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tv   Aging Adult Services Commission 9215  SFGTV  September 10, 2015 12:00am-2:31am PDT

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>> good morning and welcome to the aging and adult service commission meeting. could we have a roll call? >> before the roll call i want >> student make a quick amounsment. somebody lost a pair of reading glasses and i have them up here. edna jamess, here. commissioner [inaudible] commissioner loo, here. commissioner ow. commissioner roy. commissioner neal sims and please note [inaudible] >> could i have a motion to approve the agenda for september 2. >> so moved >> second. >> it has been moved and second that we approve the agenda of september 2. all in favor?
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opposes? the motion is carried. could we have approval of the september 2, 2015 consent agenda >> so move. >> second >> it is moved and second that approve the consent agenda. all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? ayes carries next is approval of the august 5 meeting minutes. >> there is a typo on the second page. the sentdance is incomplete and that will be amended >> the second page >> under tact >> the last paragraph. okay.
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could i have a motion to approve the minutes as amended? moved and second that we approve the minutes as amended. all in favor? opposed? is so the motion is carried. our next item on the agenda reports. employee of the month. great. we are having the department of aging will recognize--[inaudible] come forward.
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>> so, tin is wonderful to be able to honor you today. um, we vahuge crowd today and our crowds turn out when we honor somebody so i expect the room will be many less people after we are done honoring you, but you have to know it is a testament to your work that people have come today for this and taken time out of their regular work day. i know you and your colleagues are very busy. it is a place like the rest of the department where no moment is still. the thing
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that caught me about you what i read and not sure who wrote this but it was really how much you know and i may be wrong, but it strikes me because you have been a lee aiz onin so many different areas you have this opportunity and seized it to learn more and more about what is possible and how to problem solve and how tatake that information and help other colleague with it. for those that don't know tin, he has been a liaison in the heblth care legal service group, medi-cal, medi-cal eligibility system. he is a secure representative which i don't know what it is and you can explain it to everyone later and part of the enter county
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transfer coordinator. i bet you have had a opportunity to work with people and learn now things helps you now day to day. when you read what people have wreed that comes out that he is very knowledgeable and shares his knowledge and you don't come across that you know everything and people should bow down, you come across as someone who is willing to share and part of the team. tin was part of the income eligibility unit- you have been in come eligibility supervisor for the last few wreer squz worked in the quality assureance. he is part of the service center project. the service center project we talked about. this is what i refer to as the hub
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but it isn't the hub. what is it called? what does gip stand for? here are these opportunities that you have been part of again and you have seized those. the other thing is that tin has been-there has been community organizations that have spoken of your good work as well and it is always great if all of us within our team and outside our team recognize us so there was a note here that home bridge and the communey center living folks on institute on aging have spoken highly of you and also [inaudible] i can't thank you enough. clearly the people thank you as well and think now it is time for pictures, right?
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[applause] here is the camera. [applause] they didn't leave. wow, they are staying. >> good morning and thank you. okay, next is directors report. executive director ann hinten >> good morning president james and commissioners. wanted to highlight a few things today and make a introduction of a new staff person head of
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contracts mpt just a couple things, we had major events this month. we had 2 events with self help for the elderly, one offense the opening of a new kitchen in xhine e china town. it is a beautiful and what makeatize more fwulf is a business person came in and totally redid the kitchen at their own expense. it is a kitchen we would like to work in if we were putting out thousands of meals a day. it was a wonderful event so that was great. last week we had a event at [inaudible] in the sun set which is another restaurant that we are using for our champs program which is a way for us to put meals into a community when we can't find a building to rent or partners can't find a building to rent.
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that opened in june and did the ribbon cutting friday. the big event was the announcement from comcast that they will offer 995. 9.95 you get high speed internet, a free router and people will have access to the had internet. it turns out this is a program offered around the country to kids and families that use the school lunch program as a way to identify kids, but the vice president from comcast mentioned that is how they started but thoferb years they center gone away from that identification and if the school has 70 percent-i will say this wrong-if the school has 50 percent of the kids in the school lunch program you just get it so there is no individual. they haven't worked out the details of how
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this will roll ininto the community but they will work with community living campaign and self help for the elderly. this is only one of 2 pilots, the other is in florida. it is very exciting news. it was hard to get the smile off my face when [inaudible] called from comcast to tell me this news. it is one of the major pieces of the work that we knew needed to be done in the community that is this ability for people to access the internet at a low cost. pretty interesting news. i know folks in the community are comping at the bit to get this rolling and get the product out the door. the seniors have already started calling to organizations to see when this will be available. it will not be available toyounger adults with disabilities at this time. as they explained to us this
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is more they are trying to do some type of small pilot recognizing that it won't be that small but 2 small pilots to help them get the experiences they need and look at other populations and it is clear they are look at other populations, people with disabilities and college kids and a number of folks they feel can use thisb. but at this point they are only 3 or 4 years with kids and low income families say they are feeling their way about this but pretty ix exciting news i think. the other thing i wanted to do is take a moment and introduce john [inaudible] maybe john you can come up and tell the commission a little about yourself. john just for your reference, dave [inaudible] you remember because he has been before the commission many many times, head of contracts now
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has another position within the agency and john is our new head of contracts. john i thought it would be grade if you can share your background with the commission >> good morning. i'm john [inaudible] the new director of contracts for hsa. as ann was saying dave [inaudible] has been covering contracts and facilities which is a trumending job. at this point because there is so much work and the decision to split the new positions into 2 director positions and davis is taking over facilities and renovation and development we do as department is and i'm stepping in as contract. for my background i worked with hsa about 22 years at this point. about 7 in a contracts role, but most of my work is in child protective services and i have been a manager on that side for the last 8 years. i have a
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strong interest in returning to contracts and being in a administrative role so i was glad when the opportunity came to shift. i look forward work wg you all and learning more about the services you have for seniors and other adults and so see you over the next several months. >> thank you, john. and then the last part of my report is just to say i have spoken to all the commissioners now is that made public my announcement to retire early december. i won't be here fl december commission meeting, i will be out of town at that opinion on business actually. serene will be the beginning her interroom director position at that time, so more to come. my last commission meeting will be in november.
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>> thank you. any questions from the-yes >> just one. with the comcast program is there a point person on the dos or hsa side that should be a clearing house point for information from agencies? >> so, until we have a deeper sconversation with comcast but what is going to happen and what is rolled out and how it will work, at this point we haven't designated anybody but errhine low has been involved in the conversations with comcast since this information was available to us. i know that marie and camy and annie have all had contacts as well and i think i saw heads knauding from other agencies in the audience a minute ago that they know the news and are
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probably in contact as well. as soon as we know more we'll get more information out but at that point it is probably errhine low but he probably doesn't know much either. he knows a lot, this is the one thing he doesn't have a lot of detail on. sorry aaron. >> thank you for that report. now, could we have the advisory council report? >> good morning. first i would like to say i'm very saddened to hear you are leaving. you is been a colleague and friend and you will be missed by everyone. the advisory council met august 19 and that meeting we reiterated our commitment to
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the commission, our commitment to work harder to bring in speakers for the advisory council we. we are very fortunate to have speakers from california puc. mr. [inaudible] came in and reported on what the california puc is doing and also had mr. mitchell from the mental health association come in so we are asking the council to if they know folks to bring those folks in so we can educate ourselves what is going on in the community and we can share that information with our constituents in the community. also at that meeting we continue to do site visits. that was a ask of the council folks to step our commitment because we have made a commitment to the commissioners and want to live up to that so
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working on that. the education committee, we are going to have a presentation in september, however, due to some external and internal situations we are not able to have [inaudible] we are looking forward to doing something in october. that is my report for now. any questions? >> any questions? >> thank you. >> yes, i was-i had a question is how are we doing with the vacancy? >> we are working to fill those. we have some folks who are asked, we are just waiting for those folks to respond. i don't like to speak out of school so i would wait to hear a yes or no but we are working
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on that. >> thank you. any >> any other questions? >> thank you >> next will be the jaunt legislative committee report. mrs. diane lawrence. >> good morning commissioners. as was noted in the minutes, the joint legislative committee didn't meet in august but i do have a few updates that i got from ann warren from the senior legislature and wanted to bring you up toidate what we discussed in july. to that what i would like to start with is nbc news on channel 3 did a report a few months ago on the senior legislature and um, so we thought you might like to see it. we played it for both the joint legislation committee
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and advisory council especially since some of us missed it on the news. it tells what the senior legislature does and the plight they are in that will effect the joint legislative committee moving forward. it is about a 2 minute presentation. we also have the old fashioned paper version of [inaudible] for those of us pre-computer age. >> it our voice when they feel they don't have one. a spelshz group that protectathize interest of senior citizens. [inaudible] that group is now in danger of disappearing itself. >> we need more housing for seniors. >> [inaudible] over the age of 60 will fall each year >> there are plenty of laws
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only the books, some have meaning to us, some don't >> we hear [inaudible] there ought to be a law. a lot affpeople don't know how to go about it >> for the past 35 years when it come toozing law impacting california seniors a special group has taken up the charge. that group is california senior legislature. >> it is a all volunteer non partisan group of 120 people from all over the state >> the group serves as a state watch dog [inaudible] proposal to state legislatures that will help out seniors >> we are [inaudible] that benefits seniors. there are 198 bills over 35 years that csl had signed into the law >> the group tackles eltder abuse to senior health issues. a pro posal to use amer alert
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[inaudible] >> the first year it was put into place it was activated 189 times. >> member evelyn tom is pushing for senior notification system following the 2010 fire and explosion in san brun ow >> [inaudible] >> currently right to die legislation proposed by the group is making its way through sacramento >> i don't feel i have the right to prevent someone else from doing it >> we are have a tsunami now [inaudible] >> every october the [inaudible] widdle down dozens of proposal to 10. the idea is pitch to slate ledgeilators job [inaudible] >> home to a quickly aging
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group of seniors. >> this aublt for had first time the senior legislature won't show up in sacramento because the group can no longer afford to >> for the last 4 yearatize is waning and had fewer donation >> the senior legislature is supported through donations but with a drop in funding the group may be reaching its sun set >> the senior legislature will probably go away. it will be a shame because it is a time when it is needed more than ever >> the group is hope tg can sur vive by raising awareness to doughination line on state tax forms because if all is one thing they learned through 3 decades of legislative battle [inaudible] >> so, this is the third time i have seen this and what is
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always strikes me is how with the silver alert which i reported on, how many people were helped and how often it was used in a short period of time which i don't think we often know. what will basically happen is instead of meeting in sacramento they'll do things locally and knhunty wide but the interaction and whatever is done in a very different manner. i anticipate that the kind of information that will be reporting on may be different in the year to come, so we just wanted to give you a heads up on that. i know i rely a lot on ann warren who is our representative to senior legislature for keeping us aprized of what they are watching and what the updates are and can always count on aupdate or follow up on your questions mptd we have been discussing over the course of a
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couple meetings reaching out to supervisor wieners office talking about the long term resiptiant and bill of rights the supervisors office but together and daniel redman will [inaudible] we'll give you a update next month. much of what i-much of our discussion in july were around budgets and don't think those things have changed so we are still moving through and there have been some bumps up and some no's so we foin to move forward. there has been a special session focused on medical and funding issues so one thing that has come back and referenced in the videoicize the death are dying act. that isn't the property title but it has been reintroduced. it was pulled by the sponsor squz now
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reintroduced so we'll continue to watch that over time. um, the um, a couple bills have been updateed as recently as last week and one is a non probate transfer. that continues to move forward and this will be a bill where if it is within a death deed or the trust it wouldn't go into probate so that continues to move forward. the again the end of life option bill has a new number. it is abx 2-15. new sponsors, so it is repackaged and looks like there is regulations demanded, a lot more meat to it and it continues to move forward. we will-back to senior legislature
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very briefly and then i'm finished, is they pointed out years ago they had a sponsor. i can't remember the legislators name bit every time a bill went through he made sure that he asked the question how this impacts seniors and when he was negotiateating with the partners in the legislature he would give a little to get a little and the gets were usually on behalf of senior jz that changed over time. we asked about doing web exand open meeting act they are limited in some of the things they can do so again, i'll-i wanted to make that point about the sponsor. i think [inaudible] is probably a good example of that moving forward. are there any questions? >> yes, i have a question. my
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concern would be the question was, whether the donations had gone done so low or are these votes because we don't have a advocate up there or a combination of both? >> i would say yes to both. they changed the name of the check off on the tax forms last year. they had bun-when i first came on the council they were in that process. i think they have a very small staff in sacramento, i think they have one person so they were hoping to check off by making it much more clearer but they didn't appear to go up this first year and getting the word out that they exist and what they do and i think this is part of the purpose of this broadcast on nbc news. >> thank you. any other
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questions? thank you. >> you're welcome >> next to report is long term care coordinating council >> good morning. [inaudible] facilitator to the council. there was no august meeting so no report but i want to take the opportunity to see we have 2 slots on the council one in hiv aid system and consumer advocates in older adults. if you have anything interested you can contact me or marie [inaudible] any questions or comments? >> thank you. next is the tax report. >> good morning commissioners. [inaudible] with your tax report. our meeting was on august 11 and 12. our next
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meeting is december 1 and 2 and the 2 is the first wednesday in december. the discussion that came up in the meeting was the [inaudible] program, a very valuable program in every areas not only particularly for institutionalized seniors to locate people with problems and to get resources for them and also a discussion of how important this committee is, this program to the various programs in the area who work with seniors. through it they can more effectively help people and identify problems. but one area that came up from the state program for ominousben, was they expect
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each one to have a advisory council or committee and they felt oft course it is important that this group represent the entire area, the different parts of the area so they can do their job and it was important for us who work with groups representing seniors become aware of what is going on with the omniben particularly with their advisory commitee to give assistance they need to be sure every group is represented. so, we have as you know, a excellent ominous been program and i went over to talk to our director to see what going on with a advisory group. what did i find out? he is right in
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the midst of reorganizing this, getting it set up and doing what he wants and he very much wanted to speak to representatives of the community to get their input and let them know what is going on and get their help, so in the spirit of tack i request we have benison come up and give you the exact update of what is going on with our ominousben. that is my part >> good morning commissioners. the local program hasn't had a advisory committee at all. even though it is required and come up in montoring reports we had a [inaudible] based on the fact we are so busy and haven't been able to add aortlayer of organizational support.
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however, having talked to cathy i am rolling out a request from various communities in san francisco to consider joining an advisory group. not on the ajendsa today but do have a handsout that i would like in the minutes for today and also handout said. for many years i was debating if this should be case review or report and because of hipaa requirements i would not willing to get professionals who could do assistance with particular cases without having some kind of difficult way of talking about cases and keep them anonymous so i decided to focus on a advisory group that supports the program, reviews where we are in terms of work plan and then brain storms with the program director areas of need in various neighborhoods
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and communities. for the time being i focus on the following communities and maybe you all can help me do the outreach. we are in incapsulated in the program going to facilities and don't necessarily have the extensive community contacts but you may be able to assist me with phone numbers. those communities are faith base communities, african american partnership, [inaudible] ltbq partnership. not to exclude the latino partnership. i want to limit to 8 individuals from those targeted communities as well as a few profession als from the health care and i scheduled the first meeting on a friday december 4 at our offices in the richmond district. the contact for anyone interested or any advise
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how to outreach members of those communities will be our phone number and myself. i do have handouts to leave at the table and i realize it is very difficult to recruit volunteers to join yet another group, another meeting, so i scheduled-i'm planning on an introductory in december and 2 meetings in the first year to see where we with commitment and maybe go to 3 meetings rather than ovwellm people with monthly meetings. so, i want to make the program alive through the neighborhoods and communities as defined in terms of constituent who end up in hospitals and by virtual of necessity go to these facilies. i want to broaden our knowledge because we are one of many programs and i sit at the
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top and know a lot but i want to share that knowledge with members of these communities so i think that will be the mission of the advisory group. i think it will be exciting and also challenging because as the city changes, as you know it, so should the program and this committee may help to maintain a certain degrease of revilleiancy as the communities going into hospitalization and different facilities or community based long term services and supports really does intersect with our program and many other programs. i appreciate your time and i would like to put a copy of this description to the advisory committee in the minutes for this meeting and if any of you have any ideas, let me know. thank you. questions? >> yes. i have a question-it is more like a comment. both
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to cathy and to the all advisory boards serving on a lot of them, my concern is the budget. once you-that the same thing with african americans. you need to have funding to support these groups and my concern is that before you start i think somewhere there should be a budget to have staff and what have you to support this kind of- >> i would be the person supporting the development and ongoing evolution of this advisory group. we have a volunteer who used to work for elder abuse senior prevention and she is volunteering to help
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become a support person for the evolution of this group. what i'm not particular with is in these other committees whether committee members get reimburseed or-i don't think they do, but if they do i would have to consider that a budget item. i don't know that but zee at least 2 individuals in the program that can support the development and roll out of this adr committee. it is required for the program but i want to make it more than a requirement, i want to make it alive for members of different parts of san francisco. >> my comment was because in the same boat with the senior legislative committee. they don't have funding. they have gone on for a while but all the staff and meeting and paperwork, that requires money, so that was my concern is that if it comes out of your budget-
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>> i think it will be a [inaudible] we did get a increase i & put most of the increase to put the feet on the job. i don't think this will be a big ticket item. we have a meeting space and refreshment-on december 4 a as incentive we are showing alive inside which i'm sure a lot of you have seen but we'll show it and it is little over a hour and it will introduce what many individuals particularly with demensia are going through. i want to commemorate [inaudible] who are locked inside or neurological impairment [inaudible] evolving symptoms
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of alzheimer's. individuals would be able to see it and we are not charging and there is no money involved. we have a copy and if anyone wants to come on december 4 in the afternoon call me up and then we can stat gz guise how we can form this. >> any other questions? thank you. next is the-- >> my name is fran cisco decosta >> no, not at this time. which item are you speaking to? >> the samitem that is discussed. i want to speak about seniors, alzheimer's and i want to speak about--i want
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to speak on this item >> this is not the-- >> so nobody can speak after the--i don't want to speak about general public comment, i want to speak on this topic that the gentlemen spoke. >> we have next is the case report. >> good morning commissioners. [inaudible] with catholic charities [inaudible] our organization had a great meeting in august. we were focusing on brain storming and on our projects we will do for advocase. it seems the budget got done but we are starting the process early to get in the
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statistic together and plan and proposal. i believe there are about 7 committees that are been performed on different topic areas. i don't have the topics in front of me. we will look at finalizing the topics and coming up with proposals hopefully by early november. we are busy at work and thought we did well as a organization through the last budget year and will keep learning from what weet do and move forward. our next meeting is monday september 14. we mate at project open hand on the second floor at 3 o'clock and that is my report. any questions? >> any questions? thank you. next is after the case report, overview of village model and dem ographic data of seniors in
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san francisco. >> good morning commissioners. i am mike [inaudible] program analyst with dos. i will be join td with rose johns one of the planning analyst from the planning department. the item-the report here today stements from a conversation we had durng the june twhour commission. at that time one sthof villages came to the commission for funding and discussed diversity in the village and there was a request to try to get ideas to dem ow graphics of seniors in san francisco. dem ographics of moderate income of seniors in san francisco. dem graphics of village members and how all those map together. what i'll do today is quickly i'll do a brief review of the village model to get you up to speed on how that works. rose will talk
12:43 am
about population dem ow graphic and look at the village dem ographics versus the population as a whole. the village model is a membership driven oergz run by volunteer, paid staff and fellow members with a goal oallowing community member tooz revide in their homes while accessing services that kraiss their changing life styles as they age thmpt history of the individual program mautdal, the first village started in beacon hill neighborhood of boston in 2002, it has grown with [inaudible] in california there are 62 villages. they are in operation or development with 29 the san francisco bay area. some of core services there are 3 categories of a village program, the first is a consairj curves so members can call into the had village with
12:44 am
questions or concerns that the village can assist with. that may mean coordinating services. the villages maintain a list och merchant and businesses in which they are able to negotiate discounts with so that may mean a member calling in and saying my kitchen sink is leeblging, do you know a good plumber and can you help me organize that & the village says we know a great plumber and negotiated a discount and will get that person outd to see you. to help with member request, the village uses a pool of volunteers to provide serveess to the member jz part of the volunteers include the members. they may call in for transportation to a medical appointment or setting up a car pool to a event or assist wns a
12:45 am
computer or assisting with house hold tasks. sometimeathize village will be able to coordinate volunteers to help with changing a light bulb, helping with a squeaky cabinet or something like that. the final big service is health and wellness program and social and educational events. a quick sampling of the ones in the village, there is a cooking group, a film group, one othe villages is doing a mentoring exchaichck between member jz a local high school. another example of a more educational is one village did a medication management seminar one by a pharmacist. the village members were able to get in and see a presentation with a pharmacist and ask questions.
12:46 am
>> good morning, rose johns planning analyst with human services agency. can you hear me okay? i will provide a overview thof target population for the village model in san francisco. most of my work is focused on low income populations so thinking about this group, the higher income group is somewhat new for me and somewhat of a challenge to identify dh appropriate income parameter to set tr fr the group. this is a topic i spent a fair amount of time [inaudible] part of the challenge is that most income standards out there are focused own poverty and low income individuals and the middle income range. when we think about the middle income range that is middle income for a given population in a area and that may not imply financial
12:47 am
security and income. what we would like is a clear standard to use to identify more middle class individuals and that just doesn't exist. so, director hinten asked i provide a brief overview of the most common standards to illustrate how complex this issue is and help explain the standard we decide today use. i have these on the slide here. there is a federal poverty line which i know you have heard about before. this is the national standard that varies based on size of household. it doesn't very on regional cost of living so for every household in the nation a person is crrd in poverty if their income is below 11, 770. given the cost of living in san francisco i think we would call this more a measure of exstream destbution and it isn't that helpful to get a sofens low income population. area median
12:48 am
income does very based on region and the defined population and region we are looking at. in san francisco the median indm is about 37,000. higher than the federal poverty line but when we think about the cost of living san francisco probably not getting to the group of people that have extra income to purchase beyond the basic necessities. the supplemental poverty measure is a way to look at poverty that is gaining more attention and this veryies based on cost of living, taking into account additional [inaudible] and expenses like medical cost. the california [inaudible] estimates the threshhold is 31 thousand
12:49 am
dollars. then there is the elder index. this is a attempt to get close toor a self suefficient standard and that ranges from 18,000 to 32,000. this chart brings toort the standards and illustrate why the middle income range isn't the best way to identify our target population. single sen year house hold the median income is 20,000. we can look at that's number and go that is too low and not who we are thinking about when it comes to the village. we have drop the elder index standards on the chapt that point is made clear. the median income for senior house hold is below 2 of the
12:50 am
standards set out by the elder economic index. so, thinking about all of this and having all that discussion i mentioned, we decided to identify the target village population with income between 350 to 900 percent of the federal poverty line. that is income between 42 and 106 thousand dollars for a single senior. seems high but we think it makes sense when we think about who can afford to pay a village membership and purchase some of those services that mike mentioned. the lower [inaudible] is based on the elder index and that is because the villages in san francisco based their subsidized membership rate around the elder index. last thing i'll note here, when we sat this income parameters we wind up with 56 percent of seniors in the lower income group. but 31 percent in the moderate income
12:51 am
group and 13 percent in the highest income group. this chart here just shows the distribution of seniors by income level. we are using family income, that is typically how we look at poverty status based on family or household income. that giveathize best sense of the true standard of living and the resources available to them. with our moderate income parameters we are grabbing all these people on that bracket on the chart. so who do we see in each of the income gruch groups? this chart shows the racial and ethnic profile of low, moderate and high income group. it also has all the seniors in san francisco on the right. about 42 percent of san francisco seniors are api and
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then we look on the left the low income group we see api seniors are slightly over represented here, 46 percent of the lower income group. the moderate income group tends to mirror the city wide profile pretty well and the highest income group is predominantly white. 71 percent of seniors in that group are white. i did say we'll look at family income because this is a program that provides membership to the senior and not their entire family i did want to show you the dem graphic break down when we look at personal income that is reported in the census. when we focus on personal income, we see that the lower income group gets much bigger, 115 thousand seniors have income that falls into the lower income range we set and
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about half are api which are a larger portion thf low income group when we focus on personal income. white seniors become a larger percentage of the moderate income group, they are 55 percent and the highest income group is more white. i thought you may be interested in a comparison how the lower income group compare tooz the office on age ursenior client profile so on this slide on the left, the office on aging senior clients from the last fiscal year, what i notice is that the client profile tends to mirror that of the low income group. we see about 47 percent are api, 11-12 percent latino, 8 to 10 percent african american. whites appear to be slightly underrepresented in the profile. commissioners
12:54 am
[inaudible] asked to include analysis of houm ownership rates in this presentation rchlt i think you recall studies on the village found most members tend to be home owners. when we look at home ownership rate by income group we see what we expect. home ownership rates increase as we go from low to highest income group. that makes sense, home ownership corresponds with affluents. i doopt to point out mike and i had a conversation if we expect to see correlation between home ownership and village membership in san francisco. the rate of seniors renting in san francisco is much higher than california and the rest of the nation. 21 percent of seniors in the united states live in rent or occupied units. in san francisco we see a much higher rate of renting. we also talked about how perhaps the connection between home ownership and village
12:55 am
membership is due to a sense of permanence. if you own your home you expect you will stay in a area for a long time. with san francisco's strong rent control protection we may see a similar sense orphpermanence among seniors who rent. we know the market rate for apartments and housing units in the bay area has increased as san francisco's rates have gone up. it is unlikely a seen yer in a rent controlled apartment in san francisco would be able to find comparable or cheaper apartments somewhere else. when we focus on that group of moderate income seniors to look at their housing tinnier we see about 26 percent of seniors in this group are renting. most are white, 55 percent and most living in owned housing units -there is no group that is
12:56 am
most-most -ap oorks seniors liver in unit that are owned rather than rented, 45 percent. another group- >> it is hard to see from the color on this chart, but who is the 38 percent? >> 3 8 percent is white. we also wanted to take a look at who is living alone. we think those lisking alone are probably more likely to join a supportive network like the villageism we when we look at moderate inknh seniors we see the group is predominantly white, 70 percent. of those seniors who don't live alone they tend to be api but it is a pretty even mix. 40 percent api, 35 percent white and latino and african american tend to align with their
12:57 am
portion of moderate income group in general. finally, we don't have great data yet on lgbt seniors. it is a area we are working to develop as best we can but because this is part of the diversity goal frz the villages i want to share what we have. the city survey which is conducted every 2 years suggests blt 11 percent of seniors identify as lgbt. other sources suggest that figure may be closer to 18 percent. from the city sur vaif we see most seniors identify as lgb t with white but a significant are ap i. that is it for me. >> moving towards our current dos funded village programs. we actually have 3 but we'll focus on 2 today. we have next village service area primarily
12:58 am
in the north east corner of san francisco. at the time of monitoring membership was at 113. san francisco village with city wide membership for monitoring purposes their member should was at 325 in fiscal year 14/15. you will see a 3rd one. they actually just to make this more for everyone, we have a third village community center hybrid we have just begin funding in 2015. we are going to-because that is under development and still forming we have not included their data in this analysis. that program is on the agenda later today so we'll have a clans to talk more about them. so, looking at race and ethnicity among village membership from we see it is
12:59 am
predominantly white at this point. looking at diversity-defining diversity as lgbt or minority we see in the next villain we see about 24 percent deversety among membership. within san francisco village we see about 12 percent diversity within their membership at this time. here is kind of a-here is what we see when we contrast this. we have 4 columns. first we look at moderate income seniors and we see that the villages are still tracking or mapping much more white than the overall that group we are looking at. something that is interesting that we noted is when we looked at moderate income senior livering alone we tend to see more of a correlation there. unfortunately did not track
1:00 am
seniors living alone or couples or family situations last year. i anecdotally reached out to the village and asked them if they could come up with a idea of what percentage their membership is of single individuals or next village was approximately 70 or 75 percent and san francisco village 2/3 are single individuals. what does it mean going forward? first off, we were interested in continuing to look at home ownership status and living situation so that is something we'll talk about with the village about tracking in the current fiscal year moving forward to see if we can see additional correlation there. going forward as well, there continues to dee diversity objectives within the contract for villages asking them to
1:01 am
meet increase and diversity through membership in the contract. each village developed their own initiative to diversify their membership. as dos roll and this is to monitor that and share among the villages successs they are having and help correct as needed. that's it that we have for today. any questions? >> commissioner sims. >> brilliant. the flood of information and i couldn't take notes quickly enough so forgive me if my questions are like i'm a 2 year old. i had dem ow graphic questions so maybe we can start there. largely my bias is looking at the lgbt community and whether it is
1:02 am
being served adequately by such program. first cut it seems light so better interested to understand that. you made a comment about the income distribution across that was weighted in terms of low, medium and high income populations weighted more towards lower income people in the population zone and i remember a study that open house did more than 10 years ago and i vaguely recall that the income distribution across lgbt seniors at that time was a bit more evenly distributesed, roughly a 3rd and 3rd and 3rd. i wonder if you have insights whether or population has just shifted that much or if the small segment of the lgbf study that was done is unique to the
1:03 am
broader population or if you have comment about that. >> i would have to look at that study and see the methodology. i would get they set different parameter frz low, medium, high group. my impression what i heard is the lgbt individuals tend to be lower income so not sure i have a great reflection for you today but would like to find that study and take a look at it. >> the second question not to hog too much time here, but it seems that the diversity questions being second of this report are largely ethnic diversity and not necessarily the lgbt population in as sig cnts review so wonder if you might talk a little about philosophy and/or objectives that might be introduced that would better incorporate the
1:04 am
lgbt population in the city to these village programs. >> i'm not sure i understood the question. >> probably awkwardly asked. it seems as though there is a good amount of emphasis on ethnic diversity as served by the 2 programs that you are studying. lgbt folks cross ethnic lines so there is a less weight on that particular population and yet we know it is a fairly significant population in the city so i'm interested to understand if there are out ppreach methodology or measure elt methodology or cultural competency has been shown to surface better data on lgbt people participating people in
1:05 am
these programs. >> i would say in our data collection if we are not doing it now we can do a better job of collecting data that helps us understand who actually are their members. it is like back to the home ownership and the rest of it that we need to look-this is a relatively new program for us and just really substantial funding in the last 2 years and that is up and down and that funding is ongoing and some of it hasn't. there isn't a strong base for the funding for these programs until it is just starting to happen now. i think that is one thing. it is brand new, you may not have collectload the data we need to collect but now we can sthee board and mayor will fund these programs for now we need to get
1:06 am
very intentional. it also goes back to something and said earlier on, we as a department were not specting to fund the programs, we hoped the membership would carry the day and this would be a membership program so wree counting on people with more income to participate so those membership-we have a board and mayor who do financially support these programs conceptially and financially so forsee that will continue into the future which means it is on ato collect the information that is relevant to you and us and to the programs themselves that help determine what happens in the future. i know both of the villages have done a very aware themselves much less because of questions asked at the commission about this, but the whole issue of diversity. i know that for both the exectev directors this
1:07 am
is on their radar across the board. and outreach is being done whether it-we'll see it today in the statistics, i doubt that but we will see it probably in the future. this is so interesting to me to be in the conver sations about look thath data and who is into this program and who isn't in. then i start to look at all our other offices on aging program squz who is in those program and who isn't. the studsy and review prompted questions across the board in programs and is it still the case, which i think it is in pleny many parts of the city even though we remember moving to the the sit a at a time when latinos were in the mission and chinese
1:08 am
were in china town and it isn't like that anymore. people are all over the city. i look at program jz realize we have programs that still attract a certain person because that person speaks to them so that is where they feel comfortable and they go. it is really produces enormously interesting conversations about how all our programs look and what is it that we need to measure to and what do we need to think about that we put in place. the question you asked is one of those things we are now digging into. >> to under line something rous said on slide 15, you called out that roughly 21 percent in the u.s. population of seniors are in rental housing and we are at roughly 45 percent in the city of san francisco. i
1:09 am
just like to point out that is a point of great weakness in my mine and vulnerability and acutie especially because of the lack of lasticity for transition for seniors. i think maybe one of the most important pieces of data to pop out is the statistic jumps out at me in a big way. >> very. any other questions? >> i think it is a great program and i'm sure many of our elderly will benefit from this. just wondering what is the fee for the membership? >> for san francisco village generally membership 600 dollars per year for a individual, 750 for a househol. they do have a certain amount of subsidized memberships that are 150 per year if you are under a certain income level.
1:10 am
for next village, it is-they have a couple different levels. they have 600 dollars for full membership. they have 150 dollars for a limited membership and also have subsidized memberships as well. >> thank you. one last question is, being a conssairj like model, what systems are in place for those individuals that need more help beyond transport or handy man coming they need such as a lift to lift them out of their bed on a daily basis or to be spoon fed on a daily basis because that can be expense ive. >> the role in the village is connecting that client with those needs. if the village
1:11 am
doesn't have that knowledge locating that knowledge through a case manager or some source getting that need assessed and provided. >> you mentioned the fee frz the 2-what is the fee for the golden gate new one? >> at this point there is no fee as it is brand new and that is i think to be determined. >> my question-i'm just going to address the african american community. when you think of a village and how you came up with this concept is did you survey
1:12 am
the people in terms of what they thought a village should be like? was there a concept of a village because i think this may be a different concept in different communities. i'm not sure that this would be the concept of the african american community to want to participate. [inaudible] whether you did a survey to say what is your concept of a village. >> the villages the way they are formed perhaps requires a entrepreneur [inaudible] villages were founded a up canal years before dos vaurmt and they are founded by a core group of people who build out and the village itself is
1:13 am
getting feedbalk back from the membership to address the needs of the membership. it depends on the core of the village is and that drivers their services. the model is there but there can be many different [inaudible] village to village. >> beacon hill in boston called itself a village and there is what we refer to a village movement across the country. you see a lot of villages have village in their name so you may have ash berry village or we have next village and san francisco village, so where i stand it was more about taking a name that originated when the movement started and then just taking it along with you and so
1:14 am
now there is kate and jacklen and i have been asked to speak at the village national confinance in seattle next month to talk about the relationship of government involved in the village movement because it is quite unusual. i take to heart what you just said president james, because it is true that different words mean different things to different people and we can because of where we come from think of something in a certain way and it may or may not have been the intention of the group who has a movement going around. it is interesting when you think about outreach and marketing and what these things mean to people and why or why not they may not see this as something that speaks to them. in
1:15 am
addition outside of membership fee squz so on, it is a really really good point. really good point. i think senior centers have that same thing. seniors centers were a great name when we started and many years later we hear people saying senior center what is that? i don't want to go to that and you know if they went to a senior center they would find these are vibrant and creative places. excellent point. >> thank you. thank you very much. as chair i would like to apologize i skipped over item 5 for the secretary under public comment. i think i skipped over that item and so now i will go back too 5 under general public comment and read to you what it says. at this
1:16 am
time members of the public may address the commission on items of interest that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and that are not on the meeting agenda. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be affordsed when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to 3 minutes. the brown act forbids the commission for taking action or discussion, any items not appearing on the agenda including those items raised at public comment. at this time any public comment? >> my name is fran cisco decosta and i'm the director of
1:17 am
environmental justice advaes and i've been vaurfbed with various facets of this elderly population in san francisco for 35 years. often times when you have this presentation and 6 or 7 people presenting, they can present what they want but it doesn't give a opportunity to those who are astute to ask relevant questions. having said that, i'm going address what we do in the community. we have a situation in san francisco when people come and say whatever they say about the seniors. they fail to give us the empirical data in this manner. what is the population of san francisco? which is about 820 thousand. the
1:18 am
various segments of our population living in our unique neighborhoods that have a unique characteristic. using terms like, api that needs to be changed. when we see in certain areas 40 percent of the population of sumowens and get absolutely, absolutely no pertinent data on that community not only when it comes to the elderly but cultural competency which one of wrour members mentioned rather genderly. [inaudible] comes to diseases where they don't want to do anything because of shame and the city doesn't do anything and we have hundreds of people dying in san francisco. also, why are so
1:19 am
many seniors, elderly people who served the nation as i have, lying on the streets of san francisco? our mayor says we have a budget of 9 billion dollars, i repeat, 9 billion dollars but sufficient monies are not given to this commission to address what i'm saying. you talk about cultural -i have 27 seconds ma'am and you better add 4 more. when we talk about cultural competency, in most nations all over the world seniors are respected. the mentality of this culture is not to respect seniors or the elderly. thank you very much. >> thank you. any other public
1:20 am
comment? >> i want to give thanks [inaudible] had a fire located on [inaudible] and with the help of adult protective services the program [inaudible] we were able to treaugthe dislocation of 6 individuals from this burnt place in the mission. they were clients of the golden gate regional center and that has a rather complicated sump lmentation to the ssi rate and we have been tracking this where they will go and want to give thanks to the red cross.
1:21 am
our program is nob mob because of going out of business, regulatory violations that led to emergency closeier but this is the first we responded because of a fire. it is my intention as program director to work with adult protect was service squz [inaudible] and bring in the disaster people who did respond to this fire and bring it to a larger discussion if such a thing ever happens again. this is public comment. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment? hearing none, we'll move to item 7. any old business? if none we will and scnew business. all items below are action items. item a request authdization [inaudible] during the period
1:22 am
of july 1, 2015 through june 30, 2014 aadditional amount of 30 thousand plus 10 percent not to exceed 421, 807. could i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved >> second. >> you are on, michael >> good morning commissioners. mike zaug with dos. the item before you is 30 thousand in additional funding for curry senior center. this money is specifically intended to fund a security guard at their premises. due to their location in the tenderloin curry center has needed to take a number of step tooz increase safety among the clients and staff. historically they had problems with people being assaulted or intimidateed by people loitering on the street or nearby. there are issues of
1:23 am
shooting and other things like that. they have a number of practices in place for increase safety such as people walking together to bart. one other thing they instituted is a full time security guard during the week that starlted in august of 2014 and i want to note that the benefit of the security guard is not just on the community service programs, there are a number of services provided on the block including case management and meal program and senior housing and probably other programs i'm not thinking of now. happy to answer any questions that the commission might have. >> commissioner loo. >> this is the 30 thousand is one time only? >> correct. >> okay, so it is listed in the year 15 to 16, so what happens
1:24 am
next year? >> what happens next year is curry will work to create a patchwork solution to fund the security guard again. >> you mean the agency will be seeking other sources of funding for this purpose? >> right. >> thank you. >> commissioner sims >> why wouldn't they incorporate that into the future grand proposal? >> that may be a solution. at the time everything was running too narrow too tight on the various budgets. our funding a little in pieces from the different budget. community sunchs i don't think there was case management is kicking in a couple thousand dollars and the dph medical clinics are kicking in a couple thousand dollars towards the cost and jenroom
1:25 am
fund raising allocations and grant foundation money are helping to cover this. i think that may be a solution that will be looked at the future as well. >> any other questions? any comments? public comment? any public comment on this? hearing none, i'll call for the vote. all in favor? opposed? is have it so the motion carries. next, item b. request a authorization to modify the grant with community living campaign to provide support for the sf tech counsel during the period of july 1, 2015 through june 30, 20 squaen in the amount of 80 thousand dollar plus 10 percent contingency for total not to exceed tw 14, 118 dollars. can
1:26 am
where have a motion to discus? >> [inaudible] good morning president james commissioner and director hinten. aaron low the [inaudible] i a little more than nothing. >> thought maybe i should say something before. >> dos receives approximately 3 imillion for the broad band technology program. ologist known as [inaudible] in sept2010. for the national telecommunication and nrfshz rf information agency administration. dos worked with thederment paf otechnology and many other community partner tooz install 250 computers at 55 locations across srf for seniors and disability. at the onedf the year eurogrant the city and county of san francisco continue funding for this program and called it sf connect it which is funded
1:27 am
through june of 2016. as of february 2015 community livingcome pain completed a ink baiter stage of establishic the tech council. commissioner james was at the last meeting which included interviews of 807 stake holder across the city of different leadership and positions including government, business community based partners. this council was unique in membership includes those type of organization rosales so zee membership from the government, leadership across the city, folks from business including microsoft, kaiser and many community based partners so it is a unique program and director hinten was asking around her network andnone said there is something slatise in the u.s. the tech council was established to insure those san
1:28 am
franciscos meet lack access to technology and internet and have the availability to it. [inaudible] digital inclusion for oldser adults and people with disabilities so all can participate in the city connect it community. it advajss the goal that technological innovation can enhance the well being and marginalize san franciscan. the 808 thousand will provide support required to continue the tech council. as we mentioned earlier it needs funding to help with facilitation and staff to help keep the organization running. 60 thousand will be used on consult squnt [inaudible] with clc staffing and support of the tech council. i think approval for this contract modification. any questions? >> any comment from
1:29 am
commissioners, questions? any questions? hearing none, i'll call for the vote. is there public comment? hearing none i'll call for the vote. all in favor? opposes? is have it so the motion is carried. item c. request a authorization to modify the grant agreement in san francisco village for the provision of senior village modeled for seniors adults with disability. during the period of [inaudible] in the amount of 400,000 plus 10 percent contingency not to exceed
1:30 am
770,000. we have mike zaug. >> can i have a motion to discuss? >> i want to break it apart. it is a little confusing how the funding work said. san francisco came before the villain in january 24 of this year. we did a grant renew for 3 years at 100 thousand dollars per year of 300 thousand total. during the city budgeting process and through the mayors budget, additional funding was made available and i want to note there was a-it was reported as board of supervisor pluny and it was part of the mayors baujt. that additional funding that came outf of that budget is before you today so it is modifying the 3 year contract adding 200 thousand on to this year, 200 thousand to
1:31 am
next year and then it ends and it will drop back to the original base contract, the 100 thousand dollars in fiscal year 17/18. san francisco village was launched in 2009. their program monitoring showed membership of 325. i'm informed that continued to grow and membership is now at 355. the additional funding before you today is going towards 3 main components, increase staff, strengthen program infrastructure and outreach and membership. first for the staffing component, we'll see a increase in staffing on the contract from 1.1 full time employees to 2.2 full time employee. the additional staff time is going to be for the increased capacity for member service and supporting from the other funding objectivesism part of the money goes to a
1:32 am
refreshed website and new data base system. particularly the new data base will be helpful in tracking client data and client service request. finally, money going towards incraes advertising and outreach to drive new mbship for san francisco village. they are planning fall and spring membership drive and this will have target mailings to senior in specific nairbld followed up by community meetings in those neighborhood to provide additional information about the village program and membership. they have tried this method in the past few months and found it is successful so would like to continue those outreach efforts and replicate them with this additional funding. with that said, are there any questions from the commission?
1:33 am
>> commissioner sims. >> i'm back to there diversity drum to beat on it. it was addressed a few minutes ago >> sure >> by the directors comment but i would just like to advocate that a great deal of scrutiny be giveren to outcomes over the course of the budget years where the city funding is going in. if it is a private enterprise they can do what they with. public money from a taxpayer base we need to be sure that the efforts are targeting the entire population and not specific segments of our population, so i am continued to be just a little nervous about whether or not outreach to broad populations is as thoughtful and carefully structured and monitored as it
1:34 am
could be. >> i know that within this program some of their other initiatives including diversifying the board of directors which would hope to drive increased diversity and developing relationship with louckal chunchs to outreach to them and try to- >> i think dollar is a lot bigger opportunities with agencies service populations in the city that can be partners and this body funds those agencies on a regular basis so there is a condwight of conversation that is available should they choose to exercise it. >> commissioner. >> i have 2 questions, maybe 3. i understand that they have offers which is located in the institute on aging >> yes >> however, i did not see the
1:35 am
budget for the expenses in the operating budget, are they getting them for free? >> no they are paying that through their other funds. >> okay. and the other one is like the year, 17 to 18, there is no operating budget at all. the last page. >> uh-huh. that year will be carried by other funds. >> okay. then on the member services on the last page, what is that? >> that is the idea in the next year, so when someone first joins this village program there are initial benefit they get. one of them now is a contractor will come out to your home and do a safety assessment for free and that is a cost that is born by the village. the plan is to use
1:36 am
that money to develop a new member benefit like that in the next year. >> thank you. >> i would ask staff to go back and look at the third year because it is nigh understanding money in baseline for multiple years continues forward but i know these programs will be going out to bid at some point so it is baseline but not necessarily designated. during a bidding process it will be different but ask thereat we look at the 2017 and 18 number. then we can come back with a amendment if that is what we need to do. i don't want to stop this today because we need to move these contracts forward as much as it is possible to do. >> i do think you are correct
1:37 am
on that >> does that suggest-i thipg i'm stuck but does that mean if there is a amendment to this it could include a more rigorous look at diversity strategy and accountability? >> yes and if we were to present a amendment to this commission i would know that we would need to be reporting on that and have those embedded in the future contract as well. >> we are talking about the year 2017 there will be that? >> i am saying i think we need to check and make sure that this shouldn't read 200,000 of general fund dollars for the mayors office and not 2 because it is my understanding and it just changed in the last few year squz we had differing opinions but it is my understanding now if money goes
1:38 am
into baseline for more than one year it is a continuing baseline augltation. the contracts have to go to bid and we have to follow our processes but the money comes into our department in our baseline so we just want to double check on that and if that is the case we would come back with that year added on. >> any other comment? okay, i'll call for the vote. is there public comment? i think it is after the vote. you want to make it before? bridget. come on with your public comment before? . no no if it
1:39 am
effects what we may vote-that the way she has it put here >> my comment are not directed at the vote. andrew shar lack and others have researched the movement of metrix andeds based and if the commission rz have questions about additional measures there is a lot of research going on with that. there is really a certain evaluation mechanisms in place which are not part of the contract but should be considered if there are additional review not as part of the contract. for instance metrix on cont airj and care coordination because the purpose of the village movement is bring people together to have grating connectivity so people can support but some of the outcomes will present socialization or aging in place longer as people go through
1:40 am
whourfb illnesses they have so there are research metrics that are nolt part of the contract but i urge research being done to augment the discussion because the different model ozf the village will not go away and there will be a revaluation piece that is more research based. >> last name oof the professor >> andrew sharlack. he is at berkeley social welfare >> any other comment at this time? hearing none i'll call for had vote. all in favor? opposes? is have it so the motion is carried. thank you. next item on the agenda is the last item, request authorization to review the
1:41 am
[inaudible] golden gate senior suvs for provision of senior village [inaudible] during the period of october 1, 2015-september 30, 2016. in the amount of 75,000 plus 10 percent contingency for amount not to exceed 82, 500. can i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved >> the golden gate villain is a newer hybrid of model between a community sent squr the village model. the golden gate village is based out of the richmond senior center and is very new program. i think it was first conialized towards the end of twen 14 with funding starting in january of 2015. before you today is a additional year of
1:42 am
funding for the upcoming fiscal year. by blending the models the way it works is by being based in the richmond senior center the program can leverage the recourses there such as the space and staffing and computer lab, some of the other programs on site such as adrc and meal program but with the village model it reaches to the richmond district which is their service area with village time things so requiring a membership base and offering a [inaudible] and offering the services [inaudible] again service areas is the richmond district. an idea here is to build upon client already attending the community center and seeing if they are interetc.ed in this add level of service and reaching into the community and drawing in
1:43 am
people who may not be reg yeerl accessing that community center. popular activities include a musical weekly concert on site. a neighborhood walking group organized by the members who lead them. the conaurj services to help with rerl to business and assistance with transs portation and household help. currently sthr are 31 members of golden gate village. we have done site monitoring myself and predecessor [inaudible] throughout the past 6 months or so and see continuous development and growth of the program. that's it. happy to answer any questions. >> any questions? commissioner
1:44 am
loo. >> i'm just comparing the 2 program and the cost. for the -it seems like for the golden gate one they get 75,000 per year and only serve 45 members. the cost for each member is 1660-1066 and for the san francisco village is 300 thousand but they serve 345 clients and the cost is 803 dollars each and i'm wondering why such a big difference in cost. i know golden gate when when you start a program it cost more. >> it is about that it is just a new program and they haven't
1:45 am
been able to build up their membership base where you see those types of numbers. we have 45 members is the target goal for the knh coming year and by no means will they stop when they reach 45. i set that number as a reasonable goal to meet to show continued growth but they may well exceed that and get closer to the analysis that you are looking at. >> i think a problem we have in some of these programs is they have been not baseline funding, it is one year at a time and it is hard i think when you only get one years funding to push a program out in a way that you need to knowing you will have money the next year. that also happened with next village and san francisco village. that is another part of the newness phase but it is hard. usually money comes in multiyears and you know what you can do, but
1:46 am
one year at a time makeatize difficult for the agencies in terms of planning and putting in place for the following year. >> thank you. >> commissioner sims >> i'm curious about the hybrid component of this. since it is hubbed out of the richmond senior center, the core population of members are likely to be people who are already participating in senior programming at the richman center? >> surprisingly so far the membership is a even balance of new people coming in to the village. >> sthra membership fee these people will pay or have paid? >> hat is in the process. it is free right now. there is discussion over a future fee or perhaps other ways for the member tooz invest back into the program
1:47 am
>> it doesn't feel like a hybrid, it feels like a extension of richmond senior center program so how is it different from something the senior center may just do to expand services in the area? >> i distinction would be that the village like services are not otherwise offered at richmond senior center and that there was just not thp funding to just decide to do that to move away from the community services they are funded at. i see what you are saying but- >> i think the other thing is now that we see the board and mayor we'll see funding in these areas is for the department to step back and look at these very things. in my mind part of what make as village a village is fwauz because people pay a membership
1:48 am
but the hybrid is something that only got funded which was the first year and had much less time to think about that. we have been looking at the pal o alto model as well. some of this we are learning as we go trying to determine what are the best practices but also what makes a village a village and then to mikes comment as well that we know that the richmond senior center would not have offered this service or other things unless this had happened. we are hoping by sometime this year to-and way before the rfp goes out to come to a real conclusion what we believe as a department meets a village model and then what looks like a hybrid model >> there is no private for profit component to this one at
1:49 am
all? >> not at this time. you mean like a membership fee? >> right >> that's right. >> i have a question as we go along with this village concept. when you establish fees what-does it membership decide, is there a board where the membership decides how much the fee is? because what if they want somebody to be in theville village and the members decide to pay their fee for them? >> a adult child could pay the fee. i don't know it matters who pays it is the fact there is a membership fee and hat is what is difference from a senior center or the free services we offer all over the city to anybody who wants to
1:50 am
access those services. >> i'm thinking it may be a group of people who live in the community who wants this person to be part and get this help and they decide that we want to contribute more to pay this persons fee do they have a right to do that? >> yes. >> this is what i'm saying in the african american community which might happen in terms of the way we see a village operating is that we see need and we know this person need it and she lives in the community and we are going to extend the services and so i'm saying is that applicable to the village concept here? >> yes, i think what you are getting at is can someoneential pay the fee for someone and the answer is yes like a scholarship or gift that is fine. when the village is
1:51 am
developed the initial folk squz there is usually a board of directors and- >> so you do have a board of directors? >> they look at a business plan and look at what they want their village to look like, how much that will cost and how they are going figure how to get that funded. >> okay. any other questions? okay. hearing none, public comment at this time. any public comment? hearing none i'll call for the vote. all in favor? opposes? ayes have it so the motion carries. we asked for public comment. any announcements? please come forward.
1:52 am
>> [inaudible] support of the tech council and introduce [inaudible] new consultant that will help to staff this effort. there is a lot of buzz but the comcast opportunity that start in october or nrfb and the tech council is a place where we can talk to comcast and plan and shape it and get the world out and if it sunset going the way we think it should go it is a public place to steer that. the second thing i want to mention we are honoring ann hinten at our annual event this month on september 17 at the [inaudible] from 5:30 to 8 and it has many things an rb likes which is silence auction squz fun picture jz networking so if you haven't got a invenitation we one here for you. 3rdly, we are hosting the 4th annual aging while black forum at it
1:53 am
bookman on the 19th of september and it is from 10 to noon and include lurch and the topics are presented by leaders in that community and include technology and issues of food scrurt both of which are concerns of us and the commission as well so we have fliers for that as well on the table. thank you. >> hi everyone. jessica lameen with senior and disability action. i have 2 announcements one is a long term carecordinator council is holding a event called party with a purpose and it is coming up on friday october 23 so mark your calendar squz hope many in the room will attend t. is 1230
1:54 am
to 530 at the san francisco libery. it celebrates the long term council and recognize the accomplishments of the past 10 years [inaudible] we are working on bringing together people from community organizations and dos of course, some private business people as well as individual seniors and people with disabilities who live in san francisco and will have small groups to get peoples ideas what we need to do to make san francisco aging and disability friendly [inaudible] and a major national leader in the age friendly movement. so, anyway this is the flier that we'll have copies going around so keep a eye out for that and we are asking people to register in advance so we can getd a idea how many people. i'll make my second
1:55 am
announcement quick. if is fund raiser season. [inaudible] has the annual celebration. september 10 you may have seen this invitation. if you haven't seen it or you haven't sent in your reply to get a ticket please let me know and i have more of these to give out today. we are not honoring individuals but we are recognizing the win a frumuni as well as the 25 anniversary of americans with disabilities act so hope some of you will attend. thank you. >> any other public comment? any other announcements? public comment? at this time? public comment at this time? >> this will be a group effort.
1:56 am
i'm kate [inaudible] with san francisco village and i'm joined by susanfore on the board of director. jacklen [inaudible] who is ecexative director of next villain san francisco. i'll start off by thanks you for your investment in this grewing movement where we are thrilled. we understand your questions and i honor your questions and i welcome them. the questions of diversity we struggle with all the time so my question is how do we crack the code? how do we reach into communities in this diverse city of san francisco and welcome people ofall ethnicity and raise and lgbt communities. we are making progress, i want you to know that. and so our vision to have a membership that reflectathize diversity of this city so want you to know
1:57 am
we are working towards that. we are only 6 years old so we are young and gaining traction but think it will take a little while and as ann has said she things of herself as a investor in a start up and i hope you do too. this investment that you are making in us is to build up this infrastructure and development the capacity we need to say welcome and we want you to be a part of this. i thank you for your thoughtfulness and support of us. we are very grateful. thanks. >> what see said. the only thing i would like to add on that is i want to thank mike and rose for the job they did on the research. we have been trying to get our arms aroun income level and what people
1:58 am
need. i'm coprez ont nationalville tooj village network which ask the session of all the villages in the country and they are looking to san francisco mini ways as a leader. the arrangement of san francisco village and next village and richmond center has is quite unique and shows a level of innovation and thoughtful ness and creativity that doesn't exist everywhere. i appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to look at this because it is exciting and has great potential for leveraging the resources in the community. i also like to say i'm delight today work with the tech council.
1:59 am
>> [inaudible] that is 2014 data t is 2014 and it is september, we have 226 members and all most 95 of those are asian pacific islanders and have a strong lgbt members in the news letjure provide information about the events and translated fl to chinese and provide out reach to the lgbt community so that is helping. i think we mentioned last month we have a partnership with lift. it is the first in the nation where we can for members without cell phones can provide a ride in a moments notice and wrote a small grant if that and have funding so if you don't have a smart phone you are left out of
2:00 am
the shared economy so we are able to provide rides. first we try to find a volunteer but from there if we need to we try the city car share partnership and move to lift. we have a lot of wonderful collaboration. we have a collaboration with stanford and do the new member intake and are able to create circles of connectivity between the members. a example of that, the san francisco opera is playing in golden gate park and look at the members who are interested and connect them and create a event. it helps build partnership z connections. the last thing is we wrote a grant we distributed disaster kits we custom designed for the members in the event of a earthquake along with understood and partnered with the food bank on
2:01 am
that. that is a first in the nation as well. we are inveeed by the rest of the countries. thank you. by the way, we do have our fund raiser on halloween. >> thank you. is that public comment? hearing none, others? we have a motion to adjourn, can i have a motion? i didn't hear it. >> so moved >> and second. >> moved and second that we adjourn. thank you very much. .
2:02 am
>> hello. thank you everybody for coming to our launching of the keep chinatown clean program i'm rita executive director with chinese newcomer services we're very thankful to be funded by the city we want to thank you, mayor ed lee, supervisor christensen the board of supervisors, and office of economic workforce development i'm sorry oewd office of victim of crime
2:03 am
workforce and development is he the department of public works for helping us keep chinatown clean last year, we've been sweeping and power wash the streets in chinatown and this year because of the water cut back we won't be power washing but we'll be sweeping twice a week one the benefits of the program we're able to over jobs to some of our newer immigrants that have not job skills and english for some of them their first job in the u.s. a training opportunity for everyone this year we're asking everyone to step up this is merchant and pedestrians, children, parents everyone who walks along the streets of chinatown can help we're providing 2 hundred free garbage cans that people have a
2:04 am
place to toss their garbage after they have the paper or finish their drinks some placed to throw it so for the merchants on the street we're going to provide garbage cans so they can walk along chinatown and joy enjoy taylor walk and have a place to toss their endanger instead of waiting one or two blocks in addition, we're working with 20 volunteer merchant to help to prove their business to help to get ready for the opening of the street. >> i. >> do solemnly swear. subway it might be helping them get on yelping or putting the signage of wifi or better memos for people that don't speak everyone understand the memo we want the chinatown to be a welcoming
2:05 am
place i i don't want to go on too long we have special guests we have honored the mayor mayor ed lee who has done so so much for our city i'll let the mayor come and speak and share his ideas thank you very much. >> (clapping.) thank you good morning, everyone. welcome. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> waiverly plays i want to say thank you to rita and the suppressors and the movement of keeping chinatown clean when i first maintained julie christensen i knew sheriff's going to be a good supervisor she would let's sit down and talk about the budget that's what the supervisors do they meet with the mayor the budget represented what we want to do a city for each and in this
2:06 am
district 3 in the community i know at the heart of supervisor christensen's work she want to make sure there's a robust resources to side everything we need to do to keep this area and the district lively, robust and support our small businesses, our families associations time to have a great chinatown and she made sure because of the central subway and the construction of the water systems and the utility systems we're going to be very kind of disruptive to chinatown at the very dense populated area i know the merchant have been speaking to her they've express the same thing to the director of the office of economic workforce development todd and working together particularly with supervisor christensen leadership we identified a
2:07 am
number of things we can do but it began with someone everybody in this neighborhood thomas a. swift's electric rifle taxes bride in the cleanliness of our town with all the dust and breaking up of the road we want to make sure the residents in the small businesses receive the benefit of a clean neighborhood and so how does that work we go to our communities based organizations the smart thing about this and the smart thing the supervisor did was to make sure the chinese newcomers led the way not only are reclean power up but hiring residents from this location to do that job when you hire the people to do the job there's a deeper respect not only the streets major corridors that probably have more dust because of the contradiction but each and every
2:08 am
historic alleyway (calling names) all those alleys that i know are famous to the geography and the typography of chinatown we're not just residents live and work and the businesses are there but thousand of visitors everyday want to camp come and see the alleyways and see where the future cookie sheriff's deputies shops and the small restaurants and teahouses ross the unique parts of chinatown has to offer as part of the extraordinary center it is that is also where hundred if not thousands of people live i know the residents and the seniors appreciate this cleanliness it is to signal what supervisor christensen and i are going on a citywide basis but begins in chinatown getting
2:09 am
everybody together let's respect our community and make sure we do that with the talent that is here i know the members of the chinatown clean campaign many of them live and participate in an alive way hats off to the to supervisor christensen to make sure that as a priority in here approach to the budget in district 3 and always thinking about the residents of chp and all the district and areas in district 3 but at the same time the newcomer service for the incredible work to help your gun points be a full pledge citizenship offering that traditional classes and help people and hold their hands to make sure they understand what to be a fulfill fledge residents that's that's the real story about immigration people want to
2:10 am
have paths to citizenship the negativity on the national news the immigrants that come to chp we assist them documented a documented to make sure they're good participants this this is how we keep our chinatown robust and vibrant thank you to everybody that is here today let's go to work i've got my jacket off we'll work with our businesses and associations to do so and this is really how the strength of chinatown continues to be thriving our government working together with the businesses and our nonprofits to benefit the residents of this district thank you very much. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> everybody thank you (clapping.) >> thank you very much mayor ed lee for carrying out the visioning visions for a better chinatown next our supervisor
2:11 am
julie christensen in the first three weeks on the job she was out there meeting the merchant to find out to how to improve and help out the merchant no chinatown i know every day she's helpings helping us in our communities thank you so much supervisor christensen (clapping.) >> so i'm just looking around isn't it beautiful the flags are flawing weaverly alley is clean it smells good we want it to be like this amendment so i'm very, very glad for all this attention as a commitment and supervisor i've been spending a lot of time talking to people knock on over 2 thousand doors in the last couple medias and spending time in chinatown in the buildings and sros and talking to business
2:12 am
leaders the one thing it always comes up i wish chinatown was cleaner everybody mentioned that the pea mayor is here and oewd and public works to flower the fact we understand this is important it is important to the people that live in chinatown it is important to people like me that live nearby to shop and work and important to the visitors that help to keep our economy strong we know that is an important goal for chinatown i'm very grateful to the mayor for helping me with the funding to help keep chinatown clean we have extra money going to public works for additional street cleaning and steam cleaning i found guys out on saturday and sent them to a particular spot for more cleaning i'm grateful to rita and the folks at the
2:13 am
chinese newcomer for spearheading this program in their great steward and i'm grateful for the success in getting from programming going and misrepresenting i see the folks as another partner to keep things clean so i think i've been in office maybe 2 weeks when i was traveling with the reporter florpt of one of the things and a big pizza box on the street i picked up when i see trash on the street the reporter is taking my picture offer it it okay for inform periphery to pick up trash on the sidewalk the truth is yes none of us are too important or too much in a hurry to not do our parting the other things about chinese newcomers we have the city that is going a lot public works picks up 7 tons of trash everyday in our city streets 7 tons
2:14 am
public works is working with hard and the mayor and i have gotten extra money for extra cleaning by public works in chinatown and individuals needs to do their part property owners need to keep their sidewalk in front of their business and residence criterion so everybody needs to pitch in i see business owners out with their broom and dust palace out thank you. we as citizens do our part but the chinese newcomers fills in the gaps between the programs and helps to provide he special attention so we're grateful for their everyone, everyone needs to pick up one piece of trash a day and weave will i alley will look like this amendment thank you for your attention everybody. >> (clapping.) thank you so much supervisor
2:15 am
christensen and the mayor in making sure we have a great community next we'll to invite todd from the office of economic workforce development their overseeing the program. >> thank you rita so much the mission of the office of economic workforce development is to support san francisco's trying cholesterol corridors and neighborhoods and small businesses and hope help to train and prepare the residents for good jobs through the mares job and supervisor christensen oewd is proud we have hundred amend $35,000 to fund the new experience o commerce i'm assessing it obviously helps to keep chinatown clean for residents and visitors and shoppers as well as the city to enjoy and second it provides job opportunities for chinatown
2:16 am
residents good job training and work experience to prepare them for the workforce in san francisco but it is a part of i think an important broader initiative through the mares leadership and the mayor's office initiative this excludes direct outreach to san francisco and chinese merchant francis from the office of economic workforce development speaks mandarin and cantonese is reaching out to more than 9 hundred businesses every quarter visiting and connecting them to resources an important parts there the mayor and prioritization we're reaching out to merchant and providing the assistance they need, and, secondly, providing direct assistance to help businesses be stronger investing in important programs like helping businesses
2:17 am
compile with the americans with disabilities act over a hundred businesses through the mayor's leadership and the supervisors advocacy program and investing in storefront and on powell and brooding and on stockton and finally focused on helping to drive new traffic newspaper visitors and shoppers to chinatown later actually in october a new program we're partnering with c y c is focused on halloween and helping to celebrate halloween here in chinatown another important one i'm proud the second year we're doing the shop chinatown campaign to help local merchants and bring more people to chinatown those are important initiatives that speaks to the marries direction to our office that we need to continue to invest in our neighbors and small businesses one final point i want
2:18 am
acknowledge and thank to rita on partnering in that important program it thank you very much. >> chp. >> thank you todd and oewd next up we have from the dpw department of public works that helped to clean out streets is stephen is he here. >> oh, great, thank you. >> i'm here to work how about the rest of you laura thank you very much mayor ed lee and rita and it takes us altogether let's get to work and pick up the trash thank you. >> wait do you want to talk about our 311 program oh, great. >> this is partial i didn't you probably see here around
2:19 am
chinatown and giving violations in none pay attention this is how peach i didn't informed dpw about the violation and help them to correct their situations. >> hello firstly i don't just give citations we is a whole team to make sure that people know of the codes if tare innovate aware that's when we inform them after several warns we give a citation we're not just a citation office there are many ways to report things i see and we do ask people if at the see something to report it firstly the city codes as an this is available on our website but 311, 311 is a free service if you have a smart phone you can download the app for the retirees i can show you later if
2:20 am
you speak any kind of language tagalog or whatever if you call 311 and request for the specific language that you'd like they can accommodate you if you like to download the app it is free and they are different types of indications if there is a pole toppled over you can take a picture and report it to 311. >> can you list the things the kinds of things they can report. >> it is not - yes there are categories they can list types of things that you can report if it isn't there, there is a way to do it as well. >> the stoplights out. >> dimpling a you and street lights out an address not
2:21 am
sufficient service broken curbs and situations thank you, mayor. >> potholes. >> lights that are not working any frovrment anything if if is not in the category there's a way to report it as well. >> they can download as sf 311. >> sf 311 is the app name, again it is free it is blue that yeah has the golden gate bridge it is golden gate bridge and says official at the bottom that is good. >> really good. >> yeah. a great app. >> okay. thank you so much peach i didn't if i have trouble or not the 311 app go to chinese
2:22 am
newcomers facebook and download it we also have for the retirees all the brochures we have passed out to merchants to teach them about the codes and how to compile we're thankful to dpw to helping to keep chinatown criterion we all have to help expelling does a good clean up and have someone dump a how long bag of trash at pigeons attack it, it is no use we want everybody to help this year thank you and we have a message from one of our merchants mr. alumni from the boiling trim he's going to be one of the volunteers to help improve his business and get ready for the opening of the central subway
2:23 am
mr. alumni. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) so thank you, mr. alumni he actually have's wifi if his restaurants noticing nobody know see about it it smaller than the business cards we'll help everybody to get the word out to
2:24 am
hang out in a place to rest and going to have jenny our ambassador say a couple of words we can't have all our street cleaners come up she'll say a few wor
2:25 am
few words. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) thank you so much and jenny thanks to our mayor ed lee and supervisor christensen for all the work just a couple of words from our president of the board albert tan. >> good morning and welcome i'm the president of the chinese newcomers center on behalf of the center i'm here to show our support our city mayor, mayor ed lee and supervisor julie to continue to supports and funding of this program this program is
2:26 am
virtually to the newly immigrants to provide a job while their locking to generate more revenue for the city to keep chinatown clean and more tourists doing they're shopping and diane so we both have an vantage on this we sincere since this proposal is running successfully as the mayor and julie and we have to keep both in the office okay. thank you very much (laughter) (clapping). >> great, thank you al better again, we cannot thank mayor ed lee and supervisor christensen for working together on those programs so - >> we will okay. this is our prototype next week we'll be giving out the free trash can
2:27 am
for the merchant to everybody is on board to keep chinatown clcln >> san francisco recreation and parks department offers classes for the whole family. rec and parks has a class for
2:28 am
everyone. discover what is available now and get ready to get out and play. henri matisse. frida kahlo. andy warhol. discover the next great artist. get out and play and get inspired with toddler classes. experience art where making a mess is part of the process. classes and the size the artistic process rather than the product. children have the freedom to explore materials at their own pace and in their own way. talks love art, especially when they died into the creative process -- dive into the
2:29 am
creative process. at the end of the classes, they have cleaned and washup. great way to get out and play. for more information, visit that out and play and get into the groove. rec and parks offers dance classes for seniors. first-time beginners or lifetime enthusiasts -- all are welcome. enjoy all types of music. latins also, country and western. it is a great way to exercise while having lots of fun. seniors learn basic moves and
2:30 am
practice a variety of routines. improve your posture, balance, and flexibility. it is easy. get up on your feet and step to the beat. senior dance class is from sf rec and park. a great way to get out and play. >> for more information, . >> we'll call the meeting to order role commissioner pating i'll note to here commissioner singer commissioner chung commissioner sanchez and sxhashgs the second item on the agenda is the approval of the minutes


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