to help them make smarter decisions with lasting habits not fun for a week or two but stick we want to focus on the upgrades that energy watch is providing and pg&e is providing to make sure that technology and behavior are married and critically we want to recognize the staff it is a community effort one of the reasons we have the two goals you saw in the last slide about the number of businesses and energy is because if you're going for k w h the top companies that would be done and save a lot of energy
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this is about a community effort we want everybody thinking and participating and being recognized and award for what they do here's the collaboration with the department around the design the campaign marketing and particularly the outreach we've seen two examples and i'm sure every two months example of how the department succeeds with the small business community we're relying on those skills for our success we're looking at multi lingual where the city as tremendous resources that benefit the program and political support obviously both marries are on board and we're excited about that that is one of the reasons we're excited to be here today we are targeting originally the yellow areas you see are the
4:47 am
2030 district that's our original focus we wanted to create a community feeling to have a critical mass a buzz people have to matter to each other and proximity in relationship we've expanded that various folks within the city were interested in bring in a more diverse community than the downtown area we're focusing on the areas in black as you can see chinatown and the western edition and the mission and loops around mission bay so this is the area we're focusing on we'll not turn anyone away obviously but that's where we are concentrating our efforts i'm going to skip this because i think the audience all knows why it is important to save energy i'll let you read that at you're less sure i want to talk about
4:48 am
behavior and behavior change how important and in the same breath how easy it is and difficult at the same time think about seat belts and very few of us think about getting in a car and in the instinctly building inspection up i remember this takes a long process of creating a social normal around that there are laws that are important but things that accompany those laws as the department knows the bag ordinances this accomplished ordinances it is thing to do those things happen around smoking and litter not happening overnight but an important start we see we can achieve 6 percent with this kind of an effort. >> the effort obviously
4:49 am
multiples with doing something small like turning off a light - it o is that better i must have grown turning off the computer at night those kinds of things multiple we talk about people on the floor and multiple by the number of floors and look at san francisco the number of building that has floors it can add up initiative is intent to support the city's and departments goals i'm going to go into detail we're trying to lion the 2030 district we view ourselves as the first year and a half step to 2030 and as you might have heard the goals are linked to a prize at the end of the initiative which will go through the ends of 2016 both the 76 santa fe and
4:50 am
san francisco upon meeting those goals san francisco we'll meet those goals will receive one million dollars of pg&e stakeholders money that is not your money but stakeholder money to be used for green house reduction or climate related prongs what that will be used for is not decided not decided who is going to decide but that is the intent both cities meet the goal $500,000 to divide between the cities very quickly a run down of the components of the initiative here we ask people to join by signing a pledge that is based on on behavorial science we ask them to sign a pledge he commit
4:51 am
to doing something to save energy and work with the businesses and various tools to help them do that some of the tools involve measurement and organization and creation of green teams, various trainings that we offer i'll get into each of those a little bit there are a number of quick tips relying on our own experience and this experience of the energy watch team to see what are the quick tips particularly for the small businesses they'll not dive in with the same resources as the larger businesses we want to make sure there quick tips that feel meaningful and recognized for behavior campaigns i'll touch on in a minute rewards and recognition and
4:52 am
obviously getting people to upgrade their facilities we're viewing this as a way to kick start and accelerate turk both charge any projects let's help the city win the prize so i'm going to go with one slides on each of those items just to walk us through the quick tips the different ways to look at the energy assessment from the engineering standpoint and behavorial standpoint the different traibz we offer, the behavorial campaigns the energy saving campaigns the way we track and martin pr an important part is public recognition for people so quickly the wins we're all familiar with this the point they exist and people will be rewarded for this i don't want
4:53 am
to dwell on things that people are familiar with. >> different because of assessing here is important we are offering something we've been calling that a behavorial audit i find that term to be questions term a workshop energy program assessment thank you basically, it is about looking what people do in their work places and when an engineer going in and does a technical audit and quantify what they see we don't do that for how poem occupy a building don't walk around and count the number of converts left on or conference room lights left on not rocket science by needs to be measured
4:54 am
by measuring that it comes back to companies and say look what's happening here guess was it actually is so what are you're next steps that's we're excited as a powerful new tool to get people motivated and we're also urges an energy check software that measures meter uses and people can go in and make a plan there's a certain energy component for those of you familiar with the energy pursuit that can guide people towards the beneficial actions beneficial for anyone that makes a pledge at no cost a way that people that are not teaching the customers tenants in a high-rise building they
4:55 am
don't pay the bill they can take advantage of that two interesting training components part of this one is sustainability circles where a group of 10 companies get together for a training not a fly by night a period of 5 months full day sessions once a month for 5 months and with a sustainability plan we'll offer 5 circles in san francisco and offering an enhanced hardcore jrg training for technical staff those are the behavior campaigns or the engagement campaigns leveraging social science to make it both compelling and fun for people to start getting used to getting the mules memory for
4:56 am
minutes adapt a light lots of light don't belong to anybody for example, they're in a conference room a hallway or hearing room who is going to turn off the lights when we're done hopefully someone adapt a light and is okay. i'll have an adoption certificate and make that my light i'll give it a cute name whatever i want and get a vote if i don't take care of my light there is a little bit of green enter play a treat at the end of the night for turning off a computer so play ball with us a tag is another kind of thing a sort of stick instead of the carrot you left our stuff on at
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the desk people can leave cute maybe not cute depending on our meadow it is attractive thing we'll be - the important thing is that we have them for offices and hotel and restaurants and retail as well we can't suggest all the market retail i've talked about the energy software and the softwares more the manager is a robust tool for managers to track the assessments and discs again, we're focusing heavily on upgrades here one of the ways that any business can participate and step up in power down but doing energy watch projects you are participating in and step up and power down and recognition
4:58 am
this is another area where luke eye are really working in close concert with - because there are a cycle with the recognition we not only want to recognize the businesses that are doing crave things that is great publicity for the next wave of prarntsd to see what's going on here so maybe should participate everyone wants in if the department. >> do you have any. >> do i look like i need some say some of the other consultants hey how about a coffee shop we'll bring our resources together but collectively we recognize businesses hey free coffee for joe's dry cleaner that stepped up and powder do
4:59 am
you think that's how that will work and lots of community-based activities we'll be planning that are both over the entire area of the project and also be specific to certain neighborhoods or business sectors it is something we're looking for the 3-d for various places around the city if we can get the permits in time. >> whoops so i'm almost done, in fact, i am one the things i'll close a lot of this is about a collaborative outreach in marketing approach and so there will be an overall events that will be happening energy watch b will be out there, luke and his team dedicated to step up and power down will be out there, working
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with community merchants associations and chamber of commerce, everybody will be out there spreading the word our intent you'll not see a lot of flas flashy billboards but a lot of voices that are making the same case and a lot of social media as well and a lot of awards and recognition and public thanks things that happen so i'll stop there i will i'll be happy to answer any questions as the agenda allows and flip back if you want thank you for your time. >> thank you (clapping.) >> great program. >> would you like to hear luke quick and ask questions of the two or ask questions now. >> maybe if we could hear from luke about the program
5:01 am
rubin. >> so i'm luke with sf outreach team won the things i wanted to talk about is how sf clean will be engaging what's our role how we'll participate and the voice to the table to echo rubin's comment about the community and community engagement it is something our department is extremely well-versed and phenomenal in engaging our community in san francisco we want to leverage the experience to bring step up power down to the business community that's our role within step up and power down we'll be engaging small sized businesses in collaboration with pg&e to develop a marketing plan for the
5:02 am
middle sized businesses to engaging them on one or more conversations possible our environment now team and also recognizing the businesses that stepped up and powerfully down this initiative has the capacity to be a mouthpieces for for or against relationship with the small business community to build on to other programs and help the by these businesses to understand how they can save energy and money and their actions regardless of small turning out the light switch do you help san francisco take one step closer to our green house reduction goals and, of course, through step up power down we will support the work by
5:03 am
identifying businesses that have energy saving opportunities in the infrastructure beyond the behavorial components and help further out to the energy watch partners i would also like to propose a resolution for your consideration whereas the city and county of san francisco - whereas the city and county of san francisco is proud to partner with the pg&e by prarpts in a step up and power down initiative to help the san francisco businesses and bottom line by making simple changes to everyday acts that reduce the energy waste and
5:04 am
showcase their companies commitment to the environment and whereas the reduction in green house gas emissions support the compliment action of the city and state whereas if san francisco meets the targets of the perplex of the campaign pg&e will attribute one million to the goals and sustainability budgets now therefore, be it resolved that the san francisco commission on the environment on this 2 eight day of july 2015 supports pg&e and the city and county of san francisco partnering on step up and power down to help local businesses save energy. >> thanks luke colleagues before we think about questions or things to discuss i know we've been given a proposed resolution to look at
5:05 am
i'd like to ask deputy city attorney owen to give the members of the public that may not be seeing this the chance to kind of look and think about comments you might want to make during public comment maybe while we deliberate on this item and consider a possible action on this resolution would that be adequate. >> so thoughts on the program please colleagues. >> commissioner. >> it sounds like a very not only interesting program to engage not just businesses but workers take that home so it is a great way to mentally but people go home they still remember all the things i have a question what's the length of the campaign does it have a beginning and ends so we're
5:06 am
seeing a template well, i need to start now and not tomorrow thank you. >> that's a reels good question we want to feel a sense of urgency we launched and conference of marries last month and it will go to the end of 2016 so about a year and a half. >> thank you. >> commissioner stephenson i think this is fantastic and i say this is a lot of personal experience in the ream i work in startup community and a number of companies community and it's the small businesses that feel like they're not big enough to implement some of the practices and do some of those things you don't i can't will you it is mad egging the lights have left on
5:07 am
everywhere in the offices i'm so excited to have all those i'm taking them around to people when i go in the office i'm interested in a couple of things i'm wondering if we can - i love the idea of the recognition the recognition is a really big deal i'm wondering if there is a way to make it more contest i didn't there is a competitive spirit amongst the businesses that are trying to make their businesses grow and i think that if i look at my own life when i get my energy statement the first thing i look at how i measure up towards the houses like mine in the neighborhood if it didn't look as good that's one of the first incentives to look at the loub i wonder if there as
5:08 am
contest piece to put in there and love to hear because i see members of the public that are watching that is there one thing we might not be a part of this and not have small property owner what is the one thing to bring back to others - clearly doing a lot of the retrofits and into the offices is best can we personally do something to do you want the lights power down the computers what's the one thing to take back to our offices. >> two questions the contest part i referenced our monthly bill this is a perfect example of the social how that will motivate people to get sort of
5:09 am
to not so good did you observe here to tolerable we're not framing it as a contest right now but every business that signs up has a chance to side various amounts of the things were described in the slide they will get badges for that we've set threshold for one 2 for column b that kind of thing once you meet the threshold your recognized so it is not like your recognized more than someone else but there's a bar that is to be met great if everybody plays but not like my sons softball team so that's component of it we expect there will be competition and we've heard of the a lot competition part of the trickle back to your
5:10 am
first comment on the small businesses that can't really you know can't expedite on the same playing field with the organizations we could do something going back to kids sports like the legacy league and this league it gets complicated we're trying to make it significant and substantive without that opinions we're not framing it as a competition every time people speak we're going to take san francisco every single time so loosen up and the other piece was about the most impactful thing if you're not using it turn it off that's over and over and over and over twice as many
5:11 am
non-working hours in the week as non-working hours that's number one and simple things to be turned off your computer or monitored or the lights in the conference room, that is also things that stay on 24/7 like water carols and coffee machines things like that those things are put on timers for the overnight hours so those things can help a lot you know the one person it can burn the midnight alisa miller how much oil needs to be burned if you're not using it turn it off. >> thank you commissioner wan. >> thank you for your
5:12 am
presentation i have a two-part question in your presentation you mentioned the cultural competent if i have examples of the strategies that will touch on population that usually we have a hard time reaching out to the population and the second part is a lot of business owners small businesses they're not tech savvy technical assistance for how to check their storage usage or check the competition or be engaged. >> that is frankly one of the areas where we're relying heavily on the department for their expertise and help i'm sure you're aware of pg&e has things translate in hundred and eight hundred 5 languages those are narrow services that are provided emergency services not the nuance kind of thing
5:13 am
we're doing here and an important are we'll welcome you up here if you want to join we're reaching out to local merchant associations and community and we've shared resources with both cities that have allowed them to enhance in house language capacities in santa fe it the vietnamese and spanish and san francisco it is i don't know if the departments is going for cantonese or minor or both but in language all the website material is to the translated yet but will be in those four languages and the co-lateral but the face to face
5:14 am
person to person interaction is key that's where we're really relying because most of that most of those people in that communities are small business community as opposed to the larger companies that's where the department is basically leading the development of the entire small businesses plan for step up and power down pg&e is taking more of an active role if the large overall up brel but the outreach strategy luke is the point person for that. >> is there anything that rubin commented on you want to talk about. >> i want to say word to word transmission didn't help to engage a community but have the community engaged in the hope when we do the outreach to help.
5:15 am
>> absolutely. >> thank you one thing one of the- as those pices pies are translated by the various translation services that are used to doing that we've set a requirement they have to be reviewed by a nature speaker who is familiar with what we're doing not just the genetic translation service and a learning curve from that as well. >> director raphael. >> yeah. i think commissioner wan your point is super well-taken about the importance of the cultural competent in the development and engaging the community in how they want to be worked with this is something we understand and luke and the person who will be hired a work with him is excited to dive both
5:16 am
that because it is a pretty diverse boundary and not a one-size-fits-all clearly my personal hope we put chinatown in that district we have a lot of work going on with the sustainable chinatown how to make those not confusing to the community. >> all right. other comments before we deliberate on the resolution can we open up for public comment anyone wants to comment on the item and the erases before us. >> we can still talk after we hear just to give the public a chance to weigh in maybe as we deliberate mr. pill pal. >> comments for us. >> david pilpal again nice to see rubin welcome back once
5:17 am
again, people don't leave the dpw department i feel gerard in the room the presentation was not in the packet i'm hoping that rubin can upload it and slides that are not good contrast a lot of good information i'm hoping it will see a wider audience i want to clarify that program didn't replace energy watch they both live side by side with integration the short answer is yes energy watch is successful and this is a thing for a period of time but energy watch about continue and hopefully, we'll win the competition aren't we better than santa fe aren't we
5:18 am
better. >> careful it is recorded. >> and is there a legal agreement or document that clarifies the roles of the pg&e and the city in this program has that been drawn up or is this happening ad hoc. >> that's a question i can answer director i don't want to take up your time. >> the last point i have was at the public utilities they their engaged in did the resolution as you're aware of the intersection agreement the city as a difficult relationship with pg&e what's the word of the day partner and agree on things as much as this program to reduce program. >> mr. pill pal any other
5:19 am
members of the public maybe we're able to speak to mr. pill pals question debbie if you know the answer or ask luke. >> we're currently in the process of doing an outline of the responsibility we pitted forward a proposal and have feedback from pg&e but we're ironing that out as we speak. >> thank you luke colleagues thoughts on the resolution i think this is a great resolution the resolution looks at good if we have comments i want to make clear from the deputy city attorney we've gone through the rights openness of discussion and public we could take action if this is the will of the commission tonight; is that right thank you. >> any thoughts? commissioner wan
5:20 am
>> a quick question we want to clarify if we meet our goal we get one million dollars or split that with santa fe. >> you're completely independent san francisco meets the san francisco goals then the city gets the full one million dollars. >> great, thank you. >> orders if there is no other comments on the resolution can we get a motion to approve it? >> i move we approve the resolution as written. >> commissioner wan. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it thanks everyone thank you luke hear item 8 please friday. >> item 8 update on the fiscal year 2015-2016 budget
5:21 am
sponsor is director raphael speaker is joe project manager minutes and administration. >> thank you friday commissioners i'm sure you're aware of you've been hearing about this budget for that a look at tomorrow actually, the mayor will be signing the budget at a ceremony in city hall and joe about give you a high-level summary of what ended up in the budget and talk about the ad backs and have more discussion about that so joe. >> excellent. thank you good evening, commissioners ash your thirds visit now. >> i'm an old pro i'm joe the fiscal administrator manager for the department of the environment so director raphael i'm here to give a brief overview of the board of supervisors budget process and the subsequent reluctance of
5:22 am
that process the first slide shows budget that was presented to the commission and to the board of supervisors this shows our initial proposing proposal to the board as you can see the amount it 17 i'll get my glasses plus which is an 8.2 percent increase over the 2014-2015 fiscal year and just so everybody calls the main increase is due to staff co-pay increases and grants that were approved during the aap process so the process this year was more challenging than in
5:23 am
previous years and in fact, for the first time in over a decade we were forced to disagree with the ford's initial recommendations and go back for a second hearing sorry is this too loud sorry. >> i'm going to purchase the next slide by letting everybody know the initial represents from the boards involved 3 hundred and 34 thousands of direct cuts to the budget this next mislead is where we actually ended up so the administration supplies budget was reduced by $11,075 when is 11 point plus decrease the administrative budget was
5:24 am
reduced by less than 10 percent and the green building impounded was reduced by 50 decrease those are the direct cuts and actually ended up adding up to $23,000 $735 a tremendous decrease from the original direct cuts of $324,000 we got a decrease to the expenditures through an additional to and i transition they put in the second round not part of the first round our total cuts including the direct and attrition is hundred and $32,000 plus the boards recommend that we put the increase of our carbon fund budget on reserve essentially keeping the levels the funding levels the same as
5:25 am
2014-2015 so overall it is an excellent in terms of budget cutting we also director raphael alluded to the we ended up getting 3 add backs to the current fiscal year those add backs are zero waste pilot program that received one hundred thousand dollars the community garden support district then which is $20,000 and the green finance sf outreach of funding of a hundred thousand dollars for the fiscal year so ultimately we actually ended up interesting the budget by $87,000 plus so our total increase for 2015-2016 is 8.7
5:26 am
percent that's actually all i had if you have any questions i object to answer them. >> commissioner stephenson has a question. >> sure. >> i have two i know we talked about the general fund money. >> we made a request in all 4 of the requests were denied okay. >> i have many questions i'll wait and then i know we've talked about the fact the department is hit with unfunded mandate requirement and sort of managed programs that don't have fund did we make any headway on the transitioning part of that were there any left over we're in
5:27 am
charge. >> part of the general fund requests were around the unfunded mandate and the personal labor costs that are to recuperate and now that the request have been rejected i'll planning to do a to engage with kate and the mayor's office in terms of determining an ultimate path for resolving this issue it is a structural issue not going away whether they want to you know have an issue with general fund or not it is still there and somehow we have to fourth a way to deal with that i'll engage with the mayor's office in terms of understanding a path to insure that those are take care of. >> would that be like work orders from other departments what would it look like. >> that's a very good question
5:28 am
i'm sure how it molesters if the last fiscal year it was a work order from services that very well maybe the path to got rid of if there are still resistance to the general fund support i think at this point it is kind of the purpose of flushing out how we can do this we said where the problems are but we don't have a clear answer the pathway to resolving that which one was not successful we're going to try to look at our other options until we find one that does work. >> thank you, joe. >> comments director raphael. >> i have one comment on the table your columns can you explain what those headers are
5:29 am
in the district i assume non-g sf and the significance. >> sure on the ad backs the district is the district that the supervisor that proposed or added those fund back you'll notice district 3 and 10 in the city so district 3 and district 10 objective comes from the city i'm frankly not sure where i don't know if so it a general fund like true general fund not having a significant district to attach itself to the interesting thing about the zero waste pilot it is non-general fund money that general fund isism pound money coming back to us taken from us in the attrition essential they rate the
5:30 am
attrition by $8,000 and reduce our expenditures and increased our budget by a hundred thousands for the civic work. >> and does it mean the community garden and the policy it says g f are those general funds. >> yes in fact, coming from general fund. >> i want to add to joe's presentation what those mean let's start from the become the green finance self-defense that was supervisor farrell i don't know why it says the city some reason basically, that's to support by the work of rich to get you've heard about pace financing and companies that offer those financing mechanisms we need to get people to take them up on it how do we get residents to look at the options
5:31 am
to do either energy retrofits or soft story for earthquake those go under the pace the community garden sport we're trying to fourth what supervisor cowen had in mind we're not sure a small amount we're not insure if that is a pass through or work and the zero waste pilot is something that commissioner wan and the commissioner going know about we're talked about how to engage with the communities in a way to do some of the culturally competent outreach efforts and how to engage the communities to help us do a better job of hermosa beach them do a better job at recycling we'll thought about the community counseling ideas this is a way to pilot and try it out and see what it looks like and strengthens our capacity to do the outreach
5:32 am
we've not finalized the look or feel of that clearly it is a lot smaller amount of money we've hoped for initially in the small toe in the water to see how this looks at going forward. >> thanks director raphael any questions all right. thank you joe and members of the public. mr. pill pal arrest david pilpal on the first slide to joe the program line it is labeled it could be changed to zero waste i suspect it probably is in the controller's office but whatever it takes to fix that it should be calling that what it is on the second slides the carbon fund the reserved the department will have to go back to on the one hand, do get the reserve
5:33 am
funds maybe the next time on the urban fund that could detail with the carbon fund and finally i appreciate the decision on the ad backs i how the thought that zero waste pilot would include the council may or may not an idea to create a counselor and maybe go to more meetings and talk about more zero waste so we'll see how that plays out >> public comment seeing none, public comment is closed i think that i'll be curious to see if commissioner wan might want to know about the next steps on the zero waste pilot the environmental council notation with the pilot around
5:34 am
zero waste in z-3 when we might talk about a public announcement maybe how far away we might be since we've talked about it on this item director raphael. >> yeah. i see that donny stepped out donny is going to be working with the zero waste team to fourth what we can do with the money so hopefully at the next commission meeting to talk about what those steps are and to determine if we want to have an initial discussion but currently with the finance commission which will be with the help of the community. >> yes. we'll discuss later in the agenda one thing that comes to mind if we want to think about a year ahead of time or 9 months ahead of time to get back into general fund again having proof of
5:35 am
concept around the environmental expect and the score waste in district 3 and chinatown exultant is something if we make that part of ask around general fund support demonstrating the success and giving us enough time to make sure wear moving to have a success story is part of the equation. >> commissioner wan. >> to clarify the $100 in district 3. >> my understanding is that the focus would be on district 3 and that because it came from that supervisor that she has a great interest in thinking about how we use her community as a testing her district. >> chinatown and all polk street. >> correct. correct. >> we may decide not to do the
5:36 am
inspire district because the cultural implications of that district are so exists diverse maybe get together offline to discuss. >> we would like to have your wisdom on that commissioner wan and . >> and the rumor is the origin for that idea as it's genisis when two commissioners were having tea in chinatown maybe it is coming full circle. >> all right. so any other discussions? thank you, joe and can we hear item 9 please, friday >> item 9 update on better roof for sf solar requirement sponsor
5:37 am
is commissioner arce and speaker is berry private sector green building. >> director raphael if i can say thanks for being here berry i'm excited it is on the agenda because that was close to two years ago supervisor we were at first community meeting in hunters point this was part of the policy we'll be joining who other cities adjoining the solar on the lead of lancaster and california and appropriate because there was a lot of community capacity to move the solar agenda in hunters point solar is for every one of or tenants and tlrt that solar is
5:38 am
for you, we pass the resolution if if spirit and berry and terry are a and the whole team put together this task force to give light to the policy and change the state code and bring the stakeholders and community and labor and the businesses and department and other departments and i tend to think we'll learner tonight we're getting very close to an actual ordinance and based on all greatest work in the department in bringing together the stakeholders that makes that a success to all the difference city agencies and everyone that has a stack this could rumor has it very well be the strongest ordinances of its kind in the land not to put pressure on you berry he's been working hard everyone please welcome berry
5:39 am
hover to the commission. >> and thank you, commissioners and director raphael so i'm with the green specialist with the department and i'm just here to bring brief remarks yes, we're confirming we're working on an ordinance with the feedback of a variety of stakeholders including the task force that meet last year the pneumonia kinds of input if the rebuttal go task force a lot of work from terry are a weeks ago that is completing two years of service in 2022 and we do have some and we presented to the commission a policy count i committee on june 8th we're continuing we presented taped we have policy idea in development and we do expect to make them available for consideration by
5:40 am
the elected officials when they return from recess in september emphasis of that policy idea is drawn a partly from the feedback from the commission recognizing that the san francisco the need a lead on new energy across the construction a straight opportunity for improvement and also their was a 2013 task force with participation broadly from members of the community as well as sfpuc water enterprise and the planning department that was convenes by spur sew looking at the variety of rooftops so the combination of those ideas lead to recognize their multiple valid reasons to make sure that rooftops get used for the benefit of citizens and the environment so the ideas that
5:41 am
there was suggested a better roofs policy recognizing that space is an underutilized resource can contributed to open space and the rebuttal energy proximate and valuable things for the stakeholders in the community that's what we're collaborating with other agencies is to make sure that their is we're able to contribute toe meeting the green house mitigation but recognizing the buildings are not purely built for their environmental building but for a number of uses and need to support those uses as well we do have a costs effectiveness analysis for green roofs participant by the green roof engineers to compliment the cost effecting analyze it is pro
5:42 am
tem the department completed last year looking at the solar energy those are maturing and policy ideas will be viable for consideration by the board. >> great thank you questions from any have a quick question what yard line 10 or 5 yard line. >> yeah. >> 3 yard line. >> great question we're 60 yard line. >> 60 yard like that what a first down. >> certainly we need to not underestimate some of the challenges we're also are actively working on a lot of the environmental we go from environmental come from density
5:43 am
and the social density as well so the density frequently means height it means a implication for other buildings those are critical we strict a good balance in good options for consideration by the board and commission. >> all right. well sound like we're close all right. any other comments thank you berry let's see if there is anybody from the public wants to weigh in seeing none, public comment is closed thank you, again. and we look forward to getting interest if we can before we go to the next item friday i meant to say what the slides go up and holding slides and friday is working with the good folks at sfgovtv we don't thank enough so thank the good folks other sfgov to get us through the meeting i try
5:44 am
to do it at the top the meeting and don't often thanks to let us know they're helping us get to the meeting director raphael >> i want to reemphasis won the points that ordinance was not done in a vacuum it ultimate will land on the implementation responsibilities of other departments not just ours it is very for those other departments be with us all the way the planning and department of building inspection and vice presidents that have interest the puc with their storm issues and the water conservatism and the fire department because they care deeply what goes on on the roof those are the city interests and the solar and the apartment owners and beaumont i wanted to recognize the work that terry are a has done to
5:45 am
call the parties together those meetings are not always quote their if his thank you meeting people because it is bold and the first in the nation a lot of fears there are concerns some are liability not so much so berry and terry are a and cal needs to weigh through the issues to find solutions when we can so when berry says we can't underestimate the challenges he's right and challenges to get to the goal line i'm confident we'll have a strong ordinance of not every question is answered we'll start the process when the board returns in an exciting and meaningful way. >> thank you director raphael if we can move on to item 10. >> item 10 approval of
5:46 am
corrected guidelines for the use of impound funds accent speaker and sponsor director raphael. >> thank you friday that is something coming back to you i'm going to let geremo rodriguez walk us through. >> for the record commissioners that is brought back for action i mean at you're also commissioner meeting it went back and forth and keep it clarified in that discussion staff recognizes that the memo that was presented to you for action then had mistakes in the memo so we're bringing back to you this version correcting those mistakes and the memo that is before you for action here to make it simply for you i struck out the
5:47 am
language that we're proposing be removed from the memo and double undermine those words that we're including here the item before i is again removes the bio diversity we mentioned that in our public comments to you but it was still in the documents so we removed that as well as the language in each of the program categories that was in conflict that the overview action wear asking you to approve this evening is a corrected version so we can have on file and i'll be happy to answer any questions ultimately the purpose content of the memo that you all debated has not changed that is only correcting the mistakes we indicated were
5:48 am
present when we brought toy a vetted document i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you geremo. >> it's pretty straightforward challenging changes any discussion we'll go right to public comment i know this is something that mr. pill pal has zero interest in. >> zero waste, of course, i do. >> you can make a motion first. >> we can go either way but because there might be a little bit more review thank you though. >> just one minor correction or suggestion in the middle of page 3 at the end of zero waste paragraph i would either i understand that with zero waste period or the x y o a the way the struck out appears - yeah.
5:49 am
>> also on page one the paragraph about the total fiscal year 2014-2015 if you're updating can you insert the correct 2015-2016 allocations for total budget and how much is the impound account and it is just a mechanic inheritance and most interesting on the top of page 3 the maximum percentage i get that it would be helpful if another column that talked about the actual monies 2015-2016 that comes out of the impound account but this would be a sort of a snapshot in time and i think i was lead to building this memo will be updated from from time
5:50 am
to time and this shows the rachel norton so i think the numbers will bear that out as well otherwise i have no objections with our support. >> thank you, mr. pill pal is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak seeing none, public comment is closed thoughts on the ideas of mr. pill pal. >> certainly on page 3 the zero waste again anothers error so, yes, i would suggest it be sentence and it ends with a period. >> we can certainly now we do know what our department budget is reflect on page one i don't have that change but with those two items we can certainly move forward. >> okay thank you geremo arrest deputy city attorney owen would we be okay to entertain a motion and
5:51 am
approve a motion not only to take the first change that seems straightforward but to add place to insert the 2015-2016 values once they're determined when geremo and the team gets them considering we don't have the numbers do we have to be specific to say we know the numbers in the document. >> as long as you can direct the department to use numbers that are fixed at some point in the particular document that would be the department budget you can presume that way. >> those are numbers that are fixed right now just not in front of us okay. maybe colleagues, can we get a motion to approve the guidelines with the change hates been described
5:52 am
on page 3 and the insertion of the 2015-2016 figures as they stand today an page one. >> so moved. >> commissioner makes a motion second >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? no all right. thank you thank you geremo and thanks to the team. >> item 11 operations committee chair's report. >> review the agenda of august 12, 2015, meeting to be held in city hall room 1241 at 12:00 p.m. >> we actually don't have an agenda i'm waiting - i was waiting to see if we have any but we'll have that at the next
5:53 am
meeting. >> okay. thank you comments colleagues members of the public seeing none, public comment is closed. can we hear item 12. >> policy committee report. >> highlights from the june 8, 2015, meeting and the review of the agenda of the august 10, 2015, to be held at city hall in room 421. >> our policy carry chair is not here maybe commissioner from the june 8th meeting. >> again. >> that was a meeting which i apologized for being late i was coming from sacramento so it was a terrible experience but no, i don't of anything to report from that. >> okay. >> and then to staff do we have any ideas on the august 10th
5:54 am
agenda? no i do know that i had tangle talked with the staff and chair about type of update meeting on the mta commuter shuttle policy program we had committee meeting about i don't know if it was a year ago maybe it was sometime ago we look at that pilot proposal that mta was proposing around the regulation of counterpart shuttles we had certain things we had wanted to talk about and see in the program and wished it well on meeting the environmental benefits but wanted to see the regular updates to know what is the impact if everything was projected was actually occurring and now it is closing out as the
5:55 am
pilot we had for those of us sustainability including the sustainability jobs for the men and women on the environmental initiatives wanting to see good wages and benefits and a robust program that supported workers that were going to be driving the shuttles that is a policy codified by supervisor wiener so i requested angle update from mta from the status and the metrics that are coming out on the different fronts and i know that that was indicated that that would be a possibility in october i'd like to do that in september if that is a possibility to talk but with staff personnel availability questions but maybe a month and a half of for anybody that was interested a lively conversation
5:56 am
the last time the policy committee an important one this time too >> all right. public comment on item 12. >> david pilpal i think mta was going to make an interim report to the advisory committee in october or november on the commuter shuttle pilot programs you maid may want to cooperate i think one of the folks went opening statement may we eternity so cooperate to make sure your concerns are heard as theirs are you keep hearing from people in innovating about too big buses moving you know 10 buses, 20 buses an hour ridiculous numbers of large buses not necessarily moving a
5:57 am
lot of people but throunoah val but in any event, i want to conform the policy is intended to meet on august 10th and operations on august 12th thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. pill pal is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak sooind announcements. >> yes. announcements all right. colleagues director raphael announcements director raphael >> yes. i have one announcement that we have launched a video competition a zero 50 hundred short competition the mayor annuity this as the library new teen tech system we met with the directors of the green film festival their pledged to showcase some of the winning
5:58 am
industries so this announcement is to anybody listening to this who has a teen or young person who's interested in making short film we welcome you to think about zero 5051 to be fun and engage our piers caught the department of the environment and shawn is your person so if any of you have colleagues or friends who think might be interested it will be fun. >> thank you director raphael. >> any other announcements commissioners public comment on announcements seeing none, public comment is closed 14 friday. >> president naumentsdz. >> one thing i'll say that the that tomorrow or thursday we had
5:59 am
heard from assembly member david chiu he has an event trading districts with counterpart in southern california in los angeles assembly member gomez similarly to go david chiu their trading 3 days in the middle of that week david chiu is in senator gomez and comboemz is up with us he's doing a tour with the dmv department of the environment and you might want to share. >> actually i'm going to ask geremo he is the one doing the planning it sounds like a lot of fun. >> geremo rodriguez for the record he's - we're providing
6:00 am
him a zero waste tour with the recycle facilities and a great opportunity to showcase san francisco not only talking about the success that we have with the cycle recycling but all the different policies that the department working with the then david chiu now assemblyman david chiu we will with get to the zero waste policy. >> that sounds like great very good. >> all right. so that was it i just- any public comment on item 14 seeing none, public comment is closed number 15 please friday and item 15 new business of future agenda. >> any new business future agenda items colleagues no commissioner stephenson >> i'm always a little bit not
6:01 am
confused but i feel like sometimes we're hampered by the fact that water in san francisco is handled by the puc which is exactly right they're managing our water use if hetch hetchy but el nino is coming i feel like we hope there is all this conversation i feel like we have an opportunity as the department of the environment to talk about the water that is coming both our backyard not coming from hetch hetchy but falling from the sky i know there are programs that are starting helping to incentivize people to put rain barrels out a conversation around san francisco and water as part of the environment that isn't under the pucs jurisdiction i'd like to have the conversation.
6:02 am
>> that might be something that to maybe agendize 10 east at the full commissioner policy committee. >> i think that would be an outstanding opportunity to invite puc to tell us what they're doing and have you engage in a conversation oath gap analysis we see moving forward do we have a in our zero 51 routine an opportunity to add a water goal perhaps puc would like to join us. >> outstanding tuesday night for the full commission. >> all right. public comment on item 15 mr. pill pal. >> the last times tonight excellent idea i would definitely invite paula or other than the urban water shed group from wastewater thaifr they've
6:03 am
worked the issues both incentives the stormwater design and the gray water systems all kinds of thing is really the time for all of that i awe agree and hope whoever replaces monique we'll have a written secretaries report i track the listing of correspondence that you received including like the memo that wasn't here so hopefully, when that happens again we'll capture and finally on the commissioner rosters this needs to be updated the commissioner wan is the vice president that is like joe biden but less of an enrelocate. >> mr. pill pal middle name is details general manager very good any others members of the public seeing none, public comment is closed. can we hear our last item please
6:04 am
friday and again, everyone give friday, a rourpz for making it through. >> we're not dimensional item 16 a members of the public form or forms listed below. if discussion is desired, that item will be removed from the consent agenda any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. before you call the last item thank you sfgov for everything i do for us thank you. >> okay. so item 17 is adjournment. >> okay thank you. >> do i have a say the time and commission adjourned at 712. >> going with apple time 71
6:05 am
test. >> good afternoon, everyone welcome to the tuesday, jul,


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