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tv   Police Commission 101415  SFGTV  October 17, 2015 7:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> president lofts i would like it call roll. >> please do >> commissioner prosedant loftus here.
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commissioner termman is excused. commissioner marshall, commissioner dejesus, present. commissioner [inaudible] commissioner hwang [inaudible] president loftus you have a quarm. also with us tonight is cheer gregory suhr and joyce hicks >> good eerfckening and welcome to the october 14 police commission meeting to everyone who is here to so many faces here and everyone watching at home, welcome. >> item 1, general public comment. the public is welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on toonts agenda but within the subject matter. people shall address the remarks to the commission as whole. under police commission rule order [inaudible] commission are require today respond to questions
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present bide the public but my provide a brief response. refrain from entering in debates. please limit your comment to 3 minutes. >> any general public comment? no problem. good evening mrs.
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brown, welcome >> my name is paul etbrown and here once again concerning my son [inaudible] i look a little wild today but that is what happens when you are grieving and going through things. you don't want to spruce up, but i'm concerning my son obru[inaudible] murdered august 14, 2006 [inaudible] to this day still no [inaudible] perpetrators or closure for myself. i just want to congratulate london breed
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and cohen but the 250 thousand dollar reward even though i have mine already. i am i-it is a victory for me the other mother jz fathers will get this also. i want to say even though we have this, i had this for 9 year jz still no one has come forth and think if we have this this needs to be-we have no venue. we need to be in the public face daily. [inaudible] dmv, moter vehicles so the perpetrators can see their victim because if they don't see it no one will come forth. all these other young men are homicide victim cases not solved and as a brought up last time before they have the names. these names on are my sons
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case. thomas hannble [inaudible] anthony carter, [inaudible] they are still walking the street to kill again. [inaudible] is getting out next year, in august. he supposedly killed my son so he is getting out. what will happen with that? i say that because this is what he left me with. this is what he left me with. this is what all those names left me with. i'm not ashamed to bring this up, i need to. i need had perpetrators off the street. we need a venue for childrens picture. give us a memorial and put the childrens names up so some the mother cz feel better than they do. this is what they see in their minds every day, what i look at. >> thank you mrs. brown
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>> we do need a venue for our children. please consider that. consider that for our children. they have the police commission put my sons pictures on the bus a while ago, how come that can't happen again? can i use the overhead one more time before my minutes run out? by the police association, the san francisco police association put that on the bus again, can that happen again >> if anyone has information [inaudible] 415-575-444. 4. >> i could go new and boston but i'm here in san francisco. we have 2 cases pending right now. right now.
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one is aclu lawsuit of 14 or 15 year old black male was pulled out of his car, thrown to the pavement by sfpd thmpt kid was in college. you are aware of what i'm talking about. you are aware. we have to deal with mrs. lopez. mr. lopez was cambodian. sfpd said [inaudible] with a knife. somehow according to the corner he died from a gun shot wound to the back. i'm logical. if i come at yoi with a knife i look at you in the face, how do i get a gun shot wound to the back? kind of weird. i turned around, but if i turn around i'm no longer a threat. i turned
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around and have my knife and no longer a threat. there were undercover officers in the mission. hum, hum, hum, hum. kind of weird, hu? kind of weird. the young man, the college kid he wasn't driving the car. you guys know the specifics, you do, but how do we handle it? well, we'll handle it. we'll handle it. we'll handle it. we'll write a check and make it all go away but conduct most likely will not change. most likely will not change. sadly but true. i have been around a while. i have seen this happened 40 years ago. today we are fortunate, we will have body cameras and video, all this, but
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you know sometimes it makes me cry. i'm not stupid. wait a minute, how do you get shot in the back when you are [inaudible] at a cop. i spoke to a cop [inaudible] the whole thing was strange. he was stealing a bike. that is your decision. >> thank you . any further general public comment? >> you see in front of you 85 years old homeless mane. it is only in the united states this fasest terrorist country with san francisco police with this hitler chief. evict 6
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people. 6 people came at 12 o'clock at night. why at night? it is kgb when they didn't want to know and gestapo. they evict san francisco police evicted 85 years old on the street to die. it is interesting, you are sitting here commission and this fascist police-do you know that homeless people not my age only, but homeless people eating from garbage can? drinking from garbage can to go to toilets they can't and that is quhie they do it in
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[inaudible] because it is no toilet on the street. [inaudible] i asked the captain of the ship how much cost [inaudible] he said many billions, not millions. many billions for this billions you could make home for 5 million from new york to san francisco and los angeles. terrible country and what terrible mistakes i made since i went from russia. russia is not good
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too, but nobody of 85 years they are sent on the street to die. god punished them. >> any further public comment? hearing none public comment is closed. >> item 2 reports and announcement. 2 a chief rereport discussion and review oaf activities. status update of 6.09 domestic violence [inaudible]
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emily murase, minouche can del. bevly up ton, katie albright, abigail, stewart kahn. shery ezhuthachan, mollie brown [inaudible] >> if you allow me i would to take number 2 as 1 and go over recent activities. >> that sounds like a great idea >> i would like to invite acting captain eddy santoze the the podium so he can tell a story >> the police commission, present loftus, chief suhr, members of
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the command staff and community. as you may be aware october is domestic violence awareness month. the police department and membererize commit today reducing domestic violence and providing service squz resources to the survivors of such tragic events. in a effort to provide the best services possible to domestic violence survivors and family, the saf police department worked collaboratively with memberoffs several key organizations which i'll introduce shortly. in january this year chief suhr assigned me to the special victims units and didn't realize what a big tang i had for me and was very [inaudible] to accept this position. it was then i began working with domestic violence
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advocates and city agencies in a effort to develop the best practice and provide service for our providers. in doing so, i have the wonderful opportunity to work with the most committed, drichben and dedicated people one could ask to work with. these are people who care about people and want the best possible outcome for those involved in a unfortunate live changing event. in order to provide the best possible service and practice we have to have knowledge of the service each organization or agency can provide. today i can say we have that knowledge. thoferb last 10 months together we have forged a partnership that has giveren the survivor a voice but a chance to have their life back. i can't thank enough the people i had the pleasure to work with. they
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are truly amazing leaders working together for a great cause. at this time it is my honor and plezer to have the opportunity to introduce you to the people that make it happen. with that said, we would like to present it following people with a certificate and recognition of appreciation for the work that they do with the police department and make our practice the best we can be. i would like to start off with- >> if i could read one this goes to liz aguilar tarchi of the district attorneys office. [inaudible] it reads in recognition of partnership commitment and contsbution to had san francisco police department special victims unit and domestic violence units on behalf the police
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commission i & san francisco police department you are hereby awarding this certificate of merit and appreciation. it is important that it be noted that commissioner loftus said and they have to be the good certificates. >> not that there are any bad ones. >> never ask a trial attorney not to speak. members of the police commission, president loftus, cheech suhr what a honor to be among this group but i cannot thank enough the work i have done over29 years as a prosecutor with chief suhr, started as a misdemeanor da. we collaborate and work as a team and rarely have difference squz what i
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appreciate stemming from chief suhr and captain santose it is never we need to look into that t is what do we need to do to make chairchgs so thank you so much for making the lives of these families lives safer and thank you chief suhr and captain santos. >> sylvia deporto. jackie ortiz from the district attorneys office victims services. >> thank you
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>> beverly upton, family violence counsel. >> i just want to thank the department and the community and to be in this group that is recognized tonight. we have done so much over the last decade and have so much more to do. i look forward to a bright future. thank you. >> abgal stewart kahn of the childrens advocacy center. >> thank you for having us >> doctor emilymer murase.
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[inaudible] please forgive the dodger blue >> [inaudible] gone 44 month without a single domestic violence homicide until [inaudible] that record would haven't been possible without the leadership of the commission and partnership with the police department and all the advocates mpt just want to thank you very much. we can do it again. we did it once before. minouche candle. >> i want to say how wonderful it is to be honored with advocates and city department staff. it is a honor to work with the city with such great collaboration, thank you.
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>> sherry ezhuthachan, childrens advocacy center. >> thank you so much. >> gina castro-rodriguez, victims services. >> thank you very much. >> mollie brown for huckleberry house. katie albright from the childrens abuse prevention center. >> on behalf the san francisco
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child abuse prevention sentser and my colleagues that so deeply dedicated to this work i want to thank the commission and police department. someone close to me said child abuse is a crime against the fuch squr humanity and can say the same about family violence but together we can end family violence and i'm so privileged to part with the commission and police department to make this happening. we can do this together so thank you for your deep partnership in continuing this work. >> last but not least our own police commissioner sonia melara. >> i will date myself a little
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bit here, but i'm thinking of 1975 when we went to the police department and talked about domestic violence and the police chief said, what is your problem? i looked at him and we looked at each other and we said, what is his problem? now i'm looking at this and thinking, we have come a long way. thank you so much. >> sonia i want to [inaudible] gracious in not saying the name of that chief >> the rest a googling chief in 1975 >> i don't have a certificate but have the upmost respect for everything captain santos has done through the drop program and the patient the group showed when they [inaudible]
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hang on to expertise and the work they have done and everything this group has done to make us a better police department. there is no way we get there without everyone behind me and under eddy's leadership. >> the commission wants you to have a group photo. >> did we bring our commission photographer? >> everybody come up to the front with the captain and we'll take a picture. >> i think if we could too maybe we can get the [inaudible] captain ewins is
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back there. >> come on captain ewins, you are up. >> are the commissioners in the photo. ? >> commissioner melara, you are
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needed as a commissioner. to all these awardees, so many want to say
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something to you. >> thank you president loftus and thank you everyone for being here tonight and all the work you have done. 25 years ago i had my first domestic vilnss case and jackie ortiz which in the district attorneys office and rick forman was onef of the first prosecutors and we didn't have the support and different organizations helping back them so this is a great development and for all of you involved in domestic violence cases thank you so much bah we know as prosecutors it is the most dif cut case and commissioner loftus and [inaudible] it has come a long way and the cases i'm sure are still difficult but have support so thank you for all you have done, it is incredible and appreciate it. >> i just want to thank everybody and
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the captain, this is great and think what the chief said i want to eco it, you make the department much better with all the expertise and knowledge. i [inaudible] was a class mate of mine in law school. she was a district attorney when i was a public defender so known her a long time and mrs. ortiz know her as well and know everybody else by reputation and proud of everything that you guys have done and thank you so much. >> commissioner hwang, i want to eco that and recognize how fun it is to [inaudible] i remember liz coaching me through one of my last trialwise the sexual assault unit. i work with many of you and will be with doctor emily on friday so it is a pleasure to honor all you work on a day to day basis
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doing the front line trauma work and glad you finally got recognition for what you do. >> thank you commissioner and that is a perfect segue to what i wanted to say, i started off the meeting by saying so many familiar faces and people we worked with for so long. what i think is extraordinary about this group is you don't do the group for reward or award or anyone ever saying, thank you you do it because you are trying to make things better for kids and families and it is really hard work and that is quhai it is pornts to recognize what you do and encourage you and honor it is slsh to do what we hope to do which is end family violence and do a better job protecting kids and moms and families. thank you for what you do, thank you for being here after a long day and keep it up. closer
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remarks from doctor joe marshall >> i will just say i worked with a lot of young people who live in homes like this so it is bad on adults and really bad on kids. let's hope we can eradicate this and keep on moving. great, thanks. >> so chief did you want to go back to your report now or anything further? >> thank you. moving along with the last sal bruitary we view of events. this weekend-the week and weekend were busy so we were able to navigate getting president obama in and out on friday and saturday before the air show
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started on saturday afternoon. as knroi there is restricted air space when air force 1 flies so that was anxious but there were no problems. the columbus day parade went well. thank you commissioner mazzucco. it was as large as officer we have had in some time. a lot of that credit going to [inaudible] who feeling his italian pride he want ed to march with the other italian officers. other things that of a high note, we did graduate cadet class number 4 on std and have a total of 56 cadets. 45 are assigned to
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various stations and departments 11 are down at the public safety building. nbc did a feature on jason johnson, theophorouser that is doing such great work at hunters view. he is a reluctant celebty but does great work. on saturday [inaudible] the hall of justice. it is a program designed to [inaudible] human trafficking and member thofz san francisco and oakland chapter of the national black police officer association collected the donations. it was just a great event. our cay 9 unit participated in a event, bark in the park. i didn't make that up. saturday they did can nane
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demonstration with military personal elto show how some of the veterans get past ptsd. there was a couple examples in the media, the 3 referred to as drifters that committed a homicide in fairfax in marin county. we noticed all most immediately when we learned of that homicide the similarities to the golden gate park homicide were startling. we reached out immediately to marin county and compared notes and then when the yoga instructor victims veem was founds in oregon. very good case and that case will be prosecuted in marin county. they did make a apairns today but believe the
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arraignment is delayed to later in the month. also there was a suicide at the marriot mar key which revealed a sexual assault occurred. it appears we have to wait for the test to come back but believe the suspect that committed the suicide is the suspect in the sexual assault. the victim in very bad shape at the hospital is expected to ser vive. finally we had a fatal bicycle collision along market street. the bicyclist appeared to have gotten the tire stuck in the street car track jz traveling between 2 buses and went under a bus. very sadly but hope achieve vision zero within-by 2024, this is our 17th ped or bike
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fatality of the year. i wish i could conclude on [inaudible] >> pedestrian >> and bikes >> 14 pedestrian and 3 bikes >> chief, do you have last years number at this point in the year? >> i do not >> as a comparison point. that is helpful. commissioner mu zuke mazzucco, did you have a question? questions for the chief? i should look at my screen. commissioner hwang >> i ments to ask this question last week but there was a report in the media regarding a allegation of favoritism that academy and wondering if the department has a response >> the article was more inaccurate than
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accurate. i do know the recruit they are speaking of. that recruit was not extended in the academy. he had a initial failure and aloud to recycle which is often the case. he was successful in completing the academy and went into the fto program. he was struggling so this is often the case he was not extended and in the article it said 3 months and was allowed to go to a different station. sometimes a change of scenery awards the recruit to be successful and he was not successful and no longwer the police department. >> doctor marshall >> i just want to say and to the commission that officer jason [inaudible] was excellent. it is a great piece. i have it and if you want me to snd to you so you can see
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it i recommend everybody see it. he is just a great example of-if you want to use the term community policing and see a human being do it, it is jj. [inaudible] he makes everybodys job a lot easier. >> chief i have one question it was about the neighbor concerns on hate rr straight hate street for the youth of meth >> there was has been community complaint about hate rr straight for the first 4 blocks of h hate street. captain [inaudible] that you
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they bought meth, extusy, pills marijuana. we are tracking those cases through the da's office and additionally he put more foot paroles in the neighborhood and we are supporting him with more [inaudible] as more versatile and able to get around tool. it is important to note that when it was-somebody may have mentioned i don't know if through next door or neighborhoods conversations that the suspects spent time in buena vista park and it upset the neighbors further. there was a meetest last night, breed and san ford took the meeting and a lot of the energy in the meeting everybody thought it went well and we'll be helping with additional resources in that area until we get it
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to where the neighborhood believes it should be. >> great. great if you can keep us posted on that. any other questions for the chief? okay. chief do you have the next item on the status update on 6.09? welcome back up captain santos >> talking about the department [inaudible] 6.09 domestic violence. the way i see it from my position it is working. i think it is very well constructed and like to give you a idea of why i believe this order is working. we first start by looking at the training that is given in regards to 6.09. at the academy the department provides 14 houroffs domestic
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violence instructions to new recruit officers. our peace officer [inaudible] requires that the department gets 12 vlt you can see by the 2 extra hours these recruit officers are getting additional and more valuable training than the required 12 hours by post. those 14 hours of instruction include the department general order 6.08, 7.04, children of [inaudible] parents and 5.20, english proficiency as well they get present would the post [inaudible] domain and a video presentation. >> captain santos can i stop you a second? we are hear hearing about 6.09. we adopted it last year. there was questions about what the implications might be and
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changes to the way domestic violence is investigated and cros referlthism commission asked for the department to work with community partner jz who are here and working oen this to look at some of the way that the [inaudible] is rolling out. nrfgz information we have now and what we are looking to. we asked captain to report on the progress. captain sorry i didn't give the proper introduction >> looking at the implementation of department 6.09 we look to see how it is impacted the future based on the past. we looked at the referls to the family childrens services for 20s 13. there were 254 referrals and of those 17 children were removed from
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their homes, 6 were removed in respect to domestic violence. in 2014 there were 387 children referred to the family child services, of those, 34 remember removed and 17 were related to domestic violence. in 2015, we had 364 referrals. of that 16 children had been removed and 7 had been removed as a result of domestic violence. from the members that i have seen presented i think we are consistent. i don't see a spike in the numbers that have been reported. i think as a result our officers are really doing a tremendous job making referrals appropriately in the situations they are placed
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in. i think we have done well. now, as far as a breakdown of the race of the children that have been removed, i don't have that available. i reached out to the family children services and sieveia deporto the director of family children serviceicize out of town but we have been in e-mail communication and she'll look into that as soon as she gets back. as well we also looked at the family children service card we want to give to all the officers. there were 4 questions that the advocates have concerns about. language that needed to be addressed. we reached out to family children services and that will be coming shortly. i had a conversation
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with director deporto and assured we'll get this taken care of as soon as she gets back. >> are you referring to in the last piece the referral card officers will give to for example, a mother when the police officer made a determination to call family and child services because there were the various factors felony and arrest and other things present, a weapon and gun in the home, all the factors in the dgo, that is the card given to the woman or parent and let them know what to expect? >> that is correct. it helps guide them through the process so they can work through a difficult situation in a way that would make it easier for them. >> that is right. do you want to talk about the community par tisitation in the creation of that card?
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>> yes, i [inaudible] have a opportunity to work the advocates [inaudible] was tasked with that responsibility. he represented the special victims unit and worked to make sure the language in the card is currents and represents the best interest of all the advocate squz the services they provide. as well it is a construction of the great tool for the officers to have so they are not in the field wundsering what to do next. now they can give the card to the victim can confidence knowing that they have the opportunity to seek a resource that will help them. >> so the idea behind it is obviously therehas been a domestic violence arrest and because of the [inaudible] factors now family child services is brought in so it is information
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for the parent and mother to know exactly what to expect and what resources to avail herself of which is important we have the community partners involved because the whole idea is that a scary moment for the survivor of the domestic violence to think there is another system to interact with. is there anything else you want ed to the share as a update? >> like i said, i can't thank our advocates enough. i can't thank the commission enough for supporting the work that we do. domestic violence is truly a unfortunate incident and people that have to go through that it is a life changing event and an event nobody wants to go to. it is
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something children have to grow up trying to understand. now we have the tools to take the children involved in the ensdant including the victims and survivors and helping them toward the future so think it is a great collaborative effort by all and want to say thank you. >> okay. any questions for acting captain santos? did you want to invite-is there anyone in particular who youmented to invite up to speak as a partner to this work? >> would anybody want to come up? >> come on beverly. come on. >> thank you so much. we were here together a year ago last october and
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you were so gracious in adopting in looking at officer involved violence and new dgo. i think we still have work to do. i say that when i'm here, but we do. we want to make sure that the cross reporting with cps doesvent a chilling effect on the community and they will still call for help and not have a chilling effect [inaudible] the fear of a system is quite real. but i do think we made a huge difference and meet as much as we can and need to do more and think we'll be in better shape when we fully implement the [inaudible] questions that minush worked on the department adopted. i don't know if we
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are training on those yet. the know your rights cards will make this difference. we needed this yesterday so the sooner the better and new training and protocol to implement the djo. in some ways we have done okay but we haven't all our tools in place so we have kind of been flying under the radar for a year so we need to get all those tools that the community and department and commission committed to do. i'm glad the numbers are not terrible but let's get them better. let's have earlier intervention both in the community and with law enforcement so we are not seeing these situations where cps has to step in to a already terrible situation. we have a lot to do and can be proud of what we have done so far and thank you for your leadership. i also want to thank
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[inaudible] from asian pacific islander [inaudible] the language for the card and it is a honor to work with you all. >> commissioner hwang. >> in the past year i think i heard anecdotely about cases where the lap protocol wasn't filed and think there was one complaint filed with the occ regarding a incident with a moan lingual victim wasn't interviewed in the course. i wonder if the community or if acting captain santos has seen any of these cases or put that in the con text-have we seen use the language line [inaudible] is there anything to see if that protocol is working in the cases?
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>> again, i read a lot of police reports and think 609 is a success. quh you look at the language english proficiency general order we worked very closely with beverly upton and samara marian making sure that the process that we take is smooth. we had some issues that we noticed that we addressed when it comes to reporting. we are using that language access line much much more and i think if mr. marion was here i think she would state the same. we had meetings every month regarding the lap and at that meeting we scr a opportunity to discuss issues before us and any issues wevent resolved we are working to resolve so the language access line is
8:22 pm
working and we are move toog get a couple more languages installed so we can better serve a greater portion of the people that reside here in san francisco. >> one thing that is a benefit about the language access group is samara-commissioner melara attends to the extent to a issue comes up where there is a breakdown either deputy chief or someone at the levl attends the meeting so they try to troubleshoot in real time. doctor marshall. >> this is moving outside the scope of the [inaudible] if anybody-in the domestic violence cases that happened in the last year, is it still overwemingly male on female violence?
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it hasn't changed? the reason i ask is i hear the card being giver toon the mother. that is probably 95 percent the time. i wonder if that is still pretty much the scenario. >> commissioner marshall to answer your question, yes that is still the trend that occurring now. there hasn't been any significant change so we are still seeing male on female battery. >> thank you. >> other questions from the commission? abigail stewart kahn, welcome >> commissioner president loftus on behalf the child abuse prevention sentser we were here with our colleagues a year ago and want to offer or support for this order. reporting of domestic violence to xhiled protective services and the continued work with child pective
8:24 pm
services and police department is good for children and survivors of domestic violence if we do it correctly. it is really important those charged in the city with protecting children and keeping the safety know about those kids and it is equally important we provide the resource tooz the survivor parent so they can say connected to their child and be there with their child. they are their primary protection. what we would love to see more of is continued look of data on this to make sure it isn't having the chilling effect and the cases are managed in children service squz to work with children service squz the police department to understand the deep complexity families struggling with domestic violence on a daily basis. these are not open and shut cases and the more we can
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educate officeerse, child protective services the more we can support the children who are the victims and the parents who are also the victims of these crimes so thank you for your leadership around this hoard order and keeping the spotlight here >> the reason i ask that is because we want to eliminate this. what he is talking about the victims, the children who are the victims inch in the this case the women but don't see enough done with the perpetrators that put us in the situation we are talking about. we have to get to them so they don't do it in the first place. [inaudible] i need to know that so i can continue to step up the work in that area because we need to stop them from doing it in the first place >> i think commissioner melara has thoughts for you doctor marshall >> doctor masher one of the biggest voids that exist in the service
8:26 pm
is service for men. unfortunately there is nothing that is funded in san francisco or actually in most places the only place that services to men are available are mandated when there is a criminal case a probation department has services but that is about it. in those cases where there is no criminal case involved, there is nothing available and unfortunately that is where we are at and i love to think we can do something. i don't know how, but there is no funding available for men services when it comes to issues of anger management or stopping the violence. >> i do think that often times as terms of probation bl thereare a
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number of nationally iward winning programs in san francisco resolve to stop the violence and a number of other violence wuns someone is held accountable and on probation which we know there are so many challenges [inaudible] once we get there are programs. i just want to say we were here a year ago and had a discussion 2 years before that and think this is a good example we don't always agree completely but we will reject the notion that we'll choose between survivors oaf domestic violence and children. we will work together and keep resolving the issues. it is good to see we haven't seen a spike and need to stay vigilant. i appreciate the captain continuing. [inaudible] can help catch things maybe we forget. what we often say is policing is reacting to things happening but this is a commission that has a
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continued focus to make sure we see hoy the djo plays out and will continue to look at this and grateful for the partnership because it happens when you don't agree. the fact we are still at the table and talking about these things on behalf of kids and families so thank you to everyone who is here. yes, come on up. >> berry johnson here for [inaudible] i also wanted to thank you for the leadership in thir area and express or continued partnerb with sfpd. we are working on a protocol with captain santos and his lieu tinants and the cac and the child abuse prevention counsel. we are committed to working with advocates to provide improving service squz providing you all with the
8:29 pm
data you need to show we are not having a chilling effect on reports. >> thank you. and thanks for jumping up. amazing what can happen when we all talk to each other. any, enough. i'm off my soap box. chief is there anything further? >> no that conclude my report. sargeen call the next line item >> item 2 b occ report, review of actirfbties tivities >> good evening commissioners chief suhr and memberoffs the audience. occ staff and i returned from the annual training conference held in riverside last week. i moderated 2 panel, one on early intervention qu how bias
8:30 pm
effects law enforcement decision making. the panel on bias including uc earn u urvine [inaudible] oakland dep #25e police chief daniel outlaw and department of justice civil rights division [inaudible] professor richard wrote several scholarly articles on bias with ucla social psychologist [inaudible] professor goth is currently on sabbatical at harvard. richardson conducts train frg the police department and excited to be included on the panel. deputy chief outlaw spoke of the work oakland is doing with stan ford professor [inaudible] incluzing analyzing [inaudible] and body camera footage. finally
8:31 pm
emily gunston monitors consent [inaudible] over several police departments including cleveland and new orlands and implicit bias training is a important component and that is why oakland has become such a expert in that training has been a requirement. the conference was [inaudible] most successful training conference. thrrp nearly 500 people in attendance including civilian overvite frofessional, memberoffs boards and commissions, community member jz law inforssment professionals. [inaudible] occ policy analyst [inaudible] receiving a achievement in oversight for her work with this commission and san francisco police dparmt and the community on children of [inaudible] in addition to
8:32 pm
my panel, occ jason waechter conducted training on investigation. finally, one of the many presentations i attended included a panel presentation on body mounted camera and next week i'll share the information i got from the panel at this commission second public hearing. what i can say is that an issue of debate is officers viewing the footage before being-giving interviews for administrate was investigations. i did have the opportunity while i was there to speak extensively with mike junoco, formally the office of independent review and he adviceed the la county sheriffs department on their body mounted cam
8:33 pm
era policy. next years [inaudible] consference for members of this commission will be in albuquerque new mexico from september 25 to the 29. in september and perhaps we can organize a panel presentation. i am no longer on the board. i completed my board term and didn't run for a second term of office. the occ keeps me plenty busy these days. there is such a heightened interest in civilian ovvite as there should be and my attentions will be folked here with this police commission and the office and complaint. in sp occ staff engaged in several out reach activities. [inaudible] spoke with the la county sheriffs department
8:34 pm
independent monitors office to talk about setting up mediation. mrs. salazar offered a presentation about the occ services to the bay view senior center. attorney many ford offered a presentation to santa clara law school social justice seminar and there is a brosure with his pick clr. attorney ford also porticipated in black family day and gave presentations to 2 separate classes of youth regarding youth rights when dealing with police. investigators william hui and elmer ses kahn attended operation homeless connect and staffed a table to offer information about the occ. finally for september outreach deputy director eric
8:35 pm
bault zar and [inaudible] gave presentation to sfpd cadet class about the function the occ. as of the end of september this year the occ mediated 41 cases compared to 39 as the end of september last year. our mediations may slow down over the next 30 days because attorney salazar will be away from the office for a month. to date the occ opened 541 cases and closed 503 case squz sustained 38. we had absence squz at the occ. one of our investigators unfortunately was hit by a car on the freeway when her car broke down and she was out of the car. she
8:36 pm
is recovering and will return. that is when the freeway nearly shut down as a result of 101 as a result of the power. yes. her car broke down and she is recovering. we have 372 pending cases. as of october 14 last year the occ opened 579 cases and closed 561 case squz sustains 41. as of october 14 last year we had 561 pending cases. in november it will be the first meeting in november sense the body camera presentation next week and the police district i will give the written reports for september and maybe
8:37 pm
by october by then. i believe that concludes my report. >> any questions for director hicks? what would be helpful for our body worn camera meeting is if you do have example policies that were shared with you at that convening of other departments that take varying viewpoints on when officers get the view the video tape? i'm sure there was a ought laut of information but if there are spinge departments that shared their policy to you that would be informative me >> yes i would be happy to do that and what i will say is one of the experts on body worn cameras pointed to oakland police departments body worn camera policy >> we have that >> yes, i know you do have that and that is part of our working
8:38 pm
group packet so i will provide you with whatever additional information i gathered >> also on the same topic, i am very interested if anyone has data available. i know this is a new issue, but we need to at least i want to base anyition ks we make in the future on any real data available. because all i have seen is predominantly opinions and so i would like to get some data, some real information. it is still very soft. >> any other questions for director hicks? okay, sergeant call the next item >> 2 c commissioner reports, discussion, commission report and commissioner report >> any reports?
8:39 pm
>> a couple times i have been asked by folks and citizens of oakland to talk about our method of civilian over vite in the city. as you know oakland is under receivership and has been for a while and will come off i think they said the year is next year or the following year and as much as some of you remember after the bart incident [inaudible] come over and talk about [inaudible] to talk about what we do in the city and they adopted some form of civilian oversite. a couple times i had people come over and corner he asking about the occ and commission. they asked me also and said can
8:40 pm
we talk to a couple commissioners, so the names are the ones usually petra and tom and madam president. i directed them to the commission secretary so if you hear the names it is because they really feel they need something very strong over there and i think they do also. wanted you taknow that >> commissioner mazzucco >> the week before last i ateneded a meeting with chief suhr and mark farrell. we had close to 200 people at the auditoryium at marina junior high and it is important to hear there was extreme concern not just about all the auto break in squz people talking about how they are following stats and the arrest but more importantly there was a
8:41 pm
concern about not the homeless but the homeless in the district, their suffering from mental health acting out, causing crimes and heard from parents they ruforelady to go to the park and [inaudible] captain [inaudible] did a good job and had every officer assigned to the district. i think it is important we take note there was close to 200 people. bev and [inaudible] was there and was not a pleasant situation for mr. duffy. the people are very angry and it is reaching a boiling point thmpt reason i bring that up is because we heard of the meeting in the park district and the complaints were similar. it is something the police promised there is more officers on the way as the academy classes graduate. there are issues out there. that meeting was about it same size if not bigger than the one in the tender line. tenderloin. i
8:42 pm
would like to thank the chief to walk in the italian cultural heritage heritage. we inviding anyone who was aitalian or wanted to beitalian to walk in the march. i wanted to thank [inaudible] and also jewelio [inaudible] all irish and they are very good about getting a bunch of the italian marn officers to walk in the por aid. the officers brought their children. it is vore important in this day and age where there is negativity about the police officers it would good for the small children to see people being happy with the police department. thank you fwr the officers that participated thank you very much. i was very proud to be a part of that organization >> i just have to report
8:43 pm
excited news about the community safety initiative. [inaudible] that a sit a counsel had there. they are having similar violent issues with violence in the community and they were looking to interesting solutions that involved young people. apparently our kids knocked it out of the park and what the take aways have been is it is about communication and these kids talked about how much more they saw and understood what the police do and why they do it and we continue to be on to something in the way the chief has been for years of bringing young people in and doctor joe is the person that knows the most about this. when you had them in the radio show you said they should take this on the road so they are heeding your words
8:44 pm
and taking it on the road. part of what they are talking about is they made recommendations of many of when the department is in the process of implementing now so will put it on the agenda in the next few weeks to come back and talk about how it is going. on not as exciting news i do feel i need to echo i attended a similar meeting in the tearville [inaudible] supervisor tang attended. the concern is car and house break in squz it is a sleeply outside beachy neighborhood that hasn't been touched by these crimes in some time which is very wonderful. we enjoyed low crime rates and folks are struggling with what to do so know we continue to be a
8:45 pm
part of that conversation. we are one part of it but i agree folks are letting us know they are not happy with regards to property crimes now. any other updates from my fellow commissioners? is there any public comment on 2 a-d? >> item 2 d, commission announcements and scheduling of items identified for items at future meetings >> next week we are at the community meeting in the tenderloin. >> the sal vation army at 240 turk street wednesday october 21 at 6 p.m. >> we will get another presentation on the body worn cameras. we encourage people who have information who
8:46 pm
want to weigh in to come. this sh the second and final community meeting >> i should have said something in my report but want to make the commission aware that captain luzar who you are all familiar with was on his wayome from a incident where a person was in a altered mental state. it was resolved peacefully as was where a officer used the pet of a stolen auto suspect to get him from a elevated position. dave was on his way home on broadway and got rear ended by a drunk driver at a very very high rate of speed to the point where he had to be hospitalized but prior to being hospitalized he had the presence to get out and make the arrest >> that is such a [inaudible] >> it really is dave luzar. he
8:47 pm
suffered a broken rib, a lot of soft tissue damage and is off of work now so keep him in your thoughts and prayers because he also suffered the loss of his grand mother who he was raised by earlier in the week so vore hard week for a very consciences and one of my best captains >> captain luzar if you are watching we are sending best wishes, get well and better and thank you for every aurfb thening you do. now i call for public comment. any pub lb comment on items 2 a-d? hearing none public comment is closed >> item 3, public comment on items [inaudible] including whether to hold item 5 in closed session >> any public comment on whether or not
8:48 pm
to hold item 5 below in closed session? hearing none public comment is closed. >> vote on whether to hold item 5 in closed session, san francisco admin station code 67.10 >> do i have a motion to go into closed session? motion passes. please call [ commissioner we are back in open session and still have a quarm >> thank you can you call the next line item? >> item 6, vote to elect whether to disclose any or all discussion held in closed session san francisco admin stateive code 67.12 a
8:49 pm
>> colleagues do i have a motion not to disclose the discussion in closed session? all in favor? opposedment motion passes >> item 7, adjournment >> do i have a motion to adjourn this meeting? all in favor? opposed? motion passes we are adjourned. thank you everyone. .
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8:54 pm
>> it seems like everyone in san francisco is talking about housing san francisco housing prizes are among the highest it tops anyone million dollars and rent rise unfortunately, this is not the first time housing has been in the news thought california the cost of a home
8:55 pm
has made headline the medium prices for a house in the the $207,000 in california it is more than twice that amount and the laura u bay area is higher it's more than doubled the states so while more than half of the americans can afford the medium fewer in california and quarter in the bayer and now fewer than a 6th of san franciscans can afford it so why it housing in san francisco so go cheven condition tharz the obviously a high demand to live here the city is known for cultural diversities that attacks new residents and the credible opportunity our city diverse and will daytime committee grows jobs as a result we estimate the number of jobs
8:56 pm
is at ann an all-time 0 hive of 6 hundred thousand in the 80 the population was 6 hundred and 75 thousand now, it's grown steadily and quickly the recent estimate is 8 hundred and 40 thousand the highest in the city's history and it's not only san francisco it is greek the bay area has $2 million for residents and jobs then in the 80 and the growth is expected to continue by the year 20403.9 million people unfortunately, our housing supply does not keep up with the demand i might not realize the majority of construction is housing that's been suspended for years due to the 2008 recession while population is increasing the
8:57 pm
housing is only increasing that i 9 percent if we don't pursues housing the cost of housing about only increase how do we plan the regional allocation identifies the total number of housing unit by affordable level to support the new residents san francisco incorporates it into the housing elements that guides the housing policies the arena data places it in the investment plans for the growth throughout san francisco those plans developed by years of community planning laid the ground work for the construction so the city he e sets the goals in broad terms the private sectors builds market rate housing and non-built affordability housing that majority of housing in san
8:58 pm
francisco as well as throughout the country market rate houses built by private developers within guidelines of the city some below market rate you howls paid pie public and private dollars and prized to be variable to certain population housing is considered affordable if it costs less than 1/3rd the medium income for a 2 percent householder is $70,000 this householder will have to pay no more than $7,150 to be affordable san francisco has see long applied federal, state and local money often built and nonprofit tint for individual families the news cities in california what the inclusive program requires that 10 or ottawa more units to certain
8:59 pm
blow income levels or contribute to the fund that supports the blow market rate unit almost 25 thousand have been supported by city funds and more than 6 nous thousand of the unit were built between 2000 and 2012 what you can't afford a million will home you're not alone in response san francisco mayor ed lee has set a goal of creating thirty thousand now e-mails homes by the year 2020 most will be in outreach of the san franciscan with federal and state funds drying up the san francisco ethics commission is, taking an iv i of actually roll is providing housing across all levels we're working diligently for everyone to live
9:00 pm
here and mr. chair protect the housing semiand strengthen goals against evictions we're commented for housing needs for all san franciscans to learn more visit highway> >> good afternoon. today is october 15, 2015. welcome to the public safety and neighborhood services committee of the city of san francisco board of supervisors. my name is john avalos and i am chairing this committee today in place of supervisor eric mar. supervisor david campos is not here today either. today's committee member is julie


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