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tv   Board of Education 82515  SFGTV  August 29, 2015 9:00am-12:11pm PDT

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district for tuesday, august 25, 2015, is now called to order. >> ms. casco madam clerk, please call the roll. >> commissioner fewer matt haney ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase ms. chin and mrs. tan to the. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance.
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>> thank you we're on item a the meeting from friday august 14th may i have it motion and second and so moved and second. >> thank you. any corrections seeing none, ms. casco madam clerk, please call the roll. >> ms. fewer ms. norton mr. walton thank you ms. wynns and dr. murase 5 i's. >> thank you very much as i've announced in past meeting members of the public are remind that if you wish to address the board of education you must complete a speaker card prior to the item being called and presented to executive ms. casco according to board rules and procedures the speaker cards will not be accepted for an item already from the board thank you for your cooperations and
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presentation to the board of education superintendent mr. carranza. >> thank you president muirase and good evening a fee remarks with a special presentation with the permission felt braid this past friday we had an opportunity to celebrate dianne feinstein elementary school i'm thank you, very much of thankfully that president muirase and commissioner wynns and commissioner walton were there to join with myself and the chief suhr to celebrate 10 years of a wonderful elementary school in our community i want to thank the staff at dianne feinstein as well as the community that showed up in so far as not the least dianne feinstein senator feinstein for her namesake school we looked to
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a 10 year celebration for the school to keep on doing the wonderful work in the first 10 years i want to give a sincere thank you once in a while yesterday the honor of the president at presidio middle school for an event to announce the partnership between the unified school district, the mayor and salesforce and mark and benny hoff for their unwavering partnership with the schools mr. benny hoff spoke eloquently why it is important to invest in public schools we appreciate the support of him and mia catalytic in bring to the table individuals that want to get more activity involved with the schools i want to thank all the commissioners that were present yesterday and a special thanks to the mayors the board
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of education linda chapman and all the staff for the incredible work for the magnitude and the partnerships that really are transforming our stem initiative in the district and have impacted the middle grades here in san francisco as i shared with the crowd yesterday when we start the cypress we had an idea to focus on stem where we've come in that short amount of time the schools are filled with the middle schools having wait lists people are more interested in ever in coming to san francisco continentals schools we've opened a stem school in the heart the bayview a beacon four 21st century learning a demonstration of the vision 2025 in action we now have the nation's first
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prek through 12 curriculum in san francisco so we have a number of things you look at our million dollars oath creative space and realtime they're not called cafes but dining halls students are enjoying the good food and the associate in a positive manner so this is mask happening in the middle grades thank you to benny hoff and the mayor but all the partners that have considerable our schools that was an excited day foyer san francisco and the benny hoff the benny hoffs mark and lynn as well as the salesforce are pubically stated they want a 10 year or beyond commitment to san francisco publics which is good news for the students so thank you thank you for the opportunity to congratulate our eric k
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community school last night our deputy superintendant and social combauld attended a farewell summertime for 43 is the and teachers from china now that is a yearly exchange and our students will be visiting them in china later this year but after spending a couple of weeks in east coast and west coast and a list of university those students from china and their adult sponsors spent a few days attending class right here with the sister school and the classmates if you've not been there everyone cooks and everything is really good so thank you to the students that hosted those students if china and part of the exchange our students will be visiting them in china later this semester i'd like to thank you for the
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opportunity for a quick shout outs to congratulate the live and free program at the boys and girls club especially dr. marshall an nation in our community and a wonderful partner to the unified school district and jack we wanted to thank you this is an academic drug free violence free with 15 students it with the purpose to insure that those i don't even know people as the club says alive and free this year they'll celebrate over 2 hundred college graduates 2 hundred that's incredible and a few of the many accomplishes over the 28 years they've been in existence as long as i have been in existence i'm waiting for it to (laughter) ambassador but some of the accomplishment they've trained 4 thousand people in the alive and
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free program prescription and engaged 10 thousand youth that are alive and free and 26 under granulate dresses and 95 calming u calling attendance and trained facility and staff and reduced violence as 17 do you want active schools that has a heartfelt graduations to jack and the staff of the alive and free program on those accomplishment. >> thank you for your continued support in the san francisco bay area we're going to give you a round of applause (clapping.) we're very, very proud there are a critical and very important consultant of our african-american chasht and
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leadership initiative and our heartfelt thank you for blazing the way i want to call on a person that is incredible that is to call on sheryl davis and acknowledge the more mask that is something that happens on the ground i'll not take sheryl's thunder when we talk about reading it is fundamental to the children and is more children that read the better sheryl implemented a program with that, i'd like to introduce the director of more mask sheryl. >> chp. >> first and foremost thank you for the opportunity i'm so grave and a happy to start this pilot working with the school district and the sfusd to develop a
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criminal we're initially wanted to have 25 families had over 60 families sign up and 40 names finished i'll ask some of the families to stand up we'll applaud them for their work (clapping.) those folks look at the support they are the more 25 thousand kids this summer and over 4 hundred hours 2 and a half works they've turned in 5 hundred documents we're talking about and we were to help to celebrate their reading it is a field macy's did a demo for those families they have been committed and one of the things i want to mention we had to a family turned in 48
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reading logs they were busy reading but i want to acknowledge the beacon, debbie from magic zone and all the families they wanted to get engaged at the end of the summer we had thousands of boxes and minutes and so happy we were able to partner with you and how to expand and do more one of the things that was said when the families came in they were talking to each other had you they enjoyed reading we want to have a partnership with the district where families are reading the books we're not talking about learning how to read but reading to learn we have stacks that we can share about reading text messages and food labels and the need for reading not because you have it
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do it in school but of your life i want to thank you for giving them the time to be recognized they made a huge contributions this summer to the children's future (clapping.) >> thank you sheryl and thank you to all the families and students once you open a book that's our passport to the world you can experience it is a lifelong president muirase i understand that dr. joe marshall is here in attendance i'd like to invite him to say a few words (clapping.) what can i say tutor the maximization just a couple of words all began right here in san francisco unified school district beginning with the year i'm not
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going to mention a look at ago but the guy that started is the same year and years of services in the superintendant so dr. tony anderson i want to mention him but the first young people came from the potrero hill middle school and lived in visitacion valley and went on to san francisco state and on to north brown and a number have come to the district with 60 with graduate degrees i want to say i have to give something more back to you, i don't know you're going to like this but thought 2 hundred and 6 shamann walton is one the graultsz
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(clapping.) and is now commissioner shamann walton so you know how if makes we feel i'm glad ear continuing with the work and all the initiatives we continue to work on to let's continue to do what we say be alive and free and thank you for accomodation. >> thank you very much mr. p mr. superintendant the next item on the agenda item c recommendation and resolutions for accommodations none and next student delegate report welcome teresa and miguel the student delegates this year. >> thank you for that pickup truck last night we've conducted our first meeting the first week
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of school many representatives collaborated ideas for the student quality of life for the respected represented schools our reading of the ss c bylaws were looked at by the students and students are more comfortable with each other especially, since we had the retreat this saturday before school begun so the assessment of building our connection with each other and have our cabinet elections that is basically where we have the student like the government within the scc for the officers held on september 14th of this year. >> as for the resolution in support of countering historically with the skulkal
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exploitation last night we've should the opportunity to have a voice regarding this resolution prepared by president muirase without hesitation the scc voted unanimously with this resolution and want to get language for the student leaders for the ambassadors for the school community. >> thank you president muirase for providing our student leaders the opportunity to have our voice as part of this resolution. >> this thank you president muirase we are we were supportive and join you in this we also have our - we have our ask the training on august 15th as i said the saturday before school begin they hosted their retreat for the newcomers and the training for the representatives
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as a whole all the representatives focused on building a strong community for that the the voices for the student population so we all officially got to meet each other and had fun games at golden gate park what a hundred and 8 degrees we got it to sweat together for the team building day. >> yeah. it was a great experience and i still wrap up for the report our next scc meeting on monday, september 14th at 5:00 p.m. and the scc a a public consul anyone is welcome to attend our meeting and dinner know will be proposed for the members and the guests staendz if you want to attend make a presentation or you'd lying a copy of the agenda
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please contract salvador lopez bar thank you. >> dinner will be provided. >> thank you very much i was so impressed with the school council over 40 students upstairs if in the lunchroom they need a bigger spaced to meet it is packed with very, very dedicated students the next is advisory committee this is no comment and on consent items nun signed up for consent items g consent calendar i need a motion and second on this consent calendar. >> so moved. >> any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendant. >> yes. in regards to k resolution 148 k thirty which is on page hundred 45 withdraw from
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the agenda is this is a did you want from august 11th meeting the second one in regards to the k resolution on page 148 under service and program descriptions the dates within the prescription is on following august 26th and ending may i 2016 item number 3 in regards to the k resolution which is located on page 160 under amendments to resolution the following resolution numbers 155 dash k thirty and 1 dash k 35 that's it. >> are are there any items removed for first reading.
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>> seeing none, items severed commissioner norton. >> yeah. i'd like to sever k-11 on page 16 and k 13 on page thirty we can discuss them together. >> investigated the roll call vote commissioner wynns. >> i'd like to sever k-1 on page 24 please thank you. >> thank you roll call vote will be under section o next line item proposals nun and i board proposals nun together we're on j request to speak regarding general matters i have a number of public speaker cards each speaker will be allowed two minutes as i call our name, please approach the podium i have
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(calling names) and then another group of speakers i'll call once we're through with the speakers please 80 come to the podium 2 minutes. >> good evening, everybody my name is gene robertson the president of the united administrators of san francisco i'm here this evening to say happy new year and to let you know we got off to a good start the pranltz and superintendent participated in some significant professional development back in the preservice day we can want to thank you for that some was brutal i told richard we bumper to bumper traffic and got a lot out of it and joseph marshall
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left i participated in a week-long i'm a street soldier it changed my life in how i approach my work i appreciated that you gave him that accomodation it would be why to get him back with the new principals that could use a serious cord for the artist to my take away your friends b will not mediate lead you to danger let's it can that. >> thank you, ms. robertson. >> i'm katie raul the chair the special education i wanted to shout out inform gene robertson i'm only here because she knows how to train the teachers but to train the parents to be leader that's why they're here she
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bleed that into me happy new year for the school year i wanted to extend the invitation to the board to the audience to the listening public four upcoming meeting the cac mergers the fourth thursday this coming thursday what every family with special education students should know no accepted that it is transportation and october literacy, and in addition the i have to thank laura from the san francisco unified school district to remind me to tell you about the family and empowerment venture is october 17th from 9 to 3 on a saturday at willie l. brown middle school to o so this is
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your opportunity as a family not only to get trapped but to see it is co-sponsored by the african-american and leadership institute, the office of family engagement and the spldz ed department and lastly our second exclusive school weeks ago i hope you all can participate in. >> if you could announce the time and location of our siding. >> it is at oh, boy at the support for families which is mission between. >> 1963 mission street we have food there and very much - next month weigh to give a board report with the agenda for all the meetings to give to you at a
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time and i'm sorry what time. >> it starts at 6:30 there is an informal get together at a quarter of 6 apartments talk to the special east side staff and it goes until 8 with informal discussion until 8:30 so it is a really good place for families to who need information maybe have a problem though i'm not sure not that many to talk to with the staff and get one-on-one communication. >> thank you for the special education they meet on the fourth thursday with the staff beginning at 5:44 p.m. from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on 16673 mission street and the 7th floor.
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>> the 7. >> i'm a teacher with the deaf and hard-of-hearing about a year ago we talked the resolution and brought a copy the board has voted on unanimously to help create a deaf and hard of hearing and oral program from preschool to high school we've not done that a lot of the physician 0 information there was a program created this time over does not have a teacher with a substitute attentive at one of the million dollars and the other schools they're being done in unique ways part of the parents we should be having parents quarterly meeting those are not happening to get the california guidelines and best practices in that and i would
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like to ask you to remind you to take into account that one-half had over half our staff quit this past year for the teachers of the deaf we've up to 90 percent we're equipped over the last 4 years and currently, we don't have keys to the bathroom or keys to the office the ability to turn on the lights, assess to the printers when i get there in the morning i can't get into the room when i come back in the evening i can't get into the room i'll appreciate our help you did a wonderful thing in 2006 it is not implemented please implement it i brought you all copies. >> thank you very much i want to refer this issue to the superintendent. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening
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i just wanted to say that i find it disturbing that for a board that to so condominium to description the enacted a law since they've locked ever the japanese the sb 277 law next year about kick 25 thousand children out of consulate if in their missing one of 39 shots for the cdc and your kid is out for life i'm not sure the superintendent carranza has said we need to say that some kids need different things but well someone needs a different apron and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record.
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will you recognize the needs of parents when the past july 29th the florida senator spoke about the cd c that is granted whistle blowers the cd c team omit data throwing away documents in a garbage can a 53 increase in autism for african-american boys that received the mumbles and other shots before 3 years old now it is recommend for all children i'll say that the cd c and agencies of government has been covering up the fact that the shot causes autism particularly african-american children that the little cd c you relied on at health
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officials you made the policy and indeed this fraudulent studies has proven the vaccine so will you continue to - if they want their state unconstitutional protect. >> i'm sorry our time is up. >> if you agree with meencephalus cc is wrong so i have the ballot and not just the politicians. >> sorry. >> i just want to be clear this is a state law we as the board don't have jurisdiction over the state law (calling names). >> i'm grandmother and she's trying to get galileo high school and she today feel apart she has medi-cal to get placed
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in tenth grad she can't take bus she needs a safe kind of safe street to walk to school i'll walk with her i wish that you experience what she went through last year and if any of you can help us to place her in galileo high school in tenth grade please help me she cried and has headache and falling apart she wants to move basically to be able to concentrate in school and not have anxiety she can't take the bus. >> i'd like to refer you to mr. lopez who will connect you with staff or take our information to make sure that staff follows up. >> thank you here's what i have. >> the next set of speakers.
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(calling names) >> two minutes each please. good evening my name is amanda immigration attorney at the central laguna located in the mission we're a community based organization and provide direct services to individuals that are either immigrant or looking for a lower or no cost legal services we actually provide completely free to the residents of san francisco we're speaking today to ask your corporation we're progressing applications for childhood it is a program an
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executive action announced by office of complaints and not a pathway to citizenship ensue helped to get employment and a promise from the government they'll not be deported for two years an expanded programs for parented and lawful permit residence that is currently on hold in a federalist court in the fifth circuit in louisiana bans that lawsuit that was wildly publicized i think our community here in san francisco our immigrant community building that this program is no longer happening so a lot of misinformation that's why we're here tonight to ask the school board members self-we the community-based organizations can have access particularly to
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high school students to make prevention on who is deferred action every year the sophomores are amp into this program when an immigrant student is 15-year-old can apply and as long as they get education here and have a clean background check they maybe eligible so we're asking for access i hope you'll agree i'll leave any business card and hopefully, we'll be in came back to arrange a meeting thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> i'm edwin i'm for a legal assistant i process and work with the san francisco unified school district i was born and raised in la in southern california and to say that san
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francisco has extraordinary resources i'm fortunate to live in san francisco and received my bachelors here that shows me i was born and raised in the united states but have clients that are no different than me who grew up like i did the only issue i have legal status and they don't i don't think that is fair so amanda was saying before was we need we're asking for access to our high schools to make sure that people are informed not only with the presentations but some days your immigrant families people are committing fraud people are saying their lawyers now not submitting sometimes submitting those applications they're in the or more 0 preying this cause disruption in education and
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mental spablt i want to know that people have out there to look after them and protect them make sure they have access to the health services so, please we're asking for your cooperation and work together and make sure that the families know exactly what is out there community based organizations so, please we ask you with all of our hearts thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening superintendent and commissioners my name is dearly listen i'm a high school teach and the admission high school in 2012 that district committed to getting the information to students in regards to the dock a program we're asking this again, you've heard two speakers from the
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assistance and working with community-based organization is virtually so i can get the information to the students the dock a program eave hear more is crucial for so many students are because are their immigration statutes is to have our - as well as our families to know that when they. could school is a safe place not only that when they come to school we're here to help them no matter what services they'll need you don't i can't do it microfilm i teach chemistry i need the support and help from organizations that are willing to work with our students in the high schools
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thank you. >> thank you very much (clapping.) >> good evening my name is anita from chinese affirmative action and thank you for the opportunity to speaker before you today we're here as you may know about docking and studies since 2012 began and enrollment rates are not as great as we hope invading out of 2.1 millions eligible folks only 7 hundred and plus 50 percent are applying here in san francisco we have resources dedicated to the communities and along with other programs about 11 other agencies we provide loss cost or free immigrant
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services on immigration matters and doing community outreaching on docking and providing brochures for all of you and we definitely see the importance of working with the unified school district because of the depth and breathe of reach you all have in reaching the students and parents so the entire families with those r this great information that can change lives our ask is specific we have brochures in chinese and english and tagalog we're hoping that the school district will post the posters in every classroom so every student has access to the information about where to get the direct services so the students can see the information without revealing their status and additional we
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would like to get that information to the teachers i have a fact sheet in english and chinese and spanish and hope to have forms that share those are the students thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please good evening. >> members of the board thank you for the opportunity your allowing us to be here i work with people organizing to the environmental and economic rights but it is a member an organization of what annette was describing the to the education board i'm here to talk about what it medians to be documented to go to this district graduated here from high school and went on to college and now doing a
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master's degree a masters program given i had the opportunity to (clapping.) have a fabulous teachers in my high school i was able to be connected to resources to information that helped me and allowed me to continue on with my education not all schools are as luke not every student has the opportunity to have great teachers that guided me through and people i was able to trust in my sidewalks and asked them where can i get legal hope and undocumented not everyone has that opportunity that's why we're here to ask you to help us help our students so we can pass along that information as well as provide them with safe bases they can come forward and talk about their needs and just this year in march we have a big
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community forum you at chavez hundreds of people came and it was to inform them with the real information there's a lot of misunderstanding in our community we want you so we can serve as a platform so a documented docking a i urge you to help us and work with us i was born and raised in mexico and here standing in front of you because i had people helped me in the process to go to college thank you for your attendance (clapping.) good evening, everyone i'm also a dock a grantee so hi sandy so i'm here first of all, thank
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you for allowing us to come forward and talk about this this is an important subject and you know like the previous speakers mentioned san francisco is luke enough to have alleyway those resources available so i think the importance now is to connect the students with those resources because of dock a i've have an opportunity to work with a nonprofit organization and work directly with potential dock a qualified youth i'm here today to talk about talk about that and we've seen i am not you know we have received high school students who quality for dock a but see there is a large group that may not know about this program may not be informed we want to work with you to get this group to apply it is very
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important and a lot of those students an aging into qualify for dock a one of the most important things for those students you know to transition on to college i think having dock a will be one less stressful thing to worry about their undocumented status it is very important so one thing thank you for allowing us to come forward and discuss this (clapping.) thank you. >> i have cards for two more speakers are they in the audience if not commissioner fewer and ask the superintendant. >> perhaps the superintendent was going to say this i wrote the original resolution in 2012 thank you for coming out today it is time perhaps to get an update on this and just to
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mention he have seen perp students who have applied for dock and been transforming to them not only for the families but the ability to worker here a legally ♪ country and help the families with the income it is our responsibility at a public district i'm wondering the handbooks i think this as misconception it is a lot of them are students that could be eligible for dock from mexico and a lot of api students could qualify and every year usual right every year students are amp in so perhaps and if the board is interested get an update on the resolution is it something we need to canned awe on how effective is it and it is now 2015 i can't imagine we
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amazing passed that resolution so we can respectfully request an update that would be great. thank you very much >> mr. superintendent. >> yes. thank you president muirase thank you, everyone for coming out and speaking on in important first and foremost we're to connect you with the chief of family community support our master chief of family community support kevin truit and his department but proud to say commissioners subsequent to this resolution that was unanimously adopted by the board of education we've continued to support our immigrant students and have staff members who's jobs hundred percent to actually connect with the organizations so we'll absolutely through mr. troouts office to get you flovenlt did stated community and very, very
9:47 am
concerned about the predatory nature so to our families that are out there r.n.'s to this board member i'll say this in to languages this district with a hundred percent committed to the students including the immigrant students and families we're the the information folks that will be honest and information that will help you and your families listen to us as we get that information and to the
9:48 am
organizations. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so we look forward to working closely with you and again reaffirm we're hundred percent a sanctuary district public comment is closed. now the appointments to the siding by board members no reports any appointments i have one to the public education i'd like to appoint esther the librarian at willie l. brown middle school and a enrichment fund if there are no further. >> thank you president muirase if i can ask the staff of committees we appointed to give us an workshop on any open
9:49 am
positions that my thought commissioners have with the summer and families graduating and shifted in the bodies i'm sure if i how you an appointee and other commissioners not putting themselves out there i know you don't know you're either if we could get staff to that duo that. >> i want to suggest the liaison is on leave at the moment but ask mr. lopez to be the point person to which boards appoint members and then if you could send it out to all of us that would be helpful. >> the next item is the l special order of business nun together and item m other educational issues an update on
9:50 am
the safe he i'm going to turn it over to superintendent carranza. >> thank you president muirase for this alleging august this is an important topic and the board as voted unanimously to endorse and implement our safe and supportive school resolution the board and our community quite frankly is very, very happy to know we're taking this very seriously while the data is very positive and in some cases very transparent there is work to be done it's on our radar and part of the yours truly evaluation so this evening we have a power point presentation don't be alarmed by the number of slides they're very, very important slides but not dense slides and master chief truit will take us through those slides in an
9:51 am
efficient manner i'm very, very proud of the district leading the conversation around the safe schools with that, i'm going to turn it over to chief kevin truit and also our executive director in student family support thomas and team so you're on folks.
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>> good evening superintendent
9:54 am
carranza and commissioners to the board of education as the superintendent said i'm kevin truit the chief of the community support a new title i'm getting used to it innocent under those a pretty big crowd behind me we want to thuchs this started at a syrup resolution is all enchiu's and requires participation from virtually everyone in the department it is to have a resolution and important for people to see all the different areas of work that comes together to support the safe and supportive schools i'll joined. >> by my formally executive director school health programs
9:55 am
thomas executive director of people services and others directors for the family engagement and newest mary richard and executive director for the secondary success so we would like to start with the behavior action trillion dreams how do we implement safe and supportive schools coming out of people services perhaps the most and again, we're cit into some the slides to move as quickly as possible as many of you may know last year, we developed the action team the behavior action teams are complied of our cb a i have a script thank you bat teams for the strategy to
9:56 am
have more personalized students and model the staff with different roles and responsibility to share their areas of expertise are expertise to maximize their efforts last year 3 bat teams this year 4 two elementary all to introduce those people i'll put a lot of faces to the names and the bats teams nicole and our newest member is supporting cohorts 1 and 3 all the middle schools and pre k h jenny's fabulous team supported by enrique o'neill and the high schools our high school bill sanderson's team is supported by one person i
9:57 am
borrowed from mission high yeah. the teems as i said they've consisted of many teams what does a bat team the slide the bat team keatings keeps track of that information and they call it the back tractor i don't think of those names thomas don't (laughter) so as you can see last year that what did the bat team provided 6 hundred and 767 outreaches to schools to restore the practices one school 10 different times they went out and the next most counseling conferences a lot of times people come to the people's services? an idea of what a bat team side this attach points with the schools behavior action trillion with
9:58 am
schools i wanted i to see we monitor what is it we actually do with the schools one of the things that happened when we had our bat teams we have behavorial certified analysts we have created a program we grow our own and this year we had supervising board certified also i didn't and lucky is where are they yeah (clapping.) and others are here because kathy and shamming neck >> they've passed the b cb a thanks to lucky and others help we're proud of them and having 3
9:59 am
more that are go going to be studying for the test perhaps one the biggest things you all got our student handbook and in the handbook on page 59 accident behavior matrix i have a have a shout out to enrique package 49 the color code behavior matrix a huge thank you to the monique and others for her tireless efforts for the multiply departments and community parents and many partners in the development felt the first behavior matrix not perfect but as we shared with the principals at the festers development perhaps the greatest use of the matrix to spark conversations at
10:00 am
the ask the communities how we respond to the behavior and what alternatives instead of spending the students and what interventions 2, 3, 4 basing place and speaking of interventions it is important if we're to go to say what you are doing to support the students behavior what you are doing rather than how are you kicking the kid out of learning what are you as the supports for that student doing to requarterage that student in leon so we needed a system that will actually record what interventions you have in the old days in the s ap everyone brings their notes and bring the notes and hopefully, the teachers jotted it down on paper now a system and so with our
10:01 am
counseling online referral form the same company that designed that system for us designed the behavior social and emotional intervention based data system and is jennifer here. >> jennifer designed this program and trained everyone in the city of san francisco several administrative meeting and at the constitute the admin development we had at as far as i am concerned st. mary's and jennifer called on several individuals how they record the interventions seeing this happen at the school that is key that will tell us the intervention are effective and what works to
10:02 am
identify the best practices another important part to connect the interventions does it have an impact on asism and they're not going to stating stay out of school the chronic an sdichl a big thank you for 83 an she child welfare she helped to create that and in basis i wanted to show you one the things you can't see this so it is elementary school k through 8 through the clusters of middle and the last one sunlights high school the important thing if so the interventions at the middle school one thousand 3 hundred and 41 interferences of those 3 hundred and 81 interventions we
10:03 am
are employed for african-american students and 5 hundred and 38 force latinos students we call it african-american and latino students we wanted to see are we intervening with a place for the most classroom referrals and suspensions we see i think the assassinating and latino thirty percent of middle school roughly and we estimated i don't know my numbers in front of me 50 percent of the interventions at the middle school so just to give you an idea how we're monitoring the interventions we have professional development with our partners another area of safe and supportive schools a outreaching to our partners and i do - one of the things we did
10:04 am
relevance at the beginning the august had a collaboration with the united indicators and i'd like to call up u sf vice president syrian solomon to say and others are here from people services that cooperated this training and i know that a s f there were advised on this. >> seeing hi susan go ahead and nicole. >> hello, i know you didn't expect to see me sitting at this table the indian indicators got a grant for 45 r $75,000 for to help with training and the pro
10:05 am
social behavior for the students it took place from august 3rd to 750 members participated one the behalf things and many beautiful things are paraprofessionals and teachers and support staff all trained together and all at the same rate of that is a by way of it was great a lot of these positive feedback on the slide a trainer of trainers policed to the people that have been trained formed teams and they'll spend over the course of the year to train their colleagues and nicole and i are working on the calendar to get it in place each team will do several two hours training several sites around the city especially want to a couple of things one the a f t required
10:06 am
two factors for this grant one we had to have a partnership with the school district and the on that be a trainer of trainer models it was spinal thanks to nicole because she's been wonderful to work with as a partner in this district thank you. >> (clapping). >> i want to say thank you to susan that was a great collaboration and within of the things you pointed out on the training it was pretty much the same curriculum in the district our office rather and you know the district has been training all our professionals it is all connected with the behavior theory we have two places to train the indicators on social and positive behavior support.
10:07 am
>> (clapping.) thank you so - >> that was a photo op eave extend a professional development opportunities to exclude the officers and this is also in support of our sf mou so i'd like to now call corey clark to talk about briefly to say a few words been the restorative training school officers and ben koffman too. >> so folks we have this wonderful opportunity to partner with the resource officers to bring in professional development and what was great about this opportunity we're
10:08 am
meeting at the end of last year, we asked them to identify what training they wanted to receive and the number one piece they identified the number one focus was how to interrupt bullying so in our efforts to support them we've been able to illicit the refresher active practices to interrupt the bullying so i have the great future to work with folks and they've had the opportunity to work for the garden project 0 corey will speak to his experiences when engaging with the high school officers. >> thank you televised for participation was engaging we had a wonderful opportunity to work with the garden project several young people that were employed
10:09 am
through the garden resource officers we met at the san bruno county jail we initially thought we would be training the youth but we at the end up training the resource officers they sat down with the youth and expressed how they engaged with the youth and what they prfkd we did a surmountable discipline window that was the greatest opportunity we saw to allow the people to engage the social discipline window talked about what it felt like when people did things to you and when they didn't do things at all more o most of the young people said they do things against us
10:10 am
police officers saw an opportunity to place their opportunities in front of one another and speak about it was really revealing they both saw the way they. >> each other was in opposition and being in opposition a way to resolve that we helped them to find ways to resolve it to work together more effectively. >> thank you. (clapping.) >> safe and supportive schools doesn't end when the school day ends school a positive engaging environment beyond the school day and here to say about that is community partnerships mr. smith. >> thank you kevin. >> good evening superintendent and commissioners i'm going to be brief so it is
10:11 am
really excited to say just big deal part of the school district as we move towards implementing the safe and supportive school resolution are e i wanted to talk about briefly the frame where we're moved and the after-school programs and adopting many of the simple frameworks about two years we adopted the framework for the after-school programs we've worked towards the intentional work and design looking at the support from schools and as a result i think we've aligned with the district initiative to can i - >> thank you we've taken a look at the theory and created 5 filet mignonal components of our theory of action we with this we have what we call the quality
10:12 am
action plan and kevin says. >> because we give a clap about after school. >> (laughter). >> as you can see we have 5 foundational supports and intentional programs design and the big arrow to the compliment which is critical piece of after-school program and really critical what happens in the school happens in the after-school programs so apart f that is our and we're missing i don't know what happened to the clrpd you thought we have free muni i was there this morning but - i'm not over it. >> (laughter). wishful open so we have our
10:13 am
assistance and instructors the wheels on the bus and the systems and structures designed those with the drivers that drives the engines of the after-school programs and we have our vision windows for safe and supportive and healthy yoint youth and really strong aligns academic supports i'll talk about the green windows what ear down with the safe and supportive climate 2012, 2013 we've implemented that all of after school staff is trained in the programs 101 the following year after we've trained everyone we want the circles as part of the action plan so the community circle and after-school programs last year
10:14 am
collaborating with people services the great trainers many of whom were mentioned this morning >> earlier in this presentation received the initial entertaining after the safe and support schools resolution and the behavorial matrixes and this year we're excited we've actually had to dedicated staff across the street here working together to offer an r a urban identified approach to the restorative practices last year the culture and climate surveys the blue is elementary school and blue is high school and the orange is high school we have high numbers in elementary we've got 90 percent of elementary students saying their participated in the community considerable if they participate almost 80 percent
10:15 am
assessing everyone in the courage is engaging it f in it ♪ high school is a little bit lower we're not sure if the language is rights on the survey i'm sure we call them circles but even at the high school level those students participant in the skblgz o circles everyone is engaging no, i'm sorry this slide a different slide > >> yeah. so i'm going to alleged you safe and supportive schools that was after school we want you to know it extends to all students excluding with the leaning plans recycle 504 prepare process i'd like to to ask kim executive director for
10:16 am
school health programs to say a few words. >> thank you kevin well, you know (clapping.) i have a few folks in the audience i want to recognize other members of the team that are involved in making sure that schools and our students are safe and supported so i'm going to bother them to stand for just a moment we get to be here on the same night so (calling names). >> and corey and mia are two of the newest members of the leadership we're glad to have them. >> (clapping.) a quick reminders of section 5040 the rehabilitation act the civil rights that prohibits discriminations against pobd for
10:17 am
school districts that get federal funding the accommodations specified in the 504 plan are in the general education program so this enables the students with varying disabilities that may substantially limit one or more activities to get services to insure equal access that is the key point as it relates to this resolution sf c s d has championed the process it was working before but very focuses on the physicals health niece and broadened to the warns of a wider array of issues of students if get into the way of their access to education a couple of areas where we've made improvements to increasing
10:18 am
the capacity of staff and leaders that support the students for the professional and development example in this last year, we had a hundred and 10504 corresponded that is typely filled by the nurse and administrators this last october they looked at protocols there's been training for the high school staff for other personnel and a lot of work around informing the new veteran administrators through the a.d. hocks last year and this past august really making the connection of the quality lens and those accommodations to make sure our students have access to the general education program
10:19 am
additional we're looking at training for the paraprofessionals so in addition to the one-on-one training provided through insist terrific booster i was we're looking to train patterns with the deelevation strategies for the training happening in september some other pieces of support so for the 5040 process both the folks in sf this task force is convened monthly to look at reviewing and strengthening protocols for the identification so process is only as good as people that know about it and how to assess it. >> one other piece that's been important before we talk written about the data what supports are
10:20 am
available to the school sites to in addition to the 504 correspondents are correspondents a central team that appraise the supports for consultation a quick snapshot looking at the changes over the last two school years the total number of students with the 504 plan increased 50 percent and 34 percent in 2014-2015 the site might look slightly different than the one in the handout we've seen an 81 percent increase in the african-american students receiving the accumulation and services through section 504 on the final slides we also want to give you a breakdown of the type of or the two major categories of the 504 physical
10:21 am
and mental health and note the 76 percent in the increase of number of the students ref support that is addressing the mental health in the past year i want to mention and acknowledge someone else's who's a member the school health sf and here leadership is constitutional and addition not task force that's kathy i want to take a - >> (clapping.) health had asked me to mention to a couple of schools i want to call out principal and hillcrest and sf community both have bang embraced from process in terms of using a team approach and putting interventions into place
10:22 am
with the members of the staff including the teachers and nurses and partners in the community so again, thank you kathy and thank you task force members. >> and before we go on to some of the other data i want to call out a few people that support how success team i know that last year with the superintendent and the board courageously gave the tlipz to the deferring students the secondary post team lead by our team members thank you to them we've been doing early warning the bridge to success and that's a very, very key intervention we've been using for a while so i do want to thank them
10:23 am
on to some more data we'll jump into last year schools suspensions and thomas. >> so obviously this a tactic that can take a lot more time commissioner the suspensions have fatten drastically now slauj out and increasing we're findings we're helping a lot of the elementary schools that were previously not recording suspensions but helping them to record the data correctly this is part of being rigorous about the suspensions but the good news is the suspensions for the students we were the most concerned the african-american students when he started this work all going down significantly. >> we sdp did a great transition i said to show you all the supports and everything we're doing before we have to
10:24 am
resort for the professional development that is happening before i see some of the more sobering data. >> as you can see the last cause of suspension was the serious physical injury with the yellow error and as you can see in general we're stepping down in the same pattern you can also see some members of the community we've unfortunately have some suspensions actually this the system we sort of will found this out at the end of the year for the folks that are not committed so for those 50 suspensions we've been working individually with the city hall's to make sure those schools have the skills and resources they need to not do that in the future now on to the slide that shows
10:25 am
some of the remarkable process we've seen and as you can see that for african-american students there are a definitely pattern of significant decrease it is still you know we've quota got a ways to go we need to call out the middle schools that show the most significant growth and is that i have up you'll see ♪ the numbers in the intervenes they're going a lot of interventions for the is the those two things appears to be going together >> yeah. middle school and (clapping.) >> also, we said to contagious advantage of this time to give you our in alignment with the
10:26 am
stewardship mou we've present the data as you can see those are the last 5 year trends i did present in january, the fall only semester this is 2014-2015 and as you can see well, a slight decrease but pretty much the same as 2013-2014 our data, data speaks for itself our middle school and high school disproportionate arrests across the school district as you can see the gender defensive for the arrests 69 males and compared to 21 females i do want to mention this slide needs to be corrected because it is wrong someone pointed out to me the information so here are my notes
10:27 am
those are the actual arrests this is overwhelming to get you the correct slide i apologize that this one seems to have some numbers correct and some not correct i have the data leading up to the arrests 0 so on sorry it didn't come out in the fall i didn't add in the rest of the toelsz for the year okay so in closing we want to people to know that what are we doing about that we start with the people and the program what is working behind safe and supportive schools to have an impact to make our positive environment for all learners i'd like to leave you with there is really impressive of work that is the work of people behind media here professional development offered during the summer of 2015 before the start of 2015-2016 school year
10:28 am
5 hundred and 17 teachers and staff attend retiree active practices and this is only this summer this is after school ended this south america 2 hundred and 2 staff and teachers get packs for the good behavioral training and others received training in positive behavorial in intervention strategies and 70 people got training and 95 individuals received training in response to behavioral intervention and 58 individuals got train in pro social behavioral and 40 staff received training in joint tenant in the tier index for one thousand plus teachers were
10:29 am
trained bra the 2015-2016 school year starts so a lot of work this is happening and a lot of people that are taking advantage of the training and i'm very proud to say that this is the department that is working very, very hard as i sit in front of you i couldn't be prouder of the work and make sure they know that i precious appreciate all they do for all of us that concludes my presentation. >> before i invite questions or comments we have two public speakers (calling names) if you'll please come to the
10:30 am
podium two minutes. >> i'm kevin the president for the advocacy for cul-de-sack man and student members have been involved that this resolution he since the beginning we've worked closely with the prelims and roll out we're excited about the process that has been made i think for us the big difference between progress and success i think we're a long way of successive prelims of the entire revises if the areas of concerns we have all around the 3 year implementation plan we feel we have not seen a complete calculated implementation plan that outlines when all the changes will be occurring and the support are in place to execute we are haven't seen conversations about the students parents and teachers about how
10:31 am
this will change attire experiences and give them a change to add their voices and concerned about the african-american students we've seen success in the overall numbers increasing but the african-american will more likely to be arrested or suspend they're a fraction of the entire school district we woe we want to make sure that the community as access to this san francisco police commission 0 so we can be engaged someone that something that was missing what the data in numbers we used a lot of numbers in convincing the board we feel this is important the information is shared so we can document the process and see what it looks like for the students in the classroom only african-american students been suspended you how many white and asian students suspended we need
10:32 am
that and wanted to see the board get actively involved in supporting the execution of this and being our allies and making sure our students are getting a high quality education thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening laura with the public council thank you to all the team he of course, how hard you're working and appreciate the vision and the thought behind that and all the efforts we're very much looking forward to a couple of things i want to echo what kevin said we're concerned about the fact there were over a hundred suspensions for last year for the local defines and hopefully more attention paid to that for brown the end of the school year those suspensions should not be occurring and more than 50 percent went to the african-american and the matrix
10:33 am
there should be a phone call to the lead superintendent before a student is suspended that kind of dialogue really for those school sites are getting the information and the interventions what happen right away so see the kind of declines we're also happy to see the balanced scorecards with the indicators and look forward to seeing robust training for administrators around the matrix how to implement and what resources to put in place to assure all the alternatives with available to all schools when we feinstein see that happen with all the internals that's when we will see a huge shift not only if 9 suspensions but the types of surveys the after-school programs hopefully for staff and all students the climate is
10:34 am
getting better and the students are living safer and so the graduation rates will go up i'm looking forward to seeing a strong year and hoping to provide support to the team. >> thank you very much. >> convicting questions or comments from sideboard. >> commissioner walton and commissioner wynns and commissioner fewer. >> mr. truit thank you and our team for the work i know the roll out has, of course, told a lot about the team i appreciate all the work you've been doing i have a few questions one is in terms of perform development so for teachers in the trainer model do we think the resources was sufficient in not what would that look like to make sure that the training is for o more encompassing for the
10:35 am
teachers are we rolling this out at each of citing site to address the school culture and how does that work and we talk about the after-school program are reproviding professional development for the partners that work at the school everything in terms of out of school and off-street parking a lot of cb those are and what does that look like for their professional development and in terms of practicing resort active practices and in terms of track and referrals definitely want to receive information on that and see when that looks like and we did a great job of providing opportunities for the
10:36 am
professional development over the simmer what are we doing for brand new teachers and giving them the support they need as we continue to do the work under the resolution. >> so i know that was 5 questions but - >> are you willing to side one contaminate. >> thank you commissioner walton. >> when you talked about the trainer model were you referring to the 58 trainers the trainer of trainers. >> i know there was a grants for $75,000 was that sufficient and if not. >> - >> so i do also want you to know that the superintendent contributed $50,000 to that to the extended hours for the
10:37 am
teachers we want to saying see how that 48 is going to be trained i think that is a great first step but it certainly a foot in the door i think that another effective way when the bat team go out to the school we can grow our obituary within the school site some people get the expertise and go back and lead the way if you want a specific area you mentioned like i talked about the restore active practices the schools asked us to do to provide the training on who thought questions about the after school you know, we did a couch years ago trained all the leads agencies in the
10:38 am
restorative practices we're implementing the behavioral and tiers of intervention of support for after school and let's see your other question. >> so this year we collaborated with h.r. two to spend 90 minutes if with the brand new teachers and hooking them 80 up to resources whatever we are and at the sites we're paying attention to the brand new teachers we have increasing the experience set of culture that are getting good at this you asked us about the biggest problem around training is access to the staff it's not you know because of the time is to limited on the school date but it gives us more activities will
10:39 am
will how us more assess to the staff for training were in a couple of weeks doing the substitute teachers thanks to the collaboration with human resources in mrmentd and in terms of classroom referrals we'll get more specifics about what questions we'll get the data for you. >> commissioner wynns and commissioner fewer. >> thank you and thanks to everybody that was really exist i'm glad to hear most of those things one question about the i remember last spring when matt and i did a presentation at sb a and were shocked to see when you
10:40 am
gave us the data i don't remember but anyway, it had the local categories we saw that happened so, of course, we want to know that i'm more concerned this is this is a bookkeeping issue we didn't get it out of the dictated system when we thought we did uniform concerned about the followup with the schools where that data is coming from so follow-up on the data we didly have collected but serious because we were concerned we've always been concerned we can pass all kinds of policies but having the mechanisms to really be able to understand their followed with filled outlet is another question here's an opportunity we should be following up on and not letting
10:41 am
that get away from us. >> it has a little bit to do with the fact we get this data we pull it out specific cause and we see this so we have had to do is pull it regularly so we can get to the schools that are still doing this we'll follow-up with the schools individual as a matter of high urgency to meet with the administration that i understand - >> so i'm mostly concerned about that we pass this the question was what can you do i understand we can do all those things but what are we doing to sfout schools with call is it something else bus we know they were doing it last year and now that they can't call it that
10:42 am
what other things are they calling it i'm wondering what kind of follow-up to the prelims of all the training we're doing to see that the behavior is changing the staff behavior and in particular in that area because you know we're also there's been a lot of very good serious discussion about we need to understand what everyone meant by local defines or you're not linking to me or get out of here or all the things people didn't want to be doing and this is a an power issue about the actual implementation and actually following the policies we've put in place i'm hoping now or particularly we can now we have a lot of baseline data we've done since we passed the
10:43 am
policy and since this implementation and build the systems what do we actually see that is different. >> i want to mention a couple of things one i think the counseling on that forum and the probation intervention that gives us realtime data we can look up a particular school or look up how many out of classrooms referrals or deintelligence are happening we want to mention we last cohort you to the train was with the high schools we've had all the high schools in some in any way, shape, or form but even the schools that are through training they have new staff this is a restart bottom but bum but one of the things if you
10:44 am
look at the behavorial a ti and the components if, if you look at the three years ago compared to now the feedback from the city hall's has been the absolute most critical i know for myself when i provide the welcome thank you for being here and seeing the agenda bans what the schools says this is working this is not working we need more of that it transforms the understanding more presenters so thomas team a listening to that at the same time having discussions that are what the bat team is having corey with the conversation with pablo and bills team to talk about what was happening and bans the day i know there is not onlylys in the data no suspensions or too many
10:45 am
among category they individually do outreach to them and thomas will be there talking about the data and the data is spawning conversation with the professional development which is constantly changing to meet their needs and hopefully that has some impact. >> prospecting has a response. >> i have another. >> just briefly so the excellent work the family student family division is doing is outstanding we're seeking commissioner a itch more coherent approach across the district so while mr. truit and his team are excellent at the capacity and the hostile spots, if you will, he's working closely with the superintendent and our new chief of schools as
10:46 am
those schools are identified as into the weeds additional port that is written into the schools b f c and written into they're site plan we're monitoring for the accountability so even when i walk into the schools i'm pretty sure their b c and looking for certain evidence of practices in school sites so we're - being much more coherent not just the student father and mother support that is really in charge of that an exciting times i think that part of which you're hearing is the capacitate and building and you don't think i don't want to over emphasis the other but the training we're implementing with a degree of
10:47 am
fidelity. >> i'm seeing things differently but only the data is what we want for the data to show what we see and that it is systemic and applicable across the board and working so i think this is as i said sort of baseline data you know and by way of - and yes. i did i want to go to the training you've talked about i want to go to the one the teachers and the practitioners are saying what about this this is what is happening and tests hard and actually, the train i was able to go for for half the day maybe two or three hours that was a two or three day training so i want to go to one of the two hour training so i can not
10:48 am
because - i mean, i could stay there for two days the way that the board members participate is an issue i want to go to the follow-up training not just the length so i can have an opportunity to hear from people that work evidence how this is working this is hard to hear in a presentation like this this is one of my main points one other thing i this you'll be happy if you sent us the list of the hundred trairnz but i want to if you're listening if i can talk with someone put me in touch with someone where it is effective so that's it and the other thing about the climate surveys so those numbers look incredibly
10:49 am
impressive although the actual the dumbers were not experiencing billing all those numbers real when up hear that. >> so one of the things that comes to mind is people who fill this out their self-selective and people that are engaged in the first place but i'd like to really like to - somebody that is analyzing that point me to someone that help methinks what we think we should learn from this not oh, my god look at those high numbers that self-help me. >> interrupting you should bring that up melanie says there's 3 bars we took out the
10:50 am
bullying ones the 90 percent we don't know about that we didn't wanted to take that away and not show you we had the same question we're looking at. >> i feel so much better i got the right question. >> we'll read that bar so we were - that slide changed but we're looking at that we think that is an important thing to look at i want to say with the programs i say that every time i can't say enough about the quality of the leads agencies and the c b o we're very, very fortunate our children are not just childcare and the organizations are professional and looking at quality and i think they and coming to being
10:51 am
the restorative practices they're made tremendous gains it is 90 percent of not building in the after-school programs and if you only ask them is this true in our after-school program rather than true in the school experience that is a different thing pause after-school programs are small now we want to make them a lot bigger we should be concerned florida if there's a huge disconnect between what necessary experience in school it can't be true to all of us i don't know. >> commissioner fewer and student delegates. >> okay. thank you, chief and i appreciate the whole presentation i think that was
10:52 am
informative and i want to delve a little bit deeper you don't have to answer those now but you can follow-up so the packages are not numbered but under total sphinxes i'm wondering do we have any day on the key suspensions how many of them by the same offender that triggers another intervention smi something you've looked and this is- this did the total suspensions k through 12; is that correct and all the schools for the continuation schools thank you very much that data will be interesting and also when you have the basis intervention would we get the percentages by race that tells
10:53 am
us the certain populations how many; right? i think every time we're doing it by race it good considering we're losing some african-american population so i'm trying and go to measure the impacts when we are looking at the impacts the same question i think for african-american interventions for the top 3 violations and we do it by race tell me sort of what percentage of the ethic group has the suspension and then i think another thing i'm looking and thank you very much to mary a friend of mine to explain to me been the 504 i saw the first number was in a panic is that a good thing i asked mary it in a good or bad thing i'm asking that base think that is a difference level of services or type of serves as
10:54 am
often as the board explains to me and thank you the 504 is not something before a district has really eyed the numbers have shown that in fact the only time i heard of that when you use the elevator this is a physical and mental 504 i'm believeing this increased in the 504 is potentially a very good thing that the students so show for academic successes a separated classroom with 3 levels of education and going to a different classroom i think true to our belief in the district that every student is first a
10:55 am
general ed student i want to know the education achievement of the ask the with the 50 had plans now we have this increase our measure for success should be the impacts an individual students and i'll assume under educational academic xhuchlts achievement and if we're not meeting our goals or we're not seeing an increase in the back we need to look at why the only reason i ask there the department on site i'm saying that the spell education not because of cotter indicator but the impacts on history and everyone can agree with our past history i'm looking at the 504
10:56 am
it is a big increase i want to over and see what is if we could have this i mean sort updated data after you've done what are you finding is this more success and they said naigs is this actually getting more academic second and that, of course, is our hope and i wanted to say that when you look at the percentage increases if the 504 from 2014-2015 and i see two charts here what i want to look at african-american students and our latino students which category did they did we find an
10:57 am
increase in when i say there is h ad and mental health and physical math can i give him a breakdown of those students a those categories are we seeing the increases mainly in physical health and for latino students and then yeah. i guess would love updated information when we emigrate did on the referrals all of that really is about out of classroom time the referrals were off the charts i'm hoping with all the interventions and additional entertaining we're seeing a decrease more in the monitoring i know that data is tricky we need data to be honest and data not to be punitive but
10:58 am
data to correct what we are doing what is not right so i think we walk a fine line; right? we want you to report everybody and honestly even though sometimes, it is not good news and the trigger for height i'm sensitive to the fact we're not listing by schools we don't want to punish schools but help schools; right? and in the implementation of the even more restorative process to mriven that kind of data is important i'd like to see that and of the specific supported schools resolution he think that i was really, really interested in were the referrals because it
10:59 am
was so undocumented and it was so broad of a categories what you, be referred to out of classroom when we look at the suspension rate that was decreasing but really the loophole railroad the classroom referrals in those numbers it is almost shocking the amount of time lost so we can have that that would be great and then i want to is my other concern about restorative practices i was one of the authors i want to make sure we are he continuing our commitment so i'll meet with you i think that you restructured a little bit of your team i'd like to discuss about the restoring and maybe look at that budget together but
11:00 am
chief we want to say to our team thank you very much and for the work i do everyday. >> like to invite comments or questions from the student delegates and commissioner norton. >> thank you president muirase. >> thank you, again to the entire team for taking the effort and time to share this resolution and planning for this resolution and what strikes me is the idea of implementing this reentry conference for the students to have a chance to prove to the staff and members their cable of changing their habits i have two questions maybe i didn't catch it but the actual surveys are they taken from the staff members themselves as in staff members that have received
11:01 am
reports or are they from the voices of students? >> what surveys are you referring to. >> just the - >> after-school program ones. >> the after school surveys and we only reports on the surveys that the students answers and the parents and the staff administrators. >> my second question is so i know that this may not be logical or but - let's say for if a student were to let's see do something wrong and then they were allowed to be receive the re-entry conference but that student after a year or a couple of months that student jorge
11:02 am
hearing were to do another wrong action how does that work do you have any data to answer that like as in like any repetitive action from students or just in general. >> so i'll thank you what because your high school i'll bring up our high school expert come here i can you knew that would be so ms. kern trains iuoe all the high school administrators so the example you gave she'll be able to provide you feedback on that okay. >> hi can you tell me our name. >> i'm teresa chang. >> teresa. >> teresa if i said your question you're asking about
11:03 am
repeat offenses to the students offends in the is that you we looking like to think after we make a mistake we get another chance so some people take longer to learn things we always want to be willing to give them the chance to learn again my advice to the teacher and class is that this time this person will learn and i think the best way for the person to learn positive behavior is to accept that person back in and expecting the best behavior and giving them the support they need you think is the best way to make sure it happens. >> thank you. >> thank you, again. and the rest of the staff for all this
11:04 am
beautiful data one thing i want to add has there by mount academic increase in the process as well as the changes in the students altitudes towards their school. >> very good question we're monitoring the cameras needs our good you're good doing great on the boards by way of. >> teresa smiles a lot if she looks like she's not going to smile make here laugh make her laugh that is good day we've been looking at increases in two things monitoring the increases in attendance as attendance goes up as we're politely interventions and also in gpa
11:05 am
because in as the suspensions go down kids are in school more we're seeing more gains in grade point averages and increases in the academic thanksgiving things and the middle schools we've summarize that data for hard numbers for you okay. >> commissioner norton. >> i wanted to note i appreciate commissioner fewer's question about the 504 i've asked the superintendent is this a reaction to decreasing our disproportion african-american students for education it sounds it is a good thing we're serving the students for what they need and not doing academic interventions for what they
11:06 am
don't need we need to see additional information commissioner fewer asked for but the decrease in the totaled number of suspension and the slight uptick and if i understood you correctly you transcribed to uptick to our staff working closely with site staff that the recording of the data did i understand that correctly. >> yes. we've had a little bit of difficulty with some elementary school that do f suspensions. >> but again, we actually think we don't like to see the suspensions we think that a good thing we terrorist the uptick in the data. >> we're able to say you need
11:07 am
to record we need to record a new system so that recording is the same with the online referrals for classmates you'll classrooms more and more schools are adapting that system and thank goodness you'll see an increase in the interventions and support we're getting an amazing respond to that system we're so thrilled that the schools are looking at that robustly arrest so thank you very much for chief master chief for you and your staff. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you. i want to add my thanks this was complex work that you're doing and it takes a lot to address did multi tier
11:08 am
systems as well as the challenges that the students face in our district and i'm really grateful we have the leadership we do in this division and that we've been able to add staff for you and the systems are coming together so they're starting to make sense and the information we have we're sharing amongst yourselves and the staff is consistent and it is coming from you know one place and we're really trying to build partnerships and the shared training to me has been tremendous that enables us to be more consistent in our work across the board so really wanted to thank you for your continued work i know that is hard we certainly want to provide you with the support to provide. >> students and a lot of the
11:09 am
questions asked by the commissioners i'm equally interested in i think this moment to stop and thank you. is critical it is daily work that we feel last week we're trying to solve for and just making sure that the support you guys need are in place feels better for us under the situations we're not knowing that is enough but you do what i do and the results over the years despite the cuss we've had is tremendous so thank you akee up the great work. >> thank you student delegate katie tang for asking the nuts and bolts question is that the individual teachers or principal
11:10 am
how does it get activated. >> commissioner gordon. >> so each is the bat team has assigned cultures to each school has a culture that is so i understand to them that's the first line of support cultures are working with the schools to implement something called the tiered development inventory a monitoring tool we'll ask 10 kids and staff what are the rules are you been taught them and do you know them and reinforced for being on the right path we calculated help the schools to monitor that they
11:11 am
don't need to tall call but we're there we often get calls in emergencies and sometimes, we'll go to kevin that puts us on it sometimes directly to the bats team leaders yeah, we have this - we've our motto is sort of all in agreement we tend to go after the schools when we get a call and try to problem solve we're getting a high-level of availability. >> thank you very much the same question there's been a lot of under the influence on the interventions and responses to behavorial my question what degree to childhood experience and trauma informed care as part of picture. >> it's a huge part of it so
11:12 am
you know actually kim are you going to take this one or kevin a bunch of people we work closely with dpw and also the staff at the health program and is the nurses have been trained by the doctor i think that kim go ahead i'm just talking. >> (laughter). thanks for that question a huge piece of capacity building and the trauma good lens that all of the nurses and social workers and wellness teams have in thinking about the different supports section 504 was mentioned we're increasing that lens so something that initially might have a kid's bound out of class we're looking forward to changing the tiers to
11:13 am
spreading that lens and the expertise to the classroom teachers we have folks that hold expertise but have to translate that so more teachers are the work in progress >> thank you very much. >> my last question from the data request what are we partnering with the city berry billing. >> all right. i'll take that one we partner with the partner they're a great partner we can do more lab ms. hester we do the internet but this year we expand that for your middle schools our middle schools are we actually have a partnership got special
11:14 am
funding i don't know if i can disclosure that but special/14 by a partner each middle schools has a social media person that gets a stipend all the middle students the goal to receive had hours of instruction thankful plotted out the lessons two staff members and myself haven't rolled it out a meeting in the next couple of days a plan to increase sixth focus on the middle schools. >> thank you very much. >> and just finally my data request obtain dressing it is new having all the piece in place i would like to see the correlations between the
11:15 am
students with the dropout rates as well as graduation raised a true at the time of the success of this how many can i see had those interventions are able to graduate and be successful so just in the future would love to see that data point. >> absolutely. >> before the superintendent makes remarks i know the commissioner vice president haney wanted to be here and thank everyone he was a strong force between behind the resolution and if not out of the country he definitely would have been here i want to communicate his thanks to our team. >> mr. superintendent. >> thank you president muirase i'm glad you mentioned commissioner vice president haney he's in all honesty, commissioner gordon's every now and then. >> i want to a thank achieve
11:16 am
truit you can see assembled a wealth of knowing but talent in the district thank you for the work you're doing is the board knows san francisco it would be the 6 district in 70 california it caught a waiver of no child left behind and a more brisbane way and it is 40 percent of our accountability system in the paftsz folks say why pay attention to this this is part of the work we do and you know having been a teacher for a decade i always know if a student it was not safe and secure in the classroom it didn't matter what to my skills were the student wouldn't learn this is a critically important role for the indicators with that, i want to make sure that
11:17 am
an listening not as deeply involved in the work as described because of the questions we're asking and the presentation getting the wrong impression we're looking for data to hold people accountable necessity not true weer saying we absolutely building that everyone in the classroom wants the best for your children every single day but folks need professional development and capacity building to be able to meet the challenging work of educating students in an urban environment that is san francisco we really approaching that work very much from a prospective to build capacity the fact we're partnering with ucsf and a f t around the maturing agreeable types of professional development speaks
11:18 am
to the authenticity so i want to make sure we understand that is where we're going in terms of the coming attractions i want to paint the picture it is important to understand the broader picture beyond the family support division so we absolutely are using data in a much more statistic way than before as we rolled out the student synergy our chief of the structural technology are working across the division to ramp of synergy to have a subpoena try to keep track of the data in the coming months and years we'll see us middle-income family as long as
11:19 am
we have a laptop initiative last year the secondary indicators received a district issued devices this year we're getting our elementary schools teachers with a device that gives the folks the technology to enter the technology it is important if you think back about the work that chief bryant and her team about the earliest years we're identify the early warning indicators that tliflz where we need to intervention at an early age to make sure the students have the support ms. only powerful if you have the data and accurate data to make the interventions as students move up we have indicators at every transition grade and think about the day the city of san francisco the voters of san francisco have voted to
11:20 am
reauthorize our children's fund and our public education enrichment fund part of that infrastructure is our children and families we're working so closely with our city and county partners based on oracles for the district our contribution is very clean and robust day we can identify students that not only are on our list of students we're providing additional information now partner with the eye arrangements with the city participates if in their involved with the city in any way, shape, or form we have a fuller picture of the students and not duplicating or being redundant so this in a long-winded way we're getting better at identifying our student and what the interventions and their research based and their professionally
11:21 am
administered through our questions commissioners around specify kits of data the team is asking we're looking forward to sharing that with the board of education and the communities i'll says that once again it is not booster full it is the reality i squall it like i see that san francisco is leading the country in that kind of approach for the entire child and because of people that are presenting here this evening because of the bold statement and policy position this board of education has taken you've given us the cover to go out and do the capacity but interrupting the pipeline trained that so many other cities are dealing with i want to thank the team and the boards for this important work. >> thank you mrvnt appreciate all our efforts.
11:22 am
>> okay. that concludes item m and new m consent calendar resolution nun and item o votes on the consent calendar it was moved and seconded. >> ms. casco and ms. chin. >> mr. tomato tar. >> commissioner fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell arrest moreno arrest plummeting your minnesota. >> dr. murase. >> you thank you very much we're on consent calendar resolution sound proof for board immediate action 3 items that were sound proof package 16, hundred 20 and h 24. >> so i sound proof k-11 and k 13 on packages hundred 16 and 130. >> i'm just announcing i'm not
11:23 am
going to support those the partner we've chosen to work with i'm not happy with the acts of this partner and the school district as built the exercise to assist our function internally and if we have to go outside there are other partners better suited so i don't intend to support either of those contracts. >> president muirase. >> thank you. i would have sound proof those two if to the sound proof by commissioner norton i've talked about this with the deputy stunt and a year ago we've raised those concerns i appreciate the memo but have concerns all to bring up so the
11:24 am
one is that we so at this time i'd prefer to find a more appropriate vendors maybe the community talk about the our concerns about this vendor particular but i also and particularly interested in that the whole board needs to talk about that at the time political acts we are taken here and objections to that some of us raised those questions there are seems to be a strong coincidence we have the same concerns about the actions taken at the time, however, while i - do not want staff to instruct people in the
11:25 am
district to do something because think or a couple of members raised political concerns i think that my response to the memo that came to us was that at the very least nothing has been said no school understand there is a concern that the government level i think that is not adequate i think that is something that the staff has a responsibility to wring up those concerns further i have to honestly say, i think that the explanation about the k 13 what which is in you read the memo that appears to say a bunch of school principals kind of just simultaneously decided to do this together so in terms of
11:26 am
even though i don't think that was intentional to go against some of the concerns raised by board members this kind of thing a group put together from a number of schools requires the central office facilitation it not only the individual schools but the administration in some form 0 done the line that mass ignored the concerns by the board and so i'm not going to be supporting this and hope you'll do a betters job in the future i'm okay to lose a vote but not okay for the concerns to be not aired and not followed up on as we asked them to be. >> superintendent. >> every year so thank you commissioner wynns i want to make sure we're clear that the boards did not circle address
11:27 am
concerns of a pilot nature non-structural with our principal i take full responsibilities with that said, the particularly vendors ensz in the k resolution has an about vendors we've had a prosperous relationship with well over 7 to 8 years with the central feature in our school improvements grants has helped to develop the capacity and services quite frankly without question very valuable to us i take full responsibility for that with that said, interests a number of capacity building activities that are take place in the middle schools and which middle schools in particular have identified a need to build air leadership teams and the
11:28 am
organized is relying well sued for the development of the leadership team capability to move the structural programs for the schools those are site based decision to the leadership teams are using the principal salesforce grant and using a small open on of that money mines that is more this year and a phasing out of next year i want to make sure with the principals are not involved i take full responsibility to the board i apologize if there was a congregation of a conversation that is not a conversation i was directed to have i want to clarify that for everyone. >> just for one second i do want to say i appreciate that and i do wanted to
11:29 am
respectfully say that this an area i think cross the lines between instruction and governance we basically have a had a long term relationship with an organization that we recommend to use startling and recommended to our schools as a school implements farther and that a member of the organizations thought a way to improve that to prioritize that and that's not purely on structural issue we need to talk about that. >> i have commissioner fewer and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell and commissioner norton. >> thank you president muirase so when i'm landmarking this my questions is this vendor were
11:30 am
they written into this grant we received so is it i mean they're not written into the grant you know so actually this grant comic to any vendors. >> got it. >> so you know i think the commissioners turned out an interesting dialogue and conversation i'm sort of wondering if we don't have our own capacity in house to do this kind of work i feel like we've been working on this type of work and hired some of the best and brightest folks and folks have been doing this type of works in previous positions we've not been doing this for awhile do we have a in house capacity it is better to do it in house there is sustainability
11:31 am
and people with the grant is up you can refer back to or they know the historic context of the school although i'm not going to oppose this but i would really like it to be deputy superintendant to really talk about maybe looking at about developing ore own expertise we done fabulous work i think the restraint says wear leading the nation in much of the work we've been actively working this kind of work in schools and getting good results bayshore around this type of work i'm encouraged us to look at more in house and this type of vendor actively my person opinion this vendor may side very, very good work but needs to understand that also,
11:32 am
if you voice something piloting that is not aligned or offends members of the board we're the ones that sign off on the budgeted i budget we're the ones that do the hire and still in favor in favor of i have no problem with the work but hope we can actually have our own in house folks i think we learn it is sort of building also a capacity in leadership with in our district we can always use and draw from i'll encourage us to do that so thank you. >> superintendent carranza. >> thank you president muirase we're happy with the capacity
11:33 am
we're building across the district i mentioned a release moderately for that reason we're building our capacity, however, i'll be remiss if i didn't mention this particular year we have ambitious plans for the teachers to build capacity we choose to make sure that teachers stayed in classrooms position because of the teacher shortage and our goals of having the classrooms staffed maybe an opportunity we're able to identify some new hires that some people will be able to be released into those positions to support this continued development it definitely on our radar to build the support to our teachers we're absolutely on the same page with you. >> commissioner
11:34 am
mendoza-mcdonnell and . >> i want to respect or my colleagues positions that was not my experience with partners in school innovation i wanted to talk about a capacity of the partners that was the whole idea of bringing up them into our schools i've been you know deeply combaemdz that the middle schools work because of the large grant we've received and principal after principal have really embraced with partners has done in their schools and in some of the most challenging schools through their support they've felt confidence they've seldom gotten the opportunity to make decisions around how to as
11:35 am
a very generous hundred thousand dollars towards what is important for their schools i think the demonstration there are multiple schools that wanted to do the training that t s i provides is important to acknowledge i wanted to caution us on making judgements an organization that have interacted our schools because something was said by a staff member or ed who should comfortable be able to support things we don't necessarily agree or disagree with that's part of our process i think i worry about shutting organizations that can't support
11:36 am
different things that are happening in the district we don't always agree on things happening in the district that sets an odd precedence o precedence because of political reasons because of the work they do for the children in our schools alongside our teachers and so this is a little bit disturbing to me that that is how we're coming at this so i want eventually have their work make in their imprint and saying as the superintendent planted but continue to keep their capacity building in the trust they've betsy carmichael with our schools intact as long as our schools ask for it. >> if this is no further comment i'd like to take the
11:37 am
roll call vote on the two sound proof items. >> ms. chin mr. at that time, other ms. fewer. >> ms. norton. >> no. >> mr. walton. >> ms. wynns. >> no. >> president muirase. >> 5 i's 4 i's excuse me. >> there is other item that was sound proof ms. wynns. >> i didn't see mr. walton's appointment we received an e-mail about this i don't read until you were here but i do want to say this i appreciate the e-mail and the explanation about the reduce amount i wanted to say my concerns about the
11:38 am
total amount of money on translations remain bus i don't i haven't received the kind of data i've asked for about about the specification the cost benefit analysis data, the data within of the not this contract but the last time we voted on one of those we were told that one of the barriers to using our own staff and adequately hiring for the multiply i e p i've asked for data could i see if that is happening in the languages because the numbers we were suggested seem very, very high about the same language going on at the same time and i understand the specific expertise how much do we need
11:39 am
trarptsdz that needs to be done by sitting down and talking to people thank you for staying since our presentation all the information i think so a great deal of work i appreciate is coming through chief truit i think i need the opportunity to explore this beyond it and have concerns just a lot of money thank you. >> commissioner fewer with the increase in the 504s does it require a translation thing on the form is there an increase in cost that that.
11:40 am
>> if parents of a child with a 504 plan requested translation absolutely that requires transcriptions as angie p requires translation and commissioner i'll look at the data that we've sent you before and i know that was kind of unfinished we started data analysis and went into the fiscal year analysis we came up with that reduction it is our best estimate but you and i can look at the numbers with melanie and lae man he's been crutching numbers constantly that's how we arrived i apologize that e-mail went to you so late melody remind me, you sent the translation message i said no
11:41 am
so i apologize for that not coming to - >> understand how much work you were doing i'm going to vote for this i think we need to explore that further and more kind of grand last year issues not only the number but what is happening in the meetings or the requirements we had the issue about certain things were translated and needs to be translated over and over again. >> we're still having this conversation with legal. >> thank you. >> ms. casco roll call vote on the separate arre last year ms. chin. >> commissioner fewer matt haney berkley and mr. walton and dr.
11:42 am
murase. >> 6. >> thank you we're now on item q superintendents proposals first reading one 58 revision to the boards policy forming board policy addressing students and harassment secondly, revision to the board policy formally on students and sexual harassment and community uniform complainant procedures may have a first and second. >> so moved. >> they'll be referred to the rules committee for review
11:43 am
item r is board members proposal for the first reading in support of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children i've offered i need a motion and second. >> i'll move. >> thank you very much in the referred to the curriculum and program committee we're moving to s board members reports standing committees we need a report from the augmented rules policy and legislation community commissioner wynns. >> thank you. we see here on our agenda the legislative overview we're in the fall session that is 4 weeks we have only two issues is the issue of this session now what now is sb 799 the reserve cap modifications
11:44 am
ss b.a. written bill that is different from the previous bill we had a repeat the security are interested if; however, the way that politics happen this is a bill we've earned up which we thought was more possible and seemed to be and did go introduce committee and -- excuse-me. was pass by the senate but by the full senate it changed the reserve cap to which we've obtained to 17 percent hard cap is okay for us and also redefined or more clearly defined what is funds could be in that reserve to take away some of the confusion about funds we have allocated for other purposes like facilities
11:45 am
funding etc. so also exempts and small districts is basically the gay district so we are now i have to report what the committee this when they meet the bill was not in written form it actually was written or caught the next day so what the committee and if you recall the district as on record of being some for the that was the repeal the committee said they wanted the staff to analyze the language and if synagogue if that to which the staff felt was a problem and met the principles we'll take the supports position i spoke to mr. davis one-half put that supports here's the problem while in the passed out
11:46 am
of the senate and went to the assembly where assemblyman congressmen part of bio authors it is referred to the rules committee a potential just for this advocacy is needed a good janitorial in the chronicle we're glad we had a press conference about a month ago i was there and board members if former president of the board in berkley and a number of delegates therefore this pun suicidal article came from suicidal article came from them and contra-costa alameda times
11:47 am
and the fairy has gotten out into the editorial woorl we're continuing to speak to assemblyman chiu if i want to sign on to the bill we need assembly members to be in support and support to get to out of the rules committee that's it the second they know that took over and was raced the bill that passed out with only one dissenting vote in either house to take away the problem we've tried to solve for our students by modifying our graduation retirements so students did not have to get a diploma or addresses the posts secondary lives because they didn't get a diploma because doesn't pass the cahsee that is
11:48 am
all for the good that is the legislative report i want to say the bylaws revisions we produced and the last meeting that include the protocol for the boards members being introduced going through 0 the process and changes in the boards meeting we want to tell you we've kept them in committee and not ready for them to come back with the policies we've referred to the committee but that sort of we want your input i'll tells the looking at it and we've agreed to a version because the protocol to the rules committee will come to the full board before the next rules committee we want you to respond and tells
11:49 am
you what you think that that and we'll bring those are back after for the next rules committee meeting does that cover it >> i want to excuse the is it so r student delegates so ms. wynns any announcements of upcoming community meetings or others we'll go down the right now at next rules committee is cement 16 wednesday the meeting will be argued particularly if i want to talk about the balling changes or the policies you've heard that were introduced tonight >> i'll be out of town but i'm - i would last week to share the discussion i guess i could get
11:50 am
on a cassette. >> we're digital believe it or not. >> that's correct but it is making us do the case even though and the digits al. >> i might have one commissioners. >> that would be great because yeah. i think that potential every board members should weigh in on that it concurs to every board members. >> you're talking about the one you saw the last time and came back. >> yeah. >> we've changed and, yes more important to listen to it you'll get a copy of the proposed changes that are different and give input from the board meeting and so to be heard. >> excuse me. before the committee meeting. >> okay. but this is to be
11:51 am
brought before the board africaless september 8th meeting; is that correct so for the final vote. >> on the september - >> 29. >> we won't meet until the 16. >> the committee meeting oh, the committee meeting open is 16 i'm sorry my schedule got to mixed up the committee meeting on the 167 but before the boards we're meeting on september 15th so it goes into before the board bra the committee meeting you thought you said. >> no, i said we'll give you a revised proposal so you can read the revised proposal and give input as well. >> i'm here on the 16 but i guess i have confirmation about
11:52 am
the screening of what it comes before us for a vote is it on the 29 are the 15. >> the 16. >> thank you very much i'd like to to go down the line commissioner walton any announcements so for curriculum and program i realized the regular schedule meanwhile meeting is on labor day so i want to find a date not going to work on a mondays for that most you'll i but i'll sending out the e-mail now. >> we could meet on lazarus. >> so the budget committee moose on the ferries wednesday of the month as 6:00 p.m. our
11:53 am
next it september 2nd at 6:00 p.m. arrest president muirase did you want to make a announcement the regular meeting is different in september and yes die to the jewish holidays we've been moving our full board meeting from originally schedule date of september 22nd one week september 29th. >> any announcements commissioner norton. >> no. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you so building and grounds negligence meeting a september 21st monday we skipped this month because of the opening of school and david golden is helping us on the schools so we will meets on the following monday, i have a quick
11:54 am
announcements recommended to the legislation that passed and wait for the governor to sign is 725 i want to first of all, thank my clarifications was out that town and proud to be part of the board to put ourselves out there in the name of our children thank you for that and i don't know if we saw this but publicly thank both the mayor and for the superintendent who puts together the letter of support that went to the honorable lonnie hancock we without hesitation from the leaders were able to have president woong from san francisco state university and fittings grerld from the university of self-control and the chancellor is the new
11:55 am
chancellor at city college and chancellor if the university the california san francisco and the chancellor and dean of the california hastening college of law signed a letter of support encouraged this and looking forward to having the governor sign it and thank you to the coincidental in supporting the unified school district and the superintendent is part of the council and done many things for the educational community and thank, them pubically. >> commissioner fewer. >> so i want to thank once again nicholas who donated 2 hundred and 5 regimes of paper to the cob elementary schools his mothers and i loaded in the cars and delivered it thank you
11:56 am
to you for that generous donation he's donated about a ton and a half of paper to our schools thank you. >> i have a couple of announcements i want to congratulate the willie l. brown middle school community for a successful ooepg of a bruce schools and colleagues that were there to help open that school i want to acknowledge the tremendous guest that was made but also want to highlight with an of the consent items a million dollars for what do you mean halfway junior fund it part of the avenue $2 million grants over two years in support of sdrths proprietors and the like the salesforce grants it looks to us for what those dollars
11:57 am
should be spent for rather than trying to fit in priorities into what they want to funds they're working closely with the district so i wanted to thank silva and vice president of programs our program director in particular for the tremendous support they've extended to this school district i wanted to let commissioner esther give a brief overview of the technology improvements that we can expect do so and close with announcements from the superintendent. >> just the digital rortsdz that is we've been working on this in the summer a time clock the first of many times clocks i guess what you do about the sound like system. >> yeah. i have a remote i have
11:58 am
to learn how to work it there's a new microwave in the kitchen and to you to david golden generosity we have an ice machine that's it for new. >> thank you very much ms. casco. >> and superintendmt carranza. >> thank you president muirase so i appreciate you letting me make this announcement several commissioners made mention in their. >> announcements about the encourages stance the board of education supporting the students with the diplomas and join any voice in commending the legislation it is your and good afternoon for seeing none, the bill it is an equality for our students, however, there's been on sloth of questions come about me, too
11:59 am
boards action last friday was very clear that was for the class of 2015 so while there are many students that we understand have been effected in previous classes this only pertains to the class of 2015 the additional question everything there are a number of students when the board act on the friday evening hundred and 7 students completed all their requirements minus one or more sections the cahsee the data shows a number of students finished in december of 2013-2014 finished in december and not enrolled because they were finished only waiting to take the cahsee we've identified those students approximately thirty to 40 more students we're up to a grand total off hundred and 50 students that will get
12:00 pm
their diploma the high schools have the list of the students that have been certified and implemented minus the cahsee i want to give a shout out to the counsels and administrators they're contacting the students from their schools and contacting them and letting them know congratulations you've graduated and come and get our diploma for everyone that is calling us am i part of that group rests assured we'd like to contact you or contact the school you last attended but we'll contact those students and thank you to bill sanderson we're decision with the com rate ceremony and being sure that the
12:01 pm
public is aware again another reason we should be so proud of the work in san francisco i was jokingly when the governor was going to do sign this legislation i know somebody has to go first, as we said san francisco often goes first when it comes to lgbtq students and same-sex marriages and equality in your math education and many issues san francisco goes first and here's another one of the firs we should be very, very proud of and to all the graduates graduations commissioner wynns i'm in the me three i've gotten notes from school board members can you send up e us what you did from oakland from a board members that asked whether this we knew
12:02 pm
how this might effect students in the military and other things and so i'm interested i epic we've railway had students from middle school to hopefully i don't encourage that i understood that the united states militaries had actually mentioned high school in their requirements not just the diplomas i don't know that is true and we've decided private universities and we believe that private universities don't care but if anyone has information about the research since we get inquires about others post secondary tints besides the public of the united states in california i'd like to have that when 33 people ask me. >> commissioner fewer.
12:03 pm
>> yes. so while he congratulate the board and superintendents and our graduates i can't help but think this is a shame that we cannot three or four years and give them all diplomas i don't believe that is the task that you should get a high school diploma the parts this summer is a legal basis for us to do what we did on a moral and ethical basis we meet august as a boards the high school did not - it is not an indicator of whether or not a student should get a diploma when and a half finished all the course work they can't say pass one part of the test so
12:04 pm
if we're going to be the ferries on many things i don't know how to be the first in this but - if you are a board wanting i know your name is on the certifies of diplomas tests a hearts breaker a big stack of those students that please let us all requirements with passing graze they couldn't pass one portion of that exam so i don't know if so this the next step for this brought but if we could dos do something i whole harvard ports that it is wrong that all the hundred and hundred and hundreds of students not able to get a diploma even though they've gotten all the course work done.
12:05 pm
>> commissioner walton. >> ditto. >> i have another question i'll be interested to know about that, too but further action by the but i appreciate you said about the students that completed everything else he asked the question whether we're going to look at the students that left school because they didn't think they were going to make it because of not pca the cahsee especially, if they left school last year, i decided this and, in fact, the principal i appreciate the principals and assistant principals say really you did that how do we know who they are are and in case they
12:06 pm
read the paper but most of them don't live here; right? >> but i have we done anything about the students in that category. >> thank you commissioner wynns our staff continues to scrub the listed those are sometime of the more difficult cases because again, it depends upon looking at who was enrolled and not enrolled and do a analysis of the transcripts i suspect that anyone that falls within the class of 2013-2014 within that year academic year we'll look at every single student and determine that. >> 2014-2015 i'm sorry yes 2014-2015 so, yeah believe me we are really, really interested in look at every single student. >> all right. we're at item t report of closed session action
12:07 pm
nun other annexes post in the agendas a staff reports on the informational clarified transactions a finally this meeting is adjourned.
12:08 pm
>> working for the city and
12:09 pm
county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries
12:10 pm
but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc chair of the commission a few housekeeping if you could one please turn off your cell phones not no interrupt our meeting and two a member of the public that wishes to speak on an item we have pink speaker cards fill out with your name and our staff will call you at the time, we call the agendas and thank you to commissioner honda and media services for broadcasting this meeting to the public every time


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